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Hobbledown Farm Book Based Adventures

Book Based Adventures - Books are magical. Books are memorable. Books help to define who we are. - Books can transport you to another world, to a land of make believe, to a time gone by. - You can extend your child's imagination by taking them to play parks based on children's books.

There are parks all around the UK for children of all ages which are based on their favourite books. Below is a list of just a few you should try.

Hobbledown - Hobbledown is a children’s adventure land, regularly voted as one of the best venues for kid’s day out in Surrey. - It is based on the award winning book by Angela Kecojevic of the same name, boasting live interactive characters, indoor and outdoor adventure play areas and a zoo.

Adventure Wonderland - Adventure Wonderland is one of Dorset’s top attractions for families. - A lot of the park is themed around Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, the book made famous by Lewis Carroll. - The staff are interactive and friendly all dressed up as the characters from the book and film.

Thomas Land - Theme Park based on the “Thomas the Tank Engine” series and “The Railway” Series. - At Thomas Land you can hang out with Thomas and friends, you can even fly in Harold the Helicopter or even ride Thomas himself.

If you are interested in a fun day out with kids in Surrey, be sure to take a look at the Hobbledown website and reserve your tickets now.

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