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Logo Creation

company based on security, but it is the smartest form of security one can

The purpose of this assignment was to create an advertisment based on a

ask for. It is Smart! To come up with a slogan, I had to think of what people

company that each student was given randomly. Picked from a hat, I knew

would remember. It is a lock, therefore it is “safe”; given! Of course “secure”

that my “category” needed to be emphasized in such a way that people would

was the perfect definition of feeling that safety even further so there we go.

feel the need to buy into the whole security business. Mr.Lock is not just a

Safe, Smart (we love that word), and Secure!

Multi-Page L ayout For this particular project, we created a catalogue based on 10 different kinds of animals of our choice. This was a team oriented project focusing on complex document setting, working with multi-page layout and getting the publication ready for print. We needed to create a cover page

as well as a back page to finalize the catalogue. For the assignment, we also had to do research on the various animals that we chose and make sure that the information inputed was correct. Paragraph styles were to be aligned and justified, therefore modifying the text frame options and adjusting certain areas to make it look neat and

Positioning - 90°

tidy. Typography was also a key component in the assignment and finding the right elements to be placed where they needed to be placed, for example on the cover page. Adjusting image resolution and size was one if not the most important elements because we wanted to capture the readers attention by delivering good graphic and appeal.

Simple Page Layout From television provider to internet provider, there is no doubt that Bell is one of the most reliable and well-known services there are out there. For the assignment, I wanted to showcase the efforts of the company by creating a well-organized, professional looking brochure.


We b s i t e D e s i g n & D e v e l o p m e n t In this course, we learned how to use a program called Dreamweaver. We learned the basics of web design including coding such as HTML and CSS. We learned the importance of file

organization for proper functioning of the URL. For the web design process, we used a front-end framework called Bootstrap and from there we were able to develop websites so that they would become responsive. This made it easier to set up the web page layout and from there, we were able to work on the graphics and typography.

Also during the course, we leared how to use Wordpress; a platform dedicated to designing beautiful websites while providing the developer easy tools to maintain and build elements within a webpage using back-end development.


Vector Illustrations Oh, the power of the dark side. We must kneel down to the one and only Darth Vader, leader of the Galactic Empire. Please don’t let this tableware set fool you. It can get really dark, really fast!

A l o n g t i m e a g o , i n a g a l a x y f a r, f a r a w a y The order of battle of the Stormtrooper Corps is unspecified in the Star Wars universe. They are known throughout the Galaxy for their high combat effectiveness, and due to their brutal and merciless tactics, have earned a harsh reputation throughout local star systems. Accompanying the Imperial Navy, Stormtroopers are able to be deployed swiftly and respond to states of civil unrest or insurrection, act as a planetary garrison, and police areas within the Galactic Empire. They are shown in collective groups of varying organizational sizes ranging from squads to legions and for some, their armor and training are modified for special operations and environments.

Business Card Design A business card is a simple represenation of who you are and what you do. Throughout the program, we created countless business cards for individuals who were actually in need of business cards. Therefore, we, as graphic designers needed to be accurate when designing a concept for their job and what they do best.


Storytelling, Creativity & Collaboration.

Offset Printing Standards For this course, the main focus was to prepare documents for offset printing. In order to organize the document correctly, we needed to use registration marks, crop marks, bleed and anything else relative to the printing process. Through brainstorming, we were able to come up with various ideas to demonstrate while using our creativity at full force. Modifications and conceptualization were also really important to finalize production.

T-Shir t D esig n The purpose of this assignment was to come up with a t-shirt design that would incline a customer to buy the product. In the class, we were allowed to come up with 2 concepts, so the ones I created were related to a non-existing company called YouNature. I simply added some text such as It’s Complicated that I derived from one of my favourite tracks and added it to the shirt with some slashes (///) and voila, there’s the design.

Label Design Throughout the program, we learnt how to do various tasks such as create logos, banners and even movie posters. One thing I really enjoyed was creating labels for companies. Along with the logo I created, I thought it would be a good idea to add them to some clothing labels to showcase my idea.

Branding A Company For this project, there was no particular reason in creating this concept. The main purpose was to fiddle around with shapes and sizes in order to obtain a logo for myself. Afterwards, it became a logo for a random company I made up and consequently it turned out nice. Finally, I decided it would be a good idea to create a stationary set to showcase the company’s brand identity as well.

Packaging and Design Allergy information: Contains soy lecithin, Aspartame contains phenylalanine

Glue Panel


For this course, we were given a task to create a packaged design for a gum company called Arctic Blast. Elements that were necessesary were choice of colors as well as final organization in terms of layout and printing standards. By using abstract images, I was able to create a distinctive look for each packet in order to present the flavours. Cuts


Fruit Tropical Sunburst 15 STICKS • PALLETTES

0 Information sur les allergénes: Contient de la Lécithine de soja, L’Aspartame contient de la Phénylalanine

Glue Panel




Glue Panel Glue Panel

Allergy information: Contains soy lecithin, Aspartame contains phenylalanine



Imposition and Finishing For this particular project, the idea was to come up with a concept from scratch. The subject I chose was a tea bag just because I thought it would be a really

good way to showcase my skills. The point of the module was to focus on preparing our documents for print so that they would generate in high quality. The image on the left displays two examples of spot colors with the maximum of 2 spot colors per bag. For

the first example I chose PANTONE Red 032 C and PANTONE 3262 C. For the second tea bag, I chose PANTONE 3405 C and PANTONE 2768 C. For the final production, a die cut and registration marks were necessary to send production to print.

“Never touch anything with half of your heart.”

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