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Give me a break, give me a break, give me an electronic break! By Laura Andersen

It would not be uncommon to find me using my phone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire, or computer. In fact, those are very common sights in my household. My normal after-school routine includes browsing Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter while playing a word on Words With Friends and eating a snack. An hour or so later, I might play Wii or watch TV. And finally after I have done all of that, I start my homework. This schedule is not very practical on days when I have hours of homework. Other students seem to have the same problem. Shelby Rieg, freshman, says, “I go on Facebook for a while; I probably spend more than an hour on the computer doing non-homework things,” while Jackie Rose, junior, “take[s] a nap, watch[es] a few episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, go[es] on the computer, and then watch[es] a few episodes of Sex and the City.” There is no doubt that we, myself included, use electronics way too much. But what would happen if we decided to stop using electronics for a day?

Could we even do it? I decided to experiment, so for 24 hours, I did not use my phone, iPod, Kindle, computer, Wii, or television. It may sound impossible, but I conquered the task, and I am going to share some of the results with you. Instead of wasting an hour or two on the Internet, my math homework, Spanish essay, reading for English, studying for anatomy, and a review guide for history got done in record time. In addition, that homework was probably completed more accurately, and I scored higher on the tests I took. I even completed all of my homework before eight o’clock, which rarely happens. Finishing all of my homework early left extra time in my night. In that spare time I enjoyed curling up on the couch and reading a book. I also found time for photography, a hobby for which I rarely have time. In addition to extra time and better results on my tests, there were social benefits. Fights between friends often start or intensify because of comments or statuses on Facebook and other so-

cial networking websites. Let’s face it: We have all heard or seen something on Facebook that has Facebook and other electronic devices get in the way of homework; getting rid of distractions creates a better environment for getting made us sad, jealthings done. Staged photo by Laura Andersen ous, or downright Sources: furious. Without Interviews with Jackie Rose and Shelby Rieg Facebook and Twitter, I was not Personal experience involved in the pointless drama and the unintelligent updates. My Tips to help you get through time was spent in a less negative a day without electronics, way, and that is the way I prefer should you decide you want to live. to try it. I thoroughly enjoyed 24 hours 1. Tell a parent or family without electronics. It sounded member you are not gohard at first, but after setting my ing to use them: of all mind to it, it became a very posipeople, they are most tive experience. In times with a lot likely to keep you acof homework, I suggest deciding countable. to put away electronics for a 2. Turn all electronics comwhile; homework will get done pletely off. You are less much more quickly. We all comlikely to “just look at it” plain about having too little time, if they are not on. but it is possible to gain extra time 3. Write a to-do list. When by putting away electronics. Take you know what it is you a few moments out of your day to need to do, you will be go outside and get some Vitamin less distracted by techD rather than sitting in front of the computer wasting away the nology. daylight.

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/Vol. 9, Ed. 5/ March 2012


Rough Magic: Nothing Short of Magical

By Maci Steeves

The house and stage are pitch black. All is dark except for an illuminated image of Shakespeare's The Tempest, when suddenly a spotlight is shown on a dark haired pale girl with red and black clothes. She begins with "Magic." Linda Summers (Xandra McMahon) is a graduate student at Columbia University. She studies magic independently. Linda speaks of the greatest magician in the world: Prospero, a character from The Tempest. She talks about him in admiration as if he were real. How can a character from a book be real? Our story begins on a calm, but deathly hot day in New York City, New York in the middle of the biggest heat wave in history. Chester (Chet) Baxter (Caleb Maftei) is preparing for a date with Melanie Porter (Kristin Lee). Not long into the date, Melanie realizes that she, a

(Daniel Dorbin) and Sasia 30 year old woman, is on a date deed a real monster trapped on (Kirsten Price), Caliban is on a with a 17 year old life guard. an enchanted island. In Rough tight schedule to find the “raven Melanie tries to back out of her Magic, Prospero seeks his book haired maiden” and the “child sticky situation, but Chet reels of spells stolen by his runaway warrior.” her back in with a But with the comment about help of other charher magic skills. acters such as the The date introducfuries, (Roxie es the two main Limon, Mackenzie characters that the Huss, and Kayla audience comes to Angeloff), Shylock love dearly. With the bookkeeper, the mention of (Brennen Karl), Melanie's magic, and the attempted the viewers are help of Caius hooked. Marcius, (Ross As the plot line Johnson), the continues, the seemingly destrucaudience learns of Actors pose with their character’s role in mind– with Caleb Maftei, Kristin Lee, Melanie's power to Emma Brown, Xandra McMahon, Brennen Karl, Ross Johnson, Daniel Clingen, tive outcome is not and Daniel Dorbin. the end of this captisummon characters vating story. out of books and are introduced son Caliban (Daniel Clingen). Rough Magic has a cast full of to a few of those characters. It Caliban hopes to set his sister believable characters that audiis also revealed that the greatest and himself free from his malience members fall in love with, and most horrible magician of cious father’s servitude. With tragic deaths causing them to all time was never solely a the obstacles of his two other cry, and scenes full of action Shakespearean character. Prossiblings who are also under the and adventure that make them pero (Patrick McClellan) is incommand of Prospero, Ariel,

