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Parent Handbook

Statement of Faith WE BELIEVE the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inerrant Word of God. (2 Tim 3: 15, 2 Peter 1:21) WE BELIEVE there is one God, eternally existent in three persons -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Genesis 1:1, Mt 28:19, Jn 10:3) WE BELIEVE in the deity of Christ: (Jn 10:33); His virgin birth (Isa 7:14, Mt 1:23, Lk 1:35); His sinless life (Heb 4:15, Heb 7:26); His miracles (Jn 2:11); His vicarious and atoning death through his shed blood (1 Cor 15:3, Eph 1:7, Heb 2:9); His bodily resurrection (Jn 11:25, 1 Cor 15:4); His ascension to the right hand of the Father (Mk 16:19); His personal return in power and glory (Acts 1:11, Rev 19:11) WE BELIEVE in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life. (Rom 8:13-14, 1 Cor 3:16, 1 Cor 6:19-20, Eph 4:30, 5:18) WE BELIEVE in the literal, six-day creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the creation of mankind, male and female, by the direct act of God. (Gen 1:1-2:25, John 1:3, Col 1:16-17) WE BELIEVE in the absolute necessity of regeneration by the Holy Spirit for the salvation, because of the sinfulness of human nature; and that men are justified on the single ground of faith in the shed blood of Christ, and that only by God’s grace and through faith alone we are saved. (Jn 3:16-19, Jn 5:24, Rom 3:23, Rom 5:8-9, Eph 2:8-10, Tit 3:5) WE BELIEVE in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. (Rom 8:9, 1 Cor 12:12-13), Gal 3: 26-28) WE BELIEVE in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto the resurrection of life, and they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation (Jn 5:28-29) WE BELIEVE in the literal existence of Heaven and Hell. (Mt 25:31-46, Lk 16:19-31, Jn 5:25-29, Rev 20:10-15, Rev 21:1-8)


Liberty Christian School Mission “To partner with families in providing children an excellent, Christ-centered, Bible-based education.” Is this mission worthy of effort and commitment? Why? What is so unique about this mission? Partnering: We as a board do not consider Liberty to be an end, but a means, to families wishing to teach their children spiritual truth. We see Liberty as an extension of the Church and of families, the two structures God put into place to carry truth from generation to generation. Therefore, Liberty is a partnership. We need partners. Excellence: It’s not about grades or subjects, it’s about educating with Excellence. Christcentered: It’s about Jesus and his work in the lives of each person. If Jesus isn’t central to our education, we are just another school. If grace isn’t evident in our school, then we’re just teaching subjects. Bible-based: Every subject can be a tool to seeing life through godly eyes. We use the Bible as a tool that helps children get to know God and understand the world through God’s eyes. That mission is very unique. It is a mission that can changes lives. It can alter eternity. That mission HAS and WILL change the Walla Walla Valley. Vision Statement The "goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith" (1 Timothy 1:5). In order to accomplish our mission, LCS envisions: - striving for excellence in all we do; - developing a working partnership with the family of every student; - serving as an extension of and resource to the churches of the Walla Walla Valley; - bringing every student to personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; - preparing each child spiritually and academically as they approach the complexities of life - helping each student develop good study habits in the framework of good discipline; - teaching high ideals and satisfaction in work well done; - teaching honesty, loyalty, and respect as rewarding characteristics; - teaching reverence toward God, and obedience to parents and authority; and, - assisting everyone in the LCS family to think, speak, and live as shaped by a biblical worldview.


