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09/11/09 - 10/11/09

The First Draft: Democrats turn to Clinton in Senate healthcare push By David Morgan (Front Row Washington)

Obama and Senate Democrats face seems as old as human nature: people who will Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:14:32 AM cooperate — if they get their own Former President Bill Clinton is way. due to visit Capitol Hill today to This time, a small clutch of talk healthcare reform with moderates want their own way on Senate Democrats and their the so-called public option, a independent allies. proposal to offer government The meeting’s important because s u p p o r t e d l o w - c o s t h e a l t h Democrats have yet to find the 60 coverage that is anathema to votes they need to stop Senate Republicans and the insurance Republicans from blocking industry. P r e s i d e n t B a r a c k O b a m a ’ s Some senators are categorical signature domestic issue. House about what they want. Democrats got their end of the For independent Sen. Joe job done over the weekend by Lieberman of Connecticut — a passing landmark legislation. state long associated with C l i n t o n ’ s p r e s i d e n c y w a s insurance interests — opposition overshadowed by his own failed to the public option is a moral bid to reform the healthcare issue. “If the public option plan is system in the 1990s. But NBC i n t h e r e , a s a m a t t e r o f s a i d h e c o u l d h e l p s w a y conscience, I will not allow this Democrats wavering in the bill to come to a final vote,” he current debate, including Sen. said at the weekend on Fox Blanche Lincoln of his home News. state, Arkansas. But his independent neighbor to A big obstacle that Clinton, the north, Sen. Bernie Sanders of

And Now, the History of the Internet (Little Green Footballs)


V e r m o n t , s o u n d s like Lieberman’s polar opposite: “It would be outrageous to me, that when you have an overwhelming majority of Americans wanting a strong public option, that we do not deliver that.”

Others are not so categorical — until you get to the nitty gritty. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska told NBC he could back a public option, but not if states have to make the effort to opt out. Why? Because he doesn’t want them in the system unless they want to be

there. “I don’t think there is anything to be gained by opting out,” Nelson said. “I would look at the ability of the states to opt in, so that the states could make the decisions themselves.” It seems a small distinction but may prove important. Reform advocates fear their adversaries could easily defeat healthcare reform at the state level, where small numbers of health insurers can sometimes hold a near monopoly. Obama hopes to sign a healthcare reform bill by the end of the year. Click here for more Reuters political coverage Photo Credits: Reuters/Chip East (Clinton); Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Lincoln); Reuters/Mike Segar (Lieberman); Reuters/Chris Helgren (Sanders); Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Nelson)


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Obama admits to mistakes, but no big ones By Simon Denyer (Front Row Washington) Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:38:24 PM

Barack Obama says he probably makes one mistake a day, but doesn’t think he has made any fundamental ones in almost 10 months as president of the United States. Toward the end of his first term, his predecessor George W. Bush famously said in answer to a question that he could not think of any mistakes he had made — a comment which long dogged him as the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003 led to chaos in Iraq. When Obama was asked the same question on Monday, he was quicker on his feet. “Oh, we make at least one mistake a day,” he said with a smile. “But I will say this, I don’t think we’ve made big mistakes,” he told Reuters in an interview in the Oval Office. “I don’t think we’ve made fundamental mistakes.” When asked to give a few examples of errors, Obama regretted how his team had handled some of the early vetting of administration appointments, a reference to problems with personal taxes that knocked some key picks out of contention.

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Cramer on BloggingStocks: Investors are rethinking their snap judgments By Jim Cramer (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:00:00 AM

Filed under: Microsoft (MSFT), Apple Inc (AAPL), Cisco Systems (CSCO), Dell (DELL), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Intel (INTC), Home Depot (HD), Motorola (MOT), Market matters, International Business Machines (IBM), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Goldman Sachs Group (GS), Lowe's Cos (LOW), Cypress Semiconductor (CY), He also mentioned regret over healthcare to a place that seven Stocks to Buy, Cramer on h o w h e h a d “ p h r a s e d presidents have not been able to B l o g g i n g S t o c k s F r o m c o m m e n t a r y ” o n t h e get to, I feel very good about our T h e S t r e e t . c o m N e t w o r k • JPMorgan Plans to Lift Salary c o n t r o v e r s i a l a r r e s t o f a progress.” Freeze prominent African American Highlights from the Interview Harvard University scholar in For more from the interview, • Retail Therapy Is Cheaper Cambridge earlier this year, click on the story links below: Than Ever when he said police had acted Obama warns of strains with's Jim Cramer stupidly and was later forced to China says that as numerous stories are backtrack. Obama on Iran nuclear deal “I mean, there are constant sort Obama on Copenhagen climate mulled over anew, the reasons for selling seem silly. of things that I think have proven summit unnecessary distractions,” he Obama says expect to sign The lack of important data today forces market participants to said. START pact in December revisit stories that got tossed out “But in terms of the core Obama reading Life of Pi decisions that we’ve made to Photo Credit:Reuters/Jim Young over the last few weeks simply rescue the economy, to move ( O b a m a a n s w e r s q u e s t i o n s because of earnings ennui. forward on a path for moving our during Reuters interview in Oval People are now doubling back to see what they have forgotten, or troops from Iraq, on making sure Office) more important, why they sold that we’ve gone through a certain stocks they most likely rigorous process in Afghanistan, shouldn't have. to how we have moved For example, why did JPMorgan ( JPM) ( Cramer's Take) go from

$47 to $44? Bad loans? Credit quality? No, not really. Nothing like that. Why did Goldman Sachs ( GS) ( Cramer's Take) go from $192 to the $170s? Some of it was Meredith Whitney, but there is also a sense of entitlement that makes the firm hated, as if somehow it is too much of a pariah to invest in. Continue reading Cramer on BloggingStocks: Investors are rethinking their snap judgments Cramer on BloggingStocks: Investors are rethinking their snap judgments originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Abortion issue hard to avoid in healthcare debate By Donna Smith (Front Row Washington) Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:26:58 AM

Like it or not, the healthcare debate has turned into a fracas over abortion rights. U.S. House Democratic leaders had hoped to avoid just that in their push to expand healthcare coverage and reform the health insurance market. But getting the votes to pass the historic legislation on Saturday boiled down to settling a dispute between pro-choice and pro-life forces over abortion. Abortion foes won. The House passed an amendment restricting the availability of insurance policies that include elective abortion services even though many medical plans currently offer such coverage. The debate over abortion highlights broader questions surrounding the government’s reach in healthcare. Once the government starts subsidizing insurance

premiums, it will dictate what can and cannot be included in that coverage. Democrat Congressman Louis Capps underscored that in arguing the amendment “will mean more women will have their reproductive health choices made by politicians and antichoice zealots in Washington,

DC, instead of by themselves and their doctors.” With abortion-rights supporters vowing to strip the amendment out of the bill as it moves through the legislative process, the debate now shifts over to the Senate. Senate Democratic leaders are struggling to build enough support for the healthcare

overhaul to overcome procedural hurdles that stand in the way of major legislation. The biggest point of contention has been whether the government should offer a new health plan option. But the abortion debate will likely prove impossible to avoid. Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, acknowledged the issue will come up when the Senate takes up healthcare reform possibly as early as next week. “It is an issue that we are going to have to deal with over here,” he said. “Senator Reid will need to talk to his caucus about how to proceed.” For more Reuters political news, click here. Photo credit: Reuters/Yuri Gripas ( U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi following House vote on healthcare reform legislation)


Google Search Is About to Get a Lot Better [Google] By John Herrman (Gizmodo) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:51:15 AM

For the last couple of months, Google's been testing a new search architecture called Caffeine—a back-end upgrade, but one that changes the results in virtually any search. Today, Lifehacker gets word that Caffeine is ready to go live in Google proper. So what does this mean, exactly? Well, if you believe roughly 75% of Lifehacker's polled readers, it means that Google search is about to get more accurate, relevant and useful. Or that we're about to feel like Google search has gotten more accurate, relevant and useful, because we read an article about it somewhere. Win/win! [ Lifehacker]

Lions Gate Entertainment: Still waiting for cash flow By Steven Mallas (BloggingStocks)

disappointing statement of cash flows. Unfortunately, the company didn't do much better in Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:30:00 AM the second quarter. For the sixFiled under: Earnings reports, month period, Lions Gate used General Electric (GE), Walt over $160 million for operations Disney (DIS), Film, Lions Gate compared to the roughly $40 Entertainment (LGF) million used in the similar frame Investors tend to get more When I discussed Lions Gate one year ago. excited by a swing to Entertainment's ( LGF) first- Of course, cash flow doesn't profitability. On that count, Lions quarter results, I noted the always get the most coverage.

Gate scored admirably, earning 26 cents per diluted share versus losing 44 cents per diluted share twelve months prior. indicates that analysts were really underestimating the Q2 income potential here: the call was for 6 cents per share. Continue reading Lions Gate Entertainment: Still waiting for

cash flow Lions Gate Entertainment: Still waiting for cash flow originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 09:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Prosecutors urge throwing the book at convicted ex-lawmaker By Jeremy Pelofsky (Front Row Washington) Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:59:28 AM

A U.S. judge on Friday will sentence former Congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson after he was convicted on multiple bribery and money laundering charges. And prosecutors want to throw the book at him. The former Louisiana lawmaker faces between 27 and 33 years in prison according to federal sentencing guidelines and prosecutors said that sounds good to them. Authorities discovered $90,000 in Jefferson’s freezer during their investigation. “As the defendant stands convicted of some of the most serious corrupt schemes uncovered in recent history, he is without remorse and has yet to accept responsibility for his actions,” according to a memorandum filed with the court late Friday. “A severe sentence would send the message to the public that such egregious and criminal behavior will not be tolerated in our society,” the prosecutors counseled. They also asked that Jefferson, 62, immediately go to prison for fear he would flee the country before his appeals are exhausted. The ex-congressman was

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Analyst upgrades, downgrades and initiations: ADBE, ANN, CCE, PIKE, RAX, RBS, WYNN ... By Eric Buscemi (BloggingStocks)

weight as it believes the company's core brand will recover faster than originally Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:30:00 AM thought. The firm raised its target Filed under: Analyst reports, on shares to $17 from $12. A n a l y s t u p g r a d e s a n d • Rockwell ( ROK) was downgrades, Analyst initiations u p g r a d e d t o n e u t r a l f r o m Analyst upgrades: underperform at Baird. • Taiwan Semi ( TSM) was • Janney Montgomery upgraded raised to outperform from market Adobe ( ADBE) to buy from perform at FBR Capital. neutral on expectations for a • Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS) strong CS5 product cycle in was upgraded to buy from hold at 2010. The firm raised its target Deutsche Bank. on shares to $43 from $33. • Kaufman Bros. upgraded Continue reading Analyst Rackspace ( RAX) to buy from u p g r a d e s , d o w n g r a d e s a n d hold to reflect the company's initiations: ADBE, ANN, CCE, " s t r o n g " Q 3 r e s u l t s a n d PIKE, RAX, RBS, WYNN ... convicted in August on 11 of 16 Democratic and includes most of e x p e c t a t i o n s g r o w t h w i l l Analyst upgrades, downgrades counts of bribery, racketeering New Orleans.) accelerate in 2010. The firm and initiations: ADBE, ANN, and money laundering. He was Jefferson acknowledged when raised its target on shares to CCE, PIKE, RAX, RBS, WYNN accused in 2007 of soliciting he was first charged that he had $22.50 from $16. Oppenheimer . . . o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n millions of dollars in bribes from made mistakes in judgment that u p g r a d e d R a c k s p a c e t o BloggingStocks on Tue, 10 Nov companies while using his office he regretted, but denied selling outperform from perform and 2009 11:30:00 EST. Please see to broker business deals in his office or trading official acts established a $24 price target on our terms for use of feeds. Africa. for money. the stock. Permalink| Email this| Comments Jefferson lost re-election last For more Reuters political news, • Stephens upgraded Ann Taylor year to Republican Anh “Joseph” click here. ( ANN) to overweight from equal Cao — yes, the lone Republican - Photo credit: Reuters/Larry who voted for the Democrats’ Downing (Jefferson after his health care reform bill that arraignment in federal court in p a s s e d t h e H o u s e o f 2007) By Matt Blum (Wired Top Representatives late Saturday. Stories) (The district is heavily

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Maclaren rules out UK pushchair recall in safety scare By Rebecca Smithers, Sandra Haurant (World news and comment from the Guardian |

The company insisted the recall would not apply to the UK or the rest of Europe and said the risk of injury was "non-existent" if the pushchairs were opened and Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:32:02 AM closed correctly. Its decision was Maclaren says risk of injury 'non backed by UK trading standards -existent' if pushchairs recalled in officials, who said there had been US are opened and closed only one recorded accident in the correctly UK involving a Maclaren buggy, The baby and toddler equipment and the product was considered manufacturer Maclaren today to conform to safety standards. defended its decision not to M a c l a r e n i n s i s t e d t h a t t h e organise a European recall of products fully complied with children's pushchairs at the centre European safety legislation. of a safety scare, despite having In a statement, Maclaren Europe done so in the US. Limited said: "We wish to Consumer groups called for reassure our customers that they British shoppers to be given the should continue to use their same levels of protection as existing Maclaren buggies since Americans, and advised parents they are safe when opened and to boycott the models in question closed correctly. As further if they were worried they were reassurance we have updated our unsafe. operating instructions and placed The company – founded in a warning label on the buggy to Britain but now US-owned – ensure that customers take care announced yesterday that 1m and keep children away from the folding pushchairs were being buggy, when it is being folded or recalled after 12 children had unfolded. Our advice is that their fingertips cut off when they consumers should take the same were caught in hinges. level of caution and care as when All Maclaren single and double opening or closing a car door, or umbrella pushchairs in the US, any other moving part that can be including the popular Volo and found in many other baby and Techno models, were voluntarily toddler products." recalled by the firm, which said it Northamptonshire trading was providing customers and standards department, which retailers with a kit to cover the covers Maclaren's UK base in e l b o w j o i n t o n t h e h i n g e Long Buckby, said a product mechanism. recall in the US was not the same

as that in the UK and no pushchairs were being taken back from consumers. The interim head of trading standards, David Hedger said: "The product recall in the US is to alert people to a potential safety risk. Maclaren approached us seeking our advice on this issue in September. Because the pushchairs conform to EU regulations and there has only been one reported injury involving a Maclaren pushchair in the UK, we advised them that a recall in this country or EU was not a legal requirement. Any decision to voluntarily take action in relation to such products would have to be made by Maclaren, as we have no power to recall a product that conforms to safety standards." Jenny Driscoll, of the consumer group Which?, said: "Maclaren pushchairs meet all relevant British and US safety standards and have performed well in our tests. However, consumers in the US are being offered a free safety kit to add to their Maclaren pushchair and we think that British consumers should be offered the same protection. Maclaren has said that it will be placing additional warning labels on buggies to alert parents to potential dangers. We'd like to see all manufacturers that produce pushchairs that use an

umbrella folding mechanism to adopt this practice." Maria Battle, senior director of Consumer Focus, agreed: "We are calling on Maclaren to do the right thing and give their customers in the UK the same levels of protection as they have in the US, with immediate effect. Our advice to consumers is to either stop using the pushchairs immediately or to use them with extreme caution and care until Maclaren rectifies this situation. Despite its claim of meeting EU guidance on product safety, our children's welfare is the most important consideration. A safety announcement and a modification kit have been introduced in the US and this should be mirrored in the UK." She added: "We are calling for the EU safety standards in this area to be re-examined, as there is clearly something wrong when a product identified as posing a danger to children in America is passed as fit for sale here." • Consumer affairs • United States Rebecca Smithers Sandra Haurant© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds


Quanta Services (PWR): Infrastructure power play By Steven Halpern (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:00:00 AM

Filed under: International markets, Newsletters, Commodities, Oil, Stocks to Buy, Green Stocks, Obama Picks "I'm excited about Quanta Services ( PWR), a contracting company that specializes in building utility transmission and distribution infrastructure," says Ian Wyatt. In his Top Stock Insights, he explains, "The current focus in the U.S. of projects that improve energy conservation, utilize renewable resources, and improve air quality make Quanta an excellent long-term growth opportunity. "Its customers are in the electric power, gas, telecommunications, and cable television industries. These are stimulus spending customers; i.e., big government organizations and utilities companies. Continue reading Quanta Services (PWR): Infrastructure power play Quanta Services (PWR): Infrastructure power play originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Iraqi court rules Guardian defamed Nour alMaliki By Martin Chulov (World news and comment from the Guardian |

interfering in Iraqi internal affairs The ruling overlooked the fact that the author of the piece is an Iraqi citizen, and ignored vast Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:35:35 AM amounts of critical coverage of Court orders Guardian to pay Iraq by foreign media spanning prime minister damages over the three years since Maliki was article that quoted allegations of elected as leader. increasing authoritarianism It also trumped earlier advice An Iraqi court has ordered the provided by three independent Guardian to pay the prime experts to the trial judge in minister, Nour al-Maliki, October. The experts, all d a m a g e s o f 1 0 0 m d i n a r prominent members of the Iraqi (£51,000) after supporting a J o u r n a l i s t s ' U n i o n , w e r e complaint by the Iraqi leader's commissioned by the court. They intelligence service that a story unanimously found that the defamed him by describing him article was neither defamatory as increasingly autocratic. nor insulting, and that no The court delivered its ruling six d a m a g e s w e r e w a r r a n t e d . months after the award-winning Attempts to identify one of the correspondent Ghaith Abdul- panel members who provided the Ahad wrote a piece quoting three second opinion – named as unnamed members of the Iraqi Hussein al-Arkabi, a journalist – National Intelligence Service were last night unsuccessful, with (INIS) as saying the prime none of 12 Iraqi media outlets minister was beginning to run c o n t a c t e d i n B a g h d a d Iraqi affairs with an authoritarian recognising his name. However, hand. a second "expert", Salah Najim al Maliki was not a party to the -Maliki – no relation of the prime legal action. However, a five minister – was last night revealed member panel of experts who as the host of a legal affairs provided opinions to the court programme on the governmentsaid Iraqi publishing law forbade run, staunchly partisan al-Iraqia foreigners from publishing television channel. articles critical of the prime Maliki has repeatedly advocated minister or president, and from press freedoms and a rising tide

of democracy in Iraq, which he says are essential to nationbuilding efforts. However, Iraqi officials have become increasingly sensitive to scrutiny of their achievements ahead of a general election scheduled for 21 January. Journalists covering routine violence in Iraq have reported being assaulted by security officials in recent weeks after two huge bombings destroyed three government ministries and the Baghdad governorate. The allegedly defamatory article, Six years after Saddam Hussein, Nouri al-Maliki tightens his grip on Iraq, was published on 31 April, the day the prime minister arrived in London seeking British investment in Iraq. Maliki immediately launched an action to close down the Guardian's Baghdad bureau, and demanded damages of $1m. He later backed down on the closure threat. Iraqi observers last night described the amount of damages ordered to be paid as "very high". The paper will appeal the verdict, first through Iraqi appeals courts, then through the federal court. The allegedly defamatory Guardian story had also claimed, through the observations of the

three intelligence officers, that the Iraqi government was close to the US, and that officials attached to the Iraqi National Intelligence Service had been ordered to monitor intelligence and military activities inside Iraq. The INIS is the prime minister's top intelligence body, one of 18 to have risen from the ashes of the dreaded Mukhabarat, which reported to the ousted dictator, Saddam Hussein. Though remaining pervasive in everyday life, Iraq's new band of intelligence bodies have nothing like the bad reputation of their predecessors and are considered reasonably effective tools in infiltrating extremist networks. • Iraq • Newspapers & magazines • Guardian Media Group • Press freedom • Newspapers • Media law • National newspapers Martin Chulov© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Plan your wedding with these Web resources By Don Reisinger (

If you're getting ready to plan your wedding or you know someone who is, these resources

find the right vendors. can help you save some cash and

Lenovo IdeaPad U150 11.6-inch ultraportable hits the streets with $699 asking price By Paul Miller (Engadget) Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:29:00 AM

Just in case it had slipped your mind, now is a pretty great time to be looking for a computer. Take this IdeaPad U150 from Lenovo which just started shipping, for instance. For $699 you can get a CULV processor, 3GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD stuffed inside a 3 pound, 0.75inch thick enclosure, with a 11.6inch 1366 x 768 display and Windows 7 Home Premium. Bump it up to $849 and you're looking at better internals all around, and while those Intel X4500 graphics might be holding you back performance-wise, the external looks and build quality of this thing almost make up for it. Read- U150 now available in US Read- U150 review Filed under: Laptops Lenovo IdeaPad U150 11.6-inch ultraportable hits the streets with $699 asking price originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:29:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Sesame Street: Michelle Obama celebrates show's anniversary By Stuart Heritage (World news and comment from the Guardian |

education and the puppets and the funky counting song with the pinball cartoon– Sesame Street has always put a heavy emphasis Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:42:55 AM on its celebrity guests. It's a winThe first lady is appearing on win for everyone involved; Sesame Street today as the show Sesame Street gets the credibility reaches its 40th birthday. What and publicity that comes with a lessons can she learn from other big-name guest, and the celebrity celebrity appearances? gets to gently send up their See our gallery of 40 years of persona while exposing a whole Sesame Street new generation to their hilarious Sesame Street – the TV show comedy stylings/good-natured responsible for your misguided s o c i a l a c t i v i s m / e x t e n s i v e belief that certain areas of catalogue of shockingly violent Brooklyn are populated by movies. That last one only really freakishly tall canaries and their applies to Robert De Niro, but severely depressed elephant still. friends – is 40 years old today. So if Michelle Obama really And how is such an important w a n t s h e r S e s a m e S t r e e t show going to mark such an appearance to stand out from the important anniversary? By crowd, what lessons can she learn unveiling a new short-form from previous guests? Time for a documentary clip about a canning quick history lesson: Lesson one: factory? By finally allowing Bert Do your best and Ernie to get it on? By finding Sesame Street may be primarily a b a c k s t r e e t d o c t o r w h o ' l l watched by children, but even prescribe Elmo the Ritalin he so t h e y k n o w a h a l f - h e a r t e d sorely needs? No – instead celebrity appearance when they Michelle Obama will be stopping see one. When Michelle Obama by the street to teach some appears on Sesame Street, she'll c h i l d r e n h o w t o g r o w a need to bring her A-game. Just cucumber. like Robert De Niro here – by This is because – aside from the expertly channeling a dog, a

cabbage and Elmo, De Niro gives possibly his best performance in a decade. That means that a large number of children are going to grow up thinking that Robert De Niro is one of the finest actors of his generation. It also means that a large number of children are going to be profoundly disappointed when they become old enough to watch Analyze That. As a sidenote, 'do your best' doesn't mean 'shriek everything in such away that you make Elmo look like the laconic picture of cool'. That was directed at you, Natalie Portman. Lesson two: Don't sing if you can't sing Sesame Street has played host to some extraordinary musical guests over the years – like Stevie Wonder and Cab Calloway and Smokey Robinson – but just because they can sing, it doesn't mean that everyone can. Take this clip of pre-Daily Show Jon Stewart. Is he funny? Yes. Is he intelligent? Undoubtedly. Can you get through more than 10 seconds of his awkward caterwaul without either switching it off or deliberately trying to hurt yourself? No. No you can't. And

unless Michelle Obama is a classically trained vocalist, she'll do well do stick to speech. Lesson three: Enunciate Honestly, David Beckham, it's bad enough that Sesame Street has taught millions of British children that the last letter of the alphabet is called "zee" instead of "zed", but there's no need to get your own back by teaching American kids that another word for determined is "pursistunk". Lesson four: Remember to mention necrophilia in the outtakes Ricky Gervais did, and he's hilarious. Therefore, Michelle Obama should, and we'll all think she's hilarious too. • US television • Television • US television industry • Television industry • United States • Sesame Street Stuart Heritage© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Modern Warfare 3 gets previewed by ONN By Matt Burns (CrunchGear) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:30:21 AM

All I know is the game better have dedicated servers or some PC gamers will have a brain

aneurysm. [thanks for the tip, Max]

Nokia N900 ad suggests a history of mental illness By Nilay Patel (Engadget) Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:17:00 AM

The DROID might have started us down the road of dark sci-fi phone ads, but this new Nokia N900 spot takes things to the disturbing next level. We have no idea of what any of this means -and we're not too sure Nokia really wants to suggest that its new flagship device is the cellphone manifestation of Twitchy McSanity here. You'll see what we mean -- video after the break. P.S.- Are we the only ones who see this as a nightmarish dystopian remake of Pump Up The Volume? Is that just us? Okay. Continue reading Nokia N900 ad suggests a history of mental illness Filed under: Cellphones Nokia N900 ad suggests a history of mental illness originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:17:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Yangtze delta warned to prepare for effects of climate change By Jonathan Watts (World news and comment from the Guardian |

apparent, from the source to the estuary. The report's authors – which includes many of China's leading scientists – calculated Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:23:41 AM that climate change was Delta has been warming faster responsible for 81% of grassland than global average for a decade, degradation near the headwaters and the impact is already being of the Yangtze on the Tibetan felt, according to WWF China plateau. By the estuary near China's most populous river Shanghai, the sea level had risen needs massive investment and by 11.5cm in the past 30 years. careful planning to ease the As well as having a dire impact impact of climate change, which on wildlife, particularly in is causing floods, droughts and wetlands, the report warned that storms to intensify, a new report people living on the delta would (pdf) said today. have to adapt or suffer from The Yangtze delta, which is falling harvests, lengthening home to about 400 million droughts and fiercer storms. people, has been warming far If current trends continue, it faster than the global average for predicted rice production in the more than a decade and the Yantgtze basin would decrease implications for food security and by between 9% and 41% by the biodiversity will worsen without end of the 21st century, while remedial action, according to the harvest of corn and winter wheat study led by WWF China. would decline even more The report found that in the first p r e c i p i t o u s l y . f i v e y e a r s o f t h i s d e c a d e , Large areas of southern China temperatures along China's are already experiencing a biggest river have increased by crippling drought. Chinese 0.71C, after a rise of a third of a climatologists say rainstorms are degree in the 1990s. growing more frequent and The consequences are already intense, raising the risks of

floods. "Extreme climate events such as storms and drought disasters will increase as climate change continues to alter our planet," said Xu Ming, the lead researcher on the report, which included contributions from the China Academy of Sciences, the China Meteorological Administration and other academic bodies. The study – one of the most comprehensive ever undertaken of a major river basin – was cautious about the rate of glacier shrinkage. Despite the rising temperatures, it predicted the icefields near the headwaters would only shrink by 11.6% between 1970 and 2060. This is a slower rate of decline than previous studies. The authors urged the authorities to ease the impact on people and the environment by developing hardier crop strains, shifting from corn to rice, improving the management of the river and dams, and by reinforcing dykes and power supply systems. "Adaptation is a must for large developing nations such as

China, which is particularly vulnerable to climate change because of its large population and relatively low economic development," said James Leape, director general of WWF International. "The report is a reminder that while the whole world rises to meet the challenge of climate change, we must prepare for impacts that are already inevitable," he said. • Water • Climate change • Food • Flooding • Drought • Natural disasters and extreme weather • China • Farming • Climate change • Agriculture • Conservation

The Ultimate iPhone Car Kit: Complete remote control via the iPhone By John Biggs (CrunchGear) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:00:55 AM

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do? Sure you can store your files, add contacts, and play Civilization Revolution on it but did you know you could drive your car with it? The lads from Engineer Awesome rigged up a Oldsmobile Delta 88 to run entirely by remote control and then created an iPhone app so they could drive the sucker with a few choice taps and swipes. They also ride their car like a surf board. The boys come from Waterloo Labs at National Instruments so these guys know how to bring the science.

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And our costume contest winner is… By John Biggs (CrunchGear) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:11:17 AM

What do a crane game, two Iron Men, and Wall-E have in common? They’re all some of the

amazing costumes you guys sent in to our First Annual Costume Contest. You’ve all picked your winners and it’s time to unveil him – or her – to the world… It was a heavily contested race

and some of you weren’t happy

with the results but Karen AKA and stay tuned for more great Miss Firefox won our costume contests! contest. Her mix of cleverness and cute beat out even two Iron Men and my personal favorite, Wall-E. Thanks to all the entrants

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Brazil pledges deep emission cuts By Tom Phillips (World news and comment from the Guardian |

following a climate change meeting in Sao Paulo yesterday. "We still believe that the responsibility belongs to the Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:49:32 AM developed countries." She said Brazil will take proposals for the reductions were voluntary, voluntary reductions of 38-42% and not binding "targets", which by 2020 to the Copenhagen she said should only be set for climate change conference next developed countries with higher month, chief of staff says emissions. The Brazilian government is Rouseff's intervention strikes at preparing to pledge a big curb in the core of the impasse in the its greenhouse gas emissions by global warming talks. Scientists 2020 as a "political gesture" say rich nations with long aimed at pressing rich nations polluting histories, like the US, into agreeing to large cuts in need to cut emissions by 25-40% carbon. by 2020 on 1990 levels, but the The country's chief of staff, offers on the negotiating table Dilma Rousseff, said Brazil f a l l s h o r t o f t h i s . P o o r e r w o u l d t a k e p r o p o s a l s f o r developing nations need, say voluntary reductions of 38-42% experts, to cut their emissions by by 2020 to the Copenhagen 15-30% by 2020 compared to climate change summit next business-as-usual. By stepping month. The reductions are from up to its side of the deal, Brazil is projected 2020 emissions levels making an open challenge to the if no action was taken. US, where Senate legislation on "What Brazil is doing is a c l i m a t e c h a n g e i s n e a r political gesture," said Rouseff, d e a d l o c k e d .

Half of Brazil's proposed cuts will come from a reduction in deforestation, while the remaining 20% relates to industry and farming. "We are already an example to the world. But the fact that we are going to announce a significant objective does not mean we do not know that the responsible ones are the developed countries," Rousseff said. Brazil's official position for the Copenhagen talks is expected to be announced before this weekend. Brazilian negotiators are already expected to announce plans to cut deforestation by 80% by 2020. Sergio Leitao, the director of public policies for Greenpeace Brasil, said that the proposed numbers "were good" but that the Brazilian government needed to take on "concrete targets" not voluntary reductions: "If it doesn't, nobody will do

anything." The recent emergence of rainforest defender, Marina Silva, as a potential presidential candidate for next year's elections, has helped propel the environment back onto the political agenda in Brazil. Rousseff, a Workers' party minister, who is president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's favoured presidential candidate, is set to travel to Copenhagen next month to lead the Brazilian climate change delegation. • Copenhagen climate change conference 2009 By Matt Burns (CrunchGear) • Climate change Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:39:07 AM • Deforestation • Carbon emissions PS3 owners no longer have to be • Brazil jealous of Xbox 360 owners. Now, they too can stream Netflix Tom Phillips goodness through their gaming© Guardian News console of choice. That is, with a & Media Limited 2009 | Use of little help from a free Netflix disc this content is subject to our they can. Terms & Conditions| More Feeds The loader disc should have arrived last week for those that jumped on the offer right away. Just pop that Netflix disc into your PS3 to load-up the software competitors in the market and and away you go. Of course you that "the merger is unlikely to be have to use that disc, which anticompetitive." activates the service via Blu-ray’s Continue reading EU objects to BD-Live service, every time you Sun-Oracle deal want to stream something from EU objects to Sun-Oracle deal Netflix, but it’s better than o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n nothing. Hopefully Sony and BloggingStocks on Tue, 10 Nov Netflix are working on a software 2009 09:00:00 EST. Please see update that will enable the of the market, the EU contends. our terms for use of feeds. s e r v i c e w i t h o u t t h i s s t e p . The U.S. authorities disagrees, Permalink| Email this| Comments H o p e f u l l y . saying there are enough

EU objects to Sun-Oracle deal By Melly Alazraki (BloggingStocks)

Oracle's ( ORCL) acquisition of Sun Microsystems ( JAVA) after U.S. authorities have approve the Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:00:00 AM $7.4 billion deal. Filed under: Deals, Microsoft The issue is Sun's database (MSFT), General Electric (GE), p r o d u c t , M y S Q L , w h i c h International Business Machines European antitrust authorities ( I B M ) , S u n M i c r o s y s t e m s fear wouldn't be developed after (JAVA), Oracle Corp (ORCL), the acquisition since Oracle has Honeywell Intl (HON) It's not the its own database and therefore it first time this happened, and would hurt competition in the likely not the last. The European database business. Together, the Commission has objected to two will have quite a large share

Today is Netflix on the PS3 day


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No leniency for diver convicted of killing wife (World news and comment from the Guardian |

Rico. A jury unanimously convicted Swain on 27 October of murdering Shelley Tyre in what Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:08:25 AM authorities portrayed as a nearA British Virgin Islands judge perfect crime. says David Swain must serve at Tyre's drowning near an isolated least 25 years of a mandatory life shipwreck at a depth of 24 metres sentence (80 ft) was initially ruled an A British Virgin Islands judge accident, but authorities in the ruled today that a former Rhode British Virgin Islands charged Island dive shop owner must Swain with murder after a 2006 serve at least 25 years of a civil trial in Rhode Island found mandatory life sentence for him responsible for her death. killing his wife on a Caribbean The civil jury awarded Tyre's scuba outing in 1999, rejecting family $3.5m (£2.1); Swain filed his lawyers' bid for leniency. for bankruptcy and has not paid Justice Indra Hariprashad- the sum. Charles said the premeditated In the criminal trial, prosecutors nature of the crime bound her to argued that Swain killed Tyre to deny a defence request that pursue a romance with another David Swain become eligible for woman and get his hands on his parole after 18 years in prison. wife's money. "It is my view that this murder Swain's lawyers plan to appeal was carefully planned and the verdict. His daughter, Jen premeditated and calls for stiff Swain Bloom, said evidence that punishment," the judge said. would have helped her father was The judge granted Swain about improperly barred from the trial. two years credit for time served. "My family, and my father's The 53-year-old is to serve his friends and colleagues are still sentence at a Balsam Ghut prison 100% in support of my father, on Tortola, a mountainous island and his innocence," Bloom wrote about 90 miles east of Puerto in a letter to local journalists. "No

one that has spent any time with or actually knows my father thinks he should spend one more second behind bars." No eyewitnesses or DNA evidence linked Swain to the murder. The prosecution's case rested largely on experts who testified they believed Swain wrestled his wife from behind, tore off her scuba mask and shut off her air supply while they swam near the shipwreck. Her mask was damaged, the mouthpiece of her snorkel was missing, and her fin was found embedded in a sandbar all signs of a struggle, prosecution witnesses said. The defence called it a weak case that lacked physical evidence and was built on speculative theories and circumstantial evidence designed to roil the emotions of the jury. • United States© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini believes the bubble is about to burst By Mark Fightmaster (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:30:00 AM

Filed under: Market matters, Recession, Financial Crisis Dr. Doom is back. Last week, New York University economist Nouriel Roubini decided to speak out about the current economic recovery, warning that it cannot last. I'm not quite sure how this blog missed my radar screen, so I must thank Robert J. Samuelson for bringing it to my attention yesterday. Roubini contends that while there was a massive rally in "all sorts of risky assets" has caused the dollar had weakened sharply and government bond yields have "increased but stayed low and stable." These risky assets that Roubini discusses are equities, oil, energy, and commodity. Dr.

