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October 2013 No. 181

FROM THE PRESIDENTS DESK At Staffing Solutions, Inc., the scenario described here is not uncommon. Having an offer on the table while completing second interviews elsewhere is anxietyproducing, as you risk losing the “bird in the hand”. I hope this information helps— Read on...

~Bonny Filandrinos

SSInc Presents… Workplace Wisdom

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. ~Babe Ruth

Should you wait for a second job offer? The scenario: On Friday you receive a job offer from company A through a staffing agency. You have a final job interview with company B on Tuesday. You know that company B will pay more than company A. The staffing agency from company A expects you to accept or reject the offer no later than Monday. You want to stall a few days to see what happens with company B, to see if they extend an offer. But what happens if you sign the company A offer and then accept an offer from company B? Would the staffing agency be upset if you tell them you’re waiting for another offer? At the same time, you don’t want to risk the first offer, in case the second doesn’t come. What should you do? Slow down and think it through. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll interview with company B and immediately receive a final answer. Though it occasionally happens, it’s not the norm in the professional world. The company may be interviewing other candidates, and the hiring managers may need to confer. Even if everyone is unanimous, the offer has to be written up, approved, and formally presented to you. In other words, your belief that you’ll know if you have a job offer in no more that a day or two is overly optimistic. You probably won’t know for at least a week. Additionally, if you received a job offer on Friday, it is understandable that the agency would expect an answer by Monday. Will the recruiter be upset if you’re interviewing with others? No—you have to pursue all appropriate opportunities, so you should absolutely interview with company B. But before you do so, contact the staffing agency representing company A, and say something like this: “I was so happy to receive company A’s job offer. Of course, I need to consider everything carefully. Can I give you my answer next Friday? I have had other final interviews, and am requesting the time to review each of the opportunities to ensure I find the best fit—for my sake and any potential employer’s.” There’s no guarantee that company A will wait—that is the risk. Now is also a good time to ask yourself if you are satisfied with their offer. You say that company B will pay more—have you tried to negotiate with company A? Some companies won’t—their offers are final. But with many companies there is flexibility. Have you asked for a slightly higher salary, or the ability to telecommute once a week, or whatever it is that appeals to you? Of course, the answer may be no, but you can and should ask. It’s also ok to tell company B that you have an offer on the table—it may prompt them to move faster. Here at Staffing Solutions, Inc., we are often happy to help our candidates out with negotiating the job offer if we believe it will help you land in the best place for you! Missouri Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) 8012 Bonhomme, Suite 200, Clayton, Missouri 63105 • Phone: 314-863-0333 • Fax: 314-863-6650 •

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8012 Bonhomme Ave, Clayton, MO 63105 Phone: 314-863-0333 Fax: 314-863-6650

Congratulations to everyone hired by our clients during the month of September! Georgia Bowen

Office Manager

HM Capital Management

Gina Hofer

Project Accountant

Rhodey Construction

Karen Nabe

Admin Assist to Tech Support

Mitek Industries

Debbie Goin

Payroll Coordinator

ARCO Construction

Jennifer Cuker

Assistant to the Deputy Director

St. Louis Art Museum

Happy Birthday to our Employees with October birthdays!

Karissa Bell Erin Bishop Jennifer Brown Amy Brzycki Lonnie Dement Barbara Dye Amanda Edwards Amanda Ervin Pamela Hackmann Sally Hanson Patricia Henzey Ramond Irons Joan Lerch

Rose Lewis-Taylor Patricia Lukens Scott McClure Kathleen Mulford Tabitha Nabors Jackie Rinkle Danielle Sanders Judith Stagoski Gina Turner Judith Wealand-Kessler Wen-Wei Wu Bev Zurosky

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