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Important factors to consider before you send an Internet Fax Did you know that there's a law that protects fax number owners from receiving unnecessary documents? In 2005, Congress passed the Junk Fax Prevention Act, which makes it illegal for people to send spam fax documents. So in case you think you'll be able to send an Internet fax every week to each of your clients and business partners, you are thinking wrong. Safety guidelines: • Give your recipients an opt-out option by indicating on the cover page of your fax message that they might ask you to stop sending fax documents. • Indicate no-cost ways by way of which they can do that, like a toll free number or an email address. As much as possible, provide two or more strategies so they will not find it difficult to opt out. • Your opt-out methods ought to be available 24/7. • You should honor opt-out requests within 30 days. In the event you fail to do it, you might get warning citations and pay penalty fines. For you to not be considered a fax spammer, you need to have an established business relationship, or EBR, with companies that you send faxes to. Here are the qualifiers, so that you will not carelessly send an Internet fax to your clients: • You got the fax number from the company you want to send an Internet fax to, instead of from a third party. • Since the Junk Fax Prevention Act was enacted only in 2005, fax numbers you acquired before 2005 do not have to be proven as directly acquired them from the owners themselves. However, it's best (and safer) to check with them if they don't mind receiving faxes from you. • You may ask your clients and partners first if it's OK with them to get advertisements from you via fax. But what if you are on the receiving end? As a business fax number owner, you may also be prone to spammers, specifically if you include your number in your promotional materials. In case you opted out of a fax sender's list, yet you still receive documents from that sender, you can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission by filling out a web form. Questions? You might think that Internet fax is much like email now, so why bother complaining of spam faxes? Just like spam e-mail messages, aren't they not a big deal? The thing is, not all fax numbers use Internet accounts. There are still some users that rely heavily on traditional fax machines. Every fax spam they receive translates to waste of paper, ink and toner. Furthermore, it could even disrupt the flow of calls and much more important faxes. Lastly, they'll pay for every received fax.

There are still charges that apply even if you're using an Internet fax account. You’d need to shell out at least 4 cents for every document that arrives in your mailbox unless you are subscribed to an unlimited plan. Not only that, but you will have a cluttered mailbox. Overall, it really is best to take a stand against fax spamming. Do not send out advertisements via fax as much as possible. The internet is wide open for your promotions, and it would cost nobody any money and space in their mailbox. Keep your fax number for confidential or official documents.

Important factors to consider before you send an Internet Fax