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Cincom Sales Configurator Increase Customer Retention With Cincom Acquire Cincom Acquire offers a market leading platform solution that you can implement into your business to not only improve the configuration of complex products or processes, timeliness of quotes, accuracy of pricing and the overall efficiency of your team. The importance to your organizations is the chance of retaining your customers. Customers who come to you for a quote and to place an order are much more likely to be retained as reciprocal customers if the process they have to go through is simple, concise and easy to follow. This theory applies to all consumer choices we make so it would be naïve not to believe that the same wouldn’t apply to large scale purchases. Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT), the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, states “8 OUT OF 10 people buy from the company that is easiest to do business with.” For example, people who choose to book their holiday themselves online will follow multiple processes to book each element of their trip, from the flights to the accommodation to the excursions. If an airline over complicates this process the consumer will try alternative avenues or worse for the brand an alternative airline. The same applies to hotels and excursions. If the process through which you have to go to make your booking is too hard, takes too long or is too complicated they’ll find an alternative. If these processes are easy however and your customer service is good then these customers will be retained. Shopping online is still built on trust, if a customer has a good experience with you the first time, they will return.

Whilst Cincom’s selling platform solution isn’t a B2C consumer product in the same way that an airline is, the principal is still the same. If you want to retain your customers then you need to make the process of obtaining a quote or placing an order as simple and as time efficient as possible. To learn more about Cincom Acquire and their full range of solutions visit:

Increase Customer Retention With Cincom Acquire  
Increase Customer Retention With Cincom Acquire  

To learn more about Cincom Acquire and their full range of solutions visit their site today.