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Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

We Have the Key

Introduction Since its very beginning, on July 14th 2012, LiberArti has become part of the cultural life of Trieste and one of the leading contemporary art spaces of the city. Starting as a small gallery situated in one of the most beautiful squares of the historic center, not far from Piazza dell’Unità, it has expanded and become a cultural association of contemporary art. Through its multi-disciplinary activities, LiberArti aims at spreading contemporary art among a wide public, cooperating with emerging artists from different art disciplines, but mainly, it wants to be an active voice in the art world and in contemporary cultural life. More than seventy artists, both national and international, have showcased in the space. Exhibitions, performances, workshops, multi-disciplinary art events, art marathons and open markets have been hosted here. We believe in Art, research and communication. LiberArti in Italian means “free yourself” but also “fine arts”. For us, the merging of these two different concepts means “free yourself by opening the doors of your imagination”. You just need to believe it. Follow us. We have the key

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

ph. R. Sciarrone


Inspired by Plato's dialogue about love, LIBERSYMPOSIUM is a performance that strives to cultivate the art of dialogue and rhetoric, promoting communication between different disciplines. At the end, spectators can contribute to the debate.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


ph. G. Plazzi


ANIMA MUNDI is a photo/video shooting session that develops a specific concept by using different disciplines such as installations, performances, dance and storytelling. Selections of photos and videos are shown in the gallery during special events or photographic exhibitions.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

Group Exhibitions

ph. B. Fresno


Storming of Barbacan Square. Symbolically, LiberArti's philosophy begins with its opening on July 14th, 2012, Bastille Day.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

ph. M. Sanchez Puyade

Gothic Beauty

Gothic embodies our fears but most of all the need to discover our origins. Under this perspective, man must explore the unknown: the tree of knowledge.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


ph. N. Spano

Eros und Thanatos

In The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, Rilke imagines the beautiful thread that links love to death as the hands of a woman resting naturally on her womb. Her smile is both nurturing and absent, perhaps because she feels that there are two fruits growing inside of her: a baby and a death.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

ph. G. Mohor

Oh, Make me a Mask!

Opened during Carnival, the exhibition ponders on the meaning of “person" in our times, reminding us that in Latin and Greek the term meant “mask” and “actor”.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


ph. M. Sanchez Puyade

Horror Vacui

The exhibition examines the meaning of emptiness. In Western culture the concept points to something that produces fear and should be avoided. According to Aristotle, Nature avoids emptiness. Conversely, in the East emptiness represents the basis for meditation and art. Without empty spaces architecture, calligraphy and painting could not exist.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

ph. M. Sanchez Puyade

WAR [Warning! Images may be disturbing.]

What does the word "war" mean to us? World War I changed the relationship between citizen and state. As the geo-political situation was reorganized, "naked life" became the new subject matter of sovereign and modern democracy. Politics became Biopolitics.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


ph. M. Sanchez Puyade

Je ris donc je suis pas terroriste

Three months after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, three cartoonists from Asia, Europe and Africa were asked to illustrate their own concept of freedom of speech and three writers were asked to provide a text to these cartoons.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

ph. A. Milia

Food: Touch the Taste

In Italian, taste (sapore) and knowledge (sapere) share the same etymology: in order to know something we first need to taste it. The setting for this exhibit was conceived as a locus amoenus, a quiet place from which to look for an answer to hunger, poverty and famine. In this exhibition, imagination becomes the only way out from the current circumstances.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016



ph. E. Frank

Trieste NEXT

7LADIES & A LITTLE BIRD Performance inspired by Boccaccio's tale Nastagio degli Onesti (from The Decameron) and Botticelli's namesake painting, to talk about violence committed against and by women.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


ph. L. Ulian


10 METERS OF CORRESPONDENCE Drawing and writing performance on ten meters of paper about the relationship between Trieste and Vienna.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

Poetry Festival ph.T. Neppi

Trieste International

POETIC SKIRTS Three ladies read the poems sewn on the skirts that another three ladies interpret and wear.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


ph.M. Tommasi


ESCAPE AT SUNSET Fund-raising performance for an old lady who lost her home and all her belongings after her apartment exploded over her.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

ph.T. Neppi

[Casa Dell'Arte TS] FOTONOTTE

REBECCA•THROUGH A HOLE Inspired by Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, the exhibition gives an impression of seduction and erotism.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


Open Air Events

ph. D. Biagioli


Conceived as an amusement ART park, this series of interactive workshops dedicated to children and teenagers is really a fun game. Drawing with a feather or a carrot; painting with spray like a graffiti artist; listening to a tale read by a writer or playing music like the very first DJs becomes an amazing way of learning.

