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Anniversary 1957–2017

2017 Annual Report Get to Know Us

Liberty ARC has traditionally recognized that our employees make us what we are and represent the strength of our organization. Congratulations 2017 Employees of the Year Manager

–Elaine Nalli–


–Roslita Lilley–


iberty ARC received the prestigious Workplace Excellence Award from the Bivarus Company in 2017. This national recognition is given annually to only a few select companies that achieve high standards in workplace communication, employee satisfaction, and leadership excellence.

Bivarus Company Workplace Excellence Award Employees attest that Liberty ARC is a great place to work.

Survey results clearly showed that 92% of Liberty ARC employees strongly feel that the organization is a good place to work. Rating inquiries include: attention to employee needs, communications, employee involvement, department leadership, direct supervision, overall work environment, and employee satisfaction and engagement. Liberty ARC recognizes that our employees make us the strong organization we are, and are thrilled to know they feel appreciated and respected. q

Liberty ARC recognized 106 tenured employees with a total of 1,445 years of service at our 2017 Employee Recognition Dinner Program

In 2017, 819 staff were employed in a full-time, part-time or relief position at Liberty ARC and its affiliates

–Cindy Fredericks–


Three employees— Janice Sheckton • Karen Fredericks • JoAnn Fuller each celebrated 35 years of employment at Liberty ARC.

Staff Employed

0–5 years



Staff Employed

6–10 years



Staff Employed

11–15 years



Staff Employed

16+ years





Anniversary 1957–2017

“One gets to know Liberty ARC through these stories, which are rich with the many successes of the individuals we support, yet are but a small sample of the myriad achievements that individuals in our various programs make every day. It is these achievements that drive our organization.”


e are proud to share with you our 2017 Annual Report, a snapshot of a milestone year for Liberty ARC as we celebrated our 60th Anniversary. In 1957, Liberty ARC was created by a group of parents who wished to establish special education programs in Montgomery County to provide a higher quality of life for their children, who had developmental disabilities. As illustrated by the stories that accompany this Annual Report, Liberty ARC has grown tremendously since our founding efforts to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and others in need to achieve a high quality of life that each person values. One gets to know Liberty ARC through these stories, which are rich with the many successes of the individuals we support, yet are but a small sample of the myriad achievements that individuals in our various programs make every day. It is these achievements that drive our organization.

Liberty ARC faces many challenges: budget cuts, increased regulatory oversight, unfunded mandates, and tightening healthcare reform, but we do not falter. Our passion and enthusiasm define us, not the challenges we face. We continue to do our work, as always. It is with the continued generous support of businesses, community organizations, community members, and volunteers whom have supported Liberty ARC in 2017, that we are able to continue to fulfill our mission. We thank you.

Paul DiCaprio Liberty Board President Jennifer Saunders Liberty CEO

Finally, we would like to thank our remarkable staff for the work they do each and every day in supporting the individuals at Liberty ARC. It is their dedication to professionalism and respect in providing superlative care that will allow us to continue for at least the next sixty years. q

Meet Colleen Irish . . . Pursuing Employment Opportunities


n late 2017 when you were holiday shopping, Colleen Irish may have given you a helping hand as part of her new job at Target. Colleen was hired during the holiday season, and she has been loving her job. “It’s been awesome,” says it all! Colleen, who learned many customer service skills while successfully working at Liberty Fresh Market, wanted to step out from under the Liberty ARC umbrella and be employed in the community. During the past year she diligently filled out numerous job applications to make this dream come true. At Target, Colleen reports, “I’ve been trained by someone very nice who taught me how to use the scanner and walkie-talkie. I restock shelves and make sure the front of the store is neat and clean. I wanted to challenge myself and further my experience by working at a bigger company.” q


New Dimensions in Health Care is a diagnostic and treatment center that has been providing dental and medical services to the Medicaid and Managed Medicaid populations in our community for more than 20 years. In 2017, the health center expanded its ability to provide excellent medical care when Tracy Kuban, Family Nurse Practitioner, became a full-time team member. q

