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Celebrating 100 days of school Concordia students and teachers have really reached a wonderful mile marker with having complated 100 days of school- just over half way throught the year. The students celebrated in style with loads of activites that were “100” related. -page 2

Pic: Grade 1 is pretty excited to have reached the 100th day of school.

Preschool Celebrates Eric Carle The inspiration instilled in us by the beloved children’s author, Eric Carle, was really felt by all the attendess of the preschool class’s celebration. This showcase of Eric Carle’s works was attended by parents and students alike. -page 3

happy 100th day of school

Celebrating Eric Carle The focus of this four week study of Eric Carle with preschoolers, was to introduce children to a well-known author and illustrator, who they would enjoy reading and want to learn more about. During the course of the study they would see themselves as authors and illustrators. We read nine books that were illustrated and/or written and illustrated by Eric Carle: *Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? *The Very Hungry Caterpillar *Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too? *Little Cloud *Head to Toe *The Secret Birthday Message *The Very Busy Spider *Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? *Do You Want to Be My Friend? *Today is Monday

Reaching the half-way mark There are at least ONE HUNDRED reasons why our Concordia kids are amazing- partly because of all the hard work they put in to making the 100th day of school so spectacular!

While reading these books, we welcomed two guest “readers” to the class, Ms. Brainard and Mrs. Kappelmann. As they became acquainted with more books, they started to recognize Eric Carle’s style as a writer as well as his style of illustrating books. They appreciated the rhythmic pattern of his words.

As soon as students got off the bus or were dropped off at school, they knew that today had something special in store for them. It started with a new tradition of morning assemblies on Friday mornings. This special time to get together reflects on one of Concordia’s core values- COMMUNITY. The school assemblies are a time to recognize accomplishments, celebrations or just generally have a little fun as a school group. The 100th day morning assembly was no different in terms of fun. From the moment students starting walking around, the started counting...100 Concordia balloons! In the hallway “100 Museum” set up by our elementary students there were displays of a 100-blocks tower and 100 bouquets of lollipops. The best part of the morning was the HUGE “Happy 100th Day of School” Banner that the students got to walk through on their way upstairs. The banner had two giant holes through each of the zero’s, allowing the students to pass directly through it.

By using Youtube videos, the children had the opportunity to meet Eric Carle working in his studio in the USA. They learned the name of his wife, children and his lovely, little cat. The children knew Eric was a real man, 80 years old and still busily at work.

Pics- Top: Preschool student pose in front of the “100th Day” banner; Directly above: Reception and Grade 1 students make necklaces of 100 beads; Below from left to right: Raiki is counting up to 100 with his colorful rings; Grade 3 students on their way to class through the “100th day” banner; Travis and Amber in Grade 1 write 100 nouns and put them up on a poster for the “100th Day Museum”.

Pics- Top near heading: Eric Carle, author and illustrator; Right from top to bottom: Grade 3 came to visit the party in preschool, Mrs. Elliott shows off the preschool artwork; little Kara sings her part in the “Today is Monday” song; Left: Proud parents watch on as their kids share tehir Eric Carle knowledge.

Walking Across ASIA Armed with a purpose and a plan, retired US Marine Winston Fiore set off to trek across South East Asia to raise money for underprivileged individuals with a cleft pallet. Amongst many interesting places, his journey also brought him to our Concordia Middle School classroom. Winston talked to Concordia students about the issue of facial deformities affecting a great deal of the world’s population and how he was raising money to help provide much-needed surgeries to correct them. Concordia students listened and asked questions about Winston’s trek and even had a chance to try on his heavy backpack. The middle schoolers thanked him for his time with them and have been keeping track of his journey on his website at


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Upcoming EVENTS: HIWC- COncordia Parent Cofee

March 8 from 10am-noon on campus A special celebration of international women’s day with the Hanoi International Women’s Club!

Half-Day of School:

March 14 (Teacher Professional Development Day) Students will be dismissed at 11:30am and buses will take students home at that time. There will be no lunch served.


Concordia Open House

March 20 from 3-6pm & March 22 from 9am-3pm This is a chance to show Concordia off to the Hanoi community. Please feel free to join in and invite friends to see the campus.

Spring Break

March 26-30 (No School) Have a wonderful Spring Break and we’ll see you back in class on Monday, April 2. Concordia offices will be open.

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