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Edwards: the good, the bad and the diapers By Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row Washington)

(Adam Entous) ran into Edwards at the Port-au-Prince airport. The freshly confessed former senator Submitted at 1/21/2010 6:23:58 PM arrived on a chartered flight with If anyone wanted whiplash a group of volunteer doctors and today, they should have watched actor Sean Penn. the John Edwards story. But he had nothing more to say First thing in the morning about the affair. Edwards issued a statement “I’ve said what I have to say for confirming what had previously now and I’m here to help been gossiped but not proven: he people,” Edwards told Reuters. was in fact the father of Rielle “We brought doctors, medicine Hunter’s 2-year-old daughter. and supplies,” he said. “We’re (No need to count backwards, going to look at street schools, she was an Edwards campaign some of which have collapsed, videographer during his bid for and see what needs to be done.” the Democratic nomination for Sean Penn also had something the White House). to say: “We’re here to bring After dropping that bombshell doctors to support the doctors (so that everyone could now nod who are already working, and to their heads and turn to each other bring relief workers to support and say “I knew it all along”), the relief workers who are where would you have expected already working.” And he added: Edwards to turn up next? “We’re just trying to help out.” He landed in Haiti as the The Edwards story is unlikely to Humanitarian Edwards. go away for a while. One of our reporters in Haiti Andrew Young, a former

campaign aide, has written a tellall book“The Politician” that is expected to be released in February. He’s been interviewed on ABC’s “20/20 and without a doubt will be dishing the dirt. Young told ABC that Edwards asked him to arrange a fake paternity test and asked him “to steal a diaper from the baby so

he could secretly do a DNA test to find out if this (was) indeed his child.” And let’s not forget where the story broke — the National Enquirer. The tabloid plans to enter its work on the Edwards scandal for a Pulitzer Prize. Did you believe/care/not care that Edwards fathered a child with his mistress? Does the National Enquirer deserve a Pulitzer for its coverage? For more Reuters political news, click here Photo credit: Reuters/Lee Celano (Edwards during speech withdrawing candidacy Jan. 30, 2008), Reuters/Joshua Lott (Edwards speaks during a campaign stop in Charleston, South Carolina Jan. 25, 2008), Reuters/Chris Keane (Edwards speaks at South Carolina primary night rally Jan. 26, 2008)

Yelp serves up an alternative iPhone reality (video) By Jessica Dolcourt (

Augmented reality is fast becoming a reality for mobile search apps of all stripes. Get a

taste of what's to come with Originally posted at The Yelp's "Monocle" feature for D o w n l o a d B l o g iPhone in this First Look video.

FEI Company (FEI): A Gold Rush in Nanotech By Steven Halpern (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:00:00 PM

Filed under: Newsletters, Stocks to Buy, Technology During the California gold rush, miners weren't the only ones to strike it rich. "So did purveyors of essential equipment like axes and shovels," notes Stephen Leeb. In his The Complete Investor, the advisor explains, "Today a gold rush of sorts is on to develop products using nanotechnology -- materials built at the molecular scale. And the safest path to riches is once again the equipment sellers." Here's a look at FEI Co. ( FEIC). Continue reading FEI Company (FEI): A Gold Rush in Nanotech FEI Company (FEI): A Gold Rush in Nanotech originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 13:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Obama misses a deadline on Guantanamo By David Alexander (Front Row Washington)

finished celebrating his inauguration when he signed an order Jan. 22, 2009, directing the Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:21:42 AM Guantanamo prison be closed “as Just because a president orders soon as practicable, and no later something done, that don’t make than one year from the date of it happen. this order.” A year after President Barack Any inmates still at the prison at Obama ordered the closure of the the time of closure would be U . S . m i l i t a r y p r i s o n a t “returned to their home country, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the released, transferred to a third facility is still open and holding country, or transferred to another 196 terrorism suspects the United States detention facility United States has captured. in a manner consistent with law The president had barely and the national security and

foreign policy interests of the United States.” Wishful thinking. The timeline on Guantanamo closure began to slip soon after Obama signed the order as good intentions came up against hard realities. Many U.S. allies who wanted the prison closed declined to take more than a handful of inmates apiece — particularly because the United States was not taking any. Returning prisoners to countries where they might be

tortured was unacceptable. Reports of former Guantanamo inmates taking up arms against U.S. forces weakened political support for the closure. And the Obama administration came under sharp attack from those who opposed the idea of having the prisoners face civilian rather than military justice. Although it became clear the timetable for closing Guantanamo was unlikely to be met, the White House continued to insist even into August that

the administration was committed to the date. “The president intends to maintain and keep his commitment to close Guantanamo in a year,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters Aug. 13. With the closure deadline looming earlier this month, however, Gibbs was not offering a new date for shutting Guantanamo. OBAMA page 3

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While the White House was silent on the passage of the unmet deadline, it provoked reaction from groups on both sides of the debate. Kirk Lippold, the former commander of the USS Cole, which was attacked by suicide bombers during a stop in Yemen in 2000, urged Obama to reconsider his closure order. “The president should heed the advice of security experts and recognize that closing Gitmo would be costly, unnecessary and represent an unjustifiable risk to our national security,” said Lippold, a fellow at Military Families United. A group of nearly three dozen retired flag and general officers from Human Rights First urged Obama to move ahead with closing Guantanamo. Activists from Witness Against Torture staged protests on Thursday at the Capitol. Twentyeight were arrested for demonstrating on the steps and another 14 were detained inside in the Rotunda. Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said Friday “an

important deadline was missed” with the failure to close Guantanamo. Recognizing the obstacles the administration has faced in closing the prison, he urged that the White House “not give in to a sense of inertia and that the prison be shut down as soon as possible.” The administration has been moving slowly ahead on closure. It announced in mid-December that it would buy a state prison in Illinois and harden it to house dozens of terrorism suspects from Guantanamo. An Obama administration official said Friday a task force headed by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has recommended that about 50 Guantanamo prisoners face indefinite detention. Another 35 or so should be prosecuted in criminal or military courts and 110 detainees should be released, the official said. The recommendations are being reviewed by the National Security Council. The ACLU’s Romero questioned the plan to continue detaining prisoners without trial.

“Just as important as closing the prison quickly is closing it right, and that means putting an end to the illegal policy of indefinite detention without charge or trial,” he said. “While the administration should transfer prisoners to the U.S. for federal court trials, it should not create a ‘Gitmo North’ by bringing them to facilities in the U.S. or anywhere else to be illegally held without due process,” Romero said. “This practice was wrong in Cuba and would remain so here, reducing the closure of Guantanamo to a symbolic gesture.” For more Reuters political news, please click here. Photo credit: Reuters/Deborah Gembara (Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay in August 2009); Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama signs order to close Guantanamo prison Jan. 22, 2009)


Synaptics Q3 Forecast Disappoints By Brent Archer (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:00:00 PM

Filed under: Major movement, Earnings reports, Forecasts, Bad news, Options, Technical Analysis Synaptics ( SYNAoption chain) stock is trading lower today after the company reported earnings last night, posting an adjusted secondquarter profit of 62 cents per share on revenue of $133 million. Analysts had forecast a profit of 56 cents per share on revenue of $131 million. However, shares of the stock are falling this morning after the company forecast third-quarter revenues of $110 to $115 million, below analysts' projections of $119 million. If you think this stock won't be

rising too far in the coming months, then it could be a good time to look at a bearish hedged play on SYNA. This morning, SYNA opened at $26.70. So far today the stock has hit a high of $28.30 and a low of $26.60. As of 11:40, SYNA is trading at $27.92, down $2.43 (-8.0%). The chart for SYNA looks bullish. Continue reading Synaptics Q3 Forecast Disappoints Synaptics Q3 Forecast Disappoints originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 14:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

How to Get Paid What You're Worth By How-To Wiki (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:00:00 AM

Before accepting your next job offer, learn what constitutes a fair, competitive salary.

Infographic of the Day: An Engineer's Guide to Drinking By Cliff Kuang (Fast Company) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:26:40 AM

What, you thought they just polished their pocket protectors

on the weekend? Flowing Data has dug up a lovely old infographic, depicting how to make any one of 44 mixed drinks--but using the visual vocabulary of technical


This being a monochrome appreciate the painstaking detail. blueprint, all of the various [Via Flowing Data] alcohols have patterns; the diagrams of the drinks themselves have proportions. You've got to see the full-size to


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Brown shows rare trait on Capitol Hill: humility By Thomas Ferraro (Front Row Washington) Submitted at 1/21/2010 1:30:14 PM

The man who shook up Washington came to Capitol Hill on Thursday and demonstrated a trait rarely associated with the nation’s marble halls of power and giant egos: humility. “I’ve got a lot to learn,” Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown said repeatedly during a series of visits with members of the Senate — a chamber often referred to as “the world’s most exclusive club.” “I’m stepping into big shoes,” Brown said. By tapping into voter anger aimed at a grid-locked Congress, a double-digit jobless rate and an unpopular plan to revamp the U.S. healthcare system, Brown won the Senate seat formerly held by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, a Democratic icon. Once sworn in in the next week or so, Brown will be the 41st Republican in the 100-seat Senate — and could provide the vote to block much of President

Barack Obama’s legislative agenda, including healthcare reform. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell flashed a big grin and told Brown that he has already begun calling him “fortyone.” Brown thanked senators for taking time to meet with him. “I really appreciate it,” he said

in a little more than a whisper. “I believe that people on both sides of the aisle want me to come here,” said Brown, who was elected on Tuesday with the support of Republicans, independents and Democrats. “They want me to be part of the process, and part of the solution.” Brown stepped into the office of Democratic Senator John Kerry, Massachusetts’ senior senator who supported Brown’s unsuccessful Democratic foe, and quickly demonstrated deference. “It’s good to be the junior senator-elect from Massachusetts,” Brown said. “I’ve always had respect for again and again. Senator Kerry and look forward He even voiced appreciation to to working with him.” reporters, photographers and TV Then he said it again: “I have a crews following him. “Thanks lot to learn.” for coming out here,” Brown Click here for news coverage of said. “I guess it’s a slow news Brown’s arrival on Capitol Hill. day.” Reuters photos by Larry Brown also delivered a message, D o w n i n g however, that he shouldn’t be taken for granted and that he expected to be heard. He did so

Do you want to place an iPhone into a Game Boy Advance? You can! By John Biggs (CrunchGear) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:30:39 AM

The lads at Geekologie stuffed an iPhone into a Game Boy Advance, thereby proving that stuffing things into things is just the most funnest thing in the world. Video after the jump. Why did he do it? Who knows! But I’ve always said stuff getting put into stuff is the way we can make this country great again. Manufacturing, people. Manufacturing.

Can Hopes Get Too High for Apple's 'Jesus Slate?' By Elizabeth Harrow (BloggingStocks)

a dead iPod in the financial media lately without hitting an article about Apple's ( AAPL) Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:20:00 PM hotly anticipated "iSlate"(and Filed under: Analyst reports, yes, I realize I am part of the Rumors, Products and services, p r o b l e m r i g h t n o w ) . T h e Apple Inc (AAPL), AT and T Cupertino, Calif.-based company (T) It seems that you can't swing is unveiling its latest gadget in

San Francisco next week, and just about everyone is predicting

that it will be a touch-screen tablet computer. Continue reading Can Hopes Get Too High for Apple's 'Jesus Slate?' Can Hopes Get Too High for Apple's 'Jesus Slate?' originally appeared on BloggingStocks on

Fri, 22 Jan 2010 14:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Most Americans want Republican input on healthcare – poll

Barbados Bails Out Four Seasons Project

By David Morgan (Front Row Washington)

By Zac Bissonnette (BloggingStocks)

Submitted at 1/22/2010 6:49:39 AM

Most Americans want President Obama and the Democrats to jettison the healthcare bill they almost got together before this week’s political earthquake in Massachusetts and instead look for something Republicans can support. That’s according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll which says 55 percent of Americans want work stopped on a House-Senate compromise between Democrats, while 39 percent want the Democrats to press on. In fact, a sizable minority — 46 percent of the 1,010 adults surveyed — say healthcare reform is important but should not be Obama’s top legislative priority. Nineteen percent say healthcare shouldn’t be a major priority at all. The poll was conducted the day

after Republican Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s dyed-in-thewool-Democratic-blue Senate seat in Massachusetts. The findings have a 4 percentage point margin of error. Those who want Republican input on healthcare may get their wish. Influential New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says his colleagues are mulling over a handful of options and could choose one within the next few days.

And some of the talk is about reconciling with Republicans. “That’s one of the options. I wouldn’t say there is a ‘the’ top option right now. There are two or three,” Schumer told a scrum of reporters that congealed around him in the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. “You have to take a deep breath, explore the ramifications of the (Massachusetts) election and then where to go. That doesn’t mean we’re going to sit here and twiddle our thumbs for weeks and weeks and weeks. But it’ll take a few days to figure out what the best solution is,” he said. Photo Credits: Reuters/Jim Bourg (Doctor and Patient); Reuters/Larry Downing (Scott Brown Arrives on Capitol Hill); Reuters/Jason Reed: (Chuck Schumer) Click here for more political coverage from Reuters


Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:30:00 PM

Filed under: Deals The government of Barbados agreed last month to guarantee a $60 million loan to re-start construction of a Four Seasons high-end development. In exchange for the loan guarantee, the government will take a 20% stake in the project. A $60 million loan guarantee doesn't sound like much -- but for a country as tiny as Barbados, it's significant. Barbados has a GDP of $3.41 billion, compared with $14.2 trillion for the United States. So, relative to GDP, this is the equivalent of the United States government offering a $249. 8 billion loan guarantee. Can you imagine the populist

outrage that would ensue if President Obama announced that the government was providing a $249.8 billion loan guarantee for a resort. Continue reading Barbados Bails Out Four Seasons Project Barbados Bails Out Four Seasons Project originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 12:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

Why is the “home” icon a little house? By John Biggs (CrunchGear)

of objects but many are The goal in UI design is to significant objects in themselves, decide what needs to be stripped symbolic representations of down and what needs to remain While a lot of this stuff is “Well, functionality or whimsy. For realistic. Great Friday reading. Duh,” there’s still more than example: enough interesting commentary Coda’s leaf isn’t a in Lukas Mathis’ fascinating representation of the idea of a just any acorn, it’s the Acorn. towards a specific entity, and in examination of realism in UIs. leaf; it’s a very specific leaf, the Adding details moves these the case of an application icon, Most UI elements are symbols Coda leaf. Acorn’s acorn isn’t images from a generic concept this is exactly what you want. Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:30:20 AM



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Berlin: poor but sexy, and oozing creative wealth By Kate Connolly (World news and comment from the Guardian | Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:10:56 AM

Artists pour into low rent, laissez-faire capital as new economy makes 20% of debt-hit city's GDP Gudrun Flieger tucks into a steaming bowl of bean stew at a soup kitchen in the well-to-do Berlin district of Charlottenburg. The 63-year-old pensioner has been a regular guest at the church-run meeting point since losing her job as a fitter at an electrical factory which went bankrupt in the late 1990s. "Without the soup kitchen and state help I'd be lost," she says. At a pawn shop on Karl Marx Strasse, in Neukölln, one of Berlin's poorest districts where one in four people are unemployed and half of all children live in poverty, an elderly woman in her 70s, dressed in a fur coat, hopes to pawn a family heirloom – a gold watch – to help cover a heating bill. "It takes me back to when I used to go with my mother to the Reichstag in the days after the war and people were selling watches and coffee beans on the black market in an attempt to survive," she says, giving only her first name, Isabel. "In some ways it feels like Berlin is as poor now as it was then."

The two women, randomly encountered on opposite ends of Berlin on a freezing day this week, are among a growing number of Berliners stuck in a vicious circle of poverty, according to a study which shows that citizens of the German capital are more likely to live in poverty than anywhere else in the country. A staggering 20% per cent of Berliners are reliant on state support to survive, according to research by the Bertelsmann foundation. In contrast, in the rich southern state of Bavaria, only 5% of people depend on the state. From an economic viewpoint the city is in disarray, with a jobless rate of around 17% and a debt mountain expected to total €63.5bn (£55.7bn) this year. But the flip side to its troubled situation is the rise of a new and seemingly unstoppable creative class, which economic experts say has the potential to make the capital boom. Realising early on that Berlin had little choice but to play to its strengths, its mayor, Klaus Wowereit, inadvertently coined the phrase "Berlin: arm, aber sexy" (poor, but sexy). The line hit a nerve and has become an unofficial slogan which now adorns T-shirts and bags. A mixture of cheap rents, empty spaces in central locations, and a level of tolerance and laissez-

faire attitude it is hard to find elsewhere has helped to lure a whole generation of creative figures who are helping to shape a new economy now worth an annual €17.5bn (£15.4bn), or more than 20% of Berlin's GDP. Nowhere was the creative vibe more evident than at the "Bread and Butter" Berlin fashion show, held this week at the now defunct Tempelhof airport, which attracted international designers and fashion moguls. One of the participants, the Sudanese top model Alek Wek, said: "I've been to Paris, New York and London so often. But everyone, particularly in London, is just raving about Berlin, so I had to be here." Louis St Louis, a 36-year-old rock musician, left his native New York for Berlin after a friend tipped him off about its benefits. He formed a successful band called Index which uses the capital as a base from which to tour Europe. "Let's face it, you can rent a place here for the cost of a storage facility in London," he says, sitting in the 8mm Bar he set up in the hip district of Prenzlauer Berg, in the former communist east Berlin. "It's a tolerant city with an incredible creative energy, and so relaxed that – unlike New York – you can get away without wearing designer clothes here." Among those contributing to the

creative economy are the hundreds of British (who top the list of tourist numbers) and other European clubbers attracted by Berlin's 250 nightclubs. They pile off cheap flights for overnight stays in the city, which they often spend entirely on the dance floor. Entrance and drinks cost a fraction of London prices. At the Golden Gate club on the river Spree, Gerald Simpson, 45, is often to be found DJ-ing. The musician moved to Berlin as much to get away from the pressures of London as to soak up the charms of what Mayor Wowereit has referred to as a "young, unfinished city". "I love the grunge, the lack of pretension and the simpler way of life," says the Manchesterborn DJ and record producer, better known as A Guy Called Gerald, who helped to shape the acid house scene in the 1980s. "I love the fact that I have a studio in Tacheles (a former 1930s department store-turned artists' collective in the centre of Berlin) which would be totally impossible elsewhere, unless I was a friend of Donald Trump's." For Alexine Good, a painter and printmaker from London, one of the attractions of the city is that one can get by on relatively little. But she is reluctant to use the phrase "arm, aber sexy". "There's nothing sexy about being poor – but if you're going to be poor, there are far worst places to be so

than Berlin." Rainer Grigutsch, of the Club Commission, a body representing the dance and music club scene, believes the creative class has to remain sensitive to the "real" Berliners. "The longterm challenge for Berlin will be how it balances the needs of its ordinary poor while encouraging its creative elite," he says. Legacy of the wall Reasons for its poor state: After the fall of the Berlin wall it was -predicted that as a gateway to central Europe Berlin would regain its pre-war role as an industrial centre. Instead it lost almost 70% of its manufacturing jobs as the generous subsidies paid to both halves of Berlin were largely withdrawn after unification in 1990. A legacy of its past as a divided city is that it still has three opera houses and three universities. According to the economics ministry of Berlin's senate, the music industry is now Berlin's third biggest economic force, employing almost 14,000 people. • Germany Kate Connolly© Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

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What does the war on Wall Street mean for the big banks? By Nils Pratley (World news and comment from the Guardian |

longer expect to be rescued by US taxpayers in a crisis. In practice, they would also have to pay more to raise capital if they Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:32:39 AM stood outside the protected The megabanks could be split banking tent. But they might up – or might turn into footloose nevertheless choose to do so. investment banks again Staff, after all, might be keen to M o r e d e t a i l s p l e a s e . O n take their chances in the part of Thursday -President Obama the industry where the potential declared war on Wall Street– but for big bonuses will surely be what would -victory look like? greater. On day one, it seemed as if a Goldman last year made a return break-up of JP Morgan, Morgan on equity of 22.5%. Even if the Stanley, Bank of America, higher cost of funding reduced Citigroup and Goldman Sachs that to, say 15%, the bonus pool was on the cards. How could it would still be huge. But if the be otherwise? The president had footloose option is open to declared that proprietary trading Goldman and Morgan Stanley, and sponsoring hedge funds and Obama's bold talk about cutting private equity was off-limits for W a l l S t r e e t d o w n t o s i z e banks. All those megabanks do suddenly sounds a lot less most, or all, of those things. So impressive. surely we were looking at US Treasury secretary Tim sweeping changes? Geithner then added to the Now there are suggestions that c o n f u s i o n b y s a y i n g t h e -Goldman and Morgan Stanley, president's plans were not about which converted to formal bank breaking up banks, but about status only after Lehman's reducing their risk-taking. collapse in 2008, could sidestep Maybe Geithner was merely the "Volcker Rule" by putting on trying to avoid the appearance of their old clothes and becoming telling banks exactly how to footloose investment banks once order their affairs. That would be again. sensible given the amount of In that case, they could no horse-trading that will inevitably

take place. But the administration must also draw a line in the sand. Goldman and Morgan Stanley have two of the biggest balance sheets in the business – bigger than Lehman. So, even if they are not caught by the Volcker Rule, they are surely affected by Obama's other big ambition – to guard against "too much risk being concentrated in one firm". The phrasing is vague, but common sense says Goldman and Morgan Stanley must shed substantial parts of their empires if Obama's reforms are to succeed. The administration's reluctance to spell this out is worrying. What does Mervyn think? The governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, has been almost alone among senior UK policymakers in expressing warm feelings for Glass-Steagall -style reforms. As early as March last year he was calling for a serious debate on the subject. By October he was declaring that the "too important to fail" problem was "too important to ignore". Chancellor Alistair Darling and Adair Turner, chairman of the Financial Services Authority,

would argue that they haven't ignored the problem. Their prescription is firewalls (to provide internal separations within banks), living wills (to allow orderly wind-downs of failed banks) and lots more capital (to reduce the likelihood of failure). This has been the broad international approach. We know the governor welcomes those reforms, but does he think they are enough? Put another way, does he trust the regulators to assess properly the robustness of living wills and to make correct judgments about how much capital banks should hold? Would the regulators' task be made easier if banks were split into smaller pieces? Would that help lessen the impact when smart bankers out-fox the regulators? To date, we haven't had clear answers from King – just warnings about "the sheer creative imagination of the financial sector to think up new ways of taking risks". He has also said that "the belief that appropriate regulation can ensure the speculative activities do not result in failure is a delusion". But does this add up to a firm

Ballmer Desecrates MacBook Pro [Horror] By Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo) Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:40:00 PM

I thought this Ballmer's

autograph on a Macbook Pro was fake, but according to this video of the big man scribbling it, it's not. Somewhere in a dark

and sobbing. With a British accent. [ The Guardian] place, Jon Ive is bracing himself

belief in forcing banks to separate their risk-taking and utility functions via something more substantial than a firewall? On Tuesday King appears before the Treasury select committee. This is a chance for MPs to demand a straight answer to a straight question: should the UK copy Obama's proposed reforms? It's cards-on-the-table time. • Banking • Bank of England • Barack Obama • Goldman Sachs • Citigroup • US economy • Morgan Stanley • JP Morgan • Credit crunch • Global recession • Recession • US economic growth and recession • Alistair Darling Nils Pratley© Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds


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Kennedy takes on the coal baron in mountain duel By Suzanne Goldenberg (World news and comment from the Guardian |

worst environmental crime that ever happened in our history," began Kennedy. "It is a crime, it is a sin, and it is a moral obligation to stop this from Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:29:09 AM happening." University debate personifies Companies such as America's deep political and Blankenship's are detonating the environmental divides explosive equivalent of a It was an event billed as the Hiroshima every week, Kennedy smackdown between the baddest said. They are ruthlessly anticoal baron around and the union and no longer provide environmental heir to the liberal jobs: 90,000 were shed in West Kennedy legacy, live on stage Virginia over the past 50 years. and in the heart of Appalachia W o r s e , K e n n e d y r e v e a l e d , mine country. Stage right, Massey's own records show a p p r o p r i a t e l y , w a s D o n 12,000 violations of pollution B l a n k e n s h i p , c h a i r m a n o f regulations last year. It paid M a s s e y E n e r g y , a m e a t y $20m (£12.4m) in environmental i m p a s s i v e p r e s e n c e , h i s fines in 2006. Kentucky drawl never picking up But this was too many facts for speed or volume. On the left, Blankenship. "It's a bunch of Robert F Kennedy Jr, who has rhetoric and untruths," he s p e n t h i s l i f e d e f e n d i n g returned. "This industry is what waterways, making lawyerly made this country great. If we argument out of staccato bursts forget that, we are going to have of statistics. to learn to speak Chinese." Or The pairing at the University of accept early deaths, he argued, Charleston was the perfect noting that expectancy in Angola personification of America's is 39 years. deep divides: Republican versus Or, as he suggested later in a Democrat; old industry v new, digression on poverty in India, g l o b a l w a r m i n g d e n i e r v go through life with the indignity impassioned advocate for climate of not having a toilet. Or, maybe change laws. just roll over and give in to the The battle in Thursday night's terrorists. "The truth of the debate was over mountaintop matter is that were it not for coal removal mining, which blows we wouldn't have the freedom to the tops off mountains to get at sit up here and -discuss this," thin seams of coal and of which Blankenship said. B l a n k e n s h i p i s t h e m o s t The views – and debating styles notorious promoter. "This is the – were a stark vision of the

separate -political realities in America. in 2008. In 2004, he personally spent $3 million on attack ads on a judge's election.The Obama administration and its supporters – and not least Kennedy himself – got a painful message from that other reality this week. The Senate seat left by the death of his uncle Ted Kennedy was filled by Scott Brown, the first Republican in more than 50 years to represent Massachusetts in the Senate. The election takes away the Democrats' filibusterproof majority, making it even harder for Obama to deliver on his campaign pledges to tackle global warming. And that suits Blankenship just fine. "When you criticise what we do as an industry, you are criticising the people that are teaching your Sunday school, that are coaching your little league," Blankenship said, folksily. Worryingly for Kennedy, it got the loudest applause. Kennedy, rallying, argued that the future was green: "If we don't switch to renewables right now we are going to be buying green technology from the Chinese for the next 100 years, the same way we have been buying oil from the Saudis for the last 100 years." But Blankenship was still looking to the past. "Coal is what made the industrial revolution

possible. If windmills were the thing to do, if solar panels were, it would happen naturally." Oh, and global warming was a hoax, he finished. "Anyone who says they know what the temperature of earth is going to be in 2020 or 2030 needs to be put in an asylum because they don't. This whole thing is designed to transfer wealth from the US to other countries." The university made sure the 1,000-strong audience was evenly split. On television afterwards, environmentalists said they were sure Kennedy won. The miners gave it to Blankenship: Kennedy just had too many facts from all over the place, said one. The debate changed few minds. Ed Welch, the university president and moderator, summed it up neatly: "I don't think there is a need for an altar call to recognise any conversions." • US politics • United States • Mining • Coal Suzanne Goldenberg© Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Naked Airport Body Scanner Sees Everything But the Bomby Parts [Tsa] By Brian Barrett (Gizmodo) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:20:00 PM

Well, let's hope the bad guys weren't watching German television last week. A demonstration of one of those highfalutin—and highly invasive—full-body airport scanners caught a Swiss Army Knife and a cellphone, but none of the, uh, bomb components. The big reveal comes at around 2:07, and is moderately to extremely terrifying. As Schneier on Security points out, the subject didn't get scanned from the side. That's reassuring until you see that there were still a few front-facing explosive bits that got through, and he didn't even have to hide anything in a body cavity. So, to sum up: full-body scanners are equal parts creepy and ineffective, the end. [ Schneier on Security via Boing Boing]

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Democrats in a bind over passage of Obama's bank bill By Ewen MacAskill (World news and comment from the Guardian | Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:23:46 AM

President faces tough task getting bank reforms through Congress in face of scepticism from both sides President Obama will have a tough task getting his bank reforms through Congress in the face of both Republican and Democratic scepticism, division and disarray, legislators signalled. The new proposals are almost certain to be tacked on to a financial regulation bill that has been before Congress for almost a year. It was finally passed by the House last month but without a single Republican vote and with more than a score of Democrats opposed, and approval by the Senate will be even tougher to secure. The White House views this as a

win-win situation. If it gets a bill through that is tough on Wall Street, it hopes it will play well with the electorate: if the Republicans block it, the Democrats can portray them as pro-Wall Street. The problem with that strategy is that the Senate response will not be clear -cut. There are conservative Democrats who will not support many of the measures, while others still think Obama is not being radical enough. In a sign of rebellion among Democrats in the Senate, some are threatening to vote against the re-appointment of Whitehouse backed Ben Bernanke, whose tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve is up this month. The Democratic senator Russ Feingold said yesterday he would vote against another fouryear term. Other Democrats are also promising to vote against him. Another problem is that the

passage of the bill falls on the Democratic chairman of the Senate banking committee, Chris Dodd, but he announced this month that he does not intend standing in November's Congressional mid-term elections, a decision that reduces his authority. The bill leaves some Democrats, such as Chuck Schumer, the New York senator, in a bind. Representing a city heavily dependent on the financial sector, he said: "You can't do nothing because we all know the banks made mistakes, but you can't be so draconian that you cause job loss or make the institutions not function properly." Another problem for Obama's strategy is that the supreme court decision on Thursday allowing companies to financially back candidates means banks and other financial institutions can spend heavily in support of those


Facebook's 'Dashboard' will clean up apps soon

opposed to the regulations. Given the way the health bill has become bogged down, the chances are the financial regulation bill will not have got through Congress before November. The bill would require the support of two-thirds of the 100member Senate to get through, and the election of the Republican Scott Brown denies the Democrats that majority. • US Congress • Democrats • Republicans • Barack Obama • Banking • US economy • United States

By Caroline McCarthy (

Ewen MacAskill© Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Independent publishers learn that their Kindle books were already unprotected as Amazon adds option to enable DRM on upload. Originally posted at Rafe's Radar

Submitted at 1/21/2010 1:52:00 PM

In weeks, a redesigned Facebook home page will stratify app activity into its own tab designed for active social gamers. Developers are now invited to test it out. Originally posted at The Social

Amazon adds optional DRM for Kindle publishers By Rafe Needleman ( Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:51:00 AM

Philips Second Gen LivingColors Make Paint Twice as Obsolete [Lighting] By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:00:00 PM

We found the original Philips LivingColors lamp to be pretty astounding with its multi-million -color glow. Now the lamp gets

an impressive v2 makeover. The latest LivingColors lamp produces 16 million colors through a combination of 7 LEDs—an overall quality of light that's 50% brighter than version one.

And while the intuitive remote

and bulbous shape remain mostly unchanged, you'll now have the option to purchase an opaque version (which we're guessing produces a more directional light flow) along with a more typical metal base stand. Look for the

update in Europe soon, with models ranging from about $230 -$350.[ geekandhype via Unplggd]


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CPS refuses to reveal details of Nick Bush's 'Revenge' -- Leaving a Really Big Mess, Griffin's race hate trial By Ian Cobain (World news and comment from the Guardian |

Griffin has been widely reported as -dismissing the Holocaust as an "extremely profitable lie" when he gave evidence at Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:09:07 AM Harrow crown court. But no Prosecutors claim releasing transcript of the hearing was information about 1998 case made and the only records about would breach BNP leader's data the case are held by the CPS. protection rights Although the trial was heard in The Crown Prosecution Service open court and ended in Griffin's is -blocking attempts to disclose conviction, the CPS has rejected details about the prosecution of an request made under the Nick Griffin, the leader of the Freedom of Information Act British National party, for race ( F o I ) f o r d i s c l o s u r e o f hate crimes, claiming that to do information in its files on the s o w o u l d b r e a c h h i s d a t a grounds that it is "sensitive protection rights. personal data" that is protected Griffin was given a suspended by the Data Protection Act. prison sentence in 1998 after In a letter to the Guardian, being convicted of "publishing or which -submitted the request d i s t r i b u t i n g r a c i a l l y almost four months ago, the CPS -inflammatory written material", said: "The majority of the an offence under the 1986 Public information contained in the case Order Act. The following year he papers is personal data. was elected leader of the BNP. "A large proportion of this The prosecution centred on a p e r s o n a l d a t a i s s e n s i t i v e magazine edited by Griffin personal data because it consists called the Rune, in which he o f i n f o r m a t i o n a s t o t h e dismissed the Holocaust as a commission of an offence and hoax. At the trial he sacked his Mr Griffin's political opinions." legal team and, conducting his On appeal, the CPS last week own defence, attempted to justify -reiterated its view that Griffin's the material he had published. rights are not outweighed by the

public interest in the disclosure of the information. Only last month the government announced fresh guidelines intended to give the public more information about criminal prosecutions. Unveiling the guidelines, Alan Johnson, the home secretary, said they were intended "to set straight the -misconception that human rights and data protection laws prevent criminals and their punishments from being exposed". The Guardian is now lodging a -complaint with the Information -Commissioner's Office, which is responsible for final -decisions on FoI requests. • BNP • The far right • Data protection • Privacy Ian Cobain© Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Tour the new Firefox 3.6 By Seth Rosenblatt ( Submitted at 1/21/2010 5:20:00 PM

In this First Look video, we important. cover what's new in Firefox 3.6. Originally posted at The Most of it is under the hood, but D o w n l o a d B l o g that doesn't mean it's not

Economically and Otherwise By Joseph Lazzaro (BloggingStocks) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:30:00 PM

Filed under: Politics, Recession, Financial Crisis A public policy colleague in Washington likes to retell an observation and joke that made the rounds as President George W. Bush was leaving office: 'When President Bush realized he had screwed up half-way through his presidency, he then decided to really screw things up, because he knew if he did, whatever Democrat who won in November 2008 would not succeed, because he'd have to deal with and confront so many daunting problems!' Continue reading Bush's

'Revenge' -- Leaving a Really Big Mess, Economically and Otherwise Bush's 'Revenge' -- Leaving a Really Big Mess, Economically and Otherwise originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

Google Street The Erich Segal View welcomes Archive By TNR Staff (The New me to the U.K. Republic - All Feed) By Stephen Shankland ( Submitted at 1/22/2010 6:04:00 AM

Online explorers can see several historic British sites. But newly relocated to the U.K., Stephen Shankland would prefer more ordinary Street View coverage. Originally posted at Deep Tech

Submitted at 1/21/2010 3:24:07 PM

Charles Lane: Haiti's deteriorating democracy. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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The Candyman's Saga to Hit the Big Screen By Josh Spiro (

wife Rebecca, one child Bert and $800 to my name. I wanted to open up a store that just sold David Klein is a testament to the j e l l y b e a n s a n d I n e e d e d fact that every entrepreneur with something different than what a fresh idea should invest in a was on the market.Did people good lawyer. In 1976, Klein take to the new jellybeans right came up with a new kind of away?To be honest I could not jellybean, which would come to give them away for the first few be known as Jelly Belly. He took months. They were selling for $2 his idea to the Herman Goelitz per pound and people laughed at Candy Company and after slow me. Even my regular candy and sales, a little untruth gained the nut customers would not buy treat national attention. Four them. If I had not received years later, the company was publicity the product would have cranking out 1 million pounds of died.What sort of publicity did jellybeans per year but Klein's you get and what angle did it relationship with the company take?I called up the Associated began to deteriorate. The whole Press and talked to the editor of s a g a i s d e t a i l e d i n t h e the business department. I told documentary Candyman, which him that I had the only jellybean premieres at the Slamdance Film store in the world. I also told him Festival in Park City, Utah on that we were doing tons of J a n u a r y 2 4 t h . W h a t w e r e business. This was not true. jellybeans like before you came When he paid a visit to us I had around and how did you see a friends come in to buy the way to change them? In 1976, product while he was there. After when I invented the Jelly Belly this article appeared nationwide jellybean, all jellybeans sold for the product was on its way. less than a dollar per pound and Where did the name come all tasted pretty much alike. I from?I used to watch Sanford wanted to make them smaller so and Son. I heard a reference on there would be around 400 to the one show to Lead Belly. This pound. I also wanted to use became Jelly Belly. I did not natural flavoring if possible and know it at the time but Lead to flavor the inside of the bean as Belly had spent time in jail for well as the shell.What were you attempted homicide.In the trailer doing with yourself when you for Candyman, you say that came up with the idea for Jelly coming up with the idea for Jelly Belly?I was a candy and nut Belly ruined your life? Why?The distributor at that time with my idea to sell the trademark did not Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:12:00 AM

originate with me. I never wanted to part with it. People asked me how could I have been so stupid as to sell this trademark. The documentary goes into great depth to show just why I could not be called Mr. Jelly Belly anymore.What was your initial financial and intellectual property arrangement with the Herman Goelitz Candy Company, and how did that change when you parted ways? At the very start all the product was sent to me. I paid them 59

cents per pound until I called them up and told them to charge me 10 cents per pound higher. I know that this is seldom done in business but I was making plenty of money on the product and I wanted to make sure that they were also. The federal trademark was owned by my partner, Cal Lieberman and myself. The company asked to be made a distributor of the product and we said yes. After a while they wanted to take over the trademark and we accepted.

