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World Series of Bicycling

June/July 2011 | 1

World Series of Bicycling

RACEDAY | 2011

Welcome As the Executive Director of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the place that has been my second home since I was a youngster. I literally grew up here. I came through the great community programs that we still offer to youth and adult cyclists – the Air Products Developmental Cycling Program, Teva Respiratory’s PeeWee Pedalers, and what is now known as the Red Robin Marty Nothstein Bicycle Racing League. I owe all of my success to these wonderful programs we offer here in Trexlertown, which are the best in the world, and my thanks to the sponsors that made these great programs possible and the fans who supported me throughout my racing career. I never had to leave the Lehigh Valley to become the best in the world, and it is our mission today to make sure that the Valley Preferred Cycling Center continues to produce the next generation of Olympians and World Champions. We are proud to offer another great summer program of world-class, Olympic-caliber professional bicycle racing through the World Series of Bicycling every Friday night , but we also want you to know that great racing doesn’t stop there. The 24-7 Fitness Clubs Pro-Am Series offers another 17 nights of racing every Tuesday, including our Bear Creek Rising Stars program where you may see the Olympians of tomorrow, and our Masters and Rookies race every Saturday. We offer more racing, more programs, more community activities than any other track in the United States – and maybe the world. We are very, very proud of this distinction We know – I know – that our fans expect exciting, breathtaking and awe-inspiring races every time they visit, and I promise you that we will do our best to meet your expectations every time we turn on the lights.


You have my word.

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center Staff


Marty Nothstein Executive Director Kate Veronneau Marketing Director

Marty Nothstein Executive Director Valley Preferred Cycling Center

Benjamin W. Miller Director of Cycling Programs

2000 Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Multiple World and National Champion

Megan Werley Business Manager

For fifty years, Bicycling has shaped and reflected the sport of cycling and a lifestyle centered on adventure, challenge and camaraderie Debuting with the June 2011 issue, we present an ambitious cover-to-cover redesign that celebrates the cycling experience and the culture of our sport, and that evokes and fuels our readers’ passion for remarkable rides Subscribe today at

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World Series of Bicycling

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RACEDAY | 2011

championship jerseys. “As a young rider I was lucky to have these programs available in my own back yard.”

Olympic Dreams Start At Valley Preferred Cycling Center

Teva Respiratory’s PeeWee Pedalers is open to boys and girls ages 5 to 8 who are able to ride a bike without training wheels. It teaches elementary cycling skills and basic bicycle safety. The youngsters will be brought through a fun filled obstacle course that demonstrates bicycle handling skills and safety as well as track riding basics. Red Robin’s Marty Nothstein Bicycle Racing League is offered each Spring and Fall to boys and girls ages 9 to 17 and introduces new riders to the thrill and excitement of bicycle racing. The top riders in the spring program have the opportunity to showcase their skills during the individual championships held in conjunction with a Friday World Series of Bicycling professional racing event. The Air Products Developmental Cycling Program is open to cycling enthusiasts ages 5 and up. A great introduction to the skills and challenges of velodrome riding and racing, the Air Products program is the primary stepping stone for budding young racers but it also offers a terrific opportunity to experienced cyclists and fitness buffs who may just want to take their fitness and appreciation of the sport to the next level.

All Photos by Anthony Skorochod

Air Products and Teva Respiratory’s PeeWee Pedalers are free to children. The Red Robin Marty Nothstein Bicycle Racing League is $60 for an 8-10 week session and each rider receives an official team jersey. Air Products classes for adults are $50. Helmets and track bikes are provided free of charge, as needed, for all programs. These exciting, affordable programs are taught by certified, world class cyclists. Each program concludes with a Friday night of racing during a World Series of Bicycling event.

