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Staffing Solutions Inc. newsletter

October 2012 No. 170

Who doesn’t like FREE services?!?!?! This job market is different than any other that we can remember! It is competitive, and the rules for job searches have changed.



Interviewing We coach you on how to discuss and describe your work history.


Unemployed? Bad Experience? We will help you talk about your history in the most positive way.

Employers expect new hires to walk in with all the “right stuff.” We have a Career Café and training programs designed to help you keep your skills sharp and expand/enhance your knowledge by adding new ones!

Employers do not have the time to weed through unnecessary information to determine if you are a good match for their openings. SSInc developed a method, Resume Builder, to teach you how to customize your resume for each new opportunity. Come on in & check it out! “I took your suggestion and actually watched the Resume Building video before I left today. It was a valuable lesson for me...I actually watched it twice! Needless to say, I am in the process of re-doing my resume where my talents are brought forward directly and to the point. If not for you, this would not be happening. Thanks once again for inspiring me and rekindling my self-worth. You are the first to offer me a concrete "solution". Be on the lookout for my new resumes!” (SSInc. Applicant T.N. 06/2012)

Dress & Appearance Through conversations & onsite visits, we know our clients and their culture. We coach on the expectation of appearances— professional attire, make up, hair style… Looking the part can help you get the part! Communication Poor communication can be a deal breaker. We guide you by providing feedback from your own interview with us. We address body language, fillers when speaking (“umm” and “like”), and even your tone, speed & volume when speaking. “Thank you for all of your assistance in my job search. I am even more grateful for the personal coaching and advice you offered to me, I needed it and it came at just the right time for me.” (SSInc. Applicant R.F. 06/2012)

I am extremely thankful I can call you with any questions about Office…on my first temp assignment, the employer needed a mail merge for Quarterly Financials. I immediately called and was walked through the process. The employer was very impressed he had what he needed in minutes! (SSInc. Applicant R.A. 09/2012) SSInc is committed to investing in you! Our job is to prepare you, to help you be the “standout” applicant and get that perfect job!

Why do we do this? Because once you join the SSInc team, you have a job search “advocate.” We, and our clients (your future employers), want you to succeed!

FROM THE PRESIDENTS DESK The information in our newsletters combine years of applicant feedback. If you want more information, please feel free to reach out to any member of our team! ~ Bonny Filandrinos

SSInc Presents… Workplace Wisdom “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” -Zig Ziglar

JOB SEEKER TIP: STRONG OR WEAK? Always bring a good handshake! Those few seconds you “shake” can empower or weaken a relationship.


The way you present yourself can actually set the tone for the inter-

action during the interview and affect the interviewers opinion of you!  

Clothes: must be clean, crisp and pressed! Be sure to be in current style for your figure & age! Trimmed & Manicured nails are a must!

 

Scuffed shoes are a big NO! Be sure to wear nice shoes that are in good shape! Hair, makeup & glasses must be professional & up to date

 

Be careful with jewelry: too much sends the wrong message. Keep it simple & classy! Perfume: don’t wear any! Your interviewer might have allergies Missouri Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) 8012 Bonhomme, Suite 200, Clayton, Missouri 63105 • Phone: 314-863-0333 • Fax: 314-863-6650 •

Your locally owned St. Louis based staffing firm Staffing Solutions, Inc. 8012 Bonhomme Ave, Clayton, MO 63105 Phone: 314-863-0333 Fax: 314-863-6650



Congratulations to everyone hired by our clients during the month of September! Sarah McCroary

Grants Administrator


Amy Harris

Sales Coordinator

Wiese USA

Happy Birthday to our Employees with October birthdays!

Bryant Allen Mary Anastasi Megan Barr Danielle Bell Ann Bingaman Dawn Brandt Stephanie Cummings Lonnie Dement Tiana Doney Brett Flanagan Candish Grant Sally Hanson Bianca Hester Elizabeth Isherwood Caitlin Lehman

Scott McClure Rosanne McCullough Karen Menaugh Katherine Morgan Kathleen Mulford Vivian Nieuwsma Theresa Norath Everetia Perry Jackie Rinkle Danielle Sanders Heather Sparkman Judith Stagoski Roshanda Ward Alyssa Wolfman

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Oct 2012  

Temp Newsletter

Oct 2012  

Temp Newsletter