Liberty Christian School Expectations 1. Provide a Christian environment in which to learn about and deal with the nonChristian world in which we live. 2. Clarify to all students our expectations, and to commend, counsel or correct as occasion demands. 3. Cooperate with you in every way possible to encourage your child in the development of the above attitudes, habits and skills. 4. Communicate with you regularly concerning the growth, needs and accomplishments of your child. Student Expectations 1. Work responsibly in the classroom and do their best. 2. Have a courteous, respectful, and a cooperative attitude towards administration, teachers, and all students in the school. 3. Adhere strictly to the no weapons policy. This states that any knife, gun, or other implement which is designed to be a weapon is strictly prohibited. 4. Adhere to the dress code which is further explained in the handbook. Parent Expectations 1. Encourage a courteous, grateful, respectful, cooperative and forgiving attitude, along with proper restraint (self-control) in thoughts, words, actions, and attitude. 2. Encourage habits of punctuality, thoroughness, neatness, honesty, resourcefulness, independent reading and study. 3. Encourage participation in school projects, programs, parties, sports, and physical education classes. 4. Encourage completion of all homework and assignments, and help the student develop effective study habits. 5. Encourage school personnel by your cooperation, prayer support, participation in school activities, and by communication (in writing when possible). Tuesday Folders “Tuesday Folders� are a VERY IMPORTANT way we communicate weekly with parents. Inside you will find all of our communications from the office, teachers, PTO, etc. It is vital that you anticipate, empty, read and sign all necessary information within the folder and return it to school the next day.


Student Dress Code One of the fundamental purposes of school is to provide the foundation for developing a proper attitude toward education. In order to implement this, it is essential to create and maintain an effective teaching learning environment. Student attire impacts the teaching and learning environment. It can either promote a more effective educational environment, or it can disrupt the educational climate and process. Student attire that is acceptable for some social settings may not be acceptable for the educational environment of school. Liberty Christian School’s dress code is not designed to be a defining statement of right and wrong. We realize that each family will have various ideas on what type of apparel or appearance would be appropriate. We are not seeking to make a judgment on a family’s view of what is appropriate. Our dress code is based on the biblical principles of modesty, neatness, and appropriateness. Modesty is mentioned often as an important character quality. (I Cor. 6:19-20, I Tim. 2:9, I Peter 3:3-4) Modest people don’t go out of their way to bring undue attention to themselves. Likewise, neatness and appropriateness are important as we seek to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. We need to be examples for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, in purity. We also desire to give a good report and not be offensive in anything we do. (Col. 4:5) This suggests living differently than the world. (Titus 3:1-8) In addition, dress is to be distinctively masculine and feminine, reflecting a wholesome appreciation for God’s plan (Deut. 22:5) As we determine to glorify the Lord in all we do, these qualities help us to do that in the area of dress. God values people and relationships above clothing and outward appearance. (I Sam. 16:7) It is also important to realize that parents, as the primary educators of their children (Deuteronomy 6; Ephesians 6), play a key role in this area of dress code. It is incumbent upon parents to guide and supervise their children in the selection of appropriate clothing. Accordingly, this dress code is intended to make known in as clear a way as possible the position, guidelines, and restrictions of Liberty Christian School in the area of dress. Faculty members have the prerogative of asking students to change their attire if they feel the student is dressed in an inappropriate manner. Administration has the final say on all dress code policies. (See copy of attached dress code noncompliance form.) Dress should always be neat, clean, in good repair, and appropriate for the occasion. No clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol, innuendoes, obscene messages or messages associated with hate, racism, etc. is permitted. The administration asks that families use discretion and common sense towards torn, fringed, and patched clothing. Skin should not be revealed through holes. When a student is dressed inappropriately, he/she will be asked to change immediately. Noncompliance will be addressed by the faculty and administration. If a student is questioning his/her apparel and its appropriateness regarding the dress code, then it should probably not be worn. However, anytime there are dress code questions, feel free to bring the item/outfit to administration for approval.


Chapel Days: Girls are to wear dresses or skirts. Boys are to wear slacks or dress shorts and collared, buttonup shirts. School Spirit Days: Students are expected to wear LCS apparel. Student receives a LCS t-shirt with registration and may earn additional school t-shirts for participation in various programs. There are also opportunities to purchase LCS attire through the office. Article of Clothing Hair

Guidelines Gender appropriate Not in eyes or extreme in style or color. Boys’ hair should be off the collar and facial hair well groomed.

