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Fall 2013 Portfolio

Fall 2013 Portfolio Liana Spinner

About this book and cover This book contains images that were experimental in various ways. Each experiment will be mentioned around the image. Front Cover The images on the cover are experimental in the following manners: Left image: “The Flow 2” experiments with Gaston software and lens flares Top Right image: “Sharpies 3D” experiments with Gaston, Corel Painter, and 3-dimensional objects Bottom Right image: “Pills and Brain 5” experiments with Scanography


Fall 2013 Portfolio The work in this book was created during the months of August to November of the year 2013. All of these works consist of experimental elements. New software has been used in each of these works other than photoshop. Corel Painter and Gaston had a major influence in the creation of these works. Several pieces are abstract images of something else. Only one set of images contain a story and that story will be told when you see the image. The portfolio is a work in progress, more images from the year 2013 will be added to this book.


Sickness “Tonsillitis 4” and “Tonsillitis 5” contains colors and objects that demonstrates Tonsillitis, which is a sickness that causes redness of the throat and soreness. During the production of this piece I was sick with Tonsillitis and I was in a lot of pain and nasal congestion. The red in this image represents the pain and redness of my throat whereas the color green represents the buildup of mucus and nasal congestion. The color yellow represents the healing process of all the symptoms associated with having Tonsillitis.


“Tonsillitis 4”



“Tonsillitis 5”


“Love Of Water”

“Love Of Water Detail”


Sharpies Series

The “Sharpies� series consists of experiments with Scanography and the Photoshop 3-dimensional tool along with the program Gaston.



Left: “Sharpies 3A Detail” Right: “Sharpies 3B Detail”

Left: “Sharpies 3C Detail” Right: “Sharpies 3D Detail”



“Fantasy 2A”





“Skateboard Detail”

“Pills and Brain 5” “Pills and Brain 5” contains a series of drawings fused together with the use of photoshop. The technique that was used is called Scenography in which the three separate drawings were scanned into the computer and put together with the use of Photoshop. This series of drawings was created to show the different parts of the brain that causes forgetfulness, memory loss, and attention problems. These symptoms are consistent with individuals, like myself, who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The blue images in the back are a series of pills that are taken to help me pay attention to what is being taught in classes. The words in the image are notes that I have had to write down to help me remember what needs to be done or what events are coming up so I do not forget them.



“Dark Hole”

“Morning Figure”


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Fall 2013 Portfolio B  

This book contains images that were created from August to November 2013.