Doom believes that the prices for these risky assets have risen too far and too fast compared to macroeconomic fundamentals. Continue reading Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini believes the bubble is about to burst Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini believes the bubble is about to burst originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

Samsung announces its own ‘open’ mobile platform – bada By Jeremy Kessel (CrunchGear) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:55:42 AM

As Sesame Street is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, now seems like as good a time as any for us to practice our counting...of mobile operating

systems/platforms. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. has taken the wraps off its own, Darn, my hand ran out of fingers! new open mobile platform, bada. Well, no matter, Samsung thinks there is plenty room for more and

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War memorials get English Heritage Happy holidays! Google protection giving away free Wi-Fi By Maev Kennedy (World news and comment from the Guardian |

co-ordinated by the Imperial War Museum. Almost all were paid for by the public in the outpouring of grief over the scale Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:58:38 AM of casualties in two world wars, Bronze statues, church gates and but some date from the Boer war g a r d e n s a m o n g 1 8 w a r and earlier. memorials listed or upgraded by Many are in terrible condition, English Heritage overgrown and neglected, or War memorials including bronze targeted by vandals and thieves statues, church gates and gardens, l o o t i n g t h e m f o r s a l e a b l e are being listed by English sculptural elements and scrap Heritage, to protect them and to bronze. English Heritage is to mark their importance to the publish guidance on protecting communities that paid for and the monuments, and is recruiting built them. a heritage crime officer to help An imposing memorial in Watts combat architectural theft. Park, Southampton, has been The 18 memorials being listed or upgraded to II* status. The upgraded include simple crosses monument, designed by Sir a n d e l a b o r a t e s t r u c t u r e s , Edwin Lutyens and very similar including the stone wall-enclosed to his Cenotaph in Whitehall, was shrine on a hill overlooking originally built as a temporary Haven Street village, on the Isle structure for the first ceremony of o f W i g h t , c o m m e m o r a t i n g remembrance in 1919. members of the Willis Fleming There are more than 55,000 war family. m e m o r i a l s a c r o s s B r i t a i n , One of the most unusual is a according to a recent inventory semi-circle of massive boulders

in Hartington, in the Peak District, intended to reflect the stone-working traditions of the region that many men left behind to join the first world war. Frank Kirkham, chairman of the parish council, said: "We were surprised to find that our memorial made from local stone was not listed and we are delighted that it now is." Most of the listed memorials record soldiers who died in the first world war, but the Stanwell memorial in Staines, Surrey, also commemorates seven civilian victims of a 1944 air raid, including a 21-month-old child. • Heritage • First world war • Second world war Maev Kennedy© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

By Beth Gaston Moon (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:00:00 PM

Filed under: Consumer experience, Competitive strategy, Google (GOOG), Technology Out of the kindness of its ginormous heart, Google ( GOOG) is giving holiday travelers a bit of cheer this season, providing free Wi-Fi in 47 U.S. airports starting today and running through January 15. As a bonus to Virgin America passengers traveling within the continental U.S., Google is providing in-flight Wi-Fi as well. Of course, the Web search giant has an ulterior motive. In a statement, a Google spokesperson said: "This is one of our holiday gifts to our users, and when you connect, we also

hope you'll take the opportunity to try some of the latest Google products." Continue reading Happy holidays! Google giving away free Wi-Fi Happy holidays! Google giving away free Wi-Fi originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 12:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

New Spacecraft Uses Solar Wind to Propel its Sails [Space] By Adam Frucci (Gizmodo) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:40:00 AM

A new spacecraft is being launched in about a year, one designed to travel across the solar system. But instead of using rockets to propel itself, it uses sails. Sails pushed by light.

Starlight carries not only energy but momentum. Comet tails, for example, are the result of light blowing dust off the comet's core. It's not a lot of juice, but it's enough. The force on a solar sail is gentle, if not feeble, but unlike a rocket, which fires for a few

enough sail, say a mile on a side, could reach speeds of hundreds of thousands of miles an hour, fast enough to traverse the solar system in 5 years. Riding the beam from a powerful laser, a sail could even make the journey minutes at most, it is constant. to another star system in 100 Over days and years a big years, that is to say, a human

lifespan. We're pretty damned far off from a person riding the light to whatever planet Avatar is set on, but it's still a pretty neat idea. [ NY Times]



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Is Choosing a Prosthesis So Different than Picking a Pair of Glasses? [Aimee Mullins] By Aimee Mullins (Gizmodo) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:00:00 AM

I think technology has evolved enough to let us be earnest about the fact that a consumer of a prosthetic is the same consumer buying an iPod or glasses or a couch for their house. You want options. Obviously, the role of a prosthetic is one far more intimate than that of a couch, and being fitted for a prosthetic is much more labor intensive than just picking out eyeglasses, and but the ideas aren't so dissimilar. From the 1930s to as late as the 1970s, the UK National Health Service mandated only one "choice" for their eyeglasses – considered solely as "medical appliances" — and the standard was a plastic frame formed in a rather horrid pinkish color, an attempt at "flesh tone," already problematic in that description…who's flesh tone, exactly? The NHS believed that people would want discretion in their vision correction-the social humiliation generally thought to be incurred by wearing glasses meant that no one would want their glasses to stand out. So there was one form of glasses made for everyone. Today, that sounds ludicrous. Meanwhile, no one has yet to build a leg that does it all—I

have to change legs when I want to wear high heels; I have to change legs when I want to wear different height high heels; I have to change legs when I want to swim, take a boxing class at the gym, or sprint on the track. I have 12 pair in all (though many are housed in museums). Until that functionality is matched with one single

prosthetic, you want to be able to have the fullest quality of life as deemed by you. For some people, it will never be important to swim, or wear a pair of high heels, or to have a prosthetic limb with a cosmesis that really replicates humanness. But for others, those things could be very important. For some people, like me, some of those things are

important only some of the time. In my functional daily arsenal, I have a general rotation between what I call the "Robocop" legs (Re-Flex VSP Legs made by Ossur) and my cosmetic, very life -like legs (by Dorset Orthopaedic). As if we weren't already aware of the dire state of the American healthcare system, the lack of

prosthetic opportunity and choice for most people is due to very limited coverage by insurance companies. To be frank, since my teenage years, I have pursued each and every opportunity to be a guinea pig, trading the use of my body as a testing ground for new technologies for the privilege of using them. Not one pair of my legs is covered by insurance; not one pair of my legs is considered "medically necessary." What is considered medically necessary for the American insurance standard is whatever gets you from the bed to the toilet. I am not kidding. No other aspect of daily living other than using the bathroom is considered "necessary," which means your basic prosthetic given to most amputees — a stick with a rubber foot as a leg, or a stick with a hook on the end as an arm, has fundamentally not changed since WWII. My Ossur legs are constructed of woven carbon fiber. They've got a shock absorber, springs, and a split-toe foot so I can navigate uneven terrain with a bit better balance-and basically there's nothing human-looking about that leg. I don't mind this aspect. I'm quite happy with this amazing construction looking like what it is: a good prosthetic CHOOSING page 14


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Why Did Samsung Just Announce Another Mobile OS? [Samsung] By John Herrman (Gizmodo) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:36:03 AM

They're calling it "Bada," which means ocean in Korean. And it's got an SDK! After sifting through hundreds of words of deliberately vague press release, this is all we really know about Samsung's new mobile OS. Well, almost. Samsung is as aware as any company of just how many smartphones OSes there are in the world, since they license almost all of them, from Windows Mobile to Symbian to Android. Throwing another OS into the mix seems like it might confuse things, but at first glance, that's exactly what it looks like they're doing: In order to build a rich smartphone experience accessible to a wider range of consumers across the world, Samsung brings bada, a new platform with a variety of mobile applications and content. So, a new OS with an emphasis on apps. But why the awkward language about "smartphone experiences" and "accessibility?" On the project's website, Samsung's a little more clear: More and more people want rich and connected applicationexperiences that are currently available only for smartphone consumers. Samsung has developed bada to make these

exclusive smartphone experiences available to everyone. Ah! So it's probably not a fullfledged smartphone OS, but a feature phone OS with an SDK. Samsung is a huge company, so this can't be ignored, but it doesn't mean that smartphones are about the get more confusing. If anything, it means that feature phones are about to get better. Or not at all! We won't know for sure until Samsung stop being cryptic for sport, or whatever it is they're doing here. [ Samsung] Samsung Launches Open Mobile Platform: Samsung bada– The Next Wave Of The Mobile Industry Developers get the chance to create mobile applications for millions of new Samsung handsets November 10th, 2009, Seoul, Korea – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced the launch of its own open mobile

platform, Samsung bada [bada] in December. This new addition to Samsung's mobile ecosystem enables developers to create applications for millions of new Samsung mobile phones, and consumers to enjoy a fun and diverse mobile experience. In order to build a rich smartphone experience accessible to a wider range of consumers across the world, Samsung brings bada, a new platform with a variety of mobile applications and content. The name ‘bada', which means ‘ocean' in Korean, was chosen to convey the limitless variety of potential applications which can be created using the new platform. It also alludes to Samsung's commitment to a variety of open platforms in the mobile industry. Samsung bada also represents the fresh challenges and opportunities available to developers, as well as the entertainment which consumers will enjoy once the new platform

is open. Based on Samsung's experience in developing previous proprietary platforms on Samsung mobile phones, Samsung can create the new platform and provide opportunities for developers. Samsung bada is also simple for developers to use, meaning it's one of the most developerfriendly environments available, particularly in the area of applications using Web services. Lastly, bada's ground-breaking User Interface (UI) can be transferred into a sophisticated and attractive UI design for developers. Samsung will be able to expand the range of choices for mobile phone users to enjoy the smartphone experiences. By adopting Samsung bada, users will be able to easily enjoy various applications on their mobile. Samsung bada also offers an easy-to-integrate platform for

mobile operators so that mobile operators can provide unique and differentiated services to their customers. Samsung established its mobile application ecosystem through the launch of Samsung Mobile Innovator in 2008 and the Samsung Application Seller Site followed by Samsung Application Store as another key element of this offering. Dr Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics said, "By opening Samsung's mobileplatforms we will be able to provide rich mobile experiences on an increasing number of accessible smartphones." He added, "bada will be Samsung's landmark, iconic new platform that brings an unprecedented opportunity for operators, developers and Samsung mobile phone users around the world." The official website ( will open on November 10th and will feature a range of information on bada including updates onproduct launches, features, and event notices. Samsung will also host an official launch event for bada in London, UK in December and will also unveil its bada software development kit (SDK) to developers for the first time on this date. WHY page 14



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CHOOSING continued from page 12

that enables me to move around very well. I've embraced the scifi aesthetic of the sleek black carbon fiber, the WD-40 glistening on the shock absorber, and I feel rather cool wearing them. They're the prosthetic leg version of a motorcycle jacket. However, I am very aware that there are some vets – mostly female, but some male as well – currently coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan who aren't exactly thrilled about looking like the Terminator, and their consumer desire for choice should be respected. My Dorset legs are designed more for style than utility. Far lighter than the VSPs, the skeleton or internal frame is made from a hollow carbon fiber custom made tube, and like my sports legs, the sockets are shaped to match my residual limbs exactly so I am able to wear the prostheses all day without discomfort. The carbon is used because it has tremendous strength and weighs very little, approx 300gms. The frame is then covered with a polyurethane foam that is then sculpted both to my specific requests and the aesthetic imagination of the

prosthetist Bob Watts, who will ask me how I want them to look (my last pair got a super flexed calf muscle; it serves as a reminder to get the rest of my body to the gym.) Finally, the prosthesis is sheathed in a 2mm custom-made silicone cosmesis. The cosmesis is a truly astounding work of art: a Kevlarbacked and vulcanized silicone sleeve is built up of many thin layers of differently colored silicones that matches my exact skin tone by combing through nearly 500 color swatches of silicone. You won't find any standardized pinky-beige hues here. Dorset will even map hairs or just hair follicles (I prefer mine smooth, thank you), capillaries, veins, moles, and yes, …tattoos. The Cosmesis takes a technician 2 weeks to build and sculpt. The result, incredible. When traveling, I try to always wear my Robocop legs mainly because the shock absorber makes traversing the airport halls more comfortable. I can also easily lift the legs of my yoga pants and pop them off easily on a plane, making air travel much more tolerable when sitting trapped in a confined space for a

few hours. An additional travel hazard I face is with airport security metal detectors: wearing legs that look so perfectly human, like the cosmetic pair I have, is not ideal because generally people in airports hear the word "prosthetic" without registering what it means. Being laced with bits of metal, I set off the bells and whistles and it isn't obvious why, and it leads to a more complicated, lengthier interrogation and inspection for me. Anyone who has ever raced to make a connection in Charles de Gaulle airport knows that every minute counts! I once wore my cosmetic legs while transiting in Portugal and (predictably) set off the metal detector. They waived me aside—this was right after 9/11—and in a pathetically muddled hybrid of Spanish and Italian, I was like "no, no, yo tengo…" and "ho due…," struggling to complete the sentence with the Latin root word of "prosthetic." I said what I thought sounded like a good approximation, and I immediately got hauled off to one of those strip search rooms replete with search dogs, because

the whole time I was actually saying "leave me alone, I'm with two prostitutes." Not eager to revisit my lost-intranslation experience, I've learned to keep the cosmetic legs in the suitcase. I wear the Robocop legs, and when I set the metal detectors off, I just show my carbon fiber limbs at the ankle, and it's automatic: we commence with the wanding, the bomb swab, the pat down-if at JFK they have an additional Xray box with a battery of 10 scans I have to pass — they actually know me by name now. So I guess that means when traveling, I do anything but try to look like everyone else-which is a bit different from what the UK National Health Service would have ever predicted in 1950. [ Image by Nick Knight] Aimee Mullins is an athlete, speaker, actress and model. She's also the guest editor for our theme week This Cyborg Life. Read her bio here.

HourTime Podcast Episode 2 – Lawsuits, Warriors, and Why Watches are So Expensive By John Biggs (CrunchGear) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:45:28 AM

MP3 Download Subscribe in iTunes Keep your eye for more episodes! Enjoy! on

Panasonic Japan to release AVCHDcompatible, external DVD burner By Serkan Toto (CrunchGear) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:02:30 AM

Panasonic Japan announced the VW-BN2[JP] today, an external DVD burner that supports video recorded in the AVCHD format. The device allows you to burn your AVCHD video files directly from the camera (via USB 2.0) onto DVD. You can also use it to convert HD video quality into standard quality videos. The maximum burning speed is 8x for DVD±R, 4x for DVD±R DL, 6x for DVD-RW, 8x for DVD+RW and 3x for DVDRAM. The device is sized at 139×138.8×18mm and weighs 395g. Panasonic plans to start selling the burner in Japan for $290 from December 25. No word yet on international sales plans.

WHY continued from page 13

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Razer's No-Frills Abyssus Gaming Mouse Needs More Frills [Mice] By matt buchanan (Gizmodo)

China – In Stores Now Worldwide –Late December 2009 I'm a minimalist when it comes Product Features: to mouse bling, but for $50, 3500dpi Razer Precision™ 3.5G Razer's Abyssus is a little too infrared sensor lean—there aren't even any 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms thumb buttons—just raw response time 3500DPI tracking and a 1ms Mechanical dpi/polling rate response time with on-the-fly switches adjustment. On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ SteelSeries' Kinzu pulls off the adjustment bargain gaming mouse gambit Always-On™ mode way better, at $35. Or you can Ultra-large non-slip buttons get more aggressively armed 16-bit ultra-wide data path gaming mice at Amazon for 60-120 inches per second and about the same price, even from 15g of acceleration Razer. Three independently RAZER ABYSSUS™ GIVES programmable Hyperesponse™ GAMERS THE COMPETITIVE buttons switches — one on-the-fly dpi EDGE BY FOCUSING ON THE "Less is more," said Robert About the Razer Abyssus Ambidextrous design "Razerguy" Krakoff, president, The Razer Abyssus mouse is switch giving the user their FUNDAMENTALS Scroll wheel with 24 individual Carlsbad, Calif. – Nov. 10, 2009 R a z e r . " W e ' v e t a k e n o u r designed for gamers that demand choice of 450, 1800, or 3500dpi; click positions - Razer™, the world's leading ambidextrous three-button mouse reliability and functionality under and one polling rate switch Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ m a n u f a c t u r e r o f h i g h - e n d design and loaded it with our the fiercest gameplay conditions. allowing instant adjustment from Teflon feet precision gaming and lifestyle industry-leading technology The Razer Abyssus is armed with a standard 125hz to 1000hz Seven-foot, lightweight, nonperipherals, today launched the without the added cost of too two large non-slip buttons tuned Ultrapolling™. tangle cord Razer Abyssus™ gaming mouse. many bells and whistles. Our for maximum tactile feedback Razer Abyssus Approx. size in mm 115(L) x COST: US $49.99, Europe By combining simplicity with a goal with the Razer Abyssus is to and features Razer's built-in 63(W) x 40(H) state-of-the-art 3.5G 3500dpi give competitive gamers access Hyperesponse™ technology. €39.99 [ Razer] i n f r a r e d s e n s o r , t h e R a z e r t o g a m i n g g r a d e h a r d w a r e Underneath, Razer has placed AVAILABILITY: Abyssus stands ready to frag. without breaking the bank." two easily accessible mechanical – Available Now Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:03:52 AM

Judge Says No Twittering From The Courtroom By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Submitted at 11/10/2009 4:35:00 AM

There have been many debates over whether or not it's appropriate to blog or Twitter

from the courtroom -- in fact, just last week I attended a short conference at the US courthouse in San Francisco about how the court system is dealing with such things. While you might

understand why it's barred for jury members or participants in the trial to use such things, it does seem a bit excessive for a judge to bar reporters from Twittering as well, but that's

exactly what's happened. The judge ruled that it was a form of a "broadcast," which is prohibited (why broadcasts are prohibited is a separate topic for a separate day, though it doesn't really make

any sense). Permalink| Comments| Email This Story


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Hahahaha! Blockbuster Renting Movies on SD Cards! Hahahahaha! From Kiosks! [Movies] By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:20:00 AM

Oh, I hope whatever exec came up with this idea scores a huge bonus. Blockbuster is piloting a new program that will load a DRM'd movie rentals onto an SD card from a kiosk. The future! So say you're at the airport. You want to rent, I dunno, some movie that wasn't good enough to see in the theater. You just format a spare SD card filled with vacation photos you'd forgotten to back up (it doesn't appear they give you a card, but I could be mistaken), pop it in the machine, select a movie, pay $4 or so, and then have the film loaded on your card, a la ticking

time bomb, with DRM. And what can't you do with an SD card? I mean, it plays in my iPhone...wait...I mean my Blackberry...wait...

Mini SD and Micro SD—those are the cards that most of our mobile devices will take (if they take any at all)! In case no one told you, Blockbuster, we can't play this shit back on our digital cameras. (Granted, netbook owners and some laptop owners will be able to utilize the standard.) Ah Blockbuster, you've arrived just in time to ignore the growing popularity of iTunes/Zune Marketplace syncing, 3G streaming and in-flight Wi-Fi all while offering your service on a medium less convenient than DVD. But don't worry, I'm not angry. You're just hurting yourself. [ Fast Company]

Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:28:00 PM

Despite lots of criticism over the plan, UK politicians are moving forward with demands that online service providers store and monitor certain types of internet communications. While the government will be

compensating service providers for some of this (your tax dollars at work), it's still a rather large burden on these service providers, and raises all sorts of privacy questions. Oh, and on top of all of that, we've already seen that law enforcement in the UK is struggling to cope with the fact that they're already

By Vladislav Savov (Engadget)

The arrhythmic, robotic reading from Alice In Wonderland left us shaken, but what floored us was Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:59:00 AM the $1,499 asking price. Yes, it's While we're busying ourselves a customized niche device, but with arguing about how to we reckon we could build replace the perfectly usable book something similar for a third of gadget, Intel is right to point out the price. Full PR and video after t h a t p l e n t y o f p e o p l e , f o r the break. whatever reason, can't read at all. Continue reading Intel Reader Presenting its Reader as a reads books to the lazy and necessity rather than luxury, Intel infirm (video) has shown off its vision for how Filed under: Digital Cameras, inundated with too much data. visually impaired and dyslexic Handhelds They don't want more data, they people can obtain access to the Intel Reader reads books to the need better data. Making service written word. Combining a text- lazy and infirm (video) originally providers hang onto even more scanning camera with a text-to- appeared on Engadget on Tue, 10 data doesn't help the situation, it speech engine (powered by an Nov 2009 09:59:00 EST. Please just opens up the potential for Atom inside) is certainly no bad see our terms for use of feeds. serious privacy invasion. idea, but as the video beyond the Read| Permalink| Email this| Permalink| Comments| Email break will show you, Intel's Comments This Story execution isn't exactly stellar.

UK To Require Service Providers Monitor And Store Info On Users By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)

Intel Reader reads books to the lazy and infirm (video)

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ITC rules Samsung infringed on four Sharp patents, bans of some LCDs RFiDJ: the coaster-controlled import By Donald Melanson demand." For its part, Sharp HTPC switches playlists while you switch drinks (video) By Darren Murph (Engadget)

louder than words, so we'll just stop here and beg you to hop on Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:41:00 AM past the break for a memorable You know, RFID hasn't done e n c o u n t e r w i t h much for itself in the consumer s p l e n d i f e r o u s n e s s . market. To most average Joes [Via Hack a Day] and Janes, the tech is really only Continue reading RFiDJ: the around for use in complex supply c o a s t e r - c o n t r o l l e d H T P C chains and warehouses that switches playlists while you they'd rather block from their switch drinks (video) minds. Thanks to Roteno Labs, Filed under: Desktops, Home we now have at least one glorious Entertainment, Media PCs example of just how awesome RFiDJ: the coaster-controlled RFID tags truly are, as the RFiDJ HTPC switches playlists while project demonstrates how tagged y o u s w i t c h d r i n k s ( v i d e o ) coasters can be used to instantly originally appeared on Engadget switch playlists stored on an on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:41:00 H T P C . Y o u s i m p l y s e t a EST. Please see our terms for designated coaster on top of the use of feeds. Read| Permalink| machine, and within seconds a Email this| Comments new playlist is activated. We hear that videos actually do speak


Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:52:00 AM

The US International Trade Commission already ruled in June of this year that Samsung had infringed on one patent held by Sharp, but it's now back with another ruling that finds Samsung violated no less than four LCD-related patents held by its rival. Once again, the ITC has also barred Samsung from selling the infringing LCDs in the US (still not clear on exactly what's affected), but Samsung seems more than ready to comply with the ruling, saying that there will be "no impact on our business and our ability to meet market

simply says that the ruling has "made it clear that ITC has consistently supported Sharp's claim that LCD products of Samsung violated Sharp's patents" -- Samsung, meanwhile, says it has no plans to negotiate with Sharp on the issue, so let's just hope its workaround is more than a quick fix. Filed under: Displays, HDTV ITC rules Samsung infringed on four Sharp patents, bans import of some LCDs originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:52:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


Droid Does Higher Res Video Streaming With New Qik App [Droid] By matt buchanan (Gizmodo) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:46:58 AM

Droid records video at an impressive 720x480 resolution—it's certainly more impressive than its photo prowess anyway—and streaming service Qik's the first take advantage of that higher resolution, allowing full res streams later tonight with a beta release. [ MobileCrunch]

'Elf Yourself' returns with Facebook and Twitter power By Caroline McCarthy ( Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:18:00 PM

The goofball marketing

campaign has returned for the creator OfficeMax? f o u r t h y e a r i n a r o w , a n d Originally posted at The Social promises to infiltrate your holiday season even more. Question: Does it do much for


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BMW Trying To Patent Technological Problem Solving By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)

ASUS' $1,500 Core i7equipped G51J gaming laptop gets reviewed By Darren Murph (Engadget)

the C2D sibling in every test, with graphical performance being Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:23:00 PM nothing short of astounding. Here's hoping you held off on 'Course, the omission of a Blupurchasing that Core 2 Duo G51 ray drive was somewhat of a just a few months ago, 'cause bummer, but for just $1,499, it's ASUS has just pushed out the not like we really expected one to exact same laptop with a Core i7 be included. Hit the read link for within and a price tag that's $200 the full skinny, but only if you've skimpier. The G51J-A1 was got some disposable income that launched alongside Windows 7, you don't mind parting with. a n d t h e c r e w o v e r a t H o t Filed under: Laptops Hardware managed to toss it on ASUS' $1,500 Core i7-equipped the test bench to find out what G 5 1 J g a m i n g l a p t o p g e t s kind of gains could be expected reviewed originally appeared on when going from Intel's last-gen Engadget on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 CPU to the newly-announced 12:23:00 EST. Please see our Core i7-720QM. The long and terms for use of feeds. Read| short of it is this: the new CPU Permalink| Email this| Comments enabled this machine to smoke

Sparkz projector / dock for iPhone displays your videos, empties your wallet (video) By Joseph L. Flatley (Engadget) Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:04:00 AM

If you're in the market for an Apple handheld-friendly pico projector, you're in luck. Sparkz is a bulbous white dock that will play nice with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod video, as well as your favorite A/V and VGA sources. Featuring 640 x 480 resolution, a 60-inch viewing area, and stereo speakers, it can be yours for the low, low price of -- $495? Well, it will charge your iPhone. And it does come with a tripod. And, to be honest, a 60inch viewing area is none too shabby. If you think it's worth it,

Submitted at 11/10/2009 2:35:36 AM

Erik was the first of a bunch of you to send in the story about how BMW is supposedly applying for a patent on a method using technology to solve by all means hit that read link problems. You can read the and snatch one up. In the patent application for a Method m e a n t i m e , w e ' l l c o n t e n t for Systematically Identifying ourselves with watching the Technology-Based Solutions if video of the thing in action. It's you'd like. It's not quite as broad as the claim on Autoblog that it's after the break, and it's free. Continue reading Sparkz a p a t e n t a p p l i c a t i o n o n projector / dock for iPhone "technological creative thinking," displays your videos, empties but it is ridiculously broad. Read through the actual claims, and it's your wallet (video) difficult to see how this deserves Filed under: Displays Sparkz projector / dock for a patent at all. There shouldn't be iPhone displays your videos, a monopoly on a method for how empties your wallet (video) you solve problems. originally appeared on Engadget Permalink| Comments| Email on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:04:00 This Story EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Justices Show Supreme Skepticism About Broad Business Model Patents By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:09:00 AM

You never know how they'll actually rule, but in hearing the oral arguments in the Bilski case over the patentability of business models (and, most likely, software), one thing became quite clear: nearly every Supreme Court Justice was seriously skeptical of outlandish patent claims. We've noted, of course, that the Supreme Court over the past few years has taken a renewed interest in patent law, pushing back time and time again against the Federal Circuit (CAFC), who in the 80s and 90s seemed to take the position that more patents was always a good thing. Sensing that, with Bilski, CAFC even pushed back on its own earlier rules, and it appears that the Supreme Court at least agrees that the era of crazy business model patents should end now. The full transcript is worth reading, but Justin Levine did a nice job summarizing some of the highlights in the questioning by the Justices:

JUSTICE GINSBURG: But you say you would say tax avoidance methods are covered, just as the process here is covered. So an estate plan, tax avoidance, how to resist a corporate takeover, how to choose a jury, all of those are patentable? MR. JAKES: They are eligible for patenting as processes, assuming they meet the other statutory requirements. JUSTICE BREYER: So that would mean that every -- every businessman -- perhaps not every, but every successful businessman typically has something. His firm wouldn't be successful if he didn't have anything that others didn't have. He thinks of a new way to organize. He thinks of a new thing to say on the telephone. He thinks of something. That's how he made his money. And your view would be -- and it's new, too, and it's useful, made him a fortune -- anything that helps any businessman succeed is patentable because we reduce it to a number of steps, explain it in general terms, file our

application, granted? MR. JAKES: It is potentially patentable, yes. JUSTICE BREYER: You know, I have a great, wonderful, really original method of teaching antitrust law, and it kept 80 percent of the students awake. They learned things.[Audience laughter.] It was fabulous. And I could probably have reduced it to a set of steps and other teachers could have followed it. That you are going to say is patentable, too? MR. JAKES: Potentially. JUSTICE SCALIA: You know, you mention that there are all these -- these new areas that didn't exist in the past because of modern business and what-not, but there are also areas that existed in the past that don't exist today. Let's take training horses. Don't you think that -- that some people, horse whisperers or others, had some, you know, some insights into the best way to train horses? And that should have been patentable on your theory. MR. JAKES: They might have,

yes. JUSTICE SCALIA: Well, why didn't anybody patent those things? MR. JAKES: I think our economy was based on industrial process. JUSTICE SCALIA: It was based on horses, for Pete's sake. You -I would really have thought somebody would have patented that. Of course, these are the same Justices that have been pushing back on the patent world for quite some time. What about the newer Justices? Turns out they were pretty skeptical as well. There were some questions about new Justice Sotomayor, who had been an IP litigator at one point, but seemed pretty skeptical of these sorts of patents: JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: So how do we limit it to something that is reasonable? Meaning, if we don't limit it to inventions or to technology, as some amici have, or to some tie or tether, borrowing the Solicitor General's phraseology, to the sciences, to the useful arts, then why not patent the method of speed

dating? MR. JAKES: Well, first of all, I think, looking at what are useful arts, it does exclude some things. It does exclude the fine arts. Speaking, literature, poems, I think we all agree that those are not included, and there are other things as well. For example, a corporation, a human being, these are things that are not covered by the statutory categories. JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: So why are human activities covered by useful arts? MR. JAKES: Human activities are covered. Chief Justice Roberts dug into the Bilski patent in question, and noted how ridiculously broad the claims were: CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: What -- I'm looking at your Claim 1, in Joint Appendix page 19 to 20. How is that not an abstract idea? You initiate a series of transactions between commodity providers and commodity consumers. You set a fixed price at the consumer end, you set a fixed price at the JUSTICES page 26


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Amazon debuts Kindle for PC (CNET

decrease the size of the font and change the width of the page and words per line. You can navigate Kindle book buyers can now from one page to another by read their books right from their clicking on the Next or Previous PCs without having to buy a Page arrows or by using the Kindle reader. scroll wheel on your mouse. You A m a z o n o n T u e s d a y m a d e can jump to a specific page, such available its new Kindle for PC, as the cover, table of contents, or free software that lets Kindle last page read, and bookmark a customers read their e-books on specific location for future tablet PCs, Netbooks, notebooks, reference. You can also read and other personal computers. notes and highlights created on The software can be downloaded your Kindle device, but you can't from the Kindle for PC page. The create them on Kindle for PC yet. quick installation sets up the People with a Windows 7 reader application, prompting multitouch PC can zoom in or you to log in and register with out of a page by pinching it with your Amazon account or create a your fingers. new one. After logging in, you Amazon has also tapped its can download books that you've Whispersync technology to already purchased at the Kindle automatically save and sync store or click on a link to buy bookmarks across multiple new ones. devices. So you can read a book Microsoft had demonstrated the up to a certain page on your Kindle for PC software at its K i n d l e d e v i c e a n d t h e n Windows 7 launch event in New automatically jump to that same York last month. page on your PC to resume Kindle for PC offers many of the reading where you left off. options you'll find on a Kindle "Kindle for PC is the perfect reader. You can increase or c o m p a n i o n a p p l i c a t i o n f o r Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:43:50 AM

customers who own a Kindle or Kindle DX," Ian Freed, vice president, Amazon Kindle, said in a statement. "Kindle for PC is also a great way for people around the world to access a huge selection from the Kindle Store and read the most popular books of today even if they don't yet have a Kindle." Amazon plans new features for the next edition of Kindle for PC. The company said it will offer the ability to create notes and highlights, search for words or phrases in your books, and click on an image to zoom in or rotate it. With the launch of Kindle for PC, Kindle books can now be read on Kindle readers, the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and personal computers. Kindle for the PC is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP. A Mac version is coming soon, promises Amazon. This content has passed through

With AdMob, Google seeks mobile-ad advantage By Tom Krazit ( Submitted at 11/9/2009 1:20:00 PM

The most dominant online advertising company has long had its sights set on the mobile

market, and its $750 million purchase of AdMob would give it a strong position. Originally posted at Relevant Results

US Subpoenaed All Visitor Logs From Online News Publication; Falsely Said Site Couldn't Tell Anyone By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)

at an earlier time. This is hardly the first time Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:36:00 AM we've heard about the We've seen it over and over government using (and abusing) again: when the government can procedures like national security hide behind the veil of secrecy, it letters to not just demand all sorts can abuse its power. That's why of info, but also demand that the we're supposed to have checks recipient not tell anyone about it. and balances on power, but all Every once in a while we're able too often governments figure out to hear about these situations ways to get around that. The because a group like the EFF or l a t e s t e x a m p l e i s t h a t U S the ACLU pushed back and were attorneys issued a subpoena to able to get the US government to the person hosting the news back down, but that's likely only website Indymedia, demanding a a fraction of the situations where logfile of all visitors from a this has happened. In many particular day and ordered the others, we likely don't even know w o m a n n o t t o r e v e a l t h e at all, because the recipient gave existence of the subpoena itself. in, either because they didn't Indymedia doesn't keep its realize their legal rights, or logfiles, so it simply had nothing because it just wasn't worth the to turn over, and after realizing fight. But when the government this, the government withdrew thinks that it can demand certain the request. However, the data and cloak the demand requirement to stay silent about it behind a related demand for still was there, and the woman secrecy, it makes it way too easy asked the EFF for help. With the for the government to abuse the EFF involved, the government process. It basically guarantees f i n a l l y b a c k e d d o w n a n d no oversight, so why not ask for a d m i t t e d t h a t t h e r e w a s way more than the law requires, absolutely no legal basis for knowing that most people won't demanding that the woman not push back and no one will ever talk about the subpoena, and find out about it? "chose not to go to court" over Permalink| Comments| Email the matter, despite threatening to This Story

Nov. 10, 1983: Computer 'Virus' Is Born By Kim Zetter (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:00:00 PM

A grad student demonstrates just how dangerous malicious code can be. For the first time, the malware gets likened to a

biological virus.


