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Excell Metal Spinning Engineering Solutions to Prototype Problems

Introduction Excell Metal Spinning, the leading Metal Spinners in the UK were approached by a client in the UK that needed assistance in the design of their new product, that they told us would revolutionise the industrial cleaning industry.

The product in question is a fully mobile chewing gum removal system, this product is worn by the cleaner and is hand operated. Designed by our award-winning client, it is environmentally friendly and easy to use, which will improve public cleanliness around the globe

The client has designed a backpack that has a stainless steel insert, which attached to the hose system that housed the design inside a tube.

The Problem Our client worked out that the housing of the heating system was in need of modification as the wind levels were extinguishing the flame.

The design modifications were made that would include two small cones. The client then went and done some research and found out that metal spinning would be the best way to produce the cones.

Our client then proceeded to tender the work to a number of metal spinning companies for the cones to be produced. This was only a small part of the job that we were approached and offered to consult the design with the client

The Solution The client then found out that Excell Metal Spinning Ltd was more than just a metal spinning shop. We also had the knowledge and facilities to produce over 80% of the final product.

Because of this reason the client chose to engage the project with Excell metal Spinning Ltd, they based this on the professional presentation of our proposal. Our client had designed several different prototypes and needed to get the best design.

Excell Metal Spinning then consulted the client and let them know that we had come up with a solution to the flame problem. The heating system would now include a coiled metal bar and a protective metal mesh inside the tubing. The folded metal backpack insert would also be modified to become more economical by removing the need two small metal spun caps that were replaced with laser cut holes

Since going into production other project challenges included the volume of units needed. The client promoted their product globally and generated a very high level of interest. Our challenge was now to keep up with the level of production runs.

This has now been achieved through Excell's investment in the project that has seen our CNC metal spinning capacity double in size over the past year. Every customer we have is informed of delivery schedules, and our bespoke manufacturing software has allowed the team to increase the utilisation rates by 30%.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best quality metal spun products. Lower tooling costs, shorter lead times, these are just a few reasons why you should choose us to help with your project Get in contact with us today!

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