Say it out LOUD! By Cirkeline Colberg

The National Endowment for the arts created Poetry Out Loud in 2006 with just a few thousand high school participants. In the 2010-11 school year, more than 365,000 students participated in Poetry Out Loud, and more students are joining each year. Poetry Out Loud has a pyramid structure. It starts with classroom competitions, and then the winners compete against each other at the school. The winner of the school goes to a regional/state competition, and then to the National Finals. “Each winner at the state level receives $200 and an allexpenses-paid trip with an adult chaperone to Washington to compete for the national championship. The state winner's school receives a $500 stipend for the purchase of poetry books. The first runner-up in each state receives $100, with $200 for his or her school library. A total of $50,000 in

awards and school stipends is awarded annually at the National Finals,” according to the Poetry Out Loud website. Rules: To be eligible in the competition for Poetry Out Loud, the school has to be registered with its state’s Poetry Out Loud coordinator. If the student’s school is not registered or if the student is home schooled, he/ she can contact the Poetry Out Loud coordinator. Only 9th12th graders are eligible in the competition, but an exception can be made for 8th graders participating in a 9th through 12th grade class. The poems performed at the competition must be chosen from the Poetry Out Loud website; the poems are updated every summer. At the National Finals, the student must have three poems prepared. The first poem has to be 25 lines or fewer, and the second one has to be written before the 20th century. A student

Tyler Thomas, Autumn Gilbeau, Connor Pabich(2nd place), Mike Clafin, Grant Lykins, Philip Shimel (1st place) and Shannon Clare(3rd place). Photo Bu Cirkeline Colberg

can use the first or second poem as their third poem too. At the evaluation, students have to be judged according to the Poetry Out Loud evaluation criteria from the 2011-12 Teacher’s Guide. The State and National Finals have three rounds, in each round a student performs a poem in a way that conveys its meaning and tone. Students get a score for each round, and the judges select the winner by adding the points from each round. Poetry Out Loud was held at Liberty High School on Febru-

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ary 27th 2012, at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. Seven students participated in the competition from LHS, Shannon Clare, Grant Lykins, Philip Shimel, Connor Pabich, Autumn Gilbeau, Mike Claflin, and Tyler Thomas. “The presenter chooses a poem that he or she likes and can relate to. We brought in Jim Ciletti, Colorado Springs poet laureate, to help coach the presenters on "communicating" the poem. Jim helped each presenter feel what the poem is saying so that the audience experiences the poem. Natalie Burgess, Leslie Williams, and Sona Loomis also coached the presenters during EXCL and gave them feedback on understanding the speaker of the poem,” Mrs. Witt says. The winner was Philip Shimel. He prepared for the competition by “imprinting the words and practicing” his poems over and over again. Shannon Clare who got 3rd place says “I chose to join Poetry Out Loud because it is an interesting form of literature, and you can express yourself...”

sit on the edge of their seats. When asking the cast about the success of Rough Magic, cast members were delighted to hear that their acting made an impact on the audience. Caleb Maftei, admits that he feels, “awesome that [he] made people cry.” He continues by saying, “I’ve gotten pretty good at dying.” Daniel Dorbin mentions that he, “just heard this enormous ‘awww’ coming from the audience when Brennen [who played Shylock] died.” Mr. Skelcey, director of the play, explains how Rough Magic was a last minute decision. “I originally wanted to do a drama…but as soon as I read Rough Magic I had to do that one instead.” He concludes by saying that, “Rough Magic was an adventure on the stage,” and it truly was. Sources: Mr. Skelcey, Caleb Maftei, Daniel Dorbin, viewing of Rough Magic Photo by: Maci Steeves

Not all teenagers are interested in reading poetry, but when they speak the poetry for themselves, they feel the emotions go through them. They can recite the poem, and speak the poem in a way that teenagers will understand. It is a unique way for teenagers to express themselves. Poetry Out Loud is a great way to express oneself and is a neat appreciation of literature. Sources: Interviews: Mrs. Witt, Shannon Clare, Tyler Joseph Thomas, Philip Shimel, Connor Pabich.

Senior Philip Shimel, winner of Poetry Out Loud, recited “Origin of Order” by Pattiann Rogers. Photo By Cirkeline Colberg



College Planning

Revolution /Vol. 9, Ed. 5/March 2012

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Liberty’s Top 10 TV Shows By Sid Fantroy

When a person turns on a television, they are most likely to frivolously search through hundreds of channels hoping that they will see their favorite show is just about to begin. Television can be considered an escape into a fantasy for some, and for others a keyhole into the “real world.” Here are the top 10 shows at Liberty.

1. Saturday Night Live After almost 40 years of being on the air, Saturday Night Live continues to be a favorite among many. The first season aired in 1975-1976. When it first aired it was called NBC’s Saturday Night.

