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CONCORDIA NEWS September 2011 I



As students slowly trickled onto campus for the first day of school, Concordia faculty and staff welcomed them with excitement and eager anticipation for a great year. -page 2


What a wonderful celebration awaits us this month. The culmination of years of hard work and wait have finally paid off and parents and members of the Hanoi community are invited to celebrate with us! -page 3


GRAND OPENING - SEPTEMBER 9 On September 9th members of the Hanoi community, sister schools Hong Kong International School (HKIS) and Concordia International School Shanghai (CISS), as well as many other distinguished guests will gather on the newly opened Concordia International School Hanoi campus for a celebration like no other. This will be the official grand opening ceremony for the new schoolthe culmination of many years of waiting and hard work for a great deal of the attendees of the celebration. For those people less familiar with how Concordia Hanoi came into existence today, here is a short recap. The Hanoi school concept developed out of a number of different invitations and possibilities throughout Asia for the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod (LCMS) to build its next school. Vietnam was selected as the primary site for the next LCMS international school since the LCMS humanitarian aid group, headed by Ted Engelbrecht and his staff, had been successfully working in Vietnam since

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FUN! As the Concordia campus stood quiet at 7:45am, teachers waited with eager anticipation for the first signs of children entering the school. The first few students started trickling in with their parents at around 8am and were directed into the multipurpose room to wait for their teachers. Buses started arriving in the back entrance at around 8:20am, greeted by a whole group of Concordia staff excitedly waving at the approaching vehicles. Students made their way to the cafeteria/ multipurpose room to where they were met by other students in their grades, most of whom they had met at last Monday’s orientation. Green, yellow and white uniformed kids made their way to their classrooms where teachers got to know them and had them get acquainted with each other. The day ended with a return to the multipurpose room and a huge welcome from the Head of School, Steve Winkelman. “Hello, students- we are so happy to have you here. You can call me Mr. W.” Mr. Winkelman continued to tell them how proud he was of having them at Concordia and then asked students to line up for a big group photo to commemorate the day. At the end of the day all students got home on the buses without a problem and only one preschooler cried... telling her parents she didn’t want to leave school yet. What a day!

Pictures- Top: A historic first day of school photo with all the Concordia students and staff; Directly above- Grade 1 learning to wash hands properly before lunch; Below: Preschool students line up to go to the art area.

1996 on health and education projects and through that work, established a relationship base for a new school. In addition, the people within the U.S. Embassy and the business community expressed a desire for a school like HKIS and CISS to come to Hanoi: a high-quality, values-based school that could serve the foreign and American populations as well as local students. After just under five years undergoing the legal process and plenty of relationship building years prior to that, the Concordia Hanoi campus was finally built and just celebrated its first day of school on August 24, 2011.

BACK TO SCHOOL SAVE THE DATE- Concordia Parents and students are invited to a “BACK TO SCHOOL” night on September 22 in the evening on campus. This will be a chance to meet teachers in the classroom after the first month of school to see how students are progressing. There will be refreshments and snacks- exact times will be announced soon and emailed to parents. Pictures on this page- Top left: Concordia shows off it’s ‘star’ preschool students; Above, right Collage from top to bottom: Josh (Grade 6 student) in Art Class; Middle School Teachers Mrs. Frerking & Ms. Zimbrick; First Buses arriving at school; directly right: Middle School students pose in the cafeteria/multipurpose room.


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September 9 at 1:30pm in the Concordia Auditorium. Concordia parents are invited to attend with their families to celebrate this momentour event!

TET Trung Thu (Moon FEST):

September 12- The annual lunar festival that the Vietnamese go luna-tic for! Often called the ‘children’s Tet’, kids celebrate with moon cake and candles and sing songs door to door.

Back to School Night:

September 22 in the evening- After one month of classes, parents can meet with teachers and talk about how classes are going.


Concordia Hanoi News Sept 2011  

News from Concordia International School Hanoi for Septmerber 2011

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