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Excell Metal Spinning High Quality Manufacturing Solutions Excell Metal Spinning offers complete solutions to our customers, from the design stage of a project, right through to completion.

Why Choose Us We have over 30 years of experience ● We have lower tooling costs ● A premium quotation service ● Fantastic customer support ● Complete manufacturing solutions ● ISO 9001;2008 Certified Company

Take a look at the industries that are using metal spinning ●

Air Movement – We have been servicing the Air Movement industry for the past 10 years Oil and Gas – Obviously the oil and gas industry is a critical part of the UK and Global industry, and we have been providing a high quality service for all oil and gas solutions

Service Products – This includes a wide variety of industries from high class restaurants to industrial flue systems

Defence – Being the defence industry means it requires a high level of detail, here at Excell Metal Spinning we are fully equipped with CNC machinery to provide just that

A Little Bit About Us – Metal Spinners UK �

Our spun metal components are engineered by our metal spinners to meet the high standards of today, required from within the metal spinning industry

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