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Hands Liana Spinner “Delicate Hands�

About this book This book is about the beauty of hands. Specifically, a man’s hands. Liana shows that men can have beautiful hands if they take care of them and the images shown are examples of what they could look like. Liana has also stated that there will be more added to this book because of the ongoing study of hands; women, children, and more men.

Hands This book contains images from the series “Hands.” Each image shows the natural beauty of a mans hands in a way that you normally would not see. There is a notion that a man should have or has rugged, rough, callused hands and they are not delicate and soft to the touch. Liana has shown that notion to be false, as long as the mans hands has been taken care of. These images show a two different types of mens hands, each individual takes care of his hands to make them soft, un-callused, and un-rugged. There are not many images of a mans hands that looks this way because very few men that Liana has encountered has hands that are soft and well taken care of. A few of these images are experiments using filters, color, softness, hardness, and color. six of these images have a background which was part of the experiment. Liana felt that those images would “pop” more if a background was added instead of using the original background the image had. This series is an ongoing series that may never end. Liana has a fascination with hands and the natural beauty of hands from people of all ages, this is just the beginning.

“Brandson’s Hands 1” This is an experiment of a colored image surrounded by black and white while still pulling the focus to the hand in color.

(Left) “Brandon’s Hands 2” This experiment is black and white.

(Right) “Brandon’s Hands 9” This is an experiment with black and white under color.

“Brandon’s Hands 3” The experiment expressed in this image is layers mixed with black and white images along with color.

“Brandon’s Hands 4”

“Brandon’s Hands 5”

(Top) “Brandon’s Hands 6” (Bottom Left) “Brandon’s Hands 7” (Bottom Right) “Hands 1” “Hands 1” does not only contain Brandon’s Hands but also the hands of someone else.

“Brandon’s Hands 8” This image is an experiment with filters and zooming. The cartoon look is what Liana was trying to experiment with and achieve.

“Ghost Hand� This image is an experiment with softness and hardness, along with the effect to make parts of the image look old and warn. There is also a creepy tone to this image.

“Hands 2� The experiment for this image is of color, space, and depth.

Artist Statement My interest in art developed after taking several art classes in middle school and speaking with a Graphic Designer in High School. Once I spoke to the Graphic Designer, I put my focus into Digital Art. This interest mostly came about when I was able to physically visit a graphic design studio. I was able to see what graphic designers actually do on a first hand basis and seeing what they did got me even more excited about working in digital art. The artwork that I create consists mostly of random thoughts and ideas. To bring my ideas to life, I would sketch. Sometimes my sketches become abstract or do not represent an existing form. Recently I have been using a camera to take Digital Photographs. I have photographs from a series called “Hands”. My fascination with hands started with the first few pictures taken of Brandon’s hands while he was using a computer. After viewing the different images, I realized that I had captured something interesting about them, their beauty and softness. From these images I created my theme, “Hands.” Brandon’s hands were used not only because he was in the right place at the right time but also because his hands are beautiful and I wanted to capture that beauty. I’ve been told men do not have pretty hands, I have seen hands men’s hands that are callused and rough. Very rarely have I seen soft looking hands like Brandon’s. I have many male friends some of which do not have the beautiful, soft hand that I was looking for. Luckily I found a few people that had the same beautiful hands as Brandon. Each image in this series shows the Natural beauty of a man’s hands in a way that normally would not be seen. This notion that a man does not have soft or pretty hands has been proven false in this series. I have shown that men who take care of their hands will have soft, pretty hands. The series is going to remain ongoing to continue the study of the males beautiful hands.


This book contains images from a series called "Hands." They express the beauty that a mans hands has.


This book contains images from a series called "Hands." They express the beauty that a mans hands has.