Jewelry & Cosmetics

Earrings for boys are not acceptable. Earrings are to be worn only in the ear, and jewelry should be worn in moderation. Cosmetics for girls are to be appropriate for age and stage of life.


Footwear is required at all times. Flip flops and slippers are not safe for students in a school environment, so they are not permitted. Sandals must have a heel-strap. Shoes with laces must be tied.

Skirts, Dresses, Shorts Length Guidelines

Shorts are allowed. (no athletic shorts, no cut offs – must be hemmed) Modest length – closer to the knee than the


thighs. Not exposing thighs – must not expose above midway between hip joint and knee when seated. Must be able to sit “like a lady,” and participate in classroom activities appropriately. It is strongly suggested that younger students wear shorts under their skirts for modesty during recess and P.E. Tights and leggings may be worn under clothing using the hem-length guidelines. (In other words, leggings do not make a short skirt wearable.) Pants

Appropriate in fit and condition. They should be in good repair (no holes or shreds). They should not be excessively tight or saggy. Yoga pants, athletic pants, tight leggings, and sweats are not allowed.


Undergarments and straps should not be exposed. Sheer tops must be worn with a camisole. A tank top strap for girls’ styles is a minimum 3 finger width. All straps and undergarments must remain covered. Underarm sleeve cutouts and tank tops for boys is not acceptable. Cleavage may not be exposed.



May not be worn in the building during school hours.

Admission policy Agreement with Christian principles Each student who is admitted to the school agrees to abide by the requirements, regulations, and policies established by the administration and board. Enrollment implies a family commitment in compliance with school policies. Admission A child must be 4 years of age on or before September 1 to be eligible for admittance into preschool. Exceptions may be handled on an individual basis. Students seeking admission are evaluated in the following areas: on the basis of their transcripts, behavior at previous schools, our application, and an entrance test, which will be set up by the office. Families will be notified regarding status of the application. Marginal students or students with less than a "C" average in their core academic subjects may have difficulty in attaining a satisfactory level of academic achievement. Liberty Christian School is not equipped with the resources required to serve children who are seeking to be admitted into special education programs. Students who seek admission directly following suspension, expulsion or behavior problems from another school will not be admitted until they prove themselves in another school. Liberty Christian School is committed to providing a Biblical philosophy of education, which integrates Christian principles and Scriptural truths in the academic and social experiences of every student. Financial Policy: All accounts are to be paid by the 15th of each month. A $20.00 late charge will be added to any account that is not up-to-date. If there is a problem in keeping an account current, parents should seek assistance with the principal. Every reasonable attempt will be made to work with families having difficulty. Non-discriminatory Statement: Liberty Christian School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions, policies, scholarship programs, and athletic or other school administered programs. Liberty Christian School does reserve the right to select students on the basis of academic performance and personal qualifications including a willingness to cooperate with the Liberty Christian School's administration and abide by its policies.


Grading Scale 100 to 98 = A+ 97 to 94 = A 93 to 92 = A91 to 89 = B+ 88 to 85 = B 84 to 82 = B81 to 78 = C+ 77 to 74 = C 73 to 70 = C69 to 66 = D+ 65 to 62 = D 61 to 58 = DHomework Policy We will endeavor to assign homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Length of homework will vary with each grade. For grades 1 through 6, it should take around 30 minutes. For grades 7 through 8, homework should total no longer that an hour to 1 1/2 hours. Discipline Policy regarding undone homework. First and second offense, partial loss of recess as necessary, 3rd offense parents will be contacted. Failing Students Parents will be contacted immediately when it is determined that a student is having problems and is heading for a grade of “D� or below. The principal will also be notified at the same time. Teachers will monitor weekly. Conferences Parent and teacher conferences are held at the end of the first quarter. If conferences are needed throughout the year, they will be arranged with individual parents. School Visitors All visitors, including parents, relatives, friends and former students must sign in and out at the office and receive a visitor’s badge.