When we parted ways they paid us $20,000 per month for 20 years, which ended in 2000. I have received no money since then. By the time I split the money with my partner and paid taxes there was never much left to start a new business.Are there any other inventions you've come up with, candy-related or otherwise?As a matter of fact yes...I was the inventor of many sour products such as gumballs and licorice. I also came up with the idea for Snot, which was a plastic nose filled with liquid. Your daughter caught the bug for creating new types of candy too? Roxy from the age of four was always trying to come up with a candy idea. I always encouraged her to use her mind. A great idea sometimes comes out of a bad one. So I always say that there is no such thing as a bad idea. When Roxy was in high school she had this sand art creation in her room. She kept on looking at it. One day she asked me if we could make a candy powder that looked like sand art but the kids could eat it too. Sandy Candy was created from this idea and I am proud to say that Roxy took this idea and made it into an international business.



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Pole-Dancing at P.S. 1: SO-IL Wins 2010 Courtyard Installation Amid Controversy By William Bostwick (Fast Company) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:22:50 PM

Brooklyn studio SO-IL beats out Danish juggernaut BIG in battle over a tiny gravel triangle in Queens. Last year it was MOS, this year it's SO-IL. If there's one thing architects love more than acronyms, it's weird references to nature. Which is exactly what the MoMA off-shoot P.S. 1's Young Architects Program is about: Every summer since 2000, the museum has picked an up-and-coming studio to redesign its barren, concretewalled triangular courtyard in Long Island City, Brooklyn, as a riff on water and an oasis from the city. Also, it's one hell of a summertime party for NYC. So we got WORKac's farm in 2008, MOS's volcanoes in 2009, and this June... a trampoline strip club. Most see the Young Architects Program as a launchpad for the careers of tiny, experimental studios like SHoP, which won as a four-year-old firm in 2000 and now boasts a staff of 65 and major projects like the Atlantic Yards development. So it was a shock when P.S. 1 announced this year's finalists: Two-yearold SO-IL was up against two other Brooklyn studios (Easton+Combs and Freecell),

one from Cambridge, Massachusetts (William O'Brien Jr.), and BIG. That's Bjarke Ingels Group, a 76-person Copenhagen powerhouse known for outlandish projects like the National Library of Kazakhstan, the 230-unit VM housing block in Copenhagen, and the Danish 2010 Expo pavilion. In a competition meant for rising stars and historically only won by American studios (predominantly from New York, though three have been from LA), did BIG belong? Sources close to the competition told us

that some of Bjarke Ingels friends actually asked him to withdraw from the contest, even as his studio began prematurely proclaiming their victory. He didn't. As in all competitions-architectural ones especially-inside politics can make all the difference. And though we don't know for sure, they may explain BIG's inclusion--and its 11thhour loss to SO-IL. Regardless, the proposal looks great. Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu, the husband-and-wife team behind SO-IL (another thing architects love, apparently, is

working with their spouses: MOS and WORKac are run by couples, too) will fill the courtyard with 100, 25-foot-tall fiberglass poles that hold up a giant, floppy net in a project they call Pole Dance. The poles bend in the breeze and the net bucks and sways, bouncing giant rubber balls around above the summer partiers below. Its $85,000 budget is a bit of a raise from last year's $70,000, but it's still a small price to pay for fixing up that dismal courtyard. Barry Bergdoll, chief curator of MoMA's architecture and design

department, said in a press release that (brace for archibabble), "Here the net is literal and physical, the space tangible, t h e e n c o u n t e r s unprogrammable." In other words, it's a Dr. Seuss basketball game with no rules. Which is just fine. As Architect's Newspaper points out, it's the most free-form courtyard installation yet, and even though we loved WORKac's Public Farm One, tending to chickens wasn't everyone's idea of easy POLE-DANCING page 13

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He's Conquered Burger King and Microsoft, but Can CP+B's Alex Bogusky Oversee 32 Agencies? By Alissa Walker (Fast Company) Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:57:19 PM

Things are going swell for Crispin Porter + Bogusky--they were just named Agency of the Decade by Advertising Age, they've managed to make Microsoft slightly cooler and um, well, they live in Boulder. And yesterday, the agency announced a new role for its founding partner Alex Bogusky, who will take a creative position at CP+B's parent company, MDC Partners. Bogusky will now be Chief Creative Insurgent (yep, Insurgent) at MDC, where he'll find himself Insurgent-ing over MDC's 32 agencies, including small but ubercreative shops like Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, Vitro Robertson, Bruce Mau Design, Hello Design, and mono. While there are some edgy firms in there to be sure, as a quirky guy at a firm known for its quirkiness Bogusky might not know how to play to the

mainstream. Plus, Bogusky's biggest gambles haven't paid off: Burger King's subversive campaign continues to creep out critics and customers (case in point: the new Whopper Bar), and designers were peeved by a recent crowdsourcing experiment for Brammo. But perhaps this kind of creative shakeup will bring the new leadership that MDC's shops need. David Lai, creative director at Hello Design, based

POLE-DANCING continued from page 12

summertime fun, and last year's volcanoes seem a little menacing on second thought. Bouncing exercise balls around on a trampoline is something

everyone can get behind--no matter how highfalutin the theories inflating it, or how political the reasons behind its choice.

in Culver City, California, was thrilled about the Bogusky announcement. "One of the reasons we joined MDC Partners was because they believe in great talent. CP+B is proof of that," says Lai. "I'm excited about Alex's new role as I believe he is an innovative thought leader who we could really learn a lot from." MDC is a small Canadian company that CP+B chairman Chuck Porter sold 49% of the agency to in 2001. According to

our story on Bogusky last year, MDC got CP+B for a song--$6.5 million for the first 49%, then an additional 28% for $28 million-and now has 100% ownership. MDC's choice to align more closely with their star acquisition is a smart one: Last year, MDC chairman Miles Nadal bragged about CP+B's performance but admitted MDC's own shortcomings: "Philosophically, MDC is not designed at this point to deliver ongoing quarter-

to-quarter growth. That's just not the way it thinks." That's an understatement: We found estimates that MDC's 77% (at the time) stake in Crispin was worth more than $300 million-more than MDC's entire market value! That number's sure to go up with Bogusky and crew on board.

Haiti Aftershocks Will Continue for Months, Perhaps Even Years By Betsy Mason (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 1/22/2010 5:43:00 AM

A new USGS assessment

estimates that aftershocks will continue to shake Haiti for months, if not years.


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The Tablets of Our Dreams By Gizmodo Staff (Fast Company) The greatest literary device in sci -fi history, the actual Computers in movies look H i t c h h i k e r ' s G u i d e t o t h e nothing like the beasts we lug G a l a x y , w a s , i n f a c t , a around today. They're thin and t a b l e t . G e n e R o d d e n b e r r y light, a single pane that jumps to was—like some tech analysts life when touched. Technology these days—in favor of the follows Hollywood dreams; tablet coming in large and small here's hoping this montage is a sizes.The Incredibles, created by portent of what's coming soon. Steve Jobs' Pixar, not only has The world will be shocked if the most Apple-like vision of a Apple doesn't reveal a tablet tablet, but shows it sliding out of computer next week. It won't be a manila envelope, three years the first, not by any stretch, and before Steve drew the slender it won't be the first multitouch M a c B o o k A i r o u t o f t h e device, naturally. But as we same.We're not sure what Bart envision it, the tablet represents Simpson is doing to that iMac the fusion of two of the most either, but apparently "Mapple" steadfast dreams of sci-fi nerds beat Apple to the punch with and ordinary people alike. touchscreen all-in-ones.It is This reel, compiled for Giz by physically impossible to craft a M i k e B y h o f f a n d F r a n k montage of sci-fi interfaces Cozzarelli as a celebration of sci- without showing Tom C. in fi's longstanding love affair with Minority Report.You may say tablets and touch interfaces, is that the tablets of Moses weren't pretty self explanatory, but there exactly interactive. Fine, believe are a few things to think about: Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:47:49 PM

what you will, but take our advice and stay the hell away from golden calves. There are plenty more crazy touch computer sightings in TV and movies—if you can track any down, be sure to post them in comments. Special thanks to Mike Byhoff and Frank Cozzarelli of Gawker TV for working overtime to pull this reel together. The catchy music—chosen for its sci-fifriendliness, its nice buildup, and its utter lack of resemblance to 1990s techno—is "Lovely Allen" by Holy Fuck, which you can (and should) buy here at Amazon, or here on iTunes. In partnership with Gizmodo is the world's most fun technology website, focused on gadgets and how they make our lives better, worse and more absurd. Source: The Tablets of Our Dreams [Tablet]

Churches (and others) will have to upgrade their mics right quick or the FCC will be very angry By Nicholas Deleon (CrunchGear) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:00:55 AM

The absurdity of this issue, I swear. Get this: churches (and other deals like outdoor events) have been using microphones that operate on the 700MHz spectrum since, like, forever. It turns out that that part of the spectrum, 700MHz, is to be set aside for over-the-air digital TV broadcasts. You see where this is going: churches all over the country are going to have to upgrade their microphones, sound systems, etc. lest they run afoul of the law come June, 2010. You’d think God would have warned them about this. It seems churches have known about the issue for some time, but have chosen to ignore it. A blasé attitude, if you will. “The FCC can’t be serious about this, can they?” Yes. Yes it is. Well, kinda. Since no records were kept on items using the 700MHz space,

the FCC has no real reason of knowing who’s operating there. But don’t worry! Wireless microphone makers—companies like Shure and Sennheiser—have rebate programs to help get rid of your old, 700MHz equipment and into new, FCC-friendly equipment. It’s not just churches that are affected, but other areas like schools, plays, and sporting events. I tell ya, this has to be the single most boring story I’ve ever been exposed to. Let’s talk about piracy some more or something.

New NBC Logo Combines Fail Whale and Peacock [PIC] By Samuel Axon (Mashable!) Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:47:04 AM

Twitter user Mitch Canter (@studionashvegas) posted a TwitPic of his vision for a

redesigned NBC logo that combines the Twitter Fail Whale and the NBC peacock to reflect the Internet’s disgust with NBC’s late night fiasco as well as its support of Conan O’Brien.

The fail whale was designed by

artist Yiying Lu, and it has become something of a pop culture icon. That’s not necessarily a good thing when you consider that it only appears when something goes terribly

wrong. Here’s the full-sized image. Tags: celebrities, conan, conan o'brien, fail whale, failcock, leno, nbc, trending, twitpic, twitter

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InstaPaper for Kindle now more Kindle-like By Donald Melanson (Engadget)

also now get a convenient table of contents that can be accessed from any article by pressing the Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:34:00 PM back button. Those using I n s t a P a p e r ' s " r e a d l a t e r " wireless delivery will also now bookmarking service was already see old InstaPaper files moved to a pretty handy way to get any the "Periodicals: Back Issues" article or web page onto your folder as new ones come in, By William Bostwick (Fast magazine about five of the Check. Why? Maybe it's so we Kindle, but it looks like the rather than see them fill up their Company) world's weirdest places to bunk, can get as close to camping as c o m p a n y ' s n o w t a k e n a home screen. Sound like just the from the Hotel Djenne Djenno in p o s s i b l e w i t h o u t a c t u a l l y considerable leap forward in Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:37:10 PM thing you've been waiting for? Mali (like the rest of the town of pitching a tent--nature seems usability with its latest update. Hit up the link below to get Margarita need more ice or salt? Djenne, it's made all out of mud) more palatable when we pay for Nothing's changed in the way started. Just chip some off the hotel to the Hotel Palacio de Sal on the it. Or maybe it's because hotels' you actually get articles onto the InstaPaper for Kindle now more walls. Bolivian salt flats, advertised as experimentation pays off by Kindle (via wireless delivery or Kindle-like originally appeared You've heard about ice hotels-- the "best salt hotel in the world." selling more rooms while the .mobi files), but once they're on Engadget on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 the one in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is (Don't lick the walls, he says.) most even the wackiest office loaded up you'll now have a 12:34:00 EST. Please see our probably the most famous, re- But the list of bizarrely built tower can hope for is getting decidedly more Kindle-like terms for use of feeds. Permalink built every year from 3,300 tons hotels is long and strange. Name featured on a postcard (or experience. That includes being Wired Gadget Lab| InstaPaper| of ice--but what about mud, salt, a material, and there's probably a painting). Either way, I'm no fan able to tap left or right between Email this| Comments or mangrove? hotel out there that incorporates of -8 degree Celsius rooms. articles downloaded from a site Adam Roberts writes in The it. Trees? Check. Opal? Check. and, perhaps most notably, you'll Economist's Intelligent Life A r c h i t e c t u r e m o n o g r a p h s ?

Really Roughing It: Five Hotels Built From Unexpected Materials


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Breath-based glucose sensor developed (and why it may never make it to market) By Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:00:00 AM

I guess since I’m the resident diabetic at CrunchGear that I should write all the diabetesrelated stories. Good old diabetic Doug. He’s got the sweet blood, let’s pass this one on to him. Hope he doesn’t go into diabetic retardation while he’s writing it. That’s what it’s called, right? Coma? What is it? He said to help him if he starts acting weird but HE’S ALWAYS ACTING WEIRD. Thanks for the tip, jerk. Okay, I’m back. Eggheads at the University of Florida have developed a tiny sensor that can detect blood sugar levels based solely on breath. A guy like me would simply breathe into a little tube and five seconds later – boom, blood sugar levels. It’d theoretically replace fingerpoking blood tests, and all at a one-time price of around $40. I say “theoretically” because the powers-that-be at Big Pharma (TM) can’t really make any money off of something like this compared to what they make selling glucose testing strips – little, disposable pieces of plastic that sell for around 50 cents apiece (if you don’t have health insurance) and are rendered

Desert Weather (Little Green Footballs)

useless each time you test your blood sugar. Since I have health insurance, the price drops to around 25 cents apiece for me. My insurance, Blue Cross, only covers one brand of strips, a brand that’s incompatible with the built-in glucose monitor found in the insulin pump I use. Fun. I don’t mean to be so negative. It’s just that I’ve had this disease for almost 30 years and every year since the mid-1980’s I’ve been told that a cure is only five years away or that a new lifechanging device is about to come out. New devices come out, yes, but only ones that carry a subscription-type model for revenue generation have ever made it to market. Insulin pumps are grand. Absolutely. But a pumping system costs thousands of dollars for the device itself, plus the lifesaving vials of insulin that can cost almost $100 each for the uninsured, plus disposable tubing and adhesives and other supplies that are necessary for the pumps to work. Insulin pumping has changed the way people live with diabetes for the better, for sure. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that the old way – manual injections via relatively inexpensive syringes – has now

been replaced by insanely expensive equipment and supplies. No wonder it’s been embraced by the pharmaceutical companies. Glucose testing machines can be had for free, but you’ll need to keep purchasing the aforementioned testing strips forever. A machine that tests glucose an unlimited number of times and carries a one-time cost of only $40 is in nobody’s best interests – except diabetics, that is. Oh, and the same little $40 machine could also be used to test for breast cancer, too. Professor of chemical engineering, Fan Ren, along with a team of engineers at the

University of Florida have been working on the technology. According to the school’s press release: “While the sensor is not as acutely sensitive as those that rely on nanotechnology, the manufacturing techniques are already widely available, Ren said. The cost is as little as 20 cents per chip, but goes up considerably when combined with applications to transmit the information wirelessly to computers or cell phones. The entire wireless-chip package might cost around $40, he said, although that cost could be cut in half with mass production. The team has patented or is in the process of patenting several elements of the technology, and several companies have expressed interest in pursuing the research, Ren said.” If this device actually makes it to market – this device whose “manufacturing techniques are already widely available” and costs less than half of what I spend per month on diabetic supplies (even with health insurance) — I’ll be the first in line to buy it. I’ll camp out longer than the most ridiculous Black Friday sale campers you’ve ever seen. And I suspect that just about every other

diabetic would do the exact same thing. My guess is that it’ll get tied up in the FDA approval process for years and ultimately emerge as a completely different system where, for instance, the sensor has to be replaced constantly. That, or one of the “several companies” that are interested in the research will buy the technology and sit on it indefinitely while they keep selling pumps and testing strips. Imagine if someone developed a cell phone that was twice as good as the best cell phone available, had a one-time price of $50, and worked all over the world. Plus, it’d work on a network that’s twice as fast and reliable as any existing network and there’d be no monthly service charges. What would that do to the wireless industry and to what lengths would existing wireless companies go to make sure that such a device never made it to market? Engineers: New sensor could help treat, combat diabetes, other diseases[University of Florida News via medGadget]

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Caption contest: Optimus Prime moonlights as clothes dryer By Vladislav Savov (Engadget) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:24:00 PM

What does a superpowered Transformer do in his spare time -- you know, when he's not too busy starring in some of the worst written pieces of escapist cinema? Well, for one Taiwanese fella, there's nothing Optimus Prime likes doing more than supporting a bamboo stick used for hanging washed clothes. Seriously, the dude spent $1,600 on scrap metal, built a 14-foot model of his son's favorite mech superhero, and now has it serving as a spectacularly ornamental pivot for his washing. Classy. Oh, and video after the break. Richard Lai:[pumps up

hydraulics]"Why hello there, Paul:"Oh, sure, Shia said he'll be cute little red car..." 'right back.' I hate that kid." Tim:"Autobots, spin cycle!" Josh F.:"Do these windows T h o m a s : " T r a n s f o r m e r s : make me look fat?" Revenge of the Snuggle Bear." Laura:"Get Michael Bay on the Darren:"Man, it's chilly out phone. Immediately." today. Wait -- these aren't my Joanna:"Mommm, bathroom!" threads! RAWWRRRR!" Chris:"After nine years, Johnny

5 finally admits that he'd been juicing." Joe:"There's not much more to this than meets the eye... sadly." Don:"You think this is impressive? Wait until you see Voltron mowing my lawn." Josh T.:"I need something to do until Transformers 3 rolls around. This cocaine isn't going to buy itself." Continue reading Caption contest: Optimus Prime moonlights as clothes dryer Caption contest: Optimus Prime moonlights as clothes dryer originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 13:24:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Mobile01| Email this| Comments


Neuroscientists Say Their Brain Scans Can Spot PTSD By Katie Drummond (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:43:00 AM

Even though Post-traumatic stress is estimated to afflict more than 300,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan it's been labeled a 'soft disorder' -- one without an objective biological path to diagnosis. That may have changed this week, after researchers announced they'd found a distinct pattern of brain activity among PTSD sufferers.

Asimo stars in Living With Robots, promises not to forget the 'little people' (video) By Joseph L. Flatley (Engadget)

Berlinger (who directed Metallica's Some Kind of Monster) and tells the story of a Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:06:00 PM humanoid robot that gets When we saw Asimo do his stranded at home while his Fred Astaire act a while back we f a m i l y f l i e s o v e r s e a s f o r knew he had star quality -- and Christmas. Instead of calling the now it looks like the feisty robot police, he stays home -- alone-is finally getting his big break. and bravely fights off Joe Pesci Living With Robots, which just and some other guy whose name Actually, the film promises to premiered at Sundance Film we can't remember. [Editor's investigate "humankind's keen Festival, was directed by Joe note: This is patently untrue.

interest in robots and how robots can challenge the impossible by saving lives while also holding the promise to become more integrated and helpful in daily life." So there.] Interested? We bet you are! Check out the PR, and the eight minute commercial short film, after the break. Continue reading Asimo stars in Living With Robots, promises not to forget the 'little people'

(video) Asimo stars in Living With Robots, promises not to forget the 'little people' (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 14:06:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| | Email this| Comments


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BeBook Neo e-reader launches with WiFi and WACOM capabilities By Darren Murph (Engadget) Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:58:00 PM

We're still patiently waiting for Endless Ideas to launch a 3Gequipped e-reader to compete with the masses, but 'til then, we suppose we'll have to be satisfied with the WiFi-toting BeBook Neo. Boasting a 532MHz Freescale CPU, Vizplex display (800 x 600 resolution), 512MB of internal storage, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 2.0 connectivity and an SD expansion slot, the 6-inch, February-bound Neo brings to the table very little that we haven't seen elsewhere -- in fact, it's a dead ringer for Onyx International's Boox. Naturally, you'll find support for a multitude of file formats (ePUB, PDF, HTML, JPG, PNG, etc.), and the internal battery is good for 7,000 page turns on a full charge. The company is also playing up the unit's ability to access a wide variety of thirdparty ebook venues, which gives

Look, up in the sky. It’s 3 more Iranian satellites. By Nicholas Deleon (CrunchGear)

The second one I mentioned, Ya Mahdi, is an experimental satellite. It’s going to be used to you the option of purchasing Gallery: BeBook Neo 6-inch e- Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:30:23 AM test cameras and other books from any given outlet reader It’s your daily space (Space?) communications equipment. rather than a predefined store. BeBook Neo e-reader launches update. The subject today: Iran, a You may remember that Iran There's also WACOM tech built w i t h W i F i a n d W A C O M country we in the United States launched a satellite last year, and in, which should delight those capabilities originally appeared are programmed to hate (I’ve it’s caused people to freak out who love to annotate and add on Engadget on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 never met an Iranian, but I’m because, you know, can’t let text mark-ups. We're told that 12:58:00 EST. Please see our sure they’re friendly people), other people have access to a future software updates will add t e r m s f o r u s e o f f e e d s . may well launch three new technology that may or may not a multitude of new features, but Permalink| Hot Hardware| Email satellites in the near future. Be be used for less than noble it's tough to say if that promise is this| Comments afraid, I guess. means. enough to coax you into The satellites, named Toloo, Ya Incidentally, we’re going to be dropping $299 on a pre-order. Mahdi, and Mesbah-2, were launching a satellite our of own confirmed to be in development into space. It’s called J-BIGGS by the country’s communications 1. minister, will be launched in Wikipedia February.

Video: Laser Hummer Blasts 50 Bombs By Noah Shachtman (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:41:00 AM

Today, when U.S. troops find improvised bombs, they deploy robots to get rid of the weapons — or they call in the bomb

squad, which has to handle the explosives by hand. But those troops might have a different option, later this decade: frying

those bombs with a laser.

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Apple Genius War Stories: "I Got Punched in the Face" and More [Apple] By matt buchanan (Gizmodo) Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:01:00 PM

Tesla pulls in $465 million government loan to build GeoSkeeper Emergency Model S electric sedan Phone Doesn't Need Fancy Touch Screens [Cellphones]

This is the life of an Apple Genius: Computers caked in toxic waste, screaming customers, dead cats, raging homophobes, and oh yeah— getting punched in the face. We're protecting the identity of By Laura June (Engadget) to automakers manufacturing the Geniuses who relayed these energy efficient vehicles. The Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:05:00 PM tales of total cockbaggage with Model S will, when complete, pseudonyms, since some of them emergency. The Detroit News is reporting boast an up to 300-mile driving By Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo) might still work for Apple. If That's all it does. The user calls that Tesla has closed on a $465 range, and will hit up to 60 mph Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:00:00 PM you want to see all of the stories pre-programmed numbers using million low-cost loans from the in 5.5 seconds. It's supposed to on one page, just click here. Energy Department to work on hit production in 2012 with an Gadgets don't get any more t h e b u t t o n s , t u r n s o n t h e Now tell us, which Genius its next electric vehicle, the output of 20,000 units (that simplerer and usefuler than the emergency alarm if necessary, deserves some free pizza to ease GeoSkeeper, a wrist cellphone and gets tracked using the GPS, Model S sedan.The funds will means cars) per year. their suffering? (Sorry we can't apparently be used by the Tesla pulls in $465 million that only has GSM/GPRS, a even alerting when the user gets send you guys a medal, sheesh.) company to build manufacturing government loan to build Model speakerphone, GPS, and six out of a certain area to whoever plants in California. The loan, S electric sedan originally b u t t o n s , s o t h e " e l d e r l y , has the control. Available in[ which closed on Monday and appeared on Engadget on Fri, 22 chronically ill, children or lone Aerotel via Engadget] was approved back in June, will Jan 2010 12:05:00 EST. Please w o r k e r s " c a n i n s t a n t l y c o m e f r o m t h e A d v a n c e d see our terms for use of feeds. c o m m u n i c a t e i n c a s e o f T e c h n o l o g y V e h i c l e Permalink Daily Tech| Detroit Manufacturing Program, which News| Email this| Comments has about $25 billion to dole out



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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Avoid Social Media Panic By Leah Betancourt (Mashable!)

media platforms. 1. Have a plan Don’t just get on the social media bandwagon because Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:13:49 AM everyone else is doing it. Does it This post originally appeared on make sense for your business? Is the American Express OPEN it where your customers are? Forum, where Mashable Jason Falls, social media regularly contributes articles consultant and strategist at about leveraging social media, said a n d t e c h n o l o g y i n s m a l l the first thing to realize is social business. media is not for every business. The notion of getting into social “Understanding that is going to media might seem overwhelming take a lot of the panic out for for any small business. Spending small business owners,” he said. time upfront before launch to Falls recommended small create a plan with goals that business owners familiarize includes how to translate that themselves with social media social media presence into tools, look at who the target dollars will go a long way audience is to see where they are toward achieving success. and then figure out how to Nine percent of small and engage these people and reach medium-sized businesses use them. He said that as small T w i t t e r t o m a r k e t t h e i r business owners do this, they businesses, according to the will be able to determine what latest wave of BIA/Kelsey’s their goals are with using social Local Commerce Monitor study. media. A n d 3 2 p e r c e n t o f t h o s e He stressed having a clear call to businesses said they plan to a c t i o n w i t h a n y t h i n g i n include social media in their marketing. Social media is no marketing plans in the next 12 exception. “You can still engage months by using a page on a with people, provide valuable social site such as Facebook, content and give them a call to LinkedIn or MySpace. action,” he said. 2. Take Small The study showed that 16% of Steps with a Goal in Mind s m a l l a n d m e d i u m - s i z e d Building a loyal customer base businesses that have been around using social networks such as for three years or less use Twitter Facebook and Twitter doesn’t for promotion versus 2 percent happen overnight. At the same of the same size businesses that time, this approach might not be have been around for at least 11 the ideal tactic for a small years. business that needs to move fast. Here are some tips to help avoid Understand what your small panic when thinking about business can get out of social launching a presence on social media. For example, is it to sell

Progress and Results Have a system in place to gauge how the social media effort is working. Falls said that if small business owners want social media activity to drive customers to do something, then they need to know what to measure. products or build relationships Some examples of metrics to with customers? look at are: How many visitors Falls said that deciding on came to your site from a social taking small steps depends on media site; Conversion (i.e. how how fast a business owner needs many people clicked through to to see results. However, he your site and then bought a stressed that social media is product or service), Falls said. In about building relationships and minimal terms, be able to say that takes time. something like: I spent X dollars “I think the smart thing to do as a and was able to track X amount business owner is to have a plan of revenue (or percentage). with clear goals and objectives,” Link shorteners can help track he said. “Social media is much click throughs on Twitter. more about building lifetime Twitter tools such as Seesmic, relationships with customers.” 3. TweetDeck, HootSuite and Be Willing to Put Some Time others can help users track Into It mentions, direct messages and Set up a social media presence @replies. Facebook fan pages and then check in regularly, but and YouTube Channel Partner don’t feel it’s necessary to sit on pages have their own set of Facebook and Twitter all day. insights for admins. Use tools Falls suggested small business such as Google e-mail alerts to owners set up their social media track mentions of your business p a g e s s o t h e y c a n g e t online. n o t i f i c a t i o n s s e n t t o t h e i r He said small business owners s m a r t p h o n e s f r o m t h e s e need to understand how to channels. But the more time you measure those goals and what invest in using social media, the they got out of the social media more you’ll get out of it. spend so they know what to The more content you produce, budget for next year. He added the better rank you’ll have in that there are paid social media search, which means more monitoring services such as visibility and being able to drive Radian6 and Scout Labs whose t r a f f i c b a c k t o y o u r s i t e , services can range from $500 to according to Falls. 4. Track $600 per month. 5. Be flexible

Striking a good mix with social networks can mean trying more than one strategy because there isn’t a magic formula for success. Falls advised being flexible not only about the tools you use but about where your audience is. For example, if you’re not seeing some kind of boost after using social media for four to five months, then back off and find other ways to use the time spent or reassess to see if you can do something to move the needle a bit more, he recommended. More business resources from Mashable: - HOW TO: Take Advantage of Social Media in Your E-mail Marketing - HOW TO: Implement a Social Media Business Strategy - 18 Online Productivity Tools for Your Business - HOW TO: Choose a News Reader for Keeping Tabs on Your Industry - HOW TO: Use a Start Page to Stay Organized - The 10 Stages of Social Media Business Integration - HOW TO: Use Social Media to Connect with Other Entrepreneurs Images courtesy of iStockphoto, rjzinger, bluestocking, marekuliasz, peepo Tags: business, entrepreneurship, List, Lists, small business, social media, WAYS page 22


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Why cloud exchanges won't work (CNET Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:26:00 AM

As cloud computing in its various forms increasingly happens rather than just being talked about, I'm starting to hear the idea of a cloud-computing exchange floated. There are certainly things to like about the concept but I don't see it playing out in pure form anytime soon for reasons that I'll get into. Chicago Stock Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and Chicago Board of Trade.(Credit: John Picken/Flickr, CC) Let's start by defining what I'm talking about when I say "exchange" here. The idea is that different hosted infrastructure providers would put their unused capacity onto a spot market and buyers would bid for it. Different pricing and auction mechanisms are possible but that's not important for this discussion. The key points are: multiple suppliers, interchangeable product, and some sort of market for the capacity. Spot markets are wellestablished in many other areas. Commodity exchanges are probably the best known. However, dynamic pricing based on inventory and demand is also widespread across the travel industry for example. Hotel rooms and airplane seats have a lot in common with compute cycles: they expire if they're not used and the incremental cost of

filling them is low. The idea of having a market for compute cycles isn't new. It came up during the height of the P2P computing craze at the beginning of this decade. P2P computing never wholly went away; SETI@home remains an active project. Univa UD(formed by the merger of Univa and United Devices) has had some success in pharma and finance (although it's less client-centric than United Devices' original vision). But P2P, at least in the sense of harvesting excess client compute cycles, never amounted to something truly important, much less a revolution. We're also starting to see spot markets in cloud computing today. In December, Amazon Web Services announced Spot Instances in which customers bid on unused Amazon EC2 capacity and run those instances for as long as their maximum bid exceeds the current spot price, which changes periodically based on supply and demand. However, this is different in a fundamental way from a market exchange. Spot Instances are a pricing approach by a single company. Amazon could have any number of different pricing approaches, each of which would doubtless appeal to come types of customers more than others. However, whatever the price and the price model, you're still buying compute cycles and other services from one company, with one infrastructure, and one set of

programming interfaces. So what are the issues with a true market exchange? Interoperability. Compute cycles (on x86 hardware) may be close to a commodity but the way we access them is not. There has been a certain amount of (mostly de facto) standardization of basic cloud infrastructure services; this often boils down to mimicking the way Amazon does things. However, working against standardization efforts is the push upward by infrastructure vendors to become platform suppliers. (Think proprietary database engines and automated scaling.) And these higher-level abstractions are far less standardized. There is a general push toward more interoperability but the sort of

transparent movement that exchange markets require looks to be a long way off. Security and compliance. These continue to be among the bigger concerns I hear CIOs raise about computing on public clouds in general. It's a complex topic that I won't delve into here. But suffice it to say that whatever risk issues are associated with using one or two vetted public cloud vendors multiply if you're talking about purchasing from many vendors through an exchange. Of course, an exchange doesn't necessarily require that you buy from just anyone but once you're starting to talk about having an extensive certification process for each supplier, you're getting pretty far away from the concept of a spot

market commodity exchange. Andi Mann of EMA put it this way: "If we think of this as code sharing for IT, where airlines may hand off a portion of your flight to another carrier, who knows whose cloud plan you will end up on," Mann says. "If you have an agreement with a supplier who is SAS 70compliant, would the other carrier also be SAS 70compliant?" Computing isn't electricity. The whole electric-grid analogy makes for a nice storyline but falls down in important ways. Cloud computing isn't really a commodity the way power from the grid is. Economies of scale would seem to happen at levels that don't require a world of only mega service providers. What's more, cloud computing isn't just cloud processing but this fact often seems to get forgotten. There's usually persistent data as well--and that requires persistent storage. To be sure, some types of computing consume a lot of cycles relative to the number of storage bytes. But for many purposes, moving where computing happens means lots of bandwidth (and time) to move data as well. Lest I come across as unduly negative, I do believe that it will become easier to manage computing workloads more dynamically and thereby move WHY page 24



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Week in review: Challenging China (CNET Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:00:00 AM

The Obama administration wants companies doing business overseas to step to the plate in the fight against governments that repress access to the Internet. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton(Credit: Tom Krazit/CNET) A little more than a week after Google's blunt declaration about Chinese censorship and illegal electronic intrusions, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled a new U.S. policy that essentially dared U.S. companies to follow Google's lead and put an end to their complicit censorship of Internet content. Clinton stopped short of actually proposing regulations, or sanctions, on Internet companies that comply with censorship laws. But her tone was clear: it's now the policy of the U.S. government to renounce corporate "engagement," or the belief that by merely being in countries like China, U.S. Internet companies are helping expand access to information. Podcast: Hillary Clinton on Internet freedom Google's spy case: Not the first, nor the last Corporate spying is an unfortunate fact of life for U.S.

