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Baby Got Back




Gracelyn Elizabeth Smith, the baby, the myth, the legend. Contrary to popular belief, the Smiths are not trying to genetically engineer the ultimate English teacher. That is not to say that Gracelyn Elizabeth Smith will not be raised to be the ultimate reader and writer, but her parents hope to diversify her interests to include math and maybe even science. Perhaps she’ll become a doctor. If anything, Gracelyn will be a well informed baby, as she shall be raised on C-Span. In case anyone is curious life is going well for the Smith family thus far. They have “never been happier” says Mrs. Smith. Feel free to add a nice little


“Congrats on the baby!” whenever Mr. Smith is staring you down about missing homework. Not that this will necessarily work, but it will not hurt your chances. Of course, you’re also welcome to say congratulations at any time, possibly even when you’re not in trouble. Unfortunately the Smiths have admitted that they feel less hip than they previously have. Some might believe that Mr. Smith is in denial of this, but do not be mislead by his seemingly “hip” ways, he has been changed. We can take solace in the fact that they are not looking into purchasing a minivan in the near future. They are what one might call “SUV people.” This is some relief as it can be generally agreed that SUV’s are more socially acceptable than minivans. Yes, that was a shot at minivans. There are other vehicle options. As of yet there is not a “favorite parent” battle. This is mainly due to the age of young Gracelyn as she can not yet tell her parents her personal preferences. The conflict will increase as Gracelyn’s first few words are

said, and even later on in the tween phase. Stay tuned, the feud will heat up in time. Young Gracelyn attends “school”, as Mrs. Smith calls it, everyday, and is, from what has been gathered, a diligent student. Being the youngest of her “class” she is adored by all. Her popularity is surprising, but this can be explained by the “new girl” effect. That and her stylish clothes, of course. Gracelyn Elizabeth Smith is a wonderful addition to the Smith family. As everyone can see, she is also quite adorable.

OCTOBER 28TH, 2011

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“Grace” rocks this seasons hottest styles in spa wear

A Letter From Brazil: Haley Karr

Haley Karr is participating in a Rotary International Exchange Program in Brazil for a full year, attending a local school and living the Brazilian life.

Oi from Brazil! I feel safe saying that this exchange has been the most terrifying, stressful, nerve-racking, best experience of my life! Nothing can compare to what it feels like being dropped into the center of a culture that is so new and different in almost every way possible! It will be difficult to condense all of the smells, sounds, views, tastes, and feelings I have had here into words, but I will do my best to try and give you a Brazilian experience through the page. The most obvious thing to begin with would be differences in the school systems. I have gone from LHS to a school, Colégio São Geraldo, where I wear a uniform and stay in the same classroom with the same students for the entire day.

This was a hard adjustment for me. I never realized how valuable those three minutes between classes were until I came here! It is so difficult to stay focused when you have to sit in the same spot the whole day. On the other hand, my school gets out at 12:20 each day and I almost never have homework, so it is great actually having an afternoon where I can rest and spend time with my new friends. The most difficult thing to get used to in the school is that the relationship between the teacher and student is much less…professional. Here, the students are all friends with the teachers to the point where it is even common for them to go to parties and spend time together after school. This is because all of the teachers are so young! I

don’t think that I have a teacher who is over 35. My science teacher told me that he started teaching when he was only 17 years old! This is really cool, but at the same time it makes it really hard to learn because the teacher does not receive the same kind of respect from the students as in the United States. Instead of being able to choose your courses like at Lebanon High School, the schools here have a set curriculum. I have been placed in the second year class here (out of three), and I am required to take math, physical science, chemistry, biology, literature, Portuguese, Spanish, English, history, philosophy, sociology, religious education, geography, art, and physical education. This may sound like a lot compared to

the seven classes that we are used to in one day, but it is really not as hard as it seems. We only have 6 classes a day, with a small snack break after the first three, and only have each of the subjects about 2 to 3 times a week. The school experience in Brazil is definitely completely different from what I have grown accustomed to in the United States, but it has been so eye-opening to have had the chance to LIVE this new way of life, and I am so happy to have the chance to share it all with you! I hope everyone is having a great start to the new school year, and I of course need to give a shoutout to the class of 2013! I miss you all, and good luck this year!


Page 2, October 28, 2011

The Heat of the African Sun

The Lebanon High School TIMES Grace survives the hot Mali days. She will return for the second semester of the school year.

LHS Student Writes From Mali

GRACE SYLVIA SEMESTER EXCHANGE STUDENT When I arrived here in Mali the first thing I noticed was that women walking down the street actually carry baskets of things like bananas or fish on their heads. Next, I noticed the traditional Malian attire that many people wear. People do everything in these clothes; talk on cell phones, ride their motorcycles, everything. I then noticed how many motorcycles were on the roads, with helmetless riders who sometimes even have a baby on their laps! I also noticed all the goats and donkeys wandering about, the way it feels like a rollercoaster to drive down the dirt roads, all the trash in the streets, people trying to sell things to passengers through their car windows, children everywhere playing soccer, people riding in donkey-drawn carriages…everything here is so… African. What else can I say? On the outside, Mali has all the obvious traits that one would expect. Yes, it is hot; I shower three times a day. Yes, we eat a lot of rice with our hands. And yes, I even got malaria. Physically, Mali turned out to be pretty close to what I was expecting. When preparing for this trip I was taught to see culture as an iceberg whose mass is mostly below the surface of the water,

because, in the same way, many aspects of culture are not visible. At the moment I am in the process of understanding and adapting to this foreign culture as quickly and effectively as possible. Coming here, I expected the adjustment to be difficult, since so many physical things here are different; I look different, only Bambara is spoken in day to day life, so I can only participate in a conversation when being directly spoken to in French, the food is different, the way Malians do everyday chores is different, they call me Mariam Keita, so my name is different… I have trouble thinking of anything physical here that is the same; even the keyboard is different! So, my expectations that I would struggle in the beginning were true, but not completely. I am fortunate to be living with a family who has been extremely understanding, accepting, and eager to give me a hand when I’m struggling, and keep me in good spirits if I get discouraged. Also, the more I talk with and meet more people, the more the discrepancies seem to grow smaller and smaller. The teenagers my age whom I have met are so much like my friends back at home. It proves to me that the major differences between my Malian friends and I, such as our different cultures and values, really

does not mean much when we’re hanging out at the park or driving down the street bumping to Weezy, even if they do keep a goat in their back yard and share a home with their extended family. Before coming here I had expected everyone to act very different than I was used to, since so many aspects of their lives are not at all the same. I am learning and being surprised by new things everyday, but I have to say, even with all the unexpected difference here, my biggest surprise so far has been the similarities. I really do feel at home when I am spending time with my sister, my family and my friends, despite the fact that Mali is pretty much the opposite of my home in New Hampshire. I am loving the similarities, embracing the differences, and trying to grow my brain as fast as possible to fit in everything I have the potential to learn in the next four months! I certainly am eager to be proficient here, enough so that I can walk the streets and feel less like a foreigner and more like I belong. I know that will come in time, but until then I have a great family and a growing group of friends to help me on my journey to become Mariam keita, a true Malian.

