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bluff embraces a creative and urban lifestyle

Bluff is a new men’s fragrance brand a living, breathing, reflection of cultural and social currents, of what’s going on in music, art and the streets of the community’s we live in. We created a fragrance that reflects aspects of our consumer’s lifestyle. This included the use of accessory notes which were tobacco and grassy which symbolizes festivals and summertime. Bluff’s consumer would ‘make effort to seek out new trends, customize their own clothes and buy from independent stores’ (Posner, 2011, pg


117). The brands launch and promotion of the fragrance will include launch events, PR and the use of digital media. Bluff aims to break away from the industry set ideals and embraces a creative and urban lifestyle. In ‘Fashion Brands’ (Tungate, 2012, pg 83), he covers how ‘the important thing is to always be aware of the brands origins’. Bluff will do this by displaying the brands personality, identity and being truthful through advertisement and promotion.

Bluff is inspired by real British culture music, skate and urban art. We want to make sure this is clear in the launch event. Bluff’s plan is to create an experience for our consumer. We would do this by enhancing the urban and creative lifestyle that they crave. This would be done through an event with a large space which would include a skate park, graffiti, artists, musicians, DJ’s, designers, competitions and magazines. Our product is aimed at the talented young male creative’s aged 20-26. It will be an event for both male and females to gain brand awareness and for word of mouth to spread. Ekaterina (Walter,2012), a journalist explains how ‘women make or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions, and purchase over 50% of traditional male products’. Therefore we should not just be targeting a male aged 20-26 as the product could be bought for them by friends and family.


The launch event would be held at Finsbury Park in London where many indie events have occurred. Arctic Monkeys have performed at Finsbury Park and a festival called wireless took place there where artists such as Kiesza, Javeon and Mo performed. We feel that this would be a perfect creative and urban location for bluff’s launch. A skate ramp would be built especially for this event, for our consumers to skate and enjoy. We want the Skate ramp to fit in with the atmosphere and to look creative so we would get graphic designer Joshua Davis to design a bluff inspired print and pattern for it to stand out. This enhances our brand identity and personality. Bluff would like to collaborate with a skate brand called Zazzle and have some skateboards at the launch. Zazzle allows you to personalise your own skateboard and it would benefit our consumer’s lifestyle.

Bluff would invite the young creative’s to the event such as Alexandra Bruel – art director/ illustrator and Tom Hayes – Graphic designer/ typographer. This brings all the artists together. As the location is so large we have a lot of space to work with. Another element that would be incorporated into the event would be to build a large white wall. With this wall people would be able to create art and graffiti on it. We would have artists such as Stephen Cuthbert, Alexander McCallum and Cameron Fisher helping with this. This wall could then be used in some of our pop up shops in Box Park in Shoreditch. Not only will the event include skating and graffiti art but also music. Artists such as King Krule, Django Django, SBTKRT and Mount Kimbie would perform. Artists and DJs such as XXYYXX, Hermitude and Bondax would attend or their music would play when no one is on stage. Bluff’s consumer would listen to indie-pop/rock and electro music.


There would also be a bar where our consumers can purchase drinks such as Desperados which is a high quality gold beer, flavoured with tequila, this is a drink we feel our consumer would appreciate. There would also be a billboard with our fragrance advertisement however we don’t want it to be too assertive and forceful. We don’t want them to feel like we are forcing them to buy into the brand we want to offer an event which shows the brands quality’s Blohm. Bob Burnquist came out to skate in it and a commercial was shot for the dream 365 project through visit California. The campaigns goal was to show off the beautiful places to visit within the state, encourage more people to get outside and to inspire people to dream big. This links to what bluff wants to do on the launch event as we want to offer something innovative, fun and different.


so they could relate to it. We would offer exclusive coverage to one magazine – VICE. VICE is a young, urban, creative magazine that focuses on arts, culture and news and we feel our brand would relate to. By giving exclusivity to VICE we are sure that our product and event would be promoted to our consumers and potential customers. Celebrities that would attend would be creative individuals such as musicians, artists and people from the blogosphere.

A case study which relates to bluff which was interesting was professional skater Bob Burnquist and his team had an idea to build a new floating skate ramp and launch it off into the water. This was all part of the dream big California tourism campaign by Lee and London Public Relations. The ramp was built to promote all the cool and inspiring people and the places within the state. This campaign was led by professional skater Jeff King and production designer Jerry

Another campaign which relates to bluffs idea is Tommy Hilfiger’s campaign for his fragrance ‘loud’ it was a breakthrough for the music and perfume industry. ‘Loud’ collaborated with The Ting Tings as Tommy Hilfiger allowed creative input. They embarked on a journey to ‘break all industry standards’. They also engaged consumers through live music events and their own live ‘loud’ radio station. This is similar to what bluff wants to achieve through our launch event and our brands are similar in the sense that we want to break away from industry set ideals.