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Confirmed: 10.6.2 removes Atom CPU support from Snow Leopard

Google's holiday gift: Free airport Wi-Fi

By TJ Luoma (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))


work. I gave up and installed Windows 7 on it instead -- put down those pitchforks! Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:00:00 PM The removal of Atom support Filed under: OS, Software does not necessarily indicate Update, Snow Leopard A report anything about the fabled Mac by"stellarola" quoted in OSNews "Tablet" since Apple could use confirms what comments on our the ARM processor instead. Or 10.6.2 post suggested: 10.6.2 Apple could continue to say what removes support for Atom then you're likely to say that they've said, which is (roughly processors, most frequently Atom processors were never speaking) that the iPhone/iPod found in "netbook" computers. really supported in the first place, touch is their netbook. This loss of Atom support was so it's all much ado about One thing is for sure; this move spotted in earlier builds, but nothing. will do nothing to end any of nobody knew until now whether Either way, I wouldn't expect the these debates, but if you are it'd be in or out in the final OSx86 community to pack up its u s i n g a n e t b o o k o r o t h e r configuration. bags and go home. I am sure that hackintosh, let me tell you what Is this Apple clamping down on there are several folks already at you've probably already learned: "hackintosh" computers, or just work to find a workaround for don't be too quick to install the continuing to prune code that it this latest hurdle, and I won't be latest operating system updates doesn't need? The answer you s u r p r i s e d w h e n t h e from Apple. prefer likely depends on your announcement comes that they TUAW Confirmed: 10.6.2 previous view of Apple. have a solution. The only real removes Atom CPU support If you think Apple is a company "blow" is to those folks who were from Snow Leopard originally desperate to keep control over its previously able to install an appeared on The Unofficial operating system, you point to unmodified version of OS X onto Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Mon, P s y s t a r a n d t h e o n g o i n g their netbooks. I was able to get 09 Nov 2009 23:00:00 EST. iTunes/Palm Pre compatibility 10.5.6 running on my Asus EEE Please see our terms for use of battle, and this is just more wood 1 0 0 0 h a u s i n g m y r e g u l a r feeds. for the fire. If you think that L e o p a r d D V D a n d s o m e Read| Permalink| Email this| Psystar is nuts for thinking it has additional drivers/kext files, but Comments a case against Apple and think it broke again with 10.5.7 and I that Palm should hire its own was never able to get it or 10.6 to programmers to sync its devices,

Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:19:00 AM

Google said Tuesday it will subsidize free wireless network access in 47 airports from now until January 15--and indefinitely in the airports of Burbank, Calif., and Seattle. The promotion, in cooperation with Boingo Wireless, Advanced Wireless Group, and Airport Marketing Income, is the latest effort to use free Wi-Fi to boost a brand. Among others: Yahoo is sponsoring Wi-Fi in Times Square in New York, and Google is sponsoring Internet access on Virgin America flights during the holidays. Among the larger participating airports are those in Houston, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Diego, Baltimore, and St. Louis. A full list of the airports is at Google's free holiday Wi-Fi site. The move, though not cheap, is probably smart. Plenty of business travelers have a laptop and time to kill, and today's consumers are increasingly likely to be equipped with laptops, iPod Touches, or other devices that can use wireless Internet access.

More time needed for revised Google Books deal By Tom Krazit (

After a meeting late last week with the Justice Department, the parties realize they need more

time. Monday was to be the

deadline for a revised settlement. Originally posted at Relevant Results


Google is spending some money for an opportunity to give a lot of people the warm fuzzies when they encounter the Google brand. And in the big picture, Google gets to show people what the world might be like if there were more high-speed wireless Internet access--something the company has been aggressively lobbying for in Washington, D.C. Many people are used to wireless networking in their homes, but it's a different matter on the road. There are downsides, though, too. Having been to dozens of conferences where the wireless Net access collapses as soon as the keynote speech begins, I'm acutely aware that providing large-scale wireless Internet access is technically demanding-and people get unhappy when a promised benefit evaporates. And public, anonymous places such as airports and urban population centers are great spots for hackers to launch main-in-themiddle attacks by offering "Free Wi-Fi," so exercise caution when logging on to these networks. This content has passed through



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Is Murdoch's Move Against Google Really About Twitter And Facebook?

Congressional caricatures on the App Store: The nays have it

By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)

By Michael Rose (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

However, even given all of that, I'm not sure I buy Mark Cuban's explanation for Rupert Murdoch I'm a big believer in the idea and his plan to stop Google from that"earned media" or "earned indexing his sites. Cuban says links" are increasingly important that it's all about this recognition online. That's the idea that that such earned links are growing numbers of people are becoming so important these relying on news links that are days, and Murdoch realizes that being passed to them via friends links from Twitter and Facebook on social networks like Twitter are growing in value, whereas a n d F a c e b o o k . I t ' s a b o u t links from Google have little recognizing that more and more value. To be honest, I'd be often news stories "find people" surprised if Murdoch had thought rather than the other way around. through it that carefully, but more That is, people are increasingly to the point, I'm not sure I believe getting links from friends, the full premise. Yes, those links acquaintances and colleagues, are valuable, but they need to rather than going searching for start somewhere, and one of the the news. And those "earned" ways they start is from news links or "passed links" are quite junkies using aggregators like valuable because friends are Google News to find the news more likely to trust and pay and start passing them around. attention to what is personally Blocking that starting process sent to them, rather than what's makes little sense. On top of just on the front page of a news that, even when I'm passed a link, site. I'll often use Google News or Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:58:00 AM

Hundreds of Facebook groups hijacked By Don Reisinger ( Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:08:00 AM

Facebook groups that have lost administrators are being hijacked by a group called Control Your

Info that insists it wants only to teach users a lesson about social media.

other sites to dig deeper. Taking News Corp. sites out of the picture doesn't help at all. And, finally, while I keep hearing about sites getting so much more traffic from such passed links these days, I can say with authority that on Techdirt, they're still a tiny fraction of the traffic we get from Google. So, yes, directly passed links from friends or colleagues are valuable and important, but it's a part of a wider ecosystem of news sharing that Google News and other aggregators are most certainly a large part of. Saying that blocking Google News makes sense because of things like Twitter and Facebook ignores how Google News plays into those links even being on Twitter and Facebook. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:00:00 AM

Filed under: iPhone, App Store Let's face it, America: if you're looking for "obscene, pornographic or defamatory" content, you can pretty much count on the US Congress to satisfy your jones. Put those representatives into cartoon bobble-head form, however, and stack them up with contact and district info in a handy-dandy iPhone app... well, that's just not cricket, according to the App Store review team. Cartoonist & MAD magazine contributor Tom Richmond was commissioned to produce said caricatures for the iPhone app in question, and unfortunately they've run afoul of clause 3.3.14 of the developer agreement, the 'Apple's reasonable judgment' rule regarding potentially objectionable content. Richmond is scratching his head trying to figure out what about his caricatures could possibly be considered reasonably offensive, compared to some of the other fine entertainment apps already gracing iPhones worldwide. Still, it's at least consistent with Apple's previous rejections of

things that are funny. On some level it's unsurprising that an app filled with congressional bobbleheads is finding it a bit of a slog getting through review; that's a lot of potential angry phone calls for Apple to take. [That's Dennis Kucinich over there.] TUAW Congressional caricatures on the App Store: The nays have it originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 07:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Microsoft pulls Windows 7 download tool (CNET Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:32:00 AM

Microsoft has halted distribution of its Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool after questions were raised whether the software utility makes improper use of open-source code. The tool is designed to help owners of Windows XP-based Netbooks get Windows 7 onto their machines.(Credit: Microsoft) Microsoft has halted distribution of a tool aimed at making it easier to put Windows 7 on Netbooks amid allegations that the utility makes improper use of open-source code. The software maker said on Tuesday that it has pulled down the Windows USB/DVD Tool while it investigates the issue, which was raised last week by

Windows blogger Rafael Rivera on his Within Windows blog. In his blog post, Rivera said Microsoft appears to use code that is licensed under the GPL open-source license without providing back its modifications, among other issues. Microsoft confirmed it has

launched a review of the matter and taken the utility off its online Microsoft Store until that inquiry has been completed. "Microsoft is looking into this issue and is taking down the (Windows 7 updating) tool from the Microsoft Store site until its review is complete," the

Microsoft had been exploring for months different ways of trying to help users of Windows XPbased Netbooks move to Windows 7. The tool, which was released last month alongside Windows 7, allows users to take a downloadable copy of the operating system and create a bootable drive. The issue is also a thorn in Microsoft's efforts to show that it can play nice with the opensource community. As ZDNet company said in a statement. blogger Mary Jo Foley notes, this "We apologize to our customers isn't the first time Microsoft has been accused of misusing GPL for any inconvenience." Though somewhat arcane, the code. utility is important because it This content has passed through solves a technical challenge in upgrading the operating system on Netbooks and other PCs without an optical drive.

Intel Celeron chip anchors $249 Acer Windows 7 laptop (CNET

Best Buy said it will start selling on Wednesday the $249 Acer Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:12:00 AM laptop--the retailer's lowestBest Buy is set to launch its advertised-price laptop ever. The lowest-advertised-price laptop to laptop comes with an Intel date--an Acer model based on Celeron processor, 15.4-inch Intel's venerable Celeron chip. screen, 2GB memory, a 160GB Acer laptop(Credit: Best Buy) hard drive, and Windows 7 Thought Netbooks were as low Premium. as a laptop's price can go? Currently, the lowest-priced Another category of ultra-low- laptop listed on Best Buy's Web cost laptops has quietly emerged. site is an Acer Aspire with an These aren't small or ultra-thin or Advanced Micro Devices Athlon frugal with power consumption. Processor (model: AS5532-553). There's nothing remarkable about On Tuesday, it was selling for these laptops--except price. $329.

Why the proliferation of lowcost laptops? "It's gone from one PC per household to one PC per person," said Justin Barber, a Best Buy spokesman. "And

sometimes more than one laptop per person," he said, referring to Netbooks, which are marketed as a companion device to a higherend PC. At the core of the low-cost Acer laptop is an Intel Celeron Processor 900--not an Intel Atom chip, which is standard fare for sub-$300 Netbooks. The Celeron is a faster design than Atom: the 900 series packs 1MB cache of cache memory and is rated at 2.20GHz. By comparison, the Z550 Atom is rated at 2.0GHz and integrates

only 512K of cache. The Atom's performance is also hampered by fundamental design constraints: it is built for power efficiency not speed. Netbooks continue to be the most popular low-cost laptop category, however. Best Buy lists dozens of Netbooks on its Web site from Hewlett-Packard, Asus, Samsung, Gateway, Nokia, Lenovo, and Toshiba, among others. This content has passed through



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Does the new Kindle have better contrast? (CNET

the Kindle 2, which Amazon calls "Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Contrasting contrasts: The Wireless, Latest Generation)," we Kindle on the right is the new noticed that the text appeared global-wireless model.(Credit: darker on this model than on the Sarah Tew/CNET) older Sprint-powered Kindle 2. When the Kindle 2 was first It's not a huge difference but it's released, we reported on the definitely noticeable (see photo small controversy over how dark above). the text and images appeared on While that's a good thing, we're the screen compared to the not sure when Amazon made the original Kindle. Held side by t r a n s i t i o n t o t h e s l i g h t l y side, the original appeared to improved screen. It very well have better contrast and the text could have showed up on later appeared slightly darker--and revs of the Sprint-powered slightly easier to read. Kindle or it may have appeared Well, when we reviewed the with the introduction of the new AT&T-powered version of international AT&T-powered Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:01:00 AM

version. Alas, repeated emails to an Amazon PR spokeperson have gone unanswered, so we haven't been able to get official word from the company on what it did-or didn't do--to the screen.

When the initial controversy flared up, some Kindle owners wondered whether a firmware upgrade would remedy the contrast issue. We still don't know the answer to that, but

we're hoping Amazon will clarify the contrast question for us (if it does, we'll update this post), especially with Barnes & Noble's Nook shipping within the month. In the meantime, you can read our full review of the AT&Tpowered Kindle and if you happen to have compared this model with the Sprint-powered Kindle and noticed a difference between the black levels, please post a comment. This content has passed through

Nvidia CEO loves Apple, possesses mysterious alien device By Mike Schramm (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

that SITTING ON THE TABLE in front of him? OK, it's probably not definitely not an Apple tablet (yet), as there's no clear Apple Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:00:00 AM logo on it, but man that's a nice Filed under: Hardware, Rumors, looking tablet device, and even Graphic Design Talk about Engadget says they have no idea burying the lead -- Shufflegazine what it is. did a piece on Nvidia CEO Jen- The thing is, this picture just Hsun Hwang during a visit to appeared with Shufflegazine's Dubai recently, in which he talks piece, and while Hwang did go about how much he and his on and on about how much he family love their Macs, and loves Apple stuff (and yes, the Apple's machines add value, and two companies have a long in his house it's just "Mac, Mac, h i s t o r y o f s h a r i n g s o m e Mac," and OH MY GOD, what is hardware), there's not word one

about that tablet or anything like it in the piece, no hint of any other hardware or partnership

announcement. It could be a prototype, it could be another tablet we're just not recognizing, or yes, Hwang could have just thrown it down on the table during the interview, and Shufflegazine could have just completely missed it. [ They didn't.-Ed.] Though if that last one is true, we have no idea how it happened. How do you cover Apple and their gadgets and avoid being drawn to that tablet. It's so... thin and well-designed. We'll be honest, if we were in the

Twitter, LinkedIn team up for self-promotion free-for-all By Caroline McCarthy (

Partnership means that status messages can be interchangeable between the two: great for all

to broadcast their own brands. Originally posted at The Social those marketers who use the two

room, we might have licked it then and there to claim it as our own. Thanks to Nemanja for the tip. TUAW Nvidia CEO loves Apple, possesses mysterious alien device originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 08:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Shacking up: iPhone sales plan at RadioShack sparks rally

Google’s Holiday Gift: Free Wi-Fi at Airports

By Michael Rose (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

By Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)

Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:30:00 PM

Filed under: Retail, iPhone It's been in the rumor mix for well over a year now, first popping up in connection with the iPhones-at -Walmart & Best Buy deal, but now the cat is out of the bag and rummaging around in the shelves full of diodes, UHF antennas and talking robots: late last Friday, RadioShack announced that it would begin selling the iPhone in a few NYC and Dallas stores in time for the holiday shopping rush, with wider availability to begin in 2010. While the addition of another retail outlet to the mix of stores (including AT&T and Apple's own operations) that carry the iPhone may not do a whole lot for general availability of the device -- frankly, if you can't find

an iPhone 3GS near where you are, you can get one online in a jiffy -- it certainly did a lot for RadioShack's investors. The stock was up over 14% on the first trading day since the announcement, with analysts

suggesting that the presence of the iPhone may help to drive up in-store traffic for the Shack during the busy holiday season and year-round. Let's think about that for a second. Just having the iPhone in the shop for shoppers to fondle, nuzzle and take home as their very own is considered, in the eyes of the market, a material advantage for an electronics chain with nearly 5,000 US stores. You've come a long way, baby. TUAW Shacking up: iPhone sales plan at RadioShack sparks rally originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 21:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:51:10 AM

Here’s a nice holiday gift from Google(which may point to a service further ahead): the company will provide free Wi-Fi on airports across USA from now through January 15, 2010. Google has worked with Boingo Wireless, Advanced Wireless Group, Airport Marketing Income and other companies to provide this free service. It is currently available at 47 airports, including Las Vegas, San Jose, Boston, Baltimore, Burbank, Houston, Indianapolis, Seattle, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, St. Louis and Charlotte. It gets even better for residents of Seattle and Burbank, where airports will now offer airportwide free Wi-Fi indefinitely. It’s a cool gift, but Google also gives you the option to make someone else happy, too; once you log in to one of the Wi-Fi networks, you’ll have the option

to donate to Engineers Without Borders, the One Economy Corporation or the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Additionally, Google will match the donations made across all the networks up to $250,000. Finally, the airport network that generates the highest amount per passenger by January 1, 2010 will receive $15,000 to donate to the local nonprofit of their choice. This initiative comes on the heels of another similar holiday gift; recently, Virgin America and Google started offering free in-flight Wi-Fi for passengers. This option will be also be available up to January 15, 2010. You can find more info about this initiative, as well as a full list of participating airports, over at Reviews: Google Tags: Google, trending, wi-fi

Administration Finally Releasing Some Info On Telco Immunity Lobbying By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:25:25 AM

After many attempts to block or delay the release of info on who

lobbied the federal government last year for telco immunity in lawsuits involving the fed's warrantless wiretapping program, the government has finally

agreed to hand over some of the information requested. Of course, since the administration had already won a longer delay, and only some of the info is

being revealed, I'm guessing that there isn't much surprising in what's being released -- though it makes you wonder why the administration went to such

lengths to hide it. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story



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Taptu: Real-Time Social Search On Your Mobile By Jennifer Van Grove (Mashable!) Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:02:14 AM

Taptu, which already focuses on mobile-friendly search with their iPhone app and mobile interface, has just announced a partnership with real-time search engine OneRiot. The partnership gives Taptu access to OneRiot’s API, which has already been implemented in the mobile search experience. Now mobile searchers have the ability to search and discover trending topics, with real-time results, from across the web on their mobile devices. Taptu’s iPhone app will soon be updated to reflect results from OneRiot’s API as well.

Right now mobile users have a myriad of options when it comes to accessing “real-time” Twitter search results and trending topics on the iPhone. Taptu’s enhanced mobile search, however, isn’t limited to just Twitter search and is mobile OS independent, which means most mobile users can now have access to near real-time social search results, or an instantaneous look at content that’s amassing buzz.

JUSTICES continued from page 19

other end, and that's it. I mean, I could patent a process where I do the same thing. I Taptu’s real-time offering initiate a series of transactions appears to be one of the first in with sellers. I initiate a series of t h e m o b i l e s e a r c h s p a c e . transactions with buyers. I buy However, since Google is taking low and sell high. That's my measures to speed up their online patent for maximizing wealth. search results with Google Social I don't see how that's different Search and their search deal with than your claim number 1. He Twitter, we have every reason to went on to point out that some of believe that they’re working on a what the patent seems to cover faster, more social, mobile search has been around since the 17th century (history buff, experience as well. We’ve included screenshots of apparently). Anyway, you never the refreshed Taptu mobile know how the Justices will actually rule -- and there are big search experience below. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, questions well beyond just DSGpro. Reviews: Google, "allow/don't allow" that will be the really important thing to Twitter, iStockphoto Tags: mobile search, OneRiot, taptu

watch for in the decision. Will they set up a new "test" for patentability? Will they exclude certain areas (business models? software?) from patent coverage? Will they come out with a very narrow ruling that just focuses on Bilski's patent and leave the bigger questions for another day? That's where things will get interesting. But, at the very least, it seems likely that the worst case scenario of saying a patent like Bilski's is valid is quite unlikely to be the end result. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

British carrier O2 to unlock out-of-contract iPhones By Dave Caolo (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

we will allow O2 customers to unlock their iPhones, although of course they will still need to Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:00:00 PM honour any outstanding contract Filed under: Internet Tools, period they have. At the end of iPhone In an interview with their contract period, they are Times Online, Matthew Key, entirely free to move to another head of O2, shared his company's operator...." plans to allow users of out-of- Of course, this hinges on other contract iPhones to switch to carries -- namely Vodafone and other providers: Orange -- ending O2's "Once the iPhone becomes exclusivity. Both Vodafone and available on other UK networks, Orange are scheduled to start

selling the iPhone next year. O2 first announced UK pricing in

June of this year. That's good news for users in Britain and makes me wish the same were true in the US. While I love my iPhone, AT&T often ruins the experience with dropped calls and "fewer bars in more places." The thing is flawless on Wi-Fi; hit-or-miss via 3G. A part of that is likely due to my location (my neighborhood makes that town in Deliverance resemble Gotham), but I'm

certainly not the only one complaining about coverage. [Via Wired] TUAW British carrier O2 to unlock out-of-contract iPhones originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 21:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Yahoo Gives Out Free Wi-Fi Too (in Times Square)

Sneak peek: Xobni e-mail app for BlackBerry

By Jennifer Van Grove (Mashable!)

By Jessica Dolcourt (

web, but to use Yahoo as their starting point for browsing. The company has even created a Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:50:48 AM specialized start page with news ‘Tis the season for free Wi-Fi. and content tailored to Times Earlier this morning we reported Square denizens. that Google has started offering Unfortunately, the timing of free Wi-Fi to holiday travelers at Google’s announcement US airports starting now and somewhat outshines the Yahoo extending through January 15th. T h e W i - F i f r o m Y a h o o news, but we certainly expect That’s in addition to their free in- promotion, which you can use travelers and residents to jump at flight Wi-Fi holiday promotion from your laptop or mobile the opportunity to use the free Wi with Virgin America. device, kicked off this morning at -Fi. Whether or not they will Interestingly enough, however, 8am EST and will continue prolong their relationship with today also happens to be the start throughout all of 2010. Yahoo once they leave Times of a major free Wi-Fi campaign We think the promotion is a Square, remains to be seen. from Yahoo, who has partnered smart play by the company, Reviews: Google with the Times Square Alliance which hopes to see the 500,000 Tags: free wifi, times square, to offer visitors and locals alike daily visitors to the Time Square Yahoo free Wi-Fi in Times Square, New area use their internet-enabled York. devices to not only access the

Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:08:00 PM

Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:40:50 AM

Last week, the much hyped Motorola Droid made its debut on the Verizon network. Armed with a slick ad campaign and generally strong reviews, the smartphone — which runs on Google’s Android platform — is taking direct aim at the iPhone and might just be the first viable competitor to Apple’s throne of awesome.

As with anything else, the proof will be in the numbers. How well did the Droid sell its first weekend out? Bloomberg reports that analysts are estimating that 100,000 units went out the door. According to the report, that means that about half of the 200,000 phones that Verizon stocked in its stores and authorized retailers were sold over the weekend. That’s a solid launch, and certainly nothing to scoff at, but it certainly can’t compete with the 1 million plus

Tech Note: Code Frenzy Continued (Little Green Footballs) Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:21:49 PM

Xobni demoed its upcoming email app at BlackBerry Developer Conference. Originally posted at The Download Blog

REPORT: Droid Sells 100,000 Units at Launch By Christina Warren (Mashable!)


weekend of release. It will be interesting to see how the Droid continues to sell in the coming weeks — especially with the holiday shopping season just starting to take off. Did you buy a Verizon Droid this weekend? What do you think of the new phone? Let us know! sales weekends for both the Disclosure: Motorola is currently iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. a sponsor of Mashable’s Open The last phone dubbed a Web Awards. potential iPhone-killer — the Tags: android, droid, motorola Palm Pre — sold between 45,000 droid, smartphone, verizon droid and 100,000 units in its first

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently discovered that the LGF server was running PHP 5, not PHP 4 as I thought, and I’ve been like a geek in a gadget store ever since. For years, the RSS news and blog feeds in our left sidebar were driven by a PHP 4 class called Magpie RSS, but now I’ve rewritten the LGF code to use PHP 5’s native SimpleXML functions. The RSS format was pretty straightforward, but ATOM feeds required a little more geekage, because to do it right you have to properly handle an XML feature called “namespacing” while parsing the feed. The PHP SimpleXML documentation is rather … ahem … sparse on exactly how to do this, but this article at IBM’s developerWorks was very helpful: SimpleXML processing with PHP. And this comment at the PHP website showed me how to auto-detect whether an XML file is RSS or ATOM. And now, we return to our regularly scheduled open thread.


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SNL Tops Hulu’s Weekly “Movers & Shakers” List

Elf Yourself Returns for 2009 With Easy Twitter and Facebook Sharing

By Adam Ostrow (Mashable!)

By Christina Warren (Mashable!)

Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:39:50 AM

Unlike YouTube, Hulu doesn’t show you the number of times a given video has been viewed. Although the site does have a “ Most Popular” section, Hulu recently started offering a bit more insight into viewing trends by distributing “Movers & Shakers” charts (via email) that lists the most popular videos, shows, clips, movie trailers, and search terms over a given week. Perhaps most interesting of the bunch is the “most popular show” category, a combination of clips and full episodes that tells you what has moved up and down in the past week (versus the other data, which can more or less be easily found on the site), serving as a TV ratings of sorts for the Web (minus CBS, the only network not involved with

Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:18:02 AM

Way back in 2006, OfficeMax introduced Elf Yourself to the world, and it’s been a viral hit ever since. Last year alone, 35 the venture). million of virtual greeting cards I n t h i s w e e k ’ s r a n k i n g s , were sent out. Saturday Night Live – hosted by The site, which lets you affix Taylor Swift– moved up into the your head (or even your boss’s #1 slot for TV shows, not head) to a dancing elf body is surprising given that clips from back again, and this year, in the show currently dominate the addition to adding some new site’s “most popular” section. dances, Elf Yourself is also SNL is followed by The Office, integrating with Facebook and Family Guy, and The Daily Twitter. Show. You can now tweet a link to Here’s a sampling of the lists: your Elfish-creations on Twitter, Interested in Hulu’s weekly post them to your Facebook wall, show rankings? Let us know and or e-mail or embed the videos w e ’ l l k e e p t h e m c o m i n g ! onto your own website. You can Reviews: Hulu also sign-in with Facebook Tags: hulu, video Connect and use your Facebook photos in the “Elfing” process. If you are particularly happy

with the results, you can order merchandise featuring the elfin version of yourself. You can also pay $4.99 to keep a copy of the video for playing back after the holidays or for transfer to an iPhone. Since “Hip-Hop Elves” is one of the new dances, we had to try it out. You can see the results below: Have you “Elfed Yourself” yet this year? Let us know! Reviews: Facebook, Twitter Tags: elf yourself, officemax, viral marketing

The Fall of One Wall (Little Green Footballs) Submitted at 11/9/2009 2:12:31 PM

On the anniversary of the collapse of the East German police state, Commentary has a great piece by Peter Wehner on the meaning of The Fall of One Wall. It turns out that in the contest between freedom and totalitarianism, freedom does pretty well.

The Spider Awards:'s Arachnid Hall of Fame By Hadley Leggett (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:11:00 PM rounds up the biggest, baddest, weirdest, fiercest, cutest and cuddliest spiders in the world. With excellent photos.

Anita Dunn to Step Down (Little Green Footballs) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:50:43 AM

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, who’s been leading the Obama administration’s charge against Fox News (and was promptly

smeared as a commie sympathizer by Glenn Beck), will be stepping down at the end of the month. This move has nothing to do with the Fox News issues, however — she was planning to leave from the beginning.

White House communications director Anita Dunn will step down from her post at the end of the month and Dan Pfeiffer, her deputy, will take over, according to sources familiar with the move. Dunn, a longtime Democratic

media consultant, took over the as a consultant to the White job on an interim basis earlier House on the communications this year when Ellen Moran and strategic matters. abruptly left the post to take a job at the Commerce Department. Dunn will return to Squier Knapp Dunn, the consulting firm where she is a partner, but will remain

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Nokia N900 Now Shipping

Shazam offers paid app, downscales free version

By Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)

By Megan Lavey (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

Submitted at 11/10/2009 2:51:44 AM

Submitted at 11/9/2009 6:00:00 PM

A promise of a full-fledged personal computer in the body of a cellphone is always exciting. We all want it; we’re not quite sure what to do with it, but if someone could pull it off, it’d be a geek’s dream come true. Nokia has been trying to do just that ever since they launched their Communicator series, but with Nokia N900 they’re taking a slightly different approach, choosing Maemo 5– a customized Debian distribution – to be the operating system. There’s no doubt that Nokia N900 can do a lot; it sports the powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor, 256 MB of dedicated RAM, 32 GB of storage (which can be further expanded via microSD memory cards), a 3.5 inch resistive touchscreen with a

Filed under: iPhone VentureBeat reports that Shazam [ iTunes Link], an app that's long been a favorite among several TUAW 800 × 480 pixel resolution and a staffers, is now offering a paid 5 megapixel camera. But will it v e r s i o n . T h e $ 5 S h a z a m all be wrapped in an easy-to-use Encore(link opens iTunes) offers package, or will the end product faster, unlimited tagging of only be interested to the hardcore music. A new mode designed for tech crowd? your car will tag whatever music Well, we’re about to find out, as is playing over the radio if you Nokia N900 begins shipping. The have your iPhone or iPod Touch first batch of devices goes to hooked up to a car adapter. There preorder buyers, but we should are also recommendations based see it on store shelves in Europe, off existing tags, the ability to the Middle-East, Russia and search Shazam's database, and North America soon, for the price more. of about 500 Euros SIM-free This new feature set does come (about 750 dollars). at a cost to new users of the Tags: N900, Nokia Shazam free app. New users can now only tag five pieces of music per month. The VentureBeat article adds that existing users of the free app can still tag with no limits.

school attended by the Obama children. Westboro Baptist Church, the The Westboro Baptist Church fringe-of-the-fringe anti-gay cult is notorious for their ultra- group famous for protesting at fundamentalist anti-gay stunts, military funerals and claiming but this one crosses another line that God is punishing the country for them — as they picket a f o r i t s t o l e r a n c e o f Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:51:41 PM

homosexuality, was spotted this morning protesting outside

Google's Better Search, Caffeine, Going Primetime [Search Engines] By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:00:00 AM

Reader Brian came across a new notice from Google this morning, in place of the Caffeine search architecture upgrade that Google's been letting users test out. It indicates that Google is starting to take its improved search database fully online. Here's the text of Google's "error" page for Caffeine, as of [Via Macworld] TUAW Shazam offers paid app, this morning: d o w n s c a l e s f r e e v e r s i o n Based on the success we've seen, originally appeared on The we believe Caffeine is ready for a U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g larger audience. Soon we will (TUAW) on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 activate Caffeine more widely, 18:00:00 EST. Please see our beginning with one data center. This sandbox is no longer terms for use of feeds. Read| Read| Permalink| Email necessary and has been retired, but we appreciate the testing and this| Comments positive input that webmasters and publishers have given. There's nothing new to Google's looks or functionality with Caffeine, but, generally, our editors and readers have found Sidwell Friends, the school improved search results. Having attended by Sasha and Malia Caffeine start to propogate Obama. around Google's servers seems One of the cultists posted a like a general win. Thank photo on Twitter. you![Google]

Westboro Baptist Cult Pickets Obama Girls' School (Little Green Footballs)



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Wireless Keyboard Update 2.0 now available

Make Yourself Save Money with Automated Text Messages [Mind Hacks]

By Dave Caolo (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)

Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:00:00 PM

Filed under: Hardware, Software, Software Update Earlier today, Apple released Wireless Keyboard Update 2.0, which adds support for some nice features like using the function keys for display brightness, Dashboard, Spaces, iTunes playback control and speaker volume. To install the update, first turn on and pair your keyboard and then run Software Update. It's just under 11MB. Note that Mac OS X 10.5.8 is required before installing this update; for Mac OS X 10.6 users, this support is included in the Mac OS X 10.6.2 update.

Submitted at 11/10/2009 5:30:00 AM

If your parents sent you regular SMS messages about your longterm savings goals, you'd probably save more money, even with the therapy bills. That's because economists believe Let us know how the update regular, positive reinforcement goes for you! via cellphone can actually boost TUAW Wireless Keyboard your will to save money. U p d a t e 2 . 0 n o w a v a i l a b l e Four economists teamed up with originally appeared on The local banks in the Philippines, U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g Peru, and Bolivia, sending (TUAW) on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 r e g u l a r t e x t m e s s a g e s t o 22:00:00 EST. Please see our customers who had just opened terms for use of feeds. up a savings account. Some were Read| Permalink| Email this| sent with negative warnings Comments about not having savings, which did little good for customers' balances. Those that mentioned specific goals customers gave when setting up the accounts, however, increased savings by an 0 c o m m e n t s S o u r c e : average of 16 percent. The study challenges the idea that people don't save because they lack self-control. Instead, people may not be paying enough

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. By twitter:@yamifuu_ (TweetMeme) Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:59:58 AM

Taser Wars: The Real Dangers of Loose Triggers By Frederik Joelving (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:00:00 PM

The controversy surrounding the use of Tasers by law enforcement

grows with each death or seemingly abusive use. And while doctors are concerned about potentially lethal effect Tasers can have on the heart and brain, the company argues that

Tasers are relatively safe, and less lethal than alternative weapons such as guns and batons.

attention, says Dartmouth College economics professor Jonathan Zinman, one of the study's four authors. How can you keep yourself similarly reminded of your savings goals? Online account aggregators like Mint and Wesabe offer regular balance updates via email or SMS. You could set up a Google, Yahoo, or other web-based calendar and stuff it with specific reminders

about what you're saving for, then have those "events" sent to your phone. Or use an online todo service with SMS reminders. There are a lot of ways to get it done—what matters most is knowing what you care about enough to make you skip the coffee run and pocket the cash instead. Text Messages: Bad 4 G r m r , G o o d f o r Savings[ via Consumer Reports]

Barclays and HSBC upbeat on bad loans (Financial Times - US homepage) Submitted at 11/10/2009 2:00:52 AM

Barclays and HSBC upbeat on bad loans By Adam Jones

Published: November 10 2009 07:57 | Last updated: November 10 2009 10:00 This content has passed through

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Write a Reconsideration Letter to Overcome Credit Card Denial [Credit] By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:05:00 AM

It sounds impossible, but some credit card issuers will actually reject customers. If you applied for a card with just the right perks and got rejected, the Frugal Travel Guy blog suggests writing a "reconsideration letter" that worked for him. Actually, the letter worked for Frugal Travel Guy's son-in-law, who was applying for a particular card and denied due to a "lack of credit" and whatever hoodoo the issuer uses to determine credit risk. The letter that got the issuer to change its mind is posted in full at the link, but here's the nut of it: My wife and I are both

employed full time as professionals and have an annual income in excess of $___________. Although our past credit is limited, you can see from our credit report, we have never missed a payment or been late. I know, as I checked my credit score just before applying for your card to insure it's accuracy. I note the current credit score is

Kindle for PC Ships, Hints At Future Color Kindle By Charlie Sorrel (Wired Top Stories)

with color illustrations. This may mean a color Kindle is on its way, or that Amazon is simply Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:07:00 AM future-proofing its Kindle books. Kindle fans now have one more Either way, since when did place they can read their e-books: Kindle books start to get color A PC. But the thing that intrigues pictures? us are the promo pictures from Amazon which shows a book

745 which is better than over 55% of the public and is considered good credit by the credit reporting agency. We are not heavy users of credit and never plan to be, but have heard from many sources that your card is the best rewards card on the market today, and we believe we are responsible credit risks and deserve a chance with your card. Hit the link for a full read on why a letter might work, and other things to consider writing about. If you've turned around your own card rejection, share your own tips in the comments. I'm Proud of Me Today a Successful Reconsideration Letter[Frugal Travel Guy via Consumerist]

Panda Cloud Antivirus Available for Download [Downloads] By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:15:00 AM

Windows: Panda Cloud, the constantly updated, cloud-run antivirus app that promises almost real-time protection from burgeoning web threats, is out of beta and available for a free download. As the How-To Geek detailed in his beta write-up, Panda does most of its computing, filechecking, and threat updating on its servers, leaving a very light and agile app presence on your system. It caches its threat database offline with a minimal bit of hard drive space, and the interface is far from cluttered, as you see above. In general, it's a

very polite anti-virus app, and if the Geek considers it worth mentioning, well—he's far from calmly objective on the topic of anti-virus apps, so consider it a recommendation. During the beta process, Panda appears to have focused on tightening up CPU and memory usage even more, as well as fixing the "stuck" errors encountered by some users. If you're already running a beta, Panda recommends uninstalling that, and installing the 1.0 final. Panda Cloud Antivirus is a free download for home users and educational groups on Windows systems only. Panda Cloud Antivirus[via Download Squad]


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Make Milk Foam in Your Microwave for Gourmet Froth at Home [Coffee] By Sarah Rae Trover (Lifehacker)

and the heat from the microwave will help stabilize it. • Pour the milk into your coffee using a spoon to hold back the foam. Then scoop the foam on top!

Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:30:00 AM

Wish you could get a good froth on your coffee but don't want to shell out for a frother? Cooking weblog The Kitchn details how to make your own gourmet froth at home with your microwave and a mason jar. You can save a ton and still make amazing coffee at home, but if you miss the finer elements of your coffee shop brew—like, say, a good, frothy foam—you're not out of luck. The Kitchn walks us through the process of heating and shaking your filled mason jar, to create maximum foam. • Find a jar with a lid and fill it

with as much milk as you normally like in your coffee (or other hot beverage!). The milk should fill the jar no more than half way to allow room for the foam. • Shake the jar with the lid on as

hard as you can until the milk has become frothy and doubled in size. This takes us about 30 seconds. • Take the lid off and microwave for another 30 seconds. The foam will rise to the top of the milk

Although the milk will add that soft, creamy texture you've come to expect from your favorite local coffee shop, it won't have the sweet tang that's usually a biproduct of the more traditional steaming method. While you're making the most of your at-home coffee shop, read up on making other coffee shop addictions at home to maximize your out of pocket spending. How to Make Milk Foam (Without a Frother or a Machine!)[The Kitchn]

By Marcelo Soares (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 11/9/2009 3:15:00 PM

The CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes breaks the remarkable news that a massive 2007 electrical blackout in Brazil was caused by computer hackers. But the electric utility involved denies a hack attack. It should know -- it was fined over $3 million for failing to maintain the high-voltage insulators that actually caused the blackout.

Confirmed: Snow Leopard Update Kills Atom Hackintoshes By Charlie Sorrel (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 11/10/2009 5:50:00 AM

Kindle for PC Beta Brings E-Books to Bigger Screens [Downloads] By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 11/10/2009 5:05:00 AM

Windows: Amazon has released a Windows application, Kindle for PC, that tells you everything in its name. It syncs with other Kindle devices, offers color pictures, font size control, and other controls for reading on your computer. Amazon seems to be pitching Kindle for PC as a supplement to,

Brazilian Blackout Traced to Sooty Insulators, Not Hackers

not a substitute for, a standard Kindle experience. Kindle for PC doesn't offer blogs, newspaper, or magazine subscriptions, and the interface doesn't offer much over

along with the joys of reading through free sample chapters for any and every book. Kindle for PC is a free download for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 systems only. A Mac version is "coming soon," according to Amazon. Kindle for PC[Amazon the Kindle device it sprung from. via Resource Shelf] That said, those without iPhone/ipod Touch or Kindle devices might be eager to try out the instant-on e-book experience,

Just as we feared, the latest update to Snow Leopard, version 10.6.2, drops support for the Intel Atom processor. This means that anyone with a “hackintosh” who tries to update to the latest operating system version will see their computer die, going no further than the gray Apple logo on startup.

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KnowEm Checks Username Availability Across 300+ Social Sites [Social Networking]

Madonna Strikes a Pose for Dolce & Gabbana

By Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)

(ETonline - Breaking News)

Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:30:00 AM

If you're particular about your username and want to have a unified personal usernam or company identity across all the social networks and services you'll be using, KnowEm make checking availability simple. Like previously reviewed NameChk KnowEm checks to see if usernams are available. While KnowEm is distinctly geared towards business users who are trying to control their brand name—they have paid packages where they will register and maintain your brand on X

number of social sites for Y number of dollars—it's just as useful for a casual user and has more than twice as many entries as Namechk. Plug in the username you want to use and hit "Check This

music, news and more. Even if you're not really looking for a unified username the massive chart of social networks is interesting to browse if you're looking for somewhere new to hang out online. Using KnowEm to search for username availability is free the only cost is incurred if you pay KnowEm to register and tend your username on multiple sites. Have a favorite tool for checking Category" for each category you or managing your identity wish to check. You can check online? Let's hear about it in the sites in categories like blogging, c o m m e n t s . K n o w E m [ v i a bookmarking, business, MakeUseOf] community, design, entertainment, health, information, microblogging,

Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:45:00 AM

Ciao Bella! Madonna is the new face of fashion for Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana! The global superstar will showcase the designers' spring/summer 2010 collection in an upcoming ad campaign. She's already struck a pose for the ad photos in a studio in Brooklyn last week, according to the house's online magazine Swide. Madonna has known designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce since the nineties and had D&G design her costumes for her 1993 tour, The Girlie Show.

Apple Releases OS X 10.6.2 Update By Darrell Etherington (TheAppleBlog) Submitted at 11/9/2009 3:07:41 PM

The second minor incremental update for OS X Snow Leopard was released today, and it contains the usual expected bug fixes. It is also is said to contain built-in support for Apple’s new Magic Mouse, and may or may not remove support for Intel Atom processors. If you happen to be using a hackintosh and can confirm or deny whether or not the latest update breaks your system, please comment below and let us know.

You can download the update via Software Update now, or get it directly from the Apple Support site. Here’s Apple’s rather lengthy description of the update, including major bug fixes: The 10.6.2 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, including fixes for: • an issue that might cause your system to logout unexpectedly • a graphics distortion in Safari

Top Sites • Spotlight search results not showing Exchange contacts • a problem that prevented authenticating as an

administrative user • issues when using NTFS and WebDAV file servers • the reliability of menu extras • an issue with the 4-finger swipe gesture • an issue that causes Mail to quit unexpectedly when setting up an Exchange server • Address Book becoming unresponsive when editing • a problem adding images to contacts in Address Book • an issue that prevented opening files downloaded from the Internet • Safari plug-in reliability • general reliability

improvements for iWork, iLife, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, MobileMe, and iDisk • an issue that caused data to be deleted when using a guest account For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: 874. For information on the security content of this update, please v i s i t : 222.


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Sponsor Post: 10 Killer Tools for Small-Business Success By Admin (ReadWriteWeb)

technologies and platforms that can help your small business succeed in social media and Editor's note: we offer our long- Internet marketing. These experts term sponsors the opportunity to in the field include John Jantsch write 'Sponsor Posts' and tell of Duct Tape Marketing, Becky their story. These posts are McCray of Small Biz Survival, clearly marked as written by M a c k C o l l e r o f T h e V i r a l sponsors, but we also want them Garden, Drew McLellan of to be useful and interesting to our Drew's Marketing Minute and readers. We hope you like the K y l e L a c y , a u t h o r o f t h e posts and we encourage you to u p c o m i n g b o o k " T w i t t e r support our sponsors by trying M a r k e t i n g f o r D u m m i e s . " out their products. Based on their favorites (and If you have discussed social some of my own), here are 10 m e d i a w i t h s m a l l - b u s i n e s s killer tools for small-business owners, you almost always get success. two questions: 1. Jott • How do I manage all these Have you ever called yourself social networks without going and left a voice mail so that you nuts? wouldn't forget something? Jott • Are any tools out there that can takes that idea a step further, help me be more productive and transcribing the voice mail and save time? sending it to your inbox. Instead of sending a quick memo to Sponsor yourself to remember to email The first answer that any good your vendor, you can dictate the social media thinker would offer email and save time. Upgrade to a small-business owner would be Jott Assistant and you can dictate to pick two or three networks to-do lists, automatic Web where you can reach the majority postings to your social networks, of your customers or potential calendar items and more. Jott is a customers and concentrate on subscription-based service, and it those, thus eliminating some of starts at only $3.95 per month for your stress. Fortunately, the a small Assistant account. For second answer is "Yes": tools are small-business owners on the go, out there to help you manage it can be a life-saver. your time and workflow if you 2. Grasshopper plan to spend some time and Grasshopper not only gives your energy on the social Web. business its very own toll-free I polled a few folks who know a 800 number, but it allows your thing or two about social media, customers to reach you even especially for small businesses, when you're on the go. Voice and collected a list of 10 tools, mails are delivered to your inbox, Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:45:03 AM

with ease. The software has a bookmarklet for quick linksharing and offers some cursory stats on your Twitter account as as are faxes (in PDF), so you can well. It's free to use. stay connected everywhere. You 5. Survey Monkey Perhaps the one luxury that can have multiple extensions and many small businesses can't extend the service to your afford is market research. Survey employees as well. The service Monkey enables you to conduct starts at $9.95 per month (plus a your own online surveys to gain $25 activation fee) for 100 insight into your customer base minutes. Other plans are $49 and for free. The tool is easy to use, $199 per month. looks professional and produces 3. Monitter a bevy of charts and graphs to If your small business is on help you understand your results. Twitter, keeping an eye on the conversations related to your If you have trouble with online product or service there makes tools, Survey Monkey has several s e n s e . B u t i f y o u ' r e video tutorials that make it a snap geographically focused like most to tap into customer insights. small businesses, you probably 6. Simple Online Accounting hate having to weed through Solutions similarly named companies and McCray told me about a number mentions of your industry from o f g o o d o n l i n e t o o l s f o r folks 1,000 miles away. Monitter bookkeeping and accounting, two lets you search Twitter for really stand out for her. She keywords, but filters them by recommends for specified distances from a zip single-person businesses and code. You get tweets about your for more category, industry and company complex companies. The reason? from within your home territory, S i m p l i c i t y . S p e a k i n g a s a where it matters. Monitter is free business owner who is mathaverse myself, I'll just say, to use. "Amen!" The simpler, the better. 4. HootSuite For anyone who runs a Twitter Both of these are outstanding in account for business, a tool like that category. Outright is free to HootSuite can be a productivity use. WorkingPoint is free for one boon. Not only can you manage user, $10 per month for two and multiple people contributing to only $80 per month for 10 users. the same Twitter account (so that 7. ReQall o n e p e r s o n i s n ' t s o l e l y Never before has a smart phone responsible for tweeting), but you app been so incredibly useful! can manage multiple accounts ReQall is a memory aide that enables you to record voice

memos via a smartphone or regular phone, have those messages transcribed and then sent to you via email (a la Jott). But wait! There's more. The software uses natural-language processing and some additional analysis to determine whether you're dictating a calendar item or to-do list entry. It then adds those items to your calendar or to -do list. If you say, "Pick up milk at Circle K on Belmont Avenue by 4 pm," you'll get a calendar entry, probably with a Google map link, and a reminder beforehand. For the smallbusiness owner on the go, this app is a must-have. 8. Milog (iPhone App) While I hate to recommend an application that is limited to iPhone users, this one is worth mentioning. Milog, from SymplySoft, allows you to track your mileage simply, then email yourself neatly organized reports to print or send to your accountant for tax papers. When my CPA told me, "No one tracks their mileage well," I decided to prove her wrong. Milog helps me do that in literally a few seconds per day. The app stores locations for easy trip entry and allows you to add fields for parking, tolls and more. The full version is just $2.99 at the iPhone app store. 9. Minggl This tool is new (the beta was released two weeks ago) but is very promising. A browser SPONSOR page 37

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Blackberry Developer Conference: It's All about the Apps By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)

already available on many other smartphones today, most notably, the iPhone. In some cases, the Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:16:32 AM Blackberry APIs even offer At yesterday's Blackberry something the iPhone doesn't Developer Conference, several such as is the case with the companies announced major payments service which allows updates to their applications and you to pay for apps on your next services designed for Blackberry mobile phone bill. smartphones. From Blackberry The location services include a maker Research in Motion (RIM) geo-location API that will use c a m e n e w g e o l o c a t i o n , cell tower triangulation as a advertising and push services in backup for when GPS fails, addition to other developer tools. m a k i n g l o c a t i o n - b a s e d Meanwhile, companies like applications more reliable. There Loopt, eBay, Xobni, and others are also services for determining took the opportunity to show off your phone's location on a map t h e i r l a t e s t B l a c k b e r r y and another that helps estimate applications as well. travel time for driving directions. Sponsor It's obvious to see how these RIM Woos Developers types of services could help build With all the news from the n e w a n d u s e f u l m o b i l e event, one thing was clear: RIM applications for the Blackberry. desperately wants developers to Also revealed was the new build for Blackberry and is now Blackberry Advertising Service, actively enticing them with a an offering designed to help slew of new offerings designed to developers generate revenue win them over. from their mobile applications. O n e o f t h e b i g g e s t Through partnerships with ad announcements made yesterday networks, developers can easily involved the launch of new integrate mobile advertising APIs(application programming within their apps and track the interfaces) for third-party ad's effectiveness with an developers. The APIs offered included analytics package. It's i n c l u d e a n e w a d v e r t i s i n g even possible for these ads to service, a payments service, access the phone's core features. location services, and the general For example, you'll be able to availability of Blackberry's own initiate a phone call from an ad or Push service, which had never add a calendar entry from an ad. before been made available to That's an innovation that many outside developers. What this other mobile handhelds are not means is that developers now yet offering. These types of h a v e t h e t o o l s t o b u i l d interactions should have a clear applications that rival those appeal to the many business-

themes and widgets using the new Blackberry Theme Studio 5.0. Apps, Apps, Apps! In addition to the RIM-specific announcements, a number of companies also used the Developer Conference as the launching pad for new Blackberry applications and related announcements. Ebay, for example, unveiled a brand-new mobile app that lets you search for items, view descriptions and photos, bid, watch items, and more. It will also tap into Blackberry's now open Push services API to deliver real-time alerts as to when you're outbid on an auction. Considering that the company has already generated $400 million this year using eBay's iPhone application, this new minded corporate Blackberry and tools they already know and Blackberry app should be a big u s e r s w h o a r e o f t e n m o r e use. Java developers will get a hit among mobile users when it interested in getting things done new GUI builder that lets them launches next month. The popular location-based than they are with playing create mobile interfaces using a mindless games. WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is- social networking service called That being said, the game- what-you-get) editor with drag- Loopt also revealed a major playing crowd isn't being ignored and-drop capabilities. Adobe update for Blackberry which either. Also announced was developers will be able to use the includes something the iPhone support for OpenGL ES, a c o m p a n y ' s F l a s h P l a t f o r m can't offer due to the nature of the graphics API for 3D games. technology and Adobe Creative device: it runs in the background While this doesn't quite put the Suite tools to build rich, mobile to continually update your Blackberry on par with what's apps as well. This is another area location in real-time. This is one available for iPhone, it's a move where Apple falls short - Flash of the iPhone's biggest flaws t h a t ' s d e s i g n e d t o k e e p still doesn't work on the iPhone. according to critics, since so Blackberry at least somewhat Instead Flash developers have to many mobile applications take competitive in the field of mobile use special Adobe software to a d v a n t a g e o f a l w a y s - o n gaming. convert apps written in Flash to a connectivity to track your Other announcements included format that's iPhone-compatible. location for the benefit of n e w s u p p o r t f o r m o b i l e Also, designers can now use specific mobile apps. In Loopt's developers looking to build A d o b e P h o t o s h o p a n d BLACKBERRY page 38 applications with the languages Dreamweaver to build both


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Twitter, LinkedIn Cut Deal - We're Still Waiting for the Big Announcement By Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb)

to drive. In the announcement video recorded by LinkedIn's Reid Submitted at 11/9/2009 9:00:01 PM Hoffman and Twitter's Biz Stone, Twitter and LinkedIn are both talked about how Twitter is announcing a deal tonight that great for business. What did they will allow LinkedIn users to mean, though? They meant it's a publish status updates to their marketing platform, a way to get Twitter profiles and pull in some your message out further, etc. If or all Twitter updates to their you have something you want to LinkedIn accounts. say to everyone on LinkedIn, Wait a minute...the two social why not say it on Twitter too? media companies with some of But is business just about the most valuable, interesting broadcasting your marketing data on the web made a deal and message? What about the what do we get? Spammy listening part of doing business, Twitter streams clouding up our thoughtful analysis, responding LinkedIn feeds and an occasional to actionable information and uptight Tweet on Twitter that m a r k e t conditions? was born inside LinkedIn? We're C o n v e r s a t i o n s w i t h y o u r still waiting for the meaty customers and business partners? announcements everyone says Twitter is arguably better for are coming someday soon - that listening than it is for broadcast Twitter and LinkedIn are open and conversion of marketing for business. messages. This kind of crossSponsor posting deal falls short of the I don't mean to be too grouchy, huge potential latent in the data but this looks like just one more both of these companies control sweetheart Silicon Valley deal and instead appeals to the craven that has limited imagination and broadcast-model of marketing. represents a lost opportunity for Challenging that broadcast-model the kind of innovation everyone is where many people believe expects these kinds of companies social media derives its meaning.

offer a clear path to their data by outside partners. LinkedIn partners with next to no one. Only large, established organizations like Business Week, the New York Times and now Twitter get access to LinkedIn data. Other services all What could this look like? It around the web will tell you could look like an option to view stories about reaching out to the employer and job title of LinkedIn for API access and anyone you see on Twitter or getting the cold shoulder. through a 3rd party Twitter We wrote about this concern interface. It could look like three weeks ago (" LinkedIn Hits Twitter opening up its fire hose 50 Million Users; Still a Roach for unfettered 3rd party analysis Motel") and the company told us and development - then you'd see then and today that big changes social graph and content analysis are coming to its API soon. done that gave a big boost to the That's great. That's something to User Experience on LinkedIn. look forward to, if cautiously. ("This LinkedIn user has been We're years into the LinkedIn conversing with friends on Platform today and there's only a Twitter who were talking about s e l e c t f e w p a r t n e r s d o i n g 'mobile,' 'Wisconsin' and 'gaming' a n y t h i n g t h e r e s o f a r . Likewise, Twitter is fabulously over the last 2 weeks.") Whatever the case may be, both open with its data in some ways occupational data (LinkedIn) and (on a per-item basis) - but it's social messaging data (Twitter) leaving a substantial number of are rich green fields for mashups outside developers frustrated and analysis- but these two because they can't get their hands companies are holding back the on the full feed of Twitter data tide of innovation by refusing to (the fire hose) to analyze. Startup companies that do appear

to have relationships with Twitter tell us things like "We won't describe our relationship with Twitter to you and neither will anyone else who has one." That's charming. It's unclear whether anyone but Google and Bing have access to all the Twitter data. Twitter investor and real-time web guru John Borthwick told us in another conversation today that he believes Twitter is just in its early days as a company, that there's nothing mysterious going on. "I'm hoping there will be a click-thru EULA[End User Licensing Agreement] to the firehose [someday]," he wrote. (Emphasis added.) That sounds good. So everybody's working on the wide-open web that so many of us want to see? Standards and APIs and open platforms to facilitate a new era of innovation are right around the corner? Sounds great. For now though what we get is a little crossnetwork message broadcasting. Hopefully it's just the beginning. Discuss

Relive the fall of the Berlin Wall By Danny Gallagher (TV Squad) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:02:00 AM

Something astonishing happened

20 years ago this week: the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. Now thanks to the magic of the Internet's never ending series of

tubes, you can relive that shocking and happy day when the wall finally fell. Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw went to the former site of

the oppressive cement figure over Filed under: News, Video, the weekend and filed a brief Reality-Free interview with Meet the Press' Permalink| Email this| | David Gregory last Sunday on C o m m e n t s the momentous anniversary.

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40% of People "Friend" Brands on Facebook


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sidebar plugin, Minggl allows you to post status updates across six major social networks By Richard MacManus number 1 with 32.6%, Yahoo is (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, (ReadWriteWeb) close behind at 29.7%. MSN is Flickr, Digg and Delicious) but, still well used at 11.9%. We were unlike other broadcast services, Submitted at 11/10/2009 1:00:38 AM most surprised that AOL is now also allows you to check your Digital marketing company only 7.9%. These statistics show inboxes, notifications and public Razorfish has just launched its that Yahoo remains a force updates from friends on those third annual FEED survey of among mainstream consumers, n e t w o r k s . A d d a G o o g l e 1,000 "connected consumers." whereas AOL is slipping further Sidewiki-style annotation service and you've got a pretty useful The survey is focused on online behind. consumer behavior. This year We reported last week that tool that you won't have to Facebook and Twitter feature s m a r t p h o n e s h a v e a l m o s t change your habits much to use. prominently. 40% of respondents overtaken 'feature phones' as the 10. Backupify Whether you're dabbling in "friended" brands on Facebook, respondents have "friended" a c e l l p h o n e s o f c h o i c e f o r while 25% reported following brand on Facebook - a whopping consumers. Razorfish's survey social media for your business, brands on Twitter. What's more, 40%. Considering that Facebook shows that 56% of connected conducting full-scale sales calls Razorfish found that consumers is a social network that started consumers now use a smartphone via Twitter or Facebook or access brands on Twitter and out as a way for college kids to - i.e. one that has email and web running everything you do through project management Facebook mainly for deals and network, this is a statistic that capabilities. promotions. As with the ChangeWave software like Google Docs, Zoho will make companies and Of those who follow a brand on organizations take note. If you R e s e a r c h s u r v e y r e c e n t l y , or Basecamp, you'd probably get Twitter, nearly 44% reported that want brand recognition on the R a z o r f i s h p u t s B l a c k b e r r y mighty frustrated if one of those access to exclusive deals is the Web, according to these statistics (29.5%) ahead of Apple's iPhone services went down and lost your data. serves as a main reason. On Facebook or there's a very good chance that (20.1%). MySpace, 37% said that access to Facebook is a place you want to Another illuminating statistic is daily or weekly (you decide) exclusive deals or offers was be. the number of people who now backup service for a variety of their main reason for friending A smaller percentage follow a get their news from Twitter and social media and Web 2.0 services that many small brands. brand on Facebook for exclusive Facebook. While nearly 80% of Sponsor r e s p o n d e n t s s t i l l a c c e s s deals or offers (36.9%) - but still Over 1/4 of respondents reported a majority. "traditional news web sites," 33% having followed a brand on Is this "connected consumer" get news from Facebook and Twitter, which is encouraging crowd mainstream? Well, about 19.5% from Twitter. Only 27.3% news for companies wanting to 62% of the respondents still use get news from "alternative news u s e T w i t t e r t o p r o m o t e I n t e r n e t E x p l o r e r a s t h e i r web sites" - but which we (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) themselves. browser, with 30% on Firefox. presume they mean blogs. Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:12:15 AM 43.5% reported following a So yes, they are. Overall, these figures from brand to get "exclusive deals or It's interesting then to look at Razorfish show that Facebook luckly419 buzzed up: Bomb kills offerings," which again is a what are the homepages of these and Twitter are now major places 24, wounds over 100 in NW statistic that companies should people. for brands to be; as well as online take note of. While Google is unsurprisingly sites where consumers get at least An even higher percentage of some of their news. Discuss

businesses depend on. The service is available at a low cost (accounts start at $4.95 per month) and backs up your important company data (Gmail, Google Docs, Basecamp, Zoho), plus your entire database for services like Flickr, Twitter and even WordPress. (Disclosure: Backupify is a ReadWriteWeb sponsor and a client of mine.) These applications, programs and platforms only skim the surface. I'm sure you have favorites of your own. Please share them in the comments for your fellow readers and help make this post a one-stop shop for killer small-business tools. Jason Falls is a social-media consultant based in Louisville, Kentucky. He blogs regularly at He is also chief evangelist for, a ReadWriteWeb sponsor. Discuss

GOP ex-candidate leaves NY Assembly leadership job (AP) Pakistan (AP) 9 seconds ago 2009-1110T09:45:05-08:00 This content has passed through


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Taptu and OneRiot Launch Realtime Mobile Search By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)

slower - painfully slow at times often taking hours on end to feature the news that had already Submitted at 11/10/2009 5:52:20 AM been buzzing on Twitter for half Specialized mobile search a day. engine Taptu and real-time That said, Digg and other social search service OneRiot have news sharing sites can sometimes teamed up to launch a new real- complete with search box and unearth news that had been time search engine for mobile. verticals for searching just the overlooked by major media With the touch-friendly interface web, images, and now, "buzz." outlets, especially when focused provided by Taptu, you can now Previously, the site included o n a p a r t i c u l a r n i c h e l i k e perform searches from your verticals for music and video technology. For example, just mobile phone and receive real- searches too, but those have think of how many stories you time results from sites like seemingly been done away with read on someone's personal blog Twitter and Digg. In addition, in an effort to simplify the o r R e d d i t a n d n e v e r s a w you can browse through the interface. anywhere else on the web. By trending topics to see what recent The new "buzz" section is where tracking niche websites like these events are currently being buzzed you can find the real-time results. as well as Facebook, MySpace, about. Here you'll find content pulled Bebo, social bookmarking sites Sponsor from sites like Twitter, Digg, like Delicious and StumbleUpon, According to the company's other social sharing sites and the microblogs and URL-shortening press release, this joint venture company's own panel of users services, Oneriot can discover has created "the first ever real- w h o h a v e d o w n l o a d e d t h e links that may have otherwise time search for mobile." That's OneRiot toolbar and are sharing gone unnoticed. not entirely true - after all, you their web-browsing data in Taptu's new mobile search can visit from anonymous aggregate. engine interface currently works any mobile device with a web While Twitter is clearly a source on major touch-enabled devices browser. Plus, there are tons of of breaking news, we've always including the iPhone, iPod touch, mobile Twitter applications that found it a bit odd that OneRiot G1, Nokia N97 and 5800, and the have search features built in includes Digg in its "real-time" BlackBerry Storm 1. The Taptu and/or feature a list of Twitter's search engine. We've never iPhone application will also be trending topics. However, this thought of Digg as anything near updated soon to include the new search service does appear real-time - in fact, it pales in additional functionality. You can to be the first ever dedicated comparison to Twitter when it test the new service yourself m o b i l e s e a r c h e n g i n e f o r comes to the speed with which starting at 9 AM EST by pointing accessing the real-time web. information spreads. With the y o u r m o b i l e b r o w s e r t o Using the OneRiot API, Taptu's immediacy possible on today's w w w . t a p t u . c o m . D i s c u s s new homepage presents a mobile web, sites like Digg seem much -friendly search engine interface

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BLACKBERRY continued from page 35

case, the app knows where you are in order to show you nearby friends and local businesses which you can rate. It even offers mobile coupons for the retailers and restaurants in your vicinity. Finally, Xobni, the Outlook email search plugin that discovers social connections in your inbox, revealed their new Blackberry application, too. As with the desktop software, Xobni for Blackberry will let you find contacts in your address book quickly using Xobni Rank

technology which returns results ranked based on frequency and freshness of your communication. The application will be made available sometime early next year. The Blackberry Developer Conference continues until Thursday, so stay tuned for even more news over the coming days. Discuss

Mya Awarded First Perfect Score of Season on 'Dancing with the Stars' (ETonline - Breaking News)

and when a judge named Len[ Goodman] comes around and gives you a 10 for the first time, I With the support of her mother was going to faint." in the audience, Mya and partner Calling partner Joanna Dmitri Chaplin were awarded Krupa"Super Krupa" for her one of the highest honors on futuristic comic book character "Dancing with the Stars," the first inspired outfit, Derek Hough perfect 30 of the season. ET's praised her commitment, saying, special correspondent Marie "A sign of a true champ is O s m o n d s p o k e w i t h t h e somebody that goes through a scoreboard toppers, as well as the struggle, doesn't do quite well, four other remaining couples. but then can pick themselves The Grammy-winner felt like back up, sink or swim, and she she was living in a dream telling swam, [and] did a great job in the ET, "When you're in rehearsals, Paso and really proved that she yes, you think about a 30, but deserves to be here." more importantly, you think about giving a great performance Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:36:00 AM

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Happy Birthday to Firefox: Everybody Dance! By Jolie O'Dell (ReadWriteWeb)

websites, more open video codecs and improvements to mobile browsing. Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:14:43 PM Over at the Mozilla blog, the Hey, Firefox, kids who were company's flack Melissa Shapiro freshmen in college when you shares some interesting stats. started now have pointless Since Mozilla's auspicious oneinternships in big cities and million-downloads-in-four-days colossal amounts of student debt. start, she writes, "that number has Congratulations! You're swelled to over 330 million users officially old by Internet worldwide; almost a quarter of interesting post on the rise of Internet users worldwide choose standards. You've hit the one billion modern web browsing, the Firefox. Today, Firefox ships in downloads mark and captured a triumph of standards in web more than 70 languages and truly significant percentage of development, the hackable offers users more than 7,000 addInternet browser users. And goodness that is browser UI ons to help customize their you've got a hardcore community customization, user generated browsing experience." of open-source developers and content and geeky stuff like RSS, In fact, some websites report that fans who contribute to the APIs, and JSON nearly half their visitors are thousands of extensions, plugins, He concludes, "Mozilla has been Firefox users. WordPress founder and skins that make the user at the heart of many of the issues Matt Mullenweg writes that experience so customizable. But of the Internet over the last five Firefox users represent nearly 46 most importantly, you helped years. We've vastly improved the percent of Wordpress' blog stats pave the way for the creation and b r o w s i n g e x p e r i e n c e f o r as opposed to Internet Explorer mainstream proliferation of a hundreds of millions of people users, who comprise around 39 b u n c h o f n i f t y a l t e r n a t i v e a r o u n d t h e w o r l d . W e ' v e percent. "This is the first time browsers and provided impetus managed to keep Microsoft I've ever seen Firefox pass IE in for aggressive improvements to honest and forced them to release market share for a mainstream newer versions of their browsers. audience like Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Firefox's presence was a large has," said Mullenweg. Sponsor Here's a happy little video on factor in Apple being able to ship Firefox is sharing its official, how liberating and revolutionary a browser to its user base as the worldwide celebration with users the Firefox experience is for Mac came back to the market. everywhere via their special We've made it possible for third anniversary site, where folks can Internet users: Moving forward from the party browser vendors like share pics and videos from their motivational fanfare, Mozilla Google to enter the market." F i r e f o x p a r t i e s o r s u b m i t evangelist Christopher Blizzard He noted that future releases of commemorative poster designs. at the Hacks.Mozilla.Org blog Firefox with deal with issues Discuss h a s a r a t h e r i n - d e p t h a n d such as users' sharing data with


O2 UK to Officially Unlock iPhones Following Competitor Launch By Darrell Etherington (TheAppleBlog) Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:19:08 AM

O2 just announced what seems like a fairly magnanimous gesture on its part today, in preparation for the launch of the iPhone on other UK carriers and the end of iPhone exclusivity in that country. That should mean that O2 customers who want to take their business elsewhere can have their phones unlocked as early as tomorrow, since Nov. 10 is the stated launch date for Orange UK’s iPhone offerings. The news, which comes via The iPhone Blog, is a promising sign for all iPhone users. If Apple is at all a party to the decision to allow unlocking of its devices in countries where the iPhone is available on multiple networks, then hope exists for countries like Canada, too, where the iPhone recently became available on Bell and Telus, as well as Rogers, the original carrier. O2 CEO Matthew Key describes in an interview with the Times Online how customers will be able to unlock, though that won’t relieve them of their contractual obligations: Once the iPhone becomes available on other UK networks,

we will allow O2 customers to unlock their iPhones, although of course they will still need to honor any outstanding contract period they have. At the end of their contract period, they are entirely free to move to another operator — though naturally we hope they won’t want to! It isn’t clear how the unlocking procedure will actually work. Will users have to physically visit an O2 store, or can it be done over the phone using iTunes at home? Whatever the method, O2 is doing the right thing by providing its customers a choice, which is a good faith gesture which should end up building customer loyalty and avoiding resentment. No word yet on whether or not other UK carriers will be offering the same service for their iPhone devices.


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NetSuite and InsideView Partner to Create 'Social ERP' By Alex Williams (ReadWriteWeb)

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Review: Xavier Renegade Angel Seasons 1 and 2

satisfaction • Integrate social profile information to engage job Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:52:13 AM c a n d i d a t e s a c r o s s m u l t i p l e By Nick Zaino (TV Squad) A growing debate in Enterprise channels, including Facebook, Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:00:00 AM 2.0 circles focuses on what value enterprises. Inside View coins LinkedIn and Twitter; On an Adult Swim schedule new technologies have for people itself as a Sales 2.0 leader, who do back office functions. "bringing intelligence gained InsideView for NetSuite was where every show is strange in Questions persist about how from social media and traditional built using NetSuite's SuiteCloud some way, Xavier may be the Enterprise 2.0 technologies are editorial sources to the enterprise development platform. Additonal strangest of the bunch. The title built into the processes of every to increase sales productivity and NetSuite partners are planning to character is a hairy birdman with day work and what upside they velocity." build their own integrations, a beak and legs with knees that NetSuite users will have access really have. which the company says may bend the wrong way. And a In that regard, it's interesting to to information from a wide mean more social components snake hand. And a loincloth. And note the partnership announced variety of traditional information into the NetSuite environment. two different colored eyes. And today between NetSuite and sources and real-time social Currently, NetSuite users may six nipples (I could go on, but...) InsideView to bring in real-time networks. The structured and see information that others are He talks like a surfer dude, information from across the unstructured information is collecting by subscribing via an mashing up new age double talk social Web into such departments aggregated and filtered by RSS feed. Further integration with double entendre, inhabiting as accounts payable and human InsideView. It flows directly into could be the potential addition of a sort of alternate, SIMS-like resources. The partnership will the application and is filtered for activity streams for sharing earth and killing or damaging irreparably all he seeks to help. bring InsideView's insights from the particular office function such intelligence. across social sites such as as accounts payable. NetSuite This is an unfolding trend which The effect of this only intensifies Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and says this is the first time a social we believe will create a more when you watch a lot of episodes G o o g l e B l o g S e a r c h i n t o c o m p o n e n t h a s b e e n b u i l t measured look at how Enterprise of Xavier in one sitting, which is N e t S u i t e ' s C R M a n d E R P natively into its application. 2.0 applications fit with back what you can do with the new X offerings which will help to Some of the benefits the two o f f i c e f u n c t i o n s . I t a l s o avier: Renegade Angel Seasons 1 create what it calls a'Social ERP' c o m p a n i e s s e e w i t h t h e represents another example of and 2 DVD. In its usual dose of integration: system. h o w b u s i n e s s i n t e l l i g e n c e fifteen minutes per episode, it's • Better understanding of Sponsor applications from companies like odd. Watch it for two hours, you NetSuite is a Software-as-a- customers and partners to assess IBM will begin to compete in this start to see spots. Even the Service provider that provides a p a y m e n t r i s k a n d i m p r o v e realm as more efforts continue to animation, which stresses the cloud computing platform to help c o l l e c t i o n p r o c e s s e s meld structured and unstructured b r i g h t c o l o r s a n d b l o c k y movement of computer generated manage software suites. Its • The ability to better use the information. Discuss c u s t o m e r s a r e m i d - s i z e d buzz about suppliers and brand companies and divisions of large reputation and level of customer

Letterman scheme suspect asks court to drop case (AP) (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:40:05 AM

Shevonne buzzed up: Obama 6 seconds ago 2009-11pressed into role as healer, 1 0 T 0 9 : 4 4 : 2 3 - 0 8 : 0 0 inevitably (AP) This content has passed through

graphics, pushes you off kilter. It's an overused description to say something looks like a cartoon on acid, but if ever a show actually deserved the description, it's Xavier. Continue reading Review: Xavier Renegade Angel Seasons 1 and 2 Filed under: Other Comedy Shows, OpEd, Adult Swim, Reality-Free Permalink| Email this| | Comments

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MacBook vs. MacBook Pro: Which Should You Buy? By Charles Moore (TheAppleBlog)

20 percent higher price. 20 Percent Higher Price — 20 Percent More Value? Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:26:26 AM Personally, I think these factors AppleGazette’s Kevin Whipps do add up to 20 percent more real addresses the quandary over how value and then some, although to choose between a MacBook Kevin has a point about the two and a MacBook Pro, noting that machines being pretty much it used to be that if you wanted a clones when it comes to core 13-inch Mac laptop (excluding computing power. For example, the MacBook Air), the only it now appears that even Apple’s o p t i o n w a s t h e o r i g i n a l nominal 4GB maximum RAM MacBook. Now with a 13-inch upgrade spec for the MacBook is aluminum MacBook Pro on the completely arbitrary. OWC is market, the decision has become offering 8GB memory upgrade more complex. kits for the plastic unibody Kevin allows that the 13 MacBook. MacBook Pro doesn’t give you a The MacBook comes with a lot more value for your dollar, 250GB hard drive, which is more comparatively. I beg to differ, but than respectable for standard there’s a large element of equipment, especially since the s u b j e c t i v i t y i n a n y s u c h 13 MacBook Pro’s base $1,199 judgment, with many variables model comes with a more modest such as how much you value 1 6 0 G B d r i v e . W i t h t h e FireWire support (some of us a MacBook, 320GB and 500GB lot), how important a SD Card drives are BTO options, but that slot is to your needs, and whether bumps the price to MacBook Pro the premium look, fit, finish, and levels. The Case for the 15 durability of the Pro’s aluminum MacBook Pro unibody construction justifies the Kevin actually includes the 15

integrated NVIDIA GeForce MacBook Pro in his comparison, 9400M graphics chipset (which noting that at 5.5 pounds, the should be more than adequate if unibody 15-incher is not a whole you’re not into high-end graphics lot heavier than the 13 MacBook or video, or serious gaming) that and MacBook Pro units at 4.7lb. annexes up to 256MB of your and 4.5lb. respectively, and system RAM for video support. offers much more expansive A No-Brainer screen real estate at its 1440 x Personally, while I find the new 900 resolution. Being a former polycarbonate unibody MacBook 17 PowerBook user who recently very attractive — a quantum switched from the big, old improvement over the old, iBook ‘Book’s 1440 x 900 display to an -esque MacBook form factor — aluminum unibody MacBook’s my recommendation remains if more cramped 1280 x 800 13.3 you can somehow scratch up the screen, I have to agree, and the extra $200, the base 2.26GB latest $1,699 entry-level 15 Pro is MacBook Pro 13 represents the zenith of value and power for the especially price-enticing. However, note well that if you money that Apple has ever need the heavy-duty graphics offered in a portable computer, support provided by the discrete and if you’re willing to go with NVIDIA 9600M GT GPU with an Apple Certified Refurbished 256MB of dedicated VRAM, unit, the Apple Store currently you’re still going to have to pony has them available for the same up $1,999 for the middle-model $999 price as the new plastic 2.66GHz 15 Pro. The $1,699 unit M a c B o o k , w i t h t h e s a m e is essentially identical in power w a r r a n t y a n d A p p l e C a r e to the high-end $1,499 13 e l i g i b i l i t y . MacBook Pro, and has only the For me, it’s a no-brainer.