Lookin’ good Grace!

Student Council Update

CONNOR GREELEY DREAMBOAT NERD The Student Council would like to welcome everyone back for the 2011-2012 school year! We are very excited to get the ball rolling this year under our new moderator, Zack Bessette. The council would also like to welcome all of the new council members, including the recently elected freshmen and staff members, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Gobin. This year the council is organizing multiple committees for different events, or items on our agenda. The homecoming committee helped plan the Spirit Week and the successful Pep Rally on Homecoming

Weekend. Committees have also been formed to organize ISF, and The Senior Finals Committee. This committee covers the number one topic on our agenda, the ablution of Senior Finals. In the near future, another survey will be put out for you students to answer. This will help us decide what you want us to cover in our council meetings. If you have any questions about the Student Council, or you want us to discuss something in a meeting, feel free to talk to any of your class council members or see our bulletin board located in front of Mr. Tetu’s room. We are the Council of the Students, so we would love to hear your feedback!

They Took Our Jobs Steven Paul Jobs 1995-2011


He was a pioneer, a husband, a businessman, and a father. For years, he was the face of American innovation and technology, the leader of his industry, and a living legend. His influence touched the entire world. Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011 in his home in Palo Alto, California. Though he had been visibly deteriorating for some time, his death was still a blow to the Apple community and the world as a whole. As the founder and CEO of Apple, he had led the company to explosive growth and dominance in an unprecedented array of markets. Jobs once said “Being the richest man in the cemetery

doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.” He lived to the fullest of that ideal, creating a wide range of products and services that dominated and shaped the world. He was a revolutionary in early personal computers, instrumental in innovations such as the mouse. He launched Pixar, the animated movie powerhouse, into its market dominance with Toy Story. As CEO of Apple, he introduced the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, revolutionizing music, phones, and tablets, respectively. There are few people who can say they haven’t felt the influence of Steve Jobs. After his death, the world

has looked back in remembrance on Jobs. He was truly an American icon, a household name. The way the world entertains, communicates, and simply lives its daily lives has been forever altered because of him. He once said “I want to put a ding in the universe”. And so he did.

An interpretation of the Apple Inc. logo Photo Credit: National Apple Inc.


Page 3, October 28, 2011

The Parking Situation

New Classes Sir Dukeshire

ZACK BESSETTE CLASSY FELLA The 2011-2012 school year is well under way, and many students may have noticed an array of new classes being offered. What’s the scoop on these raw additions to our list of courses? Which ones should students take caution with and which ones should students sign themselves up for without any hesitation? Well, I went undercover to learn the ins-and-outs of these additions, and what I discovered will surely intrigue students of all academic interests. The latest fad among students in the Social Studies area is most certainly the AP World History course. Offered to juniors and seniors and taught by the scholarly Mr. Dukeshire during fourth period, students enjoy learning about the entire human history spectrum through lectures and class discussions. When asked how he felt about AP World History, or commonly referred to as WHAP, senior Timothy Maurer exclaimed, “Without WHAP, I would be lost. WHAP completes me.” Another student, junior Kyle Bellinger, says, “I am learning so much about the first human empires. Like that they had buildings. In rows. Lots of rows. And roads too.” As the year progresses, the WHAP students will be moving into the modern era and receiving their own WHAP t-shirts. In regards to the English courses being offered this year, the latest and greatest has to be the AP Language and Composition class. Meeting second period, offered to juniors and seniors, and taught by the former Dartmouth teacher, Mr. Smith, AP Lang and Comp students are surely on their way to becoming sophisticated thinkers and writers. Do not be deceived by the seemingly impossible summer homework assignments; the

The Lebanon High School TIMES

class is more fun than frustration. Class discussions are focused on styles of arguments and technicalities of writing a proper composition in MLA format. Members of the class have nothing but good things to say. Junior Connor Greeley explains, “Lol I is like totally gooder at talkin’ and writin’ now.” What Connor meant by this comment will forever remain a mystery, but if one thing is for certain, Connor has definitely shown drastic improvement in his speaking skills. By the end of the year, Lang and Comp students will establish their compositional identity and be able to express their thoughts in an effective manner. A third new course available to any student at LHS is Greek I, taught by Mr. LaFleur. Greek students are learning the Greek alphabet and sharpening their reading comprehension skills in the Greek language. The new course brings a cultural flare to LHS. When asked about Greek I, a student, who wished to remain anonymous, replied, “∆εν έχουν µάθει τίποτα. Πάρτε µε από εδώ!” In a response to which classes to stay away from and which classes to sign up for, a very simple answer is all that is needed: sign up for any and all of them! Even if your future does not seem to lie in World History, or writing, or Greek, these new courses are definitely beneficial in becoming more educated and sophisticated students. In concluding this review, I leave my readers with a request: take advantage of the unique opportunities LHS has to offer you.

Go forward and teach! Educate the masses.