Find out more at

From Teva Respiratory’s PeeWee Pedalers to the internationally recognized Air Products Developmental Cycling program to the Red Robin Marty Nothstein Bicycle Racing League, these celebrated programs have produced more national champions and world-class riders than any other program in North America. The numbers are staggering:


• 23,000 participants over the past three decades • 151 national champions • 7 world championships • 8 Olympians • And 2 Olympic medals – a silver and a gold

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These programs have been the backbone of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center for the past 30 years and they offer an unmatched opportunity for both youth and adult riders to try the track, learn about track racing and push themselves as far as they want to go,” said velodrome Executive Director Marty Nothstein, holder of those silver and gold Olympic medals, three world championships and a healthy share of national


We’re with you every step of the way. By offering our banking, Member FDIC


insurance, investments and trust services all under one


RACEDAY | 2011

Mixing Business and Pleasure The Corporate Challenge at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center is one of the most popular nights of the summer season since it’s inception 10 years ago. This unique event offers your company an exhilarating team-building opportunity, the chance to put your corporate logo in front of at least 2,000 Friday night fans, an introduction to velodrome racing for new racers or a welcome return for our veterans, and finally, it’s just plain fun! The Corporate Challenge pits up to 16 teams together in a round-robin elimination throughout the evening as teams compete in the Italian Pursuit and scratch races. Each six-person team includes at least two women and up to four men. No prior racing experience needed! The Valley Preferred Cycling Center provides the track bikes, coaching and training time for each team. Teams train one night per week for five weeks prior to the event.



The VPCC is a spectacular place to hold your next corporate outting. With it’s versatile catering options, prime reception areas and thrilling entertainment, T-Town is the perfect host for your company or organization. Contact to sign your team up for the Corporate Challenge or book a unique summer event.

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Photos by Anthony Skorochod

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REFERENCES: 1. Mayers LB, Rundell KW. Exercise-induced asthma. Written for the American College of Sports Medicine. 2. US Census Bureau. U.S. PopClock Projection. Available at: /population/www/popclockus.html. Accessed May 25, 2010.

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World Series of Bicycling

RACEDAY | 2011

RACE DESCRIPTIONS Sprint – Arguably the fastest discipline on the track, the Match Sprint can sometimes seem the slowest. That’s because it is part chess match, part bike race where 2 to 4 riders stalk each other for the first two laps, trying to gauge each other’s ability and looking for that split-second advantage, and when they get to the last 200 meters there is nothing left behind -- it is a flat-out, heart-pumping, leg-burning dash for the finish line. What to Watch: Sometimes the lead rider will come to a complete stop – called a “track stand” -- after the first lap to force his or her opponent to move ahead where the trailing rider can keep a better eye and take the advantage of jumping when the opponent isn’t looking. Keirin – An exciting and sometimes dangerous five-lap race born in Japan, the Keirin is highly tactical competition where riders jockey for the ideal position behind a motorcycle that steadily increases speeds for three-and-a-half laps around the track. When the motorcycle pulls off, racers scramble to grab the lead and sprint at top speed for more than a lap, shoulders hunched and elbows flailing as they fight for the lead position and victory. What to Watch: The best riders will seek leading positions while their opponents try to force them down or box them in so they can’t break away when the motorcycle pulls off. Points Race – This is where the endurance riders can shine – and where they must show their ability to sprint, time-trial and pursuit in a race that can go anywhere from 20 to 100 laps. Riders earn points by placing on designated laps and the cyclist with the most points wins – unless another rider gains a full lap on the field, which is always possible, especially in the longer races. What to Watch: The Points Race calls for strategy and riders must know their standings to stay close to the leaders or their closest competitors, and they will try to position themselves for the best line when the points lap approaches. Miss-and-Out – Also known to track fans as “Devil Take The Hindmost,” this is a race of attrition that can start with dozens of riders and the last one across the track each lap is pulled from the

