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In Short our Business is legal disputes. Unlike most companies, we are experts in litigation funding: ●

Assessing the chances of winning a case and the amount of damages due ●

Sharing some risk and, importantly, reward with lawyers ●

Sometimes laying off certain risks to insurers

Monitoring the dispute process and associated costs.

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What is Third Party Litigation Funding? ●

Litigation can be a daunting prospect. It’s expensive, can take years and it’s risky – if you lose you pay the winner’s costs on top of your own. This nasty combination can be too off-putting, even for a business with an excellent claim. Third Party Litigation Funding can, however, shoulder much of the cost and risk involved and enable sound actions to go ahead when they might otherwise stall. Third party litigation funders are prohibited from ‘controlling’ claims and must leave day-to-day conduct with claimants and their legal teams. However, funders can be litigation experts and also provide valuable input if desired. In return, funders receive a percentage of the damages recovered or a multiple of the costs funded – assuming the case is won. If the proceedings fail, the funder gets nothing and faces liability for the other side’s costs.

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Apply for Funding Criteria ●

This is what Woodsford needs to consider for a Litigation Funding application.


Tell us about yourself – your business and corporate structure.

2. Tell us about the defendant’s financial position – how do you know it will be able to meet your claim? Let us have copies of its published accounts etc. 3, Describe the dispute. Is it UK commercial litigation or international arbitration? When and how has it arisen? Let us have copies of relevant correspondence to date and copies of any existing court papers. 4. Why do you think your claim will be successful? Let us have copies of all written legal advice given to date. 5. How has the amount claimed been calculated? How did the defendant cause the loss claimed? How will this be proved?

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How to apply for litigation funding.