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According to e- marketer's latest predictions this year is going to be a very successful year for Twitter. As they reported, this year Twitter will defeat Facebook as it is going to earn more than Facebook in Mobile Advertising revenue. If you follow the lifelong struggle between the two social networks you must have learnt about the Twitter's mobile ad strategy. When Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, first spoke about the Twitter mobile ad strategy in June, he announced that the social network's mobile ad strategy is really working. As it appears now, he was not wrong. The results were not surprising though, as we must agree that the ad products of Twitter work quite well in mobile. Compared with Twitter Facebook is backward because it took much more time for Facebook to figure out how to convert its ads into a smaller screen. According to

Getfasttwitterfollowers they achieved the mobile ads with that difficulty because Facebook was initially designed for PC desktop, and in order to translate it to mobile it would require various dramatic changes which would allow compensating the ads for the other screen sizes. It was only earlier this year that Facebook set up the Sponsored Stories ads. As Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO confessed mobile has been the most difficult and the hardest challenge for Facebook .

In mobile ad revenue Facebook earned obviously less than Twitter. Facebook's revenue from mobile ad is $72.7 million and Twitter's is $129.7 million. The numbers show the huge difference. Though Twitter's victory is not the only prediction by the e- marketer. They think that Twitter's victory is not for long, Facebook will overcome in 2013. According to the predications by 2014 Facebook will earn $ 629.40 and Twitter will stay behind Facebook with $ 444. In comparison with desktop ads mobile ads are higher with rates on Facebook according to a study organized by Social Code. This time Twitter forward as it found the right strategy for mobile advertising. Besides Twitter had plans about mobile ads much before than Facebook. It caused dramatically on the present results. There is an interesting disclosure which is revealed by a study conducted by Tradmob. As the study found out at least 40 per cent of the mobile ads are accidental. As the screen size of the mobile is incomparably smaller than the desktop the users often click accidentally on the ads. By the way, Twitter is now the leader on mobile ads. Let's just wait till 2013, 2014 and we will see whether the second part of the prediction that Facebook will overcome Twitter is right or

Twitter Overcomes Facebook with the Mobile Ad Revenue  

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