WAYS continued from page 20

social networks, tips

corporations, which have seen a surge in attacks from Chinese perpetrators in the last several years. Google insiders may have helped with attack Google postpones phone launches in China McAfee: A 'watershed moment' sues U.S. domain registrar over hacking Microsoft fixes 8 IE holes, including one used in attacks Internet Explorer hole targeted in attacks on Google and others is one of a group of critical holes fixed in cumulative patch released out-of-cycle by Microsoft. Microsoft warns of flaw in 32bit Windows kernel More headlines Apple officially announces January 27 event After weeks of buzz and speculation, the company formally announces invitation-only event with the invite's teasing message: "Come see our latest creation." Five things to expect at Apple's next event What tops Apple tablet wish list Apple, labels talk music in the cloud Analysts ponder the power inside Apple's tablet Report: Apple tablet is a shared media device New York Times can't build its

pay wall alone In switching digital content to a metered subscription model, the paper has stated it wants to go it alone-near impossible in a world where distribution is everything. New York Times to charge online readers How much will readers will pay? Verizon ends service of alleged illegal downloaders Broadband provider, which has been sending warnings to customers on copyright owners' behalf, says most recipients stop illegally downloading content after one email. More on Verizon and its antipiracy efforts Facebook's 'Dashboard' will clean up apps soon In weeks, a

redesigned Facebook home page will stratify app activity into its own tab designed for active social gamers. Developers are now invited to test it out. Facebook plugs friends list mobile leak Grounded teen tries Facebook to embarrass parents Amazon: Kindle app store on the way Less than a week before Apple is expected to announce a much-anticipated tablet, Amazon takes its first steps toward letting developers build applications for its e-reader. Amazon ups author royalty for Kindle, matching Apple Off-grid solar to be used in Haiti relief efforts Off-grid solar products for lighting, water purification, cell phones, and

cooking are being donated and shipped as part of relief efforts in Haiti. Using Twitter to help Haiti iPhone app helps man survive Haiti quake YouTube gets rentals, starting with Sundance films The popular video provider gets into the rental business with a small selection of titles from the Sundance Film Festival. YouTube does spring cleaning on its watch pages YouTube begins HTML5 rollout Bill Gates shares his notes Microsoft's chairman is launching a Web site to offer his thoughts on matters from philanthropy to the climate. In an exclusive interview, Gates talks about the site. Bill Gates joins Twitter Also of note Meet Marko, the 9-year-old systems engineer Router glitch cripples California DMV network Oracle-Sun deal gets EU approval, finally Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Obama Quietly Issues Ruling Saying 'Pants On The Ground' It's Legal For The FBI To Break The Guy Lawyers Up, Looks For Money From The Sky Law On Accessing Phone Records By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:59:00 AM

Following the report earlier this week that the FBI regularly broke the ECPA law, in obtaining information from telcos without going through the proper process (and, in some cases using just a post it note!), some interesting details from the full report have come to light. The two key ones? First, "the Obama administration issued a secret rule almost two weeks ago saying it was legal for the FBI to have skirted federal privacy protections." And, second, the original idea to use these bogus "exigent letters" didn't come from the FBI, but from an AT&T employee. We noted in the original report that no one seemed to be placing any blame on the telcos for allowing this, and why they're clearly abusing the law, in giving out such info without the proper rules being followed, seems like a big question: The telecom employees were supposed to be responding to National Security Letters, which are essentially FBI-issued subpoenas. But those Patriot Act powers say the target must be part of an open investigation and

that a supervisor has to approve it. While they require some paperwork, FBI agents have been issuing about 40,000 such NSLs a year. But an AT&T employee provided the unit with a way around some of those requirements. The employee introduced them to so-called 'exigent letters.' Those letters, first used immediately following 9/11, asked for information by saying that the request was an emergency and that prosecutors were preparing a grand jury subpoena. The letter falsely promised that the subpoena, which gives the telecoms legal immunity, would be delivered later, the report said. What's more, the report noted that the cozy relationship between the bureau and the telecoms made it hard to differentiate between the FBI and the nation's phone companies. "The FBI's use of exigent letters became so casual, routine and unsupervised that employees of all three communication service providers told us that they -- the company employees-- sometimes generated the exigent letters for CAU personnel to sign and

return," the inspector general reported. In fact, one AT&T employee even created a short cut on his desktop to a form letter that he could print out for a requesting FBI agent to sign. Even that became too much. Agents would request "sneak peeks," where they'd ask if it was worth their time to file a request on a given phone number, the inspector general noted. The telecom agents complied. Soon it graduated to numbers on Post-it notes, in e-mails or just oral requests. No wonder the telcos were so adamant about getting immunity on the warrantless wiretapping. It appears that the issue of telcos ignoring the rules when it came to your privacy goes pretty deep. As for Obama issuing a rule saying that breaking the law is legal... how does that work? The president doesn't get to just declare something legal, especially when it clearly violates both the letter and intent of the law. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:10:00 AM

If you've been living under a pop-cultural rock the past couple of weeks, you might have missed the "Pants on the Ground" meme, birthed on American Idol, that's been going around. Basically, there was some Idol contestant, "General" Larry Platt who performed a song he "wrote" himself called "Pants on the Ground." It's awful in that "wow, this is going to be an internet meme" kind of way... and the Idol crew milked it for all it was worth. Not only are lots of people recording their own versions of it, Platt is appearing everywhere. However, this is a "mine, mine, mine" society, and Rose M. Welch alerts us to the news that Platt is complaining that he hasn't received a dime from everyone using the song, and he's lawyering up to try to fix that. How ridiculous is this? The guy just got a ton of publicity and has made his name and his song

known around the world. You don't cash in by going back and demanding cash -- you cash in by doing something new for money. He shouldn't be hiring a lawyer, but a business manager. If people had to pay for every use of his song originally, no one would even know who he is. Separately, the link above claims that "Platt never copyrighted the song," but that's not right. Platt automatically gets a copyright on the song once it's been set in fixed form in some manner. So if he wrote it down somewhere or recorded it or something, he has the copyright. What they probably mean is that he didn't register the copyright, which would limit his ability to do anything about it. Plus, I would imagine that the lawyers at Fox and American Idol made sure he signed over all sorts of rights before performing that song on the air.... Permalink| Comments| Email This Story



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Oracle exec's paramour gets revenge with billboards (CNET

on Friday morning had crashed altogether. But while it was live, it contained a cornucopia of This is the sort of thing that photos of Phillips and Wilkins, you'd never expect to happen in snapped in many an exotic real life: the long-term mistress destination, as well as ticket of a married Oracle executive stubs from concerts and political allegedly spent in the events, and sappy notes from neighborhood of $250,000 in Phillips. billboards in New York, Atlanta, A few newspapers tracked down and San Francisco to out their Bela Kovacs, the Web designer affair when she heard that he was who had made the site: he said patching things up with his wife. Wilkins had hired him in August, Yikes. paid him $1,400, and said it was Oracle President Charles a gift for Phillips. Kovacs was Phillips(Credit: Oracle) reportedly unaware that Phillips According to widespread reports was married to another woman. in the likes of the New York For Phillips, it goes without Daily News and the New York saying that this is a huge Post, Oracle President Charles personal embarrassment. But Phillips had an 8-and-a-half year professionally, he may survive affair with an actress-writer unscathed. His boss, the accompanied by captions like, Phillips is also a member of named YaVaughnie Wilkins. famously colorful Oracle founder "You are my soulmate forever." President Obama's Economic In 2008, Phillips' wife filed for and CEO Larry Ellison, is on Phillips, 50, admitted to the Recovery Advisory Board. There divorce, though details are marriage number four. affair this week, when news was no immediate response to a unknown. But apparently, in This post was expanded at 11:27 reports concerning the billboards request for further comment on recent months, Wilkins caught a.m. PT. started to surface, according to the story from Oracle's corporate wind of the fact that Phillips and Five Filters featured article: CBS. A member of the boards of PR. his wife were reconciling and Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Jazz at Lincoln Center, the At the bottom of Wilkins' purchased the aforementioned PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, American Museum of Natural billboards is the Web address billboard space to display Term Extraction. History, New York Law School, c h a r l e s p h i l l i p s a n massive photos of herself Viacom, and Morgan Stanley,, which canoodling with Phillips,

Transmission 1.8 released, now featuring support for magnet links By Aron Trimble (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:30:00 AM

WHY continued from page 21

them from place to place and add capacity to them on the fly. Perhaps the end game is a market exchange--or at least an architecture that supports a

market exchange for those wanting one. But that's a huge leap from where we are today and makes some already difficult problems perhaps an order of

magnitude more difficult. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:30:00 AM

Filed under: Software, Freeware, Open Source Transmission, the venerable BitTorrent client for Mac, has just received an overhaul in the form of a "huge listen-to-theusers release." From the release notes the following enhancements are included: • Added support for magnet links • Added support for trackerless torrents • Redesigned tracker inspector tab • Quick Look restored for Snow Leopard users According to the release notes there are over 100 changes that have been sourced from the users. Transmission is free and open source and can be downloaded here. TUAW Transmission 1.8 released, now featuring support for magnet links originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 10:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Tablet analysis and opinion: What TUAW has put on the table By Erica Sadun (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

fanboy and fangirl dreaming of new... Also of interest:


Ustream Launches PayPer-View Live Video Platform By Samuel Axon (Mashable!)

Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:30:00 PM

Filed under: Hardware, Rumors In light of the current tablet frenzy, TUAW is not alone shouting "Tablet, Tablet!" from the rooftops. The tablet has been a widespread and consistent story from several directions which we have been compiling and discussing. Over the last few weeks, TUAW has depended on multiple background sources who have information about the device, as do scores of other sites and news outlets. In that light, we've assembled this round up of analysis and opinions posts, based on the most-likely credible rumors and sources we've been able to dig up from the last few years. Here are some of our longer discussion pieces that you might have missed the first time 'round. Publishing different: What the tablet brings to the table Like newspapers before them,

• Talking tablets with Aaron Vronko of RapidRepair • iPhone devsugar: Working with tablet resolutions traditional book publishers are • Pricing the tablet: How high facing the reality of the new can they go? digital world. With Apple's much • TUAW Watercooler: Apple's anticipated tablet expected to next big thing debut within the next few • A Mac tablet? Not just yes, but months, they're... App Store 'heck yes' approvals and the tablet: why it • Buyer's Guide: 33 things you don't need if you have an iPhone matters When iTunes Connect returned • Apple's original tablet a f t e r i t s C h r i s t m a s b r e a k , • Our iTablet Dreams: What developers noticed that things TUAW is wishing for had changed quite a bit on the A p p S t o r e a p p r o v a l f r o n t . TUAW Tablet analysis and Applications that had formerly opinion: What TUAW has put on taken ten to fourteen... Tablet the table originally appeared on speculation: How could a tablet The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 connect to the world? Do you know what word Dave 12:30:00 EST. Please see our Caolo is hearing in his sleep? terms for use of feeds. Tablet. What phrase is trending Read| Permalink| Email this| mightily on Google Search? Comments Tablet. What is every Apple

'Creation' Gets Up Close, Very Personal With Darwin By Scott Thill (Wired Top Stories) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:21:00 AM

The period drama delves into

the biologist's personal life as well as his groundbreaking evolutionary theory. Director Jon Amiel discusses his hatred of the word biopic, Darwin's love of

science and the struggle to get Creation into U.S. theaters.

Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:39:00 AM

Ustream is launching a pay-perview live video service. With it, entertainers and other public figures will be able to charge for virtual admission to live shows and premium content. Comedian Dane Cook will be the first act to use Ustream’s new platform. He’ll do a Miamibased pay-per-view presentation of his “ISolated INcident” standup routine live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 6. To watch, you’ll have to buy a ticket for $5 at Ustream’s ticket sales site. That price includes more than just the performance, and that’s how Ustream hopes to distinguish this service from what you get from your cable or satellite TV provider. You’ll be able to participate in fan chats before and after the concert, ask Dane Cook questions, see the opening acts, and experience some backstage access content. We’re not sure what all the deets are on that last bullet point, but Ustream says this will all add up

to five hours of entertainment. Obviously Ustream hopes to sign some big acts to do other events in the future. The service has been home to a lot of groundbreaking live video events over the past several months, including coverage of New Year’s Eve and the Avatar premiere, among other things. The success of this plan will depend on what kinds of things viewers will get to watch. If the content is good, people will pay. If it’s not, they won’t. It’s not the first to do this payper-view thing, though; deployed something similar this month, charging a minimum of $1 per view and taking a 30% cut. Tags: celebrities, dane cook, live video, News, pay per view, ustream


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Tablet rumors: 3G, dual dock connectors, user interface By Chris Rawson (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:00:00 AM

Filed under: Rumors, iPhone, iPod touch Your latest serving of Apple's tablet rumors comes courtesy of iLounge, which is claiming two "doubleconfirmed" details about the forthcoming device: 1. The tablet will have dual dock connectors: one on the bottom just like the iPhone and iPod touch, and one on the long side so you can charge the device in landscape orientation. 2. Similar to the original iPhone, which had a mostly aluminum back, the tablet has a metal backside with a long, non-metal strip allowing for wireless access. There could be any number of antennae behind that strip, from the 802.11g wireless currently in iPods and iPhones, to 802.11n for faster networking, and even - potentially - a 3G antenna. iLounge goes on to

has historically been a failure with Windows-based tablets, and the iPhone interface expanded into a full-sized computer could be exactly what Joe Consumer needs to get over his unease and fear toward computers. The iPhone's interface is much more intuitive than Windows or even the full version of OS X, so running an entire, full-fledged computer off of it seems like exactly the next logical step in speculate what sort of fees might the user interface evolution that be involved with the tablet's data Gizmodo claims it to be. services through a provider like What do you think? Is the tablet Verizon or AT&T; short answer destined to be just a blown-up is, based on current rates, it won't iPhone? Let us know in the be cheap. comments. In other tablet-related news, TUAW Tablet rumors: 3G, dual Gizmodo has posted a lengthy dock connectors, user interface article proposing that the tablet's originally appeared on The interface will basically be a U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g blown-up version of the iPhone (TUAW) on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 OS. After reading Gizmodo's 09:00:00 EST. Please see our argument, it's hard to disagree terms for use of feeds. with them. While a traditional Read| Permalink| Email this| desktop and folder OS would Comments probably appeal more to the geeks among us, that approach

Court Reduces Award In Jammie Thomas-Rasset Case From $80,000 Per Song To $2,250 By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)

probably would have gone even lower), this case had all sorts of problems from the start -- with It looks like the judge who tremendous evidence (well oversaw the Jammie Thomas- beyond just an IP address) that Rasset case realized that the Jammie was, in fact, doing a fair original$1.92 million award was amount of file sharing. Her just ridiculous -- even if the defense and attempted reasoning Justice Department supported it. were weak and not at all helpful. Instead, the court has reduced the This seems like a case where she award to $2,250 per song, saying would be better off paying this t h a t s e e m s m u c h m o r e off (somehow) and moving on. r e a s o n a b l e : T h e n e e d f o r It's now in the hands of the deterrence cannot justify a $2 record labels if they'll accept this million verdict for stealing and or if they want to have a new illegally distributing 24 songs for t r i a l c o n c e r n i n g d a m a g e s . the sole purpose of obtaining Again, for them, this might be a free music. Moreover, although situation where they're best off Plaintiffs were not required to accepting it and moving on. The prove their actual damages, original $80,000 damages got the statutory damages must still bear labels a ton of bad press, with some relation to actual damages even the musicians whose music While I question the use of was shared speaking out against "stealing" here, and still think the case and other musicians that $2,250 seems pretty high arguing it was a reason to (even the judge admits that if he disband the RIAA. weren't reducing the amount Permalink| Comments| Email from the jury and had been able This Story to set the amount originally, he Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:23:26 AM

Olbermann responds to Jon Stewart's mocking By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:29:00 PM

If you missed Jon Stewart's impersonation of Keith

Olbermann - calling him out on the comments he made about new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and other politicians and pundits - here it is. It's pretty

funny (and accurate). Olbermann's response? "It was a little bit of a rip-off of the Affleck thing, but overall I'd give it a B-."

[Watch clips and episodes of The Daily Show and other shows at SlashControl.] Filed under: Video, The Daily Show, Celebrities, Reality-Free

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More Apple tablet rumors: 3G, dock Weekend Apple Store connector news (CNET

By Dave Caolo (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:41:00 AM

Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:30:00 PM

The Apple tablet rumors are going to keep coming until the company finally releases this thing. Tech bloggers, and now even the mainstream media, can't help themselves from wondering what Apple will or won't do with the forthcoming device, which is widely anticipated to be introduced at Apple's media event scheduled for Wednesday. Here's the latest roundup of speculation about the tablet. Apple is expected to finally show off the much-discussed tablet January 27. The tablet will have a 3G connection, and there are two carriers being considered for it, says Fox News. Apple is in talks with AT&T and Verizon, but the details are still not finalized, according to sources within the companies. There will be not one, but two dock connectors on it. iLounge says that will allow the tablet to be docked/charged in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Filed under: Apple Corporate, Retail The weekend's almost here, thank goodness. Here's some Apple Store news to get you in a recreational mood. First, the new Frankfurt Apple Store is set to open this weekend after a brief delay. Originally slated for December, the grand opening was canceled just two days before the scheduled date. The reason given was (and I'm relying on Google translate here AppleInsider's sources say the Nast have also been in talks on because I don't speak German) that "it still wasn't completely tablet will look exactly like an the same topic. overgrown iPod Touch, down to Be sure to come back to CNET perfect for an opening," so we the home button, volume toggle, at 10 a.m. Wednesday, when assume that construction delays and power button. we'll be blogging the Apple or other finishing touches took longer than expected. The event Add McGraw-Hill and Hachette event live. to the list of publishers Apple Five Filters featured article: was re-scheduled for January has approached about including Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: 2010 without a specific date. their content on the tablet. It's PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, That mystery date turned out to be this Saturday, January 23rd at w i d e l y a s s u m e d e - b o o k s , Term Extraction. 11:00 AM. You'll find full travel magazines, and newspapers will directions here. Let us know if be a key part of Apple's strategy you attend the opening! for the device. It's already been Additionally, ifoapplestore reported that HarperCollins, The reports that Spain's first Apple New York Times, and Conde Store will appear in Valencia.

According to, the store will occupy a part of the beautiful and historic building at Calle de Crist贸bal Col贸n 25, designed by architect Lucas Garcia Cardona in 1889. The city is keen to ensure that changes made to the structure by Apple will not violate the "...the special protections afforded the (historic) building." If you're in Valencia and notice any construction or other obvious signs of large-scale work on this building, let us know. TUAW Weekend Apple Store news originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

Subtle Subtitles: American Idol By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:01:00 PM

If you haven't seen our game before, we give you a picture

from a recent episode of a TV series and you provide the caption! Last week's winner is Tom with this:"...Then I told Joan she'd be

a fool not to sign with FOX. And

don't worry about Johnny, he'll Reality-Free understand." Permalink| Email this| | This week's pic is from Comments American Idol: Filed under: Subtle Subtitles,


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iPhone dominating mobile web in Americas and Europe By Megan Lavey (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

Director Of The Hitler Downfall Movie Likes The Hundreds Of Parody Clips By Mike Masnick (Techdirt)

Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:30:00 AM

Submitted at 1/22/2010 6:28:47 AM

Filed under: iPhone The news isn't that terribly shocking. AdMob has released its latest report that the iPhone is not only the leading smartphone in North America, but in other parts of the world as well. We've covered some of their previous reports charting the iPhone's growing dominance. The iPhone is topping smartphone operating system use in the following markets:

Perhaps if you've been living under a pop culture rock for the past few years, you were unaware of the popular hobby of creating subtitled videos of an angry Hitler reacting to something going on in the world today, using a clip from the German movie Downfall. For example, here is Hitler responding to NBC's snafu with late night television programming with Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien: While there have been reports of takedown notices sent on these videos, apparently the director of the original movie quite likes them. davebarnes alerts us to a short interview with Oliver Hirschbiegel, the director of the movie, and he's a fan of the clips:"Someone sends me the links every time there's a new

• North America: 54 percent • Latin America: 56 percent • Western Europe: 78 percent • Eastern Europe: 51 percent • Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand): 92 percent Apple has yet to overcome Symbian loyalty in Asia and Africa, where the platform has been long-established.

The report also shows that even though the iPhone is still the top smartphone in North America, Motorola's Droid is gaining ground. It was the third most commonly used device, just behind the iPhone and iPod Touch, and the second most-used smartphone. The much-hyped Palm Pre barely takes a sliver of the market here. You can study the entire report

over at AdMob's site. [Via Electronista] TUAW iPhone dominating mobile web in Americas and Europe originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 11:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

one," says the director, on the phone from Vienna. "I think I've seen about 145 of them! Of course, I have to put the sound down when I watch. Many times the lines are so funny, I laugh out loud, and I'm laughing about the scene that I staged myself! You couldn't get a better compliment as a director." Some of Hirschbiegel's favorites are the one where Hitler hears of Michael Jackson's death, and one in which the Fuhrer can't get Billy Elliot tickets Of course, as director, and not producer, he probably does not hold the copyright and has no say in whether or not the clips are allowed -- but it is worth noting that he seems to quite enjoy them. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

Take a Breather in This Week's Open Thread [Open Thread] By Adam Pash (Lifehacker) Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:30:00 AM

Another Friday, another work week under your belt. Pat yourself on the back for a job

well done in our weekly open thread. Photo by~Twon~. You can chat and ask questions with your fellow readers all week long at the#openthread hashtag

page, but our weekly open thread

post is your opportunity to reach participate, then you're ready to the most readers. Ask questions, roll. Happy Friday! offer advice, discuss top-secret tablets, or just chat about whatever's on your mind. You'll need a commenter account to

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Nokia Brings Location-Sharing to Facebook

New SAG Awards Presenters Announced

By Jennifer Van Grove (Mashable!)

(ETonline - Breaking News)

now built into Nokia’s default mapping application, which exposes the relatively niche Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:56:08 AM activity to a more mainstream As predicted, 2010 is shaping up audience instantly. to be the year of location. An That fact alone makes this unlikely entrant has just thrown maneuver especially interesting. its hat into the location-based Although lacking the social social networking ring. Nokia, gaming features of Foursquare, by way of Ovi Maps, has just favorite places (as saved to their or a check-in model like Loopt introduced location-sharing to Maps) — and to post a status and Yelp, Nokia has given its update and photo on Facebook. users the ability to share their their smartphone users. The new Ovi Maps, which you Nokia’s approach to location- locations with their friends on may recall just gifted users with sharing is incredibly simple and the world’s most popular social free turn-by-turn directions, also practical, which means unlike network without any additional supports a “share location” Google and its Latitude product, legwork. feature that equips people with users can share their locations on Tags: location sharing, Mobile the ability to select where they Facebook directly from the Maps 2.0, Nokia, ovi maps are on the map and share their application. No additional locations — street addresses, a p p l i c a t i o n s r e q u i r e d . nearby points of interest or Essentially, location-sharing is


presenters Alec Baldwin, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Brian Geraghty, Felicity Huffman, A new round of presenters for Anna Kendrick, Jane Lynch, this Saturday's SAG Awards has Anthony Mackie, Michelle just been announced. Monaghan, Carey Mulligan, Christina Applegate, Simon Chris O’Donnell, Anna Paquin, Baker, Benjamin Bratt, Morgan Jeremy Renner, Ray Romano, Freeman, Kate Hudson, Diane Kyra Sedgwick, Meryl Streep, K r u g e r , H e l e n M i r r e n , Justin Timberlake, Stanley Mo’Nique, Gabourey Sidibe and Tucci, and Sigourney Weaver-Christoph Waltz will be on hand all of whom will make the show to announce winners and pass one of the biggest celebrity out the coveted trophies. events of the year. They join previously announced Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:31:00 AM

German Court Finds Mother Liable For Kid's File Sharing, Despite Her Ban On The Practice By Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:45:00 AM

One of the issues we've had with the use of IP addresses as "proof" of file sharing, is that there can be many users and many computers coming from a single IP address -- and lots of times we've seen parents sued for actions of their kids or even their kids' friends. Now, under any

common sense approach to the world, you would think that this would be seen as a problem. Occasionally, we've heard entertainment industry execs say that it doesn't matter, and it should be the responsibility of whoever pays for the connection

to make sure it's not misused. For the most part, though, our judicial system realizes that you don't blame the wrong party. Apparently, over in Germany they feel differently. A woman, whose son apparently used file sharing programs despite the

mother's explicit ban on such things, has been held responsible for the son's file sharing. The court said that simply banning her children from file sharing was not enough -- she should have actively monitored the connection. That seems like an

incredible stretch -- and even makes you wonder if the judge has children. Either way, I can see no reasonable argument for blaming a third party for someone else's actions, and it's even worse when that third party specifically told the others not to take part in the activity. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story


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The Ken Burns treatment for Jay vs. Conan By Allison Waldman (TV Squad) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:08:00 AM

A new Olympic sport: Tracking building energy (CNET Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:59:00 AM

While people are watching the Olympic games, building managers will be watching their energy dashboards. Energy management software company Pulse Energy on Friday showed off an energymonitoring system developed to make the Olympic games in

Vancouver more efficient. Building energy is the latest spectator sport in Vancouver.(Credit: Screen capture by Martin LaMonica/CNET) The software gives facilities managers a real-time readout of energy consumption at different venues. By tracking that data, building managers can make adjustments to save energy, such

as turning off equipment that's not in use. The information is also available online at The reporting system presents how much energy use and greenhouse gas emissions were avoided by the steps Olympic game organizers have already taken, according to Pulse Energy. Building managers at the seven

venues can compare how they stack up against other buildings. Pulse Energy says its software, which is used by businesses and other organizations, can save between 5 and 25 percent annually on energy bills. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

I love the Ken Burns documentaries. I find that I don't schedule them on the DVR, but anytime I stumble across one on PBS -- like the recent one on national parks -- I wind up spending the afternoon watching the back to back hours. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the clever guys over there presented one of the funniest bits yet on the Jay Leno versus Conan O'Brien saga at NBC. Imagine, if you will, how Kevin Burns might document the conflagration... Continue reading The Ken Burns treatment for Jay vs. Conan Filed under: Late Night, OpEd, Video, Celebrities, Reality-Free Permalink| Email this| | Comments

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Will Apple Gadgets of the Future Be SolarPowered? By Christina Warren (Mashable!) Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:59:06 AM

While we all anxiously await Apple’s announcement on Wednesday — presumably unveiling the Apple Tablet to the world — speculations have taken a decidedly greener turn. The website Patently Apple has uncovered some patents filed by the tech giant related to the area of solar cells and solar power. Although the latest patent was officially published today, its application date goes all the way back to August 2008. Additionally, Apple started work on more general patents for solar cells and portable devices back in October 2006. Those were eventually linked to Apple’s iPod division. You can check out Patently Apple’s page for more of a rundown — the stuff gets pretty technical, and the patent in this case seems to deal more with

how solar cells could be used in an overall power management circuit, rather than in any devicespecific manner. Still, because Apple already holds patents on powering iPod-like devices, it isn’t a stretch to say that the company is investing in ways to bring solar cells to its portable products. Will this technology extend to the Tablet? I guess we’ll have to continue to wait and see. What do you think of solar powered electronics? Let us know! [via CNET] [img credit: Patently Apple] Tags: patents, solar

Ceos to Hill: Quit Calling Us for Campaign Cash (Newsmax - Politics) Submitted at 1/22/2010 6:23:58 AM

Dozens of current and former corporate executives have a message for Congress: Quit hitting us up for campaign cash. Roughly 40 executives from companies including Playboy Enterprises, ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's, the Seagram's liquor company, toymaker Hasbro, Delta Airlines and Men's Wearhouse sent a letter to congressional leaders Friday urging them to approve public financing for House and Senate campaigns. They say they are tired of getting fundraising calls from lawmakers — and fear it will only get worse after Thursday's Supreme Court ruling. The court ruled that corporations and unions can spend unlimited money on ads urging people to vote for or against candidates. The decision was sought by interest groups including one that represents American businesses, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They argued that restrictions on ads they could finance close to elections violated their freespeech rights, and the court

agreed. Congressional candidates who find themselves attacked by a flood of special-interest TV ads in the 2010 elections will likely reach out to their party's biggest donors for money to help them counter the blitz. "Members of Congress already spend too much time raising money from large contributors," the business executives' letter says. "And often, many of us individually are on the receiving end of solicitation phone calls from members of Congress. With additional money flowing into the system due to the court's decision, the fundraising pressure on members of Congress will only increase." Among the others signing the letter are current or former executives of Quaker Chemical Corp., Brita Products Co., San Diego National Bank, MetLife and Crate & Barrel. They sent the letter through Fair Elections Now, a coalition of good-government groups who hope the Supreme Court ruling will lead Congress to pass public campaign financing legislation they have long been seeking. Others supporting public

Our Suddenly Populist President [Barack Obama] By Pareene (Gawker)


T h e P r e s i d e n t i s t a k i n g He gave a feisty speech. questions at an Ohio town hall.

financing include former campaign strategists for President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush. A Senate proposal would fund campaigns with a fee on businesses that get $10 million or more in government contracts. The House would finance it with revenue from auctioning off the television broadcast spectrum, which was opened when the country switched to digital broadcasting. Spectrums are the airwaves used by the government, television and radio broadcasters and cell phone companies, among others. —— On the Net: Fair Elections Now: © Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.



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South America's Path to Freedom (AEI.Org: Articles)

the great oil price spikes of the late 1970s. Norway was suddenly collecting vast new For a decade and a half, Chile revenues. The country called w a s r u l e d b y a h a r s h l y itself a social democratic society. oppressive military regime. In It must have been very tempting 1989, that regime was peacefully to use oil wealth to pay for p u s h e d f r o m p o w e r . F r e e generous new social benefits. elections were called, and a Norwegians, however, were centre-left coalition prevailed. keenly aware of the notorious Many of those who served in the "curse of oil." A state that new government had suffered depends on oil revenues no cruelly under the dictator. l o n g e r d e p e n d s o n t h e Nothing could have been more contributions of the people. human than to repudiate every Instead of seeking the consent of action of the previous regime. the people, it can now purchase Only--the previous regime had that consent--or hire force to proven itself an effective c r e a t e c o n s e n t t h r o u g h manager of the economy. Chile intimidation. In many cases, oil had lagged behind the rest of s t a t e s h a v e s u f f e r e d f r o m Latin America since the early authoritarian government or 1960s. Under the dictator, it corruption or both. suddenly zoomed ahead. To defeat such temptations, the Chile's new democratic leaders Norwegians made an austere c o u l d h a v e j e t t i s o n e d t h e choice: All the money from the dictator's economics along with oil would be saved in a national his repression. But they had the fund. Today's spending would be restraint and self-confidence to financed not by windfalls, but by learn wisdom even from a bad taxes. If Norwegians wanted source. They maintained the free generous social programs, they economics of the 1980s, and they would have to pay for those were rewarded with even more programs out of their own rapid growth in the 1990s. In salaries. You may know the December, the Organization for famous slogan of the American Economic Co-operation and Revolution: No taxation without Development invited Chile to representation. Embedded in that join, ranking Chile as the first slogan is an equally important developed economy in South truth: Representation does not America. long endure without taxation. Another example of foresight: The Norwegians still wanted In the 1960s, major fields of oil social programs. So they voted to and gas were discovered in tax themselves to pay for them. Norwegian waters. The fields And so today, Norway is that were developed just in time for r a r e s t o f a l l c o u n t r i e s : a Submitted at 1/21/2010 3:00:00 PM

democratic and transparent petro -state. Some years ago, I had a chance to meet a senior executive at Norway's state oil company. He said it was always a surreal experience for him to attend meetings with foreign oil ministries: Everyone else in the room wore a watch that cost more than his annual salary. Now let's talk about the future of your country, Venezuela, where I see three mistakes being made. The first is the attempt to maintain two different values for a national currency--one for regular goods, the other for "essential" goods. It has been tried before, almost always by authoritarian states. Apartheid South Africa had the financial rand and the commercial rand. Castro's Cuba has the peso and the convertible peso. These double rates open obvious opportunities for arbitrage--buy at one value, sell at the other. To prevent this arbitrage requires considerable repression. Meanwhile, influential insiders can exploit their positions for corrupt advantage. Even where these systems are very well designed (the South African system was especially ingenious), even where they are enforced by a generally honest and effective civil service (as was the case in South Africa), they end by exhausting the foreign reserves of the country. One crisis, and the whole thing

collapses, leaving only waste behind. The Venezuelan government has made the problem even worse, since neither of the new rates reflects the market value of the currency. The results will be shortages; deterioration in the quality of goods; a shift of business into more reliable currencies such as the Euro or the dollar; and an intensification of inequality between the connected and sophisticated, and the poorer people who must use a local currency that is not worth what it pretends. A second mistake: budgeting without transparency. Somebody once defined morality as: what you do when nobody's looking. We all hope that those in government are highly moral people. Like all of us, however, they behave even better when they understand that their actions can be seen and reviewed. Countries with very strong presidencies and weak, overawed or suborned legislatures are especially vulnerable to nontransparency. Who will ask questions? Or enforce answers? Or check the accuracy of those answers if given? The media can never do the job by themselves-and if the media are also controlled or intimidated, then billions of dollars can vanish into the murk. Money can be lost without being stolen. In non-transparent systems like the old Soviet Union, there was stealing--

billions of dollars of it. But the magnitude of the wealth destroyed was measured in the trillions, not the billions. Nobody ever knew where the money went. It was just gone. In this sense, even authoritarian states benefit from transparency. Singapore is not a liberal democracy. But its accounts are open and honest--and Singapore, a barren rock that nature has endowed only with humidity-now ranks among the richest countries of the world. By contrast, Argentina is a democracy. Human rights are respected. Yet without transparency, it ranks among the most corrupt places on the planet --and its standard of living, once among the highest in the world, has plunged below its neighbours, Chile and Brazil. Thomas Jefferson famously said that given a choice between a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, he'd choose the latter. What he meant to celebrate was the indispensability of honest information. A society without information is not governed. It is ruled--and plundered. A third mistake: an executive that controls the legislature. In our modern world, we have two main systems of democracy. In the United States, France and Mexico, the executive and the SOUTH page 33

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continued from page 32

By Michelle Cottle (The New Republic - All Feed)

journalism. Any embarrassment Palin suffers at Fox will be despite the valiant efforts of her Submitted at 1/21/2010 9:00:00 PM network pals, all of whom are Let’s talk seriously for a exquisitely aware which end of moment about Sarah Palin. Now. the ideological spectrum their Now. No eye rolling. Last week bread is buttered on. brought us word that the good ol’ Better still, the more Palin talks, gal has signed on to serve up the clearer picture we can all some of that common-sense develop of what exactly is going commentary on Fox News, and, on behind those winking but like fellow veteran of the ’08 never blinking eyes. Doing so p r e s i d e n t i a l m e l e e M i k e will undoubtedly require wading Huckabee, she will almost through a troughful of vapid certainly take to the job like a lip sass, spunk, and folksiness. But -sticked pig to slop. Indeed, by the potential for unfiltered year’s end, I expect Palin to have insight does exist. a s h o w o f h e r v e r y o w n . Case in point: There has already (Basking in the love of devoted been some tittering over Palin’s viewers a la Glenn Beck is so January 13 sit down with Glenn much more fun than the punch-in Beck, who at one point asked his -the-face, knife-in-the-back life new colleague to name her of a politician.) favorite founding father. With For those not enraptured by the this softball, Beck wasn’t quite idea of the former Alaska in Sarah, tell us what makes you governor having a political such a great patriot territory, but future in the lower 48, there are he wasn’t far off. Even so, clear downsides to her new cable Palin’s immediate answer-perch. But there are advantages “Well, all of ’em”--was such a as well. For starters, Palin will at non-committal cop-out that even least need to dial back the Beck cried “bullcrap” and fell endless whining about how the into exasperated giggles as Palin media are out to get her and how rambled on (and on) before at she is a maliciously last plucking George misrepresented victim of gotcha Washington from the pack.