CONNOR GREELEY THE RUNT The air in the school parking lot is filled with the sounds of cars rolling over the speed bumps, doors slamming, and the smell of exhaust. It is that cherished moment for all high school students when they finally earn the privilege to drive and park at school each day. This year, school parking looks different than what many of us are used to. No longer are juniors parking in Evans lot, but they are now up front with the seniors, albeit in front of the Hanover Street School. The halls have been buzzing with rumors about the new parking situation. All we want is someone to give us the facts. James Fenn is the business manager for the Lebanon School District. In an interview, he talked about the parking and what it means to the students. One of the most frequently asked

questions from students is what happened to Evans lot. The lot was being rented from Miller Auto by the High School for $15,000 a year, half of which was paid off by the students’ parking passes and half was paid by the school. Last year the school board decided not to pick up the rent this year, leaving us in potential parking limbo. There were two options, raise the price of the passes, or move to a new location. When the land on Bixby Street, located off of Heater Road, was offered to the school for free, it was an easy decision. Mr. Fenn stated that the only cost for the new lot is upkeep and clearing the land for this year. The Bixby lot is projected to be ready by the middle of October for the juniors to park in. It will start out as a gravel lot, much like Evans, but Mr. Fenn is avid in saying that it will have much better drainage and be in

Fresh Faculty Mrs. Gobin

LEANNA TRAVIS SUPERSTAR WRITER Award–winning, western, musical, and generous are four adjectives that can describe four new teachers at Lebanon this year. Before coming to our school Karyn Bunt, the new photo teacher, could be found painting intricate wall murals or fantasy rooms for kids. Artistic talent flows through her family, as one of her relatives had work displayed at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan. Mrs. Bunt has also had tremendous success with her own art, winning a national gold medal for a dragon sculpture made entirely of silver. No doubt that Mrs. Bunt is an award – winning artist, and we are extremely lucky to have her here in Lebanon. In the math department,

Steve Houston has received an undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a teaching degree from the Upper Valley Educators Institute. Western is a word that can describe Mr. Houston in many ways. His favorite movie happens to be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a famous western movie. He also displays common themes of western movie heroes such as being quick on the draw (or quick witted). He also grew up in the West; being born and raised in Alaska (an anomalous kind of western). Bonnie Robinson is a new and enthusiastic Extended Learning Opportunity teacher whose main motive is to help kids explore their passions. Her own passion allows her to practice her tremendous musical skills. She is currently the President of the Handel Society

better shape than Evans had been in previous mud seasons. At a first glance at the lot, it is expected that the juniors will quickly be nostalgic for the short walk that they have now in front of the school within a few weeks. Students will soon have to walk to school from the lot along a path that is located behind the football concession stand that was built with the old rock from the roof of the Mt. Lebanon School. Surprisingly, the distance from Bixby Lot to the school is nearly exactly the same as the walk from Evans. “I think it’s close to what we had”, says Mr. Fenn, who did the experiment and said the new walk is only 40 steps longer. To park or not to park? Thanks to the school board, and their recognition of how important parking is to upperclassmen, and the classes following us will have that space and freedom for many years to come.

Mr. Houston

at Dartmouth, which is the oldest town-gown choral society in America. Be sure to visit her sometime and learn how you too can explore your passions. Sara Seymour is an extremely generous and thoughtful English teacher who found her love for teaching through talking about books and being a camp counselor. In high school she was on both the basketball and track and field teams (she was a pole vaulter!). Her caring nature and motherly instincts make her an excellent English teacher here at Lebanon. Other new teachers and support staff that you may see around the school include Mrs. Gobin, Mrs. Battis, Mrs. Sharfstein, Miss Sullivan, Mrs. Thompson, Miss Livingston, Mrs. Grant, Mr. Carey, and Miss McKinney.

Good luck to all the new teachers. Hoping for a great first year!


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Lebanon High School is lucky enough to be the home of the defending girls 2010 soccer champions and the Lady Raiders have their hopes set high again going into playoffs. They are the 6th seed going into the tournament with a record of 11-4-1. The team is lead by senior captains Kyra Herbert, Michaela Cioffredi and Sarah Fittro. Senior players Colleen Taylor, Hayley Falzarano, Cassy Young,

and Tori Nevel have also been doing their share of helping the team have great success. Unfortunately, the season has been hampered with injuries, starting with Trina Scheie tearing her ACL, then Mia Hornsyld reinjuring her knee, and Hayley Falzarano getting a sprained ankle in practice. Making it all the way to the ‘Ship will be difficult without several of of their key players, but with the depth on this team anything is possible. They are a very spirited team and

you can’t miss them when it’s game day with their creative team spirit and obvious chemistry on and off the field. Whether they are busting moves around opposing players, fighting in one on one battles for the ball, or celebrating after a stellar goal, this group of girls are fun to watch and if you want something exciting to do on a fall afternoon, be sure to head to their quarterfinals game in Hanover on this Saturday at 2:00PM! You won’t want to miss it!

The Lebanon High School TIMES

Rivals Unite

Photo Credit: Lincoln Crutchfield


How does getting up at 4:30 AM three days a week sound? If you are a rower, perfect. Every crew member knows that the morning is the best time to row; the water is flat, it’s quiet, the stars are still out, and you get your daily exercise in before most everyone is even awake. As the t-shirts for Hanover crew state, “We do more before 7:00 AM than most people do all day.” Oh yeah, that’s another thing. You get to bond with the enemy. For the first year ever, arch-rivals Lebanon and

Hanover have come together as a part of Upper Valley Rowing Foundation (UVRF) to row together in the fall and compete in races; (keep your friends close and your enemies closer). Granted there was a low turn out of Lebanon rowers this fall, (Sophomore Izzy Lurie, freshman Cate Pierson, junior Sarah Berman and senior Katelyn Maynard), we still represented! Jasmine Rogers also enjoyed Crew as one of her favorite sports. Disappointed you didn’t come out for the early morning fun this fall? Don’t worry, you can join the Lebanon-only crew team this spring!

