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Has your child got a birthday coming up?

If you have a child that has a birthday coming up in the next month or so... -Your child probably has an idea of what they want (present, party) that can prove costly - You have to think of travel, venue, food, present costs

If you have a child that has a birthday coming up in the next month or so...

-However, help is at hand for those of you with children living in the London area. - Here are 5 ideas to make your child's birthday a memorable one.

Party Bus -The Party Bus can be hired for children aged between 4 and 9. - It is a bright yellow bus that is filled with activities to involve everyone.

Party Bus

-The friendly staff at Party Bus take over the entire party and make sure all children are having the best time. They provide discos, magic shows and party games. - Prices start from ÂŁ350 and include birthday cakes, invitations, prizes, buffet and party bags.

Hire a Magician -Children love magic, so hiring one for a party will be a success. -When hiring a magician, look for a professional artist that does adult shows as well as children's parties. - Performers that have a wider repertoire tend to be more entertaining for the adults as well as the children!

Kidspace -Romford and Croydon both have a Kidspace so you do not need to worry about travelling far. - Kidspace is an indoor activity centre for children up until the age of 12.


-There are ball pits and activities galore to ensure that the children are never lost for something to do. - Kidspace offer different party packages depending on your child's age, ability and sense of adventure

Sleepover -All children love sleepovers. There's something about staying over a friend’s house that is so much more fun than staying in your own bed. -If you have a daughter’s birthday coming up then a girly sleepover is the perfect idea. Lots of chocolate, make up and girly films! - Alternatively, chocolate, video games and action films for the boys!

Ice Skating -There are plenty of places around the London area that offer ice skating parties for kids - Your children and their friends will love taking to the ice, especially if it is their first time. - Children's ice skating parties come with a dedicated instructor to guide them around the ice.

If you are interested in entertainment for children in London and you like the sound of Kidspace, visit their website for more information on their different party packages and pricing.

Kids Birthday Parties | Kidspace Adventures