By Erica Nobles

LHS/ Technology

/Vol. 9, Ed. 5/March 2012

Picture by Sid Fantroy

2. The Big Bang Theory 3. South Park 4. The Simpsons 5. Spongebob Squarepants 6. How I Met Your Mother

7. Jersey Shore 8. Ridiculousness 9. Teen Mom 10. The2 News )

Based on a random survey of 120 students currently attending Liberty.

You Spotted Me Gold! By Josie Smith

What is St. Patrick’s Day, and why do we celebrate it? When most people think of St. Patrick’s Day they think about seeing a rainbow and following it to the end, hoping to find a leprechaun with his pot of gold. The reality is that St. Patrick’s Day is based on the life of Saint Patrick. Remarkable, is it not? We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because of the amazing wonders he has done in his life time. As the story goes, at the age of 16 while living in Britain, he was captured by Irish raiders and was held captive for years. Throughout the years he became very religious. When he finally was able to escape from captivity he returned home to Britain and went on to become a priest. After becoming a

priest, he returned to Ireland and converted many people to Christianity. People say that he was able to incorporate pagan beliefs of

Pot of gold and four leaf clovers Drawn by Kwang Choi

that time into Christianity. He also presented the Holy Trinity and the symbolic Shamrock, the three leafed clover. Because of the green color of the Shamrock, young and immature people would pinch whoever is not wearing the color

green! So it is not uncommon for people to have tiny bruises on their arms after St. Patrick’s Day, especially if they are not wearing the leafy color. We Americans had our first St. Patty’s Day parade in 1762 in Boston, and still celebrate this historical holiday today. So everyone be prepared on March 17 to wear green from head to toe to avoid being pinched. Oh and keep an eye out for that rainbow, somebody might just get lucky enough to find that pot of gold. Watch out for the leprechaun, I heard he kicks very hard! (;

Sources: holidays/why-do-we-celebrate-saintpatricks-day/ -patrick-9434729

A New Way To Prank Call

Everyone remembers the time when prank calling with *67 made their number pop up as “restricted,” but with new applications available that is not necessary. There are new apps available that change the number on the other phone’s caller ID. These apps have even taken it a step farther, and with some apps there is the option to change your voice and send text messages. The apps even have the option to record the call and play it back, and then the recordings can be downloaded to a computer! And the best part is, there’s a voice-changer too, so no one can recognize the voice of the caller. On Android phones, Blackberries, and iPhones, the spoof apps are available. The spoof apps are

really simple to use. First, you have to buy minutes or credits from one of the providers. Once you have the minutes, go to the app, type in the number you want to call and the number you want to appear as, and you’re as good as gold. Even if the person receiving the calls goes to their phone company to see who is calling them, the number typed in shows up, not the real number! These types of apps seem like they should be illegal, right? Spoof apps are completely legal in the United States. There are however, some cases where faking your caller ID does become illegal, so be careful if you want to try out this new way to prank call people! Other than just playing a practical joke, there

are many other reasons faking your caller ID is useful. If you are a parent and your child is avoiding your calls, change it to your kid’s best friend’s number and an answer is surely in store. Is your boyfriend or girlfriend not answering your calls, and you think he or she is avoiding you? Use a spoof app, change your number to one of the bros and see if he’s avoiding your calls or simply everyone’s. Need someone at work to cover your shift but no one is picking up? Easy: Change it to your boss’s number and no one will ignore the call. While some people have legitimate uses for the spoof apps, other people could just be using them to be creepy. The apps hide your actual

A couple of the technologies that can download the spoof apps! Picture by Erica Nobles

identity so well that the person cannot find out who it is, so what if a stalker started calling you from a spoof app? Although the app can be funny or useful, it can also be weird. Some say it

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“protects your privacy,” but why is that even necessary? The person could call the phone from someone’s number that is known, so of course they’ll answer, and then it could just be a creeper.

The spoof apps are funny, but be careful with them because they can be really unnerving. If you simply want to play a good practical joke, check up on someone, or get a shift covered, the spoof apps are for you. Although they are funny, be careful because in some states there are certain circumstances that make the apps illegal. Many phones and some iPods can get them, so go download one and start prank calling!

Sources: spoofapp/ spoofcard/call-spoofing-page.html archives/97428




/Vol. 9, Ed. 5/ March 2012


The Capsized Cruise Ship By Matt Caverly

On January 13th, millions of people worldwide saw something on the news that was both terrifying and stupefying. The Costa Concordia, an Italian cruise ship, had run ashore and was lying at a 45-degree angle, partially submerged. How did this happen? Normally, tropical storms pose the greatest threat to cruise ships, but on this day the skies were clear. As it turns out, bad steering was the cause here. The captain, Francesco Schettino, took the vessel too close to the small island Giglio, and the boat was punctured by rocks. As water began to flow into the ship, it began to sink. This critical mistake has resulted in seventeen confirmed deaths and many people are still missing. This mistake has led to Schet-

tino’s arrest for manslaughter charges. As junior Alex McManus puts it, “The accident is totally inexcusable.” What makes it worse is that the captain refuses to own up to his wrongdoing. While he does

admit that he steered off course, Schettino has not acknowledged that what he did was wrong. He also claims that his charts did not show that there would be any rocks there. His story gets worse from there; when it was reported

that Schettino was one of the first ones off the boat, he responded by saying that he was directing passengers to the lifeboats when he tripped and fell into a lifeboat himself. “I think [his excuses] were kind of funny,” says junior Peter Hammes. They were funny to some, but certainly ridiculous to all. As far as the cleanup goes, the ship is still mostly submerged and rescue crews are searching for missing passengers. However, divers can only be sent in for short periods of time because of the frail conditions of the ship; this does not allow enough time for The Costa Concordia tipped sideways as it began to sink. Photo drawn by Kwang Choi. the rescue crews to