The Cross Country Team takes a hike to Frenches Ledges on a brisk fall day to enjoy eachother and the nature that surrounds them...nice! Photo Credit: Coach Kim

We’re Bringing XC Back

Them Other Runners Don’t Know How To Act


The cross-country running team, coached by running fanatic and dog-lover Kim Sheffield and our school officer Greg Parthum, has been having a great season for both the guys and girls. Kevin Lozeau, a graduate of Lebanon, also comes to practices and cheers the team on at races. The captains are seniors Garret Fontaine and Erin Perryman. This season,the boys varsity runners are Teddy Bessette, Cameron Stewart, Josh Fontaine, Robert Ludew, Zach Kinsman, Andrew Fucini, Garret Fontaine, Galen Moynihan, John Cioffredi,

Tobin Dewey, Lincoln Cruthfield, Zach Liebold, Ethan Guyer, Jake Jasinski, Matt Cole, Ethan Ticehurst, Kyle Bellinger, Leo Wallin, Dan Maurer, Tyler Bunnel, Justin Cate, Alex Jameson, Adam Haidari and Philip Menzel. The girls’ varsity runners are Erin Perryman, Molly Whitaker, Nell Houde, Kelly Ludew, Tori Constantine, Kelsie Atwater, Liz Peterson, Kang-ChunCheng,Natalie Cantlin, Grace Flanagan, Claire Han, Emily Han, and Mickey Bish. Unfortunately, freshman Sabrina Huett was out before the season even started with stress fractures in both legs. However,

she still came to support the team whenever she could and did core workouts (she has amazing abs now!). Andrew Fucini (dubbed

Varsity Cross Country State Championships: Sat. October 29th at Derryfield Park, Manchester

“Ankle Boy” by Kim) has been suffering from a sprained and swollen ankle for many days. Garret Fontaine has a hernia and is not able to run. Kelsie, Claire, and Liz Peterson also experienced injuries, as did Ethan

Photo Credit: Cora Whaley

Guyer and Josh Fontaine earlier in the season. The team was really caring and supported all of its injured athletes. The runners showed true dedication by running 30+ miles a week, through wind, mud, and rain. The team “embraced the pain”, according to Kim, but also had unbelievably hilarious times together. Whether it was the bus rides or team dinners, pre-practice times, pancakes and morning practice at Kim’s, chocolate milk or hand-tennis, the team thoroughly enjoyed itself (and suffered) throughout this season. The girls have done much better this year compared to previous years. Nell Houde led the team

with times around 20:30 for the 5K race (which is less than 7 minute splits for over 3 miles!!!) while Josh Fontaine led the boys pack with sub 18s (less than 6 minutes a mile). The rest of the teams were close behind those times- all of the boys’ varsity runners ran the races under 20 minutes. The JV States race was on October 20th, and Lebanon placed 8th out of 13 teams for boys and girls. The Varsity States race is this Saturday at Derryfield Park in Manchester. WISH THEM LUCK! Hopefully both the boys and girls will place within the top 6 teams, which will qualify them for Meet of Champions next Saturday.

Sports “Lebanon shouldn’t even show up........”

Page 5, October 28, 2011

We Showed Up...And Showed Off

The Lebanon High School TIMES


when Boisvert’s super-human skills left Hanover’s keeper Brendan Rhim dazed and confused, Brady lofted the ball over the keeper’s head and prepared for his celly. Several students were tempted to storm the field, while Senior Austin Walters proudly repping Boisvert’s #3 home jersey rushed up and down the sidelin. It was one of the

greatest moments in Raider Boys’ Soccer history. The rest of the game was intense and hard fought, but the impenetratable defense led by Andy Inman, Ben Reetz, Matt Ryder, and Ryan White and some mind-blowing saves by Austin Mansell, they kept the Marauders to nil for the rest of the game. Helping achieve this almost perfect record is starting goal keeper Austin Mansell. Austin has had 10 shut outs this season, “Soon tobe 14,” says Mansell, who would also like everyone to know that he will be wearing his “black kit” for the rest of the season. Ben Reetz, a solid starting defensemen describes Austin as “a more attractive Iker Casillas,” a well know Spanish goal keeper. The raiders play Merrimack Valley in the 1st round of Playoffs, the 15th seed team. Our boys are determined to go all the way but when asked if a state championship was coming they all replied, “One step at a time, we are going game by game to get there.”

Chris Henry

Jack Connally

At 14-1-1, in 2nd place, The Lebanon Raiders boys varsity soccer team has had one of the best seasons in Raider history. Last Friday’s game at Hanover marked one of the most memorable games in LHS history. The boys beat Hanover on their own turf 1-0, making it the first time in Merriman-Branch Field history that Hanover has lost. Eight minutes into the game Senior Cooper Hardy found Brady Boisvert on a long ball over the defense’s heads, and “One step at a time, we are going game by game to get there.”

Photo By: Valley News

Zander Morrill

A Year of Growth Cody Pelletier


Teams change every year. After losing star seniors Justin Judd, Chris Barker, and Mark Davidson before the season even started, Coach Childs knew this year the underclassmen were going to have to step up under the leadership from seniors Cody Pelletier, Zander Morrill, Chris Henry, and Jack Connally. After the loss of several key players due to injuries later in the season, their winning record became even more questionable. However, never on record have the Raiders started six sophomores. These rookies include Bryan Terrill, Grayson Hardy, Lucas Gerow, Ian Girdwood, Austin Pelletier, and Jake Mellish who have surprised

everyone with how well they have acclimated to the varsity level. With so many Sophomores getting playing time, our Raider football future is promising. After speaking with junior Phil “The Asian Sensation” Hwang, “We are a young team with tons of potential, and with all of our starting sophomores returning next year we are looking forward to next season. It’s been very humbling to be on the same team as Cody P., Zander, Chris, and Jack Connally, and I wish them the best of luck after high school.” The boys will play their Senior Night game under the lights tonight at 7 P.M against the Trinity Pioneers, come and support the seniors while they play their last football game ever on a high school field.

Photo by: Mrs. Marilou Childs


Page 6, October 28, 2011

Horrors of the Common App

ERIN PERRYMAN FRUSTRATED SENIOR Finally, the time has come to move on to the rest of your life! Just get into college and your golden! Easy as pie right? Wrong. Something colleges don’t include in the information packets they send in the mail, is how much stress applying will cause. Early decision, early action, waitlisted, post-grad year: so much to think about. Maybe if you’re lucky enough, you have found your dream school, a huge hurtle to overcome, but the race isn’t over. I believe that more brain cells are lost than gained during the appli-

cation process. The amount of time spent slamming your head against the keyboard is enough to get rid of any knowledge you have picked up over the past four years in high school. No wonder we get senioritis! Precious hours of life waste away while staring at the computer screen until your eyes are bloodshot and swollen. Back aches and butt cramps soon settle in. But it’s only just beginning. The Essay. You have five hundred words to determine your future. No pressure though. Just write about something meaningful. Of the 17 to 18 years you have lived, picking one moment

is nearly impossible. And if you do miraculously have an idea, actually getting your ideas on paper is another story. You find yourself starring at a white page, with only your name on it. The incurable writers block has set in. And, to make matters worse, you have to work on the computer, filled with temptations. Facebook and Youtube are suddenly the most interesting things in the world as the clock ticks away. “Welcome to the common application. Please give us every piece of information about yourself that could possibly exist.” Mess up one of the hundreds of

The Lebanon High School TIMES

boxes and your name could go from Jimmy to Timmy or you could accidently sign up to be recruited by the girl’s soccer team instead of the boy’s team. In my ideal world, the college you are applying to would figure out your information on their own. They send you pamphlets asking you to apply, filled with beautiful pictures of the campus and lure you in with free applica-

tions; so clearly they know who you are, but then make you do all the dirty work. Isn’t that what we pay the big bucks for! All you should have to do is tell the college that you want to apply, and then they just do a background check and find out everything that they need to know! The college will find who they want, and you will be free to enjoy your life as a SENIOR. Imagine that.

