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Lhuillier Fine Properties, Ltd. 2870 Peachtree Road, Suite 458 Atlanta, Georgia 30305

THE INTRODUCTION The Fine Art of Luxury

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LETTER FROM THE BROKER Lhuillier Fine Properties, ltd. is a premier private luxury boutique, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Delivering an ultimate level of “Uncompromising” service and marketing expertise to the upper-tier real estate market. We were built on the mantra: live your best life. Lhuillier’s savvy team of professional and seasoned luxury brokers have created a powerful brand that services an exclusive client list including business executives, athletes, entertainers and other prominent individuals. Our luxury brokers have all been individually hand-selected to represent Lhuillier Fine Properties to an affluent audience. Moreover, the company’s strict focus on its core specialties position it as an emerging market leader. Founded by Goldman, Soulsby & Roye; a team of global real estate executives who understand the meaning to offer uncompromising service – It’s all in the address!

Our Private Brokerage concept addresses all aspects of a real estate portfolio: residential, commercial, industrial, property management, maintenance, investment and consulting. Private Brokerage means a higher level of personal service, added value, managed assets, accurate financial reports and advice and consultations with complete privacy and discretion. Lhuillier is determined to nurture and grow its creative resources. Our long-term success is rooted in a combination of artistic creativity and technological innovation: we have always been and always will be creators…thinkers. We have created a partnership and with that in mind, developed our own in-house public relations and marketing firm – HARLEM2; charged with designing all of our marketing concepts—affording our clients access to cutting-edge offering collaterals’.

When you retain our services to acquire or liquidate real estate, you are hiring a team of experienced luxury brokers whom are globally connected. Real estate choices are based on finding the superb location, “It’s all in the address” – enjoying smooth transactions and achieving precise results. Lhuillier, with more than 20+ years of international business experience –sets the new standard for innovation, integrity and World-class Service. Whether you’re looking for property in the luxury or commercial markets—we’re the first choice for premium real estate services and beyond. Further underscoring the level of expertise and professionalism you will be provided– we are Luxury Brokers.

Experience the Lhuillier difference – We believe in Living Who You Are – Live your best life!

Be well,

MICKI M. Esposito Principal Broker


Lhuillier Fine Properties, Ltd. a preeminent private luxury real estate boutique, headquartered in Atlanta’s exclusive luxury market. Yet, servicing a international clientele with the delivery and the execution of an ultimate level of “Uncompromising” service and advertising expertise to the upper-tier real estate market globally-- It’s all about you!

Our concept: to create and exclusive, private, luxury real estate boutique focusing solely on the needs of its exclusive private clientele’. Lhuillier Fine Properties would not advertise its services through normal channels; yet, only known in the most “exclusive and private” circles – rolling from the lips of the most prominent individuals’ of business, entertainment and professional athletic organizations and private investors in the world. In this environment: “It’s all about you”; you are privy to custom services.

Our luxury brokers have all been individually selected to represent Lhuillier Fine Properties to an affluent audience. Moreover, the company’s strict focus on its core specialties positions it as a market leader. Founded by Goldman, Soulsby & Roye; a team of global real estate executives who understand what it means to offer uncompromising service –When you retain Lhuillier Fine Properties as your personal representation of your real estate interests, you are harnessing the capabilities of professionals who are unique and set the tone for others to follow.