Taylor Lautner Addresses the Relationship Question (ETonline - Breaking News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:47:00 AM

In 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon,' Taylor Lautner's character comes into his own as werewolf Jacob Black -- and ET has the 411 directly from Taylor on what to expect in the highly anticipated 'Twilight' sequel! Taylor, who is rumored to be dating country superstar Taylor Swift, answers the question on everyone's mind -- is he single? He also gives fans a peek into what they're in for when the shape-shifting special effects in 'New Moon' are revealed. The 17-year-old bulked up for the part, gaining 30 pounds in order to play a growing Jacob, who discovers that he has some mysterious new powers in 'New Moon.' Meanwhile, Jacob also becomes a major part of his pal Bella Swan's ( Kristen Stewart) life as she deals with a separation from her vampire love Edward Cullen ( Rob Pattinson).

Review: Gossip Girl - They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They? By Isabelle Carreau (TV Squad)

scenes stole the show. The Parents Television Council (PTC) tried to get the network Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:38:00 AM not to air this week's episode of (S03E09) "Nobody puts Jenny in Gossip Girl due to the threesome a corner." - Gossip Girl scene it included. In a letter sent Even if this was Jenny's episode, out to the network, the PTC the much talked about threesome claims The CW's decision to air

the episode is "reckless and

irresponsible." In the same letter, they mention that by airing this scene, the network is, in a way, letting young kids know that they should take part in such sexual behaviors. Continue reading Review: Gossip Girl - They Shoot

Humphreys, Don't They? Filed under: OpEd, Episode Reviews, Reality-Free, Gossip Girl Permalink| Email this| | Comments


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Some iPhone Coders Padding Resumés With Lies By Darrell Etherington (TheAppleBlog)

inquiries before going ahead and hiring the coding company making the false claims. Other Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:11:23 AM people might not be so discerning According to a report by the and cautious. Silicon Alley Insider, if you’re Another developer, Sugar Cube, looking to hire an iPhone dev, Inc. operating out of San it’s probably best to make sure Francisco, only discovered that you do a thorough background others were taking credit for its check before you do. Some work when prospective clients coders have been claiming credit noted that they’d already seen the for work they didn’t do, and are screenshots included in Sugar using the false accolades to try category. According to Ars C u b e ’ s p i t c h m a t e r i a l s i n and wrestle more work from Technica, TapBots partner Paul p a c k a g e s f r o m o t h e r unsuspecting companies and Haddad recently received a development firms. Apparently, individuals looking to cash in on surprising inquiry from a client Sugar Cube had been trying to about his program: the App Store phenomenon. secure referral relationships with S o m e o f t h e l i e s b e i n g This prospective client wasn’t some other firms, and in so doing perpetrated are coming from looking to hire TapBots for any had sent around a sampler firms that look otherwise legit. development work, they were p a c k a g e . S o m e o f t h e s e Lots of offshore development looking for confirmation that a c o m p a n i e s w e r e t h e n companies are cashing in on the development firm out of India redistributing the materials as trend by providing low-cost did the coding on ConvertBot, a their own. alternatives to in-house or popular TapBots application. The It’s a disturbing trend, but one to domestic U.S. solutions, and client had found Trucid, the be expected with something like some of those are taking serious supposed coders of ConvertBot, the App Store, which many see heat for what appear to be bald- on the website, a as an opportunity to cash in v i r t u a l c o r k b o a r d w h e r e quickly and easily. As the faced lies. One of the more high-profile c o m p a n i e s c a n h a n g t h e i r industry matures, expect to see apps involved in the scam is business cards. Trucid quoted a this sort of thing become less and TapBots‘ popular iPhone unit sum of $2,400 for an application less common, but until then, c o n v e r s i o n a p p l i c a t i o n , similar to ConvertBot. The only check and double-check any ConvertBot. ConvertBot’s design problem? TapBots designs and claims that seem to good to be and intuitive interface have writes all of its applications true. earned it praise from both the entirely in house. press and iPhone users, and it At least the company in this case remains a popular app in its was smart enough to make some

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CBS picking up Shit My Dad Says from Twitter account By Brad Trechak (TV Squad) Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:41:00 AM

CBS has picked up a new comedy based on the ramblings of someone's father from a Twitter account called Shit My Dad Says. The title will likely change when it gets to the small screen. Will & Grace creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are behind it so it has some legs. The creator of the Twitter account, Justin Halpern, has become an Internet star. Actually, this is the second Twitter account to get a sitcom, the first being TextsFromLastNight (which is being produced by Sony TV and Adam Sandler's people). Based on the sample tweets, I can see this actually working as a sitcom where a twenty-something

Prosecutors: SC trio promised unrealistic returns (AP) (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:21:08 AM

E buzzed up: Va. gov clears way for execution of sniper (AP) 3 seconds ago 2009-1110T09:43:27-08:00 This content has passed through

or early thirty-something is forced to live back with his parents. His father would be a pessimistic Larry David or Ricky Gervais character, saying awkward things all the time to humorous effect. I think the only trick would be to tone down the profanity, or perhaps just use bleeping. This is why I have to start a Twitter account. Filed under: Programming, OpEd, Pickups and Renewals, Reality-Free Permalink| Email this| | Comments

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Jailbreakers: First iPhone Worm Discovered, Features Rick Astley By Darrell Etherington (TheAppleBlog) Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:16:09 AM

The first iPhone worm has been discovered. It comes to us via Australia, and appears to be limited to that country for now, although it has the potential to spread. It also stars Rick Astley, so to speak. The work changes the iPhone’s wallpaper to an image of the 1980s pop singer, who’s enjoyed a recent resurgence thanks to the Rickrolling Internet phenomenon. The worm has the ability to break into jailbroken iPhones only. Even if you’ve jailbroken, you still aren’t vulnerable unless you’ve also installed SSH, and not changed the default password after doing so. As a result, only a small fraction of the larger iPhone community is probably susceptible to the “ikee virus,” as it is called in its own source code. Still, it shows that as the platform matures and becomes more widespread, it also becomes the target of more malicious attacks. Most hackers, like any businesspeople, are interested in the bottom line, and part of that involves targeting the largest

group of people possible. With millions of users worldwide, the iPhone is definitely an appealing mark. ikee’s creator, a hacker calling himself “ikex,” cites a different explanation for this particular worm’s creation: Why?: Boredom, because i found it so stupid the fact that on my initial scan of my 3G optus range i found 27 hosts running SSH daemons, i could access 26 of them with root:alpine. Doesn’t anyone RTFM anymore? In the case of this worm, which only changes the background wallpaper to the Astley photo with the slogan, “ikee is never going to give you up” across the top, Graham Cluley of SophosLabs suggests it’s really

only an experiment: The source code is littered with comments from the author suggesting the worm has been written as an experiment. One of the comments berates affected users for not following instructions when installing SSH, because if they had changed the default password the worm would not have been able to infect them. While not dangerous in and of itself (it actually sort of provides a service by reminding users to take precautions), it could open the door for similar programs with less innocuous payloads. Hopefully, jailbreak users will learn from the experience and be prepared if someone more sinister tries to do the same thing again. It’ll be interesting to see whether Apple latches onto this as a means to further decry the evils of jailbreak. If it leads to more serious exploits, it definitely would constitute a good reason to stay on the straight and narrow. In either case, expect to see more security concerns surrounding the iPhone as it continues its commercial success.

TV Squad Ten: Cartoon women who should have Playboy centerfolds By Danny Gallagher (TV Squad) Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:05:00 AM

Marge Simpson's spread in Playboy was a groundbreaking moment for cartoon women everywhere. Her sensual skin pics paved new ground for the "feminine-animated." She told the world that the women of animation aren't just vehicles for humor or straight characters to set up punchlines for the males on the paper. She helped us realize they have thoughts, feelings, emotions and yes, even urges that make them unique, infinitely interesting and utterly fascinating. They are, as Dr. Frasier Crane so eloquently put it, "like a fine wine: always intoxicated, ever surprising and only getting better with age." And so, for the cause of gender equality and female empowerment, here are the ten cartoon chicks who should pose naked because it would be

Global equity markets set sights on year highs (Financial Times - US homepage) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:09:31 AM

Global equity markets set sights on year highs By Jamie Chisholm, Global Markets Commentator

Published: November 10 2009 07:12 | Last updated: November 10 2009 17:09 This content has passed through


righteously awesome. Continue reading TV Squad Ten: Cartoon women who should have Playboy centerfolds Filed under: Other Comedy Shows, Animation, Commercials, Children, TV Squad Lists, Reality-Free, TV Squad Ten Permalink| Email this| | Comments



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FOX hits a network high this fall with five weekly wins By Robert Seidman (TVbytheNumbers)

• FOX’s 8-10p animation block has shown significant increases when compared with last year’s programming during the same time period, making gains of +21% among Adults 1849, +25% among Adults 18-34 and +16% in Total Viewers.

Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:38:28 AM

via FOX: NATIONAL NIELSEN RATINGS FOR THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 2 – 8, 2009 FOX HITS A NETWORK HIGH THIS FALL WITH FIVE WEEKLY WINS! Last week FOX achieved its fifth weekly win this season, which stands as the most fourth quarter weekly wins in the network’s history. FOX ranks No. 1 for the season with a 3.7/10 rating among Adults 18-49, maintaining its +16% lead for a second week – the highest fourth quarter lead by any network in six years. FOX struck out the competition last week with a strong finish to the 2009 WORLD SERIES, a winning performance from its Saturday COPS and AMERICA’S MOST WANTED lineup, and a healthy turnout for variety special FAMILY GUY PRESENTS: SETH AND ALEX’S ALMOST LIVE COMEDY SHOW. FOX won the week with an impressive 3.6/10 among Adults 18-49, beating its closest competitor by +24% — a full seven-tenths of a rating point. On Monday night, FOX again drew a huge audience with WORLD SERIES GAME 5 posting a 5.3/14 among Adults 18-49 and outperforming Game 5 of last year’s series by +33% among Adults 18-49 and +30%

09/10 FOX Dramas: Live + 7 in Adults 18-49 Comparing Live+Same Day vs. Live + 7 ratings (now available through 10/25/09), FOX’s dramas have shown significant increases among Adults 18-49 including: 09/10 Season thru 10/25 Live+Same Day Adults 18-49 Live + 7 Adults 18-49 % Change House 5.8/14

in Total Viewers. • FOX won the night among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54, Teens, Total Viewers, and virtually all key demos. • GAME 5 was the highest rated Game 5 in six years among Adults 18-49 and Total Viewers.

FOX substantially outperformed last year’s series by +41% among Adults 18-49 and +43% in Total Viewers. • FOX’s 2009 WORLD SERIES is the highest rated World Series in five years among Adults 18-49 and Total Viewers, since the 2004 series. • GAME 6 won the night among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54, Teens, Total Viewers and all key demos.

Adults 25-54 and all key female demos. • Back-to-back episodes of COPS each ranked No. 1 in their respective half hours among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54 and all key women demos.

On Sunday night, FOX’s animation domination was Wednesday night featured the brought to life with the addition deciding WORLD SERIES of the special FAMILY GUY GAME 6, which delivered a PRESENTS: SETH & ALEX’S whopping 7.4/20 among Adults On Saturday, FOX ranked No. 1 A L M O S T L I V E C O M E D Y 18-49 with 22.3 million viewers. for the night on a total primetime SHOW, which achieved a solid • The 2009 WORLD SERIES on basis among Adults 18-49, 3.4/8 among Adults 18-49.

7.0/17 Lie to Me 2.9/7 3.4/8 +17% Glee


3.3/9 4.1/10 Bones

+24% 2.9/8 3.6/10 +24%

Fringe 2.4/6 3.3/8 +38% Dollhouse FOX page 45

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FOX continued from page 44

0.9/3 1.4/4 +56% 09/10 FOX Dramas: Live +7 in Total Viewers Comparing Live+ Same Day vs. Live + 7 ratings (now available through 10/25/09), FOX’s dramas have shown significant increases among Total Viewers including: 09/10 Season thru 10/25 Live+Same Day P2+ (Mil.) Live + 7 P2+ (Mil.) % Change House 14.7 17.1 +16% Lie to Me 7.9 9.1 +15% Glee 7.2 8.8 +22% Bones 9.8 11.7 +19% Fringe 6.3

FOX had 6 of the Top 20 programs among Adults 18-34: FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 6 (No. 2), FAMILY GUY (No. 4), FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 5 (No. 5), FAMILY GUY SUN 8p (No. 7), SETH MACFARLANE SP SUN 8:30p (No. 9) and THE CLEVELAND SHOW SUN 9:30p (No. 10). FOX had 6 of the Top 20 programs among Teens: FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 6 (No. 2), FAMILY GUY (No. 3), THE CLEVELAND SHOW SUN 9:30p (No. 4), SETH MACFARLANE SP SUN 8:30p (No. 5 tie), FAMILY GUY SUN 8:00P (No. 5 tie) and FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 5 (No. 7). FOX had 2 of the Top 20 programs in Total Viewers: FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 6 (No. 1), and FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 5 (No. 4). Week 10/12/09-10/18/09: Live+7 NIGHTLY AND PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS - NOVEMBER 2 – 8, 2009 MONDAY 7:53-11:28 WORLD SERIES 8.2 +30% G A M E 5 Dollhouse (YANKEES&PHILLIES) 2.2 (S):(A18?49: 5.3/14, 17.1 Mil 3.1 +41% Total Viewers) Program Rankers 8:00-11:00 FOX FOX had 4 of the Top 20 PRIME:(A18?49: 5.2/14, 17.2 programs among Adults 18-49: Mil Total Viewers) FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 6 FOX’s WORLD SERIES (No. 2), FOX WORLD SERIES GAME 5 (Yankees & Phillies) GAME 5 (No. 3), FAMILY won the night among Adults 18GUY (No. 10) and FAMILY 49, Total Viewers, Adults 18-34, GUY SUN 8p (No. 13). Adults 25-54, Teens and virtually

all key demos. WORLD SERIES GAME 5 delivered a 5.3/14 among Adults 18-49 and substantially outperformed FOX’s World Series Game 5 last year (Rays & Phillies, Monday 10/27/08) among Adults 18-49 (+33%, 5.3/14 vs. 4.0/10) and in Total Viewers (+30%, 17.1 Mil vs. 13.2 Mil.) FOX’s WORLD SERIES GAME 5 is the highest rated Game 5 in six years among Adults 18-49 and Total Viewers (since 10/23/03, Yankees & Marlins). TUESDAY 8:00-10:00 SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE:(A18?49: 2.4/6, 6.1 Mil Total Viewers) The SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE performance show posted a 2.4/6 among Adults 1849, on par with its prior Tuesday average (2.5/6), while up +3% in Total Viewers (6.1 vs. 5.9 Mil.) FOX won the night among Women 18-34 and ranked No. 4 among Adults 18-49, No. 2 in Adults 18-34 and No. 3 in Teens. WEDNESDAY 7:54-11:53 WORLD SERIES G A M E 6 (PHILLIES&YANKEES) (S):(A18?49: 7.4/20, 22.3 Mil Total Viewers) 8:00-11:00 FOX PRIME:(A18?49: 7.3/20, 22.7 Mil Total Viewers) The deciding WORLD SERIES GAME 6 delivered a 7.4/20 among Adults 18-49 with 22.3 Mil Total Viewers. The 2009 WORLD SERIES on FOX substantially outperformed

last year’s 2008 Series (Rays & Phillies) by +41% among Adults 18-49 (6.2/17 vs. 4.4/12) and +43% in Total Viewers (19.4 Mil vs. 13.6 Mil.) FOX’s 2009 WORLD SERIES is the highest rated World Series in five years among Adults 18-49 and Total Viewers (since 2004, Cardinals & Red Sox). FOX’s WORLD SERIES GAME 6 (Phillies & Yankees) won the night among Adults 1849, Total Viewers, Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54, Teens and all key demos. FOX posted the highest rated Wednesday night on any network among Adults 18-49 and Total Viewers since the American Idol finale on FOX (5/20/09). THURSDAY 8:00-9:00 BONES:(A18?49: 2.6/7, 8.7 Mil Total Viewers) 8 : 0 0 - 9 : 0 0 FRINGE:(A18?49: 1.7/4, 4.9 Mil Total Viewers) 8:00-10:00 FOX PRIME:(A18?49: 2.1/6, 6.8 Mil Total Viewers) So far this season FOX’s Thursday night outperforms its Thursday average last Fall (excluding sports) by +39% among Adults 18-49 (2.5/7 vs. 1.8/5) and +77% in Total Viewers (7.8 vs. 4.4 Mil.) After two weeks off the air, BONES came back to a 2.6/7 among Adults 18-49 and so far this Fall outperforms its Thursday average last season by +4% among Adults 18-49 (2.8/8 vs. 2.7/8), +10% among Adults 18-34 (2.3/8 vs. 2.1/7) and +2%

among Total Viewers (9.6 vs. 9.4 Mil). Compared to FOX’s Fall’08 time period performance with regular programming, BONES is up +65% among Adults 18-49 (2.8/8 vs. 1.7/5), +35% among Adults 18-34 (2.3/8 vs. 1.7/5) and +140% among Total Viewers (9.6 vs. 4.0 Mil). BONES ranked No. 2 in the 8p hour among Adults 18-49 and No. 5 in Adults 18-34. FRINGE also returned after a two week hiatus to post a 1.7/4 among Adults 18-49 and so far this season shows substantial gains compared to FOX’s regular programming in the time period last Fall, increasing +21% among Adults 18-49 (2.3/6 vs. 1.9/5) and +40% in Total Viewers (6.0 vs. 4.3 Mil.) FRINGE ranked No. 4 in the 9p hour among Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34. FOX ranked No. 4 for the night in Adults 18-49 and Adults 1834. FRIDAY 8:00-9:00 HOUSE (R):(A18?49: 1.2/4, 4.0 Mil Total Viewers) 8:00-9:00 BONES (RP):(A18?49: 1.2/4, 4.0 Mil Total Viewers) 8:00-10:00 FOX PRIME:(A18?49: 1.2/4, 4.0 Mil Total Viewers) An encore HOUSE posted a 1.2/4 among Adults 18-49 and ranked No. 4 among Adults 1849 and Adults 18-34 and No. 1 FOX page 46


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FOX continued from page 45

among Teens. At 9p, a BONES repeat delivered a 1.2/4 among Adults 18-49 and ranked No. 3 among Adults 18-49, No. 4 among Adults 18-34 and No. 2 among Teens. FOX ranked No. 4 for the night in Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34 and No. 1 among Teens. SATURDAY 8:00-8:30 COPS:(A18?49: 1.6/6, 4.8 Mil Total Viewers) 8:30-9:00 COPS 2 (R):(A18?49: 1.9/6, 5.6 Mil Total Viewers) 9:00-10:00 AMW:(A18?49: 1.8/6, 5.6 Mil Total Viewers) 8:00-10:00 FOX PRIME:(A18?49: 1.8/6, 5.4 Mil Total Viewers) COPS at 8p and COPS 2 at 830p each ranked No. 1 in their respective half hours among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54 and all key women demos. At 9p, AMERICA’S MOST WANTED ranked No. 2 in its hour among Adults 18-49 and No. 1 among Adults 25-54 and all key women demos. FOX ranked No. 1 for the night on a total primetime basis among

Adults 18-49, Adults 25-54 and all key women demos. SUNDAY 7:00-7:15 BROTHERS (B):(A18?49: 0.7/2, 1.7 Mil Total Viewers) 7:15-7:29 BROTHERS (P):(A18?49: 1.4/4, 3.4 Mil Total Viewers) 7:29-7:59 AMERICAN DAD (S):(A18?49: 2.0/5, 4.1 Mil Total Viewers) 7:59-8:31 FAMILY GUY (S):(A18?49: 3.7/9, 7.3 Mil Total Viewers) 8:31-9:00 SETH MCFARLANE VARIETY SHOW (S):(A18?49: 3.4/8, 6.7 Mil Total Viewers) 9:00-9:30 FAMILY GUY:(A18?49: 4.1/10, 8.0 Mil Total Viewers) 9:30-10:00 CLEVELAND (S):(A18?49: 3.2/8, 6.4 Mil Total Viewers) 7:00-10:00 FOX PRIME:(A18?49: 2.9/7, 5.9 Mil Total Viewers) FOX’s 8-10p animation block shows significant increases compared to FOX’s 8-10p average with regular programming last Fall, gaining

+21% among Adults 18-49 (4.0/10 vs. 3.3/8), +25% among Adults 18-34 (5.0/14 vs. 4.0/11) and +16% in Total Viewers (8.1 vs. 7.0 Mil.) At 8p a special FAMILY GUY did a 3.7/9 among Adults 18-49 and ranked No. 2 in the time period among Adults 18-49 and No. 1 among Adults 18-34 and Teens. At 8:30p a special FAMILY GUY PRESENTS: SETH & ALEX’S ALMOST LIVE COMEDY SHOW did a 3.4/8 among Adults 18-49 and ranked No. 2 in its half hour among Adults 18-49 (tie), Adults 18-34 and Teens. At 9p FAMILY GUY posted a 4.1/10 among Adults 18-49. For the 09/10 season FAMILY GUY has out-delivered its Fall’08 average by +21% among Adults 18-49 (4.6/11 vs. 3.8/9), +23% among Adults 18-34 (5.8/15 vs. 4.7/12) and +17% in Total Viewers (9.0 vs. 7.7 Mil.) FAMILY GUY ranked No. 3 in the half hour among Adults 1849 and No. 2 in Adults 18-34 and Teens. At 9:30p a special THE

CLEVELAND SHOW did a 3.2/8 among Adults 18-49 and ranked No. 3 in the 9:30p half hour among Adults 18-49 and No. 2 in Adults 18-34 and Teens. At 7:30p AMERICAN DAD did a 2.0/5 among Adults 18-49 and ranked No. 3 in the half hour in Adults 18-49 (tie) and No. 2 in Adults 18-34 (tie) and Teens. FOX ranked No. 4 for the night among Adults 18-49 and No. 2 among Adults 18-34 and Teens. NOVEMBER 2 – 8, 2009 TOTAL PRIMETIME ADULTS 18?49 ADULTS 18?34 VIEWERS (Mil) FOX 3.6/10 FOX 3.3/10 FOX 10.7 ABC 2.7/7 ABC 2.2/7 ABC 9.3 CBS 2.9/8 CBS 2.1/6 CBS 11.1 NBC 2.8/8 NBC 2.4/7 NBC 8.2 This content has passed through

'NCIS'' ActionPacked Barroom Brawl (ETonline - Breaking News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:19:00 AM

Bottles fly, chairs are smashed and men get kicked in places that send them to their knees in the upcoming Christmas episode of "NCIS." It won't air until December, but ET has a sneak peek at how the brawl was shot with series stars Michael Weatherly, who plays Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David. "This man puts his hand on [Ziva's] shoulder. She doesn't like it when people touch her. She goes off. I thought it was mostly her fight, but what goes on involves DiNozzo and trying to survive," Cote tells ET. Even though Ziva knows how to defend herself -- as a former Mossad agent, she knows a form of martial arts known as Krav Maga -- DiNozzo jumps into the fight.

Surprise! Average TV Viewing Per Day Continues To Rise By Bill Gorman (TVbytheNumbers) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:15:13 AM

Reports of the demise of television watching continue to be premature. People may be spending time watching video

online, downloading torrents, playing video games, and whatever else, but they’re continuing to watch more TV on average as well. For the 2008-2009 TV season, the amount of television watched Americans spent four hours and reached an all-time high as 49 minutes a day on average in

front of the TV, up four minutes from last year and up 20% from 10 years ago. via Nielsen Wire. Clicking through to the source you’ll learn that primetime viewing was flat vs. last year, but still on a slow upward trend over

the period since 1991. This content has passed through

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Fox Sports en Espanol Hits Ratings Home Run With 2009 World Series Coverage By Bill Gorman (TVbytheNumbers)

“The only thing more exciting for us than this memorable Fall Classic is the fact that our loyal Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:05:26 AM fans consistently tuned in to Fox via press release: Sports en Espanol for the best Fox Sports en Espanol Hits live coverage of the Series,” said Ratings Home Run With 2009 D a v i d S t e r n b e r g , G e n e r a l World Series Coverage Manager of Fox Sports en N e t w o r k S t r i k e s O u t Espanol. “This clearly validates Competition across All Key our mission of providing the Demographics during MLB Post- most important sporting events, Season with the best analysis, of any LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10 Hispanic sports network.” /PRNewswire/ — Fox Sports en The results were strong for Espanol, the country’s leading FSE’s advertisers, as well, with Spanish-language sports media the network over-delivering p l a t f o r m , s t r u c k o u t t h e across all demographics and competition with its coverage of surpassing its three-year World the recently concluded 2009 Series average. Ratings for Major League Baseball World coverage of the entire Major Series. The network’s number League post season was up one program during the ratings dramatically over last year, with bonanza was Game Six of the t h e A m e r i c a n L e a g u e World Series (Yankees vs. Championship Series drawing a P h i l l i e s , 1 1 / 4 / 0 9 ) , w h i c h total Hispanic household rating delivered 261,000 Hispanics in of .92 for P18-49 and 1.24 for the key P18-49 demographic. men, vs. last year’s .39 and .44 Overall, Fox Sports en Espanol respectively. Overall, Fox Sports finished with a 3.43 (1.74 P18- e n E s p a n o l m a i n t a i n e d i t s 49) household coverage rating, position as the leading Hispanic up 81% in total households vs. its sports network in the ratings for World Series coverage from the second week in a row, 2008, and 240% over 2007. averaging 73% more Hispanic

P18-49 in primetime than its next closest competitor. This marked the ninth consecutive year that Fox Sports en Espanol has offered live, exclusive Spanish-language coverage of the MLB postseason. In addition, as part of a sevenyear partnership with Fox Broadcasting Company that runs through the 2013 season, the network will continue to offer live and exclusive Spanishlanguage coverage of approximately 26 MLB regularseason games each year plus the annual All-Star Game. About Fox Sports en Espanol Reaching more than 14 million cable and satellite households in the country, of which over 5 million are U.S. Hispanic Households, Fox Sports en Espanol is the leader in Spanishlanguage sports media. We feature premier soccer programming with exclusive coverage of the top leagues and tournaments in Latin America and Europe; coverage of the Major League Baseball regular season, All-Star Game, American League Championship Series and

World Series; championship boxing and UFC® and mixedmartial arts across four compelling media platforms. With more than 1,600 hours of live and exclusive programming, a robust web site brimming with streaming video and portable content from FSE Movil, we are and will continue to be the first name in the U.S. Hispanic sports space. Fox Sports en Espanol is distributed by Fox Cable Networks Group and operated by Fox Pan American Sports LLC, an international sports programming and production entity jointly owned by HM Capital Partners, LLC and News Corporation’s ( NASDAQ:NWS) ( NASDAQ:NWSA) Fox Sports International. For more information, visit Fox Sports en Espanol online at Source: Fox Sports en Espanol This content has passed through

Street Chic: New York By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 11/10/2009 4:00:00 AM

Shades of gray—on a sweater

dress, scarf, and boyfriend blazer—make a strong statement. Photo: Lee Satkowski Think you are Street Chic? Email us your photo and you could appear in's Street

Chic Daily. Follow ELLE on Twitter. Become our Facebook fan!

Review: Lie to Me - Lack of Candor By Jonathan Toomey (TV Squad) Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:59:00 AM

( S02E06)"You work here. I know everything." - Lightman Looks like we've got a bit of a trend going on here. Just a few weeks ago, we got a glimpse into Cal's seedy criminal past and now we got a taste of what Reynolds was up to before he became the FBI liaison to The Lightman Group. As enjoyable as a one-off case on Lie to Me can be, it's way more interesting when Cal starts using his talent on the people working in his own office. There's more than enough material to mine here and hopefully there's more of this in the future. Continue reading Review: Lie to Me - Lack of Candor Filed under: OpEd, Episode Reviews, Reality-Free, Lie to Me Permalink| Email this| | Comments


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What's On Tonight: 30 For 30, Nova, 90210, World Series of Poker

Fierce Fashions: 'Twilight' Stars & Others Take a Bite Outta Awards Show!

By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)

(ETonline - Breaking News)

• A&E has two new episodes of Parking Wars at 10. • Bravo has a new Tabatha's Salon Makeover at 10. • MTV has a new episode of The Hills at 10, followed by a new episode o f The City.

Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:30:00 PM

• At 8, ABC has a new V, then a new Dancing with the Stars and In The Spotlight with Robin Roberts. • CBS has a new NCIS at 8, followed by new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife. • NBC has a new, two-hour Biggest Loser at 8, followed by a new Jay Leno Show. • FOX has a new, two-hour So You Think You Can Dance at 8. • The CW has new episodes of 90210 and Melrose Place. • There's a new Nova on PBS at 8. • ESPN has a new 30 For 30 at 8, followed by the two-hour season finale of The World

Submitted at 11/10/2009 3:11:00 AM

Screen legends and Hollywood's brightest young stars came together to shine at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards in Hollywood. The awards Check your local TV listings for c e r e m o n y , p r e s e n t e d b y, honors the men more. After the jump, the late night and women who work behind the scenes of the year's biggest and talk shows. Continue reading What's On best films. Take a look at whose Tonight: 30 For 30, Nova, 90210, glittering ensembles rocked and which get-ups left you shell World Series of Poker F i l e d u n d e r : L a t e N i g h t , shocked! Series of Poker. episodes of Scare Tactics, • History Channel has a new f o l l o w e d b y a n e w E C W . Programming, Celebrities, Talk episode of The Universe at 9. • At 10, FX has a new Sons of Show, What To Watch Tonight, Reality-Free • Discovery has a new Dirty Jobs Anarchy. Permalink| Email this| | at 9, then a new Ghost Lab. • Lifetime has a new Sherri at C omments • Cartoon Network has a new 10. Stoked at 9. • Food Network has a new • Also at 9: Syfy has two new Chopped at 10.

NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 'New Moon' Love Reveals Secret Cancer Battle Triangle Ignites in City of Lights (ETonline - Breaking News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 5:28:00 AM

Basketball superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar announced this morning that he has a rare form of cancer. The all-star player, who has also had numerous television and

movie roles, was diagnosed last year with a rare type of blood cancer known as Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia. He has not spoken about his battle publicly until now, and hopes to inspire others as new treatments are available to patients with the

disease. The type of cancer Kareem faces affects the blood and bone marrow. Until recently, diagnosis often meant only years or a few months to live.

(ETonline - Breaking News)

film and ET has the pics of the actors, who are involved in one Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:07:00 AM of the most talked about on'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' screen love triangles! i s o n t h e r i s e a n d R o b e r t Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Jacob Black return to the big T a y l o r L a u t n e r a r e i n t h e screen Nov. 20. romantic city of Paris, France promoting the highly anticipated

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Final World Series Games Give Fox One More Big Week By Bill Gorman (TVbytheNumbers)


Sources: Cleveland Browns likely to go with Brady Quinn to start instead of Derek Anderson By Adam Schefter (

"I know where I'm headed, but we'll talk about that on Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:42:03 AM Wednesday," Mangini said Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:38:27 AM during his news conference. "I The 2009 World Series finished The Browns are not making an haven't talked to the quarterbacks with the best ratings since 2004, official announcement regarding about it yet, so that's part of it." and the final games boosted Fox their quarterback situation until Mangini's secrecy is nothing to another weekly ratings win in Wednesday. But two sources said new. He didn't announce Quinn all the main the adult demo the team likely will name Brady as his starter for the season groups for the seventh week of Quinn the starting quarterback opener until an hour before the primetime season ending for Monday night's game at kickoff. November 8, 2009. They had Baltimore against the Ravens. It may not matter who runs particularly large margins of Quinn started Cleveland's first Cleveland's inept offense. The victory in adults 18-34 and 18three games before coach Eric Browns have scored just five 49, but just got by CBS in adults Mangini switched to Derek offensive touchdowns -- two 25-54. Anderson for the fourth game fewer than the New Orleans With a big Cowboys/Eagles against the Cincinnati Bengals. d e f e n s e . T h e S a i n t s h a v e Sunday Night Football game, outscored the Browns 303-78. It's NBC’s ratings were elevated You can see past week’s MyNetworkTV ratings averages AFC North blog's James Walker as if the Browns are playing from last week’s embarrassment broadcast network primetime a r e n o t b e i n g r e p o r t e d b y and they edged ABC for third weekly TV ratings results here. Nielsen, since they are no longer writes about all things AFC another sport. And as the never-ending saga place in the important adults 18- Each rating point is a percentage classed as a network but are now North in his division blog. • Blog network: NFL Nation drags on, the Browns returned 49 demo. Even with the World of the US TV population in that a “programming service”. Series, CBS was able to sneak demographic group and equals: Nielsen TV Ratings Data: Anderson, who actually replaced from a bizarre bye week that p a s t F o x f o r t o p a v e r a g e 2.90 million viewers, 1.32 ©2009 The Nielsen Company. Quinn halfway through Game 3 - included general manager George - coincidentally, also against the Kokinis' mysterious dismissal viewership. million adults 18-49, 0.68 million All Rights Reserved. Note that the chart includes adults 18-34 and 1.24 million This content has passed through Ravens -- is coming off a 6-for- without any more information 1 7 p e r f o r m a n c e w i t h t w o being provided about his ouster. RATINGS not VIEWERSHIP as adults 25-54. interceptions in a 30-6 loss to the One week after Kokinis was was typical in our weekly Sadly, we will no longer be Chicago Bears. relieved of his duties, the team network ratings posts prior to h a v i n g a T i n y N e t w o r k Anderson has thrown two h a s y e t t o e x p l a i n t h e July, 2009. Showdown! since touchdown passes and nine circumstances surrounding his interceptions while going 1-4 as a departure after just nine months starter. He is ranked last in the on the job. (Financial Times - US confirmed that it had received an Commission’s position, pointing league in quarterback rating, and Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL homepage) official objection from Brussels to further lengthy delays even if a has a passer rating of only 3.1 in Insider. Information from The to its proposed $7.4bn acquisition deal for the struggling Sun is the fourth quarter. Associated Press was used in this Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:52:20 PM of Sun Microsystems. finally cleared. On Monday, Mangini said he report. Oracle on Monday mounted a The US software company also This content has passed through would wait until Wednesday This content has passed through strident attack on Europe’s s a i d i t w o u l d “ v i g o r o u s l y before making his quarterback competition authorities as it o p p o s e ” t h e E u r o p e a n choice public.