LHS Says Hej, Hallo, Hola And Hi Lo

Can you find Mia, Gherardy, Philip, Chicalin and Felix? Photo Credit: Alicia Price


Many students here at Lebanon High School can not easily imagine going to another country and speaking another language for a full year, but for 5 students this year that is exactly what they are doing. Mia Hornsyld, Felix Eich, Philip Menzel, Gherardy Velasco, and Chicalin Tunink are all exchange students at LHS with Program of Academic Exchange (PAX).

They come from Denmark, Germany, Venezuela and Taiwan respectively, some are more fluent in English than others but all of these students came here for one thing: to have an amazing American year. Naturally, they have found many things in the United States to be different than back home, Gherardy Velasco of Venezuela says “The biggest difference is the clothes, in Venezuela all schools, private and public, have to wear a uniform while here everyone wears normal clothes. Also, in

Venezuela we don't have lockers so we have to carry our books, because we have the same classroom for all of our classes so we don’t always have to take a bag with us, we can just leave it in the classroom”. Mia Hornsyld of Denmark says that one difference for her is that teachers in Denmark are called by their first names, while in the United States we address our teachers in a more formal way. Many students here can not imagine calling our teachers by their first names (Hello Vanessa, Mrs. DeSimone)

but the idea is not what we are used to that even these seemingly minor differences become exciting. Like all LHS Students, the exchange students this year bring something special to Lebanon High School. Mia brings her soccer edge and hopes her athletic abilities will continue in crosscountry skiing. Gherardy is constantly assisting lost Spanish students and will join the swim team come winter. Felix stands out on and off the soccer field. Philip provides a European sar-

casm that many here enjoy and Chicalin graces our school with her wonderful singing abilities. It’s safe to say that these students provide our school with a window into the culture of other countries and schools but also they are all outstanding students. So say “Hej” (Danish) “Hallo” (German), “Hola” (Spanish) or “Hi lo” (Taiwanese) if you see them in the halls! You may make an international friend.

Page 7, October 28, 2011


Heartbreak of the Season

ALEX MARVIN SPORS WRITER As the fall sports season comes to an end at Lebanon High School, it is important for us to reflect back on the land mark season that was had by our Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey Team. Although suffering a close and painful, 4-3 loss to Souhegan in a roughgame with more than a few questionable calls made by the officials in the championship quarter finals, Lebanon had an extremely strong and memorable season. The outcome of their most recent game is not an accurate indicator of how successful their season really was. “We all

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worked really hard. In the end, we just left it all out on the field”, said left-halfback Amelia Gage after being asked to share any thoughtsabout their last game. The team went undefeated in the regular season with a record of 14-0. They allowed only two goals scored against them and scored over forty of their own. Many of those goals were scored by seniors Brittany Schones and Rylee McGuire and junior Shauna Rankin-Byrne. Amelia Gage was one of the cornerstones of this team’s defense and midfield and will be a “fiery strike” next year. Also a strong player for the team was senior

Alexandra Astwood in net, with a remarkable 14 Goals against average. Although graduating this year her shoes will be filled by promising, upcoming junior Abby Jackson who will be backed up by upcoming sophomore Emily Foster. Junior Taylor Friedman , a First Team All State contender, will also be back next year and hungrier than ever for a championship. We, at LHS, can be certain that this season will not be the end the Lebanon Field Hockey team’s winning ways.

Rugby, Set, Go!

Photo By: Kelley Gage


In the billion-dollar American sports industry, the National Football League is king. Professional football draws the eyes of millions of Americans every Sunday during the fall. Despite its popularity amongst Americans, it has yet to capture a global audience. The opposite could be said about American football’s predecessor, rugby. Rugby has been the world’s big secret that the U.S. hadn’t been able to figure out. Over the past decade though, things have started to change. According to a study by America’s Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), rugby is the country’s third fastest growing sport behind only softball and ice

hockey. A previous study done by the SGMA found that rugby was in fact the fastest growing team sport. Rugby’s growth in America can mostly be attributed to two things: its increased global stage with its introduction into the Summer Olympics, and its relatively low operation cost. On October 9, 2009, the International Olympic Committee agreed to include rugby sevens (similar to rugby but it is played with seven people per side as opposed to the usual fifteen) as among the various athletic competitions that partake in the Summer Olympics, debuting in 2016. Since this decision, broadcasting companies such as ESPN, NBC, and ABC, have started to air rugby matches that have captured the American audience. To U.S. high schools, rugby has all of the appeal of

tackle football, but without the expensive costs. All that is needed is a rugby ball, a pair of cleats, and the desire to have a good time.

Contact Zach Liu if you are interested in joining a rugby team!

Page 8, October 28, 2011 Please note: These opinion pieces are intended to be radical views on these politics. Please do not take offense.

