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Expandable Foam Everything You Need To Know About Expandable Foam

Expandable foam is one of the many products, which adorns the shelves of DIY stores everywhere. It is a highly versatile and cost effective solution to an assortment of household problems.

Whether you have a niggling draft, which needs taking care of, a crack which needs filling or a space which needs insulating, your run of the mill DIY retailer will have a foam gun perfect for the job.

So reliable and easy to use are these products that I challenge you to find a man over 30 who doesn’t own some or hasn’t used some in the last 12 months. It is the go-to product for a wealth of household problems.

But what do you do if your need for expandable foam is greater than your average household job?

UK Sealents are specialists in the provision of sealants and adhesives for everyone from traditional DIYers to Professional Building contractors. Providing only the best products on the market, UK Sealants deal mainly with Soudal and Tremco Illbruck, two of the leading manufacturers in the market today to ensure their customers get the best.

Whether you need a standard hand held foam gun, perfect for those jobs around the house or an extreme temperature’s Winter Grade gun, UK Sealents can help. If your job is more outside than inside the Winter Grade expandable foam will last much longer and provide the insulation you need in conditions which may dip to freezing and below.

Another type of foam sealant, which can be purchased from UK Sealant, is Fire Retardent Foam. This regulatory product has a B1 Fire Rating making it suitable for all jobs where buildings must meet stringent fire regulations.

OK, so I can apply it, but what if I make a mistake?

Don’t worry, UK Sealants stock an expanding foam remover which works on PVC, Plastic and Aluminum without damaging the surface. It is easy to apply, highly effective and odour free.

Whilst I am sure this article covers more than your foambased information needs, the UK Sealants website has a full range of products and practical advice to help you out. Visit us today at

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