Experience the Lhuillier difference -

OUR ETHOS “The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage.” (Prov. 21:5) The other side of diligence is the “right” side. It’s not just about working at something with persistence, and by working smart. It’s about doing it right -- expeditiously, efficiently, effectively and in excellence. In other words, doing it to the highest standards possible, regardless of what is demanded or expected. It means bringing creativity, persistence and even other people and outside resources into the effort to achieve an extraordinary outcome — diligence gives us an unique advantage, one that will result in greater productivity, achievement, wealth and fulfillment for our clients and ourselves. This is the soul of Lhuillier; we believe in all things being possible & we believe in you and we believe in us. OUR VISION We are a Global Leader in the luxury real estate market; exceeding a billion dollars in sales. Our meaningful contributions and accomplishments have a positive impact on society as a whole. We are good and trustworthy human beings. We place God first in our lives and this belief is how we live and our business is built upon this structure. - Simply, we do the right thing by people and we expect the same in return. OUR MISSION Market and sell premier real estate with high standards of integrity; never compromising our clients nor ourselves and living with passion and a commitment to excellence daily. OUR VALUES Our core values frame the foundation of how we work at Lhuillier: Relentless pursuit of results - We assume personal responsibility for achieving ambitious, measurable results in pursuit of our vision. We persevere in the face of challenges, seek resources to ensure the best outcomes, and work towards our goals with a sense of purpose and urgency for our clients’ and ourselves collectively and individually. Sense of possibility- We approach our work with optimism, think boldly, and greet new ideas openly. Disciplined thought- We think critically and strategically in search of the best answers and approaches, reflect on past experiences and data to draw lessons for the future, and make choices that are deeply rooted in our mission. Respect and humility- We value all who are engaged in this challenging work. We keep in mind the limitations of our own experiences and actively seek out diverse perspectives. Integrity- We ensure alignment between our actions and our beliefs, engage in honest self-scrutiny, and do what's right for the broader good. Operating solely upon Discretion, Integrity, uncompromising values and honor. These core values are reflected in how each client is serviced with abiding respect for privacy and inviolable confidentiality. We are supportive and contributing members of society.

We are Lhuillier Fine Properties, Ltd. – brokers of luxury real estate.


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Lhuillier Fine Properties, Ltd. is a privately-held luxury real estate boutique firm that has redefined luxury living. Through our unique approach to über luxury real estate, Lhuilier Fine Properties has confirmed its position as a leader in the luxury real estate market. With our keen ability to identify opportunities; along with our signature value added strategy. We have achieved record breaking sales in all aspects of real estate. Goldman, Soulsby & Roye are the founders of The Lhuillier Fine Properties Boutique. This partnership was created as a holding company for their real estate opportunities through acquisition and liquidation of real estate assets around the world. As international jetsetters and being engulfed in their various business entities, they understood and appreciate world-class service and felt a need to bring back the Old-World Charm of great service; therefore Lhuillier Fine Properties, Ltd. was born in 1999 with their first transaction in Atlanta. Creating a quaint, personable, exclusive real estate firm – small enough to really foster strong relationship with our clients; therefore catering to their immediate needs. Lhuillier services an international clientele; giving Lhuillier a Global presence in the marketplace. The Principals have hand selected only a team of Brokers to represent Lhuillier Fine Properties; with Micki Esposito leading the team as thier Principal Broker. MICKI has established her reputation as a honest, sophisticated, well connected, dedicated and savvy negotiator; in which GSR knows first hand – with MICKI being their personal broker.

Our concept: to create an exclusive, private, luxury real estate boutique focusing solely on the needs of its exclusive clients’. Lhuillier would not advertise through normal channels, yet; known only by “Word of Mouth”, rolling from the lips of the most prominent individuals’ of business, entertainment, sports or any individual seeking exclusive real estate representation. Offering an exceptional knowledgebase to their clients.

“Exclusivity, Excellence and Exceptional Service are the driving force of our business” - Goldman, Soulsby & Roye


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The Lhuillier Company was founded on a simple idea: that a real estate brokerage could know its clients’ well enough to become a true specialist, offering exquisite properties with superior world-class service. Different properties and different circumstances call for different approaches and different strategies. Lhuillier Fine Properties has set out to revolutionize residential real estate marketing by employing the most innovative marketing and advertising strategies. Our in-house division has developed a high design brand identity with a cleaner more sophisticated look that appeals to today’s savvy real estate consumer. With a focus on the client, property and lifestyle, we implement a unique concierge-style service, tailoring each marketing plan to the individual by utilizing professional photography and copywriting custom brochures, mailings and signage, email marketing, newspaper, periodical and magazine placement, internet exposure as well as a wide spectrum of private events and broker previews. Lhuillier Fine Properties. The new standard in residential real estate — a boutique firm comprised of Atlanta’s elite real estate professionals, having spent close to two decades in the marketplace. The Lhuillier brokers’ award-winning, top-performing agents remain the area’s specialists in the most exclusive luxury enclaves in the most desirable residential neighborhoods. This team has united to revolutionize the market by offering the highest level of personalized client attention, service and support, while employing the most innovative technology, marketing strategies. With a high-design brand identity, the clean and sophisticated look of Lhuillier’s advertising and marketing campaigns designed exclusively by HARLEM2 appeal to today’s real estate consumer, a demographic that has become savvy in their needs and demands in the real estate marketplace.

