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Ever wondered how flat sheets of metal get turned into 3D objects? Well here is how. It is all thanks to the Metal Spinning Company – Excell Metal Spinning

Flat sheets of metal are cut into discs, which are clamped against a desired shape spinning mandrel thanks to the spinning machines hydraulic tailstock.

Once clamped the disc and the mandrel rotate and the flat metal disc slowly begins to take on the shape desired. A roller gradually manipulates the metal into the shape determined by the mandrel.

During this process the metal becomes what is known as ‘plastic.’ The change to the structure of the metal enhances the properties of the material and also reduces the time needed to machine the item into its final product.

So why is metal spinning better than alternative methods?

There are many advantages to metal spinning over its rival processes such as casting, forging or machining. The most important of which when it comes to mass production is cost. Substantial savings can be made when you switch from casting, forging or machining.

Another advantage to using metal spinners as opposed to other metal processes is reduced lead times. PNC & CNC lathes are markedly quicker than forging or machining metals even when executing the most complex production. Metal spinners consistently out perform more traditional metal production methods and in turn significantly reduce lead times.

By opting for metal spinners instead of alternative methods you also increase the integrity of the components you are building. The spinning process itself can lead to an improvement in the metals tensile properties making them more robust and reliable. A well-spun metal component will out live its differently manufactured counterparts making the ROI much greater.

To learn more about what metal spinners in the UK could do for your business, make sure you contact Excell Metal Spinning. They can help you make significant financial and time savings. With 30 years worth of experience there is nothing their experienced metal spinners do not know!

The metal spinning process | Excell Metal Spinning  

Ever wondered how flat sheets of metal get turned into 3D objects? This presentation presented by Excell Metal Spinning will show you the pr...

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