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Ethos is a Greek word that means “starting point�, the chance to go back to the origin. It can also refer to the ideals that define a community and the spirit that protects it. Ethos Farm in the Jungle is a place that goes beyond cultures, styles, beliefs and technologies. There you will be able to connect directly with nature while also contributing to the sustainable use of this land’s natural resources.

An exclusive and self-sustaining community that will become a model for the future development of the world‌

Cultivate an Exclusive Way of Life

Ethos is a self-sustaining community where all members can enjoy all the comfort of modern life within natural, safe and socially active surroundings. It is a philosophy of life; the chance to go back to the origin, connecting with our roots and nature, living in fertile land, giving ourselves, our children and our children’s children a true legacy. It was founded by a group of successful people, mainly entrepreneurs; conscious of the need to create and put sustainable technology to work in the right place in order to adapt modern life to the unavoidable commitment we have with nature.

The Concept

The dream of establishing a rural agricultural community began in 1988 in what was then called Rancho La Ilusi贸n, where vegetables were grown. The result was plentiful and unexpected and the ranch began producing vegetables and fruits for Sunset World Resorts thus an idea for a development began to evolve using the idea of a selfsustaining community as a model. In 2003 a company called EDSA became part of the project with the goal to create the vision of a self-sustaining community where all members could enjoy all the comfort of modern life in a natural, secure and socially active atmosphere. In 2010, Ethos emerged, aiming for success and with a full commitment and respect for the environment. Thanks to innovative techniques for organic agriculture and alternative energy, as well as for the preservation and renovation of the environment, this project will be able to become the model for future sustainable developments worldwide.

A natural, comfortable and spiritual lifestyle

Live green

Ethos has an approximate total surface of 1000 hectares divided into 192 production units of one hectare each. Each farm plot, surrounded by jungle and native flora and fauna, has the capacity to produce its own organic produce for its inhabitants to eat and sell in a self-sustaining model. Residents thus contribute to the preservation of the soil in the Yucatan Peninsula as more than 70% of the property is a private natural reserve only complemented by trekking or bike paths, fountains, sinkholes and bird-watching towers. The gardens, developed using ancient Mayan techniques, can be found throughout the property and are designed for meditation, reflection and connecting with nature. The project foresees a Club House to be constructed in the center of the community as a place to enjoy social, educational and spiritual activities. This house will be exclusively used by the members of the community, family and guests. A community market day will also take place at the Club House, a day set aside for selling the community’s produce. These products will be enjoyed by the members of the community and at the same time will be a source of income to maintain the operation costs of the property and its activities.

We are part of the land and nature as they are both a part of us.










C 14KM


Cancún Downtown - ETHOS





n ncú

a rid



Playa del Carmen / Tulum

Air 50 port km (21 ETH .8 OS mi )



ig al h









Location and accessibility

Ethos is located in Cancún, in the northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Cancún International Airport, which is 21 miles away, is the second airport in Mexico in number of flights and the first in number of international passengers. Ethos can be reached from almost any metropolis in the world. •• From Mexico City: 1 hour, 45 minutes •• From New York: 4 hours •• From Miami: 1 hour, 30 minutes •• From Paris: 9 hours •• From Madrid: 8 hours

The Maya greeted each other with “in lak’ech” which means “I am you” to which others responded “hala ken” which means “you are me”. Ethos celebrates cultural richness combined with Mexican hospitality and ancient Mayan wisdom. The Maya, millenial and enigmatic culture, constructed incredible cities connected through a complex network of ground limestone roads called Sacbés. These roads can also be found zigzagging throughout Ethos. The simplicity of the roads and architecture allows for the beauty of the exuberant vegetation of the Yucatan Peninsula to be in the spotlight.

Chichén Itzá

One of the 7 New Wonders of the Modern World, a city with a grand ball game and home to the Kukulcán pyramid where the famous “descent” of thefeathered serpent takes place during the equinoxes, the temple of the warriors, the observatory and the sacred sinkhole.