A concierge real estate boutique with service that is as memorable as our name. No one knows luxury like Lhuillier.

We are luxury brokers with a whole new take on what premium “uncompromising” service in the real estate industry can be!

Experience the Lhuillier Difference

OUR COMMITMENT Lhuillier’s luxury brokers know that selling or buying a home is a major event in your life. It represents one of the largest single investments you may make in your lifetime. It is therefore Our Goal to make this experience a seamless one. To accomplish this, we will provide unparalleled professionalism, quality service and the most productive approach to achieving your goals and maintain confidentiality. The unparalleled knowledge demonstrated at Lhuillier is supported by personalized attention to every detail while respecting the confidentiality of our clients. Lhuillier has flourished as a result of our integrity, relationships and referrals. This has been the secret to our success – working in excellence and with a high level of integrity as our guiding force. Our brokers are professional, experienced, and personable. We work under the principle that preserving the relationship with our clients’ is more important than the individual deal; consequently, our clients return to use our services over and over again and provide excellent recommendations that enable "word of mouth" to be our best source for new business. Throughout the term of our relationship with you, we will constantly strive to provide the best professional service including: • Establishing a price which analyzes current market trends, comparable sales and the unique characteristics of your property • A well planned marketing strategy for your property • Maximum exposure of your property • Constant communication to update and adjust your marketing program • Skillful negotiation on all offers received • Monitoring of the escrow procedure • Ongoing real estate support and assistance Your property represents an important investment to you and us. We are committed to giving you the personal attention and quality service you deserve. We look forward to providing you with unparalleled professionalism and the most productive approach to marketing your property. In the luxury industry, seemingly simple ‘tricks of the trade’ are mastered by highly skilled professionals. At Lhuillier we apply the word “Métier” (which in English means workmanship or ‘a highly skilled line of work’) as an honorary term to credit those professions working at the heart of our luxury business, and which require a unique savoir-faire, expert qualifications and accomplished dexterity.

IT TAKES THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO deliver serendipity

THE DIVISIONS Our prestigious clientele include: International Dignitaries, Actors’, Musicians’, Celebrities, Professional Athletes’ and Prominent Business Executives Our reputation for excellence is based on our unique ability to match "one-of-a-kind” clients with "one-of-a-kind" offerings.

_âåâÜç extÄ Xáàtàx Sports and Entertainment Project Marketing and Management


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Our Partner Philosophy: The blending of expertise between you and Lhuillier allows for sharper goals and keener strategies; which is why Lhuillier has always consider it’s clients’ as – “Partners. A “Partner” is someone with whom you collaborate to achieve success.

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The Luxury Residential division services the buyers and sellers of luxury real estate that demand perfection in terms of market proficiency, customer service, negotiation skill and innovative marketing. An elite brand in its own right, Lhuillier is synonymous with luxury residential real estate. Our Luxury Brokers’ experience and productivity in this market during the course of their careers sets the tone for the entire company. Armed with an extensive database of buyers and contacts, as well as a high-powered in-house marketing company HARLEM2; our listing clients are assured of receiving the highest visibility for their property and the most unique branding available. Lhuillier’s proprietary network of luxury brokers throughout the country, The Lhuillier Clique, also provides a substantial reach for our listings. Furthermore, because Lhuillier works with so many luxury buyers, we often sell our listings to our own buyers. Our buying clients know that we bring the ultimate level of market knowledge and tenacity to the table. This is exemplified by the fact that Lhuillier shows both listed, and many times, unlisted properties such as private sales, through our strong relationships with homeowners. The Sports & Entertainment division offers a specialized level of service for the unique real estate needs of athletes and entertainers in Atlanta and throughout the World. The Project Marketing & Management division focuses on exclusive marketing and sales assignments of boutique real estate developments in Atlanta and other select markets.