race until there are only three left. Those three receive a “free lap” to gauge each other’s remaining strength, and then it is a one-lap race for victory. What to Watch: Sometimes even the best riders can get boxed in and be pulled if they have nowhere to go. Other riders enjoy playing the “devil” and sprinting ahead of the trailing rider just fast enough to force that rider out of the race. Madison - One of the fastest and most exciting events in track racing, the Madison is a high-speed, very technical, two-person race run over 30 to 100 laps and scored like a Points Race. Named for the famed Madison Square Garden, where it originated almost a century ago, the Madison consists of one team member moving at top speed while the other rests above the fray. Every lap or so, the resting rider comes down into the action where his partner grabs his hand and slings him into the race. This “racing and resting” allows riders to maintain peak speeds and then rest without losing valuable time. Victory is determined by accumulating points on designated laps or lapping the field. What to Watch: The best teams will try to stay at the front of the pack where they can complete their switches with minimum interference, but the switch is always dangerous and an inattentive rider can sometimes completely miss the hand-off opportunity and force his partner to ride another lap. Italian Pursuit – The Corporate Challenge is modeled on the Italian Pursuit, which consists of six-person teams that compete against the clock to advance to the final round. The lead rider pulls off after every lap, leaving only the sixth and presumably strongest rider to fend off the other teams and make up lost ground, if necessary. The Corporate Challenge requires a minimum of two female riders on each team. What to Watch: In traditional pursuit racing, if one team or individual catches the other, the race is over.

Photo by Anthony Skorochod

excitement of watching the big bikes in action. Hard to maneuver, harder to push, tandem racing is among the most exciting action seen on a velodrome. What to Watch: A savvy team can catch their opponents napping with an unexpected jump, and these big rigs take some time to reach their top end. Golden Wheel – One of the most unique events on the track, the Golden Wheel is a handicapper’s race where the riders are positioned at different points along the wall based on qualifying times. The strongest rider is left with the greatest distance to cover and the excitement rises as the fastest racers catch and pass their opponents, who never stop trying to stave off the oncoming speedsters.

What to Watch: Look for the sleeper or underrated rider who wants to surprise the competition with a quick start and the ability to gain on the better riders. 10-Mile Race – This championship is a classic, mass-start competition that can include more than 30 riders and the large field often makes this event very exciting and occasionally dangerous as endurance riders fight to keep the pace high and sprinters work to maintain their position in the pack for their patented, high-speed, last-minute dash for the finish line. What to Watch: The rider or riders who want to take a flyer can often gain a lap on the field, turning the event into a race-within-a-race and positioning themselves for a win if no one else can match them.


Tandem Racing – Imagine two or more tractor-trailers drag racing down a steeply banked highway and you will be able to picture the

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RACEDAY | 2011

No Gears, No Brakes, No Fear Speed Simplified A track bike is more than just a stripped-down road bike. Track bikes are built specifically for velodrome racing and feature a single, fixed-gear drive train that means no coasting—and no brakes! The lack of brakes is actually a safety aspect—when you’re in the middle of a field or drafting only inches from the rider in front of you, you don’t want anyone slamming on the brakes unexpectedly.

Like road bikes, the tires are narrow and inflated to high pressure—180 to 200 lbs—to reduce rolling resistance. The bottom bracket is higher so the pedals do not scrape the steeply banked track. There is a steeper seat tube for a more powerful, aerodynamic position and a steeper head tube for more responsive steering. The bikes are designed to be much more rigid than typical road bikes to handle the great stress that riders can exert—especially during sprints.

Rider number for identification

Helmet and gloves for safety in case of a crash

Lycra shorts and jerseys or “skinsuits” for speed, comfort, and flexibility

Sloping stem allows even more drop for the handlebars

Rear frame drop-out reversed. Wheel attaches from the back to adjust chain tension Deep drop bars in the lowest, most aerodynamic body position Bolt-on wheels, now comon only on track bikes

Tubular tires or “sewups” — less than 165 grams in weight and up to 200 pounds of pressure

Clipless pedals or double strap, keeps the bicycle and rider together

Close clearances: wheels tight to frame, short wheelbase, etc. Single speed “fixed gear” drivetrain, so riders can’t coast. Up to 53 teeth in the front and 13 teeth on the rear