Oracle rejects Brussels antitrust claims


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Nielsen Ratings notes for Monday’sOne Tree Hill and Gossip Girl By Robert Seidman (TVbytheNumbers) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:34:14 AM

Since like a bonehead I initially forgot to include Gossip Girl in the data table for Monday’s overnight report, I figured I would just post these ratings notes separately. This is not a press release from the CW, rather just an FYI on the night, though some/all of it might wind up issued in a release later: ONE TREE HILL: matched season highs in total viewers (2.67mil) and women 18-49

(1.8/4) and delivered 2nd best of the season in adults 18-34 (1.6/4tie), women 18-34 (2.5/6), adults 18-49 (1.2/3-tie). ONE TREE HILL was up vs. last week by 9% in women 18-

34, 7% in adults 18-34, 13% in women 18-49, 9% in adults 1849 and 15% in total viewers. GOSSIP GIRL improved by double-digits over last week: 17% in women 18-34 (2.7/7),

21% in adults 18-34 (1.7/5), 19% in women 18-49 (1.9/4), 20% in adults 18-49 (1.2/3) and 17% in total viewers (2.31mil). GG was on par with its season average in adults 18-34 and adults 18-49, and above its season average in total viewers. GG built on OTH by 8% in women 18-34, 6% in adults 1834 and 6% in women 18-49. This content has passed through

Expect Caffeine after the holidays By twitter:@vashonme (TweetMeme) Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:48:45 AM

Matt Cutts of google Expect Caffeine after the holidays: Back in August we mentioned a developer preview of Caffeine... 1 comment Source:

The Count: Can Colts, Saints Go 16-0? ( The Daily Fix)

his probabilities on rankings of every team in the league derived from various attributes, such as A field-goal miss and a crucial fumble rates and yards per play, fumble recovery for a touchdown and on each team’s remaining late in their games helped schedule. The Colts arguably Indianapolis and New Orleans, have the slightly tougher road. respectively, improve to 8-0. B o t h t e a m s p l a y t h e N e w How likely are the Colts and England Patriots. The Colts also Saints to match the 2007 New face the Baltimore Ravens and England Patriots by finishing 8- Denver Broncos, while the 0 ? G e t t y I m a g e s R o b e r t Saints’ other tough matchup is Meachem’s TD helped the Saints the Dallas Cowboys. come back to beat Carolina and These calculations, of course, remain undefeated. can’t account for surprises later Brian Burke of NFL Advanced in the season that change team Stats says their respective strength. Since the Colts and probabilities are 14% and 23% Saints are already at the top of (meaning there’s about a one in the league, the status quo is three chance of one of them beneficial to them and surprises finishing undefeated). He bases are more likely to hurt than help. Submitted at 11/9/2009 3:11:58 PM

The Patriots kept playing their stars in 2007, then struggled in their first two playoff games before losing the Super Bowl to the New York Giants, a heavy underdog. The Colts, on the other hand, are known for resting players and playing below their The entire St. Louis Rams best late in the season — though starting lineup could get food that reputation isn’t entirely poisoning before Sunday and it deserved. Over the last six years, wouldn’t change the Saints’ they’ve won 81% of their games status as heavy favorites, but an before December and 71% of i n j u r y t o N e w O r l e a n s games afterward, not a huge drop quarterback Drew Brees could -off. Only in 2006 did the Colts have a losing record from Dec. 1 have an impact. Another unknown is whether the to the end of the regular season, teams would continue playing at and that year they won four f u l l s t r e n g t h o n c e t h e y playoff games and the Super presumably sew up home-field Bowl. The Colts’ coach during advantage until the Super Bowl. those seasons was Tony Dungy.

It’s unclear what Dungy’s former assistant, Jim Caldwell, would do now that he’s in the top spot. When 2005’s Dungy-coached Colts lost after starting 13-0, it was with all their top skill players playing the whole game. They were vanquished by the San Diego Chargers, then quarterbacked by current Saints signal-caller Drew Brees. This time, Brees and Peyton Manning may meet for the first time this season as quarterbacks of 18-0 teams in the Super Bowl. But don’t bet on it — Burke’s calculations say there’s a one-in30 chance the two teams will enter the playoffs undefeated.


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Does Iverson Prefer the Beach to the Bench? ( The Daily Fix) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:48:48 AM

We know some things about Allen Iverson: he’s the smallest player ever to win the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, he’s one of the defining scorers of his generation, and he is probably the most potent pound-for-pound point-producer in league history. Getty Images Allen Iverson, pictured during the happiest moment of his Memphis tenure so far. But at the moment, Iverson’s basketball future is unknown — after declining due to back and ego injuries after a trade to Detroit last season, he pouted over playing time in Memphis before leaving the team Saturday to deal with “personal business.” He lasted just three games there, and may not return to the Grizzlies, or any other NBA team. The last year-plus has been one big comedown for the future Hall of Famer, and this could well be the end of what has been an astonishing NBA career. Astonishing, that is, but not surprising. Iverson has been clear in the past that he doesn’t see himself as a bench player, yet Memphis coach Lionel Hollins cast him in that role anyway. “The Grizzlies brought in Allen Iverson and then chased him into the sunset because he acted like — ready for it? — Allen Iverson!” Geoff Calkins writes in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “Whoever would have

thought it? The nerve of the guy! Yes, Iverson has confirmed to the world he is all about Iverson. But what part of the world didn’t know that already?” MLive’s Patrick Hayes wonders if the Grizzlies were straight with Iverson about what his role would be. In the Philadelphia Daily News, Phil Jasner bemoans Iverson’s inability to adapt to the demands of others, and to the role for which he now seems best suited. “He could have emerged as a dynamic sixth man,” Jasner writes. “He could have added years to his career. He could have written a couple of additional chapters to his legacy. He chose not to do that.”* * * Tomorrow’s Fix will tackle head -on the sad news that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has leukemia. In the meantime, what better place to turn than the SI Vault, for this 1966 Frank Deford piece on a soon-to-be-revolutionary young man named Lew Alcindor about to play his first varsity game at UCLA.* * * It’s a feeling few of us have ever known firsthand — to take a handoff from a quarterback and barrel forward, through and around a half-dozen gigantic opponents toward the end zone. It’s not hard to see how the elation felt in pulling that off could transform an ordinary person into someone with an oversized sense of infallibility. It’s probably too late to psychoanalyze Larry Johnson.

running back will receive another chance with his team. Blount had been suspended by Ducks coach Chip Kelly for the year after punching a Boise State player and igniting a brawl after Oregon’s first game of the season — on the same day that Johnson The two-time Pro Bowl pick, was denied his sixth or seventh who was one of the NFL’s chance by the Chiefs. The Ducks dominant rushers just a few years w i l l r e i n s t a t e B l o u n t f o r ago, was released amid a cloud of Saturday’s game against Arizona acrimony and recrimination by State. At Fox Sports, Pete Fiutak the moribund Kansas City Chiefs Monday. (Sports Illustrated’s Joe delivers the dudgeon n’ scold Posnanski already peeked inside routine one expects in cases like Johnson’s head ably.) Even t h i s . B u t i n t h e P o r t l a n d considering Johnson’s brushes Oregonian, John Canzano — with the law and ritual flouting of who tore into Blount and the what is generally accepted as non Oregon football program after the -butthead behavior, it’s still initial incident (check this Fix for stunning how so talented a proof) — takes a longer view. player’s star could’ve fallen so “We live in a society that too often lowers [standards] for quickly. “Johnson was a man concerned people who can run fast and with his legacy. He wanted to jump high and entertain us with break records,” the Kansas City their athleticism,” Canzano Star’s Kent Babb writes. “He writes. “Blount, who has been wanted to leave his mark. He suspended three times in 18 studied the game and identified months at Oregon, is either going the great ones, hoping someday to join the ranks of sad souls who to do what they did and be as blew one final opportunity to get unforgettable as they were. it right. Or he’s going to use this Instead, hell be remembered not as a springboard to take himself as a great running back, but somewhere greater.”* * * rather as a troubled one whose That Charlie Weis is the coach at terrific skills and immeasurable the fading-but-still-famous brand talent never caught up with his that is Notre Dame explains the bad decisions and overflowing outsized amount of attention he’s been given, but Fighting Irish emotions.”* * * Babb’s last sentence seemed to fans are having a more difficult loom as a possible career epitaph time explaining the team’s loss to for University of Oregon’s Navy on Saturday. LeGarrette Blount. But this It doesn’t help things that Weis

— who followed the loss by proclaiming, oddly, that he “never, ever change[s]” — appeared to have been pretty soundly out-coached by Navy’s Ken Niumatalolo. “Speculation about coach Charlie Weis’ position on the imaginary bun warmer will come from all the directions,” the South Bend Tribune’s Al Lesar writes. “With Pittsburgh, Connecticut and Stanford left, and a best-case scenario of the Gator Bowl as the prize for winning out, motivation has sailed away. It’s a season that’s sinking fast.” All of which leaves Notre Dame fans with little left to look forward to but … grandiose nexthead-coach scenarios? “Start naming specific coaching prospects to Irish fans, though, and delusions of grandeur return in full bloom,” Yahoo’s Doug Gillett writes. “Posters at the message board ND Nation can’t seem to decide where to focus their hubristic presumption — the idea that Urban Meyer would automatically drop everything and leave Florida for South Bend if the Irish showed even a hint of interest, or the idea that Notre Dame might actually be too good for a coach who only suspended his star linebacker for a half for eye-gouging.”* * * College basketball’s regular season is off to a quiet start, with good teams tuning up against less -good teams and interesting DOES page 55



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Kansas City Chiefs release troubled running back Larry Johnson By news services ( Submitted at 11/9/2009 5:23:23 PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Given good blocking and a fresh start, Larry Johnson might still be the power-running Pro Bowler who had back-to-back 1,700-yard seasons for Kansas City. Are you listening, Seattle? What do you think, Indianapolis? Chicago? Houston? Or he might be a declining malcontent who'll only cost money and cause trouble. To that, every coach and general manager in the NFL is listening. The Chiefs released Johnson on Monday, the day he was due back from his second suspension in the past 12 months. “ A part of him is excited and a part of him is very regretful. There's a lot of feelings going on right now.�-- Peter Schaffer, Johnson's agent Any team with a faltering running game is bound to be tempted by Johnson, despite his baggage and his age (he turns 30 on Nov. 19). "Any player that's available, we look at," said Bears coach Lovie Smith. "That's been our standard policy throughout. That'll be the case with Larry." Houston coach Gary Kubiak agreed. "When a name like that comes on

the free agent market like today, we'll obviously go back and take a look at him just like any other player," Kubiak said. "Obviously, he's been a good player in this league and I'm sure he'll get a lot of interest from a lot of people." The Seahawks have the league's 30th-ranked rushing offense. Starter Julius Jones has sputtered. And last week, Seattle released ineffective backup Edgerrin James, the NFL's active rushing leader. Yet coach Jim Mora doesn't sound interested in Johnson. When asked if he was interested in adding a veteran running back, Mora said "No. ... Right now, we'll just stick with what we've got." The Washington Redskins are another team that isn't interested in Johnson, a league source told's Matt Mosley on Monday night. Johnson has been high maintenance since the Chiefs drafted him in the first round out of Penn State in 2003. Unhappy because he thought he was going to be taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Johnson brooded while playing behind Pro Bowler Priest Holmes. He even prompted thencoach Dick Vermeil to say it was time for him "to take the diapers off." His last brush with controversy came two weeks ago when he posted on his Twitter account a

gay slur, insulted followers and questioned the competence of head coach Todd Haley. On The Field, Steady Decline Since compiling nearly 2,200 yards from scrimmage in 2006, Larry Johnson has seen his total yardage decline significantly each season. His yards from scrimmage per game since '06: He was suspended for two weeks, but Haley said the final decision to cast him aside was not made until early Monday. "We decided it was in the best interests of the Kansas City Chiefs organization to move forward at this time," he said. Behind a poor offensive line this year, Johnson has averaged a paltry 2.7 yards for the Chiefs (17) and appeared not to have the quickness and punishing power that enabled him to rush for more than 1,700 yards in Pro Bowl seasons in 2005 and '06. Can he still be effective? "I don't think I'll answer that because he's no longer on this team," Haley said. Since rushing for a team-record 1,789 yards on an NFL-record 416 carries in 2006, Johnson has never been quite the same. In 2008, then-coach Herm Edwards benched him for three straight games for violating team rules and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him a fourth game for violating the league's player conduct policy.

Johnson was later sentenced to two years' probation after pleading guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace. One woman accused him of throwing a drink on her and another said he had pushed her head at a Kansas City night spot. After his huge year in 2006, Johnson stayed away from training camp, demanding more money and he got it, a six-year deal worth $45 million, including $19 million guaranteed. But hampered by a foot injury, he wound up with only 559 yards and three touchdowns. In 2008, he ran for 874 yards as the Chiefs sank to 2-14. Still, Johnson was only 75 yards away from breaking Holmes' team rushing record. "A part of him is excited and a part of him is very regretful," his agent, Peter Schaffer, told The Associated Press. "There's a lot of feelings going on right now. It's analogous to breaking up with a girlfriend. Maybe you saw it coming, but it still hurts when it happens." Haley declined to say if Johnson's low production had any bearing on his release or whether the Chiefs' biggest concern were the slurs and the public criticism of his coach. "It wouldn't be fair of me to try to comment on that in any way other than to say the totality of the situation was factored in --

what we felt was best for the Kansas City Chiefs," Haley said. In April, a special master ruled that in pleading guilty to disturbing the peace, Johnson had violated terms of his contract and the Chiefs could release him without having to pay about $3.5 million. In what now must be viewed as a huge mistake, they opted to keep him on the roster. "Every decision we've made here ... has been what we thought was best for the football team," Haley said. "Some of those decisions might appear real good at times, and some of them might appear real bad at times." Getting benched for three games last year and suspended by the league for one cost him big. And this year he lost another $315,000 for the gay slurs and tweeting. Last week, an online fan petition was started asking the Chiefs not to let Johnson become the team's all-time leading rusher -- a record Smith said Johnson had been looking forward to. "He wanted to get the record, I know that," said running back Kolby Smith, who saw his first action Sunday after undergoing knee surgery last year. "Whenever someone has a chance to break a record, it means a lot to them." Johnson winds up his Chiefs KANSAS page 53

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How the Fall of the Wall Rocked Sports ( The Daily Fix)

former East Germany (and later the Soviet bloc), the end of East Germany also made a notable To the extent that your Fixer impact in the world of sports. A remembers the Cold War at all, few terrific articles that didn’t fit it’s through the big, dumb into this morning’s Daily Fix cultural stuff that registered with bear this out. his then-elementary school-aged In part, the fall of the Berlin self: that “Rambo” sequel in W a l l r e s o n a t e d e s p e c i a l l y w h i c h S l y S t a l l o n e f i g h t s dramatically in the sports world alongside the mujahideen in because East Germany defined Afghanistan against a sadistic itself, to a great degree, through Russian colonel; the Sting song its excellence in international about Russians loving their athletic competition. At Al children, too; the cinematic Jazeera online (seriously), Paul human-rights violation that is “ Rhys tells the fascinating story of Red Dawn.” Associated Press G e r m a n t r a c k s t a r H e i k e This Nov. 10, 1989, file photo Drechsler, who won Olympic shows Berliners singing and medals for both East Germany dancing on top of the Berlin wall (in 1988) and unified Germany, to celebrate the opening of East- and was elected to the communist West German borders. German Democratic Republic’s But the fall of the Berlin Wall, Volkskammer legislature when 20 years ago today, was clearly she was just 19. different, and I understood it Drechsler succeeded within the even then. I was 11 years old at system in the GDR, but the the time, but very aware that oppressiveness of the East something (or everything) was G e r m a n p o l i c e s t a t e w a s changing, if only from watching intolerable for many others. In my parents’ response to the news Deutsche Welle, Marcus Neu footage. While the most notable Boelz relates the story of Axel changes brought about by the Mitbauer, a member of the Wall’s fall were obviously in the GDR’s national swimming team lives of the millions living in the who staged an unbelievable

institutionalized doping and massive corruption that defined the GDR’s national athletic program remains shocking. “About 10,000 East German athletes were subjected to a mandatory, state-run system of doping that produced dozens of escape from East Germany. “The Olympic gold medals,” Bob Baltic Sea was an area many used Cohn writes in the Washington in their attempts to flee East Times. “It also caused an ethical Germany, and guards were scandal of global proportions, always on the alert as a result,” widespread moral outrage and Boelz writes. “Mitbauer studied dire health issues that remain to the guards’ habits for a week and this day. Other communist learned that they turned off the countries sent a sizable number search lights shortly once an hour of chemically altered athletes into to allow them to cool. On August competition, but East Germany 17, around 9 p.m., he grabbed his was where the practice not only chance and dove into the water. w a s c o m m o n p l a c e , b u t As the lights were turned back institutionalized and, in most on, he went under water again cases, mandatory.” and swam 25 kilometers (15.5 — Tip of the Fix cap to fellow Fixer Garey Ris. miles).” As the first and most memorable Found a good column from the of the dominoes to fall in world of sports? Don’t keep it to Communism’s collapse, the yourself — write to us at Berlin Wall remains a striking and we’ll symbol of changing times. The consider your find for inclusion athletic globalization of the post- in the Daily Fix. You can email Cold War era has changed the David at face of sports around the world, and seemingly gives the story a happy ending. But the


The Fix - Dunn leaving White House, Pfeiffer takes over

Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:46:19 AM

continued from page 52

career with 5,996 yards rushing and 55 touchdowns. He also caught 151 passes for 1,369 yards and six TDs. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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By twitter:@MattMackowiak (TweetMeme) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:24:44 AM

@thefix reports WH Comms Dir

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reveals He Has Rare Form of Leukemia By Will Brinson (FanHouse) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:20:00 AM

by Will Brinson Filed under: Lakers, NBA Media Watch, NBA Rumors During an interview with the Associated Press on Monday, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar revealed that he is being treated for a rare form of leukemia. Kareem apparently learned of the diagnosis nearly a year ago, but held off on making the news public until now. "The word 'leukemia' is a very frightening word," he said in a phone interview from New York. "In many instances, it's a killer and it's something that you have to deal with in a very serious and determined way if you're going to beat it." Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reveals He Has Rare Form of Leukemia originally appeared on Fanhouse D u n n l v g , P f e i f e r i n - - NBA Blog on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 08:20:00 EST . Please see our 0 c o m m e n t s S o u r c e : terms for use of feeds. v o i c e s . w a s h i n g t o n p o s t . c o m Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments


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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar receiving treatment for rare form of leukemia By Associated Press (

Novartis, which makes a drug that treats the illness. Citing the way Los Angeles Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:39:27 AM Lakers teammate Magic Johnson NEW YORK -- Kareem Abdul- brought awareness to HIV, Abdul Jabbar is being treated for a rare -Jabbar said he wants to do the form of leukemia, and the same for his form of blood b a s k e t b a l l g r e a t s a i d h i s cancer, which can be fatal if left p r o g n o s i s i s e n c o u r a g i n g . untreated. The NBA's all-time leading "I've never been a person to share s c o r e r w a s d i a g n o s e d l a s t my private life. But I can help December with chronic myeloid save lives," he said in a midtown leukemia, he told The Associated Manhattan conference room. "It's Press on Monday. incumbent on someone like me to The 62-year-old Abdul-Jabbar talk about this." said his doctor didn't give any Abdul-Jabbar became concerned guarantees, but informed him: last year after feeling odd "You have a very good chance to sensations. He went for tests at live your life out and not have to UCLA, where he dominated make any drastic changes to your college basketball in the late lifestyle." 1960s, winning three straight “ NCAA championships from 1967 I've never been a person to share to 1969. my private life. But I can help "I was getting hot flashes and save lives. It's incumbent on sweats on a regular basis," he someone like me to talk about said. "That's not normal, even for this.�-- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar my age." Abdul-Jabbar is taking an oral An exam showed his white medication for the disease. He is blood cell count was "sky high" a paid spokesman for the Swiss and a doctor quickly diagnosed p h a r m a c e u t i c a l c o m p a n y his condition. At first, all Abdul-

Jabbar heard was the word "leukemia." "I was scared," he said. "I thought it was all the same. I thought it could mean I have a month to live." "That was my first question," he said. "Was I going to make it?" A longtime student in martial arts, Abdul-Jabbar said he took the approach of a samurai -- to face death without fear. "I had my face on," he said. Instead, doctors told him CML was treatable with proper medication and monitoring. Abdul-Jabbar is a special assistant with the Lakers and said he hasn't had to cut back his level of activity of coaching, change his regimen or adjust his diet. "I'm able to sneak out for Thai food," he said. "There is hope. This condition can be treated. You can still live a productive, full life," he said. "I'm living proof I can make it." Abdul-Jabbar recently returned from an academic conference in Abu Dhabi and has several speaking engagements planned.

Among the people he regularly talks to about his condition is his son, a third-year medical student at the University of California, San Francisco. The six-time NBA MVP intends to post updates to his Facebook and Twitter accounts and stay connected through, a Web site for those afflicted by the disease. About 5,000 cases of CML are expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society said. More than 22,000 people are living in the U.S. with the disease. The disease tends to initially be diagnosed in people in their midto late 60s, and usually affects men more than women. "I want to spread the word," Abdul-Jabbar said. Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press This content has passed through

Dante's Inferno demo burning up Xbox 360 and PS3 next month By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:30:00 AM

Though Visceral Games' video game adaptation of the classic parable known as Dante's Inferno(which, fun fact, was actually a book adaptation of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey) won't see the light of day until next February, we'll be getting our dirty, sin-soaked hands on a demo for the game in December. In 'The Gates of Hell,' players will be able to traverse the entire first level of the game, taking them from the surface world to the titular portcullis, where they must battle (and presumably kill) Death himself. We imagine the game gets much easier after, you know, there's no more Death. Dante's Inferno demo burning up Xbox 360 and PS3 next month originally appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

Developers deem piracy a problem, not a threat in survey By Justin McElroy (Joystiq) Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:00:00 PM

Troubling news for pirates worried about their fearsome image today: In a recent survey of TIGA members, a majority of

developers say that while piracy is a problem, it's not necessarily a fatal one to their business. While 90 percent of those polled think the issue is getting worse, only 60 percent call it a low threat with a mere 10 percent saying it

represents a significant danger to

their survival. What are the other 90 percent worried about? Well, getting caught between Mega Shark and Giant Octopus, naturally. Developers deem piracy a problem, not a threat in survey

originally appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 12:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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DOES continued from page 51

games probably still some weeks away. North Carolina at least picked an intriguing patsy in Isiah Thomas-coached Florida International, and the Zeke-led Golden Panthers kept things somewhat closer than expected. Which, you know, is good for them, but still led to a 16-point loss. Instead of watching highlights from blowouts, you should read Steve Yanda’s excellent, in-depth profile of the University of Maryland’s mercurial Venezuelan point guard, Greivis Vasquez. Vasquez’s batty charisma and Yanda’s understated writing and terrific reporting places this story among the most entertaining your Fixer has come across in awhile.* * * Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto are not the only big

personalities involved in Saturday’s mega-hyped welterweight championship bout. Pacquiao is trained by Freddie Roach, and the unique relationship between the two idiosyncratic, defiantly individualistic boxing greats is the subject of a terrific piece by Greg Bishop in the New York Times. “If the boxer is the most recognizable person in a country of more than 90 million, the trainer ranks third behind the president, Gloria MacapagalArroyo,” Bishop writes. “Locals have tried to set Roach up with potential brides. He causes traffic jams when buses stop so passengers can get his autograph. The trainer finds all this amusing, but as Pacquiaos popularity has grown, so too has his power, and that has altered the dynamic of

their relationship.” In USA Today, Bob Velin discusses the differences between Roach and Cotto trainer Joe Santiago, and how those divergent approaches could impact the fight. — Tip of the Fix cap to readers Brendan Flynn and Fred Sternburg and fellow Fixer Garey Ris. Found a good column from the world of sports? Don’t keep it to yourself — write to us at and we’ll consider your find for inclusion in the Daily Fix. You can email David at


Colombian troops killed in clash (BBC News | Americas | World Edition)

He said the rebels were from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc. Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:51:21 AM Largely financed by drug Nine soldiers have been killed trafficking, the Farc has been and four wounded in a clash with fighting a guerrilla war against left-wing rebels in south-west Colombia's government since Colombia, military officials say. 1964. The troops came under mortar According to Colombian media, attack from about 100 rebels some 30 rebels were killed in the while they were patrolling, a fighting around Corinto. military commander said. Print Sponsor One official said they had This content has passed through stopped rebels taking the town of Corinto, in the Cauca department.

Andre Agassi should give back his titles, Marat Safin says By Associated Press ( Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:08:33 AM

PARIS -- Former No. 1-ranked Marat Safin believes that Andre Agassi should give his tennis titles back after confessing he tested positive for a banned substance during his career and lied about it to the ATP. “ If he is as fair play as he says he is, he has to go to the end. You

know, the ATP has a bank account and he can give the money back if he wants.”-- Marat Safin, former world No. 1 Agassi admitted in his autobiography "Open" that he used crystal meth in 1997 and failed a drug test, a result he says was thrown out after he lied by saying he "unwittingly" took the substance. Safin, who plans to retire this month, said in an interview with L'Equipe newspaper on Tuesday

that Agassi should "give his titles, his money and his Grand Slam titles" back. "I'm not defending the ATP, but what he said put it in a delicate position," Safin said. "The ATP allowed him to win a lot of tournaments, a lot of money. It kept his secret. Why does he need to be so cruel with it?" Agassi, who retired in 2006, won 60 titles, including eight Grand Slams, during his career. He recently told The Associated

Press that he had to speak about his lies because he couldn't live with it anymore. "If he is as fair play as he says he is, he has to go to the end," Safin said. "You know, the ATP has a bank account and he can give the money back if he wants." Safin, who will retire after this week's Paris Masters, won the 2000 U.S. Open and 2005 Australian Open. The 29-year-old Russian said he isn't going to write his autobiography when his

career will be over. "Me, I don't need money," he said. "The question is: Why did he do this? What is done is done. Does he hope to sell more books? It's absolutely stupid." Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press This content has passed through


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Zach Collaros of No. 5 Cincinnati Bearcats to start at quarterback vs. West Virginia Mountaineers By news services (

forearm, "is not there yet." "Zach has raised the bar," Kelly told the station. Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:39:54 AM Collaros threw for 480 yards, the Zach Collaros will start at second-best passing performance quarterback for No. 5 Cincinnati in Cincinnati's history, and set a on Friday against West Virginia, Big East record with 555 total coach Brian Kelly told WEBN- yards as he led the clinching FM in Cincinnati. drive of the Bearcats' 47-45 win Big East blog over Connecticut on Saturday.'s Brian Bennett Collaros has won three games writes about all things Big East in for the Bearcats (9-0, 5-0 Big his conference blog. East) since taking over for the • Blog network: injured Pike in the second half of College Football Nation the South Florida game. Kelly told the station that starter Pike, who was considered a Tony Pike, who is recovering Heisman Trophy candidate from surgery to his non-throwing before he got hurt, was medically

cleared to play late last week. He has been fitted with a brace for his left, non-throwing arm and was potentially in line to start Friday night against West Virginia (No. 21 BCS, No. 20 AP). Kelly said Monday that Pike would be the starter if he were fully healthy. Information from's Brian Bennett was used in this report. This content has passed through

Proposal eyes removing Fed powers (Financial Times - US homepage) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:33:42 AM

A key Senate committee on Tuesday proposed a sweeping overhaul of the US regulatory architecture that removes powers from the Federal Reserve and creates a single banking regulator. Chris Dodd, chairman of the

MediaDailyNews: Twitter Feed Becomes CBS 'Dad' Show (MediaPost | Media News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 7:05:19 AM

For Andre Agassi, Truth Is Everything By Jay Mariotti (FanHouse)

years after his sin -- when it would have been far more Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:45:00 AM convenient to keep living the lie by Jay Mariotti - that he failed a drug test and Filed under: Tennis So what do deceived the ATP by writing a people want from their heroes, letter claiming he "unwittingly'' a n y w a y : a f t e r - t h e - f a c t used crystal meth. transparency or the perpetuation The admission, in an of fraud? Here we are, still autobiography called Open,' is wading through the slime of the crippling to Agassi's reputation Steroids Era, rightfully crucifying as one of sport's good guys. By juicers for trying to hide behind outing himself, he hurts his walls of deceit. And yet, some of family, his numerous charitable the same critics are pummeling causes, his credibility and the Andre Agassi for volunteering 12 image we have of his complete

Senate banking committee, presented a vision for regulatory reform that is more radical than proposed by the Obama administration and will usher into the open a behind-the-scenes struggle involving banks, policymakers and regulators. This content has passed through

body of work, not good when one of his defining ad campaigns once had him declaring, "Image is everything.'' Knowing the damage that was forthcoming, he

came clean nonetheless about his recreational drug problem, unlike the high-profile baseball stars whose performance-enhancing crimes have been revealed in investigations and exposĂŠs. For Andre Agassi, Truth Is Everything originally appeared on Fanhouse - Jay Mariotti on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 00:45:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

CBS has ordered a script for a domestic comedy based on a Twitter feed "Shit My Dad Says," reports Variety. The feed was launched in August after Justin Halpern, an editor with, moved back home with is parents. The 29-year-old then began feeds of his father, 73. "Will & Grace" creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan will executive produce. The feed has more than 700,000 followers. The show will be retitled "Dad Says." This content has passed through

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Red Sox Make Decisions on Martinez, Wakefield, Varitek

No Ryan Clark, but Same Steel Curtain

MediaDailyNews: New Name: Radio Television Digital News Association

By Nancy Gay (FanHouse)

(MediaPost | Media News)

Submitted at 11/10/2009 1:55:00 AM

Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:51:52 AM

By Andrew Johnson (FanHouse)

by Nancy Gay Filed under: Broncos, Steelers DENVER -- Pittsburgh Steelers Submitted at 11/9/2009 11:43:00 PM safety Ryan Clark wasn't happy by Andrew Johnson with coach Mike Tomlin's Filed under: Red Sox, MLB decision to deactivate him for Transactions The Red Sox made Monday night's key AFC a flurry of contract decisions on showdown against the Denver Monday as they hurtle headlong Broncos. So his team tried to into the Hot Stove season. alleviate some of the conflict Boston picked up its 2010 option and the heart and soul of two C l a r k m a y h a v e f e l t a s a on Victor Martinez, and declined championship teams, has seen his s p e c t a t o r . options on longtime catcher and production dip over the last few The Steelers defense forced c a p t a i n J a s o n V a r i t e k a n d seasons. three Kyle Orton interceptions knuckleball pitcher Tim The Red Sox declined a $5 and Clark's replacement at free Wakefield, renegotiating a two- million team option on Varitek, safety, Tyrone Carter, got two of year extension with Wakefield at but he can still return in 2010 if them. Carter returned one of his a low average annual value. he picks up his $3 million player picks 48 yards for a secondThere's little surprise about option, and there are indications q u a r t e r t o u c h d o w n , a n d Martinez or Varitek. that he will. Pittsburgh dominated the The former, a catcher/first Red Sox Make Decisions on suddenly vulnerable Broncos, 28baseman who will make $7 Martinez, Wakefield, Varitek 10, at Invesco Field at Mile High. million next year, was acquired at originally appeared on Fanhouse Tomlin, whose team improved great cost in talent from the MLB Blog on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 Indians at the trading deadline 23:43:00 EST . Please see our this year, and he excelled in the terms for use of feeds. Boston pressure cooker, hitting Permalink| Email this| Linking .336 with 41 RBI in 56 games. Blogs| Comments The latter, a New England fixture

to 6-2, made the call to keep Clark in street clothes, mindful of the defensive back's previous medical emergency in the altitude in Denver two years ago. Clark has a rare form of sickle-cell trait that is aggravated by altitude. No Ryan Clark, but Same Steel Curtain originally appeared on Fanhouse NFL Blog on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 01:55:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

Embracing the new digital realities, the Radio-Television News Directors Association -the RTDNA -- has a new name: the Radio Television Digital News Association: the RTDNA. It remains the world's largest organization for TV and radio journalists, both here and abroad. The current chairman is Stacey Woelfel, an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and news director of KOMU, in Columbia, MO. This content has passed through

Blake Lively’s Customizable Fall Topper By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 11/10/2009 5:33:00 AM

For a day of shopping in New

York City, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively sported the most wearable leather biker jacket I've seen in a while (the Acne topper comes in brown and black). The genius


Wear sans-fur on sunny yet cool November afternoons and, for chilly December evenings, throw on the cozy collar for a chic yet lies in the detachable fur collar. totally temperature-appropriate

look. —Violet Moon Gayno r Follow ELLE on Twitter.