Meet Christian Willman . . . Active in the Community

Call for an appointment

40 Wall Street • Amsterdam


Meet Bonnie Blanchard . . . Settling into a new home, with friends


elocating is one of the hardest things we ever do. It can be especially hard for individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities to adjust to new surroundings. Yet, for Bonnie, undertaking a life-changing move enriched her life. Bonnie moved from a Family Care facility to a Liberty ARC residence. The transition was disruptive and initially she did not adjust well. She felt disoriented in her new home because she was living with others who were strangers to her. To ensure Bonnie’s safety outside, staff needed to walk behind her so she would not retreat into the home. Staff assisted as Bonnie worked to conquer her anxieties. She now sits comfortably in her wheelchair and self-propels around her surroundings. She plays games on her Kindle. Most importantly, Bonnie laughs and smiles while socializing with housemates and staff who have become friends. q RESIDENTIAL SERVICES offers a variety of residential options, depending on the level of support and supervision needed by each person. Residential opportunities include well-staffed 24-hour supervised homes, supportive living apartments with staff providing assistance from 15 to 20 hours each week, and family care situations where individuals live with families in the community.



ou’re likely to find Christian wearing a smile whenever he’s around children. With an outgoing and engaging personality, he makes those around him feel special. Staff say, “He has a great sense of humor and tells jokes to make people laugh.” Christian enjoys being involved in his community. He assists his staff Jessica with coaching her son’s baseball and soccer teams. He volunteers at Fort Plain’s Meals on Wheels program, the local animal shelter, and the fire department. He also likes to golf, bowl, swim, and play volleyball and basketball. This charming young man has cultivated many long-lasting, meaningful relationships with staff, friends, and many community members. Christian is living his dream by doing what matters to him, with support and encouragement. q

Meet Three Employees . . . at St. Mary’s Healthcare


ong-term, meaningful employment is important to many. During 2017, Angel Pietri, Jeff Furman, and Joe Cope were successful in securing employment at the local hospital, St. Mary’s Healthcare, Amsterdam. As successful volunteers through Liberty ARC’s employment program, Angel, Jeff, and Joe consistently demonstrated quality results in carrying out a variety of cleaning tasks. St. Mary’s responded by offering them paid positions on the Housekeeping Team under the supervision of Lester Hughes. They perform a multitude of maintenance duties such as mopping, sweeping, and sanitizing. They are learning health care basics, safety measures, emergency codes, and building orientation specific to their employment at St. Mary’s. “We have a great rapport. I enjoy their company and we respect each other,” said co-worker and supervisor Lester Hughes. “The guys seem to enjoy it here. They help me keep the building clean and are a great asset.”

Meet Sandy Becker . . . A Mentor and Strong Leader


amed a 2017 Joslin Outstanding Performer, by New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID), Sandy is a strong leader who is committed to performing her job at the highest level. Her skills have steadily progressed during the 16 years she has been employed at Liberty ARC.

Liberty ARC is grateful to have forged a relationship with St. Mary’s Hospital in which individuals volunteer and learn skills that can lead to employment. q EMPLOYMENT SERVICES offers a wide variety of programming to accommodate a person’s skill level at time of entry. The ultimate goal for each person is to find meaningful, lasting work in a community setting. They have opportunities to expand their skill level, build confidence, and prepare for the world of work.

Sandy rarely misses a day at work because earning a living is important to her. With support from staff, she has become more confident completing jobs on her own. Looking at future career goals, Sandy’s main focus is to concentrate on her daily tasks as well as become a stronger leader so she can better teach new job skills to her co-workers. Over the past year, she has become a mentor, encouraging her peers to improve and succeed. Sandy continues to work with her supervisors to maintain her strong work ethic. q CAREER & EMPLOYMENT NETWORK (CEN) offers individuals with disabilities personalized training, assessment, career planning, and job placement and on-the-job coaching supports. CEN also partners with local school districts to provide youth with community work-based learning opportunities and school-to-work transition services.


Meet Jesus Rosado

Meet Ryan Howell . . . Caring for his sidekick Curly

. . .Taking on new responsibilities



esus feels that family is the most important part of his life. He decided that he wanted to contribute to the family’s household. In 2017, he took a major step in reaching his goal. At that time, Jesus was looking to enter the Supported Employment program, but found he was lacking some necessary safety skills. His first step was to graduate from Amsterdam High School. Through the Family Support Services Com Hab program, he has been successfully volunteering at the ASPCA and has become more independent. Two days a week he does janitorial chores, cares for the animals, and washes laundry and dishes. He takes pride in helping the shelter run more efficiently. Liberty ARC and animal shelter staff applaud his accomplishments over the past year. They agree that his success has increased his positive attitude and self-esteem. Jesus is well on his way to meeting his goal of contributing to his family’s household income. q FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES (FSS) offers a wide range of family support programs designed to assist families while providing enjoyable, worthwhile experiences for individuals with disabilities. Services include in- and out- of-home respite, evening and weekend recreation, after school and recess programs, Hispanic outreach, and medical transportation.


ou’ve often heard the saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Ryan says that is absolutely true!