Lunches Each child should bring a sack/box lunch for lunch each day. A nutritious snack packed in a lunch box is recommended for children who need extra energy for first recess. On “Fresh Fridays” please fill out the hot lunch form found in your “Tuesday Folder” and return to school by Wednesday morning. Special Lunch Liberty Christian School is a family oriented school; we therefore encourage parents, or other family members to have a “special” lunch with their child in their classroom. Please don’t forget to sign in and out at the office. Lunch off campus Lunch off campus is only permissible when accompanied by a parent, teacher, or adult with parental approval. Please sign in and out at the office. Lunchroom Helpers Students in grades 7-8 may be assigned serving and cleanup duty on a rotating basis during “Fresh Fridays.” Registration A registration fee is due for each student each year. This fee covers items such as a processing fee, school insurance, textbooks, and administration costs and is non-refundable. Attendance Policy Liberty Christian School is a closed campus. Students are expected to remain on the campus from the time of arrival until the end of the school day. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to create the habit of being punctual and regular in attendance. Regular attendance is necessary to receive maximum benefits of your child’s education experience at Liberty Christian School.


Excused Absences Personal illness, injury, or doctor appointments which cannot be scheduled after school hours are considered an excused absence. Also, illness or death in the immediate family, which require the student’s presence, is also considered excused. Absences with prior approval from the office will be excused as well. Explanation of an absence should be given to the office at the time of absence. Parents will be notified when students accumulate excessive absences beginning with the 8th absence. Students risk not being promoted to the next grade if they miss more than 20 school days for the year. Extended Absences A doctor’s statement is required for a student to be readmitted from an illness of five or more consecutive days. Prearranged Absence A prearranged absence form should be with your child’s teacher when taking a student out of school for personal reasons (other than illness) for more than 2 days. This should be completed one week prior to absence. Tardiness It is important that students always be on time to school. Self-discipline is important for proper academic achievement and essential in developing personal habits that reflect success and good citizenship. Students are considered tardy after 8:30am. Truancy Truancy is defined as an absence without the knowledge and consent of the parents and/or the school staff. This would include leaving school without permission before the end of the day or staying out of any scheduled class without permission.


Sick Policy If a student becomes ill while at school, the student may call for permission to go home. In the event that a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contact person will be called. Please call the school immediately if your child is diagnosed as having a contagious disease. The school office can provide regular strength Tylenol, Ibuprophen, or Children’s strength Junior strength Tylenol at the parents’ request. The office will call and get permission prior to giving the child any drug. Prescription drugs for your child will be kept in the office with specific instructions for administration. Children with a fever of 100 or above, or who are exhibiting other severe cold/flu like symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) shall not return to school for 24 hours after symptoms subside, without the aid of medication. Head Lice The return of a child previously diagnosed as having head lice, will not be permitted in school until there is no evidence of nits (either dead or alive) in the scalp area. Telephone Use for Students The telephone in the office is for the teachers and staff. Students may use the phone in the supply closet and must have permission from their teacher or the office. Messages to Students Telephone messages from parents will be delivered to students. Contacting Teachers If a parent needs to contact a teacher, he/she may email at or call, 525-5082 between 7:55am-3:30pm to leave a message in the office or they may contact the teacher directly. Check with your child’s teacher on how they would like to be contacted. Student Cell Phone Use Understanding that many parents provide cell phones for their child’s safety and communication needs, we allow cell phones on campus but require cell phones to be turned off and kept in backpacks until the child leaves school property. Only in the case of emergency are students allowed to use their cell phone. We have phones in the office for students to use should they need to make contact with a parent during the school day.