For even casual Palintologists, “all of ’em” will bring back memories of Katie Couric’s infamous inquiry into the thenVP candidate’s reading habits. At the time, Palin’s refusal--or, as many saw it, her inability--to name a single newspaper or magazine she read fueled the preexisting narrative that the aggressively anti-intellectual Alaskan was too incurious, outof-touch, or irredeemably ignorant to be allowed within 1,000 miles of the Oval Office. Today, the Palin-as-idiot story line continues to enthrall, especially with the recent release of Game Change, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s revenge-of-the-disgruntledstaffers tale of the 2008 race, which claims that Palin required tutoring as to why there are two Koreas and why Saddam Hussein was not responsible for 9-11. (Although, to be fair, Dick Cheney had much of America confused about the latter.) Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

legislature are elected separately. Powers are separated, and each checks and balances the other. In Britain, Canada and the rest of the British Commonwealth, and in Japan and in most of Europe, the legislature is elected directly and the executive derives its power from the legislative majority. Political scientists argue about which system is better. But all agree on which system is worst: a system where the executive controls the legislature. You can call this system by many names: guided democracy, Peronism, socialism with Chinese characteristics. By whatever name, the system of executive supremacy over the legislature amounts to the same thing: unchecked power. Such power can never be trusted. And those who most avidly seek such power are precisely those who can least be trusted with it. The destiny of Latin America lies in the hands of Latin Americans. The time for blaming shadowy international forces for your problems--bankers and imperialists; the Jews, the Jesuits or the Freemasons; the British, the Spanish or the NorteAmericanos--has long past. Since 1990, more people around the planet have emerged from

poverty than at any time in the whole previous history of the human race. They did so not under red flags and with clenched fists, but by buying and selling in the international economy. I had the privilege of working with the great Peruvian thinker, Hernando de Soto, on his book The Mystery of Capital. The solution to the mystery ultimately was that there was no mystery: Capital is all around you, in the labor of liberated people who are allowed to own for themselves what they create and invent, under accountable governments where power checks power. This is a country where you often hear the language of struggle. The struggle that leads to freedom is the struggle of the intellect over the appetite, of dignity over fear, of law over crime, of commerce over violence, of truth over lies. David Frum is a resident fellow at AEI. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

How Johnny Depp portrayed the Mad Hatter (video) (Holy Kaw!) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:43:00 AM

As March fifth approaches, Tim Burton and the Disney gang have released another sneak peak of

the highly-anticipated Alice in Wonderland. Watch as the master of method acting, Johnny

Depp, discusses portraying the character of the Mad Hatter. All the latest and greatest in

cinema. Permalink| Leave a comment »


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Calif. Dems Revive Single-Payer Healthcare (Newsmax - Politics)

reform bill with Democratic leaders two years ago, only to see the measure fail in a Senate A key legislative committee in committee amid concerns over C a l i f o r n i a r e v i v e d a b i l l paying for the measure. Thursday to create a government Leno's bill would create a -run health care system in the commission to decide how to nation's most populous state, two pay for the system, at a cost this days after Massachusetts elected year of more than $1 million. a senator who opposes the Leno said the system could be president's national health care funded with a payroll tax along plan. with existing state and federal The Senate Appropriations money and increased efficiencies Committee released the bill for a from a state-managed system vote by the full Senate next that eliminates the insurance week. The legislation had been middleman. Voters would have held over from last year because to approve the commission's of the state's ongoing budget funding plan, he said. crisis. Republicans mocked majority Creating a single-payer system Democrats for reviving the bill w o u l d c o s t C a l i f o r n i a a n as health care reform flounders estimated $210 billion in its first in Washington, and California year. That's roughly double the struggles with a new $20 billion size of the total state budget, but deficit. about what the state and federal "California Democrats are either government and residents tone-deaf or delusional," cumulatively spend now on California Republican Party California health care, said Sen. Chairman Ron Nehring said in a Mark Leno. statement. L e n o , D - S a n F r a n c i s c o , Senate Minority Leader Dennis introduced the bill after Gov. Hollingsworth, R-Murrieta, also Arnold Schwarzenegger twice criticized the timing, though vetoed similar legislation. The Democrats can send the measure Republican governor negotiated to Schwarzenegger without his own $14.7 billion health care Republican votes. Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:00:16 AM

Leno said voters may dislike the hybrid health care plan being debated in Congress, but polls have shown support for a staterun plan in California. The appropriations committee had to act Thursday for the bill to be considered by the full Senate before a Jan. 31 deadline for passing bills introduced last year. "Whatever comes out of Washington is much less certain, which only gives greater incentive for leadership coming from state legislators because somehow, some way, health care reform must be addressed," Leno said in a telephone interview. "We're drowning. We can't keep up and it's killing our economy and it's harming our employers and it's harming our employees. It's harming everybody." Š Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Bad Korea Moves (AEI.Org: Articles) Submitted at 1/21/2010 3:00:00 PM

In the mid-1990s, North Korea became the only urban, literate society ever to suffer famine in peacetime: up to a million died. Like all famines in our age, it was politically determined. And there is an awful sense that history may soon repeat itself. By the end of the cold war, North Korea had virtually eliminated money from its consumer economy; its people depended on food and goods distributed directly by the state. When that system fell apart, famine ensued. North Koreans had to learn to fend for themselves: markets sprang up. DPRK officials loathed them, as a variant of the "ideological and cultural infiltration" that had destroyed Soviet socialism. Late in 2009, Pyongyang struck against this trend with a "currency reform". New won notes were issued for old on a 1to-100 basis and less than ÂŁ25per-person trade-in was permitted. A week later, all old money was void. A crackdown on unofficial commerce with

Bank stocks lead Wall Street retreat (Financial Times - US homepage) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:00:05 AM

By Samantha Pearson in New York Published: January 22 2010 15:28 | Last updated: January 22

2010 18:00 Term Extraction. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,

foreign currency followed--the government trying to rub out its "monetary overhang" and punish domestic marketeers. Currency reforms can bring growth and price stabilisation. But the DPRK's variant led to the won's total collapse: food prices are even higher than before, and rising fast. The economy risks hyperinflation; the markets that forestalled famine are severely unsettled. Very bad times seem in store for North Korea. Prospects for the international community are not rosy, either. The regime is gambling on a nuclear blackmail game on "disarmament" talks. We have seen how severe Pyongyang's miscalculations can be. Nicholas Ebserstadt is the Henry Wendt Scholar in Political Economy at AEI. P h o t o c r e d i t : yeowatzup/Flickr/Creative Commons Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Appeasement Watch (AEI.Org: Articles) Submitted at 1/21/2010 3:00:00 PM

Appeasement is a loaded term, bringing to mind British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the failure to stop Hitler before it was too late. But appeasement does not always lead to catastrophic war. It is sometimes the right policy, particularly if you are looking to buy time for a more robust stance against a potential aggressor. Indeed, the dictionary definitions of appeasement vary from the anodyne to the charged: 1) to bring to a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; pacify; 2) to satisfy, allay, or relieve; 3) to yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation, group, person, etc.) in a conciliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles. The Obama administration is now undeniably following a policy of appeasement. The latest indicator is this story from the Washington Times. The political decision to downgrade our intelligence

collection efforts against China is not motivated by a decreasing China threat (remember all those claims in the Bush years of "politicizing intelligence"). Quite the contrary, earlier in the year Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair called China one of the foremost threats to the United States. And, as the article points out, upon assuming command of the Pacific Command Adm. Robert Willard noted that China's military capabilities consistently exceed our intelligence estimates. The appropriate response to a growing military threat is to assign that threat a higher priority in intelligence collection. The president's National Security Council did the opposite. It would be harder to call this latest move appeasement if it wasn't consistent with Obama's general approach to China: he has offered Beijing concession after concession. That brings us back to appeasement. What does the administration hope to accomplish by appeasing China? Bringing about a "state of peace and calm" would be a worthy goal, if China cooperated. But

China seems to be going in the other direction. It is growing more belligerent, whether it be with American companies such as Google or by re-igniting a border dispute with India. It seems the purposes of our appeasement are more in line with the third definition offered above: "to yield or concede to the belligerent demands of . . . a nation . . . in a conciliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles." Without any discernable benefits, the question remains: What is the Obama administration's China appeasement trying to accomplish? Maybe Obama believes that appeasement is the only policy option we have left toward a belligerent and powerful China. But before making that assessment, shouldn't we gather more intelligence? Dan Blumenthal is a resident fellow at AEI. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Mahathir: If the US Could Make 'Avatar' They Could Fake 9/11 (Little Green Footballs)

minister is not a Holocaust denier. He’s a Holocaust admirer. We haven’t heard from former The former premier also blamed M a l a y s i a n P r i m e M i n i s t e r Jews for hindering progress in Mahathir Mohamad for a while, US foreign policy. Voicing his but he’s back in the news today disappointment that Barack w i t h a w h a c k e d o u t Obama had not yet ended the p r o n o u n c e m e n t t o a p r o - war in Afghanistan or closed the Palestinian conference that US terror detention center at equals or surpasses his other Guantanamo, he explained that freakazoid statements: If US “there are forces in the United Could Create ‘Avatar’, It Could S t a t e s w h i c h p r e v e n t t h e Fake 9/11 Attacks. president from doing some Malaysia’s former premier things. One of the forces is the Mahathir Mohamad said on Jewish lobby.” Wednesday there was “strong Jews “had always been a evidence” the US faked the problem in European countries. September 11 terror attacks as an They had to be confined to excuse to go to war against g h e t t o e s a n d p e r i o d i c a l l y Muslims. massacred. But still they “There is strong evidence that remained, they thrived and they the attacks were staged. If they held whole governments to can make Avatar, they can make ransom,” Mahathir said. anything,’ Mahathir told the “Even after their massacre by the Conference for the Support of Al Nazis of Germany, they survived -Quds (Jerusalem), as quoted by to continue to be a source of local media. even greater problems for the That’s the Islamic version of the world.” 9/11 Troof movement. But (Hat tip: Jim A.) Mahathir’s other statements are even worse. The former prime Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:53:16 AM

MediaDailyNews: Active Activates MedaBank (MediaPost | Media News) Submitted at 1/22/2010 4:30:34 AM

Barter media giant Active

International has tapped MediaBank to manage its print and electronic media buying systems.

Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.



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Will Washington Pay for the Terror Trials?

Unanswered Email Undermines Your Productivity [Time Management]

(AEI.Org: Articles)

By Lisa Hoover (Lifehacker)

Submitted at 1/21/2010 3:00:00 PM

The plan to put five terrorists on trial in Manhattan (and possibly to put other terrorists on trial in neighboring Brooklyn) has raised profound questions. How can a civilian trial protect classified information? Will the judge dismiss the charges if the defense claims the defendants were tortured? Why should murderers be tried so close to the place where thousands of their victims died? Is there any chance of finding disinterested jurors in a city that suffered so much from radical jihadists? Recall what happened when Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and his associates were tried in New York City for attempting to blow

up the World Trade Center in 1993. The government was required to disclose the identity of all of its unindicted coconspirators in the case, a list that included Osama bin Laden and many of his followers. Bin Laden and others knew immediately that they had to be on the lookout. Click here to read the full text from the Wall Street Journal. James Q. Wilson is a member of AEI's Council of Academic Advisers. Photo credit: Flickr use Eva Abreu/Creative Commons Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

individual habits. A bad habit that becomes a ritual can drag down our productivity, without We often blame our lack of time our knowing it. -management skills for an The answer, says Wade, is to overflowing email inbox. develop a habit of answering's Francis Wade every email as soon as you read says our overflowing inboxes it, so it's not hanging over your might be the reason we're so head and weighing on your unproductive in the first place. mind. I m a g e b y What system you choose to HeatedGroundPhotography. manage your workflow isn't as If you're constantly frustrated by important as getting into the a lack of time to deal with all habit of making sure you those emails you've been maintain it so you don't fall meaning to answer, Wade says behind. We've previously maybe it's time to change the mentioned ways to get to inbox way you approach your zero, so if your productivity is workflow. A few years ago it being zapped by too much inbox to start overflowing and might have been all right to leave unanswered email, maybe now's pretty soon we're overwhelmed a message or two from friends or a good time to start over. What with too much email to answer colleagues unanswered for a day are your top tips for getting and not enough time to get to it. or two. Today, however, we email answered quickly? Share That's enough to make a person come into contact with far too them in the comments. Are You feel completely unproductive, many people every day to make a Productive Person? Look at the and it's all downhill from there. that approach practical. Number of People Who Are What we don't see clearly is that Nowadays, we'll often glance at Waiting On You to Get Back to we do damage to our reputations an email and then file it away to Them[] and to our time management answer "soon." Often, it only systems when we don't manage takes a couple of days for the Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:00:00 AM

Michael Jackson Estate Opposes Giving Joe Jackson an Allowance (ETonline - Breaking News) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:24:00 AM

Administrators of Michael Jackson's estate have taken

action to oppose the late singer's father's bid for a monthly stipend. In new court papers obtained by ET, attorneys for Jackson estate

administrators John Branca and John McClain are opposing Joe Jackson's bid to receive a monthly allowance, saying it would take away money from

the late singer's three children. In the papers, the estate attorneys claim that Joe Jackson has failed to prove that the King of Pop financially supported him

prior to his June 25 death and that the star's father was not included as a beneficiary of his will.

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Use the Universal Edibility Test to Find Food in a Survival Situation [Survival]

Oprah Secrets Revealed in New Tell-All Book

By Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)

(ETonline - Breaking News) Submitted at 1/22/2010 5:33:00 AM

Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:00:00 AM

While we hope you never find yourself in the kind of survival situation that has you foraging for wild plants to eat, if you should find yourself in such a situation the Universal Edibility Test can save your life. Photo by BarefootGardener. The Universal Edibility Test is a series of tests you can use to determine if a plant is safe to consume. At the site HowStuffWorks they've outline the prongs of the test and how you can apply it safely in the field. The initial part of the test is to separate the item into its parts like leaves, stems, roots, buds, and flowers—many plants have edible and inedible portions. The first actual experiment is the contact test: First you need to perform a contact test. If it's not good for your skin, it's not good for your belly. Crush only one of the plant parts and rub it on the inside of your wrist or elbow for 15 minutes. Now wait for eight hours. If you have a reaction at the point of contact, then you don't want to continue with this part of the plant. A burning sensation, redness, welts and

Oprah Winfrey is the subject of a new, unauthorized biography by famed writer Kitty Kelley. Kitty, well known for her portrayals of famous figures in her many books, from the Bush family and Nancy Reagan to Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, spent three years researching her material. The book promises to pull back the curtain on one of the most powerful figures on TV. The author conducted 850 interviews with numerous Oprah sources, many of whom have never before spoken to the press. bumps are all bad signs. While you wait, you can drink water, but don't eat anything. If there is no topical reaction after eight hours, move along to the next step. From there you increase your exposure incrementally to see if you have any adverse reactions. Check out the full guide at HowStuffWorks to get tips on each step of the test and how to perform it safely. Make sure the check out their list on plant warning signs—never eat anything with thorns, milky sap, or that smells like almonds, for

instance. In addition to knowing how to test for edibility it's also valuable to read up on the topic. The photo show above is of Queen Anne's Lace, a European flower that is found all over the continental United States. The roots of the plant are edible and very similar to carrots—Queen Anne's Lace is actually an ancestor to the modern carrot. The stems and leaves however are mildly toxic. Another plant that looks similar to Queen Anne's Lace is Water Hemlock—an extremely

poisonous plant that is potent enough to kill cattle. Hit up the resources page at the end of the guide to read more about wild edible plants. Have a resource you'd like to share about survival methods, survival-style camping, or just how to make a good wildgreens salad? Let's hear about it in the comments. What is the Universal Edibility Test?[HowStuffWorks]

DIY Garage Parking Bumper Keeps You from Knocking Over the Bicycles [Weekend Project] By Whitson Gordon (Lifehacker) If you have a big car38(or a small DIY page


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DIY continued from page 37

garage), you know what a commodity space can be—keep your parking perfectly spaced with an easy to build wooden parking bumper for only $10, courtesy of Lifehacker Reader Chris. Chris tried several simple methods to keep from knocking down things in his garage while pulling up far enough that he's all the way in, but the quality of solutions was tenuous at best—until he realized he could make his own wooden parking bumper (not unlike the plastic bumpers you could buy in stores) for under $10. Both pieces are standard molding from the big box stores. My testing showed that the rounded piece alone didn't quite provide the "bump"

needed to prevent over-running it. But the 2" x 3/8" extra strip beefed it up just the right amount for a gentle stop. I glued the two pieces together, then drilled two counter-sunk holes so that the screw heads are recessed. I had 2" concrete fasteners handy and I have a hammer drill, but you can drill the holes with a regular power drill and a good masonry bit. The whole project only took Chris 20-30 minutes, allowing the glue to dry before drilling into the wood. Got your own parking tricks? Share them in the comments!

Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:59:00 AM

Jay Leno will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" less than a week after Conan O'Brien will vacate "The Tonight Show." Jay will sit down with Oprah in a pre-taped segment that will air Thursday, January 28.

Weekend Reading: The Top MustRead Books For Entrepreneurs By Chris Cameron (ReadWriteWeb)

Entrepreneur Should Read. One would not expect a work of fiction to be included on a list Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:10:00 AM littered with business strategy With the week coming to a close books, but Rand's philosophy of and the weekend just a few hours individualism versus away, we thought we would take collectivism at the core of this the opportunity to recommend a novel can be easily applied to few books for the entrepreneur Anderson is also the author of entrepreneurialism. Written in looking to do some weekend popular online business books 1943, the novel is the story of an reading. Whether you've got a lot p e r f e c t f o r t h e b u d d i n g architect's struggle to be true to of time to sit and read, or just a entrepreneur. The Long Tail was his creative beliefs and not little time in the car to listen to Anderson's first book and was conform to traditional practices. an audiobook, find some time to adapted from an article he wrote Entrepreneurs looking to change knock these off your reading list. in Wired. In it, Anderson the world should free up few Sponsor d e s c r i b e s h o w o n l i n e open weekends to finish Rand's Perhaps the most well known marketplaces have opened up the dense but worthwhile novel. and most vocal venture capitalist door for small niche businesses Still can't get enough is Guy Kawasaki, author of the to thrive. In his second book, e n t r e p r e n e u r i a l b o o k s ? a p t l y n a m e d b l o g H o w t o F r e e , h e e x a m i n e s h o w Under30CEO has an excellent Change the World and the books sometimes giving away your l i s t o f 1 0 B o o k s E v e r y The Art of the Start and the more product can make you more Entrepreneur Must Read From recent Reality Check, among money in the end - the so-called 2009, and David Siteman others. If one was to enroll in "freemium" model. Anderson Garland has a great list on his Startup Entrepreneurialism 101, used this model to sell the book, blog The Rise to the Top of 13 Kawasaki's books would likely offering it for free as an online Must Read Books For Every Jay and Conan have been locked be required reading. Kawasaki's download while at the same time E n t r e p r e n e u r . H a v e s o m e in a public dispute with NBC years of experience from the selling the hardcover version in suggestions for further reading? after Jay's 10 p.m show was early days at Apple and the stores and online. Let us know in the comments! canceled in that timeslot due to S i l i c o n V a l l e y V C s c e n e The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Photo by Flickr user Horia low ratings, to which NBC provides a wealth of information is one of my favorite novels of Varlan. Discuss responded by trying to move him for the eager entrepreneur. all time and it recently found to 11:35, pushing Conan and Former Economist writer turned itself included in Business "The Tonight Show" to 12:05. Wired editor-in-chief Chis Insider's list of 15 Books Every

Jay Leno to Appear on 'Oprah Winfrey Show' (ETonline - Breaking News)

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Private Browsing Window Adds Chrome-Like Incognito Windows to Firefox [Downloads] By Whitson Gordon (Lifehacker) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:30:00 AM

Firefox: Sick of having to start a completely new session (and get rid of your old one) just for private browsing? Firefox extension Private Browsing Window starts your private session in a new window without closing old ones, like Chrome's Incognito Window. It's not quite as smooth as Chrome's Incognito Windows, but it works pretty well. Private

Browsing Window essentially starts a new instance of Firefox alongiside your existing session, with a new profile in which Private Browsing is enabled.

You don't have all your old bookmarks or preferences in your new private window, but you don't have to end your nonprivate session, which is

certainly convenient. This feature replaces the old Private Browsing feature in the Tools menu and adds a small shortcut in the bottom right corner of your screen. Note that this addon requires the latest and greatest Firefox 3.6 to run, so if you haven't updated, what are you waiting for? Private Browsing Window is free and works wherever Firefox 3.6 does. Thanks, Jason! Private Browsing Window[Mozilla AddOns]


29 Million Searches Per Minute: Global Search Engine Market Grew 46% in 2009 By Frederic Lardinois (ReadWriteWeb) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:00:42 AM

According to the latest data from comScore, Internet users over the age of 15 conducted over 29 million searches per minute in 2009. Overall, the global search market grew 46% MILLION page 40

7 Days and $500: One Man's Plan to Bootstrap A Startup In A Week By Chris Cameron (ReadWriteWeb) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:20:00 AM

The next time you find yourself claiming to not have enough time or money to form a startup, just remember the name Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin. While it may not be the easiest name to remember, it could certainly come in handy if you ever want to learn to quickly launch a startup on the cheap. Eckersley-Maslin, an Australian entrepreneur, has challenged himself to take a startup from

idea to business in just seven days on a $500 budget, all while blogging about his progress on the homepage of Australian entrepreneurship magazine Anthill. He says he is tired of hearing would-be entrepreneurs complain about a lack of time and money, so he has set out to prove that all it takes is some will and dedication. Sponsor Beginning his journey on January 19th, the daring Aussie is currently on day four of his week-long journey. So far, Eckersley-Maslin has developed

which he calls AutoCarLog. Next on his schedule is to continue developing while working on graphic design on day 5 and the SMS gateway on day 6 before ultimately launching the product on day 7. Just as any startup needs a h i s i d e a , p l a n n e d o u t h i s business plan, this Australian business, set up his domain, didn't jump in to his experiment bank, and hosting accounts, without thoroughly preparing. developed a pitch and marketing "As there were things I could strategy, and has begun to work only do during business hours on the functionality of his site. (visiting the bank) I split each The idea? An online car mileage day into two," writes Eckersleylog that can be updated via SMS Maslin. "During the day I would have to cover registrations,

marketing and promotions and during the evenings and weekends I could focus on development and design." What do you think? Will Eckersley-Maslin succeed to launch a product in just seven days? Or will the busy days and late nights wear him down before his deadline? He seems well on his way to success, but let us know what you think in the comments. Photo by Flickr user aminCr. Discuss


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MILLION continued from page 39

in 2009. Unsurprisingly, Google continues to have a commanding lead in this market. Worldwide, Google accounted for 66% of all searches conducted in 2009 by Internet users over 15. Microsoft's search properties, including Bing, commanded only about 3% of the total market, but Microsoft also saw the greatest gain (70%) among the top 5 search properties. In total, comScore estimates that Internet users now conduct close to 131 billion searches per year. Sponsor Russian search engine Yandex was the fastest growing property among the top 10 search engine. Yandex registered a 90% gain in 2009. Except for,

every one of the top 10 search engines in comScore's index registered a growth in the total number of searches conducted on their sites. Worldwide, Internet users conducted over 131 billion searches in 2009. Every day, people over 15 around the world conducted about 3.6 billion searches. That's almost 25 million searches conducted per minute. According to comScore, Internet users in the U.S. conducted the highest number of searches on the top 10 search engines in 2009. U.S. Internet users over 15 conducted over 22 billion searches last year, followed by China (13 billion) and Japan (9

billion). Just yesterday, we reported that traffic analyst firm Hitwise's latest data shows that the traffic to social networks in Australia is getting to the point where it will soon surpass traffic to search engines. Judging from these numbers, even if social networks pass search in terms of traffic at some point, search still has a lot of headroom to grow and will continue to do so in the near future. Discuss

Sarah Palin's Daughter Bristol On Her Chastity Vow: It's a Realistic Goal (ETonline - Breaking News) Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:20:00 AM

ET has the latest... In her first interview with Oprah Winfrey, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol opened up about her decision to wait until she's

Google Search Just Got a Little Bit Smarter: Highlights Answers to Factual Questions By Frederic Lardinois (ReadWriteWeb) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:44:23 AM

Google just announced that it has started to integrate some of the research that makes Google Squared work into its core search engine. When you perform searches that have factual answers like [ empire state height], Google will now highlight the answer to this question in the search results. If you are looking for the height of the Empire State Building, for example, the search engine will

now display a snippet from the site that highlights the answer to this question. Sponsor This is only a small change, but it does mean that users won't have to click through to the site if they are just looking for a straightforward piece of information like the date of John Lennon's murder. Microsoft, of course, has made these shortcuts one of the core elements of the search experience on Bing. Great for Users, But What About the Sites that Supply these Answers? For users, this is a nice step

Events In addition to this change, Google also announced that it is introducing rich snippets for events. Rich snippets allow webmasters to annotate their forward as it makes it easier and pages with structured data that faster to get the answer you are can then be displayed in the looking for. It will, however, be search results. In the case of interesting to see how website e v e n t s , G o o g l e c o u l d , f o r owners will react to this change. example, display upcoming After all, if you don't need to events at a theater or concert hall click through to the site to get the right on the search results page. answer, the site that produced the Discuss content won't be able to benefit from Google's traffic. Also New: Rich Snippets for

married to have sex. "I think it's a goal to have and other women should have that goal," Bristol said. "It’s a realistic goal for myself." Sarah has faith that Bristol, who is the mother to a 13-month-old son, can fulfill that vow.

Mike's Third Term Crusade: Ugly Scaffolding [Parochial News] By Pareene (Gawker) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:56:55 PM

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg introduced fancy new "umbrellas" that will eventually take the place of ugly scaffolding covering New York sidewalks. (The city's 37,000 homeless people were reportedly looking forward to taking shelter under such aesthetically pleasing awnings.)

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HGTV Scores MegaBlogger Heather Armstrong, Dooce

Mozilla What's On Tonight: Haiti Telethon, Caprica, delivers Firefox 3.6 Spartacus

By Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb)

By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)

(Holy Kaw!)

Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:16:00 PM

Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:56:09 AM

Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:25:18 AM

Home and Garden TV just announced that it has signed Heather Armstrong, author of hyper-popular early blog, to collaborate on unspecified "convergence media" projects. The millions of readers who have followed Armstrong on her nine-year journey as an exMormon mom who got fired for the contents of her blog and then made that blog an international phenomenon will no doubt be excited to see what she does with the TV network. Armstrong is a designer by training. Sponsor One of the earliest bloggers online, Armstrong is now 34 years old and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Generally referred to as a mommy-blogger, Armstrong

• At 8, the major networks (and others) have the Hope For Haiti Now telethon. • At 8:30, Cartoon Network has a new Ben 10: Alien Force, followed by a new episode of The Clone Wars. • TCM has The Out-of-Towners writes about a wide variety of at 8:30, then A Raisin in the Sun. topics including her family. • At 9, ESPN2 has more She's a very hip lady and can run coverage of The Australian circles around the internet. Can Open. she bring her mix of style, • Syfy has the two-hour series poignancy, humor and brutal premiere of Caprica at 9. honesty to HGTV successfully? • Travel Channel has a new Ghost Adventures at 9. We'll see. Armstrong's announcement is • At 10, ABC has a new 20/20. here. Old media, meet one of the • STARZ has the series premiere Queens of New Media. Now of Spartacus: Blood and Sand at let's see what y'all can do 10. • E! has a new episode of The together. Discuss Soup at 10.

Yesterday, Mozilla delivered Firefox 3.6 to its millions of users. The latest version of the popular web-browser alternative introduces cutting-edge features, support for a wide variety of • There's a new Friday Night Web standards, and access to with Jonathan Ross on BBC more than 6,000 free add-ons America at 10. that allow users to customize their browser to their liking. It’s Check your local TV listings for also more than twenty percent more. faster than the previous version, After the jump, the late night and includes extensive under the talk shows. hood work to improve Continue reading What's On performance of everything from Tonight: Haiti Telethon, Caprica, simple daily tasks to much Spartacus heavier work. Check out some of F i l e d u n d e r : L a t e N i g h t , the changes below. Programming, Celebrities, Talk What’s your favourite browser? Show, What To Watch Tonight, Total Mozilla coverage. Reality-Free Permalink| Leave a comment » Permalink| Email this| | Comments

John Tortorella, Reporter Dish Verbal Jabs By A.J. Perez (FanHouse Main) Submitted at 1/21/2010 5:26:00 PM

Filed under: Rangers The same day Conan O'Brien officially inked a severance deal, a New

York duo again made an argument that they could have the best show on late night TV. New York Rangers coach John Tortorella traded barbs once again with longtime New York Post hockey columnist Larry Brooks after Torts' team fell 2-0

to the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday. The game featured a one-sided fight between Flyers enforcer Dan Carcillo and Rangers superstar forward Marian Gaborik, fisticuffs Brooks attempted to probe in the

postgame news conference. After Tortorella said there was "no honor" in Carcillo targeting Gaborik, Brooks asked a followup question about two minutes into the interview.



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Amazon Announces Sweeping Kindle Changes (The Timing is Just Coincidental) By Liam Cassidy (TheAppleBlog)

earn higher royalties) and, yesterday, announced a Kindle Development Kit which will Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:00:03 AM allow developers to build “active I have heard it said, “If you content” for the Kindle. can’t compete, sue.” Of course, This last announcement means I’m sure that’s not the case with that apps from developers like Nokia’s recent complaint against Handmark (a restaurant reviews Apple. Sure, it could have started guide), Sonic Boom and EA litigation back in 2007 when the Mobile (games) will one day be iPhone was first launched, but I available on the Kindle in all guess the almost-three-year- their digital ink glory. The delay was just how long it took Kindle’s slow refresh rate and getting its lawyers to agree on low-resolution, greyscale e-ink the wording. Or the letterhead. display suggests sudoku-style or Or something. word puzzle games will be the Amazon, on the other hand, is m o s t l i k e l y a p p s f o r t h a t doing the exact opposite and platform. Canabalt fans should choosing to Compete with a look elsewhere. Love Your capital C. This week it has Kindle, or Your Money Back f l o a t e d a b o a t - l o a d o f Not since Victor Kiam fell in a n n o u n c e m e n t s a r o u n d i t s love with his Remington electric Kindle e-book reader device and razor has a company dared to platform. Now, stop being offer complete refunds based on cynical, I’m sure the timing has a c u s t o m e r ’ s s e n s e o f nothing to do with the imminent satisfaction. But that’s exactly unveiling of Apple’s mythical what Amazon is doing. Tablet. Related GigaOM Pro Research: In January alone Amazon has Evolution of the e-Book Market introduced the Kindle DX to Amazon’s Kindle-marketingover one hundred countries with blitz continues. According to Global Wireless, expanded the TechCrunch, customers buying Kindle Digital Text Platform to an obscenely huge number of both publishers and individuals books from Amazon on a regular (allowing independent authors to basis have started receiving a publish and sell their work remarkable email invitation; if w i t h o u t a c o n t r a c t w i t h a they buy a Kindle before January publishing house), amended its 26 and don’t experience Victor r e v e n u e s h a r i n g p o l i c y Kiam levels of satisfaction, they (effectively enabling authors to

tries, their efforts will be in vain. Assuming, of course, the rumors get their money back. Every are accurate and Apple’s tablet penny of it. Oh yeah — and they w i l l r e v o l u t i o n i z e e can keep the Kindle, too. Going book/magazine reading, nothing the Kindle does at this stage can on the Offensive Expanding into new markets, make the tiniest bit of difference. lowering prices, producing The world is waiting for the developer kits & app stores and Tablet because, despite so many o f f e r i n g f r e e K i n d l e s t o conflicting rumours over the last unsatisfied (or just mildly- f e w m o n t h s , t h e g e n e r a l indifferent) customers speaks consensus seems to be that volumes about how threatened Apple’s Tablet will crush all the Amazon feels by Apple’s tablet. competition. In due course, we’ll find It is remarkable that a device we still don’t know actually exists is ourselves where we are today having such a measurable effect with the iPhone; in the same way in the technology world. The e v e r y n e w s m a r t p h o n e i s media are falling all over compared less-than-favorably themselves to fill column inches with the iPhone, so it will be (virtual and dead-tree varieties) with tablet devices. Predictable with breathless speculation and phrases like “Microsoft’s answer debate over screen sizes or front- to Apple’s Tablet” or fanboyfacing cameras. Meanwhile, baiting headlines like “HTC every tech company on the Launches THE Tablet Killer” planet seems to have launched w i l l a p p e a r i n p o p u l a r their very own tablet at this publications and generate the year’s CES. Even Microsoft usual Comment Flame Wars in couldn’t resist the temptation to the leading tech blogs. And in jump up and down shouting the meantime, everyone will “Me, too!” as Ballmer showed forget the Amazon Kindle with off HP’s lackluster prototype its author-friendly royalty rates and digital-ink word games. during his keynote. N o w A m a z o n i s d o i n g How Will Apple Do It? m a r k e t i n g a n d p r o m o t i o n The Kindle might have fared somersaults to get their Kindle better had Amazon not delayed its rollout so markedly. In its message heard over the din. The sad thing, of course, is that early years the Kindle was no matter how hard Amazon available in only a select few

markets (for a long time North America only) and even since its recent expansion to over a hundred countries, content availability has proven somewhat patchy. That’s not Amazon’s fault, but the precarious distribution rights of major publishing houses across different territories. If Amazon had released the Kindle sooner, and in more markets, rather than setting sights on North America only, it’s possible some of the more chewy worldwide licensing issues faced by publishers might have been worked out earlier in the game, thus cementing public perception of the Kindle as the ebook reader of choice. But they didn’t. This thorny issue of content rights plagues all publishers and distributors everywhere, so it will be deeply interesting to see how Apple tackles these problems if (when) it starts selling books and magazines in the iTunes store. And so here we are today, on the eve of Apple’s bound-to-behistoric tablet launch, witness to Amazon’s last desperate thrashing attempts to remind the world that they have this Kindle thingy. Only, I don’t think the world can hear them.

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The Smart Mac: Address Book & Mail By Chris Ryan (TheAppleBlog)

email on a daily basis and frequently people have multiple email addresses for different Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:30:35 AM purposes. With all of these Apple’s original implementation messages, is there an easy way to of “smart” file management isn’t find that email you were looking just limited to the Finder, and in at last night? fact, you’ve probably seen it Sure! Create a new smart more often in other applications mailbox and select “date last like Address Book and Mail. viewed” and choose “is in the Here are some ideas of how you last” and specify a number of can harness the power of these days. two applications using the same Recently Sent idea as Smart Folders. Smart current date or when you click to you to create a smart group that If I wanted to quickly find an view the group.) just showed your family Groups email that I had sent recently, I Missing Email Addresses members. Address Book provides support could create a Smart Group that for smart groups which allow for To see a list of people who you Currently, Smart Groups cannot showed me messages in the dynamic content, just like a do not have an email address for, be synced to iPods or iPhones. mailbox “Sent” that were “date smart folder. As new content is set the email criterion to include While they also cannot be synced received” in the past 2 days. Also through MobileMe to or added that meet your guidelines, entries that are not set. make sure you tick the “Include My Coworkers Windows computers, they can the group will automatically messages from Sent” checkbox. Most companies offer their still sync through MobileMe to update. Emails from My Family Creating a Smart Group is as employees an email address that other Macs. Smart Mailboxes Remember the family smart simple as going to File and uses the corporate domain. If you Mail has its own flavor of smart group we made in our Address selecting “New Smart Group…” created a smart group for “email” file management too with the Book earlier? We can create a or by clicking the plus icon (+) that contains “” i m p l e m e n t a t i o n o f s m a r t smart mailbox to show us all the in the lower left corner of the then you will have a group that is mailboxes. To create one, use the messages from those family Address Book window. Then always updated with all of your Mailbox menu or the plus (+) members. give your group a name and set coworkers. An extra bonus, these icon in the lower left of the Select “Sender is Member of of criteria. As you add your Smart Groups also show up and message viewer and select “New Group” and then choose the Smart Mailbox.” second criterion, you’ll have the autocomplete in Mail. appropriate group from the drop Or Anything You Want Give your smart mailbox a name choice for your group to consist down menu. of any of your rules or all of your Since the Address Book allows and choose the appropriate Similar to Smart Groups, Smart for a “notes” section on each criteria for your mailbox. With rules. Mailboxes do not sync to iPods Here’s some ideas for useful card, you can use this region to the ability to create criteria based or iPhones nor to or “tag” cards and then use a smart on recipient, subject, mailbox, smart groups. Windows computers through group to show results based on date, message, attachment and Upcoming Birthdays MobileMe. They will only sync Interested in who might have a that information. (You could also more, you can create some pretty via MobileMe to other Macs. birthday this month? Set the repurpose one of the other powerful mailboxes to help Do you use Smart Groups or birthday criterion to include standard fields for this use.) For organize your workflow. Here’s Smart Mailboxes? Have any tips entries that occur within the next example, throwing the word a few suggestions. you’d like to share? Share them month. (This will include all “family” into the appropriate Recently Viewed in the comments. birthdays within a month of the contacts’ card would allow for Most people process tons of

Hendrick Motorsports Helps Haitian Children's Lives Take Flight By David Whitley (FanHouse Main) Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:42:00 AM

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- The most dramatic race in NASCAR history ended here the other night. The winners escaped one of the biggest wrecks this hemisphere has ever seen. It was the earthquake in Haiti, and I know what you might be thinking. God, not another story about that. After 10 days of depressing news, you might want somebody to rescue you from Anderson Cooper. But what happened at this little airport proves at least one good thing. "There is always a silver lining," Dick Snook said.



