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Everyone wants to see their children grow up to go to the best schools or university’s don't they? The chances are though is that you have not been given the necessary advice or information about paying the tuition fees. Instead of just paying fees out of a taxed income, surely it would be better to look at ways of lowering or spreading the costs? This is especially true if you have more than one child. Here at School Fees Expert we deal on a daily basis with school fees planning, and in some instances with our own children's futures, we have gained the necessary knowledge, and experience to help create your family a best solution.

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Make sure that you start the planning as soon as possible. This will help create the best potential for cost savings.

Jot down and make a plan, make sure to review it regularly and only change it if your circumstances change considerably.

Who is going to be paying the fees? Have you discussed with your family (grandparents, aunts, uncles or godparents) if they are willing to help out with the costs. ●

Research the school thoroughly ● See if you can be introduced to existing parents to learn from their own experiences. ● Visit the school in question, attend the open days or make an appointment with the head teacher. ●

Who is going to pay the fees? Have you discussed with grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents and asked if they are willing to help. ● Research schools thoroughly.

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Find out if the school specialises in any one area of academia or sport. Will this suit your children?

Talk with the Bursar about bursaries, scholarships, sibling discounts and composition fees ●Make sure to plan for the extras -music lessons, exams, school trips etc as these can be quite expensive and add to the overall costs.

Think about the “fourth term” and the costs involved.

Be sure that in the event of an accident or illness that the costs are covered and that your child does not have to be removed from the school.

Remember, be sure to include university costs in your plan.

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Remember about the effects of inflation. School fees inflation tends to be higher than ordinary inflation.

Check your will and make sure it is up to date and includes how you want your children to be educated and what plans you have made to secure these aspirations.

Obtain professional advice from experienced individuals who are specialists in university and School Fees Planning.

You have a life too remember, don't always be so quick to give your child a private education. ●

The most important aspect to remember is, avoid costly mistakes by planning ahead and anticipating any major slip ups.

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Remember to read all of these tips when your planning for your child's educational future. We are here to give you the best School Fees Advice about how to plan to give your child the best education they can get.

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School Fees Expert are hear to give you expert school fees planning for your childs future. We know that is can be expensive for private edu...

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