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My happiest memory as a kid is from Christmas 1985. Santa walked in, carrying this huge red bag, with my very first bike inside. It was the happiest day of my life, and certainly the most memorable. I’d been writing letters all year long to the North Pole, but getting the bike I’d wished for so much was almost too much to believe. That bike became my best friend for a very long time. “Fina” (Portuguese for skinny) was her name…and she had her own special room in my parents’ house for proper “rest.” I was obsessed with Fina, almost as if I knew making bikes would become my career 28 years later. Martone Cycling Company is a fashion- and design-driven bike company. Our bikes are a bold statement of personal style: city bikes, created with passion—with a red chain on every bike we make. We believe that, if you’re like us, you’re always carrying something: a tote, a gym bag, groceries, a dog… who knows?

That’s why all of our bikes have a basket built into the handlebars, to make your life easier, in style. A bike that looks as good as it rides? There’s more than meets the eye, here: each MCC bike is powered by our innovative duomatic gear system, which automatically adjusts and changes gears based on the speed you’re riding. It’s an entirely unique riding experience—and one you’ll only find on our bikes. We’re the red chain brand. The handlebar + basket brand. The duomatic brand. Welcome to a whole new world of cycling that suits your style. Enjoy the ride, Lorenzo

MEN’S MERCER M13035600 M13035200


MEN’S GRAND M13105600 M13105200


MEN’S GRAMERCY M13205600 M13205200


MEN’S REGARD M13025600 M13025200


MEN’S REAL M13015600 M13015200

WOMEN’S REAL W13015200

The Martone Cycling Co. is a fashion and design driven bicycle brand founded by Lorenzo Martone. Nicknamed MCC, the company designs city bikes aimed at 21st century style conscious clients. Every Martone bike has a red chain, a distinct brand signature and not so discreet wink at the fashion world. A specially designed basket is built into each handle bar, making it easy to tote everyday essentials. “I always have something to carry: a gym bag, Mia (my dog), groceries, shopping, who knows? Our bikes are sophisticated AND practical, built for city living”. So says Brazilian born New Yorker Martone, who worked closely with a design team in Europe and Taiwan to create his contemporary turn on city bikes. Made in Taiwan, Martone bikes are composed of steel alloy and aluminum, weighing in at a mere 12 kilos. The wheels are 700 x 32c wide with stainless steel hubs and puncture resistant tires to tackle city streets. Made by SRAM, the “MCC Duomatic” is an innovative 2 speed gear system that shifts gears automatically depending on slope and speed, letting the rider glide smoothly, in style. The initial collection consists of 2 models, one for Women (size 50cm) , one for Men (sizes 52cm and 56cm). Both come in 5 colors and are named after Lorenzo’s many international addresses: Mercer, Gramercy, Grand, Regard and Real (pronounced REY-el, en espagnol por favor!). Martone Cycling Co. is available on line ( and in select specialty and bike stores across the US and Europe, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Colette and The Conran Shop. Please see the website for a complete list of vendors.

Lorenzo Martone Brazilian born Lorenzo is both Fashion Publicist and Brand Strategy Specialist. After a stint in Paris (with an MBA from the Paris Graduate School of Management), Lorenzo settled in New York where he daily takes the fashion world by storm. His first bike was a Chrisitmas gift called “Fina� (skinny in Portuguese). He rides the Grand 56cm. David Thomas David is our MCC man in Paris. An expert in Retail Design, he owns and runs David Thomas Solution (and now MCC Europe), travelling the globe for the select luxury retail brands. David lost his training wheels when he was 5 and has never looked back. He rides the Gramercy 52cm. Website The Martone touch shines through on the company website: bold and innovative, the design mirrors the product sold. Shopping and orders are easy to process with a special section for vendors. Bike news and links to favorite sites share the Martone enthusiasm for the larger world of style. Social media channels (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) link MCC to the biking and fashion communities and celebrate the Martone enthusiasm for sharing.


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Martone lookbook english web  
Martone lookbook english web