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Isiah Thomas' Shot at Redemption

Big Ben, Steelers Strike in Second Half

By Terence Moore (FanHouse)

By Nancy Gay (FanHouse)

By twitter:@thejoshuablog (TweetMeme)

Submitted at 11/10/2009 2:40:00 AM Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:04:36 AM

Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:30:00 AM

by Terence Moore Filed under: Florida International CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The universally popular bashing of Isiah Thomas is justified, but only to a point. Whatever the case, it continued on Monday night at the Dean E. Smith Center, where it was mostly harmless and often humorous. Ailing mothers have a tendency to soften hard souls. So, for the first time since just shy of forever, Thomas walked into a basketball arena as somebody that many wished to hug instead of choke. That's because hours before he made his debut as a college basketball coach for Florida International University against North Carolina (yes, that North Carolina), Mary Thomas was in a Chicago hospital preparing to

Boxer: Senate Has Votes To Block Stupak Amendment

have her 86-year-old heart repaired. Isiah Thomas' Shot at Redemption originally appeared on Fanhouse NCAA Basketball Blog on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 00:30:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

by Nancy Gay Filed under: Broncos, Steelers DENVER -- Maybe it took two quarters of getting acclimated to the Denver altitude, or perhaps the rust of a bye week left the Pittsburgh Steelers a bit sluggish out of the gate Monday night. But when the Steelers' defense and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hit the field reenergized in the second half of what became a lopsided AFC battle against the Broncos, they hardly let the home team touch the football. Roethlisberger threw three second-half touchdowns, the Steelers defense forced two of Kyle Orton's three interceptions, and Pittsburgh played its most complete 30 minutes of football

Sam Stein's Latest: Boxer: Senate Has Votes To Block Stupak Amendment: With R e p o r t i n g B y . . #p2 1 comment Source:

this season, ultimately rolling to a 28-10 victory over the Broncos at a stunned Invesco Field. More: No Ryan Clark, but Same Steel Curtain Big Ben, Steelers Strike in Second Half originally appeared on Fanhouse NFL Blog on Tue, By twitter:@mashable 10 Nov 2009 02:40:00 EST . (TweetMeme) Please see our terms for use of Submitted at 11/10/2009 5:51:21 AM feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Google’s Holiday Gift: Free WiBlogs| Comments Fi at Airports 1 comment Source:

Google’s Holiday Gift: Free Wi-Fi at Airports

Steve Nash Goes 20-20, Suns Go to 7-1 By Brett Pollakoff (FanHouse) Submitted at 11/9/2009 10:53:00 PM

by Brett Pollakoff Filed under: 76ers, Suns Be honest: you didn't think that after eight games were played in this young NBA season that we'd be talking about the Phoenix Suns as

one of the best teams in the league. But after Monday night's come-from-behind win in Philadelphia to finish a five-game road trip at 4-1, that's exactly where we find ourselves. Behind 21 points and 20 assists from Steve Nash-- his seventh 20 -assist game in his career and his

second of this season -- the Suns came from eight points down in

the fourth quarter to beat the Sixers in Philadelphia, and claimed a share of the league's top spot in the standings in the process. Suns 119, Sixers 115: Recap| Scoreboard Sun Not Setting on Grant Hill Steve Nash Goes 20-20, Suns

Go to 7-1 originally appeared on Fanhouse NBA Blog on Mon, 09 Nov 2009 22:53:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments


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EA trims its 2010 lineup, focuses on high-profit games


The Onion reveals Modern Warfare 3, most 'realistic' military experience yet By Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq)

home sickness and "filling out paperwork." Check out the full report after the break. We're so Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:30:00 PM bummed we weren't invited to The Onion has the WORLD the reveal junket, which had By Alexander Sliwinski Develop picked up on the we want, but EA's accountants, EXCLUSIVE first details of journalists sleeping in the (Joystiq) executive going on to say that EA stockholders and surviving M o d e r n W a r f a r e 3 , w h i c h Pentagon and being briefed in has a "core slate" that it will employees probably prefer the Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:05:00 AM developer Infinity Ward is "the war room" (which actually "iterate on an either annual or bi- security. As the mushroom cloud still annual basis ... all of them are Source-- EA slashes release slate apparently putting the "final h a s a s i g n : " N o F i g h t i n g touches on." There's so much A l l o w e d ! " ) . hangs in the air after Electronic selling or have sold in their most in half [MCV] Art's devastating quarterly report, recent edition two million units Source-- EA going cold on new scrumptious information in the Continue reading The Onion Onion report, it's almost like the reveals Modern Warfare 3, most which also brought with it 1,500 or more." He continued that any IP [Develop] respected media source made the 'realistic' military experience yet layoffs, the publisher plans to game that can't be expected to be EA trims its 2010 lineup, The Onion reveals Modern focus on games that are sure bets. a "very high profit contributor focuses on high-profit games whole thing up. MCV notes EA CEO John and high unit seller" is out from originally appeared on Joystiq on Modern Warfare 3 will blow W a r f a r e 3 , m o s t ' r e a l i s t i c ' Riccitiello's statement, made "this point going forward." What Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:05:00 EST. away its predecessor in the military experience yet originally realism department, being the appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 10 during an investor conference a difference a year makes. Please see our terms for use of most "true to life" installment of Nov 2009 12:30:00 EST. Please call yesterday, that the company It sounds like the "old EA" feeds. the game ever produced. A see our terms for use of feeds. will release approximately 30 might be making an unwelcome, Permalink| Email this| "majority" of gameplay will have Read| Permalink| Email this| titles in its 2010 fiscal year, a 50 albeit economically enforced, C o m m e n t s players hauling equipment, Comments percent cut from fiscal year 2008. return. We can hate it as much as cleaning vehicles, experiencing


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Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition ported to Zeebo By Justin McElroy (Joystiq) Submitted at 11/10/2009 10:30:00 AM

Users report Modern Warfare 2 Trophies misfiring By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)

trouble rewarding Trophies to its players. The problem seems to be with a pre-launch patch which, "Oh, man -- it was so awesome. for some reason or other, disables First multiplayer match I get into, the game's unlockable incentives. and I get like, a 200 kill streak. It A fix for the issue has been was in this weird airport lobby discovered by a few fan sites, but level, and everyone else must we've contacted Infinity Ward to have had really bad lag or see when we can expect a more something, because they didn't official solution to surface. move much -- but still! It was the Users report Modern Warfare 2 coolest thing I've ever done, and I Trophies misfiring originally didn't get a Trophy for it. WTF?" appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 10 While we're not certain Trophies Nov 2009 11:00:00 EST. Please are distributed for ... the feat see our terms for use of feeds. mentioned above, it does seem Read| Permalink| Email this| that the PS3 version of Modern Comments Warfare 2 is experiencing some Submitted at 11/10/2009 11:00:00 AM

Zeebo, the 3G console available in countries like Brazil, Russia and China, reminds us that right after food, water and shelter, access to Resident Evil 4 should be a top priority for all developing nations. It was revealed yesterday that Capcom will use the MascotCapsule eruption engine to port the wellreceived mobile version of RE 4 to the platform. January 8. Sega of America has yet to You know, it's funny, we know announce a special edition of Resident Evil 4 was a classic, but Bayonetta, but we won't be we never expected it to become shocked when the company does the new Tetris-- ported to every decide to pick up the extra money s y s t e m i m a g i n a b l e . W h i c h reminds us: Shinji Mikami, be generated by such a release. S e g a E u r o p e a n n o u n c e s forewarned: You're probably B a y o n e t t a s p e c i a l e d i t i o n going to have to grow a beard. originally appeared on Joystiq on Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition Tue, 10 Nov 2009 09:30:00 EST. ported to Zeebo originally Please see our terms for use of appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:30:00 EST. Please feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments Comments

Sega Europe announces Bayonetta special edition By JC Fletcher (Joystiq) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:30:00 AM

Sega of Europe revealed a new offering for PAL gamers who are way into Bayonetta, but not so way into Bayonetta that they're already buying the crazy fivedisc soundtrack from Japan. The Bayonetta special edition, announced for release in the UK, Spain, France, and Australia, includes a single soundtrack disc, along with a hardcover art book. It'll be released alongside the regular edition of the game on

Hundreds of Facebook groups hijacked to teach lesson | Webware - CNET By twitter:@junlabao (TweetMeme)

CNET: Hundreds of Facebook administrators are being ... groups hijacked to teach lesson: Facebook groups that have lost 0 comments Source:

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Photographer Andrea Tese Donates to ArtWalk NY By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 11/9/2009 3:39:10 PM

Next Tuesday, in SoHo’s sleek and spacious Skylight Studio, the Coalition for the Homeless will hold its annual ArtWalk NY fundraiser. Part auction, part exhibition, part platform to honor, this year, legendary painter and printmaker Pat Steir, ArtWalk is a night that brings together art admirers young and seasoned, artists low and highprofile, and though not related to its cause, a reliably dazzling mix of the city’s most fashionable. The art on display at ArtWalk will include all mediums from photography to sculpture to drawings and will represent, according to head of PR for the event, Bettina Prentice, “a wide range of artists, from young,

fresh voices like Andrea Tese to real titans of the industry like Ross Bleckner.” Fortunately, fresh voiced Andrea, a Georgetown educated fine art and fashion photographer, gave me the skinny on her donated piece (“it’s

from a series whose endeavor is to capture the aftermath of an experience”), what type of camera she used to capture the image (“my Mamiya, a mediumformat film camera”) and why this year she decided for the first time to get involved with the

Coalition’s fundraiser (“I have volunteered for [them] many times in the past and think it’s a wonderful organization”). And because I really didn’t have a clue, I had to ask—what is that photograph really of? “It’s of an old rope hanging from the rafters of a decaying barn,” Tese says, laughing. “Somehow, it seemed appropriate.” Johanna Cox, Junior Editor The lenswoman and her donation: Tese’s portrait and her to-be-auctioned photograph, from her ongoing series, After For more information on ArtWalk NY (which is hosted, once again, by actors Richard Gere, Carey Lowell and Alec Baldwin), or to purchase tickets to the 11/17 event, click here. Photos: Courtesy of LLR Consulting


Twitter and LinkedIn Finally Sync Up | Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing By twitter:@GoodProspects (TweetMeme) Submitted at 11/10/2009 4:27:59 AM

Twitter and LinkedIn Finally Sync Up 0 comments Source:

Monsters of Folk at Beacon Theater By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 11/9/2009 3:50:44 PM

Like "best of" albums and movie soundtracks, supergroups are usually relegated with shame to the cheesy back section of my CD collection (if I even buy those albums at all). But for Monsters of Folk, the sum is

actually as impressive as the individual parts: Mike Mogis, M. Ward, Conor Oberst and Jim James, complete a lineup – and not to mention a sound— in the tradition of the Traveling Wilburys. I checked them out last night at NYC's Beacon Theater for a raucous 3 hour set that featured Oberst standing on drum with his feet as with his fingers. sets and James dancing equally In addition to tunes from their

self-titled album, the band also let loose a few tracks from their individual repertoires, including a hauntingly beautiful rendition of My Morning Jacket's "I Will Be There When You Die," performed by James and Oberst. The only thing I'm complaining about today? The girl with the hacking cough sitting behind me, and the fact

that from the nosebleed section I couldn't stop thinking that Oberst looked an awful lot like that mop -topped, obnoxious dude from Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. — Maura Lynch, Associate Beauty & Fitness Editor Follow ELLE on Twitter. Become our Facebook fan!



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Dsquared2's Starring Role in Britney's Latest Video By (ELLE News Blog)

Solange’s New Jewelry Collection Hits the Silver Screen With Thandie Newton

Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:34:02 PM

As the world knows, Britney Spears debuted her newest single, "3", on October 30th. But, while the song is nodoubt hot, we’re obsessing over her footwear. Glammed out in Dsquared2's ultra-sexy heels, By (ELLE News collaborated to curate their Britney first shows off a pair of Blog) holiday windows and select her c r e a m - a n d - b l a c k o p e n - t o e favorite goodies for the season of booties with ruffles and ribbon Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:21:04 AM giving. At Luella's Liberty detail that— lucky you— are Last night it was Christmas in Grotto, the designer had all of her c u r r e n t l y b e i n g s o l d o n London, or at least it felt like it picks laid out on a table, which for $911.00. Later in anyway, as Liberty Department included D.L & Co scented the video Britney can be seen Store opened its first-ever candles, scarves by Swash, and dancing in a black leather bootie grotto. A small room decked out t r e a t s f r o m t h e F i n e with studs and removable straps in fake snow and evergreen trees, Confectionary Co., but the best that are for sale exclusively at filled to the brim with all the of the bunch was the finger- David Lawrence in Seattle, little tidbits needed to make the puppet set of famed British Washington (206-622-2544). holidays special, replete with a designers: tiny caricatures of After her video for “3,” it looks the most authentic Santa (even Giles Deacon, Dame Viv, Paul like a new fashion-meets-music his beard was real), posing for Smith, Christopher Kane, and of love affair has formed, for this p i c t u r e s a n d a s k i n g a l l i f course, Luella herself. isn't the first time Britney has everyone had been naughty or To see more of Luella's picks, partnered with Dean and Dan nice. Guests drank hot cider then click here. Caten, the identical twin design a n d d e c o r a t e d t h e m s e l v e s —Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin duo behind the influential luxury with pieces of violet tinsel. Follow ELLE on Twitter. And for this first-time endeavor, Become our Facebook fan! the store teamed up with British designer Luella Bartley, who

Luella and Santa, Your Holiday Dream Team

By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 11/9/2009 4:30:43 PM

brand. She also had them create a large portion of the costumes and footwear for her most recent Circus tour. If what we’ve seen so far is any indication, the fruits of the Britney + DSquared2 labors look bountiful. — Kyle Anderson, Senior Accessories Editor Follow ELLE on Twitter. Become our Facebook fan!

We're entranced by Solange Azagury-Partridge's new crop of fantastic jewels. In keeping with the London-based designer's wickedly clever imagination comes 'Stoned', a collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that play on the word's many meanings. There's the Afghan Bangle featuring a gold narcotic poppy pod; a green enamel ring topped with a gold fruit pit called 'Cherry Stone'; and a Gorgon pendant representing Medusa's power to turn foes to stone. The baubles also play a central role in the designer's new short film The Letters, directed by Laurence Dunmore ( The Libertine) starring friends Thandie Newton and Jason Isaacs. Azagury-Partridge will fete the flick (which marks her debut as a producer) and the jewelry with a party later this month at the members only club SOLANGE’S page 63

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SOLANGE’S continued from page 62

Home House in London. —Alexa Brazilian, Fashion News Editor Stills from the short film The Letter featuring Solange jewelry Pieces from Solange's Stoned collection Photos: Courtesy of the designer

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Ft. Hood Suspect Warned of Muslim Threat Within Military ( Submitted at 11/10/2009 4:24:21 AM

The Army psychiatrist suspected of killing 13 people at Fort Hood reportedly warned senior Army physicians in 2007 that the military should allow Muslim soldiers to be released as (BBC News | Americas | linked with that of Iranians held Dolatabadi. detained on 4 November after conscientious objectors instead of World Edition) by the US. No formal request for "The three Americans arrested anti-government protests that fighting in wars to avoid "adverse a prisoner exchange has ever near the border of Iran and Iraq coincided with an official rally to events." Submitted at 11/9/2009 12:27:41 PM been publicised. are facing charges of spying and mark 30 years since the storming According to The Washington Post, Major Nidal Malik Hasan Three young Americans detained T h e r e m a y a l s o b e s o m e the inquiry is continuing," Irna of the US embassy. in Iran over alleged illegal entry hardliners in Tehran who want to quoted him as saying. "This person said he was a w a s s u p p o s e d t o m a k e a are to be charged with espionage, use the case to prevent any The prosecutor said that an journalist though there were presentation on a medical topic Iranian state news agency Irna warming of relations. opinion on the case would be factors in his case which did not during his senior year as a says. Hillary Clinton has insisted that given "in the not too distant support it," Irna quoted the psychiatric resident at Walter Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and the trio are not guilty of anything. future". p r o s e c u t o r a s s a y i n g . " A Reed Medical Center. Joshua Fattal have been held by But her tone was relatively In a statement, the Americans' journalist should have a permit. Instead, Hasan lectured his supervisors and two dozen Iranian authorities since the end conciliatory. She requested their families described the spying Inquiries are continuing." of July. release, not demanded it, and allegations as "entirely at odds Iran has tightened reporting rules mental health staff members on The trio are thought to have called on the Iranian government with the people Shane, Sarah and since protests flared in the days Islam, homicide bombings and crossed a poorly marked border to exercise "compassion". Josh are and with anything that following a disputed presidential t h r e a t s t h e m i l i t a r y c o u l d encounter from Muslims by mistake while hiking in Iraq's Her moderate language suggests Iran can have learned about them election in June. Kurdish region. that, once again, Washington since they were detained". Opposition supporters say the conflicted about fighting against The US urged Iran to free the does not want the issue of Swiss diplomats were allowed to elections were rigged to ensure other Muslims in Iraq and group, while their relatives called Americans held in Iranian prisons meet the trio, who are in their 20s the re-election of President Afghanistan. A source who attended the the allegations against them to dominate relations between the and 30s, in late September for the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. presentation told the paper, "It "untrue". two countries. first time since their arrest. At least 30 protesters have been Speaking in Berlin, US Secretary The three Americans were T h e S w i s s g o v e r n m e n t killed in clashes since the was really strange. The senior of State Hillary Clinton said that seized by Iranian border guards represents US interests in Iran, elections. Thousands have been doctors looked really upset." there was "no evidence to support on 31 July near the town of with whom the US has no formal a r r e s t e d , a n d s o m e 2 0 0 The Powerpoint, entitled, "The any charge whatsoever". Marivan. Their relatives say they diplomatic relations. opposition activists remain Koranic World View As It A White House spokesman later accidentally strayed into Iran Dane held behind bars. Three have been Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military," consisted of 50 slides, called the group "innocent young while hiking. In other comments, the general sentenced to death. according to a copy obtained by people who should be released". According to the state news prosecutor said that the case of a Print Sponsor 'Charges of spying' agency, the move to charge them Danish man arrested earlier this This content has passed through the Post. "It's getting harder and harder for President Ahmadinejad hinted in was announced by general month was being investigated. Muslims in the service to morally September that their fate was p r o s e c u t o r A b b a s J a f a r i Niels Krogsgaard, 31, was

US trio 'on Iran spying charge'

FT. page 64


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FT. continued from page 63

justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims," Hasan said in the presentation. Under a slide titled "Comments," he wrote: "If Muslim groups can convince Muslims that they are fighting for God against injustices of the 'infidels'; ie: enemies of Islam, then Muslims can become a potent adversary ie: suicide bombing, etc." [sic] The last bullet point on that page reads simply: "We love death more then [sic] you love life!" On the final slide, labeled "Recommendation," Hasan wrote: "Department of Defense should allow Muslims [sic] Soldiers the option of being released as 'Conscientious objectors' to increase troop morale and decrease adverse events." An Army spokesman told the Post Monday night he was unaware of the presentation, and a Walter Reed spokesman declined comment. A classmate of Hasan, meanwhile, told that the warning signs were all there — the justification of homicide bombings; spewing anti -American hatred; efforts to reach out to Al Qaeda — but that the military treated Hasan with kid gloves, even after giving him a poor performance review. And though he was on the radar screen of at least one U.S.

intelligence agency, no action was taken that might have prevented the Army psychiatrist from allegedly gunning down 13 people and wounding 29 others in the Fort Hood massacre last week. "There were definitely clear indications that Hasan's loyalties were not with America," Lt. Col. Val Finnell, Hasan's classmate at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. He and Hasan were students in the school's public health master's degree program from 2007-2008. "The issue here is that there's a political correctness climate in the military. They don't want to say anything because it would be considered questioning somebody's religious belief, or they're afraid of an equal opportunity lawsuit. "I want to be clear that this wasn't about anyone questioning his religious views. It is different when you are a civilian than when you are a military officer," said Finnell, who is a physician at the Los Angeles Air Force Base. "When you are in the military and you start making comments that are seditious, when you say you believe something other than your oath of office — someone needed to say why is this guy saying this stuff. "He was a lightning rod. He

made his views known and he was very vocal, he had extremely radical jihadist views," Finnell said. "When you're a military officer you take an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. "They should've confronted him — our professors, officers — but they were too concerned about being politically correct." Finnell said the warning signs were clear to many, not just classmates. Faculty members, including many high-ranking military officers, witnessed firsthand his anti-Americanism, he said. Finnell recalled Hasan telling his classmates and professors, "I'm a Muslim first and I hold the Shariah, the Islamic Law, before the United States Constitution." He recalled one time when his classmates were giving presentations in an environmental health class on topics like soil and water contamination and the effects of mold. When it was Hasan's turn, he said, he got up in front of the class and began to speak about his chosen topic, "Is the War on Terror a war on Islam?" Finnell says he raised his hand. "I asked the professor, "What does this topic have to do with environmental health?" "When he was challenged on his views, Hasan became visibly upset. He became sweaty, he was

emotional." But despite questioning from the other students, Finnell said, the professor allowed Hasan to continue. He said Hasan's antiAmerican vitriol continued for two years as he worked toward his degree in public health. There were even more warning signs that might have alerted the Army in recent months: — In the days and weeks before the shooting, Hasan voiced his objections to Muslims fighting the war on terror to members of his mosque, the Islamic Community of Greater Killeen. Congregants at the mosque said he voiced his objections to Muslims serving in the U.S. military and to his impending deployment to Afghanistan. — Over the summer, Hasan's comments led Osman Danquah, co-founder of the mosque, to recommend that it deny Hasan's request to become a lay Muslim leader at Fort Hood, the Associated Press reported. — In the months before Thursday's shooting Hasan tried reaching out to people associated with Al Qaeda — and did so under the watchful eye of at least one U.S. intelligence agency. An intelligence official told that "Hasan was on our radar for months." On Sunday Sen. Joe Lieberman announced his intention to lead a congressional investigation into

the Fort Hood murders, saying there were "strong warning signs" that Hasan was an "Islamic extremist." "The U.S. Army has to have zero tolerance. He should have been gone," said Lieberman, who is chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. In interviews Sunday, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey stressed that it was too early in the investigation to know whether these warnings signs could have spared the lives of the 13 killed, dismissing earlier reports about such signs as "speculation" based on anecdotes. "I don't want to say that we missed it," he said. Finnell said that once Hasan was identified as the suspect in Thursday's massacre, he reached out to the Army to tell them about his experiences with Hasan. This time, he said, "They listened." Fox News' Jana Winter contributed to this report. This content has passed through

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Ida Makes Landfall in Alabama With Heavy Rain (

Salvador that killed at least 130 people. Near New Orleans, a 70year-old man was feared GULF SHORES, Ala. Tropical drowned Monday when trying to Storm Ida came ashore near help two fishermen whose boat Mobile Bay in southern Alabama h a d b r o k e n d o w n i n t h e early Tuesday with top sustained Mississippi River, said Maj. John winds around 45 mph. Marie, a Plaquemines Parish The U.S. National Hurricane Sheriff's spokesman. A wave Center in Miami said Ida's center knocked him into the water. first touched land on Dauphin Ida had been the third hurricane Island and was headed for the of this year's Atlantic season, Alabama mainland later Tuesday which ends Dec. 1, but was the morning. only one to threaten the U.S. Ida was moving northeast about Rain will move well inland 9 mph. before the further-weakened Tropical storm warnings were storm comes ashore, said U.S. out across Louisiana, Mississippi, N a t i o n a l H u r r i c a n e C e n t e r Alabama and Florida, where hurricane specialist Robbie Berg. governors declared states of Rainfall could be up to 8 inches emergency. in some areas, with most of the Maps, forecasts, radar and more coast getting between 3 and 6 at inches. In Gulf Shores along the coast, Still, few people evacuated or some streets were flooded and sought refuge along Alabama's the city was under a 10 p.m. coast. Officials said fewer than curfew Monday night. 70 people were in shelters that A low-pressure system that opened in Mobile and Baldwin Hurricane Ida may have played a counties, with a total population role in attracting earlier triggered of 565,000. flooding and landslides in El The streets were quiet late Submitted at 11/10/2009 4:16:33 AM

Monday in downtown Mobile, about 40 miles northwest of Gulf Shores, with many stores and restaurants closing early. Stiff winds with gusts up to 50 mph and sheets of rain made driving hazardous, and many residents opted to stay off the roads, although few said they were leaving town. Doris Moorman, who was managing the Red Cross shelter in Pascagoula, Mississippi, said she staffed a similar shelter last year during Hurricane Gustav that housed more than 500 people. She said she's concerned residents weren't taking the threat seriously, perhaps letting their Gustav experience lull them into a false sense of security. "That doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be fine this time," she said. Forecasters predicted Ida's storm surge could raise water levels 3 to 5 feet above normal. In Pensacola, Florida, the streets were empty as heavy rain fell. The Gulf was rough and building and winds were howling.

In north Georgia, which saw historic flooding in September, forecasters said up to 4 more inches could soak the alreadysaturated ground. Two Chevron Corp. workers weren't injured but had to be rescued from an oil rig about 80 miles south of New Orleans that was in danger of toppling as Ida churned up high seas. There were no mandatory evacuations, but authorities in coastal areas encouraged people near the water or in mobile homes to seek shelter. Many schools closed, and several cruise ships were delayed as the U.S. Coast Guard closed Gulf Coast ports. In Louisiana and Mississippi, officials were concerned about hundreds of people still living in federally issued trailers and mobile homes after hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. This content has passed through


Va. gov clears way for DC sniper's execution (AP) (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:13:01 AM

RICHMOND, Va. – Gov. Tim Kaine denied clemency Tuesday for sniper John Allen Muhammad, clearing the way for him to be executed for the attacks that terrorized the nation's capital region for three weeks in 2002. Muhammad is set to die by injection Tuesday night at Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt. His attorneys had asked Kaine to commute his sentence to life in prison because they say he is mentally ill. The U.S. Supreme Court turned down his final appeal. "I find no compelling reason to set aside the sentence that was recommended by the jury and then imposed and affirmed by the courts," Kaine, who is known for carefully considering death penalty cases, said in a statement. VA. page 66

2 More Victims Identified in Accused Ohio Serial Killer Case ( Submitted at 11/10/2009 6:26:54 AM

CLEVELAND Two more families received word that their loved ones remains were among the bodies discovered at the Cleveland home of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Janice Webb, 48, who vanished in June, was revealed to be one of the victims. "We're just devastated that she had to die in that manner, and we've been looking for her and putting fliers out since she's been missing this summer, and it's just devastating to hear she was one of the victims up there," Frances

Webb, Janice Webb's sister, told Fox 8. "Right now I'm thinking about her son and just to support each other to get through this situation," said Frances Webb. Kim Yvette Smith, 44, was also identified among the remains at Sowell's Cleveland home, police said.

Smith was last seen in January, but she was not reported missing until last week. Smith's name is the latest to be added to the list of victims whose remains were found at the house. Tonia Carmichael, Telacia Fortson, Tishana Culver, Nancy Cobbs, Amelda "Amy" Hunter, Crystal Dozier, Michelle Mason

and Janice Webb have also been identified, police told Fox 8. "It just boggles the mind to even think that anything like this could happen in this time," said Frances Webb. Click here for more from This content has passed through


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Obama to visit Fort Hood victims (BBC News | Americas | World Edition) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:33:22 AM

US President Barack Obama is due to attend a memorial service in Texas for the 13 people who died in a shooting at an army base last week. Mr Obama will first meet privately with the families of those killed, as well as some of the 29 people injured. Maj Nidal Malik Hasan, who is suspected of being behind the Fort Hood massacre, was shot and remains in hospital. US intelligence authorities have said they knew Maj Hasan had been in contact with a cleric sympathetic to al-Qaeda. An FBI-led task force monitoring the e-mail of Yemenbased Anwar al-Awlaki said he had communicated with Maj Hasan - a US-born Muslim and army psychiatrist - on 10 to 20 occasions. However, it was decided that further investigation was not needed, as the content of the messages did not advocate or threaten violence. Meanwhile, the Senate Homeland Security Committee

has confirmed it will hold an inquiry into the shootings. On Monday, Mr Obama said he wanted to visit Fort Hood, the largest US military base in the world, "to personally express the incredible heartbreak that we all feel for the loss of these young men and women". He told ABC News that the authorities would "take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again". Several other senior US officials will also attend the ceremony at Fort Hood, including Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Texas Governor Rick Perry. 'Warning signs' Maj Hasan is recovering from gunshot wounds at a military hospital and will be charged in a military court over the Fort Hood shootings - he has declined to be interviewed by investigators. His motives remain unknown. Some reports have indicated he was unhappy about his imminent deployment to Afghanistan. On Tuesday, the Senate Homeland Security Committee announced it would hold a full investigation into the attacks, starting with a public hearing

next week. Senator Joe Lieberman, who chairs the committee, said the "murderous attack should be examined from every angle to make sure nothing like this occurs again". He said investigators would seek to determine Maj Hasan's motives and "whether the government missed warning signs that should have led to expulsion, and what lessons we can learn to prevent such future attacks". Mr Lieberman said the authorities would "do no favour" to Muslims serving in the US army by "ignoring real evidence" that Maj Hasan may have held violent extremist views. FBI Director Robert Mueller has ordered a review of how the agency dealt with information about Maj Hasan. A senior Republican on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee has called on all the US intelligence agencies to preserve the information they have on Maj Hasan. Print Sponsor This content has passed through

VA. continued from page 65

"Accordingly, I decline to intervene." Muhammad was sentenced to death for killing Dean Harold Meyers at a Manassas gas station during a three-week spree that left 10 dead across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. He and his teenage accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, also were suspected of fatal shootings in other states, including Louisiana, Alabama and Arizona. The motive for the shootings remains murky. Malvo said Muhammad wanted to use the plot to extort $10 million from the government to set up a camp in Canada where homeless children would be trained as terrorists. But Muhammad's exwife has said she believes the attacks were a smoke screen for his plan to kill her and regain custody of their three children. For the families of those killed, the day is a long time coming. Cheryll Witz is one of several victims' relatives who were going to watch the execution. Malvo confessed that, at Muhammad's direction, he shot her father, Jerry Taylor, on a Tucson, Ariz., golf course in March 2002. "He basically watched my dad breathe his last breath," she said. "Why shouldn't I watch his last breath?" The shootings terrorized the Washington region, with victims gunned down while doing everyday chores like shopping or

pumping gas. People stayed indoors. Those who had to go outside weaved as they walked or bobbed their heads to make themselves less of a target. The terror ended on Oct. 24, 2002, when police captured Muhammad and Malvo as they slept at a Maryland rest stop in a car they had outfitted so a shooter could hide in the trunk and fire through a hole in the body of the vehicle. Malvo is serving a life sentence in Virginia. Death penalty opponents planned vigils across the state, and some were headed for Jarratt, about an hour south of Richmond, for the execution. Beth Panilaitis, executive director of Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, said those who planned to protest understand the fear that gripped the community, and the nation, during the attacks. "The greater metro area and the citizens of Virginia have been safe from this crime for seven years," Panilaitis said. "Incarceration has worked and life without the possibility of parole has and will continue to keep the people of Virginia safe." ___ Associated Press Writer Bob Lewis contributed to this report. This content has passed through

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US hiker's mother: Iran espionage claim is false (AP)

National mourning in El Salvador

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)

(BBC News | Americas | World Edition)

Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:37:22 AM

MINNEAPOLIS – The mother of one of three U.S. hikers accused of espionage by Iranian authorities said Tuesday her son would "fall on the floor laughing" at the suggestion he is a spy. Cindy Hickey of Pine City, Minn., told The Associated Press that the hikers' families are trying to avoid getting pulled into the tense relationship between the U.S. and Iran and only want to keep stressing the innocence of their loved ones. Hickey's son, 27 -year-old Shane Bauer, was taken into custody near the Iraqi border in late July along with Sarah Shourd, 31, and Josh Fattal, 27. Their families say the three friends, all graduates of the University of California, Berkeley, were simply on a hike. But a senior Iranian prosecutor on Monday accused them of espionage, the first signal that Tehran intends to put them on trial. That has raised concerns the three could be used as bargaining chips during deadlocked negotiations between Washington and Tehran over Iran's nuclear

program. "I'm really trying to keep that out of my focus, personally," Hickey said of U.S.-Iran tension. "I have to set myself on the goal here of getting our kids freed, and not be distracted by the politics." White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the three were innocent hikers and should be released. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the spying charges baseless. Fattal's mother, Laura, told the AP on Tuesday that the families remain optimistic their loved ones will be cleared. "We are just waiting for the Iranian authorities to think about the case and realize that our kids are totally innocent," she said. "We believe there has been no interrogation for a month now." Laura Fattal, who lives in the Philadelphia suburb of Elkins Park, declined to say whether she thought the hikers were being used as political pawns. She reiterated that the trio did not intend to enter Iran, noting that Shourd planned to return to her teaching job in Damascus, Syria, the following week. The families have had no direct interaction with the hikers, but

they have been able to pass several messages back and forth through Swiss diplomats who have been allowed to meet twice with the hikers. Hickey said the three sent back word that they appreciate expressions of support from the U.S., including a series of vigils around the country and an online petition. They learned of the support from the diplomats, she said. Hickey said Bauer, a freelance journalist who has filed dispatches from numerous global hotspots, is interested not in politics but rather the plight of the poor and suffering worldwide. "There's no question in my mind that this is just a very false accusation," Hickey said. "These are peaceful people. This accusation is entirely at odds with the people that Shane, Sarah and Josh are." ___ Associated Press Writer Patrick Walters in Philadelphia contributed to this report. This content has passed through

caused by a low pressure system in the Pacific, which was linked indirectly to Hurricane Ida. Submitted at 11/10/2009 4:43:44 AM Ida, which passed the country Three days of national mourning three days ago, was downgraded have begun in El Salvador to a tropical storm as it crossed following the deaths of at least the Gulf of Mexico on Monday. 1 3 0 p e o p l e i n f l o o d s a n d Are you in El Salvador? Have landslides. you been affected by the floods? Thousands are living in shelters Send us your stories using the as a result of the disaster and form below. large parts of the country are You can also send us your without electricity and clean pictures and videos of the water. flooding to The areas around the capital, San or text them to+44 7725 100 100. S a l v a d o r , a n d t h e c e n t r a l If you have a large file you can province of San Vicente were hit upload here. hardest. Read the terms and conditions President Mauricio Funes has At no time should you endanger declared a national emergency. yourself or others, take any At least 49 of the dead are unnecessary risks or infringe any believed to be children. laws. In the town of Verapaz in San A selection of your comments Vicente, soldiers and civilians may be published, displaying have been searching debris left your name and location unless by a landslide for dozens of you state otherwise in the box missing people. below. A torrent of mud and boulders The BBC may edit your from the Chichontepec volcano comments and not all emails will hit the town on Sunday, wrecking be published. Your comments 300 homes and burying cars. may be published on any BBC President Funes visited Verapaz media worldwide. and spoke to some of the 800 Print Sponsor residents who have been moved This content has passed through to emergency shelters. The BBC's weather centre says the disastrous rains were mainly


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Washington sniper faces execution (BBC News | Americas | World Edition) Submitted at 11/10/2009 9:20:47 AM

The man behind the 2002 sniper attacks in and around Washington DC will be put to death later, after a last-ditch appeal was thrown out. John Allen Muhammad's lawyers say he is mentally ill, but Virginia Governor Tim Kaine rejected a plea for clemency. On Monday, the US Supreme Court quashed an appeal for a stay of execution. Muhammad, 48, will face a lethal injection for the murder of Dean Harold Meyers, one of 10 people killed during the attacks. Muhammad's accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, who was 17 at the time of the shootings, is serving a life sentence in jail. The pair killed 10 people during three weeks of attacks in Maryland, Washington and Virginia. Muhammad is due to be put to death at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia. But his legal team has criticised the ruling, saying ex-soldier Muhammad suffered from Gulf War Syndrome. Lawyer Jonathan Sheldon told the BBC's World Today: "A psychiatrist examined him and said he's paranoid and psychotic

