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Enterprise Bargaining Bulletin UQ Branch

Respect. Recognition. Reward. Bulletin No. 22 10 February 2014

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First Negotiations for 2014

Not a lot of progress

Leave – Salaries – Job Security – Workloads – ICTE Contact Hours Your UQ Bargaining Representatives met with management on Friday in the first formal bargaining session of the year. It would be fair to say that there was not a lot of progress. Much of the meeting was spent (re)stating the differences between our respective positions. On leave, management still want staff to be able to cash out annual leave, and a reduced leave balance before they can direct staff to take leave. We are seeking access to Long Service Leave after 7 years rather than 10 years (which might bring their liabilities down!). Management are still seeking to take away the 35 days non-accruing sick leave from academic staff, while we are seeking to extend it to all staff. On salaries, management continue to hold back their pay offer for the new Agreement. They effectively demonstrated how much they think staff worth with a 2.5% "administrative" salary increase on 1 January. Settlements across the sector have been around 3%, meaning UQ salaries fall further behind. Management hide behind the chicken and egg argument that they can’t possibly make a salary offer until all the other outstanding matters are agreed, when there are no truly high cost items outstanding We advised them (again) that we are clearly not still seeking the 7% per annum we started with, and are cognisant of the recent cuts to Higher Education funding. But the gap between UQ and most comparable universities is widening, and this trend needs to be reversed… On job security, management still have on the table a claim to remove the standing committees which provide some oversight and transparency to restructuring at UQ. Members who have been through restructuring in the Faculty Review will be aware of the critical scrutiny these committees provide. They have saved jobs!

We thought we were making some progress on academic workloads, one of our key claims, but management withdrew from the clause tabled the inclusion of a requirement for an upper limit on teaching and teachingrelated duties. After discussion they proposed a "typical workload range" be a requirement. Essentially management won’t accept a "regulatory approach" to workloads, something we are desperately trying to achieve. They are wary of putting clauses in the Agreement that will be incompatible with their new Workload Tool, but we have had the Tool demonstrated for us, and it is more than capable of incorporating the kind of limits we are seeking. We are still at loggerheads over teaching hours for TESOL staff in the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (ICTE). Management are seeking to increase the maximum contact hours by 13% in exchange for some very limited offsets for particular classes. The impact on workload and on the availability of hours for casuals in ICTE is a major concern. We will meet with members in ICTE next week over our next steps. There has been a break in negotiations and some delay in progress is to be expected. However, bargaining has been going since November 2012 and the lack of progress means inferior conditions of employment and inferior salaries than we will have under the new Agreement. And management know it. Andrew, Liz (in spirit), Dave and Michael Your NTEU UQ Bargaining Team

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Bargaining contacts UQ Bargaining Team: Andrew Bonnell ( Dave Callaghan ( Michael McNally ( Liz Ridley ( Branch Organiser: Lachlan Hurse ( Authorised by Andrew Bonnell, President, NTEU UQ Branch

NTEU UQ Branch Enterprise Bargaining Bulletin No 22

10 February 2014


UQ NTEU EB Bulletin no 22  
UQ NTEU EB Bulletin no 22  

A summary of the Enterprise Bargaining negotiations at the University of Queensland on 7 February 2014