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Adapting iLife for a Tablet By Alfredo Padilla (TheAppleBlog) Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:05:51 AM

One of the interesting rumors that has come up after the official announcement of Apple’s event on the 27th is that a new version of iLife will also be announced there. Whether or not this rumor is accurate is less interesting than what an Apple tablet might mean for iLife. As we all know iLife has been a key selling point for the Mac lineup ever since the first version was announced at Macworld in 2003. In many ways it epitomizes the difference between Macs and the competition, as iLife gives any Mac user easy to use and wellintegrated tools to explore their creativity on a computer. Whether iLife, or some version of it, will make it to an Apple tablet is a matter of debate, it depends on whether you think the tablet will be a complete computing platform or just a content-consumption device a la the iPhone. I tend to agree with John Gruber that what Apple is aiming for with the tablet is redefining the computing experience, that is replacing entry-level computers rather than complementing them. That leads

me to believe that Apple will try to reproduce at least some of iLife on its tablet device, even if it’s just a matter of consistency in branding. So what would that look like? Let’s look at each application in turn and consider what might be left in and what would be taken out. iPhoto In: Thumbnail browsing is obvious and I imagine the event browsing view will also be a core feature. I also expect the editing features to remain intact, including nondestructive editing. Uploading to MobileMe, Facebook or Flickr will almost assuredly be included. Out: Faces may be the most obvious feature not to make it into iPhoto on a tablet due to it’s impact on the processor. Places might make it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it left out. I also expect the ability to create books, calendars etc. wouldn’t make it to a tablet. GarageBand In: This one is tough, I frankly wouldn’t be surprised to see GarageBand left off a tablet entirely. That said if Apple does decide to put the iLife suite on the tablet it’s unlikely to pick and choose apps so what would

GarageBand on a tablet do? I’d expect basic functionality, like trimming and arranging audio clips. Perhaps some fun effects and instruments that can be thrown in. Out: Don’t expect to be able to record and produce your own music on the tablet. GarageBand has always been one of the most impressive parts of iLife, I would not expect it to keep that badge on a tablet device. iMovie In:

At the very least simple trimming of clips will be in (see the iPhone). I also expect the ability to combine clips, add transitions and titles and perhaps even add your own music or voice-over. Uploading to YouTube or MobileMe will also definitely be included. Out: Advanced color editing and the ability to pull audio out from a video clip will probably not be included. I also wouldn’t expect the ability to import AVCHD

files. iWeb In: Like iPhoto, iWeb’s interface lends itself to a touch capable tablet device. It’s really just a drag and drop operation. Thus I expect most features of iWeb to make the transition to a tablet. Out: I wouldn’t expect the ability to export your site to a local folder as I don’t expect a tablet device to have much in the way of a file system. Other than that I can’t think of any major features that might be left out. iDVD In: Ah, the red-stepchild of the iLife suite. Let’s be frank, there’s no way in heck anything resembling the current iDVD makes it to a tablet. That said there have been rumors of a re-worked iDVD that might become the publishing tool for things like iTunes LP. If that happens then some version might make it onto a tablet device. Out: Everything. Related GigaOM Pro Research: Rumored Apple Tablet: Opportunities Too Big to Ignore

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iPhone Dominating Worldwide Smartphone Usage: Report By Darrell Etherington (TheAppleBlog) Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:36:54 AM

The iPhone is still doing tremendously well, in case all this buzz around Google’s new Nexus One had you thinking otherwise. A new report by Google’s own recent acquisition AdMob says as much. The report details smartphone usage globally over the last quarter of 2009, as determined by requests made by devices for ads on AdMob’s extensive mobile advertising network. Worldwide, the iPhone accounts for more than half of the total overall smartphone usage. It’s worth noting that doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone’s actual market share is double that of all other companies combined, only that iPhone owners use their devices much more than the owners of any of its competitors do. Still, it’s definitely good news for Apple. High device usage means iPhone owners are obviously, for the most part,

sales in some key markets like Japan. Android also performed fairly well. Google’s operating system gained ground in all markets, reaching a high point of 27 percent in North America and hitting 16 percent overall worldwide. Still, North America is the only market in which Android’s OS share reached a double digits percentage score, the next closest being Western Europe with 8 percent. This is prime marketing material for Apple, and even for AT&T. Luke Wilson throwing postcards at a map on the ground just reeks of desperation, if you ask me, but enjoying their smartphones, o v e r a l l u s a g e s h a r e . B u t More than half the OS share in playing up the fact that your which in turn means that they geographically, Nokia’s OS only Eastern Europe belonged to d e v i c e i s t h e m o s t u s e d smartphone in the world, and far will be more likely to speak well leads in Africa and Asia now, Apple, too. of the iPhone to others and to while the iPhone has surged In Africa and Asia, Nokia has and away the most used in North purchase another Apple product ahead into the lead position in rather commanding leads of 53 America, well that actually starts in the future. It also means both North America and Western and 50 percent respectively, but to become appealing to my Apple’s revenue from iPhone Europe, two very lucrative Apple is quickly gaining ground. interests as a consumer. Or, you app sales will likely remain very mobile markets. 54 percent of In Asia, Apple’s share during the could stick with Luke Wilson healthy for the foreseeable smartphone usage in North period covered in the survey rose talking to himself. Whatever you future. America was on an iPhone, and to 27 percent, thanks to the think is best. Symbian had the next strongest in Western Europe 78 percent launch of the iPhone in a number showing, with 21 percent of the occurred on Apple’s device. of new countries, and strong

Make Better Challenge: Stay Hydrated By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:15:00 AM

Today's Make Better tip emphasizes the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water and filling your diet with

healthful, skin-boosting veggies. And fortunately, I am already on the right track! Sure, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning (I am like a zombie from Night of the Living Dead without it) but I am always sure to balance it out with plenty of H2O. And

Ghostbusters Ecto-Cooler Hi-C currently, my fridge at home is of my youth). As for the green p a c k e d w i t h s p i n a c h a n d tea suggestion, I am all about it! cucumbers—I made myself a I typically only drink green tea yummy salad the other night, when I’m sick with a sore throat since I’m not such a fan of green but I really should work it into -colored juices (blame it on the my normal routine… —Emily Hebert

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Apple’s 27-inch iMac Now 3 Weeks Delayed By Darrell Etherington (TheAppleBlog) Submitted at 1/21/2010 3:00:59 PM

Is it a lemon? It’s not a question I like to have to ask about an Apple product, but it’s starting to look like Apple’s problemplagued 27-inch iMac fits that description. And that’s not just a clever joke I’m making about the yellow screen complaint that seems to be popping up everywhere recently. Even beyond that cosmetic (though no less valid) complaint, the machines just aren’t living up to Apple’s reputation for quality. Before the holidays, Apple put its foot down and delayed shipment on all new larger iMac orders until after Christmas. The ordering page for the 27-inch machine changed today to three weeks, extending delays further still. Maybe it’s just a backlog resulting from the initial delays, but reports of problems don’t seem to be slowing down, so that doesn’t seem likely. Let’s review the storied past of the iMac that held so much promise when it was announced. Very shortly after that announcement, as soon as the

first units started shipping, reports came in from users about problems with Flash performance, hard drive spindowns, bad Snow Leopard installs and permissions issues. So it tripped a bit out of the gate, but this is a distance race, not a sprint, right? But as the race continues, the iMac in question doesn’t seem to be improving its performance.

The display seemed to be the primary cause of concern as time went on. People reported cracked displays on delivery, screen flicker that drove a whopping number of customers crazy, and visual noise and dead pixel issues. The latest and most talked about complaint is significant screen yellowing and gradient change from top to bottom of displays on the 27-inch model.

The screen isn’t the only problem, though. Out of the box, some users are reporting DOA machines that just would not boot, and more complaints than any other about processor performance. A friend of mine had to return theirs twice for the same issue, and still hasn’t received a problem-free unit. Apple has tried software fixes, too, but they haven’t worked for everything. The question isn’t really whether or not the 27-inch iMac is a lemon, it’s how Apple let this happen to begin with. Cupertino is not known for a tendency to rush machines into production before they’re ready, but this has all the earmarks of that exact situation. Perhaps Apple was distracted by the tablet it’s apparently been developing, and if so, I’m not optimistic about the future of the Mac line. With the iPhone and a brand new similar platform in the tablet, will QA suffer in other areas? Apple’s reputation depends on two things: innovation and reliability. I, for one, am not willing to sacrifice one for the other. Are you?

Street Chic: New York By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 1/22/2010 4:00:00 AM

Short shorts warm up with tights, boots, and a wool topper. Photo: Kelly Stuart Think you are Street Chic? Email us your photo and you could appear in's Street Chic Daily. Follow ELLE on Twitter. Become our Facebook fan!

Inside the Burj Khalifa (Holy Kaw!) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:29:44 AM

The Burj Khalifa, formally known as the Burj Dubai, swung

open its doors to the public earlier this month and now we get a peek inside the skyscraper’s 1,044 luxury apartments and 160 Armani-branded hotel rooms. The ritzy residences in the

world's tallest building incorporate bright colors and traditional Islamic architecture to create quite the glitzy design scheme.

Swing over to Decoded Stuff for the full gallery. An array of architecture news. Permalink| Leave a comment »

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Twitter revamps the SUL, adds a twist (Scripting News)

easily disproved by countless press reports where number of followers is cited as evidence of First a few necessary recitals. popularity and authority. 1. I've written about the 6. It also screwed with the Suggested Users List many integrity of people who aren't on times. the list. Tim O'Reilly accused 2. It was a terrible idea and both Scoble and myself of poorly implemented, because... criticizing the list because we 3. It created two levels of users, weren't on it. So cynical! (And i n s i d e r s a n d o u t s i d e r s , wrong.) He had lots of company illustrating and propogating the in making that accusation, btw. bad attitude of Silicon Valley 7. Further, recommendation tech companies relative to their engines are not and never have users. been rocket science. There are a 4. It screwed with the integrity number of developers, without of every person and organization access to all the information that that was on the list, or who has, who've done a hoped to be on it. Would they be much better job than the SUL or more likely to praise Twitter, and its new incarnation (more on that less likely to criticize them, if in a bit). they're on it or want to be on it? I 8. Facebook has a think it was pretty obvious at recommendation engine which is times that they used it as a tool to eerily good at predicting who I'll control the press. be interested in hooking up with. 5. It destroyed the value of the It tends to spot people who I've o n e p o t e n t i a l m e t r i c f o r decided deliberately not to authority, follower count. For befriend. Annoying, but proves people on the list, the number the point that this is one thing b e c a m e m e a n i n g l e s s . T h e that algorithms do better than argument that no one pays humans. attention to follower counts is 9. Probably the worst thing Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:34:38 AM

about the SUL is that it rubs our nose in the fact that we're slaves to corporate media, that our presence here is owned and controlled by a company that hasn't established any boundaries of what it will and won't do, no matter what effect that might have on editorial content. People who assume that Twitter won't do something because it's unfair, unwise, or hurts the integrity of the users or the platform, are making a baseless assumption. They've proven otherwise, through the horrific example of the Suggested User List. Okay, so yesterday they released a new version of the SUL, and it's missing one of the most disturbing things about the SUL -- that it created a random list of 20 elite Twitterers for each new user to follow. How new users find followers now is again a mystery -- but none of my business. I totally don't care about that. That really is between Twitter and the new users. But the damage is done. Followercount is a meaningless metric. There are two levels of users.

Maybe the integrity issue is gone, but who knows what the next iteration of the SUL will look like. They haven't said. Now, the twist. They put me on the new list. Since I found out I was there, I haven't posted anything on my Twitter account, because that's a terrible place to discuss something like this, and until I decide what to do I want to be very clear about whether I've gained from being on the new list. I can't benefit from it if I don't post. Also there are still too many unknowns about the new setup. There's been no communication from an officer of the company about what this means and what the future holds. I'm going to stop right there for now. If you have any thoughts please post them here. As usual, personal comments will be moderated. You can use your own blog for that. Stick to the topics in this post, and no namecalling. Thanks. Update: Twittercism calls it the "Same old SUL with a different coat of paint."


Man Suspect of Wife's Beheading Says She Abused Him ( Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:39:02 AM

Muzzammil Hassan, right, founder of Bridges TV, is charged with murder in the beheading of his wife, Aasiya Hassan, left, in Orchard Park, N.Y. Muzzammil Hassan, right, founder of Bridges TV, is charged with murder in the beheading of his wife, Aasiya Hassan, left, in Orchard Park, N.Y. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

New York’s Creative Set Unites to Help Haiti By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:47:01 AM

Creative worlds joined forces last night to raise much-needed funds for Haiti's earthquake victims. In the packed KC/DC

Skateshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, art, fashion, and music worlds united (there was a lively raffle offering up David Yurman jewelry and dinner for two at Lil’ Frankie’s as well as Red Cross donation table at the Aurel Schmidt to milliner Gigi door)—with everyone from artist

Burris showing their support. Artist Aurel Schmidt shows off Schmidt, fresh out of the studio- her photobooth pics like photobooth that had been set Photo: Kelly Stuart up for the party, said that these —Violet Moon Gayn or days, she’s inspired by the Follow ELLE on Twitter. recession. Become our Facebook fan! Make a donation now to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.


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When Leno returns to The Dealer contradicts Mark McGwire's Tonight Show, he'll have reason for steroids a new desk and couch! By T.J. Quinn ( Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:01:42 AM

By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:02:00 PM

I'm going to give NBC Universal TV Chairman Jeff Gaspin the benefit of the doubt in this interview over at The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed. If he's serious in some of the things he's saying, then it's pretty sad. First Gaspin says that the decision to replace Conan O'Brien with Leno at 11:35 was based on "the facts," that The Tonight Show was down 49% and the affiliates were down 14% and that it "made sense to try to come up with some other formula for late night." And that was to put Leno back at 11:35 and (try to put) Conan at 12:05,

which he didn't go for. But you know what? Leno won't have Leno as his lead-in. Continue reading When Leno returns to The Tonight Show, he'll have a new desk and couch! Filed under: Late Night, Celebrities, Talk Show, RealityFree, Jay Leno Permalink| Email this| | Comments

GE profits fall but beat expectations (Financial Times - US homepage)

improved and we saw some encouraging signs at year-end,” said Jeff Immelt, GE chairman Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:05:06 AM and chief executive. GE’s wide Profits at General Electric, the portfolio includes products from industrial bellwether, fell sharply gas turbines to medical-imaging in the fourth quarter but came in equipment and aviation loans. marginally ahead of expectations Five Filters featured article: a s t h e c o m p a n y r e a s s u r e d Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: investors that it was seeing a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, more benign economic outlook. Term Extraction. “GE’s environment has

OTL: Curt Wenzlaff Preview OTL: Curt Wenzlaff Preview A convicted drug dealer who says he used to supply steroids to former baseball slugger Mark McGwire told ESPN on Thursday that McGwire's goal was to get "bigger, faster, stronger" to improve his performance on the field, contradicting recent statements by McGwire, who said he used the drugs to maintain his health. Curtis Wenzlaff, speaking to ESPN's Outside the Lines, said he feels there is no doubt that the array of drugs he provided McGwire helped him become a more-accomplished home-run hitter. "Will it help you hit a baseball?" Wenzlaff said. "Let me put it to you this way. If Paris Hilton was to take that array, she could run over Dick Butkus." McGwire and the St. Louis Cardinals declined to respond to Wenzlaff's interview, which will be featured on Outside the Lines on Sunday (9 a.m. ET, ESPN). The New York Daily News reported in March 2005 that Wenzlaff provided McGwire with the following drug recipe: ½ cc of testosterone cypionate every three days; one cc of testosterone enanthate per week;

¾ cc of equipoise and Winstrol V, every three days -- all to be injected into the buttocks. At the time, Wenzlaff would only confirm that he provided steroids to McGwire's former Oakland teammate Jose Canseco. But on Thursday, Wenzlaff confirmed what had been reported and confirmed by FBI sources and documents nearly five years earlier -- that he supplied the drugs to Canseco and McGwire and he added that the drugs were to help McGwire become a better baseball player, not to recover from an injury. When asked for his reaction to McGwire's claim that he only took steroids to stay healthy enough to play, Wenzlaff said: "I chuckled. If excelling and kicking ass on the field is the end result I guess that's a healthy, good feeling. But for health, there are other things you can take for health that are anabolic, but it wouldn't be that type of combination." When asked about McGwire's goal for taking the array of steroids he recommended and provided to McGwire, Wenzlaff said, "As anybody -- bigger, faster, stronger." He also said that he thinks the combination of drugs he provided for McGwire would help McGwire's hand-eye coordination.

"When you implement into what you are doing -- for instance hitting -- an individualized, specialized program with muscle growth and explosiveness ... while you're on your drugs, it will improve your hand-eye coordination." Dr. Gary Wadler, head of the World Anti-Doping Agency committee that draws up the list of banned substances, told the Associated Press earlier this month: "There's such a huge body of evidence that there's no question -- none -- whether anabolic steroids enhance performance. Period." Wenzlaff was arrested in Operation Equine, a landmark anabolic steroids case that resulted in more than 70 trafficking convictions in the early 1990s. One informant told the Daily News in 2005 that Wenzlaff injected McGwire at a gym in Southern California on several occasions, although Wenzlaff said he couldn't recall the injections because it was more than 20 years ago. T.J. Quinn is a reporter for ESPN's Outside The Lines. Information from The Associated Press is included in this report. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Real Housewives of Orange County: Youth Is Wasted On the Old [Recaps] By Richard Lawson (Gawker)

emulate? Those bitches are intense about they tennis. They really care and a lot of them are Last night on the Housewives, good. daughters were in peril. Friends So Tamra and Tits McCallister were in peril. It's a dangerous p u t t i n g o n t h e i r b i g b u g time to be a Housewife in sunglasses and thwacking away Southern California — what was at balls and giggling isn't really once easy and meaningless is cutting the moose-tard (French now fraught with... slightly less for 'mustard'). But they tried ease. anyway, looking like two Betty There's really only one thing Coopers done up like Veronica you can do in such tough times: Lodge, with Moose Mason Play tennis. Since the French smarts and Big Ethel grace and invented the game six thousand just a hint of that Midge Klump years ago, tennis has been the menace. stress reliever for lots of uptight If Tits and Tams are white people and other white Betty/Veronicas, then that would people who want to appear make Vicki Mr. Weatherbee. uptight. Tennis also plays a big Like old Waldo, Vicki is bald role in the Housewives fran- save for a few little tufts of sheeze (that's how the French say alfalfa sprout hair, she often 'franchise'), because, to these wears red three-piece suits, and classless nouveaus, tennis = old she's having a secret affair with comfortable wealth. And that's someone named Miss Grundy. exactly what they want to V i c k i i s a l s o c o n s t a n t l y project. They never want to be consternated and foiled by a s e e n w h i l e g r a s p i n g a n d bumbling, empty-headed wimp desperate, using their heaving who is motivated by strange boobs as leverage to hoist hormonal urges and a general themselves atop the money pile. fondness for jalopies. As it turns None of them particularly care out, Vicki is actually Archie to about tennis, not really. None of her own Mr. Weatherbee. (And, them really even know what oddly enough, she is also the tennis *is*. To them it's just an jalopy.) See, at one point the activity where you wear a jaunty office-bound Mr. Weatherbee little skirt and act like a girly-girl v e r s i o n o f V i c k i s e e m s because tee heeeeee. What they professional and respectable. She don't know is that the real goes to work at an office while WASPy tennis-playing ladies the other wives stay home and they're trying so pathetically to slowly chew on their tennis Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:54:00 PM

racquets. She has a devoted staff of young people and she makes sweet, sweet dough-lars hand over fist. But then the Archie Vicki comes clumsily stomping in and wipes that all away. How, exactly? By rewarding her loyal insurancelings with a fucking Botox party. A Botox and tanning party, in the office. I don't know why exactly, but to me having a work function in which your employees, who are young and don't need it, are gleefully put into chairs and have horse disease pumped into their face by long sharp needles seems like something of a professional abomination. Likewise the naked spray tan booth set up casually in the break room, but at least that isn't shooting donkey cholera into your face. It was truly creepy how willing everyone was to just go ahead with the Botoxing, even a guy who couldn't have been older than 32. He just sat there with a big stupid smile while Dr. Mengele injected his face full of mule cancer. Then everyone clapped and laughed and sang songs while they fed Vicki feet-first into the giant whirring Innards Enabler, which replaces your internal organs and guts and stuff with those of a six-month-old Mexican burro. Vicki laughed and said "Whoo hooo!" as blood sprayed everywhere and her

small intestine was sucked up into a pneumatic tube, soon followed by everything else. Over at Gretchen's gingerbread house, there was a picture of suburban domestic bliss being painted. You know what that cute old girl was doin'? She was having a tupperware party! Yes, one of those fun classic tupperware parties where all the ladies of the canyon come over and and you talk, hour upon hour, about tupperware. What's the best way to use tupperware? Should you put things in it, or should you put it in other things? Can you eat too much tupperware? If you sleep in tupperware will you stay fresher? (If anyone can find me that episode of Eerie, Indiana I will be briefly grateful.) It's just a really great time talking about and sitting in tupperware. Gretchen got dressed up all cute and, ding-dong, the ladies arrived, carrying heaping plates of meatloaf and meat roasts and pearl onions and fillet of Chinaman and other 1950s foods. Like every good tupperware party from that era, everyone was doing shots of tequila and there was a drag queen named Quesadilla. (I know it was a cutsier spelling, Kay Sadeeya or something, but 'evs.) That's just how tupperware parties go. Another classic feature of

tupperware parties is that you bring your horrible lump of a husband who will stand in a corner chewing a toothpick and scowling at drag queens, because his convenient god hates men who do anything but stand in corners angrily chewing toothpicks while their cantaloupe wives burble their lips and walk into walls, tupperware perched on their heads like hats. Yes, Boobs Bingo's husband Ed Hardy was there, and he just had such a puss on the whole time. Well, not the whole time. See, after the drag queen had done her little routine and then puttered off into the night sky with her enchanted bumbershoot (a word I learned, no lie, from Archie Comics), eyybody was getting tipsy and some chophaired lass apparently was putting the moves on Ed Hardy. Right, because if you're a young pretty woman at a small tupperware party, the kind of guy you're hoping to meet is the festering, scowling boil chewing a toothpick in the corner. That's just how sex and pheromones work. So whatever was actually going on, Juggs didn't like what she was seeing, and she decided to go yell at people. She didn't yell at her husband for entertaining a young lady flirting up on him, because it's illegal for REAL page 50


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REAL continued from page 49

wives to say anything negative to their husbands, at least that's what he told her, he even showed it to her in the Big Book of Laws that he dug up in the backyard. No, no. She yelled at the girl. "How dare you flirt with a married man, he's mine, he's mine, look at how beautiful he is over there, farting and wheezing and slopping nacho cheese into his mouth with his hand." The girl was shocked! And scared. And mad! And sad. And totally wasn't flirting! Or maybe she was. Nobody knows! Who cares. What we do care about is that Cans Carnaby just wouldn't drop it and kept yelling and talking about how she was classy or something. "I don't talk like that," she said when the girl accused her,affecting an 'urban' accent, of snapping in her face. No, she doesn't talk like that, because she doesn't care for black people. Space-husbandgod told her not to! The whole kerfuffle escalated to the point where Doug Smiley and Ed Hardy had to intervene, to tell the hysterical women to stop their petticoat flapping and sit down before the vapors made them faint. Doug Smiley took Flirtsy over to the kitchen or something and Ed, who was loving this, dragged Bags Bilbo onto the porch where he sternly lectured her. "This is a tequila party. You know how those go." Really, Ed? I thought this was a tupperware party. I guess I was wrong. It is a tequila party

disguised as a tupperware party. Much like Gretchen is a tequila party disguised as a life. Inside, some girl was like "That lady's husband isn't even attractive!" and I hollered and slapped my knee and the cat looked up at me strangely, as if to say, "Wine party." The girls settled down and after the gentlemen had tipped their tall-hats to one another and ridden off in their carriages, all was fine. Brom Bones stared longingly at Ichabod, who was over there giggling with the Van Tassel girl, some foolish young thing who could never satisfy him, not the way Brom could. Much like the horseman that stalked the dark roads of Sleepy Hollow in the howling night, all Brom wanted was head. [long, slow awful slide whistle, followed dishes breaking] After the tupperware party, it was time for Lynn to solve her life. See things have been a bit weird ever since she got her face replaced. Cats run screeching from her, the mailman has taken to calling her Diane, and the littlest Lynn-clone (never let her go, Lynn) is having troubles. Discipline troubles. See, no one has ever told Alexa to do anything ever. She's basically been raised feral, she is the girl in the window, and now that she's old enough to reproduce and her drinking hormones have kicked in, she's gone extremely wild. Oh she is so wild! I am being serious! Her mother tells

her that she isn't going out that night because she broke curfew the night before. And what does Alexa do? She just gets up and leaves before her mom gets home. Just walks out the damn house and gets in some strange kids' care and zooms off to god knows where. If I had done that in my teenage years, and heaven forbid if my sister had done it, my mother would have ended the world. Just like that. Fingers snapped, no more planet Earth. We'd have ruined it for everybody. But Lynn just popped some more face pills and had a long conversation with the ficus and sat up late with her weary but also too lenient husband. When Alexa came home — not visibly drunk or stoned, which makes me worry she's going to those blowjob parties or whatever the kids are doing these days— Lynn and husband were just like "Aww jeez, Alexa. Aw nuts you're late and we're... [yawn] we're so mad... at ya... Oh well." So Alexa just stood there, a bit dumbstruck, and then flumpfed off to her room. Lynn turned sadly to her husband, who yelled "Gah!" in horror and Lynn said "What? What?? What is it? Oh... Oh, for Pete's sake. Is it crooked again? It's crooked again isn't it? I tell ya, never buy these things discount." And then she slid her new face, which had been slumped and tilting about 30° to the left, back into the right position and it was time for bed.

Later on Alexa said that she wants her folks to discipline her, but they never do, so she just keeps wandering out of the house at all hours to go to her tupperware orgies or whatever the kids are up to nowadays. It's a vicious circle or cycle or something, and it's slowly turning Alexa into a disaffected little brat. In one scene last night she galoompfed onto the beach with her sister Regina (or whatever), who was dressed like what Hugh Hefner would dress like if he was a Thai sex worker — same captain's hat, but complemented by bulbous bikini and big novelty aviator sunglasses, and she just moaned to Regina about why couldn't they move to LA and Regina is 18 so she can legally adopt her and flerbbitty blerbitty she wants to partayyyyyy. Regina, who went through her own terrible twos, was all "I'm so over partying, I'm older now." And Alexa frowned and said "Oh, crumpets" and the March Hare walked out to cheer her up but she flicked him away with her finger and her eyebrows wrinkled and wormed and Regina sighed. Oh, youth. Because Lynn had made one lazy attempt to lay her foot down, she was exhausted from parenting. And that is totally reasonable. What Lynn did is very hard to do. I mean she stayed up until midnight! Yes, the midnight. Phew. So she was just wiped the fuck out and

needed to call in reinforcements so, ding-dong, over came that Teen Coach from the other episode about Teen Feelings. Alexa really respects this strange woman that she's only met once, Lynn figured, so she had the lady over and, I'm not joking about this, put her on the phone with Alexa so she could tell her to come home. Lynn just metaphorically handed over the mantle of parenting to a relative stranger because she was just so zapped from being a half-diligent parent once. Alexa was justifiably like "Um... OK... I'll... uh, come home..." and a little while later she did. The Teen Coach talked to her about Teen Feelings and Alexa nodded her head, pretending to listen, while she was really just thinking about what she and Randy and Steve and Brixton had done in the backseat of Lindsay Duggan's dad's Navigator (or whatever the youngs are getting into lately). I don't really think that anything was resolved, but hopefully age will take care of it, as no one else really seems willing to. Maybe Alexa and Regina will go to LA, maybe they won't. Whatever does happen, I'm sure she'll figure it out. Well, actually. No, I'm really not. I'm just not. The last thing that happened in this episode ("happened in this episode" typically means "that I remember") is that Gretchen and REAL page 52


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Project Runway: Bought the Farm [Recaps] By Brian Moylan (Gawker) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:32:57 PM

Project Runway is all about vision and delusion. The vision to make designers use difficult fabrics. The delusion that burlap must be ugly. The vision to give the models control. The delusion that anyone cares what they think. That's right, this week our coven of clever cutters was dropped off at the farm like a Gabor sister in the theme song for a sitcom that we've never actually watched. Their challenge this week was to make a party dress out of a potato sack in a day. What? A difficult fabric? Design restrictions? Time restraints? Now this is the show we signed up for! Finally, a unique challenge that was going to provide some drama and some great results. As Peggy Lee once sang, she could make a dress out of a feed bag and could make a man out of you, but making the men this time were the models, who served as the designers' clients. What a perfect time to talk about: Things We Hated: • Giving the Models a Voice: Not only did the models get to have input into their dresses, but they also got to pick their designers. I'm going to say this one more time: No one gives a fuck about the models! Their job is to be breathing dress forms, not to have personalities,

thoughts, ideas, notions, tantrums, opinions, or fits. They are to show up, put on a dress, walk down the runway, and go home to be as promptly forgotten about as the girl who checks out your groceries at the Whole Foods. Actually, they are exactly like those girls, except sometimes a green apron is better than what the model has on. Stop trying to make the models happen. We all know this is only for The Show That Dare Not Speak Its Name, which only makes the sting worse. • Model Hugs: How come every time the designers see their models they have to screech and hug? You haven't seen each other in two days and they're clutching at each other with the intensity of 13-year-old girls who run into each other in the hallway after not seeing each other for two periods. As Uncle Joey says, cut it out! Say hi and get to work like normal coworkers. • Ignoring the Challenge: This is just stupid and will always land you in the bottom, no matter how your look looks. If they didn't want the designers to follow a set of rules they would just throw a bunch of fabric at them and say "make something." Then what would we have? Oh yeah, last season. • Jesus: Speaking of ignoring the challenge, Jesus only seems capable of designing the worst dresses that are in the Upper East Side closet of the poorest

socialite in America. They are old and boring and lame. His bowtie also looks like a 4-yearold's face after eating three Sour Patch Kids at once. We hate you Jesus and you should have gone home. Things We Loved: • No One Listened to the Models: Every time the models get to be the client someone is stuck with a giggling idiot model and the designer doesn't have the strength to say no and makes something ugly to please the model. Finally, all these designers knew that, just like the rest of us, the judges don't care what the model wants, they just want to see something cute. The only time they ask the model if they're happy is if the look is ugly. The best strategy is always to make something great and render the models mute, as they should be. • A Strong Showing: There were so many cute looks, when they were all marching down the runway, I had no idea who would land in the top. That is a much better feeling than not giving a shit about any of them, and a welcome reminder that the real reason we all tune in is to watch talented people make something beautiful out of nothing, which they did this week in spades. • Points of View: It's only been two weeks and we're already starting to see the designers' personalities. This also makes for

a great season and we just can't wait for some of them to be gone (sorry guys!) so that we can learn more about them. • Shit Talking: The more, the better. No villain has emerged yet, but Anthony and Jonathan definitely aren't afraid to dish. The great part is that they have the talent to back it up, unlike some people in the past. The only thing we like better than a cute frock is a wonderful bitchy quip, so keep them coming! • Ping: You are fucking nuts and we love you, Ping. You make crazy dresses and you say crazy things, and you will forever have a place in our hearts, even after episode four when you go to the great gallery of wacky designers in the sky. • Lauren Hutton: Smart, informed, and gorgeous at any age, this is the kind of guest judge we should have every week. She wasn't the most eloquent, but when sitting next to Queen Tangerine, she must have been wondering how he gets his "natural glow" instead of looking at the dresses, so we forgive her. In the end, it was Pamela Ptakadactyl who got sent home for making something that looked like a failed submission by a junior designer trying to get a job at Ralph Lauren's line for Wal-Mart. Jesus probably should have been sent home for being just like a dog with diarrhea and creating something limp and brown far too often for our

liking, but anything that laces up the back like Pamela's dress deserves to be sent packing straight away. Jay got the win for his black fitted dress with a feathery skirt and blue trim. If it's a compliment to say it's what Charo would wear to cha-cha, then we're going with that. Our favorites of the week were Amy's flirty garment that didn't try to hide it's burlap roots but incorporated it into the design. Also giving a strong showing was our man Jesse with a Revolutionary War pants creation, Emilio who brought Betty Draper's wallpaper to life for the second week in a row, and Jonathan who had a sleek and sophisticated dress that was both young and classic at the same time. Yes we root for the gays. Find out more about what we liked in the videos! Round One Context: Milla attacks Anthony because her model in the previous challenge chose to work with Anthony rather than her. Vision: That she was a bad designer because some stupid model picked Anthony over her. Delusion: Like a model's slight was really going to cause her to lose to Anthony. She answered back with a great dress and Anthony ended up with something boring—but he did have some better things to say PROJECT page 52


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continued from page 50

Bazoombas Billingsworth went to the ponies. Or the horses or something. No, no. They weren't grinding them into a powder and then cooking that powder in a spoon and then injecting the liquid into their faces so they can look a few months younger for a few weeks. They were actually watching the horses run around an oval. The races! Off to the races. The main purpose of the scene was so Sacks Satchmo could talk to Gretchen about Tamra and there could be this whole like "Which one will Pillows pick??" question. Earlier, after the tennis, Tamra and Gazungas had sat on a bench ("I feel so New York, like we're in Central Park" Tamra sad, kind of adorably, about sitting on a bench) and bitched about Gretchen. And because of her deeply-held Christian beliefs, Pouches Pinkerton is an equal opportunity bitcher. So she owed Gretchen the ear time. Nothing new was said. Mostly there was just talk about the mean "blog" on Gretchen's website, because it is 2010 and some people still don't know what the word "blog" really means. I'm so sick of hearing

continued from page 51

about that blog. I've never even bothered to try to find it to read it. Because I know what it says. It just says "Winky winky, Tamra's stinky." And then there's a picture of a poop, smell lines and all, that Gretchen drew herself. Honkers Holbrook just nodded her head, bored to biscuits, and stared out at the sunny day. There was a group of colts and ponies, spindly little things, out in a corral away from the track. Such youth! She pointed them out to Gretchen and Gretchen looked at them and smiled and felt sad. She pulled her big floppy straw hat further down on her head and took a deep breath. It felt like the wind, and she liked that. Watching the young horses stomp and teeter around, she thought about her botched attempt to save Alexa. Poor, unguarded Alexa. Gretchen thought about her own turbulent teenage years — doing it with Mr. Lipinski in the AV club closet, trying meth or coke or something white and powdery and zingy for the first time in Jason Rudner's Tacoma, what happened that night in Lorna Beemer's basement — and it

made her shiver. "You cold?," Hooters Hardgrove asked, not really caring. Gretchen shook her head. "No, no. I'm fine. Just caught a chill for a sec." She looked back up at the ponies, saw their worried legs, imagined their deep marble eyes. It's such a long time to be scared, she thought. So long to not know. Then, there in the distance, she saw Vicki, dressed in safari gear, carrying a big butterfly net. She was out catching horses, so she could take them back to her laboratory and, later, put them in her face. The circle of life lurched on, and Gretchen felt small and big all at once. Like a teenager. Gangly and strange. Full of worry and wonder. Suddenly a gun went off and a new race began, the animals heaving and sinewy, tearing around the track. Around and around and around they'll go, Gretchen thought. Until the cheers and applause have faded and everything's over.

than she did. What Would Nina Say: "Why are you listening to a model?!" Dramometer: 6 Under the Gunn Context: Grampa Gunn gets his BVDs in a bundle because Jay doesn't have enough time to get everything done. Vision: To die the burlap, cut it up, and add a bunch of blue trim and not have enough time to get it all done. Delusion: Usually not listening to Tim is the biggest delusion of all, but this time, it ended up capturing him a win. What Would Nina Say: "I want to run my fingers through your maribu." Dramometer: 4 Round Two Context: Jonathan doesn't get our beloved Ping and lays into her dress because the model's ass hangs out of it. We love Jonathan. Vision: That he needs to point out the obvious which, in this case, is the poor girl's butt cheeks. Delusion: That it's going to matter. Ping is going to send her creation before the judges and they are going to give her a slap on the wrist and send her zany ass back to create more good television. What Would Nina Say: "Is there a draft in here, or is that just your

model?" Dramometer: 5 Runway Arrogance Context: Amy's dress walks down the runway. Vision: Not listening to her stupid model who wanted something with huge sleeves and showing some sack by keeping a sack a sack, but making it a flowing, glamorous dyed sack. Delusion: No delusion here, except the judges who didn't give her the win. What Would Nina Say: "I don't know how to describe this feeling coming over me." Dramometer: 3 Back Talk Context: Ping tries to confuse the judges from noticing that her dress doesn't cover all the necessary areas by talking about crazy shit like skin color and "County Fair Potato Parties." Vision: Befuddling the judges with both your design and your speech, but being cool enough to convince them to let you stick around. Delusion: That it will work forever. What Would Nina Say: See for yourself! Dramometer: 3

Entertainment/ Sports/

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Ronn [sic] Torossian Is Throwing a Party for Anthony Weiner [Confederacy Of Douches] By Pareene (Gawker) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:20:54 PM

It is too bad we retired a certain word last year, because this party, hosted by Ronn [sic] Torossian for Congressman Anthony " Dead End Kid" Weiner, looks like a one-of-those convention. Incompetent superflack Ronn [sic] Torossian is apparently attempting to save his foundering

firm by finally attracting some non-crazy political connections. As in Ronn " I think we should kill a hundred Arabs or a thousand Arabs" Torossian. And Ronn " Sued for Violating Labor Law" Torossian. And Ronn " I don't think Obama is good for America" Torossian. The Ronn [sic] Torossian who has represented John Hagee and Joe and terrible at PR and generally Francis and Benny Hinn. Just stupid and bigoted" Torossian. basically Ronn "constantly lying Hosting a party for erstwhile

mayoral candidate and Democratic congressional star Anthony Weiner. Wouldn't it be awesome if Weiner and Torossian decided to join Harold Ford and his friend Joe Dolce in challenging Gillibrand? It would be the douchiest Senate Primary race ever. (Sorry! Sometimes you cannot avoid using that word.)

