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NAME POSITION   Kimberly  Zee   President  

Points/Hours 58/12.2     Total  Hours:  52.75  

Gianna Wu  

170/38.5   Total  Hours:  69  

Vice President  

Aaron Huang   Secretary  

132/30.5   Total  Hours:  30.5  

Jerry Hsueh  

50/10.5   Total  Hours:  37  


PLATFORM “The  greatest  create  of  power  you  have  on   earth,  whether  you  are  an  angel,  a  spirit,  a   man  or  woman  or  child  is  to  help  others.”     ―  Anne  Rice,  Servant  of  the  Bones       I'm  not  an  angel,  or  a  spirit,  but  I  can  help       Vote  for  me  to  be  your  president<3       I  have  been  a  member  of  Athletics  Unlimited   for  three  years  and  the  club  treasurer  for  one.   I  accumulated  69  volunteer  hours  overall  in   my  years  as  a  member  and  am  the  top   contributor  for  this  year.  It  is  clear  that  I  am   dedicated  to  this  club  and  am  an  awesome   officer,  which  is  why  I  am  the  perfect   candidate  for  vice  president.  As  treasurer,  I   hosted  the  Lynbrook  Super  Bowl,  handled  the   finances,  and  volunteered  over  35  hours  this   year  alone.  If  you  vote  for  me,  I  will  make   Athletics  Unlimited  the  best  that  it  can  be.   Being  in  Athletics  Unlimited  for  less  than  a   year,  I've  shown  a  LOT  of  commitment  and   dedication  to  the  club.  In  the  8  months  I've   been  an  Athletics  Unlimited  member,  I've   made  my  way  up  to  number  13  on  the  Hall  of   Fame  and  number  2  on  this  year's  MVP   list.  Being  a  secretary  is  about  commitment   and  dedication  to  making  sure  club  meetings   and  events  are  recorded  and  organized  and   making  sure  the  club  runs  smoothly.  Working   with  the  other  officers,  I’d  make  sure  that   Athletics  Unlimited  continues  to  bring  sports   opportunities  to  people  in  our  community.   I  believe  I  am  fit  for  the  role  of  secretary   because  this  year  I've  attended  all  the  club   meetings,  and  have  paid  close  attention  in  the   meetings.  As  a  secretary  I  would  take  detailed   notes  and  capture  the  main  points  of  the  club   meetings.  I've  been  a  dedicated  member  of   this  club  since  my  freshman  year  and  I  would   value  the  opportunity  to  use  the  experience   I've  gained  to  give  back  to  AU.  

James Wilhelmi  


82/18.5   Total  Hours:  34.5  

Mark Braisted    


27/4.5   Total  Hours:  48  

Mukund Hari   Treasurer  

45/8.5   Total  Hours:  31  

Anshul Shah  

26/4   Total  Hours:  11.5  


Pranav Vaish   PR  

6/1.5   Total  Hours:  13  

I was  born  and  raised  to  always  give   everything  my  one  hundred  percent,  and  that   still  stands  true.  I  am  dedicated,  responsible,   and  hardworking  (as  I’m  sure  many  others   are).  However,  you  can  see  my  dedication   through  my  years  of  commitment  to  a  sport;   my  responsibility  through  my  schoolwork   and  grades;  and  my  hard  work  through  my   work  with  tutoring  young  kids.  I  have  a  desire   to  help  kids  live  a  healthier  life,  and  with  the   help  of  this  club,  I  can  achieve  that  goal.   Since  not  many  of  you  will  be  reading  this  ill   keep  it  short.  You  may  not  realize  it  but  all  of   you  are  important  in  these  kid's  lives.  I  want   to  keep  it  that  way  as  best  i  can  by  serving  as   your  club  treasurer  for  next  year.  I  am   currently  the  event  planner  and  i  really  enjoy   putting  my  time  and  effort  into  this  club.  I'm   sure  many  of  you  know  me  personally  since   this  is  a  small  group,  so  you  know  i  always   work  towards  goals.  Vote  me  for  treasurer   por  favor. I  will  be  running  for  AU  Treasurer.  I  know   that  I  will  make  an  excellent  Treasurer  for   this  club  because  of  my  dedication  and   passion  towards  the  club.  I've  attended  every   meeting  this  year,  and  I  helped  out  with  the   Superbowl.  I'm  currently  in  the  MVP  list  for   this  year  and  I  have  volunteered  over  8  hours   this  year  and  31  cumulative  hours  from  last   year  also.  I've  worked  closely  with  the  officer   team  as  well.  Vote  for  me  as  your  Treasurer!   I  want  to  be  your  next  Athletics  Unlimited  PR   officer  because  of  my  many  qualifications.   Last  year  I  brought  Dilworth  into  the  club,  the   only  non  officer  to  bring  a  new  school  into  the   club.  This  year  I  have  gone  to  many  events   especially  Faria  and  Dilworth  consistently.  If   elected  I  plan  to  continue  to  expand  as  a  club   through  networking  with  many  more   elementary  schools  and  even  middle  schools!   Thank  You!!! Lynbrook  Athletics  Unlimited  is  a  great  club,   but  doesn't  have  the  amount  of  members  it   could  have.  I  want  to  change  this,  and  