Should a student violate this school policy, the phone will be taken and placed in the office until the end of the school day. If the policy is broken a second time, the phone will be kept in the office until picked up by a parent/guardian after 48 hours. If this rule is broken three times, the phone will be kept in the office and may be picked up by a parent/guardian after 72 hours. Fundraising All families and teachers are strongly encouraged to participate in fundraising. We are a tuition driven school and rely on fundraising to help with the costs of running the school. Christmas Program The Christmas program has been a long standing tradition at Liberty Christian School. This is a great opportunity for us to share the good news of Jesus with the community. Auditions and practices will begin in the fall. There are many opportunities to help and serve with this outreach. Halloween Each year questions arise regarding the celebration of Halloween at Liberty Christian School. Our teacher’s handbook states that all classroom displays and room dÊcor should always be in keeping with our mission and philosophy. Therefore, parents should use Biblical discernment when preparing for classroom parties, snacks, videos etc. There is no occasion to wear Halloween costumes. Complaints Dissatisfaction or complaints should be directed to the appropriate individual, in accordance with the Matthew 18 principle. Christian ethics dictate that we avoid making comments or statements that can serve to discredit an individual or the school. (See conflict resolution) Conflict Resolution As Christians we believe the Bible commands us to make every effort to live at peace and to resolve disputes with each other in private or within the Christian church. (1 Cor. 6:1-8; Matt. 18:15-20) The Bible describes the following sequence for resolving disputes: 1. Matters of concern should first be handled individual to individual in accordance with the Lord’s command in Matthew 18. 2. The second level, if necessary, is to involve the principal. 3. If resolution is not possible at this level, the third level is to bring the matter to the attention of the board of directors where steps 1 and 2 have failed to bring resolution. Testing Stanford Achievement Tests are given in April after spring break.


Volunteering If a person volunteers more than 3 times at Liberty Christian School, they will need to fill out a volunteer application form, located in the office, and fill out a background check form. Health Records Students entering school are to present a certificate of immunization. This form may be obtained in the school office or at your local health department. Pets Students are not allowed to bring pets to school except with the permission of their teacher. Library Rules Students must be quiet and well behaved in the library. Books may be checked out during library time or at other times during the school day. Students with overdue books are not allowed to check out additional books. Students must pay for damaged or lost books. Lost and Found Clothing and other items lost by a student will be held in the Lost and Found area in the supply closet in a labeled milk crate. Chapel Liberty Christian School meets every Wednesday from 8:30-9:15am for corporate worship and teaching from a variety of pastors from our community. Liberty Christian School seeks to: - Teach each student that he or she is an individual created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-27) with individual responsibilities in this life and hope for life to come. - Develop a knowledge and appreciation of God, his son Jesus Christ, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. - Develop the knowledge of God’s will in each student. - Communicate the fundamental importance of developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the importance of His Body in the world and in the church. - Teach students how to lead a life of service that brings glory and honor to God. - Teach a commitment to the practice of high moral and ethical values in personal, family and community living. - Allow the Holy Spirit to kindle and develop a student’s desire to be more reverent, respectful, humble, and keenly aware of the awesomeness of our God through active participation in spiritual activities. 13

Recess Procedure Students are to be led in and out of the building, and to their restroom breaks. Recess Boundaries: - Tall grass towards Wal-Mart - Parking lot - End of main building to the west - Fence to the east Students are not allowed: - In parking lot - Behind van and bus - Past the tall grass (towards the highway) - In the trees - In the building with out permission from a recess duty teacher Volunteers/Teachers: - Supervise students - Report incidents to teacher and principal - Communicate and engage with students General Rules: 1. One whistle means for the child you are looking at to come quickly. Two whistles mean that the recess is over and to line up at the designated location. 2. There is no wrestling. 3. No roller skates or skate boards. 4. Students must ask permission to go back into the classroom or use the bathroom. 5. No throwing rocks. 6. Discipline: A first offense will be warned; second offense, student will stand next to the building for 2-5 minutes. Third offense student will be escorted to the office to speak with the principal. Continued difficulty may mean loss of recess for a specified time. 7. Snow: No throwing snowballs. Students must have boots to leave the sidewalk if there is a large amount of snow. 8. No playing on the piano or drums. 9. Slide – No climbing the poles. One child climbs up the ladder while one is sliding down. 10. Soccer/football/baseball – Fair play and courtesy are expected at all times.