Starting Berth for ‘The Answer’ Raises Questions on All-Star Voting ( The Daily Fix) Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:20:05 AM

STARTING page 54

New York Mets get OF Gary Matthews Jr. and cash from Los Angeles Angels for right-hander Brian Stokes By news services (

details told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:43:24 AM the amount was not announced. NEW YORK -- Gary Matthews Matthews was briefly with the Jr. was traded from the Los Mets but never got into a game Angeles Angels to the New York with New York. The Mets Mets on Friday for right-hander purchased him from Pittsburgh Brian Stokes. in December 2001, then traded Matthews, who will compete him to Baltimore just before the with Angel Pagan to play center 2002 season for left-hander John field while Carlos Beltran starts Bale. the season on the disabled list, is Matthews hit .313 with 19 owed $23 million over two homers and 79 RBIs for Texas in seasons as part of his $50 2006, when he made the AL Allmillion, five-year contract. Star team, then signed the big The Angels agreed to send the deal with the Angels that turned Mets $21 million as part of the out to be the worst contract in the trade, a person familiar with the team's history.

He slumped to a .252 average with 18 homers and 72 RBIs during his first season in Anaheim, then lost his center field job when the Angels signed Torii Hunter. Matthews, who also endured some knee problems in Anaheim, had just 46 RBIs in 2008 and 50 last year, when he started 80 games. Now 35, he is the son of Gary Matthews, the 1973 NL Rookie of the Year. Matthews expressed a desire to be traded last spring, and reiterated that request this offseason. Sources said that trading Matthews was a major priority for general manager

Tony Reagins this winter. reported in February 2007 that Matthews was sent human growth hormone by Applied Pharmacy in August 2004, an accusation Matthews denied. Major League Baseball concluded there was insufficient evidence to discipline him. The 30-year-old Stokes was 2-4 with a 3.97 ERA last season, setting career highs for games (69) and innings (70 1-3). He spent the last two seasons with the Mets after making his big league debut for Tampa Bay. With Matthews' departure, the Angels still have Hunter, Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera in the

outfield, with Reggie Willits in reserve. Hideki Matsui, who signed a one-year deal to be the Angels' principal designated hitter, has said he would like to play some outfield this season after knee problems limited him to the DH role with the Yankees. Information from The Associated Press and's Jerry Crasnick was used in this report. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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As of Thursday morning, both Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson were on track to be starters in the NBA All-Star Game. Which didn’t look that strange, given those players’ fine careers, until you remember that McGrady has played just six games this season and is currently little more than an expiring contract with a limping, formerly formidable scorer attached, and that Iverson already has been released by one team and has struggled intermittently with another this season. Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash eventually passed McGrady at the wire in Western Conference voting, but Iverson will be in the starting lineup for the Eastern Conference despite averaging a career-low 14.4 points per game. Associated Press Allen Iverson has been picked for 11 NBA All-Star Games. Underregulated turbodemocracy and its discontents are not exactly news when it comes to All-Star voting — and even McGrady has acknowledged that online votes from China had a lot to do with his strange status as a leading vote-getter — but egregiousness has become the norm for NBA All-Star rosters in recent years. Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen, among others, has suggested that the NBA revamp the voting process in order to keep the game from being “watered down.”

“I don’t think he was trying to be funny but, hoo-hah, give me a minute here to catch my breath from an hour of doubled-over, Pepsi-out-the-nose, laughter,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Bud Shaw writes. “Watered-down? A NBA All-Star game? No, no we can’t let that happen. Anything but that. Only a complete lack of interest in defense is allowed to water down a NBA [All-Star] game.” The guy has a point, but players do take All-Star selections seriously, and many of the selections for this year’s All-Star Game are questionable, for various reasons. At NBC Sports, Ira Winderman writes that it’s now up to coaches, in their voting round, to make things right for the deserving stars who came up short in the fan-voting tally. At, Dan Dunkin offers a more direct solution to the most glaring voting-related injustice, suggesting that Iverson willingly give up his starting spot. At CBS Sports, Ray Ratto puts the entire idea of All-Star games on trial. “Truthfully, All-Star games are passé, a marketing opportunity at best and a waste of time at worst,” Ratto writes. “Taken as a whole, fans have been given one of those false choices and run with it — namely, voting for the makeup of a team in a game most of them won’t watch, based on TV ratings.”* * *

As unexpectedly excellent unseeded upstarts go, Justine Henin’s stellar showing in the Australian Open isn’t really terribly surprising. Yes, Henin is only recently back on the women’s tour after a 19-month retirement, but she was the topranked player in the world when she announced her retirement. And yet the brilliance and grit that Henin has displayed in dispatching a string of ranked challengers — including fifthranked Elena Dementieva and 27th seed Alisa Kleybanova — during her run to the fourth round remains stunning. “A comeback is a process,” FanHouse’s Greg Couch reminds readers, before noting that said process appears to be moving quite a bit faster for Henin than anyone expected. “She’s already one of the top three players [on the women's tour] — behind maybe Serena and Clijsters,” Couch writes. “And by year’s end, she’s going to be No. 1, unless she raises Williams’ game. And some players in the next tier will be exposed and will disappear, while others raise their level to try to stay with Henin.” In the New York Times, Joe Drape discusses the symbiotic relationship between Henin and her longtime coach, Carlos Rodriguez.* * * If you’re like your Fixer, you look to figure skating as a last, lone redoubt of understatement and discretion in the flamboyant

world of sports. OK, that was a joke. No other sport could produce something that even remotely approaches the risible cultural insensitivity — from “brown-face” makeup to goofy costuming — of the underthought, over-the-top “Aboriginal-themed” ice dance performed by Winter Games gold-medal favorites Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin. The Russian ice dancers’ signature routine has been criticized for both extreme tackiness and cultural theft, Kathy Marks reports in the Independent. Undaunted, the pair plans to perform the routine in Vancouver. In the Sydney Morning Herald, Aboriginal leader Bev Manton encourages the pair to reconsider (consider-in-the-first-place?) the act. At Salon, Thomas Rogers can muster only disbelief. “This case displays such an astonishing degree of tone-deafness that it makes me reconsider my own Blades of Glory viewing experience,” Rogers writes. “Clearly I was mistaken: That film wasn’t an over-the-top comedy — it was a documentary.”* * * Because both the programs he steered to Final Four berths later saw those achievements disappear due to NCAA rule violations, John Calipari’s public image isn’t exactly pristine. But the University of Kentucky head coach came up big for a good

cause when he organized a 90minute telethon in Kentucky called “Hoops for Haiti” that raised over a million dollars for victims of the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. At Yahoo, Dan Wetzel gets the story behind Calipari’s underreported generosity. “You could say Calipari did this to generate positive publicity, but word of the telethon has barely leaked outside a state that already adores him for putting together an 18-0 team,” Wetzel writes. “When ESPN lists prominent sports donations, ‘Hoops for Haiti’ isn’t mentioned. Maybe it’s because this is Calipari and it doesn’t fit the narrative. Maybe it’s because everyone assumes he must have an angle. Maybe it’s because he makes people cynical. Calipari doesn’t care.”* * * No one who has ever been to college or met a college student should labor under any grand illusions about the responsibility or decision-making acumen of college kids. But if there were any of those people out there, recent news out of Mississippi State — in which three Bulldogs football recruits have found themselves in hot water for posting Facebook status updates detailing a recruiting-visit trip to a strip club — probably burst that bubble. STARTING page 57

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Nadia Petrova destroys Kim Clijsters at the Australian Open By Associated Press ( Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:03:58 AM

Clijsters Goes Down 6-0,6-1 to Petrova Clijsters Goes Down 60,6-1 to Petrova VIDEO PLAYLIST • Clijsters Goes Down 6-0,6-1 to Petrova Clijsters Goes Down 60,6-1 to Petrova • Henin Wins In Three Sets Henin Wins In Three Sets • Time To Retire? Time To Retire? MELBOURNE, Australia -- The much-anticipated quarterfinal between the back-fromretirement Belgians dissolved in 52 minutes on Friday at the Australian Open. That's the time it took for Kim Clijsters to lose, in embarrassing fashion, her third-round match at the season's first Grand Slam tournament. Complete results Need the scores from any match played in today's Australian Open? Results The 6-0, 6-1 defeat to Nadia Petrova was the worst of Clijsters' career and as one-sided as the score indicated. Clijsters lost the first set in just 18 minutes and won only five points in her first seven games. Justine Henin, another Belgian who was inspired to return to the

tour following a 20-month absence after Clijsters won last year's U.S. Open, did her part, with some difficulty, earlier Friday in beating Alisa Kleybanova 3-6, 6-4, 6-2. The two Belgians had been on track to meet in the final eight at Melbourne Park. Clijsters hasn't been on the receiving end of such a lopsided scoreline since losing the French Open final to Henin 6-0, 6-4 in 2003. "I was completely off. I think tennis-wise, I didn't feel the ball at all," Clijsters said. "On the other hand, she was good, but I made all the mistakes and she really didn't have to do much. "It's something you don't want to happen too often. It sucks that it has to happen at this stage of this tournament. That's sports -- it can happen." Henin's match Friday was her eighth since she came out of a 20 -month retirement, just long enough to expect better of herself as a seven-time Grand Slam singles champion. She let that show Friday. After fluffing a routine volley to set up two break points for her opponent, she picked up the ball with her racket, bounced it into her left hand and threw it over the net in disgust. The minor temper tantrum seemed to work. Minutes later, a

point away from trailing 4-1 in the second set Henin fought back instead to level it. Then she dominated the match. An hour after the match, Henin, who retired as No. 1 in May 2008, seemed to forget the episode. "I just tried to stay calm ... wait for things to get better, and that paid," Henin said. "It proved again that that's probably a good attitude to have. It's been more than what I could expect when I arrived in Australia." Henin will play Yanina Wickmayer in the fourth round. Wickmayer, who is ranked No. 16 but unseeded because she was under a suspension -- since overturned -- for breaching the World Anti-Doping Agency's "whereabouts rule" when direct entries closed for the Australian Open -- advanced 6-1, 6-7 (4), 63 over Sara Errani. Wickmayer received treatment on her back during the second set and hopes the injury will not be a problem for Henin's match. "Let's hope I can fix it up by the next match," she said. "It will be a question. Let's hope I can recover enough." Second-seeded Dinara Safina, the 2009 finalist, advanced with a 6-1, 6-2 victory over Britain's Elena Baltacha. Safina will have a more difficult assignment next round against

fellow Russian Maria Kirilenko, who beat Italian Roberta Vinci 75, 7-6 (4). Kirilenko also beat 2008 champion Maria Sharapova in the opening round. "I think Sharapova hits it harder than Safina, so I am prepared for sure," Kirilenko said. Former No. 1-ranked Jelena Jankovic was upset 6-2, 6-3 by No. 31 Alona Bondarenko. French Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova beat 118th-ranked Angelique Kerber of Germany 36, 7-5, 6-4 to advance. The third-ranked Kuznetsova, who also won the 2004 U.S. Open, gave herself a chance of improving on her record at the Australian Open. In eight trips to Melbourne Park, she has never advanced past the quarterfinals and last year was beaten by eventual champion Serena Williams in the final eight. Kuznetsova was up a break in the final set before allowing Kerber to even it at 4-4. The Russian broke Kerber's service again in the ninth game and held in the next to take the match. Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


N.Y. Woman Accused of Poisoning Boyfriend's Margarita ( Submitted at 1/21/2010 10:03:48 PM

FARMINGTON, N.Y. Authorities say a western New York woman accused of lacing a jug of margarita cocktails with antifreeze told them she wanted to punish her boyfriend for being emotionally and physically abusive. But she says she didn't intend to kill him. Thomas Stack, a former Air Force airman, was being treated for alcohol abuse at a Veterans Affairs hospital in 2007 when he met Cynthia Galens. She was a clerical assistant struggling to cope with her teenage son's recent death from a drug overdose. New details are emerging about their troubled relationship, which ended with Stack dying in October from complications of ethylene glycol poisoning. Galens was charged with murder this month after police said she confessed to spiking a margarita mix with antifreeze. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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LeBron James tops All-Star voting, Allen Iverson will start Judge tosses By Associated Press (

Eastern Conference Kevin Garnett will make his 13th All-Star Game appearance Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:04:33 AM in Dallas on Feb. 14, the most of NEW YORK -- Allen Iverson any East starter in the 2010 was voted to start in the All-Star contest. Game Thursday, while Steve Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was Nash and Tim Duncan made late picked in the West along with moves to claim starting spots for P h o e n i x c e n t e r A m a r e the Western Conference. Stoudemire and Denver forward Nash passed the inactive Tracy Carmelo Anthony. McGrady as the second guard, Starters were decided by fan while Duncan disappointed balloting at NBA arenas and Dallas fans hoping to see Dirk electronically. The reserves will Nowitzki start by rallying past be chosen by votes by the head the Mavericks forward. coaches in each conference and LeBron James was the leading w i l l b e a n n o u n c e d n e x t vote-getter for the Feb. 14 game T h u r s d a y . at Cowboys Stadium, becoming The fans still love Iverson, even the first player to earn at least 2.5 though he's played only 19 million votes three times. He will games during the worst season of m a k e h i s s i x t h A l l - S t a r his career. He appeared on the appearance, all as a starter. West ballot since he began the "The fans still love and see what season in Memphis, but he and I do every night and they t h e G r i z z l i e s p a r t e d w a y s appreciate it, and I appreciate following only three games. them for electing me as an All- Iverson's votes counted in the Star starter," James said before East since he rejoined the the Cavaliers hosted the Los Philadelphia 76ers, his longtime Angeles Lakers. "It's still team. He is averaging only 14.8 special." points with the 76ers, but will Joining James and Iverson as get a shot at earning a third AllEast starters were Miami guard Star Game MVP award if he Dwyane Wade, Orlando center chooses to play. Dwight Howard and Boston Bothered by a sore knee, forward Kevin Garnett. Iverson previously said he would

consider his health before deciding whether to play in the All-Star Game for the 10th time. He's been an All-Star for 11 straight seasons, but missed the 2007 game because of injury. "I just want to thank everybody for their support this season and it's an honor that the fans have voted me into the All-Star Game as a starter," Iverson said in a statement. "The fans are who make us and make the NBA so popular. This year is even more special because I'll be representing a city and fans that I love and a team that has been such a big part of my life throughout my career." Western Conference Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan will make their 12th All-Star Game appearances for the West. A McGrady election would have been a bigger embarrassment for the NBA, since he has played sparingly in only six games for the Houston Rockets. The team gave him permission to leave the team and work out on his own while trying to find a trade, yet McGrady still was second among West guards when the most recent update was released on Jan. 7. That sparked some criticisms of

the voting process, but Nash and New Orleans' Chris Paul both moved ahead of McGrady in the final days of voting. Duncan's late surge gives him a 12th All-Star appearance. Bryant, who claimed his third All-Star Game MVP last year when he shared it with Shaquille O'Neal in Phoenix, also will be appearing for the 12th time. Garnett's selection was his 13th, trailing only O'Neal (15) among active players. The NBA expects more than 80,000 fans, which would be the largest crowd ever to witness a live basketball game. It's a return to Dallas for Nash, who spent six seasons with the Mavericks before signing with the Suns in 2004. He and Stoudemire give Phoenix two starters in an All-Star Game for only the second time, joining Charles Barkley and Dan Majerle in 1995. Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Twitter libel suit (Holy Kaw!) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:24:00 AM

A Chicago judge has tossed a libel suit against a tenant who complained on Twitter about apartment mold. Horizon Realty Group filed a $50,000 suit against Amanda Bonnen last summer, in a story that made international headlines and sparked debate about freedom of speech in social media. Regarding her ruling, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane Larsen wrote: “the court finds the tweet non-actionable as a matter of law.” Larsen dismissed the case with prejudice, so it can’t be filed again. For its part, Horizon commented, “We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization.” All the top Twitter Twews. Permalink| Leave a comment »

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In Sports Illustrated, Andy Staples pens an open letter to the nation’s athletic recruits encouraging more socialnetworking discretion. “Heed this advice, recruits,” Staples cautions. “If you don’t want me calling to ask if you went to a strip club or why you were photographed wearing a gang flag, don’t put it on the Internet. I was young once. I know there are things you’d rather your parents not read.”* * * Of course, with college athletes as with everyone else, there’s bad judgment and then there’s bad judgment. Former Florida Gators star Teddy Dupay displayed plenty of the latter during a basketball career that saw him go from being a McDonald’s High School AllAmerican and a gritty leader on some good late-90s Gators teams to accused gambler, basketball nomad and, finally, a prison

inmate. Today, Dupay is free and retired from basketball, but his new business venture suggests that he’s not done making trouble. At FanHouse, Chris Harry writes about Dupay’s new life as an advocate for a peculiar marijuana -legalization scheme of his own devising.* * * In many ways, the fiscal plight of the English Premier League’s West Ham United offers a striking microcosm of the excesses, egomania and general shortsightedness that created the broader global economic crisis. In the Journal, Jonathan Clegg reports on the attempts of West Ham’s new British owners, who recently took control of the team and its $178 million in debt, to get West Ham back on track.* * * Bobby Bragan made his name in baseball as the manager of Milwaukee Braves teams

ELLE News Quiz: 1/22 By (ELLE News Blog) Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:55:38 AM

How well do you know this week's most stylish happenings? 1. What television actress wore a dress by Victoria Beckham to the Golden Globes? 2. What fashion house teamed with Christie's to offer a new vintage-appraisal service? 3. What celebrity makeup artist

fêted his new book, About Face? 4. What designer did J. Lo wear to the above book launch?

featuring Hall of Famers Hank Aaron and Eddie Matthews, but the man nicknamed “Mr. Baseball” spent the last chapter of a long and accomplished life in Fort Worth, Texas, where he became a beloved figure in the community. Bragan passed away at age 92 on Thursday, and former Fort Worth StarTelegram columnist Jim Reeves gives his friend an emotional send-off at ESPN. — Tip of the Fix cap to reader Brendan Flynn. Found a good column from the world of sports? Don’t keep it to yourself — write to us at and we’ll consider your find for inclusion in the Daily Fix. You can email David at


The Zen Master's Apprenticeship By Jon Weinbach (FanHouse Main) Submitted at 1/22/2010 3:17:00 AM

Filed under: Knicks, Lakers Once upon a time in the NBA, long before Phil Jackson discovered the Triangle Offense, scolded Michael Jordan or led Kobe Bryant in Native American chants, he was a restless 24-yearold with a balky back and an uncertain future. It was the fall of 1969, and Jackson, just two years removed from the University of North Dakota, was slowly recuperating from spinal fusion surgery. Earlier that year, he had landed awkwardly on his heels and herniated two disks in his vertebrae during a game against the San Francisco Warriors. The injury had cut short his second pro season with the New York Knicks and would sideline the lanky 6-foot-8 forward for the 5. What photographer directed a next season as well. After the short film for Chrissie Miller, surgery, Jackson wore a back highlighting Sophomore's spring brace for six months and endured excruciating pain. "Overnight," collection? he wrote in his 1995 book Sacred —Erin Clements Hoops, "Action Jackson had Click through for answers! become Traction Jackson." 1. Courteney Cox Arquette 2. Gucci 3. Scott Barnes 4. Louis Vuitton 5. Cass Bird Photo: Getty Images

Instead of ending his career, the injury provided a unique opportunity that forever altered Jackson's basketball life. While he rehabilitated, Jackson also worked as an unofficial assistant to New York coach Red Holzman during the '69-'70 season, serving as his advance scout and sounding board for the memorable Knicks team that beat the Los Angeles Lakers 40 years ago to win the franchise's first NBA title. (The 2010 editions of the Knicks and Lakers play Friday in New York.)



The Count: What Comes Up… ( The Daily Fix)

58 teams combined to go 486275, with 29 bowl wins. The next year, that same group went Sports Illustrated has a very rosy 436-311, with 17 bowl wins. view of the future for most of And 16 of the teams missed bowl this year’s top college football games entirely. Of course, some teams. The magazine, in a were indeed on the rise — 19, or roundup of non-BCS bowl nearly a third, had better records games, assigned an up arrow to a role. Generally those who do than the year before and five those teams that will be on the well are better than average, but qualified for BCS bowl games rise next year, and a down arrow they’ve also probably had more (two of them won). But bowl to those that will be on the luck than average. And the teams have more room to fall decline. Of 56 teams rated, 36, or opposite is true of players or than to rise. Central Michigan 64%, got an up arrow. But it’s teams that do badly. SI may be saw the biggest improvement, likely that most of these teams evaluating bowl teams based on from 8-5 with a bowl loss to 12will see a decline next year. factors such as returning starters 2 with a bowl win. But five bowl Associated Press Tulsa and Ball and incoming freshmen, but it teams fell all the way to 2-10. State finished last season a i s n ’ t a c c o u n t i n g f o r t h e It’s possible that some of the combined 22-5 after meeting in underlying forces that are teams with worse records still the GMAC Bowl. This year they pushing these above-average were on the rise, finishing with a finished a combined 7-17. teams — losing teams need not worse record because of fluky The reason is a statistical apply — back to average. After results or a tougher schedule. But principle called regression to the all, some of the teams that the decline in cumulative results mean that is critical in sports, yet missed the bowl games this year suggests that most teams did poorly understood. A player’s or are going to qualify next year. indeed regress to the mean — as team’s actual performance is an To see this principle in action, this year’s bowl teams are likely imperfect indicator of underlying consider the fate of the prior to do, as well. ability. Luck — or statistical season’s non-BCS bowl teams. noise, if you prefer — also plays In the 2008-2009 season, these Submitted at 1/21/2010 2:23:42 PM

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Minnesota Vikings' Kevin Williams, Ray Edwards return to practice; Percy Harvin not present By Kevin Seifert (

practice that "it's hard for me to even handicap" whether Harvin Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:00:49 AM can play Sunday. EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- "They all vary in intensity and Vikings defensive linemen Kevin time period," Childress said. Williams and Ray Edwards Harvin spent Friday at home, returned to practice Friday, but Childress said. The Vikings will rookie receiver/kick returner release their final injury report Percy Harvin was not on the Friday afternoon. field during the portion of "So we'll just have to see how he practice open to the media. comes along," Childress said. Williams and Edwards are "It's less than ideal, but he's nursing knee injuries. Harvin p l a y e d u n d e r t h e s a m e began suffering symptoms of c i r c u m s t a n c e s t h i s y e a r . " migraine headaches Thursday. Kevin Seifter covers the NFC NFC North blog North for's Kevin Seifert Five Filters featured article: writes about all things NFC Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: North in his division blog. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, • Blog network: Term Extraction. NFL Nation Coach Brad Childress said after

Rick Ankiel Signs With Kansas City By Matt Snyder (FanHouse Main)

the outfield mix. Rick Ankiel, the pitcher-turned-power-hitter from the St. Louis Cardinals' Submitted at 1/22/2010 3:20:00 AM system, has reportedly agreed to Filed under: Royals, AL Central, terms with the Royals. Yahoo! MLB Transactions After already Sports is reporting he signed a adding Scott Podsednik earlier one-year deal worth $3.25 this offseason, the Kansas City million with a second-year Ankiel finished second on Royals have added another mutual option that could be Rookie of the Year voting back relatively low-priced veteran to worth $6 million to Ankiel.

in 2000 as a pitcher for the Cardinals when he went 11-7 with a 3.50 ERA and 194 strikeouts. During the postseason and the ensuing regular season, however, Ankiel could not shake control problems and was forced back the minors. A few years later, he fully converted to an outfielder and made it all the

way back to the bigs in 2007. In 2008, Ankiel hit 25 home runs and drove home 71 in 120 games. He also has repeatedly displayed a cannon from center.

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Investors fret over Obama’s bank assault

John Isner Starting to Stand Tall for American Tennis

(Financial Times - US homepage)

By Greg Couch (FanHouse Main)

Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:37:05 AM

Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:19:00 AM

Filed under: Australian Open, ATP MELBOURNE, Australia - The ball came down from somewhere in the clouds, hit the court and then bounced over Gael Monfils' head and outstretched racquet. It's a freak of nature, or something, when one player can bounce his serve over his opponent. But John Isner did it on set point in the third set Friday at the Australian Open, where he beat 12th seed Gael Monfils 6-1, 4-6, 7-6 (7-5), 7-6 (7-5). It was a big win for Isner, a big win for U.S. men's tennis. It does not move Isner into a star status and honestly does not even save face for American tennis. It's a step for both. Isner is now


Valkyria for $20 with MAG or ME2 purchase at Toys R Us, other games on clearance By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)

If tactical RPGs aren't your area of expertise, we also suggest checking out the rest of Toys R Be honest -- regardless of which Us' site for a killer clearance sale of the Great Console War's on a number of games and factions you side with, you're accessories. You'll have to dig either going to purchase MAG or through a disheartening pile of Mass Effect 2 at some point next I m a g i n e t i t l e s t o f i n d t h e week. While you're doing so, valuable chunks of ore -- don't Toys R Us will be running a let it break your spirits! It's worth p r e t t y s w e e t p r o m o t i o n : it, we promise. purchases one of those games Valkyria for $20 with MAG or a n d a l s o g r a b V a l k y r i a ME2 purchase at Toys R Us, Chronicles on PS3 for just $20. o t h e r g a m e s o n c l e a r a n c e Now, we realize the 360 diehards originally appeared on Joystiq on out there will have little use for Fri, 22 Jan 2010 12:27:00 EST. this game. However, we suggest Please see our terms for use of sending it to your favorite PS3- feeds. l o v i n g c o m m e n t - s p a r r i n g Read| Permalink| Email this| partner. Think of the hours of Comments entertainment they've brought to your life! Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:27:00 PM

the second-best American, which sounds a little funny to be No. 2 in what has been a one-man race for years. He still needs a breakthrough victory, and won't likely get it against Andy Murray in the fourth round. At least he's getting to these matches, now.

16:35 GMT. Collateral damage from President Barack Obama’s battle with the banks was strewn across the global financial theatre on Friday, as traders feared that similar proposals could be adopted in other trading centres and investors worried about the impact the move could have on fragile market sentiment. “What the Obama administration is proposing may sound like a good idea to regulators trying to cut down ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions and remove the risk from the banking sector that is the financial life-blood of the economy,” said strategists at Royal Bank of Scotland. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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White House shores up Bernanke support (Financial Times - US homepage) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:27:47 AM

Final Fantasy XIII Limited Collector's Edition revealed for Europe By JC Fletcher (Joystiq)

Also included in the package: three art prints of the main characters' Eidolon summons, c l i c k f o r m o r e L i m i t e d and a decal of the "Brand of the Collector's Images The European l'Cie," guaranteed to cause "Limited Collectors Edition" of millions of internal struggles Final Fantasy XIII first teased in about whether to devalue the Square Enix's newsletter is now collection by applying the sticker o f f i c i a l . T h e c o m p a n y to a laptop or car window. announced the package today, Gallery: Final Fantasy XIII revealing what dedicated Final European Limited Collector's Fantasists will get for their extra Edition cash. Final Fantasy XIII Limited The Limited Collector's Edition, Collector's Edition revealed for available for both PS3 and Xbox Europe originally appeared on 360 on March 9, will include the Joystiq on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 game (obviously), a soundtrack 13:00:00 EST. Please see our sampler CD containing tracks terms for use of feeds. chosen by outbound composer Permalink| Email this| Masashi Hamauzu, and a "The C o m m e n t s World of Final Fantasy XIII" artbook. Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:00:00 PM

Mature-themed Wii games get the black box in Japan By Andrew Yoon (Joystiq) Submitted at 1/22/2010 1:30:00 PM

Nintendo of Japan has launched a new program to better differentiate its diverse Wii software lineup. According to the company, future Wii games that earn a CERO C rating (equivalent to ESRB's Teen rating) or above will be packaged in new black boxes. Likely, this initiative was started due to the upcoming release of Zangeki no Reginleiv, Nintendo's first CERO D-rated game (ages 17 and up) in Japan. It seems this is a platform-wide mandate, as Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles looks to become the first third-party game

to sport Nintendo's black packaging. By differentiating "hardcore" games from the rest of the Wii lineup, core gamers should have a much easier time identifying the titles they might like. As for helping "casual" folk make the quick decision, it's as yet unconfirmed if Nintendo will continue to use that striking red box for all Mario-themed games. [Via Siliconera] Mature-themed Wii games get the black box in Japan originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

The Obama administration sought on Friday to moderate the bombast of the president’s regulatory announcement earlier this week, with officials arguing that it was an evolution of earlier thinking that should command bipartisan support. But, while many Republicans continued to react coolly to the mooted ban on proprietary trading at banks, the administration turned its attention to shoring up the faltering support among Democrats for the reconfirmation of Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chairman. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Gates sees room for Taliban in Afghan government (Financial Times - US homepage) Submitted at 1/21/2010 10:55:18 PM

Samurai Shodown Sen out in Europe this spring

EA: Sims 3 is top selling PC game in 2009 worldwide By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)

Yes, great. It's official." The EA presser also boasts the By JC Fletcher (Joystiq) Shodown sequel on Xbox 360 company's optimistic outlook on this spring under the name Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:00:00 PM Samurai Shodown Sen. The It seems virtual voyeurism never 2010, as the Sims 3 community Click to sho' more screens The game features classic Samurai goes out of style. A recent continues to tinker around with publishing status of Samurai Shodown fighters, like Ukyo and Electronic Arts press release has the Create A World tools. Check Shodown: Edge of Destiny in Nakoruru, with a weird mix of informed us that The Sims 3 was out this neat, Robinson CrusoeNorth America is somewhat up international characters -- like, in last year's best-selling PC game esque Machinima to see what across the globe, according to these tools are capable of! in the air, given Ignition's recent our experience, a Viking. silence about the game and Gallery: Samurai Shodown: Chart-track UK, NPD Group, EA: Sims 3 is top selling PC GfK and the publisher's own g a m e i n 2 0 0 9 w o r l d w i d e Atlus' announcement that it's Edge of Destiny (1/22/10) publishing SNK's Metal Slug Samurai Shodown Sen out in internal estimates. We imagine a originally appeared on Joystiq on XX(leading to speculation that Europe this spring originally bit of number crunching went Fri, 22 Jan 2010 14:30:00 EST. Ignition's deal with SNK is appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 22 i n t o t h e a f o r e m e n t i o n e d Please see our terms for use of o v e r ) . T h e r e ' s n o d o u b t , Jan 2010 14:00:00 EST. Please estimates -- we don't think they'd feeds. leave that kind of thing to water Read| Permalink| Email this| however, that the game's coming see our terms for use of feeds. out in Europe. Read| Permalink| Email this| cooler talk. "So, what do you Comments think, Mark? Best game ever? European publisher Rising Star Comments Games has announced that it will publish the 3D Samurai Submitted at 1/22/2010 2:30:00 PM

The US would welcome Taliban participation in Afghanistan’s government– as long as the group gives up violence and recognises the country’s legitimate rulers, Robert Gates, US defence secretary, said on Friday. On a 24-hour visit to Pakistan, Mr Gates emphasised that US strategy consisted of turning the tide in the Afghan war so as to convince Taliban leaders to sit down and negotiate. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Mistress of Married Obama Adviser Posts 'Love' Billboards (

Atlanta and San Francisco, where Phillips lives -- may have cost Wilkins up to $250,000, at On first glance, it could be the an estimated $50,000 each. ultimate Valentine's Day card -- After the billboards surfaced, a gigantic billboard that towers Phillips fessed up to his longtime over New York's Times Square, affair through a spokesman on featuring a happy couple with the Thursday. text: "You are my soulmate "I had an 8-and-a-half-year f o r e v e r , C h a r l e s & serious relationship with YaVaughnie." YaVaughnie Wilkins. The But as every scorned lover relationship with Ms. Wilkins knows, looks can be deceiving. has since ended, and we both This billboard -- which also has wish each other well," he said. gone up in Atlanta and San The billboards also feature a Francisco -- is the ultimate act of U R L o f t h e W e b s i t e r e v e n g e - - a v e r y p u b l i c www.charlesphillipsandyavaugh retaliation by a dumped mistress, which features aimed at a very wealthy, and photos of Phillips' and Wilkins' married, businessman who is an lengthy relationship. adviser to President Obama. In an Oracle newsletter from YaVaughnie Wilkins posted the 2006, Phillips was described as signs after she learned that her an ex-marine and "family man" lover, Charles E. Phillips — who has a wife and 10-year-old president and director of the tech son, Chas, the New York Times c o n g l o m e r a t e O r a c l e reported. Corporation and a member of Click here to read more from the Obama's Economic Recovery New York Post. A d v i s o r y B o a r d — h a d Five Filters featured article: reconciled with his wife, the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: New York Post reported. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, The billboards -- there are three Term Extraction. in New York and one apiece in Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:44:14 AM

FKIA’s Daily Double: A Leg Up By (ELLE News Blog)

roomy argyle sweater—while an instant-cool classic like this Vuitton pea coat with knit collar Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:21:22 AM is the perfect foil to cover up Swine flu got you down? Well, your dirty "I-haven’t-washed-itthat's no reason to look like a pig in-a-week" hair. (Cough cough.) even if you do have your sad My backyard needs the jumbo face on. Wrap yourself up in a Burberry sandals to elongate my pair of f a s h i o n shrimpy legs but a pair of pajamas—"denim" leggings and converse would be the safer

fever-friendly bet. — Anne Slowey Let me know what you love—and if you have any questions, e-mail me at AnneSloweyFashionKnowItAll Follow ELLE on Twitter. Become our Facebook fan!