ADAM HAIDARI OPINION WRITER Mitt Romney should not be elected because he is a Mormon, I mean moron. Many categories evaluate presidents for example, their ability to raise the most campaigning funds, their smile, and, how many children they have. But the most important category is religion. Voters chose their president based on his or her, we have to say her now because women have begun to actually run for the presidency, religious morals and overall faith. If two candidates are of the same Christian religion, voters, including seniors and potentially juniors (potentially sophomores?) who will be 18 by the next election, should then evaluate a candidate based on the less important categories listed above. As Romney is a follower of the Church of Latter Day Saints he will not be a good president. Only Christian candidates like Rick Perry, Governer of Texas, who is a follower of a real religion, have the potential to become great presidents. Perry also has wise supporters like

“Dark economic clouds are dissipating into an emerging blue sky of opportunity.”-Rick


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A-TO-Z Opinion: Who is right for the 2012 presidency? megapastor Robert Jeffress who know the importance of religion when deciding the presidency. Like me and all other educated voters, Jeffress claims to “always prefer a competent Christian to a competent non-Christian”. It doesn’t matter that Perry believes bad policies like tax cuts for the middle class; he is a Christian. I don’t see a problem with Perry’s plans for creating jobs. It’s okay to bypass Congressional authority as well as the authority of the president, as long as it’s not Perry himself. None of these secondary factors matter because Perry is Christian and not Mormon. Adam Haidari is a senior at LHS who loves to argue. He is an avid member of the Golf team as well as Boy’s Ice Hockey. This is his second year writing for A-Z opinions.

ZACK BESSETTE OPINION WRITER Everyone, let’s get real. Of the eight current candidates, only one is qualified enough to represent the Republican party in 2012. This person, of course, is Mitt Romney. Governor Romney is the only clear candidate for the job. Aside from the issues that all of the candidates seem to agree on, such as repealing Obama care, improving America’s border pro-

Rick or Mitt...Now you pick a side.

“America's culture is also defined by the fact that we are a religious people. We recognize our God not only in our Declaration of Independence, but even in our currency. And we are also unique in that we recognize that the family is the fundamental building block of American society.”-Mitt

tection with Mexico, giving less responsibility to the federal government, and taking advantage of natural, domestic resources to supply Americans with jobs and boost the economy, Mitt distinguishes himself from amongst the phonies he shares the stage with at the debates. He has had tremendous success in the private sector, creating jobs in his state of Massachusetts. He supports energy independence in America, freeing the nation from the grip of overseas oil suppliers and technology manufacturers. Drastically altering the tax code and America’s role in giving foreign aid are also on his plate. Mitt Romney plans to cut down on illegal immigration from Mexico by strengthening the border with a fence and boots on the ground where needed. He also plans to crack down on the so called “magnets” (tuition breaks, jobs, citizenship for newborn children, etc.) that attract Mexican immigrants to the U.S. Apart from the decisions he wishes to make as president of the United States, Governor Romney also consistently shows his skills as an orator and a leader. Having been the leader in the polls for quite some time now, Romney has been insulted, questioned, interrupted, and downright disrespected during the debates. Nonetheless, he manages to maintain his composure, answer any questions with very logical responses, all the while remaining obedient to the proper debate procedure (something his opponents have a very difficult time doing). This makes

"You cannot keep the status quo in place and call it anything other than a Ponzi scheme."Rick

“I’d tell you, but I don’t have one of those magic pens like they had on Men in Black, where I could wipe out your memory.” -Mitt

him a strong candidate. He shows much potential in dealing with stressful situations and criticism. Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney has run the most consistent campaign. While Rick Perry has risen and fallen, and Herman Cain has recently soared through the polls, Romney is the only one to show promise in staying a strong favorite in the Republican party. A recent survey shows that 41% of Americans think that Mitt Romney has the best chance of becoming president in 2012. Because it appears unlikely that President Obama will be given a second term, Americans need to chose wisely with their Republican representative. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike should recognize the significance of the upcoming primaries. More than likely, a Republican will become President of the United States in 2012. In order to get our country back to its prosperous ways, the only Republican candidate worthy of consideration is Mitt Romney. Zack Bessette is a senior at LHS. He also loves to argue. Zack is the moderator of Student Council and is also captain of Boy’s Tennis team. As opinions editor for the LHS Times, Zack shares his opinions freque ntly.

“The most important thing for us is to save lives.”Rick

Page 9, October 28, 2011


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Who else wants to be President?


Herman Cain:

Hails from: Atlanta, Georgia

Former Profession: CEO of Godfather’s Pizza

Why Republicans like him: Has opposed national health care reform since 1994. Supports flat tax.

Why Democrats don’t: Vowed not to appoint any Muslims to his administration. Told Wall Street protesters “If you don’t have a job and your not rich blame yourself!” Claim to Fame: 9-9-9 Deal. Social security reform based off Chilean model. Fun Fact: Survived Stage IV Colon and liver cancer after being given a 30% chance of survival. Nickname is The Hermanator.

Ron Paul:

Hails from: Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania

Former Profession: Served in House of Representatives for twenty one years Why Republicans like him: Very consistent and he wants to downsize the government, claims that he will not do anything that is not specifically stated in the U.S. Constitution, wants to give more power back to the states

Why Democrats don’t: Wants to cut the Department of Education, Federal Reserves, Department of Housing and Urban Development and many other government agencies

Claim to Fame: Wants to end the war on drugs, his foreign policy is on of non-intervention and isolationism Fun Fact: Trained as an OBGYN and has delivered over 4000 babies

Michele Bachmann:

Hails from: Waterloo, Iowa

Former Profession: Minnesota Congresswoman

Why Republicans like her: Very strong Evangelical Christian views, feels the word of the Bible should be a strong governing force in the presidency. Has perfect rating from the American Conservative Union. Is anti-tax and wants smaller government.

Why Democrats don’t: Said that being gay is “personal enslavement”, does not believe in evolution, Claimed Obama held “Anti-American views”, believes climate change is a hoax, voted against the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. Claim to Fame: Architect of the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act. Has consistently voted against Obama related legislation.

Fun Fact: Has raised 5 biological children as well as 23 foster children. Almost kissed LHS student Robert Ludew Jr. (On the cheek).

Newt Gingrinch:

Hails from: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Former Profession: Served as Speaker of the House under President Bill Clinton

Why Republicans like him: Wants to reform the tax code, very hard stance on drug related issues

Why Democrats don’t: Lead the impeachment effort to impeach President Bill Clinton Claim to Fame: Wants to completely overhaul Social Security Fun Fact: On his third marriage

Rick Sanotrum:

Hails from: Winchester, Virginia Former Profession: Two term Senator from Pennsylvania

Why Republicans like him: Very religious and wants to bring moral values to the presidency Why Democrats don’t: Very hard against Gay rights

Claim to Fame: Scandal over his house in Pennsylvania Fun Fact: Look up the definition of Sanotrum

John Huntsman:

Hails from: Palo Alto, California

Former Profession: Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China

Why Republicans like him: Had approval ratings in Utah over 90% as governor. Utah ranked number one for job growth under his tenure. Eliminated Utah’s progressive income tax. More moderate Republican, sort of a throwback to the pre-Tea Party days.