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search the most submerged parts of the ship. It has been reported that it may take nearly a year to fully remove the Costa Concordia. The economic toll on the cruise line, Costa Crociere, will be devastating. Hundreds of passengers have filed lawsuits, and Costa Crociere has already offered uninjured passengers nearly $15,000 each if they, in return, drop their lawsuits. What began as a relaxing week of vacation will result in horrifying memories for thousands of people who were aboard the Costa Concordia on January 13th, 2012. Sources: Interviews with Peter Hammes and Alex McManus, news/world-europe-16563562, http://, global/2012/01/italian-cruise-captains-bestexcuses-i-tripped-isnt-one-them/47585/




Vice Versa

/Vol. 9, Ed. 5/March 2012

Vice Versa: A Latin phrase that means “the other way around.” The LHS Revolution uses this phrase to identify two editorials written about a controversial topic from opposite perspectives; thus, readers will read one perspective and then a perspective on “the other way.” The LHS Revolution staff hopes to promote intelligent conversations about the topics we choose. It is also necessary to note that the journalists don’t always 100% support the position they write about. These editorials explore a position (sometimes an extreme one) in order to broaden everyone’s perspective.

Let the Pill Prevail! By David Brown

It is not easy to turn on a news channel or open a magazine without seeing the latest Obama controversy. The story that is filling headlines lately is the debate on whether religious institutions should be required to provide free contraceptives. The leading opposition of the mandate is the Catholic Church. Members of the clergy feel as if this is an attack on their religion because they believe contraceptives are a sin. Many republicans empathize with the Church, stating that the issue is an issue of religious liberty. In an attempt to compromise with his opposition, President Obama loosened the mandate to exempt religious organization such as schools, charities, and hospitals. Free contraceptives will still be available for the employees of these organizations, but the religious institutions are not required to provide the contraceptives. Instead, the health insurer will be required to offer the free contraceptives. Despite the compromise the Church and Republicans still

accuse Obama of infringing on their religious freedoms. These accusations, though, are preposterous. To begin, the mandate does not require women to use the contraceptive; it only requires the contraceptives to be available. In addition, the mandate ensures that the employees will not have to pay any additional deductibles or copayments. Essentially, the mandate only

requires that organizations and insurance companies make the contraceptives available for free, but the women may go everyday of their lives without seeing a single contraceptive. Despite this completely reasonable mandate, Republican officials and the Church claim that this mandate violates religious freedoms, but how do the American citizens feel about the mandate?

According to a poll conducted by CBS, sixty-one percent of Americans believe that religious employers should be required to cover contraception for their employees. These are higher approval ratings than which the President is accustomed, but what is even more surprising is that sixty-one percent of self-professed Catholics also support the mandate. Along with the support

The long fought battle between birth control and religious institutions rages on. Photo drawn by Emily Aiken.

from the citizens, the president also has factual evidence to justify his mandate. In a recent press conference the president supported his policy by stating that “nearly ninety-nine percent of women have relied on contraception at some point in their lives . . . and yet more than half of all women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four have struggled to afford it.” These facts are impressive and the President seems to be working in the best interest of the American woman because not only are contraceptives prescribed to prevent pregnancies but also to prevent particular cancers. The way this issue is viewed comes down to a matter of opinion, but before you allow the claims that this policy infringes upon religious freedoms to strike fear into your heart, look at the facts. Sources: article/2012/02/ obama039s_plan_provides_birth_contr ol_for_women_causes_controversy#,, stories/0212/72713.html

You Are Not Equal According to Obama By Jennifer Beatty

Obama proposed a bill requiring all institutions, including Christian colleges and churches, to provide birth control for their employees. This has the Catholic community in an uproar. Americans should be worried too. This bill is a blatant violation of the First Amendment and the separations of church and state. Plus, with the current state of our economy, should the government really be trying to pass this bill? I don’t think so. For Catholics, sex is a sacred practice. They believe that one should only have sex for two purposes: to express love and to have children. Some may believe that this is only the Catholic Church’s view, and that it would not

affect the rest of Americans. However, this bill would allow certain religious groups, like the Amish, Muslims, certain Native American religions, and Christian scientists, to opt out. It must be an oversight that they overlooked the largest religious group in the world (Christianity has 2.1 billion followers). This sends the message that although all Americans are created equal, some are more equal than others. Catholic bishops are fighting back against this. Reverend David Zubik, one of the most outspoken critics of the bill, says that this bill is the government’s equivalent of saying, “We don’t care what you had to say. We don’t care about your religious freedom.

