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Things You Remember It’s amazing the things, which stick out in your mind about school. I remember being chosen to read out a poem I wrote about leaving junior school when I was in Year 6. It began, ‘Goodbye to the teachers, Goodbye to the chairs….’ I remember it now like it was yesterday. I remember not being brave enough to read it out on my own so I made my friend Sam read it with me on stage and I remember the last few words getting choked up in my throat as it dawned on me that this was really the end. I remember hating PE, what use is learning high jump or hockey? I curse the person who invented a game you play on gravel, in any weather, bent over with a wooden stick. But I do remember the day Joanna and I won the three-legged race on Sports Day and that for those solitary moments we were in complete harmony pacing towards the finish line. I remember my friend letting her sister cut her hair and I remember the day that James tripped on a table leg and slit open is ear. I remember the day my Grandmother came in to tell us about what life was like in the Second World War. I remember her measuring out just how much butter and sugar and bread you would get with your ration book every week and that she’d never seen a banana until she was 10. I remember everyone being as in awe of her tales of survival and her strength as I was. I remember Christmas the end of term when my teacher would buy us all class gifts. Under the little Christmas tree in our classroom would sit 30 perfectly wrapped gifts, one for everyone in the class. The excitement was palpable as the class gifts we handed out and everyone rushed to tear of the shiny paper. Our class gifts ranged from scented pencils, jumbo erasers to sticker sets and bookmarks. I think for me, this is my favourite memory. But more importantly it has shaped the adult I have become. 20 years on from these memories I am now a primary school teacher and every Christmas I wrap 30 perfect presents and put them under our tiny little tree. It’s amazing what you remember when you think back.

Things You Remember