NO BRAKES! Riders slow their speed by backpedaling Photo by Anthony Skorochod


RACEDAY | 2011

10 Training Fundamentals Fit Chick’s all-time best advice for riding faster, stronger and longer than ever before. By Selene Yeager, Bicycling’s resident health, fitness and cycling expert 1. Have a plan. You may be able to get pretty fit by winging it, but truly remarkable accomplishments, whether upgrading to Cat 3 or scoring a belt buckle in the Leadville 100, require careful execution of a training program. 2. Be prepared to scrap the plan. You're scheduled for 20 minutes of pyramid intervals, but your legs feel like you spent the last few days constructing a real pyramid. Spin today. Hit it hard tomorrow instead. Your plan should be etched in clay for molding to your needs, not in stone for beating yourself up. 3. Ride at the edges. Once a week, go so hard your eyes hurt. Follow it with a ride so slow the snails yawn. The combination makes legs strong. 4. Be true to yourself. Cyclists are pack animals. Enjoy the camaraderie, but don't let your training goals get trashed by constant king-of-the-mountain contests, town-sign sprints or the all-hard, all-the-time mentality of the group. If you can't trust yourself to go easy when you need to, ride alone. 5. Do what sucks. You hate climbing because it's hard for you. You should climb—because it's hard for you. 6. Think improvement. Do more than log miles. Intervals, cadence rides and other specific workouts are designed to progressively challenge your body in different ways from week to week. Give every ride a goal. 7. Maintain the human machine. The gym is your body shop. Visit twice a week to strengthen your core and other stabilizing muscle groups. And don't forget to stretch. By keeping your supporting muscles strong and joints flexible you can avoid an achy back, tight hip flexors and other overuse pains that can weaken even the strongest cyclist. 8. Train your brain. Your body can do more than you think. Convince your brain through positive thinking and visualization. You'll be surprised at what you accomplish when you say you can. 9. Eat. Fuel your workouts with the food you eat on race day. You'll ride faster in practice and digest better when it counts. Experiment: There are dozens of energy concoctions for a reason. No one thing works for everyone. 10. Enjoy the ride. You already have a job. Work hard at cycling, but never make it work.


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First Niagara is proud to support Valley Preferred Cycling Center’s 2011 racing season.

The Velodrome Story 24 ACRES AND A VISION

Greenburg and announcer Brian Drebber, Simes and Chauner launched an immediate effort to attract top international cyclists and events.

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center, the most celebrated velodrome in modern American cycling history, traces its roots to the dream of one inspired visionary and its legendary success to the dreams of countless champions who began their trek to glory on its 333-meter track.

When first race was held on October 12. 1975, there were no locker rooms for the athletes, no seats for the fans and no railing at the top of the track. From those early days legendary athletes such as Jerry “The Gentle Giant” Ash and Leigh “the Tree” Barczewski, Gil “Gibby” Hatton, Sheila Young and Connie Paraskevin reignited the sport of track racing in the United States and Rodale’s dream did catch the imagination of the American cycling public.

The concrete crater in a cornfield was the idea of publisher Bob Rodale. Rodale fell in love with track cycling while competing in skeet shooting at the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968. The president of Rodale Press and later publisher of Bicycling and Mountain Bike magazines knew in his heart that the excitement and colorful action of this healthful sport could capture the interest of Americans.

Soon after its completion Rodale donated the land to Lehigh County in return for a pledge that the county would continue to support development of the track and its programs. In 1979, the Trexlertown Velodrome, or “T-Town” as it is still often affectionately called by the national and international racers who make their home here each summer, was renamed The Lehigh County Velodrome.

Construction began in 1974 on a plot of land in Trexlertown, Pa. owned by Bob and Ardie Rodale. As the work progressed and the track took shape, Rodale worked with community leaders to create programs such as the Air Products Developmental Cycling Program that would develop new young local riders.

The velodrome is now managed by The Velodrome Fund, a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation that continues to promote track cycling. Thanks to the generosity of Valley Preferred, a community partnership of doctors and hospitals, the newly renamed Valley Preferred Cycling Center continues to lead the nation in quality competition, championship racer development and community programs that offer the opportunity for racers and non-racers to enjoy the thrill of bicycling track racing in the nations most loved and most successful velodrome.

