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March 2014 No. 185

“Temping” can be the perfect transition from employed!

FROM THE PRESIDENTS DESK After more than 35 years in the temporary staffing industry, I am still amazed that there are still so many people out there that are unaware of how “temping” can be the perfect transition from unemployed to employed. With the ups and downs of the job market in the last 15 years, everyone who finds themselves unemployed should consider how doing temp/contract work can benefit them!

~Bonny Filandrinos

Congratulations! You’re smart—when you found yourself in the job market, you knew that seeking “temp” work was a good idea, offering not just a paycheck, but a wide range of job search resources, and an opportunity to expand your professional network. Did you ever think that your relatives, neighbors, and colleagues don’t know about the benefits of utilizing the services of staffing agencies? Maybe they think that:

Agencies only handle administrative positions—Agencies staff positions in a wide number of categories. For example, Staffing Solutions not only fills administrative roles, but also positions in human resources, marketing and accounting support...and the list goes on. Chances are, there’s a staffing agency for almost any job type.

Signing up with an agency is going to cost money—We never charge a fee to our applicants!

Doing temporary work will get in the way of looking for full-time positions— Applicants are always considered for full-time opportunities, and are still able to interview for positions while temping.

THE FACT IS, A RECENT SURVEY OF MORE THAN 600 STAFFING FIRMS FOUND THAT THE BEST PATH TO AN IMMEDIATE PAYCHECK, AND EVENTUALLY A FULL-TIME JOB IS THROUGH TEMPORARY WORK! Do your friends a favor... let them know what you know: that temporary work offers the best possible path in their job search, including:

A paycheck coming in even while they continue the job search

A resume that doesn’t have a large gap in the employment history (and “contract positions” can be grouped together on a resume to show continuity)

SSInc Presents… Workplace Wisdom

It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning. ~Claude Bernard

The skills you have stay sharp...and you can learn new skills which could qualify you for a greater range of positions

“Testing the waters” at different companies helps people determine whether it’s the kind of place they WANT to work full-time

The chance to get a foot in the door at top companies! A good percentage of “temps” are hired full-time at the companies where they temp!

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Temp Newsletter - Mar 2014  
Temp Newsletter - Mar 2014