Ryan is a polite, sensitive young man who enjoys interacting with people, but at times feels a bit overwhelmed. His mother remarked to a staff member that her dog, a pug, had been a wonderful support when Ryan was feeling out-ofsorts. He genuinely enjoyed spending time with the tiny pup. When Ryan was relocating to a Liberty ARC residence, accommodating a dog became a top priority. At Ayers Memorial Animal Shelter he found Curly, a dog he was drawn to. After a few sessions with a dog trainer, Curly joined Ryan at his new fur-ever home. They recently started attending certified therapy dog classes, graduated from level one intermediate dog training, and are working toward a Canine Good Citizen certificate. Ryan executed each step of the final test with minimal help from staff. Curly is currently registered as an emotional therapy dog and wears a vest so that Ryan can take him wherever he goes. Ryan now volunteers at the shelter every week and has a fond connection with its staff. q

Meet Bill Seymour . . . Spreading holiday cheer


ressing up for holidays takes on a whole new meaning for Bill who lives in a Liberty ARC residence and has an expressed goal of making children happy. Bill saved his money to purchase his own Easter Bunny and Santa suits! In 2017, he ventured out as the Easter Bunny to give treats to kids at Liberty Fresh Market. He was such a success that, when it came time to find a jolly elf for Liberty ARC’s Breakfast with Santa event, he was asked to step in and be the jolly old elf. Because of Bill’s generous heart and desire to spread cheer, many families in our community have lasting holiday memories! q

The Computer Learning Center was made possible with a $30,000 grant from donations to Liberty Foundation.

Meet Ryan Decker . . . He’s enthusiastic about computers Meet Marisol Pietri. . . A confident employee speaks


ddressing a crowd of more than 100 executives, board members, and ARC staff from throughout New York State, Marisol spoke of what’s important to her, things she’s accomplished, and her employment success. In 2017, Marisol overcame her shyness to be honored as the opening speaker at NYSARC, Inc.’s fall meeting at Saratoga Springs City Center. Laura Kennedy, board President of The Arc New York (NYSARC) said, “Work is very important to Marisol. She’s extremely dedicated, so much so that she has grown tremendously working for Liberty Enterprises for the past 23 years and has progressed to where she is now a permanent store clerk at Liberty Fresh Market.”


ursuing his desire to improve his job readiness skills, Ryan was one of the first individuals to attend a 12-week course at the new Liberty ARC Computer Learning Center. By expanding programs and services for individuals, the agency is focused on helping Ryan prepare for work in the community that will meet his needs. The “Internet Etiquette” instructors guide Ryan and several of his peers as they develop keyboarding skills, learn to safely use the internet to access and participate on social media sites, and communicate by email. Ryan enjoyed opening his first email account and began corresponding with friends and co-workers. He created a Facebook account, learned to request and accept ‘friends,’ and share photographs. He discovered Facebook groups which interest him, such as Wrestling and the Liberty Self Advocates Group. Ryan is very excited to be participating in social media with friends and co-workers while improving his typing skills and discovering how to navigate the internet. q

Marisol explained that she has found job satisfaction and a new level of confidence, while cultivating enduring bonds with many Liberty Fresh Market customers. Marisol has also worked in various positions at local companies: Amsterdam Recorder, Brown Coach, and Joann Fabrics. q DAY SUPPORT PROGRAMS offers training in daily living skills as well as offering clinical services, pre-vocational experiences, and many opportunities for community involvement and volunteerism. These programs are offered throughout Montgomery County.