You’re going to go ahead and do this.” Americans have no choice; the government is going to put this bill into action. This inclusion of contraception in health care is ridiculous. Having sex is a choice, not a disease. Other institutions like Planned Parenthood offer birth control for free. The government and businesses should not have to pay for birth control when private, widespread organizations can provide it for women who want it. Just think about how expensive this would be. Birth control pills have to be taken every day. Just a pill a day for one day for all the women in America would be so expensive that our deficit would increase by almost $4,245,000 dollars at least.

-Page 7-

The fact that the government is forcing Americans to do something they do not want to do is illegal. The founding fathers opposed an abusive government. They created a bill of rights so that a future government would not be able to take them from us. But right now Americans are letting them get away with it! Writing to our representatives in the House and Senate can help us get our rights back. We Americans must ask ourselves-- is the government acting in our best interest? No. This ludicrous bill just shows how far the current administration is willing to push their radical agenda. Note: This birth control (Affordable Care Act) bill is currently being revised to alleviate religious freedom con-

cerns. Unfortunately, this means the bill must go into effect for a trial period for the government to figure out how not to tread on any toes. Sources: http:// -catholic-bishops-take-stand-against-birthcontrol-rules SB1000142405297020479530457722300 3824714664.html article.aspx? subjectid=335&articleid=20120208_16_A10 _ULNSbS847762&rss_lnl=1 Religions_By_Adherents.html





Revolution /Vol. 9, Ed. 5/March 2012

Not Coming to Theaters Near You ~Hidden Gems~

Picture drawn by Kwang Choi. A ghost monkey visits Boonmee. By Kwang Choi

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (ลุงบุญมี ระลึกชาติ) 2010 *Country of Origin: Thailand *Language: Thai “I feel like the strange one here,” says a caretaker as he encounters Boonmee conversing with the apparition of his deceased wife and a monkey ghost. The line epitomizes the overall

experience of watching Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, a Thai filmmaker. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives centers around Uncle Boonmee (Thanapat Saisaymar), an aging farmer suffering from a kidney disease. The film explores the final days of Uncle Boonmee’s life as he contemplates his past lives, reincarnation, and death. Along with his sister-in-law, Jen (Jenjira Pongpas), and his caretakers, the ghosts of his loved ones also accompany Boonmee. Weerasethakul’s avant-garde style is unconventional to the standards of western cinema. Shot in a raw, minimalistic style, the film is reflective of its idyllic, mountainside scenery. Only the droning symphony of insects accompany the lingering shots, further emphasizing its tranquil, meditative ambiance. The film’s observant, sensi-

tive approach subdues the absurdity of its surreal, spectral elements. There is no definite boundary between fantasy and reality: they entwine in coexistence, embracing each other effortlessly. Rather than entertain, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives attempts to convey a message about the human psyche, reincarnation, and the mystical bond between humanity and the spirits that inhabit earth. Although it is demanding of its audience and limited in its mainstream appeal, its raw beauty is nonetheless enchanting. Melancholia 2011 *Country of Origin: Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany *Language: English In an ominous sequence of slow motion scenes, Justine (Kirsten Dunst) emanates electricity from her fingers, corpses of birds descend from the sky,

and . . . the Earth shatters in a interplanetary collision. Referred to as Lars Von Trier’s magnum opus, Melancholia begins with the obliteration of Earth. Melancholia chronicles the destruction and disillusionment of marriage between Justine and Michael (Alexander Skarsgård) and the sequent collision between Earth and the Melancholia, the extraterrestrial manifestation of Justine’s depression and destructive pessimism. The film explores the differing reactions to impending doom. While Justine’s sister, Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourgh) enters a state of mental agitation, Justine is composed and nonchalant to the imminent apocalypse. In a particular scene, Justine lies in the grass as the emanation from the planet Melancholia illuminates her flesh, conveying a sensual connection between Justine and the planet. Highly stylized and visually striking, Melan-

cholia maintains its focus on its cinematography. Because of the its visual elegance, Melancholia distinguishes itself from the plethora of uninspired apocalypse films. Oddly beautiful yet spine chilling, the ending of Melancholia is unforgettable.

Picture drawn by Kwang Choi. Justine’s marriage is destroyed by her depression. . . and the end of the world. Sources:

Face in the Crowd :)

By Nicollette Achondo

What is the most insane arts and crafts project you have ever created?

Freshman Taylor Nix: I made a chicken completely out of beans!

Sophomore Jacob Guilez: I made a tile devoted to Pokemon!

Junior Kelly Ringdahl: I put horse hair on a ceramic plate to make a design, it smelled awful though.

-Page 8-

Senior Mike Abby: I made my own face, which will be hanging in the LHS ceramics room FOREVER..




