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Training Manual

Acne Studios is a fashion house which is based in Stockholm, Sweden which has stores located all over the world, Acne was founded in 1997.The creating director and founder is Jonny Johansson, who has interests in fashion, art, photography and architecture. Jonny Johansson likes to use juxtaposing designs and also has a lot of attention for detail. The collections cover mens, women and children ready-to-wear fashion including, shoes and accessories.

Who are our customers: Our customers are both male and female aged 20-45. Our customers work in a high-income level jobs, and live middle to upper class lives. They’ll most likely work in creative industries such as fashion, graphic design for example. As our store are located in cities they’ll most likely live in city centres. The type of demographic we sell to enjoy travelling, art, shopping, watching films and relaxing in the free time. Our customers are described as self-confident, optimistic, creative, outgoing and eccentric.

Dress Code




When working at Acne we would like to represent the brand and look apart of the brand and business, this doesn’t mean we’re asking you to wear a suit but retail staff need to be casual but trendy. All staff is given a £500 uniform budget, we ask you use this money on clothing you will wear to work, we would prefer you to be in head to toe Acne Studios Clothing as much as you can to show off the products. Trainers are allowed but they have clean trainers. No open toed foot wear is allowed When not wearing an Acne garment we ask that you wear a piece of clothing which does not have branding on it as we see this as advertising another brand in the Acne store and this could effect Acne sales.

Health and Safety:

- Ensure there is nothing around which could be a tripping hazard - Make sure the shop floor is always clean and clear of any obstructions - Never anything blocking the entrance - If water or any liquid has been spilt, put up a warning sign to warn customers and staff of the hazard - Look out for anything which could be seen as a hazard to anyone around in the store

Selling skills

- Greet every customer with a positive, professional attitude - Product knowledge to help add to the sale and inform the customer in what they’re are about to purchase - Be willing to get different sizes for them and move at a fast pace when doing so - Understanding on when to close the sale and ensure that the customer is going to purchase the product

Service standards: 1. Always greet customers on entrance to the store 2. Ask how they are and if they need help looking for something 3. Let them know you are there to help if they need any assistance 4. Always be attentive to needs of customers 5. Offer help if someone is lost 6. Give advice on clothing items

Customer service Do’s - Welcome every customer to the store with a smile - intention to sell products to them - Have strong product knowledge - Answer any questions a customer may have to the best of your ability - Use correct language towards customer and around staff - Give an honest opinion to a customer so they feel welcomed and that you are genuine Dont’s - Do not ignore the customer and avoid questions - Do not go on your phone unless its benefiting the customer - Do not leave items unstacked so customers are unable to see and purchase products - Do not be rude to customers and make them feel unwelcome

Product Knowledge

- Understand how each garment in the store fits and be able to advise the customer what is best for their body shape - Knowledge on different materials and where they come from - Knowledge on different garment styles, ie trench coat and a Mac. - Technical side of a garment, ie Gortex lining - what is it, how does it work?

Training manual  
Training manual