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Freed Haiti criminals 'loot slum' (BBC News | Americas | World Edition) Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:37:33 AM

A police chief in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, has appealed for help to tackle criminals who escaped when the earthquake wrecked the main jail. Insp Aristide Rosemont, of the Cite Soleil slum area, told the BBC a large number of gangs had begun robbing and looting since the prison escape. Correspondents say security fears have slowed aid distribution in some areas. But despite problems in Cite Soleil, UN officials say the capital is largely calm, with only sporadic violence. In Jacmel, the football stadium is home to some 6,000 people. The field is a sea of plastic sheeting. One in three buildings in this old colonial town is in ruins; all will need to be demolished. At the hospital the injured are lying in the garden waiting for painkillers, doctors and some glimpse of salvation. But it is slow to come. In the past few days, though, the joint task force has opened the airfield and is flying continuous shuttles from Port-au-Prince, relieving the pressure. But the needs here are great, as indeed they are across the rest of the country. There was at least one further strong aftershock on Friday, but no reports of resulting damage,

injury or panic. The US ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, told US broadcaster PBS that "people should be aware that the vast majority of Haitians here are behaving in a calm and peaceful manner". However, an adviser for the UN children's fund Unicef raised concerns about possible child trafficking, which he said had been a problem before the earthquake. "We have documented let's say around 15 cases of children disappearing from hospitals and not with their own family at the time," said Jean Luc Legrand. Unicef's headquarters in Geneva has not confirmed this report. Hardened offenders

About 5,000 prisoners broke out of the capital's main jail after the walls collapsed. The BBC's Mark Doyle in Portau-Prince says several hundred of those on the run are thought to be hardened offenders belonging to Haiti's violent and sometimes powerful criminal gangs. Insp Rosemont said that since the mass escape, the gangs had been looting and stealing in Cite Soleil - historically a troubled area. Local people confirm this and women say they have been raped by gang members, our correspondent reports. "They are armed - with M-14s, with 65s and hand-guns," Insp Rosemont said. "We were expecting the arrival

of equipment to reinforce us. I need all types of help from the international community." Our correspondent adds that his plea is clearly aimed at the US troops who have just arrived in Haiti and the UN forces that have been stationed in the country for several years. Efforts to get relief supplies to the millions in need in Haiti continue, as search and rescue operations are scaled back. An estimated 1.5 million people were left homeless by the 7.0magnitude quake, which some have estimated has killed as many as 200,000 people. Elisabeth Byrs, spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, told AFP news agency

that some search and rescue teams were now starting to leave, as hopes of finding survivors fade. Those that remain "are concentrating more and more on humanitarian aid for those who need it", she said. Some 122 people have been saved by international search and rescue teams, according to the US government. Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. International efforts to get aid to Haitians continue At least 75,000 bodies have so far been buried in mass graves, Haiti's government has said. Many more remain uncollected in the streets. Normal life is showing some signs of returning, with small grocery shops, barbers' and pharmacies reopening in Port-auPrince. Some banks are expected to reopen over the weekend. Meanwhile, efforts to rebuild Haiti's main seaport - seen as vital to the international aid effort - are being stepped up. Engineers have decided some parts of one pier are strong enough to handle limited amounts of cargo, but the port will be running at only 10% capacity and distribution of supplies remains slow. Four vessels had docked by Thursday evening and US military divers were to start FREED page 71


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Witness tells of shooting in abortion slaying case (AP) (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:24:16 AM

WICHITA, Kan. – A woman tells jurors in the trial of a man accused of killing an abortion provider that she heard a popping sound and saw Dr. George Tiller fall to the floor. Kathy Wegner said Friday that the assailant ran out of the church and she went to call 911. Prosecutors displayed a graphic photo of Tiller, showing him lying on the ground wearing a green business suit and cowboy boots. Blood covered most of his face and pooling under his head. Scott Roeder of Kansas City, Mo., is charged with premeditated, first-degree murder for shooting Tiller on May 31. Prosecutors began presenting their case after making their opening statements. Roeder's attorneys will make their opening statement until they begin presenting their case. The trial is expected to last two weeks. THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below. WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Jurors in the trial of the man charged

with shooting Dr. George Tiller will hear from witnesses who saw the abortion provider gunned down at his church, listen to the 911 call made moments later and see evidence of his blood on the accused killer's shoes, a prosecutor said Friday. Opening statements in the firstdegree murder trial began on the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion. Scott Roeder, 51, is accused of shooting Tiller, who specialized in late-term abortions. The Kansas City, Mo., man told The Associated Press in November that he killed Tiller to protect unborn children. Roeder also faces two charges of aggravated assault for allegedly threatening two church ushers who tried to stop him from fleeing. He has pleaded not guilty. Church members were gathering in the fellowship hall the morning of May 31, with Tiller was scheduled to serve as an usher, Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston told the jury of eight men and six women. "Then unexpectedly, a sound was heard, like a popping of a balloon," she said.

Foulston said a witness saw "a man standing next to George Tiller with his arm still raised and ... Dr. Tiller fell to the floor. ... And the assailant was running." Jurors will hear several witness accounts of Tiller's shooting, she said, and other evidence will include Roeder's shoes with Tiller's blood on them and a police video of Roeder's arrest later that day. Before opening statements began, District Judge Warren Wilbert denied a defense motion to move the trial out of Wichita and a motion from prosecutors to not allow an involuntary manslaughter defense. Wilbert has repeatedly said the trial will not turn into a debate over abortion, warning Roeder's lawyers that he intends to keep the case as a "criminal, firstdegree murder trial." But the judge galvanized both sides of the abortion battle when he refused, on the eve of jury selection, to block the defense from trying to build a case for a conviction on a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. They want to argue that Roeder believed Tiller's killing was necessary to save unborn children. In Kansas, voluntary

manslaughter is defined as "an unreasonable but honest belief that circumstances existed that justified deadly force." If convicted of first-degree murder, Roeder faces a life sentence. Under state sentencing guidelines, a conviction for voluntary manslaughter for someone with as little criminal history as he has would bring a sentence closer to five years. Jury selection in the case occurred for the most part behind closed doors. After six days of secret questioning of potential jurors, the court finally opened jury selection to the media on Thursday while turning away public spectators. Wilbert had initially closed all of the jury process until four news outlets, including The Associated Press, appealed to the Kansas Supreme Court. Only the final hour and a half of jury questioning was open to the media, and then only to those four news outlets. The two alternate jurors will be designated later. Tiller, whose Wichita clinic closed after his death, championed abortion rights even after being shot in both arms by an activist in 1993. The clinic, heavily fortified after a bombing

in 1986, was the target of both peaceful and violent protests. In 1991, a 45-day "Summer of Mercy" campaign organized by Operation Rescue drew thousands of anti-abortion protesters to Wichita for demonstrations and saw mass arrests. In more recent years, antiabortion activists had focused their attacks against Tiller within the legal system and political arena. Thousands of abortion opponents signed petitions forcing Sedgwick County to convene grand juries in 2006 and 2008 to investigate him, but both refused to indict him. Two state attorneys general also tried in vain to prosecute him. Just two months before his death, a jury acquitted Tiller of misdemeanor charges accusing him of failing to get an independent second opinion for late abortions. The state's medical board was investigating similar allegations at the time of his killing. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Shares fall on Obama bank plans (BBC News | Americas | World Edition) Submitted at 1/22/2010 12:32:40 AM

Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. US President Barack Obama: "I am proposing simple, common sense reforms" Stock markets have fallen sharply in response to farreaching plans by US President Barack Obama to curb the activities of the biggest US banks. The Dow Jones closed down 2%, its worst fall since October, while Japan's Nikkei closed at a three-week low. Shares in major US banks Goldman Sachs and Bank of America all fell. Mr Obama - who said he was "ready for a fight" with banks plans to limit the size of banks and impose restrictions on risky trading. "Never again will the American taxpayer be held hostage by banks that are too big to fail," Mr Obama said. Limiting risk taking "While the financial system is far stronger today than it was one year ago, it is still operating under the exact same rules that led to its near collapse," he said. His proposals may mean that some of the biggest US banks have to be broken up. Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. They also include a ban on retail banks using their own money in

investments - known as proprietary trading. Instead, banks would be limited to investing their customers' funds. That attitude brought an immediate reaction from the markets. Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs lost more than 4% despite announcing a sharp increase in profits. Bank of America fell 6.2% and shares in JP Morgan Chase were down 6.6%. "Banking reforms do not come bigger than those proposed by President Obama," the BBC's business editor Robert Peston said. Fighting talk Mr Obama's move is his first proposal since Republican Scott

Brown's shock victory in Massachusetts to win a Senate seat. The Republican victory may make it harder to get Mr Obama's proposals passed in the Senate, as they are more likely to get held up in political wrangling. "This is a political effort because of what happened in Massachusetts," said economist Peter Morici of the University of Maryland. Banks have also been lobbying against more stringent regulation. "If these folks want a fight, it's a fight I'm ready to have," Mr Obama vowed. The president dubbed his proposals on limiting bank risk

the Volcker rule - after Paul Volcker, one of his economic advisors and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve central bank. The moves follow popular anger at financial institutions, who have been paying large bonuses to staff even as they accepted government bail-outs to keep them going. Mr Obama's proposals appear to be a return to the principles underlying the Glass-Steagall Act. That law - from the 1930s in the aftermath of the Great Depression - separated commercial and investment banking and was eventually abolished in 1999 under President Bill Clinton.

Mr Clinton's financial secretary at the time, Robert Rubin, previously worked at Goldman Sachs and went on to be an adviser to Citigroup until last year. The latest proposals follow a $117bn (ÂŁ72bn) levy on banks to recoup money US taxpayers spent bailing out the banks. The tax will claw back some of the losses from a $700bn taxpayer bail-out of US banks known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (Tarp). It was drawn up in the midst of the financial crisis in 2008, following the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers and rescue of insurance giant American International Group (AIG). The industry lobby group for banks suggested Mr Obama was trying to return the US to the past. "The better answer is to modernise the regulatory framework and not take the industry and the economy back to the 1930s," said the Financial Services Roundtable, an industry group that represents large Wall Street institutions. In the UK, City Minister Lord Myners said the US proposals were "very much in accordance with the direction we have been setting". While shadow chancellor George Osborne said that if the SHARES page 66


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Police: Woman poisoned boyfriend with antifreeze (AP) (Yahoo! News: U.S. News)

Galens lived in Farmington, a rural bedroom community 25 miles southeast of Rochester, and FARMINGTON, N.Y. – They worked for 30 years in a variety met in a Veterans Affairs of roles — housekeeper, mural hospital, a former airman with artist, clerical aide — at the VA bipolar disorder who drank too M e d i c a l C e n t e r i n n e a r b y much and a clerical assistant Canandaigua. She had two struggling to cope with her children from two dissolved teenage son's drug-overdose marriages. death. Her 19-year-old son, Matthew Cynthia Galens and Thomas Barber, a restaurant cook poised Stack soon moved in together, to enter college, died in his sleep and their two-year relationship at his father's home in October seemed to mirror his roller 2005 after taking a combination coaster battle with alcoholism. of marijuana, cocaine and G a l e n s s a y s S t a c k w a s prescription drugs during a night emotionally and physically out with his buddies, said former abusive, and she decided one husband David Barber. night to exact revenge by lacing Relatives say the tragedy sent a jug of margarita cocktails with Galens into a severe emotional antifreeze. tailspin. "If I didn't want him around, I The turmoil accelerated after she would've put a lot more in. I just met Stack in 2007. Barber said wanted to get him sick," state the friendship cost Galens her police said Galens told them in job last year when the hospital early January, three months after discovered she was dating a Stack's death from complications patient. of ethylene glycol poisoning. After a spell in the Marine "It's a horrible thing I did," she Corps, the Syracuse-born Stack added. "I miss him so much I became a senior airman while can't stand it. I'm the reason he's stationed at California's Travis not here. He's not a good person Air Force Base from 1982 to sometimes, but nobody deserves 1986. He lived on and off in a that." town house Galens shared with Galens, 51, has pleaded not her daughter, Emily, and was guilty and is awaiting trial on a admitted to hospitals several second-degree murder charge. times for alcohol abuse. Her defense lawyer, Matthew In January 2008, Galens said Mix, did not return calls. Stack threatened to kill her Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:05:44 AM

second ex-husband, David Galens, and their 16-year-old daughter, then grabbed the phone when she tried to call 911. She was granted a stay-away order that he violated by calling her repeatedly. They got back together after he served three months in jail. A year ago, Stack was arrested again on harassment charges for allegedly shoving Galens against a microwave. She bailed him out once more, and he ended up spending just six days in jail. On Oct. 3, an ambulance crew removed an unconscious Stack from the house. He died four days later at age 48. Ethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient in antifreeze, is sometimes ingested in suicide attempts or as a cheap substitute for alcohol. Based on Stack's history of alcoholism and depression, her "very credible" story about finding him and the fact that she called for help, the death was deemed an accident, possibly a suicide or "just ingestion of antifreeze for its alcoholic content," said state police Capt. Scott Crosier. Three months later, during a trip to Clearwater, Fla., authorities say Galens told a friend what she had done. Her friend notified police. When Galens got home, she agreed to come in for

questioning. According to state police Investigator Mark Eifert, Galens said she poured a shot glass of the sweet-smelling, syrupy automotive chemical into a storebought container of margarita mix, placed the cocktail in the refrigerator and went to bed early on Oct. 2, predicting he would drink it. She said Stark was "feeling poorly" the next morning. At noon, she left to pay a visit to her son's grave, a weekly ritual. When she returned at 4 p.m., she found him unresponsive. He was foaming from the mouth and breathing loudly. She said she first called David Galens, her exhusband, and when he showed up some 20 minutes later, they agreed to call an ambulance. Galens didn't tell paramedics about the antifreeze. She told investigators she was afraid for herself and "terrified for him" but opted to do nothing because "I just thought he was sick." If convicted, Galens could get a maximum sentence of life in prison. At a recent preliminary hearing, she sobbed continuously and rocked gently in her seat. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

SHARES continued from page 65

Conservatives won the next general election, they would impose an identical dismantling of UK banks to those suggested by the US president. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Mudslides, Flooding Threaten S. California Homes ( Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:33:44 AM

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. The tail end of a Pacific storm was expected to bring occasionally heavy showers Friday as hundreds of Southern Californians who evacuated were warned that mudslides and flooding still threatened their foothill homes. Hundreds of evacuees were expected to learn sometime Friday whether it was safe for them to return. Officials have said the risk of mudslides can last up to 72 hours after the rains have stopped. A week of rain left hillsides saturated below areas burned bare by last year's 250-squaremile wildfire in the San Gabriel MUDSLIDES, page 70

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Prosecutor cool to plea shift in recruiter killing (AP) (Yahoo! News: U.S. News) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:41:31 AM

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A prosecutor said Friday he won't waive the death penalty in the slaying of a soldier outside an Arkansas military recruiting center after the suspect asked to change his plea and claimed ties to al-Qaida. Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley said he still planned to move forward with the June trial of Abdulhakim Muhammad, who faces capital murder and attempted capital murder charges. Pvt. William Long of Conway was killed in the June 1 shooting in Little Rock. Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula of Jacksonville was wounded. Muhammad has sent a letter to the judge in his case asking to change his plea to guilty. In the two-page, handwritten letter, Muhammad claims that he is affiliated with an al-Qaida offshoot in Yemen. "My lawyer has no defense," Muhammad wrote in the twopage letter, dated Jan. 12. "I wasn't insane or post-traumatic nor was I forced to do this act." Muhammad wrote that he believed the shooting was justified under Islamic law. Muhammad's attorney says that

under Arkansas law prosecutors would have to agree to waive the death penalty for a judge to consider the request. Jegley said Friday that he still planned to go to trial June 7 in the case. "Mr. Muhammad is not calling the shots and I don't care what he says or what he writes," Jegley said Friday. "None of that makes a difference in my analysis of the case. He's not the person who's in charge of the prosecution." In letter, Muhammad described himself as a soldier in al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and called the shooting "a Jihadi Attack." Muhammad also called himself in the letter a member of "Abu Basir's Army," a reference to the alias of Naser Abdel Karim alWahishi, the Yemeni group's leader. "This was a jihad: attack on infidel forces. That didn't go as plan. Flat out truth," Muhammad wrote in the letter. The Yemen-based al-Qaida branch has become a pressing concern for U.S. security in recent months after the group claimed responsibility for the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Detroit-bound American airliner. Yemeni officials say the Nigerian man charged in that failed attack also

may have had contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical American-Yemeni Islamic cleric with ties to al-Qaida who also has been linked to an Army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people at Fort Hood in November. Claiborne Ferguson, Muhammad's attorney, said Thursday that his client didn't consult him before sending the letter and didn't know how seriously to take his claims of terror ties. A spokeswoman for the FBI in Little Rock declined to comment on Muhammad's claims. "He's said lots of things. None of them seem to be real consistent with each other," Ferguson said. "I'm a little irritated with it." Muhammad was arrested about eight miles from the recruiting center, on Interstate 630, shortly after the shootings. Police said they recovered Molotov cocktails, three guns and ammunition from his pickup truck. An internal law enforcement memo said Muhammad may have considered other targets, including military sites and Jewish organizations in the Southeast. A law enforcement official told The Associated Press in June that

Muhammad had been under investigation by an FBI-led terrorism task force since he returned to the United States from Yemen in 2008. Muhammad, who was born Carlos Bledsoe, had moved to Little Rock to work in his father's Memphis-based tour bus company as it branched out. Muhammad, who has called the AP twice since his arrest, has claimed responsibility for the shooting and said it was justified because of what he called American-directed hostilities toward the Muslim world. Last week, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herbert Wright Jr. ordered the state public defenders commission to pay some of the legal bills for Muhammad's trial, which is scheduled to begin in June. Ferguson was hired by Muhammad's family to represent him. In the letter, Muhammad also tells Wright that he does not want to receive funds for his defense. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

It’s summer somewhere By Cris Stoddard (Flickr Blog) Submitted at 1/21/2010 1:06:25 PM

Photos from Paula Marina, katrinaboado, estelucy, Pola [Monalisa Grafica], AngieNan, Hany Soliman.HK, Anderson Bragança, Outdoorsie and the State Library and Archives of Florida. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Obama keeps up pressure on China (BBC News | Americas | World Edition) Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:24:03 AM

US President Barack Obama continues to be "troubled" by alleged cyber-attacks originating in China on the internet search giant Google, officials say. A White House spokesman said Mr Obama wanted "some answers" and agreed those responsible should "face consequences". The comments came after China denounced US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's criticism of its internet restrictions, saying it was harming relations. Google has said it will decide shortly whether to end its China operations. The company currently holds about one-third of the Chinese search market, far behind Chinese rival Baidu, which has more than 60%. 'Consequences' Earlier on Friday, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the US should "respect the facts" and stop making "groundless accusations". Hillary Clinton's criticism of internet controls would have been pretty tough for Beijing to hear. So it is no surprise it has replied robustly. But China is on the back foot in this dispute. The statement called on the US to "handle sensitive issues in an appropriate way". Decoded, that

means China would rather it was all dealt with quietly, something that does not seem likely now the argument has become so public and far-reaching. "The US has criticised China's policies to administer the internet, and insinuated that China restricts internet freedom," Ma Zhaoxu said. "This runs contrary to the facts and is harmful to China-US relations." The warning from Beijing came after Mrs Clinton said in a speech that the internet had been a "source of tremendous progress" in China, but that any country which restricted free access to information risked

"walling themselves off from the progress of the next century". The private sector had a shared responsibility to safeguard freedom of expression and should take a "principled stand" against censorship, she said. Mrs Clinton also called on the Chinese authorities to investigate Google's complaint that hackers in China had tried to infiltrate its software coding and the e-mail accounts of human rights activists, in a "highly sophisticated" attack. Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Hillary Clinton: "We look to the Chinese authorities to conduct a thorough review"

"Countries or individuals that engage in cyber-attacks should face consequences and international condemnation," she added. Speaking to reporters on board Air Force One on Friday, White House spokesman Bill Burton made it clear that President Obama agreed with her. "As the president has said, he continues to be troubled by the cyber-security breach that Google attributes to China," he said. "All we are looking for from China are some answers," he added. Chinese officials have repeatedly said that Google and

other foreign internet companies are welcome to operate within China as long as they obeyed the country's laws and traditions. When the California-based company launched in 2006, it agreed to censor some search results - such as the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Tibetan independence or Falun Gong - as required by the Chinese government. Google now says it is looking at operating an unfiltered search engine within the law in the country, though no changes to filtering have yet been made. China has more internet users about 350 million - than any other country and provides a lucrative search engine market worth an estimated $1bn (ÂŁ614m) last year. Are you in China? Do you think the internet should be restricted? Send us your comments using the form below. A selection of your comments may be published, displaying your name and location unless you state otherwise in the box below. The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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Warrant describes how 8 Va. slaying victims found (AP)

Around the Net In Media: Comcast, Cablevision To Share Sports Broadcasts

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)

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Speight is charged with one count of murder, and Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:00:33 AM Commonwealth's Attorney APPOMATTOX, Va. – The Darrel Puckett said Friday that first deputy to arrive at a rural h e w i l l m e e t w i t h l a w Virginia homestead where eight enforcement soon to discuss people were slain found two additional charges. females dead on the porch and a Puckett said Speight declined a male's body next to a car in the court-appointed attorney during a driveway, according to search brief hearing Friday morning warrants released Friday. before Judge Richard S. Blanton Another man was found barely in Appomattox County Circuit alive on a nearby unpaved road Court. with a gunshot wound to the Speight didn't make any other torso. He later died at a local comments. An arraignment hospital. The deputy heard shots hearing has not been scheduled. and called for backup. Authorities identified the A tactical team went inside and victims as Speight's sister, found three more bodies and an Lauralee Sipe, and her husband, explosive booby trap. The Dwayne Sipe, both 38; their 15warrants don't say where the year-old daughter, Morgan eighth body was found. Dobyns, and 4-year-old son Police say Christopher Speight, Joshua Sipe; 16-year-old Ronald 39, killed the eight early Tuesday "Bo" Scruggs; and 15-year-old at the house he shared with his Emily Quarles and her parents, sister and brother-in-law and 43-year-old Karen and Jonathan their two children, who were Quarles. among those slain. Speight fired Appomattox County Chief on a police helicopter and hid in Deputy Todd Craft confirmed a the woods before surrendering R i c h m o n d T i m e s - D i s p a t c h nearly a day later. report that Jonathan Quarles and Police still have not released a S c r u g g s , E m i l y Q u a r l e s ' motive, though friends say boyfriend, went to the house to Speight may have thought his find her and Karen. They had sister was trying to kick him out gone to take Morgan home after of the house. she spent the night at the

Quarles' house. Relatives and people who knew Speight say he had a history of mental breakdowns and may have become fixated on the notion that his sister wanted to oust him from the house passed down to them by their grandparents and mother. The family lawyer, however, says her intention was exactly the opposite: She planned to deed the property solely to him. Speight had struggled since his mother died from brain cancer in 2006, said uncle Thomas Giglio. Speight's father abandoned them some 30 years ago, and he and his mother were very close. "He didn't take it good at all," Giglio said. "I don't think he ever reconciled it." Lynchburg attorney Harry Devening, who handled legal matters for the family, said Speight had an apparent learning disability and history of mental problems, and "ran away" from his sister's Georgia home for several days during a breakdown in 2007, about a year after his mother died. Giglio said Dwayne Sipe found him in a motel room along a highway. Even then the family had no reason to suspect Speight

might turn violent. Giglio said he last spoke to Dwayne Sipe the Saturday before the shootings and everything seemed fine. Devening said Lauralee Sipe perceived no problems either, signing a deed late last week to put the family property in Speight's name. She planned to record it at the courthouse immediately, he said, but both Friday and Monday were state holidays. The lawyer cautioned her that she was giving up her half of the property. "She said he was fine, he was normal, and she wasn't concerned about it," Devening said. As for her share, "it was never of any consequence to her. She was very happy with the arrangement." ___ Associated Press writers Vicki Smith and Larry O'Dell in Appomattox and Harry Weber in Atlanta contributed to this report. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Cablevision Systems Corp., Comcast Corp. and other cabletelevision operators may have to share more sports programming with satellite and phone companies, due to an FCC vote that presumes companies such as AT&T and Verizon are harmed when they are unable to buy access to cable-owned sports shows. After receiving a complaint the agency can order cable companies to provide the programming. Cable companies can contest the accusation. The vote could bring new sports programming to some television viewers this summer, with service from Verizon, AT&T, DirecTV Inc. and Dish Network Corp. Comcast withholds its SportsNet coverage of professional teams in Philadelphia from DirecTV and Dish. Both satellite companies lauded the FCC's action. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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MUDSLIDES, continued from page 66

Mountains northeast of Los Angeles. Evacuation orders remained in effect for more than 1,200 homes as the National Weather Service warned of scattered showers and thunderstorms through the evening that could drop up to an inch of rain an hour at times. There also could be an additional 4 to 8 inches of snow in the mountains. In communities below burn areas, only minor slides were reported but flash flood watches remained in effect. "This rain is still pouring down," Los Angeles County sheriff's spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said. A week of storms has brought 8 to 10 inches of rain to the Los Angeles-area mountains, while lower-lying areas got about half that, National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Boldt said. Most Southern California areas will see about a half-inch of rain Friday but areas hit by brief but fierce thunderstorms could get 1 to 2 inches, Boldt said. Authorities said an extensive flood-control system was

working, but many of the basins designed to catch debris-laden runoff from fire-scarred mountains were full as the region entered a fifth straight day of rain. Soil experts planned to examine the ground in Los Angeles County burn areas to determine whether it was safe to allow evacuees to return. The weather was expected to dry out over the weekend before yet another storm front moved in but officials have warned that the risk of mudslides can extend for 72 hours after the rain stops. "I don't think we're out of the woods yet," Nishida said. The forecast calls for a dry weekend. Justin Ross whooped and hollered while he dug his shovel furiously into the 3-foot deep mud that was quickly rising beside his parents' house Thursday in the La Canada Flintridge foothills north of downtown Los Angeles. Ross, 23, stopped only to dip his fingers in the muck and wiped a streak across each cheek, as water the color of chocolate milk

poured down the steep slope. "I put on the war paint and started screaming a sort of war whoop. It was a combination of exhaustion and exhilaration," he said during a break between squalls Thursday afternoon. "I feel like I've been shoveling for four days straight because I have." The siege of Pacific storms has led to several deaths statewide, flooded urban areas and turned the region's often-dry river and creek channels into raging torrents. A young man was pulled from a rushing river in Orange County on Thursday, but rescuers couldn't confirm his report that a companion got swept away following a fruitless search. Travel snarls mounted Thursday as major highways were closed by snow and tornado damage, and strong winds grounded flights at several airports. Another tornado left a trail of damage in a community northwest of Los Angeles. The highways were reopened by Friday morning. A motorist was rescued after a

tornado knocked power lines onto a highway in the state's remote southeast corner, trapping the man inside his vehicle. A small tornado struck two neighborhoods in Ventura, toppling trees, damaging cars and tearing apart a shed in two neighborhoods. Acting Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Francisco and Siskiyou counties because of the statewide storm impacts. The basins are located on streams and other water courses emerging from the mountains to intercept surges of mud, boulders and other debris while allowing water to flow into open channels and underground storm drains that empty into the ocean. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Suspect in Recruit Shooting Claims Al Qaeda Ties ( Submitted at 1/21/2010 11:48:09 PM

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. The man accused of killing one soldier and wounding another outside an Arkansas military recruiting center has asked a judge to change his plea to guilty, claiming ties to Al Qaeda. Abdulhakim Muhammad's attorney, Claiborne Ferguson, said Thursday night that his client sent a letter earlier this month to the judge in his case asking to change his plea to capital murder and attempted capital murder charges. Click here for photos. Ferguson said he hadn't discussed the request with his client before the letter was sent. Under Arkansas law prosecutors would have to agree and waive the death penalty before the judge could consider it, Ferguson said. Pvt. William Long of Conway SUSPECT page 72

Around the Net In Media: Synergy Is Key To Super Bowl Ads (MediaPost | Media News)

marketing lineups. The focus is promoting spots in the game and give them life beyond Super Super Bowl advertisers must Bowl Sunday. YouTube plans know add a robust presence in for a third year to offer its Super social media like Facebook, Bowl Ad Blitz channel, where Twitter and YouTube to their consumers can watch all the Submitted at 1/21/2010 9:41:58 PM

commercials after the game. In a survey by Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco, which is creating a commercial for Audi to appear during Super Bowl XLIV, 41% of respondents said they would re-watch the

spots online on Web sites like AOL, Yahoo and YouTube. And 26% said they planned to pass on their favorite commercials to friends and family through email messages or social media sites.

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Guantanamo: 47 'cannot be freed' (BBC News | Americas | World Edition)

'Dismay' Congress has laid down that only those to be tried can be Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:12:01 AM moved to US soil, so the A task force on the US prison question of what to do with those camp at Guantanamo Bay has to be detained indefinitely advised that 47 inmates should without trial has yet to be be held indefinitely without trial, resolved. officials say. The BBC's Adam Brookes says It is thought to be the first time the outcome will dismay civil that officials have given a figure liberties groups, and will also for those who might be held dismay many of Mr Obama's without charge. supporters who hoped the Some 35 prisoners have been president would end the practice recommended for prosecution of detention without trial. t h r o u g h t r i a l s o r m i l i t a r y A White House official stressed commissions. that this was only a The news came as the deadline recommendation, which Mr US President Barack Obama had Obama does not have to accept. set himself for closing the prison The task force's findings are camp passed. subject to review by the National The task force, led by the US Security Council. justice d e p a r t m e n t , More than 40 detainees have recommended that while 35 been transferred out of the prison people could be prosecuted, 110 under the Obama administration. could be released either now or But diplomatic hurdles and at a later date, unnamed officials domestic opposition to the said. government's plan to house The other nearly 50 detainees s u s p e c t s o n U S s o i l h a v e are considered too dangerous to hampered his plans to close it release, but cannot be tried down completely. because the evidence against Plans to move detainees them is too flimsy or was approved for trial to a prison extracted from them by coercion, facility in Illinois remain under so would not hold up in court. consideration.

Yemen suspension The task force recommended that among those cleared for release, 80 detainees, including about 30 Yemenis, could be freed immediately, the Washington Post said. The panel said the release of another 30 Yemenis should be contingent on an improved situation in Yemen, the newspaper reported. However, the US recently suspended the repatriation of Yemeni prisoners indefinitely, following an airliner bomb plot that was allegedly planned in Yemen. Yemenis account for approximately half of the inmates at Guantanamo. Mr Obama set himself the 22 January deadline a year ago, shortly after being sworn in. He has subsequently said he wants the camp closed this year, without setting a specific deadline. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


FREED continued from page 63

repair work to the pier on Friday. In a bid to deliver greater quantities of aid, the US military is now operating at four airports in the region. 'Media obsessed' But even as the aid operation remains the focus of events in Haiti, a leading UK medical journal has issued a sharp critique of the way aid agencies have been operating. In an editorial, the Lancet says many of the international aid agencies operating in Haiti may be doing more harm than good by promoting themselves rather than working for the common humanitarian goal. But Brendan Gormley, chief executive of the UK Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), a UK-based umbrella group of 13 major aid agencies, rejected that view. "We do not recognise the picture of the aid response in Haiti painted by the Lancet," he said. "The Lancet editorial fails to take into account the huge efforts by dedicated staff and volunteers - both Haitians and international experts - who are working tirelessly to bring help to earthquake survivors.

The US and the UN World Food Programme insist the distribution of food and water is well under way, but BBC correspondents in Port-au-Prince say many people have still seen no international aid at all. At least 500,000 people are currently living outdoors in 447 improvised camps in Port-auPrince, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), with limited shelter and access to water. Western countries are hoping to boost donations for the aid effort with a multi-network telethon on Friday night and Saturday morning. Hope for Haiti Now, to be broadcast at 0100 GMT from New York, London, Los Angeles and Haiti, will feature Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce and other major artists. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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SUSPECT continued from page 70

was killed in the June 1 attack, and Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula was wounded. Muhammad has called the shootings justified retaliation for U.S. military action in the Middle East. He told The Associated Press in a telephone interview last year that he doesn't believe he's guilty. The New York Times, which first reported the letter on its Web site Thursday, said Muhammad described himself in the letter as a soldier in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and called the shooting "a Jihadi Attack." The group has claimed responsibility for the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Detroit-bound American airliner. "I wasn't insane or post traumatic, nor was I forced to do this act," Muhammad claimed in the handwritten letter, the newspaper reported. Ferguson said he didn't know how seriously to take Muhammad's claims of terror ties and expressed frustration with his client sending the letter without consulting him

beforehand. "He's said lots of things. None of them seem to be real consistent with each other," Ferguson said. "I'm a little irritated with it." Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley did not immediately return a message left on his cell phone Thursday night, but prosecutors have said they plan to seek the death penalty in the case. Muhammad was arrested about eight miles from the recruiting center, on Interstate 630, shortly after the shootings. Police said they recovered Molotov cocktails, three guns and ammunition from his pickup truck. An internal law enforcement memo said Muhammad may have considered other targets, including military sites and Jewish organizations in the Southeast. A law enforcement official told the AP in June that Muhammad had been under investigation by an FBI-led terrorism task force since he returned to the United States from Yemen in 2008.