Swings: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Limit one at a time. No standing on the swing. Swing forward only, no sideways. No climbing on the swing supports. If someone is waiting for a turn, after 20 swings the swinger must leave the swing for the next child. 6. No jumping out of swings. 7. No twisting in the swings. Do not wind the swing around the top brace.

Fire Drills/911 drill/Emergency weather drill All of drills will be conducted throughout the year on a monthly basis. Teachers have specific instructions to follow to ensure the safety of their students. Boy-Girl Relationships Students are not to display affection in a physical way by holding hands, embracing, etc. This applies both at school and during any school sponsored activity. We encourage students to have a number of friends of both sexes and not limit themselves to one individual. Damage to School Property Parents will be notified and a meeting with the principal will be set up. Property damage will be acknowledged by the person involved and a plan for reimbursement will be made. An appropriate disciplinary action should be made and implemented. Field Trips Field trips will be planned through your child’s teacher. They will be age appropriate and educational. All field trips will be cleared through the principal. Parents should plan on helping with transportation. Inclement Weather There may be days when school has to be delayed or canceled due to inclement weather. We will make this decision by 6am that morning. Please check the following to see if school will be delayed or canceled: 1. School Website 2. School phone 3. Radio 4. Television


If you are still not sure whether school will be delayed or canceled you should call your child’s teacher. We will be diligent to update you as quickly as possible. Discipline At Liberty Christian School the emphasis in discipline will always be in love. More than anything else, we want each child to know that he or she is loved. However, love does not necessitate a “wish-washy” tolerance of disobedience, but real, Godly love sets the highest of standards for people, and then directs them towards love and good works. While discipline is basically positive training in the right direction (Proverbs 22:6), there must be consequences for failure to follow the rules. Students must realize that the “law code isn’t primarily for people who live responsibly, but for the irresponsible…” 1 Tim. 1:9. Good conduct is expected of all students at Liberty Christian School. Each student is expected to adhere to the rules and regulations which are in keeping with the purpose of an educational institution. Each student is a representative of our school wherever they may be. Our student body prides itself on good a sportsmanship, good scholarship and good manners. Students are also expected to display proper conduct going to and from school and on school grounds. The testimony of your conduct when out in the public is a testimony which reflects upon Christians in general and students at Liberty Christian School in particular. The discipline process is to provide intervention, the give the student an opportunity to change or modify their behavior. Failure to modify behavior will result in the next level of intervention. In general our policy for daily discipline will consist of: 1st offense = warning 2nd offense = loss of privilege or positive behavior builder 3rd offense = parents/principal will be contacted Language Swearing or vulgar language is unacceptable. Students are to use wholesome language that is edifying and encouraging. (Ephesians 4:29, 5:4) Fighting/Physical Harm No student shall carry, exhibit, display, or draw any weapon capable of producing bodily harm in any manner or at any time or place that shows intent to intimidate another or that warrants alarm for the safety of person in the immediate vicinity. (Please see weapons policy) Possession of /Threat of/Use of Weapons Policy 1. Liberty Christian School considers student possession of /use of / or threat of the use of weapons as a serious offense and will not tolerate such by students on school property, at school events, or any other time while enrolled as a student. Statements made by a student claiming or boasting of a weapon at school or school event will be dealt with in the same manner as a "threat" below. 16

