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It is somehow queer that almost a decade ago the key to success for each of us and for businessman were hard work, qualified and experienced specialists, a high salary for your employees to motivate and profitable services for us and for our customers. But again something was missing and was timeconsuming. So today we have social networking websites and platforms that came to fill the gaps, make our lives easier and lead us to our desirable success. One of the most powerful social networking giants Twitter today has about 60 million users registered in. Each of them use Twitter for a certain defined purpose- some do it for building a brilliant career, some to say their word to the humanity or to spread the information and the others just to get entertained and stay in touch. SO if you want to be on the top on twitter, never lose your visibility, you have to get as many followers on twitter as possible. In order easily to survive the process of gathering followers around you and for a short time become successful you have to follow some tips and tricks. Getrealfollowers suggests you the following steps: After signing up on twitter do not hesitate and be lazy to create a catchy and a corresponding to you bio. A bio is what you are and tells a lot about you- the style you write with, the words you use to describe yourself and your company- all those things are of great importance. Tell in the bio what you are engaged in, what you expect from your customers and what you can do for them. Upload a background photo that has a direct connection with you. Of course no one will know about you if you don’t let people do so. While making you first steps start following famous people, companies, organizations- the ones that are highly relevant in your sphere and are quite experienced in the sphere that you are a new one. Watch carefully what they do, how they interact with people and sometimes participate in debates. Let the world know that you exist. Retweet their posts and add reasonable comments, the ones that will open newer and newer themes and arise many questions about you. Gradually you’ll notice that you are going to get more followers. After it start your own marketing. Follow just simple people, the ones who are interested in your services, keep in touch with them and sometime retweet what they say. They will feel touched and start

following you. Create your own tweets. Usually create the tweets with hash tags for they may appear in the trending list. Open debates, let people leave comments under your tweets and always make them feel that they are very important and indispensable for you. If you have accounts on Facebook or Linkedin then put your Twitter URL there and ask people to follow you. Embed in your website a Follow on Twitter button. If these tips arose the wish to start Twitter marketing than do not miss the chance and do it right now.

Reach More People on Twitter  

Follow the steps by GetRealFollowers to have more and more followers on your Twitter account.

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