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03 05 08

Greetings from Indonesia

AIESEC Unila 15/16

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Economics and Business Faculty

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General Information







Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 17,508 islands which encompasses 34 provinces with over 238 million people, making it the world’s fourth most populous country in the world. Indonesia consists of hundreds of district ethnic and linguisGc groups. The official language of this country is Bahasa Indonesia. However, it has around 300 ethnic groups, each with cultural idenGGes developed over centuries and influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese and European Sources.

Lampung is one of the province in Indonesia located in Sumatra Island. Its capital is Bandar Lampung. Lampung has more than 1.400.000 populaGons.


It has a lot of natural resources, such as beaches, mountain, flora and fauna, also an amazing culture, fesGval, and other aQracGons. Lampung is famous with its high valued handicraR such as woven cloth, interwoven by gold threads called “tapis”. It also has been well known for the high quality of coffee.


AIESEC Unila 15/16 KRAKATOA The history of AIESEC Unila begins in 2012 at University of Lampung. It is under the AIESEC Local CommiQee Bandung, AIESEC Unila has become a naGonal organizaGon that brings an impact on society. We became an OďŹƒcial Expansion in February 2014. Currently we are presented in one university under InternaGonal Program Faculty of Economics and Business University of Lampung and are sGll growing.


Economics and Business Faculty Faculty of Economics and Business was startup in 1960. OďŹƒcially, Faculty of Economics in University of Lampung was established by the Decree of Minister of Higher EducaGon and Science No. 195 in September 23rd, 1965. UnGl now, FEB has been leaded by 10 Dean GeneraGon. FEB Unila was awarded as the cleanest and the most comfortable campus from Green Metric The University of Lampung 2014.


Job Description 1.  Deliver cross-cultural inputs to the students, sharing experience interacGvely in English Language. 2.  Intern will visit class at Economics and Business faculty about Intern's Culture by sharing to the students and have FAQ session. 3.  Conduct a English class to the staffs of Economics and Business Faculty.

4. The intern will parGcipate in Faculty programs where he/she will play a key role in imparGng conversaGonal and non-conversaGonal knowledge of English to lecturers, staffs and students. 5. The Intern will be a consultant for Student Union in Economics and Business Faculty. 6. Interns have to bring tradiGonal stuffs from their home countries (TradiGonal foods, snacks, clothes, music instrument, performances, normal size flag, souvenirs, etc.) to support the internship acGviGes. 7. Interns will make video of tesGmonial during their internship and give the video maximally one week before the end of the internship.


General Information 1.  Send your CV & Motivational Letter to 2.  After that we will arrange the interview session by filling this form: 3.  Do Interview 4.  Get Matched!


How to apply ?

Intern have to apply for Socio Culture Visa for 60 days. Based on the regulation of Incoming Exchange of AIESEC Indonesia, intern is not permitted to use other kind of visa (like VoA or Visa on Arrival).


Apply Here! hQps://


Support Host-Family Intern’s Buddy Airport Pick Up Service Meals provided by host family once a day Webinar session before realization Interns will get reception booklet Welcoming and Farewell Party Integrate Activity Certificate

Contact Lia Hermanto

Vice President of Incoming Exchange GIP AIESEC Unila 15/16 Email: Skype: Lia.hermanto2


Organizing Committee President of ILEA AIESEC Unila 15/16 Email: Skype: ajengrf

Economics and Business Faculty  

Apply Here : hQps://

Economics and Business Faculty  

Apply Here : hQps://