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Life without labeling antoaneta

April 15, 2019

Life without labeling experience as good or bad Labeling experience is one of the biggest problems in everyday life. During the educational system, we were trained to be evaluated through the grades. ​Comparing with others becomes part of who we are. Of course, most of the school are designed to create the mass for manipulation, hopefully, we have some exceptions. Young minds can easily be shaped by experience. As time passes your creative spirit lose their authenticity to become just a number. After many years of education, we continue with the same way of perceiving ourselves. Although we are no longer in the education system, such patterns of behavior are so deep that we do not know otherwise. We live under the illusion that competition is needed to be happy and successful. We think happiness comes as a result of the corporate world and in order to achieve it is necessary to compete with everyone around us, we do not see colleagues and friends anymore, only the competition. 1/4

How do you make decisions? Are those decisions coming from pure inspiration, your inner voice? Or they come from rational thinking? In most cases, a person will take a piece of paper and write down the positives and the negatives, and then make a decision as a result. Have you noticed whenever you try to rationalize your life, it gets even worse? We make decisions based on a positive and negative list, ignoring the inner voice that always speaks to us. From where are we even getting the idea of good and bad? How do we know what falls to the good or bad side? Did we label something as good or bad because of the feeling or because someone told us? Along with numerous other limitations, we have learned to sort everything in only two groups, in black and white, positive and negative. And that’s where all the problems come from. Taking so much time to experience the positive part, while avoiding negative is stopping us from feeling free in this experience of life. We are living the idea of only two extremes. Wouldn’t we enjoy every second of life much more if we stop worrying about labeling everything with just two labels? Our thought is the one that puts the label on any scenario and according to that thought we get the feeling. It is not the opposite way as we think. Most of the people believe that feeling is the first and that we mark the experience according to the feeling. Without even noticing we become afraid of the next experience as we lost all of your power of reaction. Instead of choosing our reaction, we become victims of our own interpretation. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Imagine a life without labeling and overthinking each step of the path. The point of life on this beautiful planet is to experience duality and finding a way to get the most out of it. The best way is following the authentic and personal path you feel inside. Rather than being trained, let the inner voice lead you in the direction of your purpose. Only then you get the right experience.


Forget everything you have learned about good and bad. Our idea of ​them creates the resistance that gives us the problem. Watching the beauty of life without being attached to a particular definition enables us to learn the most in every situation as we do not insist on specific situations. Let life happen! I do not know about you, but I grow the most as a person while dealing with difficulties. Basically, in these demanding situations, I feel connected to the universe because it reminds me that everything is in my head, it is only my perception.

The problem is not the problem; our reaction to the problem is the problem. On this wonderful planet, one of the Simplicity and beauty of life fundamental laws is the law of duality, the night and day, black and white. But do not forget there is a whole spectrum of colors between black and white. Don’t let the fear of black prevents you from seeing all the other colors. Are you interested in more: Different states of mind Learn self acceptance and self love Everything happens for a reason or With love,


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Life without labeling experience as good or bad