D.C. Sniper Mastermind Set to Be Executed ( Submitted at 11/10/2009 4:49:45 AM

RICHMOND, Virginia Virginia's governor has denied clemency for sniper mastermind John Allen Muhammad, clearing the way for his Tuesday execution. Muhammad was sentenced to death for killing Dean Harold Meyers in 2002 at a Manassas, Virginia, gas station during a spree that left 10 dead across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Muhammad is set to die by injection at Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt. and delusional and gave many single round and from a distance. Muhammad's execution. His attorneys have asked Kaine examples." After three weeks, he was Malvo said he shot her father, to commute his sentence to life in Mr Sheldon also said brain scans arrested at a truck stop, along Jerry Taylor - at Muhammad's prison because they say he is of Muhammad had revealed with Malvo. direction - on an Arizona golf mentally ill. The U.S. Supreme m a l f o r m a t i o n s l i n k e d t o Please turn on JavaScript. Media course in March 2002. Court turned down Muhammad's schizophrenia. requires JavaScript to play. "He basically watched my dad final appeal Monday. Please turn on JavaScript. Media Seven years on, Washington breathe his last breath," she told He and his teenage accomplice, requires JavaScript to play. residents recall sense of fear the Associated Press news Lee Boyd Malvo, also were T h e s h o o t i n g s l e f t t h e while sniper was on the loose agency. suspected of fatal shootings in Washington area gripped by fear, Prosecutors say Muhammad has "Why shouldn't I watch his last other states, including Louisiana, with victims attacked while never shown remorse. breath?" Alabama and Arizona. shopping, outside schools, or just In addition to the 10 people they Print Sponsor For the families of those killed, sitting and reading. killed around the Washington This content has passed through the day is a long time coming. Mr Meyers was shot at a petrol area, the pair are suspected of Cheryll Witz is one of several station in Manassas, Virginia. murders in other states, including victims' relatives who were going A s k i l l e d m a r k s m a n , Louisiana, Alabama and Arizona. to watch the execution. Malvo Muhammad picked off his targets Cheryll Witz is one of several confessed that, at Muhammad's using a sniper rifle, always with a victims' relatives going to watch direction, he shot her father, Jerry Taylor, on a Tucson, Arizona, golf course in March 2002. D.C. page 69

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Gunman in Custody After Hostage Situation at N.Y. School (

handcuffed suspect was led to an ambulance, where he was checked by paramedics. A gunman is in custody Tuesday said the man after reportedly taking the suspected of holding the principal principal hostage at an upstate hostage has a son in the military New York high school, a town and is upset with the government. official told Fox News. Eyewitnesses said they saw A state government official said students led out of the school the suspect surrendered to police s i n g l e - f i l e b y p o l i c e , Tuesday morning after holding a M y F o x N Y . c o m r e p o r t e d . school administrator at Stissing During the standoff, Pulver told Mountain High School in Pine a cable network that police were Plains, The Associated Press n e g o t i a t i n g w i t h t h e a d u l t reported. The suspect is a former gunman and said the situation student, said the official, who was contained to one room. isn't authorized to speak publicly. Dutchess County Sheriff's No shots were fired during a deputy T.J. Hanlon would say standoff with police, according to only that the school was on Pine Plains Town Supervisor l o c k d o w n b e c a u s e o f a n Gregg Pulver. He said the "incident" but wouldn't elaborate. suspected gunman is in his 40s. State and local police were on the The students are said to be safe scene and surrounded the school, after police placed the campus on he said. lockdown, Pulver added. Margaret Hart, who lives across More from the street from the school, says As armed officers stood guard at p o l i c e c a r s a r e i n t h e the front door of the school, the neighborhood and helicopters are Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:00:07 AM


D.C. continued from page 68

"He basically watched my dad breathe his last breath," she said. "Why shouldn't I watch his last flying overhead. She said the area breath?" around the school has a lot of The shootings terrorized the woods and "a lot of places to Washington region, with victims gunned down while doing hide." Bill Moore, a resident of the area everyday chores like shopping or who lives a few miles away from pumping gas. People stayed the school, said he watched about indoors. Those who had to go 14 police cars drive by his home outside weaved as they walked or bobbed their heads to make beginning about 8:30 a.m. "We've been counting them as themselves less of a target. they go by because normally for The terror ended on Oct. 24, an accident you might have two 2002, when police captured or three cars," he told local Muhammad and Malvo as they slept at a Maryland rest stop in a reporters. The standoff was over before car they had outfitted so a shooter could hide in the trunk and fire 10:30 a.m. Pine Plains is about 90 miles through a hole in the body of the north of New York City. Pulver vehicle. Malvo is serving a life says the school has about 500 sentence in Virginia. Death penalty opponents students and 100 staff members. planned vigils across the state, Roads were shut down in the and some were headed for Jarratt, area, according to The Associated Press contributed to this report. This content has passed through

about an hour south of Richmond, for the execution. Beth Panilaitis, executive director of Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, said those who planned to protest understand the fear that gripped the community, and the nation, during the attacks. "The greater metro area and the citizens of Virginia have been safe from this crime for seven years," Panilaitis said. "Incarceration has worked and life without the possibility of parole has and will continue to keep the people of Virginia safe." Click here for more from This content has passed through

Business.view: Battle of the trustbusters (The Economist: Daily columns) Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:24:54 AM

Business.view Nov 10th 2009 From The European Commission again objects to a deal approved by America’s Department of Justice

ONCE every few years, it seems, the European Commission likes to flex its muscles by going head to head with the toughest, most uncompromising American chief executive it can find. In 2001 it took on the legendary prizefighter “Neutron Jack” Welch of General Electric. Now it has come out swinging against

Oracle’s martial-arts grandmaster Larry Ellison. (As the old joke goes: “What’s the difference between God and Larry Ellison? God doesn’t think he’s Larry Ellison.”) Now, as then, the battleground is antitrust law. And once again it is not just the American bosses who are feeling the pain of a left-hook

from Brussels—so too is America’s Department of Justice, which has approved a merger only for its counterparts in the European Commission to object to it. In 2001 the European trustbusters opposed GE’s $42 billion acquisition of Honeywell—a deal already given the thumbs-up by America’s

antitrust officials. On November 9th the commission issued a “statement of objections” (see article) to Oracle’s planned $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems, which the Department of Justice approved in August. BUSINESS.VIEW: page 70


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BUSINESS.VIEW: continued from page 69

The department reacted to the European Commission's move by issuing a statement insisting that the merger was “unlikely to be anticompetitive”. Calling this an “unusual” step, the commission's spokesman sniffed that he could not recall his department ever commenting on an ongoing investigation in another jurisdiction. Eight years ago Mr Welch displayed all the diplomatic subtlety that Europeans have come to expect of Americans, telling the commission that he would not compromise on the terms of the deal, so they could take it or leave it. As a result, when the commission showed it was willing to be as intransigent as Mr Welch, the merger was abandoned. It is generally reckoned that if GE had offered a few concessions it could have got approval on terms that would not, in fact, have cut “the heart out of the strategic rationale of our deal”, as Mr Welch put it. So far Mr Ellison shows no sign of having learned any lessons from Mr Welch’s futile stubbornness. His giant software firm said it will “vigorously oppose” the commission’s ruling, which it said revealed a

“profound misunderstanding of both database competition and open-source dynamics.” But Europe’s competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, has amply demonstrated of late that she is no soft touch, by imposing tough penalties on several big bailed-out banks and intervening in Germany’s plan to aid a proposed buy-out of General Motors’ European division (which contributed to GM’s decision to call off the sale). Nationalistic Americans will no doubt protest, as they did in the GE-Honeywell case, that officials across the water have no business interfering in a marriage between two consenting American companies. However, as both Oracle and Sun are firms with global reach, as in the earlier case, the European Commission is quite within its rights to take a stand. The best way for the companies to respond is not to question the commission’s jurisdiction, but to question its economic analysis. The striking similarities between the two proposed mergers extend beyond the nationalities involved. In each case an industry leader was seeking to acquire a firm in a weak competitive position,

fighting for survival. And in each case the commission claimed that the merger would reduce competition, increase monopolistic power, and thus lead to higher prices—whereas America’s trustbusters felt that neither deal would significantly reduce competition. In the GE-Honeywell case, Mario Monti, Europe’s competition commissioner at the time, deployed a largely untested economic theory of “bundling”. The merger, he argued, would let GE dominate the market for new aircraft by bundling together packages that included GE’s jet engines and Honeywell’s electronics, and do so on terms that competitors, which sold only engines or electronics, might not be able to match. The solution, he thought, was for GE to sell part of its highly profitable aircraftleasing business. Few economists outside the pay of the European Commission agreed. This time the commission is claiming that the merger of Oracle and Sun will significantly reduce competition in the database business, resulting in higher prices. Again, this seems a stretch. There is a good choice of database providers, including

many that are open-source, the department notes. And it is in Oracle’s interests to continue to offer MySQL, an open-source database owned by Sun, as a free product in the hope of convincing advanced users to buy its more powerful, proprietary database software. For multinational firms, this disagreement between European and American trustbusters could create renewed uncertainty about the direction of global antitrust policy. The collapse of the merger of GE and Honeywell prompted a concerted effort by regulators on both sides of the Atlantic to co-ordinate antitrust enforcement. Will their differences over Oracle and Sun mark the start of a damaging new schism? Maybe. But just as likely is that this disagreement will prompt another transatlantic reconciliation—and that it will be along European lines. The Obama administration has made it clear that it intends to take a hard line on antitrust enforcement. Some experts think this will involve a more European approach, which they characterise as focusing on protecting particular competitors

rather than protecting competition. Christine Varney, Mr Obama's antitrust chief, disputes this, saying that she merely intends to change the department's reputation as a soft touch on competition, acquired under George Bush. Still, American and European trustbusters have already teamed up to go after Intel. And after the Department of Justice threw the first punches against Google, Europe is starting to follow suit in its pursuit of the internetsearch giant. Having taken on grizzled bare-knuckle fighters like Messrs Welch and Ellison, the trustbusters in Brussels are hardly going to be scared of the callow youths who founded Google. Back to top ^^ Readers' comments The Economist welcomes your views. This content has passed through


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Oracle and Sun Microsystems: Too close to Sun (The Economist: News analysis)

objections filtered out the justice department backed up its ruling by issuing a statement arguing Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:06:06 AM that the deal does not raise any Oracle and Sun Microsystems antitrust concerns. “After Nov 10th 2009 conducting a careful From Europe’s investigation of the proposed regulators object to Oracle’s transaction between Oracle and a t t e m p t s t o b u y S u n Sun, the department’s antitrust Microsystems division concluded that the FOR a brief period expectations m e r g e r i s u n l i k e l y t o b e had been high that trustbusters on anticompetitive”, insisted Molly both sides of the Atlantic would Boast, one of the division's s t a r t p l a y i n g i n t u n e . T h e lawyers. But she did attempt to E u r o p e a n C o m m i s s i o n ' s limit the damage to the newly regulators have customarily taken warming relations between a far more activist approach to trustbusters on both sides of the competition policy than their Atlantic. She added that the American counterparts. A few department and the commission months ago, Barack Obama’s “have a strong and positive administration let it be known relationship on competition that it would act with more policy matters…The antitrust vigilance particularly with regard division will continue to work to antitrust issues related to c o n s t r u c t i v e l y w i t h t h e information technology. But this [commission] and competition apparent meeting of minds has authorities in other jurisdictions”. proved illusory. It emerged on Nevertheless, it is unclear how a Monday November 9th that the transatlantic row can be avoided c o m m i s s i o n h a s o f f i c i a l l y along the lines of the spat in objected to the proposed $7.4 2001, when a planned merger b i l l i o n p u r c h a s e o f S u n between General Electric and Microsystems, a troubled maker Honeywell caused a stink. The of computer hardware, by Oracle, commission worries that a union the world's second-biggest between Oracle and Sun would software firm. reduce competition in the market America’s Department of Justice for corporate databases. Oracle is had given its approval to the tie- the world’s biggest seller of up in August. Not long after the proprietary software to run such n e w s o f t h e c o m m i s s i o n ’ s databases, with a market share of

nearly 50%. Sun is the owner of MySQL, the most widely used “open-source” database software, which already competes with Oracle’s products and could become more of a threat in the future. Neelie Kroes, Europe’s competition commissioner, spoke of her “serious concerns” that the deal would reduce choice and lead to higher prices. It does not help that Oracle seems in no mood to compromise. A meeting in October between Safra Catz, Oracle's president, and Ms Kroes did not dispel her fears of the American firm’s unwillingness to make concessions. Ms Kroes let it be known that during the meeting she had expressed “her disappointment that Oracle had failed to produce, despite repeated requests, either hard evidence that there were no competition problems or a proposal for a remedy to the competition problems identified by the commission”. Even though the commission has now made official its objections to the merger, Oracle is unlikely to cave in. On the contrary, it seems prepared for a fight with regulators in Brussels. “The Commission's Statement of Objections”, the firm wrote in a statement, “reveals a profound misunderstanding of both

database competition and open source dynamics. It is well understood by those knowledgeable about open source software that because MySQL is open source, it cannot be controlled by anyone. That is the whole point of open source.” It is too early to tell how this stand-off will end. The fact that the commission has issued a statement of objections does not mean that it will inevitably block the deal. Similarly, Oracle may agree to spin off MySQL after all—the remedy most likely to satisfy the commission in this case—to resolve the problem speedily. As long as Sun remains in limbo, it is losing business to rivals such as Dell, HP and IBM. Last week Sun reported that revenues in the quarter ending in September fell by 25%. And if the case drags on for too long, Sun may sink behind the horizon for good. Read Business.view for more analysis of the news Back to top ^^ Readers' comments The Economist welcomes your views. This content has passed through


IEA warns on climate change (Financial Times - US homepage) Submitted at 11/10/2009 3:09:48 AM

The International Energy Agency warned today that the world’s use of fossil fuels will have to peak by 2020 if it is to escape a dangerous spike in global temperatures. Fatih Birol, the IEA’s chief economist, said at the launch of the agency’s annual flagship World Energy Outlook: “This would be a revolution. This revolution could only take place if there is a financial signal to the energy industry.” He added: “We need a deal in Copenhagen. We need a signal for the energy industry. Without that, nothing will move.” Better energy efficiency, rapid growth in renewable energy, and increased use of nuclear power will be critical to move the world away from fossil fuels, the IEA believes. A second revolution would have to happen in the automobile industry so that six of every ten cars sold in 2030 are hybrids or electric by 2030. The greatest responsibility lies with the US, but the greatest scope for change will be in China, which if it meets its own targets, will be responsible for IEA page 72


E-reader News/

E-reader Newspaper

IEA continued from page 71

more than a quarter of the emissions reductions the IEA says is needed to avoid the worst climate change risk. In industrialised countries the price of carbon will need to reach $50 a tonne by 2020 and $110 by 2030. In developing countries the price of carbon would need to reach $30 a tonne by 2020 and $50 by 2030. Developing countries will need to invest $200bn annually to move away from fossil fuels, the IEA believes. Mr Birol said: “The OECD should co-finance some of the projects in the nonOECD on top of the mitigation OECD countries should do at home.” The IEA brushed off as groundless an article in the Guardian newspaper, which quotes anonymous sources saying the IEA was pushed by US officials to downplay the risk that the world was running out of oil. Nobuo Tanaka, executive director of the IEA, said:; “I

think that article is just groundless. We are very much a neutral agency and we are proud of our analysis. We have always been saying investment is necessary.” In fact, the IEA last year undertook the most comprehensive global study of oil field production decline rates and today warned that the world would have to find “four new Saudi Arabias” - the country with the world’s biggest oil resources, with production capacity of about 12.5m barrels per day - to overcome the production decline from old fields over the next 21 years. Like many in the energy industry, the IEA maintains that the world has plenty of oil and natural gas reserves, but that access to those reserves is constrained by politics and countries erecting investment barriers. It adds that the recent drop in the oil price to around $80 a day today from $147 a barrel last July, has reduced investments. The IEA warns that

a quick world economic recovery and lack of environmental policies that reduce oil demand, would create a supply crunch by the middle of the next decade. Mr Birol said: “The era of cheap oil is over. We said it last year and continued to say it throughout the year even though oil went to $30 a barrel [at the end of 2008 and start of 2009].” Related links: Post a question for Fatih Birol of the IEA(FT Energy Source, 10/11/09) Non-Opec oil supply to peak in 2010(FT Energy Source, 10/11/09) November 10, 2009 11:41am in Emissions, Gas, Markets, Nuclear, Oil, Politics, Power, Renewables| Comment This content has passed through

BROWSER: Good news for e-readers: Nook demand high (Detroit Free Press) (Yahoo! News Search Results for e-readers)

This is good news for Barnes & Noble, who is the first big player in the e-reader market to Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:30:54 AM challenge Amazon's popular Posted November 10, 2009 - 3 Kindle. a.m. The increased competition will The Nook (Barnes & Noble) surely be good for consumers, BY MARK W. SMITH too. The Kindle's price has been FREE PRESS WEB EDITOR dropped a few times this year in Readers and gadget addicts will anticipation of the Nook and have to wait just a little bit longer other readers. to get their hands on the Nook Another e-reader expected to Barnes & Noble's yet-to-be- enter the market soon is the Que released e-reader. from Plastic Logic. The company told the Wall Contact MARK W. SMITH: Street Journal that pre-order Follow demand has beaten expectations. him on Twitter:@markdubya or W h e n B a r n e s & N o b l e follow a feed of blog updates announced the $259 Nook in at@browserblog. October, the company expected PLACE AN AD ON to ship units on Nov. 30. Some F R E E P . C O M will ship then, but those who This content has passed through place orders now will have to wait until mid-December, the Journal reported.


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TV Board: A Baker's Doesn't - Or, Dueling Paddles: a Canoe Paddle Report (CPR) (MediaPost | Media News)

more affluent E & I network inventory. "Why?" I queried the ABC head In 1976, Larry Fried, my boss at of sales. full service advertising agency "In order to be more competitive BBDO, offered me a promotion with each other," he responded. to Director of National Radio for "Each salesman will have to the media department. Three work harder for your business to perks, exclaimed he: "lots of free get the best price possible," he meals, a plethora of tickets -- punctuated. [which I didn't realize meant A pause. coordination for all departmental "But don't both salespeople and executive agency requests] report directly to you?" and lastly [although 'Director' "They do," he nodded. would be embossed on my Wikipedia defines a Baker's business card] your status dozen, also known as a long internally is still one of an dozen and a long measure, as 13, assistant national TV buyer." My one more than a proper dozen. a n n u a l s a l a r y w a s $ 8 , 5 0 0 This English statute instituted supporting a New York City during the reign of Henry III rental. How could I refuse? (1216-1272) helped bakers avoid Within months of my promotion s e v e r e p u n i s h m e n t f o r ABC Radio Networks, one of the shortchanging customers. To most powerful radio group in the guard against the punishment of country, modified its sales losing a hand to an axe, a baker s t r a t e g y f r o m h a v i n g o n e would give 13 for the price of 12 salesperson representing its four to avoid short measure on the networks (ABC-Contemporary, basis that one of the 13 could be ABC-FM, ABC-Entertainment lost, eaten, burnt or ruined in and ABC-Information) to an ad some way, leaving the baker with agency to two. The plan: one the original legal dozen. salesman would rep the younger It has become a universal networks (FM and C); while their measure. A standard ubiquitously sibling would sling the older accepted. Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:45:12 AM

This past summer, Canoe Ventures announced that it would launch an EBIF enabled Request for Interaction (RFI) application (interactive banner overlay over video) by mid-fall. I don't remember if that was a simple voting or polling foray over content or the commercial couponing retrieval. Rumors were circulating that Turner Broadcasting's TruTV would be the first to launch the app in 3 million homes and TBS siblings would initially view from the bleachers. In the wake of the Community Addressable Messaging (CAM) mishap the waters have been still. Little of Canoe's intentions have surfaced. Last week following CTAM's snow bound annual event, industry trade publication MultiChannelNews published an article, "EBIF Landscape, Revisited", in which the reporter, Leslie Ellis, stated: "The word from Comcast: 11 million set tops will be EBIF-enabled by year-end; loads more next year." Question: How will the different constituencies representing the EBIF applications (local cable and telco sales people, cable

network and broadcast network sales people and the national sales operator teams representing cablers and satcasters) coordinate their efforts (proposals, pricing and reportage) to the ad agencies? Each sales force targets a different member of the mediabuying community: the local cable sales people, the local buyer and/or digital team; the national cable and broadcast sales people, the national TV buyers and/or digital team; and the national sales operator teams, the national and local buyers coupled with agency media planners, and possibly the digital team. When all of these agency stakeholders compare internal notes -- given lack of familiarity to the proposition it could be a real possibility -- will they discover a deliverable uniformity or disparate elements that compete for ad dollars (marketshare, CPMs, guarantees). Will the broadcast network and cable network pricing models be more or less expensive than the local operator deployments -- where comparables exist. Will individual cable operator

footprints be more enticing than the national play. Will ad dollars migrate from local cable to national media given its advanced interactive TV proposition, ease of entry and scalability. Back in the '70s, when the head of ABC Network Radio sales attempted to rationalize the company's new competitive stance by having two salesmen vie for my budget, the ruse unraveled when the arbiter of pricing and deliverables turned out miraculously to be the same for both salespeople -- a financial wizard behind the curtain manipulating inventory pricing to better serve his corporation. I think that Canoe Ventures and partners must navigate carefully as they enter the realm of what could be conceived as dueling paddles and avoid the shoals of discontent. I look forward to hearing the soundtrack. This content has passed through



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MediaDailyNews: Media X: Choke. Gag. Repeat. (MediaPost | Media News) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:13:57 AM

This week, I invite you all to join me in beating the snot out of the pretenders in old and new media who think they know the communications business. Let's start with the fools who use the Ad Age and Adweek online comment boards to shill for their own shops or enterprises. As in, " G r e a t s t o r y , Bob/Barbara/Elie/Jonah. Check o u t m y blog/agency/consultancy/sandwic h t r u c k a t" What a schmuckapalooza. Whining is also a popular ad poster pastime. I'm particularly irked by the fury that erupts on the boards over agency reviews. It's not like this hasn't been a problem for 50 years already. Advertising's challenges are existential, yet industry discourse is dominated by tantrumthrowing toddlers who attack a smart guy like Joe Jaffe because he had the temerity to suggest in

a column that agencies stop moaning about how unfair the review process is and actually grow a pair. What part of "shut the hell up and do something about it" is so hard to activate? Some questions just don't have answers, I guess. Here's a concept: Do better work. Jesus, I need a six-pack of Drank, a gram of indica, a fifth of Patron, some quality porn and a really long nap. All right, let's move on to the next group of people who should be dipped in cat shit and locked in a cage with a starving pit bull: mainstream media ad reporters. General-interest media believe advertising stopped in 1990. They call media shops ad agencies. They eschew chronicling the history-bending changes in communications -because they think those are technology or entertainment stories -- for an approach that was dated when Steve Urkel was a cultural touchstone.

With some exceptions (Vranica, Elliott), when the general outlets cover advertising, the results are ripoffs of TV commercial critics, like Garfield and Lippert. Take my local rag, the Los Angeles Times, which is currently running an advertising column written by Dan Neil ... its automotive writer. Neil won a Pulitzer, so he's no slouch. But how does driving vehicles at high speeds on country roads during press junkets qualify someone to write about advertising? It doesn't. (In today's column, he wrote about Chia pet Obama.) And of course, it's a Garfieldtype column. But even Garfield doesn't just write about TV spots anymore. He also looks at consumer behavior, emerging media, the new digital world and other deep-thinking, big communications picture subjects, especially when he has a book to plug. Lippert? Not so much. I think she's a sucker for a pretty face, which is probably why she

defended Alex Bogusky's new book this week -- after Neil slammed it, apparently because it's recycled bullshit that gives agencies all the credit and short shrifts the client's role. Wow. Stop the presses. This is ironic, considering all the crap we seniors have to take about analog versus digital, because if Dougherty or Lazarus were alive (look it up, children), you damn well know they'd be examining bigger issues than the latest TV spot. People, you buy media. You should be ripping them a new one about their coverage of your business. Or maybe you're comfortable with the fact that Donny Deutsch is the media's idea of an industry thought leader? Because if that's the case, there's a starving pit bull I'd like you to meet. This content has passed through

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TV Watch: Flood Of DVDs Yields E-Readers Up Close: Getting Cheaper Prices: Can TV Learn From to know the Sony Readers, Part 2 (O'Reilly Media) This? (MediaPost | Media News)

"challenging." No kidding. Studios can take solace from the fact that this slowdown is just in An expanding array of media online DVD sales. But there is and entertainment choices should already trouble brewing in other mean lower prices for consumers, areas, such as DVD rentals from though some TV networks and the likes of kiosk DVD retailer cable operators might have you Redbox, which rents movies for think otherwise. $1 each. But if you are the DVD market, These trends are the opposite of the laws of supply and demand what's happening with TV ads still work. and theatrical content. TV ad It's not enough that sales of prices continue to be high DVD have been slowing over the relative to the recent past, while last year; now there is a pricing sales of individual box office war among big retailers -- tickets for films still grow (which, and has helped the continued All are heavily breaking U.S. box office results). d i s c o u n t i n g a n u m b e r o f Owners of premium TV and film upcoming fourth-quarter DVD c o n t e n t a n d t h e i r c a b l e releases to just $10, including distributors sense their content "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood may be more valuable, so they're Prince," "Star Trek" and "Night l o o k i n g t o a d d f e e s f r o m at the Museum: Battle of the consumers on top of advertiser Smithsonian." revenue. A Wal-Mart executive says this If Comcast somehow retains holiday season is going to be NBC, many are guessing its first Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:30:58 AM

step will be to turn NBC into a cable network -- finally benefitting from the dual revenue stream of affiliate fees and advertising revenues cable networks have long enjoyed. That might work - much to the demise of TV stations. But when it comes to digital media platforms, perhaps TV networks should be sure viewers will indeed pay extra fees for the likes of "CSI" or "Desperate Housewives" or "30 Rock." Many consumers are already complaining there is limited time to get to all their media/entertainment choices. Start charging for some of it? Consumers will then do what they always do -- head to the discount bins and sales racks. This content has passed through

(Yahoo! News Search Results for e-readers) Submitted at 11/10/2009 8:00:37 AM

William Stanek here, continuing with the in-depth look at ereaders and e-books. In my earlier blog entries, I introduced EPDs, discussed how the technology works, and delved briefly into ways they're being used. Now, I'm examining the Sony Reader as a case study in how e-readers work. My hope is that if you are better informed, you can decide whether an ereader is right for you. And who knows, an e-reader may just replace your MP3 player as your favorite device. So back to the Sony Reader discussion of the PRS 505 and the PRS-700... In addition to being able to display tables, charts, graphs and figures in documents, the Sony PRS-505 and the PRS-700 can be used to display graphics as either stand-alone images or slideshows. The supported formats are: Bitmap This file format is used with screen captures and other bitmapped files. Related files end with the .bmp extension. JPEG The Joint Pictures Expert Group (JPEG) format supports high-resolution graphics and compression. Compression reduces the size of JPEG files.

However, the higher the compression the more image data that is lost and the lower the quality. Related files end with the .jpg or .jpeg extension. GIF The Graphics Interchange File (GIF) format is best used with low resolution to moderate resolution graphics as well as with graphics that have lots of text. Related files end with the .gif extension. By reducing the colors in the color palette and using options such as dithering, GIF images can be squeezed into smaller size files. PNG The Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format supports lossless compression ensuring E-READERS page 76


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E-READERS continued from page 75

images can be squeezed into smaller files without reducing quality. Related files end with the .png extension. These graphic formats are the popular formats used on the World Wide Web. GIF is a good format to use with standard graphics or graphics containing text. JPEG is a good format to use for high-resolution graphics and pictures. PNG is a good format to use to squeeze highquality graphics into smaller size files. The least efficient of these file formats is BMP. Typically BMP files are much larger than the same files converted to GIF, JPEG, or PNG. Audio playback is a great extra feature of the reader. You can play unsecured audio files in the following formats: MP3 The MPEG Layer 3 audio encoding (MP3) format is a quality audio format. Related files end with the .mp3 extension. The reader supports MP3 files with a bit rate of 32 kilobits-persecond (kbps) to 320 kbps and a sampling frequency of 22.05 kilohertz (kHz) or 44.1 kHz. AAC The Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format is a quality audio format. Related files end

with the .mp4, .m4a, .mov or .qt file extension. The reader supports AAC files with a bit rate of 40 kbps to 320 kbps and a sampling frequency of 24.0 kHz, 44.1 kHz or 48.0 kHz. As an interesting aside, AAC files are also referred to as MP4 files. Although MP3 is the audio format most everyone recognizes, AAC actually is nearly as widely used as AAC is the default format for the Apple iPod. AAC is one of several audio coding formats defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO) for MPEG. AAC was first specified as MPEG-2 AAC, and then enhanced and extended within MPEG-4. Apple's popular iTunes music service uses the AAC format. AAC uses a perceptual coding technique to compress digital audio files. AAC is similar to MP3, but offers a number of advantages designed to improve audio quality, including higherefficiency compression and better handling of audio frequencies above 16 kHz. The improved efficiency of AAC files makes AAC a better choice than MP3. With bits rates, the higher the bit

rate, the higher the audio quality and the larger the file size. Bit rates on the low end of the scale are suitable for voice-only recordings, such as spoken-word audio books while higher bits rates are better suited to music. For example, a bit rate of 128 kbps provide fair quality for music while a bit rate of 192 kbps provides good quality for music. As an interesting aside, the sampling frequency determines the number of times per second the music waveforms are captured digitally. The higher the sampling frequency, the higher the quality and the larger the file size. A sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz provides CD quality audio. A sampling frequency of 48.0 kHz provides studio quality audio. With MP3, a 60-minute audio CD encoded at 128 kbps uses about 57 MB while the same CD encoded at 192 kbps uses about 86 MB. When converting audio, don't choose a bit rate or sampling frequency that is higher than the bit rate or sampling frequency used to store the audio originally. You'll waste space and won't get fidelity improvements.

Because audio playback is separate from the display features for reading, you can play audio while you display pages of a book. On the bottom of the reader, you'll find a headphone jack that you use to connect headphones and a two-way volume button for adjusting the volume up or down when you are playing audio through headphones. Cool tip: When you are playing audio, you can mute the sound by pressing and holding either edge of the volume button. To restore the sound, simply press the volume button again in either direction. Thank you for reading! Hope you'll take a look at my new book Windows 7: The Definitive Guide. William R. Stanek williamstanek at aol dot com This content has passed through

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E-Readers Will Take Off for Holiday Shoppers but in 2010 (

New Multimedia Device Joins Parade of EReaders (Enterprise Security Today)

(Yahoo! News Search Results for e-readers)

(Yahoo! News Search Results for e-readers)

Submitted at 11/10/2009 3:51:51 AM

2009 is likely to be remembered as a watershed year in the evolution of e-books and e-readers with several milestones and product launches standing out as catalysts for change in the market, according to Gartner. However, Gartner said that while the number of electronic readers sold is likely to increase in 2009, it expects 2010 to be the year when e-book readers really become popular consumer electronic devices, culminating in e-reader "mania" for the 2010 holiday season. "With the entry of new players, such as Barnes and Noble, into the e-reader market and an increase in models from Amazon and Sony, consumers began to have choices in single-purpose ereading devices in 2009," said Allen Weiner, research vice president at Gartner. "Among the product

differentiation points are support for E Ink's electronic paper technology, support for further book formats, and the ability of some devices to allow consumers to purchase content wirelessly and to synchronize content across devices." Mr. Weiner said that while fixed devices - those built solely for reading, such as Amazon's Kindle and Sony's family of devices - get most of the attention, book applications on smartphones are an important component of publishers' digital strategy. However, Gartner believes that it is too early in the evolution of the e-reading market to know whether smartphones will become powerful stand-alone devices for reading books or whether they will complement other devices, such as fixed readers. "Book applications for smartphones have the potential to become a bridge to other devices such as tablet readers and netbooks," said Mr.

Weiner. "Apple, for example, could migrate the more than 500 book applications in the iTunes store to a tablet device and Google, which recently announced a browser-based e-reader, could offer applications for Android-based devices of various form factors." There are a number of hurdles that need to be overcome before e -readers can become more mainstream, such as e-books needing a wider variety of retail channels, ranging from big box retailers and wireless carrier outlets to lifestyle stores such as Brookstone. More publishers must also be seen buying into e-readers. For example, there has been news about the success of e-book sales of Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol"; however other noted authors such as John Grisham and J.K. Rowling do not have their works available as e-books. Gartner said that price will also

play a leading role in the future success of e-readers. At the moment it appears that $199 will be the lowest price for fully featured e-reading devices for the 2009 shopping season, but Gartner analysts said that prices will need to drop closer to $99 to gain significant consumer traction. Longer-term, Mr. Weiner believes that the future is bright for e-readers and advised publishers to be bullish in the digital distribution of ebooks, newspapers and magazines. "It's the perfect time for a trial and to establish relationships with others in the value-chain - that is service providers and digital warehouses - that can be positioned to assist in a rapid deployment if the market takes off earlier than anticipated," he said. Posted to the site on 10th November 2009 This content has passed through

Submitted at 11/10/2009 12:09:50 AM

The e-reader market is getting yet another entry, with a report that Creative Labs is unveiling a tablet. The device, called a Mediabook, was shown at the Singapore-based company's general meeting last week. Although Creative hasn't made an official announcement, news reports indicate that the Mediabook has a touchscreen, Internet connectivity, slots for SD memory cards, text-to-speech capability, and is based on the company's Zii technology. Kindle 'Just Another Electronic Device' There was no word on the Mediabook's launch date, but the e-reader category is already beginning to have more than a few entries. There's the best known, Amazon's Kindle, as well as Sony's recently updated ereaders and the newly released nook from Barnes & Noble, among others. There are also reports that tiremaker Bridgestone is developing a flexible e-book reader, although so far it's only a prototype. And there have been many reports that Apple is preparing to enter the market early next year with its own NEW page 78


E-reader Newspaper

NEW continued from page 77

tablet e-reader. Creative Labs' fan site originated the Mediabook report, and quotes Willie Png, vice president of strategic business, as downplaying the Kindle as "just another electronic device which displays books in text." By contrast, Png told the site, the Mediabook will allow the merger of "videos, pictures, text and services into one device that supports a media-rich experience." Epizenter also reports that Creative is in discussion with a variety of publishers about providing content. LCD or Electrophoretic? There was also no word on what kind of screen the Mediabook would use. Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst with industry research firm Forrester, pointed out that, while LCD screens are good for video and graphics, electrophoretic screens have higher contrast and make reading text easier.

She noted that E Ink, a company based in Cambridge, Mass., "now has about 100 percent market share" in electrophoretic screens, but that will change next year as competition heats up. In general, she said, 2010 is shaping up to be "an interesting year for the e-reader space" with new tablets and dual-screen readers emerging. But Epps pointed out that, right now, most of the announcements are reaching the industry, not consumers. For the consumer, she said, the e -reader category is still largely the Kindle, but a few developments could make big differences. She said one would be if Apple decides to make epublications a big category on iTunes, in which case "Apple would become a major player overnight." The other development, she said, is if BlackBerry maker Research in Motion or another smartphone maker decides to release a double -screen device, with both a LCD

and an E Ink display. Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis for consumer technology at NPD Group, noted that Google's open-source operating system, Android, is increasingly showing up on these devices. He pointed out that Barnes & Noble's nook is Android-based, as is Creative's recently released Zii Egg, which features 1080p high-definition video and is described by Creative as a "StemCell Computer." Rubin noted that several of Creative's Android-based devices, like those based on Zii technology, have been more focused toward developers and not yet released to a mass market in the U.S. This content has passed through

Liberty Newsprint Nov-10-09  

Daily News for your E-reader. Liberty Newsprint in is America's daily E-Reader Newsfeed Archive powered by's publisher aggre...

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