This may involve any or a combination of the following: •

Development and implementation of the most suitable campaign strategy to best utilize and promote any development project.

Prepare and gain the appropriate approvals necessary in the development process.

Ongoing project management

Utilizing the latest and most successful marketing and methodologies to not only meet marketplace demand but also to create the demand.

MARKETING STRATEGY We have a passion for branding… Each home that is listed with Lhuillier receives a thorough branding and marketing evaluation by your RE Broker and HARLEM2, our exclusive marketing agency. Our goal is to create a targeted and distinct brand for each property, one that will be visible and appeal to the largest segment of each property’s target market. Based upon such analysis, our next step is to create a unique, property-specific marketing plan which we present to you upon a signed listing agreement. Once you retain Lhuillier, the fact that we don’t adhere to the complacent cookie-cutter approach to real estate marketing will be evident. A sampling of the various “sell your property” tools we employ and build into each marketing plan, where applicable, include: •

Proprietary database segmentation & private client book marketing

E-marketing strategies & tactics (e-blasts, web promotion, affiliations with other luxuryoriented websites)

Traditional (newspaper, magazine, signage, office gallery, open houses & brokers opens, regional co-brokerage promotion)

Private affairs (celebrity charity events, private dinners, etc.)

The Lhuillier Clique, our private database (key clients and others such as athletes, celebrity handlers and coaches with large spheres of influence that promote our business)

Publicity and media relations (through HARLEM2, ltd. extensive relationships across television, print, radio and speaking engagements around the country)

Viral marketing (Type-A personalities constantly networking and showcasing our listings throughout our real estate, sports, celebrity, media and broker contacts)

In addition to our marketing talent, our strong market knowledge within the luxury real estate realm, database of buyers, years of experience, negotiation skill and overall passion for this business are some key reasons for our success in luxury real estate.

"The Luxury Brokers of Lhuillier Fine Properties have been selling luxury real estate with a commitment to excellence for many years. The Brokers' particular areas of specialization are in high-end residential properties in exclusive and secure communities, resulting in the sale of many multi-million dollar homes and condominiums. They have numerous record-breaking sales. Their real estate service and production have earned numerous awards. In addition, they are highly recognized in their specialization of Luxury Real Estate worldwide. Lhuillier puts its emphasis on forging strategies, not forcing solutions. Each assignment is a process of establishing objectives, identifying issues, evaluating options and then implementing the best solution. Lhuillier’s approach is to give its clients’ the full benefit of its experience and perspective across the full spectrum of the real estate process. The firm takes a limited number of engagements and provides a high level of personal service. This approach, along with a basic philosophy of aligning the firm's interests directly with those of its clients, truly sets Lhuillier apart from traditional sources of real estate services. Lhuillier’s marketing firm HARLEM2’s sophisticated ad campaign targets high-net worth individuals in publications such as Town & Country, Veranda, Robb Report, Departures, Ritz-Carlton Magazine, Unique Homes, and the Wall Street Journal. These ads are designed to drive traffic to the centerpiece of the program,, and your $1 million-plus property. High qualified buyers are also able to access your property through our own website. Lhuillier is one of the most influential names in residential project marketing. Lhuillier unique one-stop approach to marketing new property developments - from ascertaining target markets to launching new residential communities - has become an institution. Possibly the most forward-thinking, proactive marketer in the industry, Lhuillier marketing services include: •

Marketing strategies to launch major residential projects to the public

Advertising and creative services

Public relations and event management services

The benefits of Lhuillier’s marketing services do not conclude with the launch of a project. It is continued commitment to achieving best possible results incorporates regular sales monitoring and advising on changing market trends. So, that development plans can be further refined to ensure continued success.