2017 Fiscal Report:

55.6 Million Annual Budget


Source of Revenue Manufacturing Sales– 11% Social Security– 5% State Governmental Funds– 3%

Operating Revenue by Program Other Income– 1% Private Pay/ Long-term Care– 2%

Medicaid– 78%




CHOICES FOR COMMUNITY LIVING (CCL DELAWARE) is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Liberty providing residential and day programs to people with developmental disabilities in the State of Delaware’s three counties. —40 individuals are supported in 13 homes; 52 individuals supported in 2 day programs. Also receiving supports services are 5 individuals with drop-in supports and 52 individuals receiving CCL consultative nursing services. PRIORITY CARE NURSES REGISTRY is a subsidiary of Liberty providing in-home care to seniors in Broward County, Florida. —Approximately 60 seniors receive care each week at home, a living facility, a day care center or hospital. Many of these folks rely on Priority Care for companionship, activities of daily living, personal care and hygiene, and medical management.

New Dimensions in Health Care– 4%

Non-program– 2% Senior Care– 2% Family Support Services– 6%

Manufacturing Sales– 12%

Residential Services– 53%

Day Services– 21%


Contract Labor– 2%

Utilities, telecommunication & taxes– 2% Transportation related– 2%

Plant, property, and equipment– 7%

All Other– 3%

Food, supplies and materials– 4%

Manufacturing Materials– 7% Employee Benefits– 17%

Wages and Salaries– 56%

—Liberty 2017 Board of Directors—

Liberty’s Mission Statement We work together to support people with disabilities and others in need to achieve a quality of life each person values.

Administrative Staff Jennifer Saunders Chief Executive Officer Candace Opalka Chief Operating Officer Barbara Ganey Chief Financial Officer

Officers Paul DiCaprio President Donna Canestraro Vice-President Michael Bucciferro Secretary Carl J. Pucci Treasurer


Directors Ken Adamowski Carol Cuyler David Fariello Karreene O’Neil Sally Romano John Rose Dr. Kelly Swart, Psy.D. Rev. Dr. Lisa VanderWal Valerie Zabo


Directors Erin Abele Director of Vocational Services Nicole Archibald Director of Human Resources John Glode Director of Operations Dawn Jacksland Director of Sales & Marketing Tasha Marsh Director of Clinical & Medical Services

Director Emerita Frances Gargiulo


Laurie Miedema Director of Public Relations

& Development

Catherine Mowrey Director of Operations Tim O’Brien Director of Information Technology

Advisors Pauline Adamowski • Dominic Amatangelo Valerie Beekman • Sharon Bellamy Kim Brumley • Joe Davey Darlene Fetterly • Brett Harris


Andrew Heck • Jeffrey Heiser Mary Ellen Holland • Sherry Jerome Colleen Kaminski • Kevin Kirbey Immaculata “Micki” Lieber

Cindy Machold • Indiria McIntosh Russell Porath • Joan Silvernail Maura Stockwell • Jeanine Winkler Benjamin Ziskin

Sarah Quist Director of Corporate Compliance Carrie-Ann Schmidt Director of Operations Bill Sikora Director of Industrial Operations

& Employment Services

Dennis Yacobucci Director of New Dimensions in

Health Care & Facilities Management

These listings reflect staffing as of 12/2017

Liberty Foundation, Inc.

New Dimensions in Living, Inc.

Officers Patricia Beck President n Directors Jack Betz • Donna Canestraro Paul DiCaprio • Brett Harris Kate Wolfe n Director Emerita Wanda Burling



Officers Dr. Kelly Swart, Psy.D. President Kim Brumley Secretary/Treasurer

Directors Julie A. Gray-Bablin Nancy S. Knudsen, M.D. Brenda Maynor, MS, RN, LNC T. Donald Rapello, M.D.


Choices for Community Living (CCL Delaware, Inc.) n Officers Carl J. Pucci President John Rose Vice-President Kevin Kirbey Secretary/Treasurer n Directors Cor Catena • Jeffrey Finkle Yolanda Gordon • Larry Jordan Lisa Smith • Benjamin Ziskin

These listings reflect board memberships as of 12/2017


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Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raczynski Mrs. Joan Raven Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Reksc Mr. & Mrs. Ned Reo Mrs. Carmella Repka Mrs. Edith Richards Ms. Mary Lou Richards Mr. & Mrs. Jim Rizzo Mr. & Mrs. Scott Romano Mr. & Mrs. John Rose Mr. & Mrs. Leland Safford, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Scott Mr. & Mrs. Greg Seleman Mrs. Janice Sheckton Mrs. Joan Silvernail Mrs. Joan Somers Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Spodaryk Mrs. Mary Stachnik Mrs. Bonnie Sullivan Dr. Dustin Swanger Dr. Kelly Swart Mr. Peter Terplak Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Terplak Mr. & Mrs. John Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Howard Tiemann Mrs. Linda Tokarczyk Mr. Russell Vance Mr. David & Rev. Dr. Lisa Vander Wal Mrs. Anna Waldynski Ms. Donna Warren Ms. Sue Wesloski Mrs. Winifred Wozniak