/Vol. 9, Ed. 5/March 2012


Make The Vow To See This Film By Xandra McMahon

When Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, it seems that a massive spike in romantic comedies and dramas flood the theatres. It is Hollywood’s hope that all of you women out there will drag your men to these sappy sob stories and that the film industry will gain much compensation. Seeing the trailers for The Vow made me think this is just another one of those cash hogs with weak plot lines and mediocre acting; however, I am humbly proven wrong. The Vow tells the tale of two lovers, Leo and Paige, played by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, who encounter a horrifying obstacle when a semi -truck crashes into them at a stop sign. Leo walks away from the accident with a few scrapes, while Paige awakes from a coma not knowing who he is, or the story of their love. Leo then

“vows” to make Paige fall in love with him for a second time. The horrific car accident happens within the first five minutes of the film and sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The most chilling part about it is director Michael Sucsy’s decision to have the car crash in complete slow motion, every crack and every shatter is felt throughout the theatre. That scene is the extent of the creative cinematography of the film but the mood is set and the audience knows they are in for a rough ride. The rest of the film jumps around in time, showing the relationship between Paige and Leo before the accident and then, what is left of them in the present. The character development is deep and the actors do

their best to make the actions and emotions seem raw. The film originally seems to be targeted towards emotional women, but deep down it carries something for anyone who has known what it is like to love. The Vow is inspired by a real couple who went through similar events, which can prove to be dangerous terrain in the movie business when adapting something so extraordinary. Yet, Hollywood’s version did their story absolute justice. If you know what it’s like to care for someone greatly then you won’t be able to avoid a smile, or a laugh, or maybe even a cry in what I consider the best romantic drama of this year. Sources:

Tiger! Tiger! Burning BrighT…

By Michaela Howard

Welcome to the world of Indian mythology, where multi -limbed goddesses and intriguing monkey-humans leap to life in this secretive tale. The magical pages of Tiger’s Curse are filled with Indian legends, not to mention a 300-year-old curse which is the subject of the novel. The curse pertains to an Indian prince, Ren, who is turned into a white tiger by his ex-fiancé’s sinister father. Now in present day Oregon three centuries later, a girl named Kelsey Hayes comes across a job at a circus. Kelsey is in charge of blowing up balloons and caring for a white tiger. When a wealthy man from India comes to buy the tiger, he asks Kelsey to come along as a caretaker. While in India, Kelsey learns the tiger is actually the cursed Prince Ren. She then embarks on a quest to free him from his dilemma, battling vampire sea monkeys and blood thirsty plants on the way. Unfortunately for the reader, Tiger’s Curse is part of a multibook saga, so the quest is not completed in the first novel.

In evewriting is ry book, not as fineall the ly tuned as characters some more have good experior bad enced writqualities ers. that enOverall, hance or the book is hinder good; it them. drags on Ren’s for the first character 50 pages is interestbefore Keling in a sey is in mysteriIndia, but A depiction of Ren in tiger form . Picture drawn ous, tall, after that, by Michaela Howard dark, and the pace handsome kind of way. His speeds up nicely and the reader parts are well written and truly is instantly hooked. One may give him a foreign prince qualalso notice “Twilight-ish” quality. Kelsey, on the other hand, ities such as the fact that Kelis quite undeveloped. Though sey lives in a rainy state (this the author is very descriptive one being Oregon), is socially of her likes, dislikes, and fears, awkward like Bella, and has a Kelsey doesn’t flow as a charpractically immortal, nonacter should. Her words seem human being falling in love to be “forced” or fake, and she with her. Other than that, the altogether appears to be immaromance bits aren’t overture, both in actions and whelming and humor is abunspeech. This could be because dant. A good read, but the Tiger’s Curse is Colleen curse may not be for everyone. Houck’s debut novel, and her

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The Vow reaffirms there still may be hope for romantic dramas. Photo drawn by Kwang Choi.

Memorable Quote: Leo: I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.

AWK By Jordyn Swaney

Awkward (adj): hard to deal with; difficult; embarrassing and inconvenient. Or, just more commonly, uncomfortable. Everyone deals with awkwardness, some more than others, but only if they can fold your socks over on themselves or if they are always making sure your pocket protector is looking spiffy. Alas, the world has to balance itself out and provide uncomfortable situations for all of us to either wallow in, or overcome like a true champion that clearly has no-show socks.  That awkward moment when you’re driving, having a good time, start breaking it down to some Mac Miller and a car FULL of attractive people drive by.  That wave that WASN’T meant for you, but you wave anyway.  When you awkwardly fall on a stairstepper. It’s an awkward moment that keeps giving.  That awkward moment when Neville turns out to be the hottest “Harry Potter” boy.

 That awkward moment when the kid you have a crush on says he lost his phone, but still manages to update his/her status…via iPhone.  That awkward moment when you’re in the middle of an intense yawn and you realize someone has been staring the whole time.  That awkward moment when someone put a question mark on the teleprompter…  That awkward moment when you run over your own banana in Mario Kart.  That awkward moment when you realize you still play Mario Kart.  That awkward moment when all you know on a test is your name and date.. In short Lancers, we all face awkwardness. Remember, it’s only awkward if you make it awkward so go ahead, and be as painfully uncomfortable as possible. Sources: creeper photo by Jordyn Swaney