Rishabh Swarnkar    


7/0   Total  Hours:  21.5  

Srisaiteja Vemireddy    


45/8.5   Total  Hours:  23  

Ethan Lai  


50/10.5   Total  Hours:  37  

increase membership  next  year.  I  have  plenty   of  experience  in  marketing  because  I  am  an   active  member  in  DECA  and  placed  2nd  in  the   State  for  my  Individual  event.  I  also  love   playing  sports,  and  was  a  member  of  the   AYSO  soccer  league  for  4  years,  throughout   middle  school  and  freshman  year.  I  hope  to   make  Lynbrook  Athletics  Unlimited  an  even   better  club  next  year,  through  increased   membership  and  more  participation  in  our   events.   Mark  Twain  once  stated,  “Many  a  small  thing   has  been  made  large  by  the  right  kind  of   advertising.”  As  Lynbrook  UNICEF’s   president,  I  used  to  have  four  members;  then,   I  increased  this  by  25  people  within  a  week,   and  now  we  have  over  70  members  –  all   through  marketing.  I  continued  this  passion   in  the  real  world,  and  currently  work  as   marketing  intern  for  UCBerkeley’s  EFX   International.  Through  these  experiences,  I’ve   learned  how  a  PR’s  success  is  truly  defined.   Accumulating  the  4th  highest  hours  last  year,   I  want  nothing  but  AU  to  become  successful.   Let’s  do  this  together;  vote  for  Swag-­‐kar!   My  name  is  Sai  Vemireddy.  I'm  in  10th  grade   and  running  for  PR.  A  PR  officer  needs  to  be   involved  with  people  outside.  I'm  a  member   of  PACE(Pacific  Autism  Center  for  Education)   Youth  Leadership  Committee.  For  that  group,   I  have  gotten  companies  such  as  Yogurtland   and  Pinkberry  to  fundraise  for  us.  This   experience  shows  that  I  am  ready  to  be  a  PR   Officer  and  be  responsible  for  getting  other   schools,  organizations,  and  donators  to  work   with  us.  As  a  PR  officer,  I  will  use  my   experience  and  passion  for  the  club  to  give   AU  the  recognition  it  deserves.   I  believe  that  I  should  be  elected  for  Web   Master  because  I  am  ready  to  commit  any   amount  of  time  needed  to  keep  the  Athletics   Unlimited  website  up  and  running.  I  am  also   learning  the  basics  of  code  in  C++  and  will  be   able  to  apply  my  knowledge  if  needed.  I  am   ready  at  a  moments  notice  and  will  be  able  to  

Rahul Iyer  

Event Planner  

73/16   Total  Hours:  39  

keep the  website  updated.   I  shall  let  the  numbers  speak  for  themselves.  I   am  one  of  the  few  people  who  has  been  a   member  of  the  club  from  the  first  meeting   two  years  ago.   I  am  in  the  top  5  this  year  in  hours,  and  I  have   the  most  hours  of  any  non-­‐officer  from  day   one  of  the  club.  No  one  else  can  say  that.  The   club  needs  new  ideas,  and  I  can  bring  in  fresh   new  ideas  for  events.     Again  the  numbers  speak  for  themselves,  and   I  hope  that  you  make  the  right  choice  in   electing  me,  Rahul  Iyer  as  event  planner.

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