The PR Company that Bluff will use is ‘Forward PR’. Forward PR is one of ‘London’s leading fashion PR agencies’. They represent clients within design, music, beauty, print and digital content. They offer services such as editorial, Event planning: launch event and a creative service link which incorporates photographers, stylists and graphic designers which are services that bluff would need. Forward PR’s clients are quite niche. Harriet (Posner, 2011, pg 122) in her book Marketing Fashion says that Niche is finding an ‘intricate balance between oneof-a-kind and fitting in.’ ‘Niche brands come with a story – niche is knowledge’. This fits in with Bluffs identity of being a niche brand. Forward PR would be helping with the launch event and our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and our website. This PR agency has previously got clients into innovative and interesting magazines such as Syn and Beige.


Our brand ambassador would be Seth Hilson who is a graphic designer. Seth is a creative individual who enjoys snowboarding, photography, swimming, running, skate videos, animals and typography. Bluff feels that Seth would be great at helping to promote bluffs new fragrance and the brand. He has experience in art direction, graphic designing and photography. All which fits in with the brands qualities and essence.


Bluff plans to use digital and social media to its advantage by using as many resources as we can. In the book ‘the new rules of marketing and PR’ by David Meerman (Scott, 2013), Scott covers how providing a concise action plan for success is important rather than focusing on a single solution. Brands should be using ‘multiple online tools, all directed towards increasing the brands visibility and word of mouth awareness’ this further highlights how we should use digital advertisement to our advantage. Prada has created a digital collage-making tool to push the release of its new fragrance and to engage its consumers. The brand collaborated with Michael Rock – Graphic designer and 2x4 studio to create this app. “This interactive web


app is designed to increase a user’s engagement with the Prada brand” said Rachel (Lewis,2013), Senior strategist at iprospect. Lewis also said that “In the digital space, fragrances must work harder to differentiate themselves from others and establish an identity.” This is very accurate and bluff would like to create something innovative and creative to stand out from the crowd by using digital technology. Prada’s app allows consumers to create digital collages using select graphics. Iprospect is a leading digital performance agency. ‘We create experiences’ iprospect claims. After researching other projects iprospect has undergone, bluff feels that they would be ideal for the digital marketing of bluff’s new fragrance.

Iprospect ‘leads the digital space’ ‘acts faster’ and ‘dares to be bolder’ which is exactly what bluff needs. Bluff will be creating an exciting new app for its consumers with the help of Iprospect. This app will give our consumer a chance to put their creativity together and create a piece of art. Bluffs advertisement shows a realistic interpretation of a modern creative guy and around the image it shows maps of places the guy wants to travel or activities he does such as snowboarding and even music he listens to. So this app would give our consumer a chance to show their own identity, personality, likes and attributes. They would be able to do this through uploading an image of themselves and editing the image and applying graphics to the image. These graphics would be of maps, locations, activities such as snowboarding, skating and surfboarding, music, food, drink, clubs and more. They would then be able to use opacity and different editing tools to form their own image. They would also be given a chance to create their own graphics or upload an image of what they would like to use. To create this app and to help with the graphics we would collaborate with graphic designer Joshua Davis. In ‘Marketing Fashion’ by Harriet (Posner, 2011) she claims that ‘collaboration allows a brand or designer to attract new customers and to create a buzz and attract press coverage’ which is why it is a good idea to collaborate with Joshua for the app and for the launch event. Once they have finished with creating their image


they could upload it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts and share it with their friends. They could also post it on Instagram with the hash tag #SeeMyBluff. This would be advertised at bluffs launch event along with a deadline date for a competition for the best image. Bluff would choose three winners whose image would feature on bluffs Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The winners would also win a bottle of bluffs new fragrance. Bluff believes that Iprospect will create and execute the app well ‘because reaching the right person at the right time with the right message is what iprospect is all about’ (Iprospect, 2014). Users of bluffs app would be spending time creating the image thereby increasing their involvement with the brand. In 2009 the charity Oxfam ran a competition as part of their launch campaign for a new store. They invited entrants to customize an outfit or garment they already had and submit a photograph of their result via Flickr. The winner would win a custom-made garment by celebrity stylist Mrs Jones and images of their customized winning outfit on Oxfam’s website. This was very successful and helped spread publicity for Oxfam and it got people involved in something fun

Competitions are a good promotional device as it engages the consumers. Another creative app bluff would promote would be to ‘create your own t-shirt’. The user can select which colours to use, what cut, length and fit it is. Additionally, they can select a graphical print or even create their own. They would then post their creation on Instagram and it would be judged and a winner would be chosen to get their design created and to get a free bottle of bluff’s new fragrance. Bluff feels that it is very important to push the use of Instagram as it is a great place to be visually creative and it fits in with the brand well. Furthermore, Instagram has 150 million active monthly users, so it’s a very popular social medium to use. Our promotional concepts all increase our consumers


understanding of our street, creative and urban brand. They get a clearer understanding of bluff’s creative personality and identity. Posner in her book ‘Marketing Fashion’ claims that ‘social networking sites are also becoming vital avenues for promotion.’ (Posner, 2011) Burberry believes that ‘this medium will help attract new younger customers and strengthen ties with their existing customer base.’ (Prada, 2013) Therefore bluff believes that using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and having our own website will be vital for reaching our consumer and promoting our product and brand. Within our social media websites we plan to post regularly with content relating to music, street style, cultural news, art, interesting places to visit, updates with bluff and more.