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Technology/ LHS

Censorship: Coming to a Website Near You By Jeff King

What are SOPA and PIPA? For those who are not already aware of the SOPA and PIPA bills and the widespread resistance to them, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) are bills that were created to reduce the amount of internet piracy online. Their primary intention was to combat sites created for piracy, like Pirate Bay. The Protect Intellectual Property Act, or PIPA, is largely the same as SOPA, but used SOPA’s publicity to fly under the radar and pass through the senate in May of 2011, and was to be voted for on January 24th, 2012. What is so bad about them? Although the bill is presented for the noble cause of protecting people’s intellectual property from online “thieves,” these bills are very far-reaching and would give the government and big business an unprecedented

amount of power, bordering that of censorship. If passed, they would allow the U.S. Government to effectively shut down any websites containing pirated or otherwise copyright-infringing content without any notice or due process. If someone posted a baby video to YouTube with a popular song playing on the radio in the background, the video, or even the whole site, could be taken down within the powers that SOPA or PIPA would give

the government. This will likely cause websites to take extra measures to ensure no infringing content is posted, including removing comment areas or adding rigorous approval methods to get content posted. How has the public reacted? In response to these bills, numerous anti-SOPA/PIPA petitions have been proposed and signed, millions of internet users have openly protested the

Is this what the future holds? Drawn by Kwang Choi

Online Gaming: Endangered Species By Cory Kennedy

Online gaming presents an opportunity of endless gameplay. Every online experience is a new adventure for players everywhere, making it nearly impossible for the game to render the player bored. But, it turns out online platforms are not forever. They only last as long as the leading companies, such as Microsoft and Sony, will pay for them. These multiplayer platforms that players take for granted actually cost more than they would think. Once more gamers cease playing, Microsoft and Sony begin the shutting down the network. First to go is the downloadable content (DLC). Just a few months after releasing a game, the DLC’s are released. These present more gaming experiences, additions to the original story, and more ways to interact online, not to mention they prevent the players from boredom and ditching the game. There are several recent examples of online platforms being shut down. The Catwoman

DLC for Batman: Arkham City was recently locked, to the dismay of thousands of fans. Usually the companies in charge shut down mass multiplayer online (MMO) platforms in lieu of upgrades, such as Star Wars Galaxies. Only five days after The You may no longer be able to play online, but at least you can Old Republic was spell error. Photo by Sid Fantroy. released, the beloved Galaxies shutting down in the next few servers were shut off. Though it months. Even the most popular ran for eight years and was a games, such as the Call of Duty sanctuary for many fans, its time series, have an expiration date. was done. But Star Wars is not The next generation gaming alone; several sports games to it consoles are predicted for a as well, such as NBA 2K11. 2014 release, making Microsoft This 2011 online version was and Sony thinking about a 2016 terminated so as to make fans extinction for Call of Duty like upgrade to NBA 2K12. But games. Jeff Marchiafava, sports games do not last nearly gameinformer journalist, puts it as long as most other platforms. well when he says “…enjoy For instance, NBA 2K11 only your games while you still can.” ran for thirteen months comSource: gameinformer magazine, February pared to Galaxies’ eight years. 2012 issue. Demon’s Souls is going to be

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bills, and on January 18th of this year, a mass demonstration of countless websites occurred: A black bar appeared over the Google label, Wikipedia blocked out their articles, Wordpress blacked out, as well as Mozilla and countless other sites. The Rest of the Story In response, the votes for SOPA and PIPA were delayed. However, Megaupload and all of its other sites were taken down (almost certainly because of the protest) and the owner of Megaupload imprisoned. And now, an international agreement, known as the AntiCounterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has surfaced. ACTA is similar to SOPA and PIPA, but it is presented as a trade agreement meaning all it needs is a signature from the U.S. representative to be enacted, and is international and would take away even more

freedoms. For example, internet service providers (ISPs) would be required to monitor all of their customers’ internet use for copyright violation, which because the likely possibility of the user using an encrypted connection, would mean ISPs would have to decrypt and monitor your browsing down to each page you visit using Deep Packet Inspection. These bills and trade agreements pose a serious threat to free speech and privacy online and would take away the internet as a place for revolutions to spark and free expression to flourish. Sources: sopa-internet-blackout/ technology/sopa_explained/index.htm

Rumor Control: Where did all the Paper go? By Emma Brown

Coming back from winter break, students noticed a significant change in their bathrooms. The paper towel dispensers were no longer there; in their places were two new

that the hand chemical is more effective at cleaning hands than paper towel. Finally, it saves money. We never meant for it to inconvenience anyone.” says Mr. Sibley, who also says that

What’s the latest gossip? No more paper towels in the bathroom! Photo by Xandra McMahon

hand sanitizer contraptions. The sustainability committee made the final call. “The amount of waste that the paper towel produced was an overwhelming amount. We also talked to the chemical company and did research that shows

they are looking into new “smells” for the boys’ bathrooms and the girls’ bathrooms. Liberty is taking a step in the “green” direction with this change. It may take some getting used too but in the long run it will benefit us all. Sources: Interview with Mr. Sibley