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L iberty Foundation Golf Tournament –June 8, 2017

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If you would like to become involved with Liberty Foundation or join us for events, please call 518-954-3203 or email us at info@libertyarc.org

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Ms. Mary K. Donohue Mr. Robert Dulysz Ms. Rose Dumblewski Ms. Donna Durinick Mr. Patrick Egelston Mr. David Fariello Ms. Jennifer Ferluge Mrs. Darlene Fetterly Focused Wealth Management Ms. Debra Frame Ms. Lorie Francisco Mr. & Mrs. Michael Frollo Mr. Richard Furman Mrs. Patricia Gajewski Ms. Barbara Ganey Mr. Richard Gawrelski Mrs. Althea Giaquinto Mr. & Mrs. Corey Graff Mr. & Mrs. Kim Graff Mr. Stan Green Mr. Douglas Guy Mr. Allen J. Hall Ms. Donna Hall Ms. Brandi Hallenbeck Mr. Gary Hanson Ms. Valerie Harrington Mr. Brett Harris Ms. Deanne Hart Mr. Leonard Hartvigas Mrs. Katherine Hazzard Ms. Althea Herring Mr. Scott Hojohn Mr. Brian Holbrook Ms. Sharon Holbrook-Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Keith Holland Mr. George Honeywell Ms. Michelle Houle Hudson River Tractor Company Mr. Chuck Humphreville Ms. Linda Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Andy Iannotti Mr. Christopher Ilnicki Ms. Michele Ilnicki Ms. Donna Jablonski Ms. Marjorie Jackson Mr. Bernard Jaracz Mr. Ralph Javarone Mrs. Candyce Jennings Mr. & Mrs. William Jesenski Mr. & Mrs. James Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jordan Rev. Edward S. Kacerguis Mr. William Karash Mr. & Mrs. James Kelly Ms. Rebecca King Mr. & Mrs. Frank Klementowski Mr. & Mrs. John Kolodziej Mr. Leonard Korona Mr. Stanley Korona Mr. Gary Kosiba Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kosineski Mr. Edward Kosinski Mr. Jeffery Kozlowski Ms. Sheree Kretser Ms. Erica Krohn Ms. Jean Krohn Mr. Justin Krueger Ms. Sarah Kruger

Mr. Kenneth Krutz Mr. & Mrs. Michael LaCoppola Lamont Engineers Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Lansburg Ms. Loretta LaPorta Ms. Lorraine Larbell Ms. Melissa Lasher Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Lazarou Mr. Chang Lee Ms. Joyce Lee Mr. Ed Leppien Liberty Program Directors Mr. Daniel Lieber Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Lieber Ms. Roslita Lilley Mr. Brian Lutz M. W. Roosevelt & Son, Inc. Ms. Patty Macek Ms. Cindy Machold Mr. Steve Mack Ms. Gail Maloney Ms. Maureen Manginelli Ms. Rita Marcuccio Mr. David Martin Ms. Susan McGiver Ms. Karen McKelvey Ms. Mary McLasky Mr. Thomas McNamara Ms. Claire Meaney Ms. MaryAnn Metz Mr. Thomas Mickle Ms. Laurie Miedema Ms. Edith Mikenas Ms. Donna Mochrie Mr. John Molloy Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Moore Mrs. Barbara Morini Mr. Thomas Moses Ms. Penny Mosher Mr. Bernard Motyl Mrs. Catherine Mowrey Ms. Eva Marie Mraz Ms. Karen Mullarkey Mr. Gavin Murdoch Mr. Richard Murphy Mr. Martin Nephew Mr. Vincenzo Nicosia Mr. Arthur Nowicki Ms. Anna O’Connell Ms. Debra Oathout Ms. Pat Older Ms. Sharon Oleksak Mrs. Candace Opalka Mrs. Domitila Ortiz Mr. Joseph Ouderkirk Ms. MaryAnn Ovitt Mrs. Debbie Pac Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pallotta Mr. Robert Parkes Mr. & Mrs. James Partyka Ms. Nora Pavlak Mr. Jamie Petrin Mr. William Petruccione Ms. Shirley Pettengill Ms. Linda Phillips Mrs. Stephanie Pischel Mrs. JoAnn Piurek Ms. Susan Premo