Ek Balam

One of the most recently explored Mayan archaeological sites and the nearest to Ethos. Ek Balam has some specific characteristics that make it unique like the fact that it is a walled city, that its main pyramid boasts a row of enormous teeth simulating a jaguar’s open jaws and that the grave of its main ruler is decorated with beautiful sculptures of winged warriors.


Its original name was ZamĂĄ (sunrise) but when its inhabitants abandoned it, it became Tulum (wall). It is a walled city constructed on a cliff overlooking the Mexican Caribbean. Its main construction, The Castle, served as a lighthouse for travelers that guided them to firm land.


This city remained hidden under the jungle for centuries. During the time of Spaniard control, it was already uninhabited and it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it was explored by archaeologists. The Nohoch Mul pyramid is the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula at 137 feet over the jungle.


Drip irrigation and sprinklers An irrigation method used in dry areas that allows for water and fertilizers optimization.



Solar Generator

Inverter Raised pond Drip Irrigation system Sprinkler system

Well / Water source Pump


Solar panels and energy storage. Isolated systems catch energy directly from the sun through photovoltaic solar panels and store the electric energy generated in batteries.

Solar generator



Regulator Alternate current line Direct current line


Aquaponics The technique by which we create bio-fertilizers by using fish farm waste, tilapias in the case of Ethos.

Aquaponic Crops


Submersible pump


Hydroponics Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil. The roots receive a mineral enriched solution directly. Sometimes an inert base such as gravel, sand or pumice stone is used.

Nutrient film

Nourishing solution

Submersible pump


Generation of gas and fertilizers from anaerobic digestion It is a process through which matter decomposes in absence of oxygen generating gases with a high methane concentration which can be used as fuel.

Organic Waste

Valve Bio fertilizer

Plot level



Bio gas

Digestion Chamber


Self-cleansing Digester It offers a solution to the problem of home waste disposal, the system retains suspended matter and decomposes it in a septic way through an anaerobic process in a fixed environment.

2.- Filter system for water treatment

1.- Sludge in 3.- Tube for treated water output Water

Sludge register tank


Respecting nature is not only necessary but also possible.

Technology, energy and sustainability

At Ethos the use of renewable energy sources is compulsory. Consulting is offered for the installation of solar panels as well as for the generation of gas through composting to reduce energy use. Motor vehicles that use gasoline or other non-renewable fuels are not allowed inside the development, so the use of electric or hybrid vehicles is recommended. Segways are provided to get around inside Ethos.

A harmonious interaction with nature is truly possible.

Biodiversity at Ethos

An attitude of respect and care for the environment reigns at Ethos. 75% of the hectare representing one share at Ethos must be destined to preservation of the jungle and agricultural production. Cutting down trees in preservation areas is not allowed no matter if it is for the exploitation or extraction of the resource or for construction. Only species included in the authorized Vegetable Palette of the Ethos Community may be planted. Shareholders will have agricultural consulting specialized in aquaponics and other branches of sustainable agricultural production.

Cedro Phase Plan

Main arrival gate Special pergola driveway Main road surrounding the community Club House Pond and formal pool Tennis court and soccer field


•• Security •• Maintenance and farming of public areas •• Consulting and follow up of new crops •• Consulting for developing the architectural plan and the house •• Purchase of the agricultural production of the community.

Sunset World offers to buy it at 80% of its commercial value *

•• Consulting about eco-technology (risks, chemical-free pesticides and nutrients)

Win-win commerce

We take advantage of the beauty and richness of the area and of the fertile land to obtain an organic, sustainable product that is pre-sold to a captive market. This is Ethos’ great value: there are no middle men and sales are insured.*

* The amount sold will depend on the needs the resorts may have at harvest time. *Everything expressed and depicted here is subject to changes and modifications which will be decided by the assembly.


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Ethos - Granja en la Selva  

An exclusive and self-sustaining community that will become a model for the future development of the world…

Ethos - Granja en la Selva  

An exclusive and self-sustaining community that will become a model for the future development of the world…