Why Democrats don’t: Resigned as Ambassador to China in Obama administration to run against Obama. Defines his tax policy as “business friendly” and has eliminated many taxes against businesses and instituted Flat income tax. Despite being moderate socially, and even willing to work with President Obama Huntsman remains very fiscally conservative. Claim to Fame: Chinese government blocked his name on Chinese search engines fearing he might help inspire a revolution in China similar to revolutions in Arab nations. Has had incredibly high approval ratings as governor in Utah.

Fun Fact: Is the third cousin once removed of other presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Eagle Scout, dropped out of high school. Spent two years as a Mormon missionary in Taiwan.

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News & Opinions

Wall Street Taken Hostage

THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE THE “99%” Recently former CEO and presidential candidate Herman Cain told Americans: “If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself!” This inflammatory comment was in response to the growing number of Americans gathering around Wall Street in New York City to protest the high rate of unemployment, the disparity of wealth between the super-rich and the other 99% of Americans, and big business’s corporate greed. Once again Cain has proven himself to be an ally of big business and out of touch or unsympathetic to the struggles of average Americans. The greed on Wall Street in this current economic and political climate should disgust any American who is not one of the 1% of the income bracket. The nation’s largest six banks set aside $140 billion in compensation for their executives including millions of dollars in bonuses for a job well done in 2010 after receiving millions of dollars in bailout money from tax payers. Everyone must also still remember how the big executives and presidents of America’s big auto company’s flew to Washington separately in their own private jets to ask the tax payers for their own auto bailout which would cost tax payers bil-

lions of dollars. These bailouts were intended to alleviate the economic hardships faced by the 99% of Americans who don’t own their own private jets and serve as a warning to big business executives that their greed and excessive waste of money would no longer be tolerated, but little has changed since then. Baseball fans may be familiar with the Mets home stadium, Citi field, but what they may not know is that Citibank, one of the failing banks that accepted a government bailout of $45 billion dollars spent $400 million just to have the field named after their own corporation. As the economy worsened Citibank went on to cut thousands of jobs within its corporation, but still retained their $400 million name rights deal with the Mets. These acts of greed committed by the financial elite of our country should be enough to anger almost anyone and draw support for the Occupy Wall Street cause. Today the top 1% owns more than one third of American wealth while the unemployment rate for young Americans hovers around 18%. If the super-rich are the job creators that they claim they are well than where are all the jobs? Probably the jobs are being outsourced to Asia where workers who do not have the benefit of

unionization are extorted at the cost of pennies per hour. The Occupy Wall Street movement reminds the super-rich that Americans are sick of the greed and the disparity of wealth between classes. Unlike the conservative Tea Party movement, Occupy Wall Street attracts people of all colors, creeds, and nationalities. The movement has spread to over 951 cities around the world like London, Dublin, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Athens. Unfortunately just as the Tea Party attracted many rightwing nut jobs, Occupy Wall Street attracts many of the lefts Vegan Hippy anarchists who still believe we are living in the 1960s. If you were to travel to the Occupy Wall Street protests today you would see many “artists” expressing themselves in ways that de legitimize a political movement as quickly as showing up to Republican rallies with a wig and a three point hat. The drum circles, interpretive dances, and mask wearing hippies are high jacking a movement that should be made up of the average working or unemployed person in the United States. Please don’t let this small group of hippies discourage you from supporting a movement that all Americans especially middle class Americans should support.

GERALD OSCAR PETERSON THE PROUD “1%” On September 17th, 2011 a tumor appeared on the beautiful complexion of Wall Street. This tumor is not made up of cells but of these “protesters” who are a bunch of non-Americans who think that all their problems are caused by Wall Street, when really they need to head south and park themselves on the White House lawn. These demonstrators will not last much longer as they don’t have the true American spirit of making a difference and just complain. Some say these people are the “Tea Party” of the left but any comparison between these two groups is cruel to the Tea Partiers. As the Tea Partiers take their aggression out on the right people this left wing government is turning us into a welfare state. Tea Partiers are true Americans as they have the courage to stand up to this government that has

promised change but offered none. These “protesters” are attacking the job creators of this nation. These leeches don’t even have demands or goals. All they are doing is parking their lazy rear ends and destroying the beauty of Wall Street. These people living in squalid conditions are taking over the streets and local businesses, using their bathrooms, and not even buying anything; thieves. These people are costing the city of New York millions, and the police department has had to pay millions of dollars in overtime to the brave officers of New York’s finest. These protesters like to call themselves the “99%” and they are fighting the corrupt greed of America caused by the “1%”. How dare they. The “1%” have had to make severe cuts along with the rest of the nation. They’ve had to lay off employees in order to make ends meat. How do you think Steve Forbes

keeps his $430,000,000? These left wing agitators have also recruited some of the “1%” like Warren Buffet who says he doesn’t need his $39,000,000,000. What a load of crap. These left wing agitators are doing nothing but causing class warfare, and all these agitators just want to get rid of capitalism and bring in a communist society. Would you like that? I didn’t think so. If anything this “99%” is doing nothing but splitting America in half. Everyone appreciates them for their ability to protest but nobody likes them because they don’t speak the truth. They are going off the information of this left wing government that has put all the blame on Wall Street, the most beautiful institution that was ever created. The next time someone tells you about Occupy Wall Street, tell them that they only represent 1% of this great nation of ours.