2. Students who possess a weapon or who carry, exhibit, display, draw or threaten any of these items apparently capable of producing bodily harm in a manner which, under the circumstances, manifests an intent to intimidate another or warrants alarm for the safety of others shall be subject to discipline up to and including expulsion of one year. 3. "Possession" includes, but is not limited to, having a weapon on school property or at a school sponsored event located: (a) In a space assigned to a student such as a locker or desk. (b) On the student's person or property (such as on the student's body, in his/her clothes, purse, backpack, gym bag or vehicle); or (c) Under the student's control or accessible or available, such as hidden by the student. 4. "Threat" includes, but is not limited to: (a) A statement of personal bodily harm with a weapon. (b) A statement indicating friends or acquaintances with weapons who will commit bodily harm. (c) Or the statement of possessing a weapon at school or a school function. 5. A "weapon" includes, but is not limited to: (a) A firearm, which is a weapon or device from which a projectile may be fired by an explosive; or (b) An air gun, which includes any air pistol or air rifle, designed to propel a BB, pellet, or other projectile by discharge of compressed air, carbon dioxide or other gas, or any items which appear to be realistic firearms or air guns; or (c) a sling shot, which is a piece of metal, or a stone fastened to a short strap, chain or thong, used as a weapon. (d) A sling shot, which is a forked piece of wood, metal plastic or similar substance having an elastic band fastened to the prongs for shooting small stones and pebbles, or (e) A sand club, chains or metal knuckles; or (f) A device commonly known as "throwing stars", multi-pointed objects designed to embed upon impact; or (g) Any knife which is a cutting or stabbing instrument with a sharp blade set in a handle; or (h) A dirk, which is a type of dagger; or (i) Any device commonly known as "nun-chu-ka" sticks consisting of two or more lengths of wood, metal, plastic or similar substance connected with wire, rope or other means; or (j) A stun-gun; or (k) Any explosive device including fireworks. 6. Any faculty member, staff member, or administrator with knowledge of "possession", "threat", or "use of weapons" as described above shall immediately report to the principal, who shall: (a) Submit a report to the appropriate jurisdictional police authority, and (b) Remove the involved student(s) from school pending full investigation by school and law enforcement authorities.


Sports Policy 1. Each player must participate in at least 10 practices in order to play in the first game. This is a Bi-state League rule. 2. Every player will need to have a physical exam turned into the school office prior to the first practice in order to participate. There are only 10 practices scheduled before the first game. Therefore it is very important that each student plan to be ready to practice on the first day, and that they plan to be at every practice. A game schedule will be given with this letter. 3. For insurance reasons, all participants are required to have a parent or guardian sign and turn in a permission slip before a player is allowed to travel on the school van for the away games. 4. Practices will normally be held each weekday from 3pm until 4:30pm. The students will be ready to be picked up at 4:35pm 5. Players will wait to be picked up after practice either in the gym entrance lobby, or outside the gym doorway. 6. The clothing requirements for practice will be a t-shirt, gym shorts, socks, knee pads and gym shoes. Sweat pants may also be worn over the shorts. Students will travel in chapel attire. 7. Players will not be allowed to play in a game on the same day that they miss school unless special permission is given from the school office.


Competition Philosophy It is very difficult trying to balance winning games while trying to play as many students as possible. We will try to accomplish both of these goals as much as possible. However, important lessons in life, particularly at this age level, can be learned by playing to win as long as basic rules of high ideals and sportsmanship are applied. The amount of playing time for each girl will first of all be based on their grade level with the 8th grade given top priority, 7th grade second, and 5th and 6th third. However, there are other considerations which are the following: the player’s attitude, team work, playing ability, hard work during practices and games, and attendance to practices. The coach must decide who plays (taking into account all of the above mentioned considerations) all in the context of trying to win the game. However, winning is not the most important goal. What we are even more interested in is that the players learn to play their hardest, learn good sportsmanship, learn the fundamentals of the game, and therefore have an opportunity to improve. Last but not least, we hope the girls will enjoy themselves as they know they have tried their best - win or lose. As adults it is extremely important that we set the example in these goals. This can be very hard when the team is in the competition and the referees do not seem to be doing their job, or if a parent from an opposing school is making comments which “incite the flesh�. Even so, may we remember who lives within us and not grieve His Spirit by succumbing to the flesh ourselves. We look forward to a blessed and exciting season!


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Parent handbook final