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Pucci Mr. Charles R. Quinlan Ms. Susan Quinn Mrs. Joan Raven Ms. Patricia Reksc Ms. Patricia Reo Ms. Cindy Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reynolds Mrs. Anne Ricci Ms. Laura Rieken Mr. Frank Riley Ms. Michele Rogers Mr. Andrew Romano Mr. & Mrs. John Rose Ms. Jacqueline Rulison Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rusik Mr. Daniel Rutnik Mr. Gene Ryczek Mr. Michael Sampone Ms. Amy Sanchez Mr. Joseph Santos Ms. Jennifer Saunders Ms. Kathleen Saunders Mr. Keith Saunders Saunders Sisters Ms. Jenny Savage Ms. Laura Savage Ms. April Scheels Mr. & Mrs. James Schram Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Scott Mr. Pete Shandorf Mrs. Janice Sheckton Mr. William Sikora Mrs. Joan Silvernail Ms. Kathleen Smith Mr. & Mrs. Loren Smith Ms. Mary Smith Ms. Caroline Snell Mr. Frederick Sober Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Spodaryk Ms. Stamatina Stamatakis Mr. Andrew Stegeland Mr. Louis Stellato Dr. Kelly Swart Mr. & Mrs. Frank Szyjkowski Ms. Peggy Szyjkowski Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Taylor Mr. Stephen Terplak Ms. Christine Tessiero Mr. & Mrs. John Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Togaila Mrs. Linda Tokarczyk Ms. Rebecca Townsend Ms. Susan Trumpick Mr. Paul Tylutki Ms. Lynne Underhill Mr. Karen Ungaro Ms. Raechelle Valenti Mr. Russel Vance Ms. Patricia Wadsworth Mr. Richard Waldvogel Ms. Wendy Warner Ms. Janelle Welke Ms. Patricia Wellman Mr. Franklyn Whitney Mrs. Gail Wilsie Mr. Allan Windover Mrs. Kate Wolfe

Mr. Michael Woodcock Mr. Jay Woods Mr. Thomas Woods Mrs. Barbara Wool Mr. William H. Wyszomirski Mr. Dennis Yacobucci Mrs. Jayne Yager-Olin Mr. & Mrs. Billie Young Mrs. Lisa Zanella Ms. Sandra Zarecki Mrs. Janet Zilka\


2 017 Annual Appeal

$2,000–$4,999 Ms. Tammy Honeywell Mrs. Lisa Klim In memory of Mary Bouton Mr. Steve Mack Mrs. Candace Opalka Ms. Jennifer Saunders $1,000–$1,999 Mr. & Mrs. Paul DiCaprio GHD Services, Inc. Ms. Barbara Ganey Mr. Dan Natarelli & Family Mr. Nicholas Preddice Mr. William Sikora Mrs. Joan Silvernail Mr. Dennis Yacobucci $500–$999 Ms. Diana Mack Ms. Laurie Miedema Mrs. Catherine Williams-Mowrey Ms. Karen Mullarkey $250–$499 Mrs. Erin Abele Mr. & Mrs. Jack Betz Mr. James Burroughs Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cuyler Ms. Donna Praga, Ms. Amanda Flynn & Redcross Family In Loving Memory of Travis Redcross Mrs. Carrie Ann Schmidt Mrs. Deanna Young