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016



ph. N. Furlani


BARBACAN PRODUCE is an open-air market organized by LiberArti and the Municipality of Trieste in Barbacan Square with the collaboration of studio Combinè, second-hand store Boogaloo and ArcoRiccardo Restaurant.


Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

Exhibition's Artists Opening

Bea Fresno (photography) Daniel Herce (painting & sculptures) Frederick Jan Van den Berg (painting)

Gothic Beauty

Alessandro Cadamuro (glass sculpture) Massimo Deganutti (oil painting) Paola De Grenet (photography) Sandrine Zondervan (installation)

Eros und Thanatos

Bojana Atlija (drawings) Ivana Ivkovic (drawings) Saturno Buttò (oil painting) Sara Saudek (photography) Takato Yamamoto (prints) Sandrine Zondervan (photography)

Oh, make me a Mask!

Marco Bevilacqua (wood sculptures) David Dalla Venezia (painting) Daria Endresen (photography) Pablo Gazal (painting) Ivana Ivkovic (prints) Marco Rea (painting) Giulio Rigoni (sculptures) Irina Werning (photography)

WAR [Warning! Images may disturb you] Marco Bevilacqua (wood sculpture) Paola Gariboldi (clay sculpture) Vincenzo Floramo (photography) Betta Porro (performance-installation) Banafsheh Rahmani (painting) María Sánchez Puyade (video)

Je ris donc je suis pas terroriste Cartoonists: Khalid Albaih (Sudan, Qatar) Badiucao (Cina, Australia) Fabio Magnasciutti (Rome, Italy) Writers: Matteo Danieli (Italy) Jimi Lend (Austria) María Sánchez Puyade (Argentina)

Food: Touch the Taste

Marco Bevilacqua (sculpture) Tiziano Neppi (photography) Giulio Rigoni (painting) Barbara Stefani (painting) Maria Sánchez Puyade (installation)


Annette Godard (A.Metton - photography) Maria Sánchez Puyade (installation)

Horror Vacui

Turi Avola (photography) Elena Nieves (drawing)

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016



Alessio Ansuini (scientist) Annalisa Cattani (artist) Lisa Deiuri (waitress) Giovanni Leghissa (philosopher) Kenka Lekovich (writer) Maria Sánchez Puyade (waitress) Manuela Sedmach (artist) Riccardo Turchet (chef)


Barbara Stimoli (kinbaku roper) Titta (model)

7LADIES & A LITTLE BIRD Irene Brigitte Francesca Corrado Tatiana Malalan Sanja Nastasic Irene Pahor

costumes: Bojana Nikodijevic direction: Maria Sanchez Puyade



Tania Coceancig Irene Brigitte Lucia Pinat María Sánchez Puyade Giulia Toniutti


Giorgia Beneventano (reading in arab) Tania Coceancig Antonietta D'Alessandro (reading in english) Lisa Deiuri Lucia Pinat Betta Porro María Sánchez Puyade Giulia Toniutti Vittorio Simonovich

10 Meters of Correspondence Elena Nieves (painting) María Sánchez Puyade (writer)

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

Workshops Artists & Photographers TRANSFORM - Arti

Stefano Goina (street artist/graffiti) Dunja Jogan (illustrator) Michael Petronio (DJ) Corrado Premuda (writer)

ANIMA MUNDI [kinbaku] Barbara Stimoli (roper) Titta (model)


Dina Biagioli (TRANSFORM-Arti) Edvard Frank (7 Ladies & a little bird) Bea Fresno (Opening) Nika Furlani (Barbacan Produce) Andrea Milia (Food: Touch the Taste) Gianni Mohor (Oh, Make me a Mask!) Tiziano Neppi (Poetic Skirts/Rebecca Trough a Hole) Giorgio Plazzi (ANIMA MUNDI) Maria Sanchez Puyade (Gothic Beauty/Horror Vacui/WAR/Je ris donc je sui pas terroriste) Roberto Sciarrone (LIBERSYMPOSIUM) Nanni Spano (Eros un Thanatos) Martina Tommasi (Escape at Sunset) Lucio Ulian (10 meters of correspondence)

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016




Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


LiberArti Piazza Barbacan 1/a • 34124 Trieste - Italy •

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016


Graphics and texts: Lisa Deiuri e Maria Sanchez Puyade Text editing: Martina Horvic LiberArti 2016

We Have the Key

Liberarti Associazione Culturale 2016

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