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Unified Communication Business communication is a getting complex with the introduction of new technologies and to keep pace with the rapid changes, business owners are opting for the voice over internet protocol or VOIP services to save themselves from the communication woes and turn business communication into an effective process. Well, to be frank VOIP is just one part of the huge mesh of business communication that encompasses many other tools. This is the reason why more and more businessmen are opting for the Unified Communication system – it is helping hem streamline all the communication tools. To possess only one form of communication system is definitely not the way how a business can beat the competition and stay at the top. Robust business communication is all about creating the right combination of tools like fax, telephone, email, voice mails and video conferencing. Possessing multiple communication tools means that you can stay in touch with your customers and employees from anywhere in the world. Yes, it is not necessary that you or your employees would be in the office every time they need to share a file or get a call done – often they would want to send a mail or make a call from different locations. Thus one would require their employees to stay connected to a secure business communication that can be used from any part of the world.

Unified communication system with voice and data cabling facility would lend you with the advantage of completing your business communication without having to worry about connectivity. Under this technology all your communication tools, unorganized and spread, are connected with a single platform that can be accessed anytime. The platform gives the user the opportunity to use any of the communication tools like making calls, email, web conferencing, recording audio/video files etc. by logging into it. Thus, you have a communication system that does not look unorganized and at the same time gives easy access to all the communication tools. Strata, IPEdge, VIPEdge etc. are some of the popular unified communication technology in the market. We all are aware of the fact that in business time is the most valuable aspect and if you do not want to waste too much time organizing your communication tools then it is better to opt for the unified communication systems. Organizing or streamlining your communication tools might look like a herculean task but the truth is that it can be achieved pretty easily with the help of a Unified Communication system. Some of the features that you can expect to enjoy with a good unified communication system are unified messaging system, instant messaging, audio/video conferencing and mobility. You can choose to use Strata or IPedge or VIPEdge as they are the most popular technologies available in the market. Depending on your business communication requirements, you can opt from any of the three. All these technologies have their unique features that make them the most sought after communication tools for contemporary business communication.

Unified communication  
Unified communication  

Business communication is a getting complex with the introduction of new technologies and to keep pace with the rapid changes, business owne...