$100–$249 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Adamowski Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Catena Amsterdam Funeral Chapel Mr. & Mrs. John Conroy Mr. Paul Czech Mr. & Mrs. Alfred DiCaprio & David Mr. Ross DiCaprio Excel Dryer Mr. & Mrs. John Gaito Mr. & Mrs. Frank Giaquinto Mr. & Mrs. Keith Holland Mr. Brian Lutz Ms. Cindy Machold Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moore Ms. Joan Raven Ms. Mary Lou Richards Mr. & Mrs. John Rose Mr. & Mrs. David Stockwell $1–$99 Ms. Mary Jo Argotsinger Mrs. Marie Austin Mr. Anthony Bianchine Mrs. Dolores Bieniek Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bucciferro Ms. Regina Cassetta Mr. Thomas Chico Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Copeland Mrs. Janet Falato Mr. & Mrs. Gary Fuller Ms. Kathy Hewitt Ms. Concetta Hinkel Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hotaling Mr. Bernard Jaracz Mr. & Mrs. William Jesenski Ms. Anne Keiley Ms. Sandra Mockry Ms. Evelyn Motyl Mr. Jerry Nadler Ms. Peg Nare Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nyahay Mrs. Lois Oare Ms. Lorraine Pagles Mr. Edward Pavlus, Pavlus Orchards Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Pawlowski Mr. & Mrs. Claude Phillips Mrs. Theresa Purtell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raczynski Ms. Patricia Reksc Ms. Carmella Repka Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ryczek Ms. Dianne Santos Mrs. Mary Stachnik Mrs. Bonnie Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Leon Tatara Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tedesco Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Terplak Mrs. Linda Tokarczyk Ms. Frances Wendrychowicz




2017 Agency Highlights


Anniversary 1957–2017


Liberty ARC Liberty Foundation 43 Liberty Drive Amsterdam NY 12010




Our Values Quality Teamwork Integrity Respect Resourcefulness Person-Centered





Cover photograph: Janice Seeley and Liberty ARC staff Gaudy Soriano enjoying the summer picnic.


The 10th Annual Follies Variety Show was held at FondaFultonville High School. In recognition of Liberty ARC’s 60th Anniversary, the talent show journeyed “Through the Years” highlighting the last six decades of entertainment.


KeyMark Corporation and Alpin Haus were awarded Career & Employment Network’s 2017 Employers of the Year. Lee Orton was named Career & Employment Network’s Employee of the Year. He has worked for Walmart for more than 25 years. Lee was unanimously selected for his conscientious attitude and strong work ethic by his co-workers and supervisor.

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Liberty ARC celebrated the holidays by hosting a Breakfast with Santa for agency staff, individuals, and their families. More than 100 children and their families joined us for a morning of festivities and a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Thank you to Stewart’s Holiday Match for its generous donation to New Dimensions in Health Care’s 1-2-3 Smile program, which provides oral health education to children in our community. Liberty Through the Arts program won first place at New York Association of Community Residential Agencies’ (NYSACRA) Art show held during its Annual Conference in April. “The Three Sisters,” a contemporary, three-piece sculpture, was created by Mark Klug, Hester Livengood, and Mat Novak. More than 300 pieces of artwork were submitted by ARCs throughout the state. Liberty ARC recognized Congressman Paul D. Tonko with the 2017 Community Partner Award in acknowledgment of his tireless support of the agency and the individuals we support throughout the years.



Liberty ARC honored individuals and staff from Mohawk Day Hab program with the Community Commitment Award for many years of volunteer service and making their community a better place. They sponsor an annual carnival for more than 60 children at Canajoharie Youth Center, with carnival games, a bouncy house, and of course, cotton candy. Mohawk Day Hab also sponsors a Halloween Trunk or Treat event each October that reaches more than 100 children. Paul DiCaprio was sworn in as Liberty ARC Board President. New York Association of Day Support Service Providers honored two Liberty ARC staff at its Direct Support and Front Line Supervisor Recognition Day. Shauna Hall received the Outstanding DSP Award for her exceptional supervision of Liberty ARC’s outdoor maintenance program. Amy Devendorf received the Outstanding Front Line Supervisor Award for her ongoing dedication and years of commitment to Liberty Through the Arts, Liberty ARC’s art program. We thank Walmart Community Grant program for its generous donation to support the snack bag program that individuals at 7 Main Street Day Hab organize for Fort Plain School District. On October 19, individuals aged 7–21 who participate in Liberty ARC’s Family Support Services (FSS) Recreation program, presented their version of the classic fairytale Cinderella. Youth worked with Liberty ARC staff and professional actors with the Missoula Children’s Theatre. This full-length production, which took place at Lynch Middle School, Amsterdam, NY, was made possible through two grants: a $15,000 grant from the Trustee Management Board of NYSARC Trust Services and a $1000 grant from Stewart’s Shops Holiday Match program. q

Profile for Liberty ARC

Liberty ARC 2017 Annual Report  

Liberty ARC 2017 Annual Report