The Fine Art of Luxury

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NO rookie When it comes to LUXURY REAL ESTATE


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Our reputation in the luxury real estate arena has brought us in contact with the most World-Renowned Personalities! The Lhuillier’s Sports & Entertainment division was created due to our extensive and successful experience in dealing with the residential real estate needs of celebrities. The division provides a specialized level of service for the ever-demanding lifestyles of professional athletes, entertainers’ and business executives’ throughout the world. We act more as their personal concierge in the real estate acquisition and liquidation process; connecting our clients with vendors and entities specializing in servicing their unique request.

Regardless of where our client’s homes are located, we strive to serve as their only point of reference; so, as to maintain quality control and ensure they receive the professional service they expect. Operating under the principles of integrity, loyalty and strict confidentiality, we provide our clients with a full-service approach to building lifelong relationships. Our travel documents are kept current; at times it is required to meet our client’s around the world. We offer World-Class Service beyond the normal real estate transaction!

The Sports & Entertainment division is spearheaded by our Principal Broker--MICKI. Within the sports and entertainment realm, MICKI has years of extensive relationships with athletes, entertainers and business executives through her involvement with their charitable endeavors and 20+ years of experience as the Chief-of-Staff to prominent Corporate Chief Executive Officers. WE MAINTAIN YOUR PRIVACY.


cÜxxÅ|ÇxÇà XåÑxÜà|áx

Team up with Lhuillier Fine Properties on your next real estate transaction to obtain the services of a proven winner:


Assisting athletes & entertainers & business executives with their residential real estate needs (buying, selling and renting) in Atlanta and throughout the World.


A single point of reference for our partners.


A nationwide luxury broker network (The Lhuillier Clique) to ensure superior market knowledge for our clients transacting outside of Atlanta.


Hands-on, personal involvement in your transaction from a Luxury Broker, including traveling when necessary to ensure quality service.


Access to unique real estate investments and VIP pricing for pre-construction and condoconversion opportunities.


Luxury home management, concierge and interior design alliances.


We donate a portion of our commission from every transaction.

To accomplish this, we will provide unparalleled professionalism, quality service and the most productive approach to achieving your goals. Operating solely upon Discretion, Integrity, Uncompromising Values and Honor. These core values are reflected in how each client is serviced with abiding respect for privacy and inviolable confidentiality.

INVESTOR CLIENTELE In a complicated market that is increasingly competitive, our specialized approach to investors is the edge they need to make confident investment decisions. Lhuillier has a rich history of responding to and meeting these challenges by planning and developing projects that are beneficial to not only investors, but to the local environment and community at large. Our investor clients range from entrepreneurial investors to a $30+ billion corporation. Ideally, our clients purchase Bulk Reo properties and NonPerforming Notes (commercial and sfr). ACQUISITIONS Lhullier aggressively seeks out deals with value-added strategy for our international investor clients. Simply put, Lhuillier recognizes opportunity where others see obstacles. At times, Lhuillier has multiple investor deals pending and is actively pursing additional projects for investors. BANKING RELATIONSHIPS Lhuillier maintains strategic relationships with some of the most prestigious lenders in the nation. Our bankers know that we have the experience, passion, and the expertise to identify real estate trends early in the market cycle and capitalize on them and have identified investors with capabilities to take-down their offerings' quickly and efficiently. DUE DILIGENCE Due Diligence provides pre-transactional analysis that gives executive management the necessary support and justification for making acquisition, development, disposition, investment, relocation/expansion, and business operational decisions. Due Diligence is specialized, requiring familiarity with entire processes, investor and user expectations and parameters. The results of a professional due diligence review provide reliable predictor factors for investments and other transaction considerations. Performed due diligence for an investor client by executing a complex analysis that led to the acquisition of a $300 million portfolio that encompassed community and neighborhood retail shopping centers located throughout California and Nevada. From due diligence information, we negotiated a final acquisition price that had the full support of executive management. INVESTMENT ANALYSIS Lhuillier’s experience in commercial real estate combined with its knowledge of industry and market trends and its familiarity with the specific processes involved in various investments and leasing build a strong foundation for the company’s investment services. For equity investors and real estate asset users, Lhuillier creates long-term integrated solutions that continue to deliver desired results long after the initial transactions. Lhuillier assists clients in developing viable investment strategies. Its investment analyses determine whether assets are performing or are capable of performing as expected. The firm helps clients achieve performance goals by benchmarking against internal company metrics - return on investment, return of investment, cash flow projections – to assess the strengths and weaknesses of portfolio performance and to determine appropriate actions and interventions. The investment analysis process often includes financial modeling, product positioning, database market research and analysis, cost sensitivity analysis, credit analysis, and pertinent document reviews. Provided expert analysis relating to the proposed purchase of a portfolio of properties comprised of over a value in excess of $100 million.


RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENTS The Project Marketing & Management division is a comprehensive marketing and sales vehicle for real estate developers of boutique and edgy projects. Armed with an extensive network of resources, we assist developers from the initial planning stages of a new project or conversion through amenity mix selection, pricing of units, marketing and sales. Our substantial database of buyers and brokers throughout the United States and abroad, contacts with media and public relations outlets and resources in the sports, nightlife and entertainment worlds are all proprietary tools we employ to add value where necessary. We have a passion for enhancing developer brands beyond just a specific project, and in that light, we will never handle competing projects in any market so as to maintain a project’s aura of uniqueness. At Lhuillier it is our unique equivocal aim to be the finest in the business. We strive to excel in every area of our business and to continually improve our business methodologies in finding more effectual ways to achieve our clients’ goals. Our specialized team uses their knowledge and experience to create, develop, manage and market residential projects. By using proven strategies that are informed and creative, we provide clients with the latest marketing techniques to enhance their objectives and goals. Our business is project specific and results focused. We are not recognized for our services alone but for the measured results achieved. As a company we are aware that in all our business transactions, our integrity is always at stake. Our business transactions are conducted in a professional, ethical and legal matter. Lhuillier specializes in the marketing of residential project developments to fulfill the demands of an active property market. By applying our marketing expertise to the smallest or to the largest of developments, Lhuillier can bring any project to a successful realization. With the clients objectives in mind Lhuillier tailor the most unique and suitable campaign available today. This may involve any or a combination of the following: •

Development and implementation of the most suitable campaign strategy to best utilize and promote any development project. Utilizing the latest and most successful marketing and methodologies to not only meet marketplace demand but also to create the demand.

Prepare and gain the appropriate approvals necessary in the development process.

Ongoing project management. Promotional support and advertising, vendor and subcontractor management

Cash flow projections; marketing budgets and sales time lines; Model pricing

Comprehensive market, competition and absorption analysis

Interior design management

Monthly Reporting: sales reports and prospective buyer activity

Buyer financing program coordination

Customer service program implementation and management

Advertising and creative services and Public relations and event management services


CHARITY There is much more to life than financial success. Fueled by our desire to impact children’s lives and to assist in various charitable endeavors, Lhuillier Fine Properties’ donates a portion of our own commission to charity on every transaction closed. The donations are given directly to either The Dukes Foundation Corporation and The Innocence Project to assist their immediate efforts in the community and national projects. Members of The Lhuillier Fine Properties also dedicate their personal time to other volunteer organizations in the community.

To learn more about the Dukes Foundation, please visit: To learn more about the Innocence Project, please visit:

“The whole is luxury: a genuine welcome, a seamless compliance, a personal farewell. If you can repeat it reliably, then you have real luxury, you have a luxury business.”

-H. Schultz

LHUILLIER Y|Çx cÜÉÑxÜà|xá? _àwA Please direct inquires to: 2870 Peachtree Road, Suite 458 Atlanta, Georgia 30305 Telephone: (404) 735 1727 Facsimile: (404) 920 2198 Email: Website:



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