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Is a plumber needed for my leaky appliances?

When any appliance in your house starts to leak it's a troublesome process to ring up the correct people for them to be called out and do something you could have done yourself (And call out charges aren't cheap!). Most household problems can be fixed just by turning the product off and on again but that's not always the case when it comes too plumbed in items. Here's some quick guide to hot tub repairs, shower leaks and more. Hot tubs If you find your hot tub is leaking, the first step is to turn it off by the mains. Is it a minor or major leak? How much water has been lost? Unfortunately if it is a major leak, you may need to empty the water completely and get in touch with a specialist in hot tub repairs. Showers Walk in showers can become a nightmare once you notice a leak, but they can usually be repaired at home. If you notice water coming through your ceiling underneath the shower it is probably a problem with the silicon sealing around the edge of the fixture. Once a person steps in, the silicon stretches and leaves a gap for water. This is why it will not leak if you just run the shower with nobody in it. A decent flexible sealing gel is expensive, but not as expensive as a plumber. Sinks If your kitchen or bathroom sink has an annoying drip from underneath the drain simple procedures such as taking it apart and putting tightening tape around the screw can work wonders. Don't call out a plumber, try fixing it yourself first. New plastic fixtures can be bought from DIY stores for under ÂŁ5. Hose pipe Ever had that problem when you turn the hose on to water the flowers and you end up wetter than the roses? There's a simple reason for hose pipes leaking at the tap fixture, it's the fixture itself. Buying a cheap version from a market stool will leave you drenched, whereas splashing out on a slightly pricier version from a DIY store will leave your t-shirt dry and your flowers quenched.

If you are having problems with leaks and they can't be fixed yourself, it is always best to call somebody who knows what they are doing. Especially when there are electrics involved. For more information about hot tub repairs, contact UK Hot Tubs today.

Is a plumber needed for my leaky appliances - UK Hot Tubs