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Controversy/ Memorial

DeGeneres VS Moms : A Fire Storm of Controversy By Liam Manning

Recently, Ellen DeGeneres has been hired as the new spokesperson for JC Penny. Ellen DeGeneres is an openly gay comedian with a bubbling personality and a giving heart. The news of Ellen being hired as a spokesperson quickly reached the ears of the organization, One Million Moms. One Million Moms is a Conservative Family Organization whose purpose is stopping the exploitation of children by the on. as a spokespers Media. The organization keeping Ellen on ns io in op have their had an issue with JC PenMillion Moms awn by Kwang Choi nney and One dr Pe o ot JC Ph th Bo ny hiring Ms. DeGeneres unsuccessful.” because of her sexual orientaThe statement suggests that their customers are tradition and pressured JC Penny traditional families and their tional families. More sales will be to fire Ellen. The One Million values are against anything havlost than gained unless they reMoms released this statement ing to do with homosexuality. place their spokesperson quickly. saying, “Funny that JC Penney One Million Moms feel that our Unless JC Penney decides to be thinks hiring an openly homoculture has become too embedneutral in the culture war then sexual spokesperson will help ded with homosexuality in their brand transformation will be their business when most of alarming ways and needs to be

fixed. However, the campaign they tried to wage backfired completely. Many supporters rushed to defend Ellen and stand against the One Million Moms. Even the political commentator of the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly, came to Ms. DeGeneres defense saying on his show, “A conservative group in this country is asking a private company to fire an American citizen based upon her lifestyle and I don’t think that it is correct.” To have Mr. O’Reilly defend Ellen is out of character for his political standing as a conservative. He may not support homosexuality but he does not agree that someone should be fired based on how they live

their lives. JC Penny, in the end, did not fire Ellen DeGeneres and stood by their decision. JC Penney's CEO, Ron Johnson, explained, "I think Ellen is someone we all trust. She's lovable, likable, honest and funny, but at her soul, we trust her.” Ellen, later that week, shared her traditional values being honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you would want to be treated and helping those in need. As a private company, JC Penny’s decision to hire Ms. DeGeneres is solely up to them. One Million Moms can protest, but in the end JC Penny has the final choice on who they want to represent them.

Sources: -degeneres.html,, -hunt-to-fire-ellen-degeneres-from-jc-penney-ads-to-mccarthyism/, http://, entertainment/2012/02/09/ellen-degeneres-thanks-bill-oreilly-for-defending-her-injcpenney-debate/

Leaving Behind a Legend By Ashley Wierengo

Whitney Houston “Defined a generation,” as said by Mrs. Ayers. She had a larger-than-life voice and songs that could relate to anyone. Born on August 9, 1963, Whitney was destined for fame. At the young age of 11, she began to follow in her mother’s footsteps of becoming a singer and was soon singing right along side her mother and other musicians. Not long after, she signed a recording contract with Arista Records to later produce her self-entitled Whitney Houston album. However, not only did Houston sing but she also acted, produced, and modeled. She also made numerous headlines when she married Bobby Brown in 1992 and again in 1993 with the birth of her daughter, Bobbi Brown. Not to mention the release of her starring role in the movie The Body-

guard, in which the soundtrack included her soon-to-be lead single “I Will Always Love You.” She spent eight years starring in new movies and pro-

She inspired the hearts of millions of fans and was a leader in changing the music industry. Drawing of Whitney Houston by Kwang Choi

ducing soundtrack albums for them. All her hard work led to earn two Emmy’s, six Grammy’s, 30 Billboard Music Awards, and 22 American Music awards among the 415 career awards she received in her lifetime. However, her great success also brought hard work and stress. After a five year span of personal struggles, Houston began to return to her music, tours, and films. In cleansing, she also filed for divorce from her 14-year marriage with Bobby Brown. She was beginning to rebuild the career that she had set aside. Sadly, on the morning of February 11, 2012, Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel room. Nevertheless, with her passing she has left a legacy. Memories connected to her

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music still stay in our minds. Mrs. Ayers remembers, “Summer driving with the windows down. I used to run around my house with a perm and leg warmers blasting her music and dancing.” What will be missed most are her incredible voice and stage per“...and I will always love you” lyrics from one of Whitney formances that could Houston’s most famous songs, “I Will Always Love You.” She will be missed greatly. never be imitated or Photo taken by Emily Aiken matched. She was a special artist that helped to define a generation and inspire common threads with her milcountless artists. When asked lions of fans. what made Whitney Houston so Sources: unique and amazing as an artist Mrs. Ayers explains, “She has nm0001365/bio tremendous range. Her voice is whitney-houston-9344818 pure.” She was truly a great influence on our culture that content/biography, Interview with Mrs. will continue to inspire and find





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Celebrity: Sheen from Jimmy Neutron Look alike: Andrew Ortiz

Celebrity: Russell from UP Look alike: Alex Rodriguez

Celebrity: Nicholas Cage Look alike: Mr. Beal

Celebrity Look-alikes at LHS! By Alex Rivas

Photos by Alex Rivas and Danika Dejesus

Celebrity: Lauren Conrad Look alike: Madison Shaffer

Celebrity: George Lopez Look alike: Austin Kinder


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Celebrity: Mariah Carey Look alike: Danika Dejesus

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