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Liam Sapsford Designer

Introducing Colour to the Garden SAPSFORD STUDIOS creates an invigorating design that encapsulates the importance of colour in the garden. A fitting show garden for the Grand Designs Show in London.

Controler la Couleur The Concept of the design is heavily inspired by a young, powerful French illustrator based in London, Malika Favre. Malika believes in the minimalistic, less is more approach. By pairing things down as much as possible she

gets the essence of the subject by using as few lines and colours as it needs to convey the core idea. Reflecting on her theory and work it compels me to use bold colours in controlled forms that harmonise with one another so colour can be introduced throughout the garden in surges of controlled explosion of vibrancy, unifying the gardens many dimensions of complexity. The great Landscape Architect Steve Martino, a huge influence on this garden design, portrays her design philosophy throughout his work, providing an abundance of inspiration and guidance.

The style is contemporary Mediterranean garden with elements of luxury and grandeur. The materials used throughout the garden range from second hand yacht sails as a wind shield creating optional privacy, to reclaimed railway sleepers creating bespoke structures and recycled tiles to make a voluptuous, bold contemporary mosaic. The enormity of the red linen sheet creates a dramatic backdrop that emphasises all forms in the foreground. The sheet is riddled with white LEDs fitted behind on the stud wall, making a starry, mysterious effect. The plants chosen have great architectural qualities. The two Agave Americanas in the sleek, matte red pots point upwards to the LED Lite Panel backlit artwork by Malika Favre. The Cleistocactus strausii have a similar shade of light blue to the Agaves, sitting firmly in steel blue troughs they leap from the white yacht sail canvas. Lively shadows are cast upon the sails with light strips illuminating the plant from the inside of the trough. Archontophoenix cunninghamiana frames the whole garden with its ginormous trunk stretching to the sky. A dense green canopy makes shade welcome by the long, green leaves. The Echeveria elegans lines the front of the mosaic, sitting as shallow as the water it takes no attention from what it sits in front of, only complimenting the entrance to the garden. Each plant chosen has very light blue tones with deep red and pink flowers and fruit to deliver seasonal interest. The luxurious, bespoke bed is a prime focus of the design. Created from large white sleeper columns on a vibrant red background, the bed gladly seats 4 and welcomes starry views and privacy with soft linen shields. Sand caresses the feet of the user throughout their experience, transporting them to a beach destination and fond memories. The driftwood sculpture at the back of the garden creates solitude and a sense of irregularity to a very linear design, humanising the garden. The design fits the grand design ethos, using contemporary technology and design principles in a classical garden formation with easily manageable qualities. The materials selected have low environmental impact and ethical responsibility by using carefully selected suppliers. The inspirations of the garden come from my personal experiences in the Mediterranean, current artists and designers that I believe use colour immensely well and my work experience with Amir Schlezinger.

Contrôler la Couleur Key 1 2 3 4

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2.74 x 5m Stud wall. Natural red linen sheet hooked to wall.


Small LEDs scattered across stud wall behind linen sheet. Century Plant - Agave americana. Approx 1m (h) x 1m (w). Lechuza bespoke self watering planter. 100% recycable materials. Red matte coat. Polar white pebbles in all pots. Size. 20mm x 40mm - 40mm - 90mm. Depending on pot size.


‘Groupe Floirat’ by Malika Favre. LED Lite Panel backlit artwork. 84.1cm (h) x 59.4 cm (w)

6 7 8

‘Afar’ by Malika Favre.



15 13



Driftwood as sculpture. Approx 1m (w) x 2m (h). Silver Torch Cactus - Cleistocactus strausii. Approx. 1m tall. Green and white stem with red





LED light strip inset sleeper facing towards futton. (x4)

10 White futton on bespoke hardwood slats. 11 Bespoke sleeper structure. (assembled on site. 2.2m (h) x


2.2m (l). Untreated reclaimed tropical azobe hardwood sleeper post. Matte masonry white coat. Sleepers - 2.2m x 0.2 x 0.2. Approx 10 sleepers.

12 White linen sheet hooked over top corners


of timber bed posts.


13 Green treated swedish redwood pine decking.Size: 3.48m (l) x .5m (w). Matte masonry white coat.


14 Mexican snowball - Echeveria elegans.


Approx. 5-10cm (h) x 10-20cm (w). Bespoke steel planter level w/ decking.

15 Second hand white boat sails attached to outer sleeper posts. (x2)

16 Recycled white sand. 17 Bangalow Palm - Archontophoenix cunninghamiana.


Approx. 2m (w) x 3.5m (h). Green leaves with red fruit. (x2). Lechuza bespoke self watering planter. 100% recycable materials. White matte coat.

18 Mosaic inspired by Malika Favre. Red lips. 1.35m (l) x 19 20

1.5m (h). Reclaimed red and white tile ceramic. 50mm of water ontop. Untreated reclaimed tropical azobe hardwood sleeper post. Matte masonry white coat. 2.2m x 0.2 x 0.2 Tearcrop scoop outdoor beanbag. Royal blue. Shower proof and UV resistant. 0 Scale




A competition entry garden.

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