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Staffing Solutions Inc.


No. 155

June 2011

Don’t Apply for Every Job Out There!

FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK... Online job postings make it

If you or someone you know is “click

data. Job boards also offer similar

easy to apply for a job. Before

happy,” it is time to understand how

filtering services to companies.

you submit a resume for a

recruiters do their jobs and how you

position, remember the “80/20 rule.” If you meet 80% of the job requirements, then go

can ensure you will NEVER be called to interview!

When a recruiter clicks on an applicant’s name in this tracking system, he/she can see every job that person has

ahead and apply. If not, move

We understand that job searching can

applied for within the company. If


be very frustrating! There are

someone has applied to several jobs in a

jobseekers out there who are seeing

short period of time, this can raise red

Don’t forget to customize your

postings on the internet that they

flags. Christina mentioned that she once

resume to the job opening to

“may” be interested in, and quickly apply

saw an applicant apply to both a Vice

without reading through the

President position AND a mail room clerk

requirements to verify that they

role! Obviously, this person is not


targeting their job search and seems

ensure you get noticed! ~Bonny Filandrinos, President

Many of these candidates who apply to

SSInc Presents . . . Workplace Wisdom

“everything” send the same generic

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. ~Thomas Edison

TIPS FOR THE JOBSEEKER Remember to tailor your resume to EVERY job posting! If you haven't already, be sure you attend our Resume Builder Workshop! We will teach you how to EASILY customize your resume for every job you apply for! Watch your inbox for upcoming workshop invitations!

VERY desperate. This is a turnoff to recruiters!

resume every time. Recruiters will

Bottom line: Employers are seeking

quickly recognize these candidates and

candidates who are focused and have a

will not waste their time reviewing your

clear idea on what they can offer a

resume! They will put you on their

potential employer. They do not want

personal “black list” and will not

someone who is desperate and has no

consider you EVEN when you finally

vision of what their career path truly is.

qualify for the position!! If you do not truly qualify for the job, why bother applying and, if you DO qualify and ARE interested in the position, why don’t you put more effort into it?

Remember, if you do not qualify for a job, DO NOT APPLY! Obviously a mail room clerk is not qualified for a high level VP position. Choose jobs that you qualify for and focus on tailoring each of your

At our last Friday seminar, “Stand out

applications and customizing your resume

Resumes,” presenter Christina Bryant,

to the job description so you get noticed!

HR professional, spoke to our applicants about applicant tracking systems (ATS). Many companies are using their system to handle job applications and help manage resume

Just ask one of our applicants who has attended our Resume Builder workshop– tailoring your resume will increase your chances of getting a call!

Missouri Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) 8012 Bonhomme, Suite 200, Clayton, Missouri 63105 Phone: 314-863-0333 Fax: 314-863-6650


to everyone hired by our clients during the month of May

Bethany Kellogg ............ Sales Support Administrator ........... Omni Prepaid, LLC Sonya James ................. Administrative Assistant ................... Metro Bi State Development Agency Linda Dohnal .................. Member Services Representative ... National Assoc of Electrical Dist Dan Meyers ................... Project Coordinator ............................ Telepacific Communications

to our employees with June birthdays Naomi Becker Julee Biesendorfer Jo Fieser Meghan Finnegan Christine Frasca Kim Geiger Elena Gibson Ericka Greene Sharon Harper

Marcy Hoge Madonna Laws-Lowell Grace Lo Jill McDuffee Edith Ortega Tara Pilz LaTanya Raymond MilTonda Valentine


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