Rodale reached out to two of the most celebrated cyclists of the 1960’s and 1970’s Jack Simes III and David Chauner to bring his dream to life. Working with the late Artie 16|

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In 1980, Eric Heiden, a 5-time Olympic speed skating gold medal winner and 1985 U.S. Professional Cycling Champion, raced at the Velodrome.

In 1978, the legendary Eddy Merckx, a 5-time Tour de France winner and 1974 World Champion, raced at the Velodrome.


Trexlertown Velodrome hosts first race on October 12th.


ABC Wide World of Sports broadcasts the Olympic Cup live from T-Town.



First full season of the Trexlertown Velodrome begins. U.S. Olympic Team spends early season in T-town.


Marty Nothstein, a T-Town native, becomes the first U.S. man in 82 years to win a world sprint title.


First Air Products Developmental Cycling Program, the only cycling program in the U.S. offering free instruction, starts.


Ground breaking begins for the $2.5 million velodrome renovation and expansion to accomodate the Olympic Trials.


Hosts Jr. World Cycling Championships, first cycling world championships in the U.S. in 62 years. Also hosts Madison Championships.

1996 Track renamed Lehigh Valley Velodrome and hosts U.S. Olympic Trials with 30,000+ spectators.

Nothstein wins silver medals at Atlanta Olympics.


Lehigh County granted control; now renamed the Lehigh County Velodrome.


Hosts UCI World Cup of Track Cycling, ending a five-year drought for the U.S. to host the event.


Five-time Olympic gold medalist Eric Heiden races in front of a record crowd.


Marty Nothstein wins Olympic Gold in Sydney, Australia. Three time “Rider of the Year” Jame Carney competes a second time in Olympic Games.


Hosts the U.S. National Championships for the first time, ultimately hosting 17 National Championship events, more than all other U.S. tracks combined.


Hosts the U.S. Junior Nationals.


Hosts the U.S, National Championships for the second time, on this occasion with five newly decorated Olympic medalists.


Hosts the U.S, Junior Nationals.


The Iron Curtain lifts for special USA vs. USSR Dual Meet.


Hosts Jr. World Trials. Five of the six qualifiers are from velodrome programs.

Dave Letteri becomes the first Air Products Developmental Cycling graduate named to an Olympic team.


Hosts the U.S. Master Nationals.


Hometown Olympic Gold Medalist Marty Nothstein ushers in the next era as the velodrome’s new executive director. June/July 2011 | 19

RACEDAY | 2011

Track Records Men Time Trials Flying 200m Flying 1 lap Flying 500m Flying 1km Stand. 1km 4km Pursuit 24 hour

Marty Nothstein Marty Nothstein Marty Nothstein Travis Smith Erin Hartwell Mariano Friedick Chris Paradysz

Trexlertown, PA Trexlertown, PA Trexlertown, PA Calgary, Canada Indianapolis, IN Santa Monica, CA Allentown, PA

1996 1994 1996 2005 1996 1996 2009

10.347 17.68 27.31 1:01:35 1:04.48 4:32.55 669.63hm

Jame Carney Jame Carney

Annandale, NJ Annandale, NJ

2004 1999

1:40.80 18:56.71

Men Open Races One Mile Ten Mile Team Events Tandem Flying 1 lap Olympic Sprint 4km Team Pursuit

Ben Barczewski/Andy Lakatosh Erin Hartwell/Marty Nothstein/Trey Gannon Markov/Kouznetsov/Gritsoun/Chantyr

USA USA Russia

2007 1996 1997

17:33 1:01.96 4:15.361

Connie Young Michelle Ferris Felicia Ballanger Jane Eikhoff Rebecca Twigg

Indianapolis, IN AUS France Los Alamistos, CA Seattle, WA

1996 2000 1997 1991 1996

11.569 20.00 35.86 1:12.29 3:41.34

Women Time Trials Flying 200m Flying 1 lap Stand. 500m Stand. 1km 3km Pursuit Women Open Races Five Mile One Mile

Lucy Tyler Jenny Reed

Largo, FL USA

1995 2007

10:36.14 1:50.00


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World Series of Bicycling

RACEDAY | 2011

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Valley Preferred Cycling Center

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