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Liatris Healing Salve .5 oz Organic Comfrey .5 oz Organic Calendula .5 oz Organic Plantain .5 oz Organic St John’s Wort 1 oz bees was Lavender essential oil 1 ½ Cup Organic Olive oil

In a double boiler add the olive oil and the herbs. Simmer on low heat for an hour (high heat won’t scorch the herbs and oil but will destabilize the oil and run the risk of getting rancid!!)

After simmering for an hour, remove from heat, let cool off a little and strain using a cheese cloth into a bowl.

Measure one cup of the infused oil. Save the rest (you can use it like you would use the salve).

Place 1 oz bees wax in clean double boiler, melt and add oil, warm until all melted to together.

Have jars/tins open and ready! And be fast but careful.

Poor salve into a measuring cup, and use the cup to fill up the tins and jars.

One in the containers, add 4 to 8 drops of lavender essential oil (depending on the size of the jar or tin.

Note: This salve can be done with already herb infused oils. But this would take longer because oils have to be infused for several weeks!

Healing Salve  

This healing salve is an all purpose salve, great for burns, scrapes, insect bites and more. This is a very fast healing salve! Make sure y...

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