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SSF: A Push for a Greener School

Photo Courtesy of: Redstate


Any particular Wednesday after school, you can walk into the Art Room, sit down at a long rectangular table, and make the school a better place. What you’ll find is a group of students, called the Students for a Sustainable Future, with that exact same goal in mind. They might be munching on a carrot dipped in hummus (which is organic, obviously), jotting down notes from an important brainstorming session, or just making plans for upcoming events. One such event is a teacher’s conference, called Farm to School. The goal is to help schools integrate local, organic foods and agriculture into cafeterias and classrooms across New Hampshire. This is the first time the event has been scheduled in this state, so it is a great honor that LHS has been chosen to host it. Activities in past conferences have included panels with local farmers, cooking labs for teachers, and general discussions on how to make schools a healthier place for everybody. SSF is looking forward to hosting this assembly November 19. In addition to a push for healthier eating across the state, SSF also has several initiatives right here at LHS. You may have noticed our efforts to promote composting in our cafeteria. Several students devote a lot of effort in maintaining the bins. Often they stand at the bins, scanning the intake of the bins with eagle eyes. It helps out a lot if students observe the system that SSF has put into place. Be thoughtful and careful, and you can do your part to take out the 9 tons of material this system removes from landfills annually. The students at SSF are very aware that trash bins and a wheelbarrow may not be the

most practical (or attractive) solution we can have to this problem. SSF has collaborated with the Applied Engineering classes to design a much more efficient and eye-catching composting system. We are also retrofitting our water fountains with water bottle filling stations. This will reduce the number of water bottles thrown in the trash. One of SSF’s most ambitious projects is a plan to start a vegetable garden on school grounds. This way LHS can achieve the integration with organic healthy foods in our school. Meetings are underway now, with many considerations such as the placement, water access and maintenance of the garden. When SSF overcomes these hurdles, however, we will have a thriving ecosystem right here at LHS. SSF is always open to new members. Whether composting, retrofitting water fountains or planning out the garden, they need all the help they can get. So, for all interested, take a stroll one Wednesday afternoon down that narrow hallway. Come to a place where students of all ages will welcome you, hug trees with you and brighten up your day. You might help the Earth in the process.

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In Memory of

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Page 12, October 28, 2011

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Style Advice


So, you saw the skills displayed at the Dougie-off, right? I’m sure you were all jelly. Well, now you can try to get on their level. Here are some valuable lessons learned from Deitric Grant on the dougie and his lyfe. Take these to heart. Remember, it’s a lifestyle, not just a dance.

1. If you’re going to Dougie, and Dougie well, you’re born with it. The skills and swag will have come naturally, probably since the day you were born. If you were destined to Dougie, you probably know it already. 2. If you’re trying to unleash your potential then the key is to practice. Buy yourself a boom box. Perhaps a turtleneck and chain, whatever works for you. Get down. 3. It is all in the hips. Work them. Make sure they don’t lie. 4. If you’re going for the Deitric vibe, then he advises some Polo cologne and Jordans. Fo’ lyfe. And the ever essential hair cut, possibly from your mom. 5.If you think you don’t have the swag for it, give it time. Deitric grew 6 inches this summer, your time will come. 6. Get some inspiration. I take mine from Beyoncé, Ingrid Kottke, Alicia Price, and Felix Eich. Deitric gets his from Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mr. Matte and Will Smith. 7. Swag


Photo Cred:Alicia W. Price Photography

“You scuffed my Jordans!” -Deitric Grant

Stay classy this Halloween, Leb.

“There is no shame in trickor-treating.”

-Kenneth Paul Louzier III

KATELYN MAYNARD FASHION PRO Every year there are certain trends in Halloween costumes. My predictions this year are for some cats, some nerds, some morally questionable costumes, and maybe even some Charlie Sheen. Personally, I would suggest spicing it up. Anyone can be a cat, but only you can be Catwoman. No matter if you’re going out and trick-or-treating or going to some klassy partay you should have a good costume. Even if you are something a little more “catty” work on your costume. Don’t get last minute ears and drawn on whiskers, do your best. Impress me. Get on my level.

Tha Carter 4 Review: Not Tha Best


Should you buy or even listen to Lil Wayne’s new album Tha Carter 4, the 4th of the Carter series? Let me start by saying that if you have heard Tha Carter 3, then unfortunately you will be disappointed with what Wayne brings you in this album. He doesn’t bring the same high caliber intensity to some of the songs like those in Tha Carter 3. Wayne does still finds a way to connect with his fans though. “Herbal Leaf Blowin” is next where he steps it up a bit, and comes off hard. He brings math into his music when he spits “times have changed, ‘screw’ it get a new watch/ I still got da vision like a line between two dots”. Get the metaphor? Yes, pretty clever. Next song “Megaman” where he just goes and goes and goes. There is no hook, but there are plenty of punch lines that are very clever. Next song is one of the hot singles “6’7’”. He steps it up even more with Corey Gunz on this and spits the fastest we have heard in a while. He gets another line to help you guys spell when he says “‘chick’ real G’s

move in silence like lasagna.” Get it? Here I’ll give you another minute. Still no? Well, I guess it’s okay, I mean Dave Hampton had to point it out to me. Track 5 is “Nightmares at the Bottom”. There isn’t much bass, or background music and he just raps. “How to Hate” could be the worst song on the album. T-Pain is on the hook auto-tuned, and it draws the attention away from Wayne. Weezy actually has some good lines, but you’ll change the song before he even comes on. Then you have the interlude where Tech 9 goes crazy and steals the show from Wayne. You also have a hip hop legend come in, Andre 3000. Next is “John” which most everyone has already heard. Then we have “Abortion”, which is one of my favorite songs, but not well liked by others. Wayne is just speaking the truth when he says “livin’ in the glass, and everybody’s lookin/ but how can you get the picture, if you don’t know who took it”. I just think how he says it is interesting. “So Special” is a favorite of many especially with John legend in it. “How to Love” is many people’s favorite song on the album. He sings with a soft guitar playing in the back-

ground. If you ever get the chance to check out the music video it is very touching seeing the struggle this woman goes through. One of the most creative songs on the album is “President Carter”. Weezy uses the first few words of the inauguration speech of the real President Jimmy Carter. In case you didn’t know, Wayne’s full name is Dwayne Michael Carter. After that, “It’s Good”, which features Jadakiss, and Drake. Wayne comes in last and is so full of himself, he goes as far as throwing shots at Jay-Z. Finally the end of the album is the, which again doesn’t even have Lil Wayne in the song, which is a good thing because he would ruin the song. With Bun B, Nas, Shyne, and Busta Rhymes on it, there isn’t room for Wayne. Want to hear more? Buy it.

Sup fellas. Cat Daddy fo’ lyfe.

BE COOL, STAY IN SCHOOL. #swagmeout #whadupleb #hateisbad

Homecoming 2011  

The LHS Times Homecoming Issue published in October 2011