Muhammad, who was born Carlos Bledsoe, had moved to Little Rock to work in his father's Memphis-based tour bus company as it branched out. Muhammad, who has called the AP twice since his arrest, has claimed responsibility for the shooting and said it was justified because of what he called American-directed hostilities toward the Muslim world. Last week, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herbert Wright Jr. ordered the state public defenders commission to pay some of the legal bills for Muhammad's trial, which is scheduled to begin in June. Ferguson was hired by Muhammad's family to represent him. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

10 jobs that are worse than yours (Holy Kaw!) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:30:00 AM

If your cubicle, retail, burgerflipping, or [insert your own mind-numbing, soul-sucking job here] is getting you down—buck up, because it could be a whole lot worse. Put down the Prozac and check out these ten jobs that have to be exponentially worse than yours. Potato chip picker—Somewhere in the world there is an individual standing next to a conveyer belt in a sweltering room performing the following sequence: 1. spot bad chip. 2. remove bad chip. 3. repeat for eight hours. Thanks to these selfless souls, consumers “can’t eat just one.” Theme park mascot—It’s the hottest day of the year and you’ve got limited vision, thanks to your hot and heavy suit, and you’re being assaulted by underage hooligans. But hey, at least you’ve got unlimited log flume rides. Hazmat diver—These brave souls can be found splashing around in everything from oil

slicks to animal waste. One particularly horrifying (and true) hazmat diving story involves a diver who had to swim through a lake of pig poo, urine, and needles to retrieve a dead body. Yeah, I dare you to say you deal with too much shitake at your job ever again. More popular topics right this way. Permalink| Leave a comment »

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Unemployment rose in 43 states last Ex-Pentagon man jailed month (AP) for spying (Yahoo! News: U.S. News)

add jobs (in November) gave up those gains in December," said Sophia Koropeckyj, managing WASHINGTON – director at Moody's Unemployment rates rose in 43 E c o n o m y . c o m . states last month, the government Texas and Georgia lost more said Friday, painting a bleak jobs in December than they had picture of the job market that gained the previous month, she illustrated nationwide data noted, while Arizona and South released two weeks ago. Carolina lost nearly as many as The rise in joblessness was a they had gained. sharp change from November, That is consistent with w h e n 3 6 s t a t e s s a i d t h e i r nationwide trends. Employers unemployment rates fell. Four shed a net total of 85,00 jobs in s t a t e s — S o u t h C a r o l i n a , December, the government said Delaware, Florida and North earlier this month, after notching Carolina — reported record-high a small gain of 4,000 jobs in jobless rates in December. November. New Jersey's rate, meanwhile, In another nationwide trend, rose to a 33-year high of 10.1 l o n g - s u f f e r i n g s t a t e s l i k e percent while New York's California and Michigan saw reached a 26-year high of 9 their jobless rates stabilize even percent. as they continued to bleed jobs. Analysts said the report showed That's because thousands of the economy is recovering at too frustrated workers gave up w e a k a p a c e t o g e n e r a t e hunting for work and dropped consistent job creation. out of the labor force, which "A lot of states that had started to means they aren't included in the Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:05:27 AM

unemployment rate. California lost 38,800 jobs. But its unemployment rate was unchanged at 12.4 percent, the fifth-highest in the nation. That's because 107,000 people, or 0.6 percent of the state's workforce, gave up and stopped job-hunting. Michigan shed 15,700 jobs, but 31,000 people left the labor force. That caused the state's jobless rate to fall slightly, to 14.6 percent from 14.7 percent. Michigan has the nation's highest unemployment rate. Nationally, more than 600,000 people left the labor force in December, according to government data. The large exodus from the labor force indicates that "unemployment is a lot worse than the numbers suggest," Koropeckyj said. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

(BBC News | Americas | World Edition) Submitted at 1/22/2010 11:05:35 AM

A former Pentagon official has been sentenced to three years in prison for passing classified information to a Chinese spy. James Fondren, 62, provided "certain classified defence department documents and other information" to a friend, who turned out to be a Chinese spy. The judge said the information passed on caused little or no harm to US national security. Fondren, a retired US Air Force lieutenant colonel, is appealing. His lawyer argued that Fondren did not know that Tai Shen Kuo, a naturalised US citizen from Taiwan, was a spy. But prosecutors say that

"Fondren was aware that Kuo had maintained a close relationship with an official of the People's Republic of China". Fondren is the former deputy director of the US Pacific Command's Washington Liaison Office, a position which reportedly afforded him "top secret" security clearance. The sentence comes at a time of heightened tension between the two countries, with Beijing warning on Friday that Washington's criticism of its internet controls could harm ties between the two countries. Print Sponsor Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Tech.view: Into the wild green yonder (The Economist: Daily columns) Submitted at 1/22/2010 4:41:39 AM

Tech.view The end of an era for piston planes? Jan 22nd 2010 From DRIVE up to Mojave in the high desert, 100 miles north-east

of Los Angeles, and you begin to realise why each small town along the way has its own municipal airport. Remote as it may seem, this is merely the edge of a huge wilderness that gets sparser, lonelier and more barren the deeper you venture into it. The desert air is crystalclear and the skies cloudless for

over 300 days of the year. A light aircraft is really the only way to get around. The story is much the same in many other parts of rural America. Across the country, there are more than 5,200 airports serving “general aviation” (small private planes and the like) compared with only

600 or so for scheduled flights. Of the 220,000 general-aviation aircraft registered in the United States, 75% are powered by a single piston engine. Their average age is over 35 years. At a recent gathering at the Mojave Air and Space Port—home of America’s private space industry and next door to

Edwards Air Force Base, where the Shuttle lands when the weather is poor in Florida—your correspondent was one of the few to have actually driven to the event. Most had flown there in their own aircraft. There was the usual flock of elderly Cessna, TECH.VIEW: page 74


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TECH.VIEW: continued from page 73

Piper and Beechcraft two- and four-seaters, along with a handful of vintage biplanes and restored military trainers. Apart from one jet, all the planes on the apron had two things in common: a piston engine, and a dire need for avgas. Avgas (aviation fuel) is nothing like the stuff you pump into a car’s tank at a petrol station. The exigences of flight require aircraft engines not only to be more reliable, but also to deliver more power per unit weight than car engines. Any additional weight detracts from the useful payload the plane can carry aloft. Aircraft engines also operate at 70% or more of full power while they are in the air, unlike car engines which spend most of their time on the road cruising at 20% of full power. Aero-engines also have to cope with the dropoff in performance that comes as the plane gains altitude and the air gets thinner. For these reasons and more, avgas has a much higher octane rating than petrol blended for cars. It is effectively a superpremium grade with an equivalent pump (or “antiknock”) rating of 100 octane. It also has a much lower, and more uniform, vapour pressure than petrol—to prevent the fuel from vaporising as the air pressure drops with altitude. “Vapour lock” (bubbles) in the fuel-line can starve an engine, causing it to stall and the plane to fall precipitously out of the sky. All

told, avgas is an expensive brew costing around $5 a gallon in the United States and $9 or more in Europe. In blending avgas, distillers have to add tetra-ethyl lead to protect the valve-seats on the exhaust side of the engine from erosion, while raising the fuel’s octane number and preventing the engine from “knocking”. The latter is caused when the fuel detonates prematurely instead of burning in a controlled fashion. Such detonation can destroy the pistons, cylinder linings and valves within seconds. A fuel’s resistance to detonation is measured by comparing its performance to that of pure isooctane (an isomer with the chemical name 2,2,4 trimethylpentane). Iso-octane represents the 100-point on the octane scale; a fuel having 90% of the resistance to detonation of pure iso-octane is rated as 90 octane. Several grades of avgas are available with octane ratings ranging from 82 to 115, but the type most widely used in the United States is 100LL—a lowlead version the 100-octane aviation fuel used previously. Dyed blue to distinguish it from other grades, 100LL contains two grams of tetra-ethyl lead per American gallon, compared with the previous version’s four grams per gallon. Even so, today’s low-lead avgas still contains four times more tetraethyl lead than was in the highest

-octane petrol (Sunoco-260) ever produced for street use in America. The problem, of course, is that tetra-ethyl lead is the toxic substance that was banned from use in petrol in 1996 for health reasons. Back then, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) granted aviation fuel a reprieve—provided there was continued progress towards a suitable alternative. Over the past decade, the general-aviation industry has examined over 200 different blends in an effort to find a “transparent replacement” for 100LL. In performance terms, nothing has come close, it claims. But that was before the Friends of the Earth petitioned the EPA in 2006 to regulate emissions from piston-engined aircraft under the Clean Air Act. The agency has since set a deadline for reducing the acceptable levels of all forms of atmospheric lead by an order of magnitude. The new standard goes into effect in 2011. That, more or less, spells an end of general aviation’s sweetheart deal on leaded fuels. With a gun to its head, the industry is finally scrambling to find an answer. Some of the more recent piston engines used in light aircraft have come with lower compression ratios and hardened valve seats, which allows them to use a similar fuel to the 87-octane lead-free (Regular) petrol used in cars.

Others have been certified to run on the more expensive 91-octane lead-free (Premium) grade also found on the forecourt. However, without 100LL, the industry reckons that most existing aircraft engines will have to be de-rated from their currently-certified power levels to avoid fuel-detonation issues. The loss of power will reduce significantly the payload they can carry—possibly to the point of making them useless. Unable to use different fuels, the only alternative will be to fit such aircraft with new engines. As the engine and its fuel system accounts for nearly half the cost of a light aircraft, many of America’s private planes could find themselves grounded because of the cost of conversion to lead-free petrol or diesel. No question, diesel (or something like it) is the aviation fuel of the future. Many of the light planes being built in Europe these days run on it—as much for cost as for air-quality reasons. Teledyne Continental Motors, one of the biggest suppliers of piston engines for general aviation in America, is now developing a range of diesel engines—in a bid to compete with Thielert of Germany, which currently dominates the aerodiesel market. The attraction is that, with a few minor tweaks, diesel engines can be made to run on the widely available fuel (Jet A) used in jet planes. That would simplify airport logistics

no end, reducing the number of fuels that need to be handled and stored separately on the premises. Meanwhile, another possible replacement for avgas is a biofuel developed by a Purdue University spin-out called Swift Enterprises in Illinois. After testing the product, the Hughes Technical Centre in New Jersey, part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), reported that the Swift biofuel had an octane rating of over 104, packed 13% more energy per gallon, performed better in detonation tests and, though one pound a gallon heavier, provided fuel savings of 8% compared with 100LL. Apart from containing no lead, the new fuel is said to offer a 25% reduction in emissions (when its extended range is taken into account). Made from cellulosic biomass (switch grass and agricultural waste are the preferred feedstocks), Swift’s renewable fuel appears to be a blend of esters, furans, aromatic hydrocarbons and straight-chain alkanes derived from sugars. Unlike first-generation biofuels such as E-85, the Swift product contains no alcohol—and could therefore qualify as a “transparent replacement” for 100LL. The FAA prohibits the use of all forms of alcohol (not just ethanol, the main ingredient of E-85) in aviation fuel, because TECH.VIEW: page 75

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Vietnam’s democracy activists: Strong convictions



TECH.VIEW: continued from page 74

alcohols tend to absorb water, and that can cause fuel to freeze at high altitudes. (The Economist: News Mr Trung had made the mistake Mr Trung led its youth wing. because the constitution reserves Swift reckons it can make its analysis) of responding to a public call in Mr Dinh developed contacts the leading role in state and avgas replacement for $2 a 2006 by Vietnam’s education with another American-based society for the Communist Party, gallon. Sceptics think that is a bit Submitted at 1/22/2010 4:16:40 AM minister, who asked for ideas for exile group, Viet Tan, which so support for a different optimistic. But even if it costs twice as much to produce, it Vietnam’s democracy activists i m p r o v i n g t h e c o u n t r y ’ s seeks a non-violent move to political party is illegal. W h a t i s b e h i n d t h e l a t e s t woefully inadequate public m u l t i - p a r t y d e m o c r a c y . It is not clear why Vietnam's could still finish up costing not c r a c k d o w n o n d e m o c r a c y schooling system. Mr Trung, Vietnam's government calls it a government has embarked on the all that much more than avgas activists in Vietnam? who lived abroad at the time, terrorist group. In March 2009 latest repression of bloggers, does today. Those superannuated Jan 22nd 2010 | HO CHI MINH wrote him a letter and, when he Mr Dinh attended a workshop on activists, religious groups and biplanes criss-crossing the CITY got no answer, naively published non-violent protest that Viet Tan others. It may be that the Mojave desert may yet get a From it on his blog. Soon police had organised in Thailand. authorities are anxious about the reprieve. SPEAKING your mind can be visited his family and friends in L a s t y e a r t h e a u t h o r i t i e s forthcoming 11th Party Congress Readers' comments costly in Vietnam. This week a Vietnam, asking about his detained Mr Dinh and Mr Trung and a struggle between pro- The Economist welcomes your court in Ho Chi Minh City, the political views. Infuriated, Mr a l o n g w i t h t w o i n t e r n e t C h i n e s e a n d p r o - W e s t e r n views. main city in the south of the Trung and other Vietnamese entrepreneurs who had posted factions in the Politburo could Five Filters featured article: c o u n t r y , s e n t e n c e d f o u r students abroad launched a political articles online and dared have provoked a crackdown. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: democracy activists to jail terms website, “Vietnamese Youth for to organise a political discussion Political openness comes and PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, ranging from five to 16 years. Democracy”. group. In August all four read g o e s , b u t s m a r t y o u n g Term Extraction. Two of the men, Le Cong Dinh The site became popular in out confessions on national Vietnamese, especially those and Nguyen Tien Trung, are Vietnam and attracted the television and then were charged who have ventured abroad, are among the country’s best-known attention of the anti-communist with conspiring to overthrow the becoming increasingly frustrated criminal defence lawyers and Vietnamese diaspora. Mr Trung government. Two of the men by a stifling system. Readers' had previously studied and lived t h e n m e t C a n a d a ’ s p r i m e later recanted the confessions comments abroad. m i n i s t e r , S t e p h e n H a r p e r , during a trial, saying they had The Economist welcomes your Their “crimes” were little more various American congressmen been coerced into making them. views. than daring to express frank and even, briefly, in 2006 the One of them, Tran Huynh Duy Five Filters featured article: opinions about the state of then American president, George Thuc, was handed a 16-year Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: political freedom in the country Bush. When he moved back to sentence as punishment. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, and, in the case of Mr Dinh, Vietnam he fell in with a group Mr Dinh got off more lightly Term Extraction. having defended human-rights of activists who were supported because he admitted in his trial activists who had been detained b y V i e t n a m e s e e x i l e s i n to being “influenced by Western following a brief wave of California. The group strove to ideas”. He acknowledged that he political openness in 2006. revive a defunct political party. had broken Vietnamese law,



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Research Brief: American Consumers Want A Dialog With Business (MediaPost | Media News)

instances we also include Web sites and email. 62% of users polled believe they According to the 2009 Cone can influence business decisions Consumer New Media Study, an b y v o i c i n g o p i n i o n s v i a o n l i n e s u r v e y b y O p i n i o n new media channels. About a Research Corporation among quarter have contributed their a representative U.S. sample of point-of-view on an issue (24%) 1,048 adults, comprising "new or contacted a company directly media users," 44% of American (23%). 74% expect companies to new media users are searching join conversations about their f o r , s h a r i n g o r d i s c u s s i n g corporate responsibility practices information about corporate happening on new media. responsibility (CR) efforts and New media users are even more p r o g r a m s a n d a r e h i g h l y likely to bypass dialogue for confident they can have an effect a c t i o n : 3 0 % h a v e m a d e a on business. purchase based on POSITIVE New media is defined in this information learned about a s t u d y a s d i a l o g u e a m o n g product, company or brand; 23% individuals or groups by way h a v e s w i t c h e d b r a n d s o r o f t e c h n o l o g y - f a c i l i t a t e d boycotted a company based on channels, such as social networks NEGATIVE information learned ( e . g . , F a c e b o o k ) ; b l o g s ; about a product, company or microblogs (e.g., Twitter); online brand. games; mobile devices; photo-, Consumers are most interested audioand video-sharing sites in information that will inform (e.g., Flickr, iTunes,YouTube); their purchasing decisions. message boards; etc. In some Respondents said they want Submitted at 1/22/2010 5:15:18 AM

companies to tell them what is in products and how they are made (85%) and provide additional details about information, labels and claims shared offline (e.g., in the store, on the package, in an advertisement) (83%). Jonathan Yohannan, senior vice president of corporate responsibility at Cone, says "Consumers are using new media channels to inform purchase decisions, yet are not always stopping to engage in dialogue... There is an opportunity to engage them beyond information -seeking behavior... " Overall, consumers show strong signs of empowerment, comfort and trust with corporate responsibility communications in new media. 75% of new media users say it is an effective way to learn about CR efforts, 65% believe they know where to look for such information and 47% think companies are transparent and honest when talking about

CR efforts through new media channels. Consumers are relying largely on Web channels such as Web sites (27%) and email (22%) to explore CR, indicating channels that foster a dialogue and deeper engagement, such as social networks (15%) and blogs (11%), are being underutilized. Yohannan continued "Companies need to leverage traditional channels to drive people to places where conversations can happen in realtime... to enhance reputation, build loyalty and even lead to business innovation." From 2009 cone consumer new media study corporate responsibility fact sheet: To register for PDF files, please visit here. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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MediaDailyNews: Nielsen Unveils Plan To Add Online Viewing To C3 Ratings (MediaPost | Media News) Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:36:55 AM

Nielsen this morning announced plans to merge online viewing of TV programs into its so-called C3 ratings, which are the official currency for buying and selling advertising in the national TV marketplace. Nielsen described the plan as "extended screen reporting," and said it would be implemented after it completes the rollout of Internet meters in its national TV ratings panel by the end of August, with initial data being made available to the industry starting with the month of September. The change will add yet another source of viewing - online - to the time-shifted and "live" viewing that currently comprise Nielsen's C3 ratings standard. Nielsen said the timetable for implementing the changes would be as follows:

* Ratings will initially be released as evaluation data, on a delayed basis, and in parallel to standard production data which will remain unchanged. * The first set of evaluation data (for the month of September) will be released sometime during fourth-quarter and no later than the end of the year. Nielsen said its intent is to provide data as early as possible in the fourthquarter. As the year progresses, and more of the development work is completed, Nielsen said it will be able to refine the delivery date. * At the start of February 2011, evaluation data will cease to be produced and the standard Nielsen production data moving forward will include qualifying online viewing. "In the near term, Nielsen will create a small client committee to work with us on defining, in more precise terms, what online

program and national commercial viewing qualifies for combined reporting as well as to work through editing and crediting rules," stated Nielsen President-Media Client Services, Sara Erichson. "Concurrently, we will continue to talk with all clients - across all client segments -- about their measurement needs. As previously noted, Nielsen's cross platform measurement solutions - including the roll out of Internet meters in the National sample - are being designed to support different business models and capture the multitude of ways in which video content is presented online." Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

Video: Artificial Organs Made With A Printer, Grown From Scratch By Stuart Fox (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now)

organs, and what he's working on now. The TED audience is notoriously easy, ooh-ing and aah-ing at every speaker. But Submitted at 1/22/2010 6:45:51 AM Atala is the real deal. Over the Best of What's New winner last decade, he has taken a Anthony Atala explains how to technology that would have been whip up a useable heart on an considered magic in an earlier old inkjet machine time and made it a reality. Hell, I n 2 0 0 6 , A n t h o n y A t a l a printing organs from scratch? conducted a routine organ Part of me is still convinced transplant. Well, the procedure there's wizardry afoot at his was ordinary, but the organ Wake Forest University institute. being transplanted was anything But don't take my word for it, but. The organ wasn't donated by check out Atala's TED talk in the another person, but grown in the video below. If you aren't awed lab by Atala and his colleagues. b y t h e b o u n d a r y - p u s h i n g This feat landed Atala on our medicine Atala's developed, you Best Of What's New 2006 list. simply don't have a heart. Now, in a new TED talk, Atala Luckily, he can whip one right goes into detail about his work, up for you. explaining how they grow the [ TED]


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Gallery: E-Readers Push Boundaries E-Readers Push of Books (Wired News) Boundaries of Books ( (Yahoo! News Search Results for e-readers)

digital books. It’s expected to have a color screen, not the monochrome E Ink display Submitted at 1/21/2010 5:45:19 PM found on most e-readers. Apple Electronic-book readers are red- i s r e p o r t e d l y t a l k i n g t o hot. After a blockbuster 2009, publishers to bring e-books and during which an estimated 5 magazines to the device. million devices were sold, a new Meanwhile, other computer batch of e-readers are waiting to manufacturers are showing burst into the spotlight. tabletlike devices, which are also The latest generation of devices based on color LED or OLED are easy on the eye, lightweight screens. and packed with some nifty A device with a color screen features such as the ability to c o u l d r e a l l y c h a n g e t h e take notes, make lists and — for landscape. Add the ability to some — even watch video. They watch video, play games or also offer far better battery life download apps — which most ethan any netbook or notebook, readers can’t do — and e-readers often come with an unlimited c o u l d s t a r t t o l o o k p r e t t y w i r e l e s s c o n n e c t i o n f o r primitive by comparison. downloading new books, and Still, e-reader manufacturers give you access to libraries of e- have made a lot of strides in books that can top a million recent months. Amazon has even t i t l e s . A t t h e C o n s u m e r added an app store to the Kindle. Electronics Show in Las Vegas But before you decide to buy a this year, there were so many e- Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader, readers that they had their own flip through this gallery to see special section carved out on the what will be in stores this year. show floor. And keep in mind that an array But will the category remain as of touchscreen tablets just might hot as it is now? render the entire category E-readers, as we know them obsolete overnight. now, are at a crossroads. Next Above: Plastic Logic week, Apple is expected to The Cadillac of e-book readers, announce a new tabletlike device Plastic Logic’s Que proReader is that could also be used to read a gorgeous but expensive device

that promises to give you a “paperless briefcase.” The Que, which is targeted at business users, has an 8.5 x 11-inch touchscreen display and the ability to handle a range of documents such as Microsoft Word files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, digital books, PDFs, magazines and newspapers. The Que can even sync with your Microsoft Outlook account to pull in e-mails and calendar for display on the device. Feature -wise, it’s difficult to beat the Que. But the price tag is enough to make most people gasp. But if you want one, be prepared to open your wallet wide. The 4-GB version of the Que with Wi-Fi and storage for about 35,000 documents will retail for $650, and an 8-GB version, which includes 3G connectivity from AT&T, will cost $800. The Que will start shipping midApril. Photo: Jon Snyder/ Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 View All Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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monochrome E Ink display found on most e-readers. Apple is reportedly talking to Submitted at 1/21/2010 8:29:03 PM publishers to bring e-books and Electronic-book readers are red- magazines to the device. hot. After a blockbuster 2009, Meanwhile, other computer during which an estimated 5 manufacturers are showing million devices were sold, a new tabletlike devices, which are also batch of e-readers are waiting to based on color LED or OLED burst into the spotlight. screens. The latest generation of devices A device with a color screen are easy on the eye, lightweight c o u l d r e a l l y c h a n g e t h e and packed with some nifty landscape. Add the ability to features such as the ability to watch video, play games or take notes, make lists and — for download apps — which most esome — even watch video. They readers can’t do — and e-readers also offer far better battery life c o u l d s t a r t t o l o o k p r e t t y than any netbook or notebook, p r i m i t i v e b y c o m p a r i s o n . often come with an unlimited Still, e-reader manufacturers w i r e l e s s c o n n e c t i o n f o r have made a lot of strides in downloading new books, and recent months. Amazon has even give you access to libraries of e- added an app store to the Kindle. books that can top a million But before you decide to buy a t i t l e s . A t t h e C o n s u m e r Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader, Electronics Show in Las Vegas flip through this gallery to see this year, there were so many e- what will be in stores this year. readers that they had their own And keep in mind that an array special section carved out on the of touchscreen tablets just might show floor. render the entire category But will the category remain as obsolete overnight. hot as it is now? Above: Plastic Logic E-readers, as we know them The Cadillac of e-book readers, now, are at a crossroads. Next Plastic Logic’s Que proReader is week, Apple is expected to a gorgeous but expensive device announce a new tabletlike device that promises to give you a that could also be used to read “paperless briefcase.” The Que, digital books. It’s expected to E-READERS page 79 have a color screen, not the

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E-READERS continued from page 78

which is targeted at business users, has an 8.5 x 11-inch touchscreen display and the ability to handle a range of documents such as Microsoft Word files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, digital books, PDFs, magazines and newspapers. The Que can even sync with your Microsoft Outlook account to pull in e-mails and calendar for display on the device. Feature -wise, it’s difficult to beat the Que. But the price tag is enough to make most people gasp. But if you want one, be prepared to open your wallet wide.

The 4-GB version of the Que with Wi-Fi and storage for about 35,000 documents will retail for $650, and an 8-GB version, which includes 3G connectivity from AT&T, will cost $800. The Que will start shipping midApril. Photo: Jon Snyder/ Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 View All Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.

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identified Democrats (67%) want Congress to continue working toward passage of the bill. However, an even larger majority of Republicans (87%) call for suspension of Congress' current work on the bill. The majority of political independents, whose support has been crucial to recent Republican election victories in Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Jersey, would also prefer to see the reform efforts put on hold rather than moved forward. The public's desire to slow down the Democrats' healthcare reform efforts also appears to reflect doubts about whether the issue deserves the attention political leaders in Washington have given it over the past several

months. A minority of 32% of Americans say President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress are right to make healthcare reform their top priority at this time. In contrast, 46% acknowledge health reform as an important goal but believe other problems should be addressed first, and an additional 19% reject the idea that healthcare should be a major legislative priority. The poll attempted to gauge Americans' political mood more generally by asking them to describe their feelings about the progress the Obama administration has made in its first year. Thirty-nine percent of U.S., page 80

In U.S., Majority Favors Suspending Work on Healthcare Bill (All Gallup Headlines) Submitted at 1/21/2010 8:00:00 PM

PRINCETON, NJ -- In the wake of Republican Scott Brown's victory in Tuesday's U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts, the majority of Americans (55%) favor Congress' putting the brakes on its current healthcare reform efforts and considering alternatives that can obtain more Republican support. Four in 10 Americans (39%) would rather have House and Senate Democrats continue to try to pass the bill currently being negotiated in conference

committee. "A minority of 32% of Americans say President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress are right to make healthcare reform their top priority at this time." The USA Today/Gallup poll was conducted Jan. 20 to gauge initial reaction from Americans to Brown's victory in the special election to fill the remainder of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's term. Massachusetts voters elected a Republican to the Senate for the first time since 1972. Americans widely agree that the election result has

national political implications -72% say it reflects many Americans' frustrations, which the president and members of Congress should pay attention to, while 18% believe it is a reflection of political conditions in Massachusetts. Brown campaigned against the healthcare reform efforts and promised if elected to be the crucial 41 st Senate vote against it, which would allow Republicans to successfully block its passage. According to the poll, most selfU.S., page 79


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U.S., continued from page 79

Americans say they are pleased with the progress President Obama has made in addressing the problems facing the country, but nearly as many, 37%, say they are upset because they believe his policies are moving the country in the wrong direction. That leaves a middle group of 20% of Americans who describe themselves as disappointed with Obama's progress because they thought he would have achieved more by now. Given Obama's job approval rating of roughly 50%, clearly some Americans who express disappointment with the president's lack of progress still generally approve of the job he is doing. For the most part, Democrats are pleased with the progress Obama has made in his first year, but 18% say they are disappointed and 8% believe he is moving the country in the wrong direction. Republicans' views are nearly mirror images of Democrats', with 75% upset with his policies but a relatively small group of

8% pleased with his approach. There are roughly as many independents pleased with Obama's work (35%) as upset with it (35%), while one in four independents say they are disappointed. Obama and the Democrats are on a bit of a losing streak heading into the midterm election year, having lost recent elections for high office in three states. However, even though these recent elections have gone in the Republicans' favor, it's not entirely clear that Americans are ready for a Republican takeover of Congress. The poll finds 40% of Americans saying the country would be better off if the Democrats controlled Congress, and 36% saying it would be better off if the Republicans controlled it. The remainder have no opinion or volunteer that it doesn't make a difference which party controls Congress. That result is fairly typical of what Gallup has found historically, with Americans about equally divided as to which party is better to control

Congress but showing a slight tilt in favor of the Democrats. However, it is important to note these opinions are based on all Americans, not necessarily those who will vote in November's elections. Turnout in midterm elections typically favors the Republican Party. Bottom Line Brown's election shook up the political world in both Massachusetts and Washington. President Obama has indicated he would like Congress to hold off on healthcare reform until Brown is seated, which is consistent with the public's wishes to suspend work on the bill. But the public is also not convinced that healthcare should be the top priority for the government at this time and endorses finding alternatives that can gain Republican support, which the bill under consideration has not received. Americans may therefore prefer a longer pause on the issue -- one that stretches well beyond the time Brown is seated. Survey Methods

Results are based on telephone interviews with 1,010 national adults, aged 18 and older, conducted January 20, 2010. For results based on the total sample of national adults, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is Âą4 percentage points. Interviews are conducted with respondents on land-line telephones and cellular telephones. In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls. Polls conducted entirely in one day, such as this one, are subject to additional error or bias not found in polls conducted over several days. Five Filters featured article: Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.


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Creating Mobile Apps With a Point and a Click By Dave Prochnow (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now)

Tap iPhone app, made at The best app -building option will depend on your price range, the platform you prefer (iPhone, BlackBerry Submitted at 1/22/2010 7:54:07 AM or Android) and the functions Creating mobile applications for you want. Some will even Android and the iPhone isn't just navigate the processing of for code-writing geeks anymore submitting the app for you. Even with the huge number of Here's a guide to help you mobile apps already available, choose the right tool. MAKE cellphone screens are always YOUR OWN MOBILE APPS a w a i t i n g n e w i d e a s f r o m Easy: App-Building Sites innovative developers. If you M O B I L E have your own idea for the ROADIE( perfect app, whether for a wide Cost:$500, plus $29/month audience or just your own use, Platform: iPhone you're in luck-you no longer Originally designed for bands, need to be a deft programmer to Mobile Roadie lets you publish produce it. There are now a news, video and music to your number of app-generating tools app, and it can connect to an on the Web that will enable you online store. to bring your concept to life by SWEBAPPS( clicking instead of coding. You Cost:$200-$400, plus may have even downloaded $ 2 5 / m o n t h some of the resulting mobile Platform: iPhone apps already, like Inside Trader, Make a four-, six- or eighta strategy game built with a tool button app with features like called PhoneGap, or the Spinal "Events" and "Portfolio." When

it's ready, Swebapps submits it to the App Store. Medium: App Templates APPBREEDER( ) Cost:$95, plus $0-$60/month Platform: Android, BlackBerry,

MYAPPBUILDER(myappbuilde Cost:$20, plus $29/month Platform: iPhone MyAppBuilder enables you to publish your e-book, music, RSS, Twitter and video content using eight different templates. Advanced: App Wrapper PHONEGAP( Cost: Free Platform: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone PhoneGap allows you to repurpose existing Web-based applications, HTML, CSS and JavaScript into amazing mobile apps, and for multiple platforms at the same time. Unlike the others, it's not a drag-and-drop tool; you will have to debug your iPhone Offering 10 templates plus a app, fix any errors, and shepherd it through the submission process custom option, AppBreeder lets you build, edit, yourself. But if you don't mind and publish your app with e- the extra work, it's worth it to mail, geo-location and video cover all the mobile-app markets in one fell swoop-for free. options.



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Daredevil Space Diver To Leap Toward World's First Supersonic Free-Fall From 120,000 Feet By Bjorn Carey (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now) Submitted at 1/22/2010 10:49:19 AM

Here's Felix Baumgartner's plan: Float a balloon to 120,000 feet. Jump out. Break the sound barrier. Don't die. Simple, right? If Baumgartner, a world famous base jumper and skydiver, pulls off the feat, he'll set the record for the world's highest jump and become the first person to break the sound barrier with his body alone. During the jump, he'll also collect data on how the human body reacts to a fall from such heights, which could be useful for planning orbital escape plans for future space tourists and astronauts. Dubbed the Red Bull Stratos and sponsored by the energy drink company, the jump will send Baumgartner to the stratosphere in a small space capsule, lifted by a helium-filled balloon. Once he reaches 120,000 feet after three hours of ascension, ground control will give him the "all clear" sign and

he'll pop open the door and jump, as video cameras on the capsule and his suit record his descent. Within 35 seconds or so, Baumgartner will hit supersonic speeds and break the sound barrier. No one really knows what will happen at that point, but the scientists seem confident that he'll maintain consciousness. He will free fall for roughly six more minutes, pulling his chute at about 5,000

feet and coasting for 15 minutes back to solid ground. Just what happens to his body as it goes from subsonic to supersonic and back to subsonic speed is of great interest to scientists, and so he'll be hooked up to an electrocardiogram monitor during the jump. He'll also be outfitted with accelerometers and GPS units to confirm his acceleration and speed, and from that the stress on

his body. But that's pretty much it for gear-because he's wearing a pressurized suit filled with 100 percent oxygen, his crew is rightly wary of putting too many electronics and power sources in his suit that could accidentally set him on fire. Any data they collect will then be made public and turned over to the military and NASA. The plan is to make the jump sometime in 2010. After they

complete test jumps at 25,000, 60,000, and 90,000 feet, they'll watch the Doppler radar and wait for calm weather and then pick the launch location, which for now they can only say will be somewhere in North America. The goal is to drop Baumgartner near the launch site, but even with low wind conditions he could drift some 150 miles away. But first they have to test all the gear to make sure that it will work as it transitions from the freezing, no-pressure environment at 120,000 feet to the extreme heat of the dive. It's the same as with any other flight test program, says Jonathan Clark, the team's medical director ( whose work in highaltitude space jumps we profiled in 2007). "Only in this case, Felix Baumgartner is the aircraft." Red Bull as put together this video, putting everything into perspective:


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Lockheed's HULC Super-Soldier Exoskeleton Gets More Juice By Jeremy Hsu (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now) Submitted at 1/22/2010 8:42:42 AM

HULC want longer-lasting batteries! Even the finest super-soldier suit can end up as expensive deadweight if the batteries run out of juice. Lockheed Martin wants to avoid that fate for its robotic exoskeleton by turning to fuel cells that can power the suit for days, The Register reports. Lockheed's Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) is a

mechanized frame that allows soldiers to march or even run easily with loads of 200 pounds, as well as squat or kneel without trouble. But the current li-ion batteries supporting the suit

typically run down after just a few hours of walking, not to mention running. That could all change with fuel cells that could sustain 72-hour missions on a single charge, and

provide power sockets to spare for military accessories that require their own batteries. Lockheed announced its choice of the Protonex Technology Corporation to develop such fuel cells on Wednesday. We here at PopSci love our Iron Man suits, and so we're happy to see longer-lasting versions in the works. After all, it'd be a shame for our robotic warfighters to run down when the Energizer Bunny keeps going on its dinky Duracell batteries. [via The Register]

Astronauts Finally Get Internet Access on Space Station, Send First Tweet From Space By Jeremy Hsu (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now)

Now astronauts manning the orbital outpost can finally browse the Web and post Twitter updates directly, without having to first e-mail the tweets to the Submitted at 1/22/2010 9:58:12 AM ground. Ain't no tweet like an astronaut During periods when the station tweet is actively communicating with Space tweets just got real with a the ground using high-speed Kunew NASA software upgrade for band communications, the crew the International Space Station. will have remote access to the

of the ground computer using an onboard laptop, and interact with it remotely. T.J. Creamer, a flight engineer with the space station's Expedition 22, showed off his mastery of netizen lingo by posting his first unassisted Twitter update on Friday. Internet via a ground computer. "Hello Twitterverse! We r now The crew will view the desktop L I V E t w e e t i n g f r o m t h e

International Space Station -- the 1st live tweet from Space! :) More soon, send your ?s" Fellow Twitter users can holler back @Astro_TJ. Or check out more from Creamer, ISS Commander Jeff Williams and Soichi Noguchi at auts.

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