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Review ELA 9-1 & 9-8 1) What are the functions of a daily newspaper? 2) What is the difference between hard and soft news? Be able to identify and give an example for each. 3) What is the difference between a fact and an opinion? 4) News Judgments. You should be able to identify the four factors in which a story becomes news. These four factors usually determine where the story would be placed in the paper. 5) What might you find in an Op-Ed section? 6) What is the purpose of an editorial page? 7) What is the purpose of letters to an editor? 8) What are the different types of advertising found in the paper? What are the purposes of these types of ads? 9) What are the classifieds? 10) What does an advertorial section look like? 11) What is the relationship between advertising and the newspaper? 12) Name three common gimmicks that a company might use in order to attract kids to their products. 13) Understand the 10 rules that advertisers are supposed to use when advertising to children. 14) Be able to identify some of the methods that advertisers use when creating an ad. 15) Understand what BIAS means. 16) Be able to define and identify the 8 different types of BIAS that were discussed in class.

ELA 9 review  

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