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too uch Does he spend more time with the computer, his golf clubs or the guys than he does with you? A survival plan for lonesome wives. BY LIANE KUPFERBERG CARTER

Stephanie Grant* worries that her husband will burn down the house someday. He incinerates food in the oven, scorches pots, forgets tea kettles set to boil. Once she reached the toaster just as the wallpaper above it * Name changed for privacy.

Does he putter away his leisure hours while you work overtime?

was igniting. What could make a usually attentive husband so oblivious? "The computer," says Grant, a salesperson in Laurel, Md. "My husband is addicted. He flips it on to read his e-mail even before he takes his

morning shower. Last year he brought his computer on our family vacation-and it wasn't a laptop model. At Thanksgiving he and my brother-in-law squabble over the computer like two kids, each one shouting 'My

You're playing golf again?

turn! My turn!' He uses it every free moment. When he's not working, he's playing games like Myst. His computer is his mistress. " Grant is not alone. There are legions of "widows" who have perfectly healthy husbands-women who 11>

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Husbands Who Play Too Much  

Liane Kupferberg Carter

Husbands Who Play Too Much  

Liane Kupferberg Carter