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Enhance Your Car’s Look By Installing Hid Kits

These days, you would hardly see cars having halogen headlights because you can now have a very good alternative source of lights, i.e. HID lights. Well, HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. These lights are also known as Xenon Headlamps which generate a lot more power than traditional halogen lights. Also, they are pretty much affordable when it comes to price tag. But, above all, HID headlamps are significantly important in beautifying your vehicle’s overall look. Here we are going to discuss about how to enhance your vehicle’s look substantially by installing HIDs. Let’s get started. Hids And Their Working Principle Just like getting your car painted, replacing the halogen lights with HIDs can really make a statement. These HID headlamps are actually metal halide lamps containing Xenon gas inside. When the car is started, the Xenon gas inside the light emits a small amount of light. So, the power is redirected and the car warms up faster. The high intensity discharge technology includes a gas capsule rather than a filament inside the light bulb. First of all, an electric arc discharge is generated between closely spaced electrodes which are sealed inside a small quartz glass capsule. Then, this arc emits the light which is much more powerful than the light produced by halogen lights. The operation of the Xenon Headlamps needs ballasts that supply the required amount of voltage and control current. Even if it consumes less power, it produces as much as 300% more light than its halogen relatives, which approximates the color temperature of natural daylight. This, in turn comes in handy especially in late night driving. You can see many leading car manufacturers installing HID headlamps in the car segment.

Building Up The Look Not only do HID headlamps help you see all the objects clearly while driving at night and in rains or fogs, but they also enhance the look of your vehicle substantially. Whether it be a muscle or luxury or racing car – HID kits look pretty nice on any vehicle. They help add security and style at the same time, so these lights are most preferred these days. Out of a lot of varieties of kits, the following four kits are commonly used. 1. Single Beam Kit: It includes 2 pairs of HID bulbs and 2 ballasts. 2. High/Low Beam Kit: It includes 2 pairs of HID bulbs. 3. Telescope Kit: It comes with a single HID that switches between high and low beam. It also includes 2 ballasts and installation clamps. 4. Bi-Xenon: It comes with 2 HID bulbs on each bulb. It works both for high and low beam as well. It also includes 4 ballasts and installation clamps. There are plenty of reasons why people prefer to use HID bulbs these days. These are the safe and cutting-edge light sources with the ability to produce enormous amount of light. The provide a great look to the vehicle too.

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Enhance Your Car’s Look by Installing HID Kits