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Portfolio Name: Liam Garay Course: Furniture and Product Design Year 2 Submitted: 1/12/16

Project - Product Development

Liam Garay FPD2 Product Development Project N0627143

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Chop & Measure



Chopping Board & Scale Combo

Prepare, chop and measure your ingredients with ease and in style using this smart and precise chopping board and scale combo. Once finished with and cleaned the board slides away to save space and the handy unit can be put away in the cupboard ready for the next time you prepare dinner.


This side view shows all the components that can be seen from the outside. Different colour combos and colour schemes for buttons and boards can be customised on the website to the customers preference.

From the exploded view you are able to see all of the components but the silicon feet. We have the two boards (One per package) showing how it would slot onto the scale surface and the other into the slot. Remaining we have the LCD screen displaying the weight and the two bright coloured buttons, allowing the user to switch on/off, zero the surface before weighing and finally the unit button. This switches the measurements between grams and kilograms This shot from above shows the direction in which the boards move when being used and being stored. 1. For use the user would take the board from the storage slot and chop their ingredients or place food onto the board. 2. Once measured they can then take the board to the hob, bowl, etc. 3. Once finished the board is cleaned before returning to the storage slot


Isokon Donkey 4 - Companion Donkey



Made from Plywood Constructed through Dowell butt joints + scissor joints Features 12 seperate components

The Isokon Donkey 4 is a transportable household companion. The Companion Donkey is targeted towards professionals who have young families. This Donkey concept provides a small storage area that boasts portability. It can be used to load crockery and dining ware onto, and to then easily move all the items to the diningroom where the table can be set. Whilst it is not in use to ferry items it makes a great armchair aqcuaintance which can store frequently used items along with books and magazines. 630 x 300 x 505H

Updated portfolio 1/12/16  

Features 2 First Year + 2 Second Year Projects

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