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Our five year Twitter remains true to our friendship. We are steel tweeting to stay updated and for many other reasons. And we are still thinking how to get more followers on twitter. Twitter’s logo “What’s happening?” has really worked. Here you will find the latest and exclusive news about your favorite model, actress, band, singer and politician. The website has already 200 million registered users. Some are the followers and some are just being followed which is mostly the case with celebs. The others both follow and are being followed. However, there are still countries like Iran, for instance, that have limited reach to the social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and all the rest. Well, these people don’t have access not only to the social networking websites but also to the Internet in general. Maybe they don’t know that it is the age of technology. Yes, people differ in their views and beliefs. Some are progressive and some are retro progressive. But, as they say don’t judge in order not to be judged. This social networking website can be a lifetime communication between the rescuers and those who need to be rescued. One of the bright examples can serve the earthquakes of Haiti, Chile and Japan. During this period many people kept in touch via Twitter. Twitter goes on launching its features among which are the latest updates “Promoted Tweets” and “User Galleries.” Twitter’s new service is the “Twitter Web Analytics.” It will comprise a powerful suite of tools due to which the Twitter users will be able to measure how much traffic their sites receive. Via Twitter Web Analytics the users can check the effectiveness of the website’s integrations on their sites. The package offers the users the following insight. First of all to understand how much the user’s site content is being shared through Twitter. Then it enables you to see the amount of the traffic that is sent to your website and measure how much success the user’s Twitter button integration has. This great package remains still in private beta for some time but it is considered to be launched to the public pretty soon. According to TechCrunc this is how the service will work. When the user logs in to his/her account he/she will see a number of metrics, Tweets of all kind. The user is also given the chance of seeing the number of clicks: the daily clicks, the weekly and the monthly number of clicks. And all this is done with the help of a Tweet button. This is clean data which is free of bots and spam that might come from Tweets.

Via this service the Twitterer will be able to see the Tweets that he/she has sent from the Tweet button and the Tweets sent to your website with an inbound link. The user is also given the opportunity to retweet these very tweets. Yes, twitter advertising really enjoys popularity. I wonder what is going to be Twitter’s next service. Definitely, it will be something very cool. P.S. It is not a secret that alongside with the good social network causes evil too. Scientists say that its overuse may bring to indifference. Heavy social networkers become indifferent to the feelings like admiration and compassion which engage the basic systems of our physiology. In short, the absence of these feelings speeds blunting of moral sense. So, dear social network users let’s not overuse the Internet and find time to meet our friends in person and not via the device called computer.

Twitter’s New Package Twitter Web Analytics  

Great Tool that Analysis all the facts.

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