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January 2011

FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK... Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! It’s a new year and we’re excited to see what 2011 will bring us! I know some of you slowed down your job search during the holidays, but now is the time to turn it up a notch! We decided to put together a few “Best Practices” to help you land your next position! Happy New Year! - Bonny Filandrinos

SSInc Presents . . . Workplace Wisdom “We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential.” ~Ellen Goodman

SSI’s Career Café is still available to you so you can: *Conduct job search activities *Learn Resume Builder *Do research *Peer network *Utilize our research library and advanced job search tools *Wi-Fi available *Help yourself to free coffee and tea!!!

Best Practices After the holidays, jobseekers typically go into serious job search mode. It is time to connect with recruiters, network with others, and search on job boards. We at Staffing Solutions, Inc. know the hunt for a job is tremendously stressful, so we have put together a list of “Best Practices” to help you land your next gig! Whether you are working with a staffing company or searching on a job board, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. The best piece of advice is to BE HONEST! You must be truthful on an application. Falsifying an application is grounds for termination. Just because you were let go from an employer, it doesn’t always mean you won’t get hired. Also, be truthful when discussing your qualifications, salary requirements, dates of employment, and background during an interview. An employer will usually find out if something is not true. When working with a staffing company, don’t go around a recruiter to the potential employer. The company hired the staffing company, and if you are a good match for the position, the staffing company most likely has presented you to them. This behavior is generally considered unethical and can send a red flag to employers. Not only that, but you will be burning a bridge with both the staffing company and the potential employer.

Another tip: don’t apply to the job if you don't qualify. Some jobseekers apply to every job that an employer posts online! Recruiters will start to remember your name and you don’t want an employer to see your name and think negatively. For example, if the job posting states 10 plus years Executive Assistant experience required, and you have 4 years Accounting Clerk experience – don’t apply. Be sure you are reading through the entire job posting, especially the requirements, before you apply.

Another item that topped our “Best Practices” list is to always call the staffing company back right away if they contacted you about a possible job opportunity. A lot of times our clients want to see resumes right away, and we don’t want you to miss out on a possible opportunity! Even if you aren’t interested in the job we are calling you about, have accepted another position, or are taking a break from your search, we need to know. We don’t want to keep clients waiting on possible candidates who won’t call or email us back. After no returned calls, we may be hesitant to take a chance on not hearing back from you again in the future. The role of recruiters is to match jobseekers to fill their client’s positions, so consider recruiters allies in your job search. Establishing a trusting relationship with your recruiter can result in you landing a job faster, as well as down the line when looking for positions in the future! Good luck with your job hunt!

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to everyone hired by our clients during the month of December

Anacleta Steffen ...................Executive Assistant........................BJC Healthcare Patricia Fitzhugh ....................Pre-Authorization Rep ...................Mercy Health Plans, Inc. Dee McMillion ..........................Sales/Marketing Specialist ..........SSE, Inc. Jennifer Emerson Binning....Inbound Lead Specialist ................InteliSpend

to our employees with January birthdays Debra Archibee Robin Barnard Kerry Berger Kellen Borchers Carmen Brothers Mary D'Amico Linda Dohnal Lydia Folkers Sandra Forte Darrell Jones

Delores Jones Melissa Kitchell Mary-Ama Mends Marilyn Nenninger Phyllis Ramsey Kristen Schneider Margaret Shelton Mark Stolzer Tiffany White Sharon Wilson H OT W EBSITES T O C HECKOUT ...

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January 2011  

January 2011 temp newsletter

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