Bluff plans to advertise the new fragrance and the brand via social media, our website, email newsletters, magazines, blogosphere and instore. Bluff feels that TV commercials, flyers, billboards and radio are too forceful and pricey. Our consumers are clever and like to decide what they buy into. Moreover, by advertising this way we are more confident that it would reach our consumer better. We want to show them and for them to want to be involved with the brands creative, fun and urban lifestyle. Magazine advertisement is very important to bluff as well and we want our advertisements to be placed in magazines such as Dazed and Confused and VICE as they cover fashion, music, art, culture and photography which is what bluff stands for. Additionally, the blogosphere is extremely central


to bluff as they are highly influential to the public and specifically to our consumers. We plan to get close with bloggers such as ‘TheUrbanGent’ and ’StreetEtiquette’ who have a big impact on the public and post about fashion lifestyle, art, music so we can help each other out with promotion. They would additionally be invited to our launch event along with other bloggers. For bluffs advertisement, we decided to break away from traditional styling of men’s fragrance adverts where they usually play on sex appeal. We photographed a model in his natural surroundings to form something individual and expressive of street culture. We then used Photoshop to add elements of our consumer’s lifestyle.


A place that bluff would fit in is Shoreditch in London – a vibrant area. Bluff will have popup stores in Box Park. It consists of refitted shipping containers, which makes it low-cost. It’s a lush place with a fun atmosphere filled with ‘brands packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back where they belong: on the street’ (Box Park, 2011) – An ideal place for bluff. Another Place we would sell our product would be online on our website and it would get advertised through


our social networks. Bluff’s product will also be sold in Urban Outfitters as the shop has a creative and urban atmosphere and is filled with brands with similar qualities. Additionally, Urban Outfitters does not sell fragrance so we feel we would be filling a gap in the market. Lastly, another place that offers a home for pop-up shops would be Containerville, it is similar to box park and bluffs shop would be surrounded by brands with similar values to us.


Bluff plans to spread the events and promotion across a period of 12 months. Bluff will start promotion in October 2014 with starting up the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and building up followers and an audience, by regularly posting and updating the public about the brand and the new fragrance. After a month and at the start of November 2014 bluff will open its website and open the chance to buy the new fragrance online. After two months of promotion via social media and bluffs website the box park pop-up store will open. As by then word of mouth would have spread and some people would have a bit of an idea of what the brand is. At that time


it would be December 2014 and people would be shopping for Christmas presents so it would be a good time for selling. Daily Mail claims that ‘Scent sales are up six percent on last year, and a total of £790m to be spent in the UK over the festive season, according to industry experts’(Lacey, 2012) Following this, in January 2015, to start off the year we would have our launch event to spread the brands name even more. During the launch event the app for creating your own image about your personality and competition would be advertised and would occur during the whole of February 2015. Our consumers would be posting their images using the hash tag #SeeMyBluff which would hopefully gain more

promotion for the brand. During March 2015 we would let the launch event, Box Park shop, social networks and website to sink in to our consumer. Then in April 2015 we would open the Containerville pop-up store. After two months of that, in June 2015 we would launch ‘create your own t-shirt’ app and competition. Then in august, in the summer we would trial our new fragrance in some urban outfitters stores. 82% of respondents from bluff’s fragrance questionnaire would buy a fragrance from a clothing store, so it should be successful. In, September 2015 we would investigate how well we have been doing and make any necessary changes.


In conclusion, David Delfin a designer says that ‘In order to stand out in the fashion industry you need two things: your own identity and ideology’ (Posner, 2011, pg 138) Bluff aims to stand out from the crowd and break away from industry set ideals. We feel that we are achieving this and reaching the same level of our consumers through our brand launch and promotional activities. We are a brand that not only offers fragrance but offers culture, music, art and fashion.

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Bibliography and+PR%E2%80%99+multiple+online+tools&hl=en&sa=X&ei=9oqQU4CUK8XB7AaW84CgBw&ved=0CDoQ6wEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false


page 1 – logo created by our fragrance group page 6 the who - King Krule - two guys top right corner - b9/27bbb93ac3f40c5c42bc7b1719782a8c.jpg skater 1 - skater 2 - jpg skater 3 - jpg vice - graphics - page 7 - http://media-cache jpg page 10 DJ - page 11 - Django Django - Finsbury park - c6/5ef0c632efa23ff994b423f6881167a4.jpg - arctic monkeys page 12 – desperados - vice - page 13 – water skate ramp - - the ting tings loud - page 16 – Nike house - page 17,%20Blue-Green.png Page 20 prada screen shots - Page 21 bottle created by product designer advertisement photographed and edit by perfume group - oxfam flickr contest Page 22 Page 23 - graphics Page 26 – advertisement created by perfume group Page 27 - Page 30 – 3 box park pictures - Page 31 – urban outfitters - Containerville blue urban outfitters Page 34 – created the web page on Wix by myself and screenshot it. Page – 35 – repetition from images I have already used

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Brand launch and promotion - bluff  

This is a report of the brand launch and promotion for a new men's fragrance brand - bluff

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