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Hobbledown have had so many people tell us how they have had such an enjoyable experience at our park. Now is your chance to enjoy Hoobledown even further with the Hobbledown Book! We know that many people who have read the book have planned a Kids Day Out In Surrey at Hobbledown's adventure park, to continue the enjoyment the book brings

It's so easy to get hold of the Hobbledown book, it's on the internet selling giants Amazon and Waterstones. So you have no excuse not to have a copy.

This fantastic children’s adventure novel of mayhem and magic is written by A J Kecojevic and is beautifully illustrated by Lyn Stone.

The story which contains the weird and wonderful creatures of Glime and the Hobblers, forms the basis of what Hobbledown Farm is all about.

We are really happy to announce that several hundreds of copies of the book have already been sold in the Hobbledown gift shop. This together with the book on Amazon and Waterstones will make this excellent tale much more popular.

We asked the author Angela what she thought about how many sales of the book there have been already. She said “I'm absolutely delighted with the amount of children reading Hobbledown and learning about the mysterical world of the Hobblers!).

We want to make finding the book as easy as possible for you, so here are the links to Amazon and Waterstones. Don't wait around, purchase your copy today!

Snap Up Your Copy Of The Hobbledown Book